Sunday 30 May 2021

UAP's in the Brady Room

A major milestone in the current "UFOlogy crash course" has just been passed. UAP's have been mentioned seriously in an official White House press conference. This took place on Tuesday in the James S Brady Press Briefing Room, the location most people will be familiar with. Joe Biden's press secretary Jen Psaki took a question from the floor that she was clearly prepared for. In fact she interrupts the reporter in a humourous way: "Your giggling gives it away. I know what your question is." The reporter then goes on to ask about the upcoming UAPTF report and the press secretary answers: "We're aware of the report requirement and our team at Office of the Director of National Intelligence is of course actively working on that report; and we take reports of incursions into our airspace by any aircraft, identified or unidentified, very seriously and investigate each one... The safety of our personnel, the security of our operations and our airspace are of paramount concern. Whether that is identified or unidentified aircraft we don't discuss that publicly, but the president supports the office of the DNI putting together a report and following through on that commitment (President Trump's UAPTF report instructions)." Source: There's absolutely no doubt that Ms Psaki has been consulted over the UFO issue and her statement was not that different from President Obama's, albeit natually more formal. Having the matter tabled at an official briefing in this way has not happened in the USA since the Condon Report of 1969. Just two days later Jeremy Corbell released another video showing a radar scope allegedly from the USS Omaha, a US Navy coastal patrol ship that detected UAP's off the coast of California in 2019. If this video is genuine then it contains telemetry that backs up the visual reports. Again, you can hear the voices of sailors in the background, reading out contact motion analysis. The Pentagon has not attempted to suppress this footage, even though it was published illicitly and that it might give away classified information about the capabilities of the vessel. Corbell believes the DoD now wish to be at the forefront of this new policy of "UFO openness". Source: It is true that this avalanche of new information shows no sign of slowing down. If the UAPTF report turns out to be the tiniest bit disappointing, who will accept it?
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Friday 28 May 2021

Bases at the Barge Promo

I have done a promotional video with Miles Johnston for the upcoming conference Bases at the Barge 2021:
In this light-hearted interview, we talk about the upcoming event and give a preview of all the speakers. See here for details and tickets:
See here for Miles on HPANWO Radio:

Wednesday 26 May 2021

Deek Jackson Rides Again

One of the highlights of the Alternative View conferences, organized by the late great Ian R Crane, was the comedy performer Deek Jackson. He is a satirical musician and stand-up comedian who presents the spoof news channel FKN Newz, see: A few days ago the Scottish Parliament passed a law that can only be described as the most extreme Orwellian Thoughtcrime act that has ever been agreed by any legislature of the British Isles. The Hate Crime and Public Order (Scotland) Bill of 2020 is the brainchild of one Humza Yousaf the Secretary of Health and Social Care. He is a typical angry Wokeist SNP radical who became infamous a few months ago in the Parliament by reading out a list of job titles followed by the word "White!" which he spat out with enormous hatred, see: This new legislation will make it a criminal offence to say certain things, even in your own home. Source: During the last Scottish elections, Deek Jackson responded to the bill in his typical way. He dressed in a uniform that has a rainbow coloured armband and the sigilized word "love" in the middle. On the breast is a yellow star with the word "unvax"; presumably a reference to vaccines and the concern that people who refuse the Covid 19 vaccine might lose their human rights. He and his two assistants then marched into a counting centre to confront Yousaf with the song All You Need is Love by The Beatles in the background. They did a salute which involved holding their right arms up diagonally with their hands erect and thumbs extended, making it look like the letter L. On their palms were big red hearts. The response from the staff and police was to descend on Deek's team as if they were evil terrorists. This is despite the fact that Deek was standing as a candidate for the Parliament. He has since been suspended from his party. Source:
My advice to my Scottish readers may not be welcome and it is very stark: Emigrate! At the moment Scotland is still part of the United Kingdom which has just won its freedom from the European hegemony. You still are British citizens. You currently have the right of abode and the right to work anywhere in the UK, permanently. If you emigrate now you are completely free to do so. Many Scottish people have lived quite comfortably and happily in England, Wales and Northern Ireland for their entire lives. I know some of them. This window of opportunity is closing. The SNP are determined to surrender your sovereignty to the EU. If they succeed, your land will become a client state of the Brussels globalist regime. There is no guarantee that there will be any kind of political lifeboat like the Anglo-Irish Agreement that happened when Ireland was partitioned. In case anybody tries to accuse me of talking from an ivory tower, I am Welsh by nationality and live in Oxford. I would give up my right to settle in Wales if the Welsh "nationalists" did the same as the SNP, and Plaid Cymru are heading that way, see the background links below. Your exile need not be permanent. After we've stopped the New World Order we will be free to return to whatever homeland we originate from. Until then we must be pragmatic about the best way we can serve the cause of world freedom. I wish Ian R Crane could have seen Deek's antics; but then again maybe he could, from wherever he is the great beyond.
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Tuesday 25 May 2021

The Disclosure Backlash

As the promise... and threat, of UFO Disclosure is looming larger than it has in decades, there's a distinct sign of unease from the Deep State advocates. Alternative media coverage of this process, and that's what it is, has focused on a series of individuals, often post-service and/or from the Trump administration, or foreign; who have made surprisingly candid statements about UFO's. See the background links below for details. Compare that with Joe Biden, the supposed President of the United States. On Friday he was asked what has become a fairly common question in a press conference by a journalist. Even though the questioner was rather jocular, Mr Biden responded: "I would ask him (President Obama) again. Thank you." and he walks off the podium. Source: What's he scared of? Is he aware of the Truth Embargo in his own imbecilic way and knows that its ending is bad news for his regime? Strangely enough, Steve Bassett takes the opposite view to me. He sees the departure of Trump and Biden's inauguration as the dawning of a new age of hope, see: I wonder if that clip will make him reconsider.
At the same time there has been a worrying update in the tragic death of Mark McCandlish. The UFO and antigravity technology researcher passed away last month after decades of investigation and lecturing about how the government has secret antigravity technology that powers the vehicles of the secret space programme. Some of these systems were gained from back-engineering crashed flying saucers, so called "alien reproduction vehicles". Contrary to how we are misrepresented by the skeptics, believers in these things do not immediately jump to the conclusion of foul play. However we do if there is good reason to. According to McCandlish's close friends, he died of a gunshot would to the head which the coroner of Shasta County, where he live in California USA, is calling a suicide. Source: Is this another Jeffrey Epstein incident? According to the same source, Mark McCandlish was about to address the US Senate on the subject of UAP's. Was he "suicided" to silence him? Put that together with Joe Biden's evasiveness and we can see the smoke of a rather large and dangerous fire. Is there a secret war waging inside the establishment right now between pro and anti-Disclosure lobbies? This is what Tony Topping suggested, see: Or is this all a huge charade to prepare us for a distorted Disclosure? If so then McCandlish may well have testified that the AATIP/TTSA UAP's are possibly manmade and American. As I've said before, this would have to mean the Truth Embargo are planning some kind of fake Disclosure.
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Monday 24 May 2021

The Mind Set Podcast Programme 450

I have been featured on Programme 450 of the Mind Set Podcast.
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Subjects discussed include: Thomas Sheridan's new documentary, Obama mentions UFO's, Bill Gates thrown under the bus and much much more. Subscribe to Mind Set Central on Patreon for bonus material and early bird access to the public content, see:
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Saturday 22 May 2021

Left Behind

The Left Behind novel series by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins is as extensive as it is controversial. Its sixteen volumes portray the end of the world as described, or rather interpreted, in the Revelation to St John, the last book of the New Testament. It is a very imaginative and creative "what if?" scenario, a bit like my own Roswell trilogy, see: The central characters in the story are a family who have been living ordinary secular lives. They are religious agnostics and commit "sins!" of one form or another on a regular basis. The exception is Irene Steele, the mother, who regularly attends church and bible classes. The first book begins with her mysteriously vanishing along with millions of other devout followers of Christ. This is what is known as the "Rapture". The vanishing incident is very literal. People instantly dematerialize openly in front of others, their clothes suddenly dropping empty to the ground. This concept comes from an interpretation of St Paul's First Letter to the Thessalonians 4:17 which states: "After that, we who are still alive and are left will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. And so we will be with the Lord forever." The Latin from which the King James Bible is translated uses the word raptura which means "to seize", "lift up", "snatch" or "carry away". The word has been handed down to English as "rapture". Those left behind, hence the title, after the Rapture have to face the "tribulation", seven years of war, famine, political upheaval and natural disaster which ends with the Second Coming of Jesus. Along with Irene Steele, her young son is also raptured. Children too young to understand the choice between following Jesus or Satan are raptured by default. The rest of the family left behind realize what has happened and are born again as "tribulation saints", the post-Rapture name for the Christians. The world of the tribulation period is ruled over by a global leader who is gradually exalted to the status of a living God. His name is Nicolae Carpathia and he is actually the antichrist. He has to face the "tribulation force", believers in Christ who are challenging his global tyranny, which is very like real plans for the New World Order. At the end of the tribulation Jesus appears in accordance with the Nicene Creed: "He will come again in glory to judge the living and the dead." Those who are Godly folk are allowed to live with Jesus during the "millennium", a thousand year period in which Jesus rules on earth. Those who are not worthy are tossed into hell for eternity. The description of these judgements is explicit and frightening. The whole story is very vivid and it captures skilfully what it would feel like for ordinary people to be put into this extraordinary situation. It reminds me slightly of Stephen King. In one scene a young woman dies in sin and the tribulation saints hold a funeral for her, knowing she is inevitably going to hell. Their thoughts and feelings are explored in depth. Interestingly, Jesus is never described physically, as if it is something beyond description or something the reader is deliberately left to imagine. At the end of the millennium of Christ, the New Jerusalem descends and the old earth burns away and the people live for eternity in Heaven, matching Revelation 21-22. The series has become a cult phenomenon and has been adapted into three films which cover the beginning of the story. There are also children's books based on the series. Source:
There is prequel trilogy within the series, books 13.14 and 15. These tell the background to the main narrative, especially the birth and growth of the antichrist, Nicolae Carpathia. I read those first. Carpathia reminded me very much of "Centaur", see: The third and final prequel book, number 15, is called The Rapture- In the Twinkling of an Eye. Countdown to Earth's Last Days. It ends at the beginning of the first volume: Left Behind- A Novel of the Earth's Last Days. I had a strange experience, possibly a supernatural one, connected to book 15 which I describe here: and: The Left Behind series is not the normal kind of thing I read. I am not a Christian and did not accept the theological premise of the story; I still do not. A lot of the logical and ethical contradictions of the bible that are well known to philosophers and religious critics are not resolved in this series, or even seriously addressed. This complex and lurid vision of the end of the universe is not doctrinal in Anglicanism, Roman Catholicism or the Orthodox churches. It really is confined pretty much to the evangelical Protestantism of North America. The moral of the story is very opposed to spiritualism and the occult. The mentor of Nicolae Carpathia, Viv Ivins, is a psychic medium who reads the Tarot and runs a Spiritualist church. Clearly these things, which I am interested and even enthusiastic about, are considered "the work of the Devil!" in the authors' eyes. Left Behind strikes a chord with many pious churchgoers in the US "Bible Belt", but it has also received harsh criticism from both secular and other Christian readers. The franchise has also been lampooned by The Simpsons, see: Despite all this, I felt oddly compelled to read the series. It took up a lot of time and it didn't affect me. I have not changed my mind about Christianity from reading these books. I must admit that part of my decision to persevere with them was my strange experience. It is also because I have been researching the general subject of the "End Times". I might include the theme in a future work of fiction, but if I do it will be very different from LaHaye's and Jenkins' epic.
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Friday 21 May 2021

Rhodes Will Stay

The controversial statue of Cecil Rhodes is not going to be removed by Oriel College. I have covered this issue in detail in the background publications below and I support this decision. Several years ago the college's governing body voted that, in principle, they thought the statue should be removed, but they have now elected not to stand by that principle. Source: Their stated reasons are purely practicalities, not ideology. I do wonder if that is true. I would have preferred it if they had stated ethical motives for keeping the statue; perhaps even echoing some of the ones I made. The response from the Rhodes Must Fall campaign is going to be the most extreme outrage. The Wokerati are not used to hearing the word "no". They will respond with cruelty and violence and I hope Oriel has the courage not to surrender. It's about time more people stood up to the SJW hate mobs.
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Thursday 20 May 2021

Obama Mentions UFO's

Former US president Barack Obama appeared on the TV programme The Late Late Show with James Corden. The show features a live studio band and during the interview with Obama the band leader, Reggie Watts, asks him about the current UFO media stories. Watts says: "It doesn't means it's aliens... but do you have a theory about that?" The president's response is extraordinary: "When it comes to aliens, there are some things I just can't tell you. When I came into office I asked, is there a lab somewhere where we're keeping the alien specimens and spaceship? They did some research and the answer was no. But what is true, and I'm being serious, there are footage and records of objects in the sky where we don't know exactly what they are. They did not have an easily explainable pattern. People keep investigating, trying figure out what that is, but I have nothing to report to you today." He then makes a joke. The hosts were laughing while the president was speaking. Source: Funnily enough Obama commented on UFO's once before where he denies he even asked about them, see: Will this list of prominent people commenting on UFO's never end? Who's next? The Queen? Vladimir Putin? Russell Brand?... Oh sorry, he's already done it, see: This admission came a few days after an article by the famous New York Times columnist Ezra Klein that has raised a few eyebrows. In it he cites the works of Ralph Blumenthal and Leslie Kean while he gives an overview of the situation and states that there is no longer a "taboo" against addressing UFO's seriously. He continues: "Imagine, tomorrow, an alien craft crashed down in Oregon... So we are faced with the knowledge that we're not alone, that we are perhaps being watched... How does that change human culture and society?" This is one question that has been asked for decades in psychological think-tanks and windowless boardrooms. Now it's being presented openly to media consumers. Klein goes on to raise a series of philosophical ideas towards extraterrestrial life. Source: A few days ago Corbell and Knapp released the footage of an object spotted by the USS Omaha that has so far only been viewed as a still, see here for background: We also had a UFO spot on 60 Minutes, America's top news and current affairs show. It's the equivalent of it being raised on the BBC's Newsnight... and believe it or not that has happened as this article goes to post, see: There's nothing in these reports new to people closely following the subject, but the 60 Minutes one did include the first testimony of a new witness, the pilot Alex Dietrich. This is probably what has caused the current furore. I am sensing more and more that this series of media soundbites is some kind of controlled mass-publication, a kind of theatre. for what purpose? Capital D Disclosure; or something else? A friend of mine, one with no interest at all in UFO's, Tweeted today that she laughed because a classic rock radio station she often listened to started talking about UAP's. When the subject appears in areas it doesn't normally, that's a healthy sign.
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Wednesday 19 May 2021

Can't Get you Out of my Head- Part 5

See here for my review of Part 4: Part 5 is called: The Lordly Ones. See here for Part 5: and: This episode is about how societies create myths to cushion their morale from unpleasant realities, apparently. However it begins with the end of the Jiang Qing story. She hangs herself in prison in 1991 leaving a suicide note condemning the current Chinese elite. This is a BBC production and so has an inevitably leftwing bias. Previously Adam Curtis has managed to maintain a heroic level of intellectual honesty in the face of this institutional prejudice, but in this programme that resolve breaks down. In each of the narrative segments, the antagonists are always white people and/or Britain and/or America. Not that there aren't real examples of colonial infamy, such as the Opium Wars. Mao's successor Deng Xiaoping commissioned an historical feature film in 1997 that condemned the alleged crimes of the British Empire. It starred real English actors such as Corin Redgrave and Nigel Davenport. We hear no end of the supposed "EEEEEEEEEEvils!" of white European imperialism these days and the continuous reinforcing of that message has nothing to do with history; it is about mind control, for example see: I am not against having an honest and open conversation about my country's past, but right now that is impossible because any negative feelings we might engender as a result will simply be weaponized against us. In the mid 19th century there was already a fear that China might try to take revenge via its expatriate communities in the West. This was called the so-called "yellow peril" because the East Asian people tend to have naturally a slightly yellow tinge to their complexions. However, there was no real danger because, unlike today, Chinese people had not moved in large numbers from their homeland. Nevertheless this mistake has been used to scorn the more legitimate concerns of today's population, especially white Westerners. When people who feel racial hatred are given political power it always results in atrocity. History is very clear on that and we're already seeing the first signs of it in South Africa, see: It seems that the rulers of this world want people to feel racial hatred, either for others or themselves. They have deliberately stirred it up numerous times. The current Black Lives Matter riots are nothing new; something similar happened in 1991 when a black man called Rodney King was beaten by the police. Sometimes the government's desperation to keep up appearances leads them to commit terrible injustices. In 1974, pubs in Birmingham and Guildford were targeted by bombs that killed dozens. The UK government failed to catch the perpetrators (if indeed they were not the perpetrators themselves), but felt it necessary for the public to believe, even if completely falsely, that they were succeeding to handle the IRA problem; so they framed ten innocent men. The "Guildford Four" and "Birmingham Six" were eventually released on appeal after more than a decade in jail. I suspect a similar conspiracy was plotted in the more recent conviction of Derek Chauvin, see:
The government also suffers from involuntary self-delusion as well as lying so brazenly through their teeth. Right up until the end of the 1980's, when it was blatantly inevitable, Western intelligence analysts couldn't believe that the USSR and its sphere of influence were truly about the collapse. This kind of denial can be found in the Truth movement among those who think "everything is a conspiracy and everybody is a shill!" They don't realize the New World Order itself is facing a genuine threat; but like the shill-heads, government advisers tried to convince their leaders that the cracks in the Soviet regime were just a KGB disinformation programme. Early in the 20th century British society was rocked by strikes and protests from the working class and corruption scandals from the international financial sector. The solution for some people was to retreat back into our country's traditional past. There was a folk revival movement centred on rural culture, song, dance, language and literature. There was an annual festival in Glastonbury celebrating that town's rich spiritual legends that ran from 1914 to 1927. It was held in the Assembly Rooms where Ross Hemsworth's Now That's Weird conference was also held, see: I can see why that idea is attractive and in my Devon videos I describe country villages as "the fortresses of native culture", see: I suspect this movement influenced JRR Tolkien, see: In America the Ku Klux Klan was revived into a new form based on the Scottish clans. However, everything we associate with its popular image, the white robes, burning crosses etc, came from a classic silent movie by DW Griffith, Birth of a Nation. Because this is the BBC, the programme sees the old racial conflict in United States in the same way it does the modern, as a very black-and-white issue, literally and figuratively: white people bad, everybody else good. The truth is more complex. In Iraq after World War One the British tried to rebuild the Middle East and removed the democratic urban classes from power in Baghdad in favour of the Sheikhs whom they regarded as similar to the benevolent English aristocrats of the traditional revivalist movement; but this mistake led to the destabilizing of the country, the rise of Saddam, the 2003 invasion and the Islamic State. James Bond was also apparently an archetypal figure of British self-esteem that became so successful because he emerged in the immediate post-imperial period. However, the real British secret service was nothing like the Bond stories. It was being run by Soviet agents, like the Cambridge spies and George Blake. With the exception of Anthony Blunt, they all escaped detection and punishment. George Blake was convicted, but he escaped from prison, see: see: and: In America, the CIA was busy fermenting coups across the world and installing fascist dictatorships. This was kept secret from the American public because the government wanted them to believe in the American Dream. The benefits of filling people's heads with comforting myths was not lost on the Trump campaign, supposedly, when Donald Trump said "Make America Great Again!" It also fuelled the sentiments of Brexiteers. I think the last two are misleading examples and the happiness and strength they gave the American and British people is real, see: and: Nevertheless, this conclusion sets us up for the final episode of Can't Get you Out of my Head which I will be reviewing next.
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Tuesday 18 May 2021

Ben Emlyn-Jones on the Kev Baker Show 70

I have been interviewed again on the Kev Baker Show (aka MrGlasgowTruther) on Truth Frequency Radio, see here for the podcast:
And here for the illustrated YouTube version:
Subjects discussed include: UFO's on 60 Minutes, near-death experiences, haunted hotels and much much more.
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Monday 17 May 2021

The Mind Set Podcast Programme 449

I have been featured on Programme 449 of the Mind Set Podcast.
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Subjects discussed include: Niall takes the vaccine, cryptocurrency boom, is Q still a thing? and much much more. Subscribe to Mind Set Central on Patreon for bonus material and early bird access to the public content, see:
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Sunday 16 May 2021

Ben Emlyn-Jones at Bases Conference 2021

I will be speaking at Bases at the Barge 2021. The conference will be on Friday the 9th, Saturday the 10th and Sunday the 11th of July. The venue is The Barge Inn, Honeystreet, Wiltshire SN9 5PS. See here for more details:
My lecture will probably be on the Sunday. It will contain completely new material, but its duration and content may need to be adjusted according to the schedule. It is possible that the Covid 19 lockdown situation might affect the proceedings. I am very happy that the live conference circuit is returning and I'm looking forward to this event enormously.
See here for details of my previous appearance at the Bases Project:

Saturday 15 May 2021

A Warning from France

France is a comparatively unstable society. During the period Britain has glided smoothly from election to election and monarch to monarch, France has had numerous revolutions and "republics". When Britain experiences some kind of constitutional crisis we tend to deal with it very calmly and diplomatically with lots of stopping for tea. Modern France was born out of a revolution that led to some of the worst violence Europe has ever seen. Tens of thousands of people were killed, mostly by being beheaded in a guillotine. Today their society stands on the brink of another political inferno. Two open letters have been sent to President Emmanuel Macron. The second one was published in a magazine called Valeurs and was signed by over a thousand people, most of them military servicemen, including twenty former generals. Source:
It follows another sent on the 27th of last month that reads along similar lines.
The letter has been praised by the presidential candidate Marine Le Pen. Although I'm not sure about the accuracy of any translation you might use, there is no doubt that this letter is a warning that the country is heading for civil war and a possible coup d'├ętat. There's a reason why English has borrowed that word from French. Many have forgotten, but France is already under martial law and has been since November 2015. The cause of France's strife is that its New World Order internal enemies are trying to break down its culture and society through a number of methods including mass-immigration and the deliberate radicalization of its Muslim population. The same is being done all over the West, but in France that agenda is very advanced. People who go on holiday to Paris today describe it as looking like a cross between a refugee camp and an open-air prison. There is continuous terrorism, both real and false-flag. I've often spoken about my respect for democracy and protested against extra-parliamentary government imposition, for example: However, the democratic process itself has been shown to be occupied by the very forces of global technocratic uniformity, certainly in the United Stares, see:; maybe in France too. It could be that these generals are part of the same movement for freedom that President Trump is, and Boris Johnson used to be. In that case maybe a military takeover is the only remaining option. I expect that the next French presidential election will be a turning point, a last chance for the normal system to function openly and justly. That will be in April next year. If something happens to corrupt it, maybe that will be the moment for action.
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Friday 14 May 2021

Another Good YouTube Comment

I don't often share my social media activity on HPANWO, but I'm going to on this occasion as I did once before, see: This time it is on a YouTube video that promotes one of my biggest concerns with UFOlogy, its threatened infection with feminism. It was on Erica Lukes' channel where she interviews Karyn Dolan, see: Below is a copy of my comment:
On the subject of "Women in UFOlogy!". I had a debate with Paola Harris about this on Planet X Radio. I still disagree with her (although it was a civilized discussion and we are still on good terms). If there is a "scarcity" of women at UFOlogy events then this does not mean necessarily that there is anything wrong. Any attempt to force a balance in that regard would be incredibly destructive. "More women" can so easily be translated into "fewer men" and is has been. How many does not count as "scarcity"? Without proper definitions it's impossible to know and this is why I consider this situation rather Orwellian. Men considerably outnumber women in UFOlogy and they always will. I consider this to be a simple product of human biodiversity, one of the perfectly harmless natural inequalities in life. Some inequalities are harmless because no individual is held back by them. UFO's are simply a "blokey" subject that, when generalizing, for totally benign and organic reasons, are more likely to appeal to the male psyche than the female. It's part of what makes men and women essentially different. Natural inequality is the reason why nobody ever goes up to a basketball team and says: "Why are you all black? You should sign up some white guys! We need equality on this team! There's no balance!" There are many exceptions of course. Erica, Paola and Karyn are one of them. I assert that there is absolutely nothing precluding a woman who wants to from getting involved in UFOlogy if she chooses. Women have made enormous contributions to UFOlogy; in fact would the scene even exist without them? Paola herself is one of the biggest superstars in the field. she is widely respected. Everywhere I go people speak very highly of her. I've been at two conferences with her where she has been treated as an honoured guest. Isn't that enough? And who can forget Butler, Street, Randles and Bruni, the "four horsewomen of Rendlesham Forest"? It is not only in UFOlogy that this myth can be found. In fact in every institution where men outnumber women, from university science departments to computer game fan clubs, the pejorative phrase: "dominated by men" will be heard and the cry goes out: "Something is wrong here! Something needs to be fixed!" They invariably assume that there is some kind of cackling hand-rubbing cabal of male chauvinist pigs actively or subconsciously maintaining their male exclusivity, but evidence for this is rarely found. It is simply an assumption, because we've been conditioned to think that men and women are identical except for our role in reproduction. What's more, this is certainly not the case in UFO research; I'd be the first to object is it was. Nothing needs to be fixed because nothing is wrong. Interestingly, in Spiritualism, which I am also interested in along with UFO's, the sexual ratio is the opposite to UFOlogy, it's about 70 to 80% women. Does that mean I should see myself as a victim? Am I oppressed?
This comment was actually paraphrased from a Facebook one I posted in yet another debate I had on this matter a few months ago with Paola Leopizzi Harris. You'll no doubt agree it is polite and civilized; but, having read it again, I think if anything it is more generous and conciliatory than I feel today. It is too full counter-signalling. This indicates I have consolidated on this matter since I last debated with Paola.
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Thursday 13 May 2021

First Crop Circle of 2021

I'm pleased to report that the first British crop circle of this year has appeared. It was reported on Monday at Stanton St Bernard, Wiltshire; not far from Alton Barnes, right in the heartland of the crop circle phenomenon. Like a lot of those early in the season, it is in a field of oil seed rape. This medium is far tougher and less malleable that wheat or barley, which is why early circles are sometimes the most interesting. It is a structure that almost covers two tramlines and is a circle containing sixteen tessellated triangles. Unlike last year's first crop circle, see:, there are far fewer restrictions on movement at the moment, making human construction more likely. Source: A YouTuber called "The Hampshire Flyer" has beaten Matthew Williams to the finish line to provide the first aerial footage, see: Regardless of its origins, there has been a widespread joyous reaction to the emergence of this formation. Of course it is just one of many; indeed it is preceded in 2021 by one in Tenginskaya, Russia, see: However, it seems to carry more emotional weight than most others; in fact Miles Johnston made a dedicated video about it, see: This is because of the hardships the British people have faced over the last fourteen months. It is reported that the landowner has denied permission for access, but apparently there is an honesty box there. If so please use it.
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Wednesday 12 May 2021

Ben Emlyn-Jones on Raconteurs News 8

I have been interviewed again on the Raconteurs News show with Jason Holmes, see:
Subjects discussed include: Plastic litter in the oceans, will the lockdown really end?, the future of elections and much much more.
See here for my previous appearance on Raconteurs News:
See here for Jason's interview on HPANWO Radio:

Tuesday 11 May 2021

The Mind Set Podcast Programme 448

I have been featured on Programme 448 of the Mind Set Podcast.
See here for the show:
Subjects discussed include: UFO pessimism vs optimism, singer stands up against the lockdown, one week left of the NWO? and much much more. Subscribe to Mind Set Central on Patreon for bonus material and early bird access to the public content, see:
See here for my previous appearance on The Mind Set Podcast:

Sunday 9 May 2021

Bryce Zabel's White Pill

Richard Dolan has perked up a bit since his black pill period a few weeks ago, see: (I have found out since writing that article that one of Dolan's parents died, which would explain his somewhat triste attitude. I must therefore apologize for giving him such a hard time and offer my deepest condolences.) His co-author of AD- After Disclosure, Bryce Zabel, disagreed with him considerably in their recent debate, see: Since then Zabel has published more material indicating that he has maintained a generally more optimistic vision of the Disclosure train's track than Dolan has. Zabel writes a blog called "Trail of the Saucers". He has a few guest contributors too, like Ryan Sprague and Carolyn Brouillard. In Zabel's post entitled Coming UAP Report May Blow Minds he gives a summary of the progress made so far this year; the upcoming UATPF June report, Directors Brennan and Ratcliffe's admissions etc. It turns out that Ratcliffe's successor, Avril Haines has already stated that the intelligence community will honour the commitment pledged in President Trump's UAPTF authorization act. Unlike Dolan, Zabel thinks that it would be very difficult politically to delay or obfuscate the June publication. He reminds us of Senator Harry Reid, the organizer of AATIP and former Senate Majority Leader saying to the New Yorker in all seriousness that Lockheed-Martin has UAP crash debris in its possession. Source: Well, this is what Richard Dolan called the "red line". It's certainly possible now that we might cross it. I found Bryce Zabel's article very inspiring. It is obvious that post 2017 small d disclosure still has a lot of momentum and we can expect it to go much further. The prospect of replacing the small d with a capital D is truly upon us. Zabel ends with the words: "People get ready." I am, Bryce.
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Saturday 8 May 2021

Apollo Detectives 8

A film edited and produced by Neil Geddes-Ward and Andrew Chaplin. A conversation between regular contributors Marcus Allen, Scott Henderson, Andrew, Neil, and myself.
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This eighth Apollo Detectives film brings more new and original information that casts doubt over the official story of the first moon landings. See here for background:
HPANWO Radio interview with Marcus:
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I have produced my own version of this film on HPANWO TV which includes my personal commentary:

Friday 7 May 2021

Boris' Gunboat Election

The UK local elections have resulted in another thrashing for Labour by the Tories. Counting is still underway and there is still time for a hidden upheaval, but we don't use Dominion voting machines in the UK, and I think that kind of thing is unlikely in this election anyway. So far the Conservatives have gained an extra four councils and ninety-nine seats. Labour have lost three and 123 respectively, mostly to the Tories. The biggest shocker was the loss of the Hartlepool Parliamentary seat in the by-election by almost seven thousand votes, that's a 16% swing against Labour. It has been a Labour constituency since it was created in 1974 and was considered one of the party's safest. Calum from Sargon of Akkad's Podcast of the Lotus Eaters calls it an "extinction event", see: Slimy Keir Starmer is saving face in the typically robotic political way. What was amazing was when he said "(Labour has) lost the trust of working people... We have not made a strong enough case to the country" he made it sound like this was a stunning new revelation that he discovered first. Well, no excrement, Sherlock! I hope he's not planning to drown his sorrows in a pub... Starmer's leadership has deepened and widened the splits in his party. His persecution of Jeremy Corbyn for being "antee-suh-mittick!" was unforgivable, see: Corbyn has still not been fully exonerated and this has inflamed his supporters, understandably. At the same time "woke Labour" have learned the lesson the hard way that if you call your white electorate "uneducated privileged racist gammon!" then guess what? They're not going to vote for you; QE and effing D! No results for London mayor are available right now, but it is obvious Sadiq Khan will keep his gavel. I hope David Kurten and Laurence Fox gain some support, see: Piers Corbyn is also standing and he's another candidate I admire. So far "Reform UK" have gained two councillors. If you're wondering who I mean then I'm talking about what used to be the Brexit Party. I don't know who chose the new name, but it is a terrible one. The populist right in Britain has generally gone downhill. Maybe they think now Brexit is done and dusted their job is complete. Nothing could be further from the truth. Source:
I did not vote in this election. We have unfortunately gone back to the bad old days of politics now that Boris Johnson has sunk into the swamp. There is an independent candidate in my ward called David Henwood whom I was tempted to back simply out of principle because he was independent, but in the end I decided it wasn't worth it. There is an interesting backdrop to this year's local elections. There has been a maritime standoff in the vicinity of Jersey which emerged out of the Brexit deal. French fishing trawlers have blockaded the island's principle port, St Helier. The Channel Islands are much closer to France than England, lying about fifteen miles off the coast on Normandy, but they are British Crown Dependencies, therefore are now outside the European Union. The fishermen demand licences to drop their nets in Jersey's territorial waters and the French government are backing them up. They have even threatened to cut off Jersey's electricity supply, which is provided by underwater cables from the mainland. Boris has responded by sending two Royal Navy ships to police the protest. Luckily the confrontation never escalated to shots being fired, but it is a warning sign that more conflict is likely to emerge in the future. In a way it is a good sign because it shows that there is progress in transferring Britain's fishing industry into its new independent form and the remoaners are throwing their usual spanners in the works. I don't understand how Boris can maintain his positive position on Brexit while merging seamlessly with the globalist establishment on almost every other issue. As for France, it could be that events in its domestic politics might make the whole wrangle a moot point, but I'll cover that in a future article.
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Wednesday 5 May 2021

Ben Emlyn-Jones at Truth Seekers North East 7

I am pleased to tell you that I will be speaking again at Truth Seekers North East. The event will take place on Saturday the 31st of July. It will cost only £5. My lecture will be entitled: Is There Any Hope? The New World Order is growing stronger, UFO Disclosure is a distant dream and the Truth movement is catastrophically dysfunctional. We're all doomed!... Or are we? This is not a public event and will take place in somebody's home. Because of this numbers are strictly limited and to be invited you will need to be somebody I know well or somebody regularly active with Truth Seekers North East. If you would like to attend please email Maureen at:
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Tuesday 4 May 2021

The Mind Set Podcast Programme 447

I have been featured on Programme 447 of the Mind Set Podcast.
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Subjects discussed include: the electronic voice phenomenon, blue faced Morris dancers, feminism in paranormal research and much much more. Subscribe to Mind Set Central on Patreon for bonus material and early bird access to the public content, see:
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Sunday 2 May 2021

UFO Truth Magazine- Issue 48

UFO Truth Magazine Issue 48 is now available. It can be purchased on this page as a single copy, but please subscribe and save money if you want to read it regularly, see:
Issue 48 includes an article in my column entitled "Extraterrestrial" by Avi Loeb.
Also you will find in Issue 48: a guest article by Bryce Zabel, official UFO inquiry in New Zealand, another look at alien hybridization and much much more.
Also in this HPANWO Show programme I interview the UFO Truth Magazine's editor Gary Heseltine:
See here for details on UFO Truth Magazine Issue 47:

Saturday 1 May 2021

Brookdale Lodge Uncovered

Regular readers will be familiar with Don Philips. He's a paranormal field researcher who specializes in EVP, or as he calls it "AVP- Actual Voice Phenomenon". I collaborated with him on several projects a few years ago and he has been on HPANWO TV and HPANWO Radio, see background links below. Since then he has continued his work, sometimes travelling to distant places, like San Francisco. He has produced a pilot episode for a series called American Supernatural in which he joins forces with a team called the Santa Cruz Ghost Hunters to answer one of the biggest questions anybody asks: Is there an afterlife? To try and provide a solution to that mystery, Don and the team visit a famous hotel called Brookdale Lodge in California USA where Hollywood stars and millionaires used to stay. Apparently the hotel has suffered three major fires in its hundred year history, which is a sign that something is energetically amiss with the place, like Boleskine House, see: It has also been the scene of crimes and tragedies, like the Cecil Hotel, see: There are dramatic reconstructions of some of them. Maybe this has something to do with the distasteful things people in the entertainment industry are alleged to get up to, see: Either way, numerous paranormal phenomena have been reported there by staff and guests alike. Don has given me a preview of the pilot so I can let readers know what it's like and hopefully you'll want to watch the series when it is released onto the TV. Like Aleister Crowley's old Loch Ness residence, Brookdale Lodge has a new owner who wants to restore it and preserve it as an historical landmark. The hotel is a fine sight, with a large indoor garden with a real stream flowing through it. Will that have any effects on its supernatural factor?
Don Philips and the Santa Cruz Ghost Hunters pay the Bookdale Lodge a visit to see what evidence they can discover. It doesn't take long to find some. As soon as they enter a bedroom the camera picks up the voice of a child, just a brief murmur, but it's very distinct. Another two are picked up in the kitchen and several other areas. One is a male voice that mentions "Becky". This is the name of Don's spirit guide. Interestingly it sounds like it has an English accent, even though this is in the United States. A feminine voice then introduces itself as "Marilyn". This made everybody wonder if it might be the famous actress Marilyn Monroe, who had stayed at the Brookdale Lodge. Don tried an experiment by seeing if a spirit could move a neutrally ballasted party balloon. He did a similar one using a coin at the pub in Leicestershire, see background links. The hotel includes a derelict section full of discarded telephones and vending machines, obviously very old; as if nobody had entered those rooms for a long time. More EVP's were collected there. The electronic voice phenomenon is a highly contested method which some investigators believe is useless and misleading. I explain here why I think that is not true: The investigation reaches a thrilling climax when Ian Gunner, the cameraman and a mutual friend of Don's and mine, announces that one of the team has discovered a tunnel. It is next to the stream in the indoor garden room. Don puts on a miner's light and crawls along it, even though he can barely fit. It reminded me of Richard Dolan climbing down a ladder at Montauk in UFO Hunters. Would I have done that?... I'm not sure. Don communicates with the rest of the team by walkie-talkie. He takes an EVP recording, which is the only place in that room he was able to because the noise of the stream prevented it elsewhere. He succeeds, even in there. He also finds a strange out-of-place artefact. This programme is thrilling and intriguing. Most of the shots are from handheld cameras, giving the viewer a sense of presence. Thanks to Don for the preview. Keep a lookout for the show when it hits the screen and I hope there will be more in the series.
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