Friday 21 May 2021

Rhodes Will Stay

The controversial statue of Cecil Rhodes is not going to be removed by Oriel College. I have covered this issue in detail in the background publications below and I support this decision. Several years ago the college's governing body voted that, in principle, they thought the statue should be removed, but they have now elected not to stand by that principle. Source: Their stated reasons are purely practicalities, not ideology. I do wonder if that is true. I would have preferred it if they had stated ethical motives for keeping the statue; perhaps even echoing some of the ones I made. The response from the Rhodes Must Fall campaign is going to be the most extreme outrage. The Wokerati are not used to hearing the word "no". They will respond with cruelty and violence and I hope Oriel has the courage not to surrender. It's about time more people stood up to the SJW hate mobs.
See here for background:


Unknown said...

Statues should be left along, if they are controversial there can be dialogue and reason. If the statues go nothing gets discussed.

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

My thoughts exactly.