Wednesday 21 January 2009

Barack Obama's Inauguration

The City of London America Company has chosen its 44th public relations officer. Barrack Obama was sworn into office on a Masonic bible underneath sun-god imagery and Illuminati symbolism. Here’s BBC News’ coverage (In particular check out the Illuminati pyramid in the satellite pictures):

What struck me about this inauguration is the hope. The happiness people feel that their country is moving out of a period of hardship and into a new Golden Age. It’s not just in America either. I was on a bus in town last night and I saw that one nightclub was flying the Stars and Stripes! They were having a Barrack Obama party there.

But as I’ve discussed in these background articles:
And , Obama is not the trustworthy man-of-the-people he’s is portrayed as and we’ve no reason to think that America or the world will be significantly different with him in the Oval Office.

The news last night compared Obama to Martin Luther King, but there is one crucial difference between Obama and King: King was assassinated and Obama has not been. This is because King was a real threat to the established order. The very fact that Obama has been allowed to live long enough to take his oath and become president shows in my view that he is one of "Them" and not one of us.

Thursday 15 January 2009

They're Doing it Again!

Phil Mitchell
They're doing it again! Brace yourselves, Nice Guys! You're in for another emotional mind-bombing!

Remember this?:
She soon starts dating Minty (Cliff Parisi) but it quickly becomes clear Manda still carries a torch for Phil (Steve McFadden)...“It’s not long before she bumps into familiar faces, including Phil, who she dated at school, and Minty. But are they pleased to see her?”... Josie’s Manda will be the latest love interest for Phil, who had been dating...
The point being that Phil will be dating her because he's snatched her away from Minty!
It's exactly as I predicted! Is anyone going to pretend there's no conspiracy now?

Wednesday 14 January 2009

Barack Obama T-Shirts


Look at this Barack Obama Inauguration merchandise!

Obama’s status as a saviour is all there for the world to see; apprantly he's polled as the current most admired man in the world! His inauguration next Tuesday is beginning to feel like a New Age Dawning of Peace and Love. See the emblems on the T-shirts with his name decorated with peace symbols. But see the linked articles. The Man of Change, the black man, the people’s champion, is not what he first seems. The fact that he is still alive is virtually proof enough! The only thing that would now convince me that he is genuine and sincere would be if he is killed or ruined by scandal sometime in the coming week.

Sunday 11 January 2009

Genocide in Gaza

This last couple of weeks Israel has invaded the Gaza strip; just three years after ending its 45-year occupation of it. The decision to invade was triggered by a series of rocket attacks on several cities in southern Israel by Hamas in Gaza… or at least we’ve been told they were launched by Hamas in Gaza.

Someone at work said several years ago that Israel is a "Beacon of civilization and democracy in the barbarian sea of the Middle East". I consider it one of the most brutal regimes in the modern world. It's very obvious that they're using the excuse of the Hamas rocket attacks (or those supposedly by Hamas), which have only killed a handful of people, to launch a genocidal assault on the Gaza strip. The country itself is tiny; it would easily fit inside Greater London! Someone online reckoned I didn't know what I was talking about. "Are you an army general?" he asked. I replied: “OK, lets talk weapons and tactics.” I asked him about the Tomahawk Land-Attack cruise missile. It can be launched from land, air or sea, even underwater from a submarine. It has a range of over 2000 miles and even from that range, can hit its target within 6 feet. Israel has all the armament and intelligence assets of the United States; if it wanted to it easily could take out those missile batteries with no additional loss of life at all, but oh no! They have to launch a full-scale blitz and invasion drop bombs and wipe out the entire area. My opponent has yet to respond to my post.

Wednesday 7 January 2009

John Pridmore

John Pridmore’s site:
His blog:

I’d never heard of John Pridmore before; until yesterday because he gave a talk at my daughter’s school. He sounds an interesting guy because of the huge transformation that has come over his life since he became a Christian believer. He grew up in a broken home and turned to crime at a very early age. He went from petty theft and juvenile mischief to prison, from which he emerged into a new life as a big time London gangster on the scale of the Kray twins. But then he went through that life revolution that has affected so many people that goes under various names, but is usually called being “born again”. He’s completely changed his life and now works full time “for God… telling my story all over the Earth.” He’s written two books with great titles: From Gangland to Promised Land and A Gangster’s Guide to God.

I’ve written before about Richard Dawkins and Alister McGrath: and . McGrath always counters Dawkins’ assertion that belief in God is like believing in the tooth fairy by saying “Nobody starts believing in the tooth fairy in middle age and it changes their life.” John Pridmore seems to prove McGrath right. I’m not a Christian. I believe that there’s a divine consciousness to the Universe that it is convenient to call “God”, but I don’t believe any organized religion understands what that consciousness is. However, there’s no doubt at all that some people are able to express a genuine spirituality through a conventional faith.

Saturday 3 January 2009

Happy New Year!

Or Happy Gregorian Calnder Zero-Date! :D :?

Really the New Year could be at any time. Why both putting it on the 1st of January.
In fact for most of history it was on the 1st of March.

Does anyone think it should be changed? Maybe you don't like celebrating it in the middle of winter, too close to Christmas, or for another reason?