Monday 30 November 2015

Ben Emlyn-Jones on the ADX Files Show

I have been interviewed on the ADX Files show with Alyson Dunlop. The podcast of the programme is now available here:
Subjects discussed include: the Starchild skull, Scottish independence vote, UFO's over Nottingham and Dublin, Helen Duncan and much much more. 

Sunday 29 November 2015

COP 21 Begins

Tomorrow the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference gets underway in Paris. Security is extra tight after the attacks a fortnight ago, see: A number of protesters from the Climate Action Network and other pressure groups have been banned from the event or even refused entry to France. The "emergency laws" I warned about in the link above have already been put into force in order to place some people under house arrest, see: A hundred and forty-seven world leaders are currently converging on Paris, including US President Obama and President of China Xi Jinping. The long-haul flights needed to bring these powerbrokers to the table will no doubt raise their personal Carbon™ footprints to the size of a yeti's. The two-week conference will be hosted at a luxury purpose-built centre at Le Bourget in the northeast of Paris. The Twenty-first conference of the parties- "COP 21" is one of the most highly charged political events of the decade, see: The main purpose of COP 21 will be to reach an agreement on the reduction of Carbon™ emissions. Nations will pledge an obligation to cut their emissions by a certain percentage by a certain deadline; for example, Japan might say that it will cut its Carbon™ emissions by 20% by 2030 etc. During the last climate change conference at Copenhagen in 2009, the world's nations refused to agree to any such treaty and the process fell apart. This is a slow and abortive discussion that began at the "Earth Summit" in Rio de Janeiro in 1992 and was boosted by the Kyoto Protocol in 1997. For some climate campaigners, this breakdown of negotiations has bred frustration and desperation; see background links below. This is the motivation of the protesters.

If a deal is reached it will no doubt be given a catchy media-friendly name like "the Paris Climate Accord", but its end result will probably be very different to the initial model. Putting the treaty into practice will be far more complicated than each country getting out a notepad and stopwatch. Some nations might choose to trade their reductions within the protocols by converting their units of emissions into "carbon credits" which take the form a bond that can be bartered, bought or sold; directly with client states or on the stock market. It's even been suggested that carbon credits could be the proposed global currency. As always with any public story on climate change, the interesting part is not what is being said, but what is not; the words between the lines. The background of extreme proposals that could be suggested in the event of another breakdown in negotiations. A global state of emergency to save the planet that would make President Hollande's anti-terrorist measures look like a playful wrist-slap. As Dr Mayer Hillman says in the first background link below: "The United Nations Personal Carbon Allowances must be implemented... or we're doomed!" Hillman advocates draconian global regulation of transport for holidays, business and trade. His ideas for the transformation of all sectors of the economy, geared towards organizing it in light of its use of fossil fuels and environmental impact resemble communism. He proposes food rationing on the model used during World War II and goes on to state: "the democratic process is not sacrosanct... The majority view in the developed world is that people are not prepared to make the lifestyle choices for the dramatic carbon reductions necessary and their democratic leaders do nothing except pander to their whims to get elected... Do we subscribe to the democratic approach to decision making which has so far failed? Or, in this instance, as I would argue, it has to be set aside. Whether the public like it or not, these changes have to be made!... If these changes are not made, we will assuredly hand over a dying planet to succeeding generations". The idea of geoengineering is now a serious possibility with the Oxford Martin School being one of the first academic institutions to run courses on the subject, see: As New Scientist reports, the theory is about to be tested in the real world, see: However, there is no doubt that such projects have already been covertly implemented without anybody asking permission from the "decadent rabble", see: Another silent yell is the mounting evidence that contradicts the official story on climate change. Not only has it been demonstrated that human industrial Carbon™ emissions have little or no effect on climate, but that the natural global warming of the last forty years has halted and might even be reversing, see: and: However people have been prevented from integrating this information because of the dominance of the Carbonista regime. This regime uses convenient logical fallacies, either through deliberate lies, a la Climategate, or through subconscious tacit groupthink. For instance when a place experiences below average temperatures the cry will go out: "But this is just weather, not climate. Don't you know the difference? The general trend is still upwards, old boy; look at these figures from the IPCC!" However when we experience above average temperatures on the exact same scale the Carbonistas will announce in sombre tones: "This should be a wake-up call for us all! It demonstrates how the earth's climate is shifting due to our carbon emissions!" Dr Hillman says as much in the background article. Another good example is in this skeptic radio show in which Michael Marshall, "Marsh" as he is known, of Merseyside Skeptics comments on the mild November we've just had, at 05.30: The convenient lie of climate change looks like an impressive edifice, but it is built on a foundation of broken careers, such as Johnny Ball and Prof. David Bellamy, see: And maybe even actual lives. I believe that the Carbonistas would kill in order to keep their secret... and perhaps they already have, see: The next two weeks are going to be a very important fortnight in geopolitics. The outcome of the Paris conference will decide how the global power structures implement their agenda for an authoritarian world government, in order to save the earth from their phantom menace.

Friday 27 November 2015

Black Friday UK

Black Friday has long been a tradition in the United States of America and several other countries where the festival of Thanksgiving Day is celebrated. It takes place on the day after Thanksgiving Day, the last Friday of November, and involves high street shops suddenly reducing the prices on all their stock. For retailers, this is a tactic to clear the shelves for their Christmas line; for the consumer it's a unique opportunity to purchase goods at a heavy discount, usually less than half price. This has led to the annual Black Friday riot. People will arrive very early at the door of the shop, sometimes even the night before. You might see tents set up in the street or people squatting in the gutter wrapped in a sleeping bag. The moment the doors open the shoppers will bundle in and dash to grab the precious merchandise they crave, something they normally could not afford. The problem is, there is only a limited supply of stock, always less than the demand; and this leads to conflict. The police and emergency services are deliberately stationed on standby at the major stores where the Black Friday sale is hosted, and they are usually needed. Loud arguments and even fights sometimes break out on the aisles as two or more people try to pick up the same item at the same time. People are often arrested for public order offences and sometimes are injured in fights, and being crushed or trampled. Over a billion pounds has been spent across the nation in just a few hours. Source: In Great Britain we do not celebrate Thanksgiving; most of the traditions of Thanksgiving, the turkey dinner and family gatherings etc, we do enjoy, but these are all at Christmas. However this year we are having Black Friday. According to Wikipedia, Black Friday has occurred in the UK and other parts of Europe since 2003, but that has always been unofficial; it's never formally called by its name. This year the name Black Friday has been widely used in the media for the first time. As you can see in the source link above, British shoppers show no hesitation in respecting the traditions of their American counterparts; including long queues, bursting in when the doors open and rioting. I can understand the enthusiasm for economical shopping; indeed, I'm not a rich man and I walk six miles once a week just to buy a particular brand of tasty and very cheap cheese from a market stall. However these Black Friday scenes are sad spectacles in my view. They're more than just people employing a rational strategy to save money; they're an obsessive and thoughtless insurrection of consumerism. According to people I know who were there, a lot of the shoppers who attend Black Friday are poor families who could not afford the goods available on any other day of the year; however, do those same families camp outside the office buildings of those who made them so poor in the first place? It seems that the only thing that can arouse the passions of modern urban humanity is the prospect of scooping up some cheap Chinese consumer-durables. It's a shame that these same people don't pour into Houses of Parliament and the Halls of Congress to snatch a government minister off his pedestal and shove his head down a toilet... while stocks last.   

Tuesday 24 November 2015

Black Balls from Space

On November the 5th, Juan Francisco, a goat farmer, found a mysterious spherical object lying in his field. It was metallic, about three feet across and weighed forty-four pounds; therefore if it was made of metal it must have been hollow or filled with a far lighter material. The authorities where the event happened, at Callasparra in the Murcia region of Spain, took the matter very seriously and sealed off the area. Decontamination experts in full nuclear-biological-chemical protection suits went into the field and examined the object. It was obvious that it had fallen from the sky, but it was quickly declared completely safe. The people who found it quipped that it resembled the "IT-O interrogator droid" from the movie Star Wars Episode IV- a New Hope. It was described by the Spanish Guardia Civil authority as an "aerospace artefact", a piece of space junk, possibly a gas canister from a rocket or satellite, and they've taken it away for further analysis. This could serve as a satisfactory explanation; however more of these falling black balls were reported soon afterwards. Another fell at Cartagena, also in Spain's Murcia region. If they are just space junk it seems an odd coincidence for them to come down so close together; and they have survived their fall from space very well. Space junk often drifts back to earth after orbiting the planet for a while. However it rarely reaches the surface intact. It's usually burned in the atmosphere or smashed to pieces on impact. The local people have started calling these objects bolas espacial- "space balls" and are quite alarmed by them. There has also been UFO activity reported in the area and a UFO was photographed at the seaside. Jose Velez, the mayor of Callasparra said: "I think it is a more serious issue than it seems. Citizens have real concerns about what is happening and deserve an explanation." The government laboratory examining the spheres has yet to release its results. Source: Interestingly a few days earlier in Kingston-upon-Thames, a borough within the borders of Greater London, a member of the public reported to the police that a mysterious object had appeared on Malden Road, near the junction with South Lane. It was lying in the middle of the road by a pedestrian crossing and was spotted at around midnight. According to initial reports, it was on fire; so the police alerted the fire brigade. The object was multicoloured and dome shaped; it was upside down and causing an obstruction to traffic. After they had removed the object, the police announced that it was a pizza oven. The multicoloured parts were terracotta tiles covering a clay exterior. That's what it looks like to me too, but I'll ask my friend and fellow researcher Richard Wright who is the founder of Exopolitics Kingston-upon-Thames, see: Nobody saw it being dumped and so nobody knew where it had come from. Despite this phenomenon probably not being a real UFO, it's interesting that the media covered it as such, albeit in a novelty manner. In fact even the police themselves had a chuckle about it. Their official online report card read: "Have Kingston Police recovered the first UFO!? Last night at around midnight a concerned member of the public called us on 999 stating that there was an unknown item on fire in the middle of the road. Officers from Emergency Response Team A were dispatched along with the London Fire Brigade. When they arrived on scene they couldn't believe their eyes! The officers that arrived on scene described the item as looking like a crash-landed UFO! Can you work out what the item is from the picture? Comment below with your guesses! However on a serious note, anyone with information about this item and how it ended up being there please do contact us on 101 and quote CAD: 525/17OCT15." It just goes to show how popular the notion of UFO crash-retrievals has become in our culture; and that's a good thing. I imagine by now the police have apprehended the phantom pizza oven fly-tipper. One doesn't need to be Inspector Morse to realize that knocking on the doors of the nearby Italian restaurants would be an obvious first step in the inquiry. Source:

Monday 23 November 2015

St Kilda Revisited

St Kilda is a remote archipelago that lies forty miles off the western coast of the Outer Hebrides in northwest Scotland. It is unique in many ways. The geography of its islands is some of the most dramatic and extreme in the British Isles, with the tallest cliffs and sea stacks of all. It is home to a number of unique species of birds and mice, as well as the famous St Kilda sheep. It also hosts a transient colony of almost two million sea birds. There are also several plant species there that exist nowhere else on Earth. Its place in the human world is equally fascinating. (Boudica moment alert!) It was once the remotest inhabited island in the British Isles with a small population, never more than two hundred. Signs of human habitation can be traced back to before 5000 BC yet in 1930 there were only thirty-six people living on the islands and most of them were elderly. This community was unsustainable and so they announced a desire to be evacuated to the mainland and this was granted on the 29th of August of that year. Between 1955 and 2009 the islands were inhabited once again, albeit by a rotation of visiting professionals; Ministry of Defence personnel working on the Outer Hebrides Missile Range. This facility is now in the process of shutting down and will probably never reopen, especially if Scotland becomes independent. Visiting volunteers from the Scottish National Trust maintain the archipelago, and look after the ruins in the Village Bay settlement, but today nobody lives permanently on St Kilda.

I researched St Kilda in depth a few years ago because it plays a prominent role in my novel Rockall which is now available for free online; see: I drew mainly on the book The Life and Death of St Kilda by Tom Steel, see: This informative and poignant book expressed an idea about St Kilda that has been a conventional one since anthropologists first turned their attention towards the islands. St Kilda has been regarded as a lost world, a very isolated human community that has had little or no contact with the outside world. This is an understandable notion seeing as how remote and inaccessible St Kilda is. Steel describes in his book how an estatesman from St Kilda's landowner, the clan MacLeod, would turn up in a boat once a year to pick up the islanders' rent. St Kildans had no system of money and shared out all internal produce in a manner rather like miniature communism; so they paid their rent in gull feathers, wool and any surplus vegetables they grew on their crofts. This was the population's only contact with the outside world; and the islanders would ask the estatesman all kinds of questions that nobody else would need to like "Who is the king these days?" and "Has a war been fought lately?" However a new book has just been published that questions that establishment view. According to St Kilda- the Last and Outmost Isle by Angela Gannon and George Geddes, the people of St Kilda were not some kind of "lost tribe"; they were instead an active part of the wider Highland community. They were unusually self-sufficient compared to most, that is true; however they regularly interacted with people from the mainland Western Isles and beyond. Their exports were more than just a means to pay the MacLeod rent; they bartered them with other Hebridean communities in exchange for other goods. They played an empowered role in the lucrative clan economy. The authors describe St Kilda as "one of the most mythologized and misunderstood places on earth." They are both archaeologists who spent many months exploring the archipelago, and their book is the result of a nine year project to better understand the lives the St Kildans used to lead. The volume contains previously unpublished photographs of the landscape and people of St Kilda through the years. Source: St Kilda- the Last and Outmost Isle can be purchased here: I've not read the book yet, but I am intrigued by its premise and hope I find time to soon. If its claims are correct then would it have influenced the way I wrote Rockall had I been writing it today? Quite possibly. In the scenario in the book, it is doubtful that Rockall would have remained unexplored if St Kilda had been less secluded than previously thought. Despite its towering cliffs, somebody would have scaled them and maybe even set up a community on the plateau. They would have had to share the land with the ErkDwaLa, the native population of Rockall. That situation would have changed many of the other plotlines of the story. I do not intend to amend Rockall in any way as a result of this new information; after all, fiction has to make sense internally, but it is not obliged to imitate fact.

Sunday 22 November 2015

Truth Mobs? No Thanks!

The Truth mob is a sad and annoying side effect of the Truth movement; in the background links at the bottom I provide a detailed history of my interaction with them. Truth mobs break out spontaneously at random locations on Facebook or in blog and YouTube comments boxes. They draw in attention like a magnet, gathering enthusiastic personnel with the ease of a rolling snowball. People who are completely uninvolved third parties transform instantaneously into raving single-minded zealots, fanatically dedicated to their chosen side; and of course outraged against the other side with equal fervour. Before long, honourable men and women who were busy campaigning to free the world from the dangers of GMO food, geoengineering, false flag terrorism and government organized child abuse, will drop everything they are doing in order to take up arms in their Truth mob's cause. They will sit in front of a keyboard and monitor for hours, typing acres upon acres of text, post abusive tableaux on the timelines of their enemy and send underhand messages in an attempt to destroy their target's reputation. Along with the focus of their ire, Truth mobbers will also lunge at anybody who refuses to join them in their frenzy; and this is about to happen to me... yet again. Ben Fellows is somebody who first came to the attention of the Truth movement in 2012 when he spoke out over the deliberate self-sabotage of the security system at the London Olympics, see: He was working for G4S at the time. He is also a part-time actor and has stated publicly that when he was involved in a drama project about twenty years ago, he was sexually assaulted by Kenneth Clarke, the Chancellor of the Exchequer at the time, and regular Bilderberg Group member. Clarke denies the allegations and had Ben prosecuted for attempting to pervert the course of justice. Ben was cleared of all charges, see:, but Clarke has been subjected to no further investigation (No surprise there, see: Ben organized a conference where I was due to speak, but unfortunately he had to cancel it, see:

Then Ben Fellows came up with another idea. He and his partner Jackie Clarke would travel to India to seek an audience with the Dalai Lama. He set up a page to raise money for the expedition saying: "My name is Ben Fellows and I am an investigative journalist and filmmaker based in Birmingham in the United
Kingdom. I am raising funds for myself and my partner Jackie, who is supporting me with her own funds as well, to travel to see the Dalai Lama in India. This is a spiritual journey as I have been persecuted by my own government for speaking out against paedophiles and child abusers. So I am now seeking advice about what we can do to deal with this problem from His Holiness, as I believe he is a very wise and educated man who was chosen for a reason to lead his people.", see: However not everybody seems to think that this is a good idea. I received a message from two separate people on Facebook... that online battlefield again, warning me that Ben Fellows is trying to exploit vulnerable people by defrauding them of money on false pretences. "Don't you think this is awful, Ben?" they asked me. I replied "Of course!" and demanded details from them. The two ladies informed me that the fraudulent nature of what Ben Fellows is doing comes from the fact that he's asking for money to fund a trip to India... Yes, I quickly spotted that logical flaw as well. I replied: "What's the problem? Ben's asking for money to go to India and he and Jackie are on their way to India." The reply I got from the two ladies was a long tirade about a subject completely unrelated to the point we were previously discussing. It didn't take long for a very familiar picture to emerge. Just like with David Icke and Sonia Poulton, or the Kent Freedom Movement and Danielle la Verité (see background links below), these two ladies had been having a personal dispute with Ben Fellows and had therefore aggrandized it into a fantasy scenario in which Ben Fellows is a bad person generally on a professional level. Many a Truth mob is generated thus. The two ladies criticized Ben and Jackie because in the last few days Ben and Jackie have been posting photographs of themselves from Austria, Hungary, Turkey and a few other places. What's wrong with them stopping to see the sights on their journey? These are countries they've probably never been to before and may well never get another chance to visit again. You can hardly expect them to travel through these exotic lands on a high speed train with blindfolds on, can you? I think Ben Fellows' idea to try to get help from the Dalai Lama is an excellent one. The Fourteenth Dalai Lama has himself had to seek refuge from political persecution too, and is reputed to be very intelligent and wise. I read one of his books on Buddhism and it was really interesting. I wish Ben and Jackie all the very best for their expedition to India. I hope they get some good advice and maybe encourage the Dalai Lama to get involved with the quest to stop the institutional abuse of children that is poisoning the world.

There are warning signs along the road to a Truth mob and I advise you to heed them. You probably already recognize them and just need to understand what they mean in full. Comments boxes beneath a Facebook post becoming heated, posters becoming verbally aggressive. You know that before long this thread will cross over that line in which a chain reaction of meaningless insult begins. After that happens, the comments eventually become a self-sustaining downward spiral of ego-battling abuse; and by then all rational discourse becomes impossible. A pleasant and interesting exchange of ideas and information degenerates into the online equivalent of a bar room brawl. The only solution is to get out of the conversation before it falls over that event horizon. I would also ask HPANWO readers to be aware of their own thoughts and feelings whenever conflicts like this arise. Introspection is a very important skill to learn. Watch your own mental landscape and analyse it as if you were somebody else looking at you. How do you know that you yourself are not being drawn into a mentality that could lead you to become a foot soldier for a Truth mob? Seven vital questions to ask are:
1. How crucial is the resolution of this conflict to the world at large?
2. At a fundamental level, is this conflict one of personalities rather than wider issues affecting the wellbeing of the world beyond?
3. Is your involvement in this conflict taking you away from your usual research and activism, your work on issues such as UFO's, TV Licensing, chemtrails, the Bedroom Tax etc?
4. Do you find yourself feeling confusion and hostility towards people you otherwise would feel no resentment towards, when they decline to stand by you in your activities with this conflict, even when they do not support the other side either?
5. Does the leader of your chosen side in the conflict explain calmly and rationally and in a dignified manner their case against their opponent, or do they just get angry and use lots of derogatory adjectives or rhetoric about them?
6. If you express doubts or ask questions of your leader about your side's cause, have you ever been threatened or felt put under pressure by them, or others on your side, as a result?
7. Has your leader or anybody else on your side chided you, in any way, even just through veiled threats, forced misunderstanding and misjudgement or passive aggression; for friendships you might have with people on the other side, personal relationships, or involvement with websites and organizations those on the other side are also involved with?
I have informed the two ladies concerned that I am rejecting their call to arms. If they feel so wounded by Ben and Jackie then they should talk to a solicitor; otherwise shut up and leave me out of it. I would also request that if anybody else out there feels the need to stir up a Truth mob and wishes to approach me as a potential recruit; please don't waste your time. Go and play your little schoolyard games with somebody else.

Saturday 21 November 2015

Parallel Universe Spotted

The Large Hadron Collider experiment at CERN has recently been boasting that they are on the brink of discovering the first scientific evidence that a parallel universe exists. I cover this in more detail in the background links at the bottom. However a cosmologist called Dr Ranga-Ram Chary has published a paper claiming to have beaten them to it. Ever since theoretical physicists reluctantly admitted that our universe could not possibly be the only one and that their equations only tallied if they took into account the presence of other universes, the question has been: "Could we ever actually see one of these parallel universes?" The best hope came from the atom-smashers because they have the power to bore holes in the fabric of the universal membrane and so expose the wonders of hyperspace to scientific scrutiny (and God knows what else!). Nobody expected that all we'd have to do is look up. The road to this discovery began with the launch of the Planck space telescope. One of its missions was to map the CMB, cosmic microwave background. This is a residual field of radiation left over from the Big Bang. The CMB was first discovered in 1964, but it was only in recent years that it's been analyzed in details. There have been a few surprises; instead of being uniform and homogenous, it has patches of higher or lower intensity indicating that there was some flux and irregularity with the initial creation moment of the universe. This means that when put on a colour-coded graph there is this mottled effect, see illustration above. This is what the universe actually looked like when it was just a few hundred thousand years old. The Planck study has created the most precise map of the CMB ever and Dr Chary discovered a strange element of it; a patch of colder radiation about ten degrees across which has been called "the bruise". This nickname indicates that it's the product of some kind of impact. The model depicts the three dimensional universal membranes as huge bubbles floating in a higher dimensional plain. This plain is not steady, but vibrant and active. Sometimes different universes brush into and collide with each other. This brilliant documentary explains the situation very well: Source: Here is Dr Chary's paper; it contains a lot of technical language and you'll need to know something about physics to understand it: The paper has been subjected to a peer-review, like all scientific publications, and it has inevitably gathered detractors. Prof. David Spergel, an astrophysicist who worked on the WMAP-Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe, a previous mission to observe the CMB, says that Dr Chary has measured the radiation wrongly. Prof. Spergel claims that material in the foreground, like stars, galaxies and cosmic dust, absorbed some of the radiation causing it to appear absent from the CMB scan; Dr Chary failed to control for this. Prof. Joe Silk, an astronomer at Oxford University, simply calls Chary's discovery an "artifact caused by foregrounds", but doesn't go into details. If this does turn out to be a real indication of the presence, albeit in the distant past, of an alternate three-D universal structure, then it will be an incredible revelation. However, something tells me that it will not lead to the cancellation of the LHC at CERN because that has another purpose, see background links below. I wonder if paranormal phenomena like ghosts and UFO's are a manifestation of this bleed-over from beyond the visible and comprehensible. Maybe such interactions are still going on spontaneously. For example see:

Friday 20 November 2015

Ben Emlyn-Jones on the Kev Baker Show 3

I have been interviewed on the Kev Baker Show (aka MrGlasgowTruther) on Truth Frequency Radio, see here for the podcasts: and:
Subjects discussed include: the Paris attacks, a UFO crash near Nottingham, mysteries of the Great Pyramid and much much more.
See here for my previous appearance on the Kev Baker Show:

Wednesday 18 November 2015

Paris Attacks 4- Damage Limitation

The news is reporting a police raid during the early hours of the morning. At 4.20 AM, French time, armed police raided a block of flats in Saint Denis, a suburb north of Paris. The address is not far from the Stade de France stadium where one of the attacks took place on Friday night. Roads in the area remain sealed off, but at the time of writing, Wednesday afternoon, the police report that the raid is over. Two people were killed; one died by detonating explosives in their clothing and I presume the other was shot. The person who blew themselves up was a woman said to be a relative of "Mohammed Evil al-Turban" or whatever his name is, the man who supposedly organized the terrorist attack. Seven people have been arrested. The atmosphere in Paris remains tense. Soldiers are patrolling the streets and most shops and banks are still shut. The effect of the horror continues to be felt across the world. A woman had her Facebook account suspended because it's called "ISIS". The reason it's called that is because that is actually her name; Isis Anchalee, an engineer from San Francisco, USA. She's had a devil of a time persuading Facebook admin that she was not a black-clad terrorist wielding a bloodstained dagger. In the end she had to send them a screenshot of her passport. Facebook have unlocked her account and written back to apologize, see: The Prime Minister David Cameron has announced a huge budget boost to counter-terrorism security forces in the UK with two billion pounds being allotted to modernize and upgrade the army's special forces, the Special Air Service corps. It's also been announced that SAS operatives are patrolling British streets. This has probably been going on for a long time covertly; and we know for a fact that the SAS has been present on the streets of Northern Ireland since the 1960's. These men will be dressed in casual civilian clothes and will therefore be unrecognizable; they're performing the same role as undercover policemen, see: An additional nineteen hundred staff will be recruited into the intelligence services, MI5, MI6 and GCHQ. Airline security will also be overhauled and tightened up. Don't be surprised if we see the foundation of a British equivalent to the Transportation Safety Administration in America, see: In the meantime the hacktivist group Anonymous has announced that it is targeting ISIS for one of its famous cyber attack campaigns. It says it will dox thousands of ISIS supporters and post their personal details on Twitter. If it does it will have succeeded where global electronic intelligence services have failed, see:

The conspirasphere continues to debate the reality or non-reality of the evidence for a false flag attack in Paris last Friday; and my list of Facebook friends has lost a few more calories since yesterday. I have updates of some of the issues I raised in my previous article in this series. The claim that a poster on Twitter predicted the Paris massacre two days before it happened is not actively fake, but it's probably a mistake. The account Tweeting the prediction was @PZbooks. This is apparently a bot that automatically creates fabricated headlines out of fragments of real ones. There are an infinite number of different combinations that it can process and so it generates one about terrorist attacks in Paris every so often due to mere chance alone, see: A French news agency has also addressed the photo of the woman alleged to be a crisis actress. It claims to have successfully debunked the idea. They say that all these women are different people and that they've been tracked down and identified by the media, yet they don't provide a source for that. All those women also do look very much alike and the photo illustrating the page is very low resolution so it's impossible to tell; maybe that's the idea. The official example from France is completely pixillated. The only real difference I can see is that the woman in Paris has her hair in a slightly different style; it's parted on the left instead of the right, see: The article's author also talks about this instance as if it's a one-off. It is definitely not; there are many other examples of potential stagecraft like this, some more convincing. Yet they do not put their claim into that context (Thanks to Gari on Facebook for bringing this to my attention). At the moment I'm not sure what to make of this right now. Nick Kollerstrom has had his nose to the ground and has discovered more anomalies. A witness to one of the restaurant shootings describes the killers' car as a Mercedes, not a Seat. There's a big difference in appearance between the two models; a Mercedes is a luxury make while a Seat is a budget hatchback. He also describes the killer as "white, clean shaven and had dark hair neatly trimmed". So this supposed ISIS shooter was not Middle Eastern. This inconsistency reminds me of the Port Arthur massacre, a similar incident in Australia. The culprit was named as Martin Bryant, a young local with the typical profile for this kind of criminal; a loner with low intelligence, mental illness and an interest in guns. However the witness statements from the scene actually report that the gunman was older. He also seemed to be well-trained, killing more victims with well aimed bullets than he left injured, see: The witness in Paris could tell that the shooter was well-built, with a muscular physique, but he could only see this if the man was wearing thin clothing, so why didn't he mention the explosive vest that the killer was supposed to have on? One of the gunmen at the Bataclan Theatre had white skin and blond hair. So who was yelling "Allahu Akbar!" and ranting on about Syria? There's also the curiously sluggish response time of the police and emergency services. This we saw just a few miles away with Princess Diana's death in 1997. Were these shooters actually government special forces operatives? Also, the former owners of the Bataclan Theatre were staunch Zionists and therefore might have been recruited by Mossad. They apparently sold the theatre after running it for over forty years and moved to Israel on... wait for it, September the 11th. See: I wonder where the CCTV footage is. Do you want to make a bet that all the cameras were "coincidentally pointing the wrong way", just like they were on the route to the Pont d'Alma tunnel the night Diana died?  I have made a HPANWO TV video about the Paris Attacks, see: and a special HPANWO Radio show:

Tuesday 17 November 2015

Paris Attacks 3- the Disputants

It is now the fourth day since the atrocity and the hunt goes on... supposedly... for the suspect in the attacks, Salah Abdeslam, who is still at large. His brother, Mohamed Abdeslam, has been released without charge and denies all involvement. President Hollande has vowed to destroy ISIS and the French forces in the Middle East have carried out retaliatory air strikes in Syria against Islamic State positions. The state has mobilized 115,000 police officers into the operation to track down the missing suspect and maintain security in the continued state of emergency, see: Another thing I predicted before has come true; the published image of the leader of the attack conspiracy does indeed have a black beard, a scowling expression and evil eyes. He also has a sinister-sounding name, "Abdelhamid Abaaoud", see: Another development that was no surprise to me was that the prolonged new security measures have started to solidify, in France and also in other countries. In Britain, where I live, Lord Carlisle of the Liberal Democrats has warned that the draft Investigatory Powers bill should be fast-tracked into law. He called the bill "absolutely vital... the current holes in the government's ability to spy on citizens allows terrorists a 'safe space' to communicate!", see: I've written about this matter myself; it seems that the Talk Talk hacker was not the real bait in the trap, see: A Facebook user from West Yorkshire has been arrested for praising the Paris attackers on his timeline. He said: "My brothers did well in Paris. Now we have proved that there's a bit of intelligence, planning and synchronization going into our killings. You people are starting to realize that we are a force to be reckoned with. We are ISIS, this is our time now!... Keep your eyes on Manchester, Allahu Akbar! RIP, Jihadi John!" Obviously this is a horrible thing to say and it sounds like this person was inciting violence and hatred, but the government is deliberately blurring the lines between legitimate cause to take action on real criminals and simply the expression of opinion. Individuals glorifying terrorism are being conflated with those analyzing the true nature of terrorism. we are described as "non-violent extremists" and are categorized in the same group as those who are violent... people like me. Other conspiratorial researchers have got involving with this issue since Nick Kollerstrom and myself. The American activist and former colleague of mine on The People's Voice, Ken O'Keefe, has given a brilliant assessment of the situation on Press TV, see: Here are two other gems, see: and: Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot has done a live hangout with Ole Dammegard, see:

Along with the brave, controlled and methodical stance the Truth movement have made over Paris has been some more dubious evidence. This I strongly suspect is fake, see: Another article was posted online that accuses the French authorities of killing the people said to be in the Bataclan Theatre outside and then planted the bodies in the auditorium. The article itself is not very coherent or comprehensive, but the photograph looks genuine and one can clearly see that bodies have been manhandled. I apologize for the graphic image in this link, but it could be an essential piece of evidence even if it is very gruesome, like the Zapruder film, see: Of course the image could be Photoshopped, but then what couldn't these days? In the course of discussing this point I have lost a few more friends. There is now a small but vocal tendency within the Truth movement which refuses to accept that Paris was a false flag. Some of them have become quite verbally aggressive. The comments box beneath the post I made on Facebook quickly became very heated and soon it crossed over that line in which a chain reaction of meaningless insult and rhetoric begins. After that happens, the comments become a self-sustaining downward spiral of ego-battling abuse and all rational discourse becomes impossible. This is all too common in debates, especially online, see: The good thing about a Facebook feed though is that if you just log out for a few hours, anything troublesome soon disappears over the horizon. Just as an aside: another good example of this kind of thing occurred a few months ago when an accusation emerged of a child abuse ring based in Hampstead, London. A counter claim followed denouncing it as a hoax. What followed can only be described as the Facebook equivalent of nuclear war. I joined some of the groups related to Hampstead to try and gain some information, but I very quickly gave up. It was like walking in on a bar room brawl... I just hope for the children's sake that the hoax factions are right. Back on the subject of Paris: I have made a HPANWO TV emergency programme on the subject, see: I have also broadcast a special HPANWO Radio show on the issue, see:

Sunday 15 November 2015

Paris Attacks 2- the Symptoms

France is not having much luck this weekend. Yesterday the country also suffered a major railway accident. A high speed train derailed and plunged into a canal near Strasbourg in the Alsace region killing ten people, see: There's no evidence to suggest these two events are connected; it could just be reverse serendipity. I've often found fortune or misfortune strikes like that, in periods or waves. However, the details of what happened in Paris on Friday night are coming into focus. The death toll so far is 129; 352 people were injured and 99 are still on the critical list. Islamic State have claimed responsibility for the attacks, although, as I've explained before, ISIS are a product of western intelligence agencies, see: One of the alleged terrorists has been identified as Omar Ismail Mostefai... sounds sinister doesn't it? No doubt his published photo will show him with a black beard, a scowl on his face and glinting evil eyes. As a fiction writer myself, I know how to conjure up convincing villains. More people have apparently been arrested, not just in France, but in Belgium; including the brother of one of the suspects. The memorial memes emerged quickly as people moved to show their condolences for the victims and solidarity with the French people in their hour of need. The Eiffel Tower peace symbol I illustrated the first Paris attack article with was out and about literally minutes after the full scale of the atrocity become clear. Since then people have decorated their Facebook profiles with French flags and important landmarks all over the world, including One World Trade Centre in New York, the National Gallery in London, the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin and the Sydney Opera House in Australia, see above, have had the Tricolore projected onto them. This is the equivalent of the pencils and "Je suis Charlie" tableaux earlier in the year. There is going to be a special requiem for the dead at Notre Dame cathedral this afternoon. There were some follow up stories too. The Daily Mail announced that the police were chasing a group of heavily-armed men down a motorway in the direction of Paris, see:, yet nothing came of it and it was probably just another "Mail fail". However there was another incident, this time confirmed, at Gatwick Airport in which a man was arrested for being in possession of firearms. He threw a gun into a dustbin and fled from the police; it sounds almost comical. The entire terminal had to be closed down for the whole day as a bomb disposal crew scoured it from top to bottom as a precaution. The suspect is a Frenchman, Jerome Chauris, who was booked to fly on an EasyJet flight to Paris. His motives are unknown.
So, is there any indication that all is not what it seems to be? Yes, definitely. The most obvious anomaly is one that seems to recur at most of these false flag attacks, passports. One of the suicide bombers at the football match had a Syrian passport in his pocket. This paper booklet survived the explosion that was so loud it echoed around the entire stadium, see: The body of the attacker must have been completely fragmented by the heat and shockwave of the blast... yet a passport survived. Where have we heard that before? Several people on social media are joking that they should make bomb shelters out of these passports if they're really that resilient. It has also just been announced that the killers' getaway car has been found in an eastern suburb of Paris; so it looks like some of the suspects are still on the loose. The black Seat contained several AK47 assault rifles. Am I alone in thinking it's strange how when a gang of criminals plan to rob a bank they have to resort to sawn-off shotguns yet terrorists living in the same place always manage to get hold of a full military grade arsenal? Also, I'm surprised they didn't "find" copies of the Quran in the boot! My friend and fellow researcher Nick Kollerstrom (See background links at the bottom for his HPANWO Radio interviews and 7/7 lecture) has wasted no time investigating this latest event. He has discovered something that I predicted, another hallmark of false flag attacks. Like others before them, this real crime coincided with an exercise by the security and emergency services. The journalist Patrick Pelloux, explained on French radio that the Paris police were prepared because, “as luck would have it”, they’d planned an exercise to train for exactly this kind of multi-site terrorist incident on that very morning. The behaviour of some of the survivors indicates that crisis actors were used. Other researchers have detected some crisis actors that have been used at other incidents, see: This is not to say that real people didn't get murdered, just that a show was created for the media to illustrate the scenario. This means there was foreknowledge by the authorities; and we see the same unexpected preparedness by the media with the 2010 Cumbrian massacre, see: There are many other suspicious elements that Nick has managed to uncover; see here for his full article:
So, if it was a false flag, which is looking increasingly likely, why France? What has this medium-sized European republic done to warrant two such assaults in the space of ten months? Yesterday I discussed the possibility that it might be because France was leading the way to recognizing Palestine as a legitimate nation. France has also dug in its heels over TTIP, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, see: This is a move that the powers-that-be seem to value almost as much as the European Union, see here for my own report on TTIP: During the Cold War, France was regarded by the western intelligence services as a bit of a loose cannon. It was originally a member of NATO, but withdrew in several stages between 1958 and 1966. The maverick French president Charles de Gaulle was a conservative and opposed the Warsaw Pact alliance, yet he was determined to do so independently only in voluntary and unilateral coalitions with other NATO member states. Unlike Britain, Germany and the Netherlands etc, who were very accommodating to the USA, de Gaulle refused permission for the construction of American bases on French soil, or the use of French facilities by the US military. France famously declined to allow American aircraft to fly through its airspace on their way to bomb Libya in 1986, forcing the planes to dogleg around the Bay of Biscay, and so leaving them short of fuel. There was also an incident in France in June 2015 in which the US Secretary of State John Kerry possibly suffered an assassination attempt, perhaps with French collusion, see: France is a very powerful nation in military terms, with a blue-water navy, an army capable of worldwide deployment and an intercontinental air force. It has an independent nuclear deterrent; including a submarine-based system similar to Trident, see: During the Cold War, France never formally approached the Soviet bloc in a way that resembled loyalty, but at the same time refused to officially ally itself with the West. France has always had a strong communist party which has seats on the Assemblée Nationale as well as local and regional councils. It regularly receives over ten percent of the electoral vote, making it a major first-tier party that could potentially form a government. When the former MI5 officer Peter Wright wrote his memoirs Spy Catcher, the book was banned by the British government. Among other incriminating information, I was surprised to find within its pages the fact that MI5 seemed to spend more time spying on the French than they did the Russians. However the Cold War is over. What else is France doing in today's world that has marked its card? A few weeks ago I went to see Dr Steven Greer live on stage in London. He presented an exclusive new piece of information, a document that he had obtained from the French ministry of defence. He attended a meeting at a luxury retreat (he always ends up in places like that) in Brittany concerning the classified material the French authorities have obtained about the UFO phenomenon (about 1 hour in): Is France about to become the "Disclosure nation"? I can't wait to talk to Stephen Bassett about this again; here is my current HPANWO TV commentary about this issue, see: If France is about to say something publicly about UFO's that its globalist lords and masters don't want it to, then would the powers-that-be send a stark warning to the country to try and bring it into line? Without a doubt. (They're certainly doing that to Russia right now, see: There is now a new special emergency Mind Set Podcast about this event: see: For now that's all the information and speculation I have. This vicious crime in Paris has understandably raised harsh emotions in people. One person who is a Facebook friend and somebody I've met a few times, asked in no uncertain terms that anybody who thinks Paris was a false flag should unfriend her. I have done so as requested. It's sad because I do like her, but I'm not going to deny what I believe for the sake of keeping the peace. This is not the first time I've had to pay that unavoidable price, see: I'm saying what I'm saying because I think innocent people have been murdered in a black budget operation by shadow government forces. How is it respectful to those who died to withhold evidence about who their murderers are? Maybe by speaking out and exposing these anomalies for all the world to see we can make people aware of what is really going on; including people in the police, the armed forces, the judiciary and emergency services; and maybe they will then rebel against their pathological supervisors. If just we keep shtumm to avoid offending anybody, then the perpetrators get away with it... again! They'll be free to run off and carry out another such crime.

Saturday 14 November 2015

Paris Attacks

The only news story today is the horrific attacks last night in Paris, France. The full death toll has not yet been calculated at the time of writing, but it is at least a hundred and twenty, they took place in five coordinated assaults across the city. Over three hundred people are in hospital; eighty are in a serious condition which means that the casualty figures will almost certainly rise. Gunmen opened fire at three restaurants in Paris' trendy Les Halles and Onzième Arrondissement districts. A short time later there was an explosion at the Stade de France sports stadium where France was playing Germany in a friendly football match. Then more gunmen stormed a theatre in the city where a rock concert was in progress and took hostages. The security forces stormed the building and killed the alleged terrorists, but not before a large number of the hostages had been shot dead. This is the worst act of violence Paris has suffered since the German occupation during World War II. The question must be asked: is this another false flag? I would say that right now it's too soon to tell for sure, but I recommend treating news stories on this matter with a healthy dose of scepticism with a C. My initial suspicions over the Charlie Hebdo attacks in January have turned out to be justified, see: During the Cold War the intelligence services trained groups of private citizens to act as "stay behind armies", resistance groups which would function as a guerrilla force if the Soviet Union invaded and occupied NATO countries. This was known as "Operation Gladio". However another more classified mission was the "strategy of tension". Gladio operatives carried out a series of bombings, shootings and particularly brutal robberies in shops and banks. These were blamed on militias from both the far left and far right. There's evidence to suggest that the Bologna railway station bombing in 1980, which killed eighty-five people making it the worst terrorist atrocity before 9/11, was not really carried out by the terror cell the Armed Nuclear Revolutionaries, those who were blamed; but was instead an Operation Gladio false flag attack. This BBC documentary on Operation Gladio never stays online for long so I recommend downloading it: So is it possible that a new War on Terror version of Operation Gladio is at work today? Absolutely yes. Are the Paris attacks the product of that? Quite possibly. In the meantime I'm sure we all agree that this was a terrible crime, whoever did it. Deepest condolences to the loved ones of those killed.

As soon as I posted a status about this on Facebook last night an argument broke out in the comments box. Somebody indigently and immediately denied that this could possibly be a false flag operation and other commenters challenged her. Before long an exchange of personal insults broke out. This is a shame, but when an act of terror occurs it inevitably raises emotions. When 9/11 first happened I never questioned it; I was simply in shock like most other people. Somebody noted that the incident took place on Friday the 13th, which is associated with superstitions of misfortune (as well as a series of second-rate American horror movies). Did whoever carried out this atrocity deliberately choose Friday the 13th for that reason? I suspect that the September the 11th crane "accident" in Mecca was no coincidence, see: However Friday the 13th is not considered unlucky all over the world. I'm not sure but I think in France it is not; it is primarily a notion from English-speaking countries. Interestingly yesterday morning, just a few hours before Paris was struck down by these attacks, a news story was released claiming that the British ISIS leader Mohammed Emwazi, known as "Jihadi John", had been killed in a drone strike. Personally I doubt whether this individual has ever existed; he is probably an imaginary character like "Ogilvy" from George Orwell's 1984, but even if he did exist then why did they decide that his death should be announced today? Coincidence? The French president Francois Hollande has called the attacks an act of war and has placed France under a security lockdown. There is a nationwide state of emergency at the moment including the closure of borders, something that has not happened since the terrorist campaign of 1961 during the Algerian War. No doubt this will eventually give way to longer term strategic measures including more authoritarianism, surveillance and government control that will fundmentally change French society. In fact in the initial TV news reports last night the BBC reporter lamented: "London is completely covered by CCTV, but Paris has less than ten percent the number of cameras as London." If this is a false flag attack, why has France been targeted for the second time in a year? As Nick Kollerstrom says in his HPANWO Radio interview, linked above, it could be connected to France's relationship to the Palestinians. France has been one of the loudest voices in the international community calling for Palestine to be recognized as a sovereign state. Israel are not impressed, see: After Charlie Hebdo the French statesman and former presidential candidate Jean-Marie le Pen stated publicly that he thought that the murder of the staff at the satirical comic's offices had been a Mossad false flag incident. A few days later he was almost killed when somebody set fire to his house. We'll see how vocal he, and others, are this time. It's early days yet; we don't know all the facts, but I will keep you informed of any updates.

Friday 13 November 2015

November no Winter

Two years ago the entire northern hemisphere of the earth was struck by a malformation of the polar vortex. This means that all through the winter of 2013-14 the weather was very different to normal. Some regions, especially North America, suffered far colder conditions than average; whereas Europe, particularly the British Isles, experienced exceptionally mild, wet and windy weather. For enthusiasts of the man-made climate change culture this was to be regarded as a "wake-up call". Dr Mayer Hillman even referred to it exactly as that in his appeal for a global state of emergency to save the planet, see: However last winter I breathed a sigh of relief when it turned out to be pretty normal for a British winter; a bit of wet, a bit of cold, snow here and there. According to the Daily Express on the 3rd of November this year, Britain is about to face the coldest winter in fifty years... mind you they say that every autumn. The Met Office itself doesn't give forecasts more than thirty days ahead and admits that any forecast beyond a mere six days tends to be very imprecise. The Express however has decreed we're going to have a cold winter because of the re-emergence of El Niño, see: Meaning "little boy" in Spanish, El Niño is a standing current that moves warm water across the eastern Pacific Ocean. It was been oscillating in an unusual way for the last decade and this is the most commonly blamed culprit for the California drought, which is now in its third season, see: It is also believed to influence the climate in other parts of the world and might be the cause of harsh winters in the UK in the late 2000's. However, so far the weather has been very unusual and I've a feeling in two weeks' time we're going to hear the phrase "warmest November on record!" echo across the media. Normally at this time of year, late autumn, the weather would be very changeable with plenty of rainy days; but there would also be a few frosty mornings and even some snow. This has not happened; in fact I don't think the thermometer has dropped much below ten degrees since the month began. We've also had almost no wind and it has been wetter than the mean. Because I work a lot outdoors nowadays I notice these things more. I'm concerned we're going to have another winter like 2013-14, which was miserable and destructive; large areas were flooded out and a million people had to leave their homes. I know weather is essentially a chaotic system that is inherently unpredictable, but I've found that weather patterns can often set in and become entrenched, sometimes for several months at a time. This certainly happened during the heatwave of 2003 and the floods ten years later. There is another question that the Met Office will never address, but we must still ask: How many of the extreme weather patterns in the world are natural? As I detail in the background links below, the technology does exist to control the weather, even on a continental and global scale. I've seen a lot of chemtrailing over the last few days and, ironically as I write this, today is the first major change we've seen in the weather all month. It's been windy because of "Storm Abigail". We will have to wait and see which way the atmospheric conditions go during the next few months, but whichever it is, we cannot assume that it is not the deliberate work of somebody.

Thursday 12 November 2015

Children Collapse- another Hollinwell?

A mysterious incident has taken place at a school in Ripon, North Yorkshire. Yesterday at 11 AM, all six hundred pupils at the Outwood Academy were in the hall taking part in an Armistice Day service when some of them began to faint. Up to forty children in all were affected; many others also complained of severe nausea. A year eight student described how the young attendees began throwing up on the floor and then some spontaneously fell to the ground together "... like dominoes." There was chaos and the teachers evacuated the hall. The children were led out into the open air because the cause was suspected to be some kind of gas or chemical in the air. Ambulances and fire engines attended and treated a number of pupils at the scene; none of them were admitted to hospital. The school day went ahead as normal, but some of the students still complained of feeling unwell. There was a dramatic scene as some of the parents went to the school to make sure their children were alright and the school was placed under "lockdown". The teachers could have been concerned that the kids had caught some kind of infection and they didn't want then to spread it, but reports don't make their motives clear. The fire brigade's hazardous materials team checked out the area but could find no trace of any contamination. Dave Winspear, a spokesman for the emergency services, said: "The interior of the school was a hot place and some children had become overwhelmed... We are of the view the children just fainted and there was a ripple effect throughout the school." Source: What I find strange about this case is that it is very similar to the Hollinwell Incident of July 1980, which I discuss here: There has also been a more recent event of this kind in Japan, see: As I explain in these background links, I am not convinced by the mass-hysteria theory. The absence of any other explanation like chemicals, gas, disease etc, doesn't automatically make mass-hysteria more likely. As with Hollinwell, I suspect this case in Ripon will remain unsolved for now.