Sunday 31 March 2024

Ben Emlyn-Jones on SUFON Radio

I have been featured on the Swansea UFO Network Radio show on Oystermouth Radio, see:
Subjects discussed include: the new AARO report, inspiration for the Roswell trilogy, the Disclosure process in Russia and much much more. Listen to the shows live here:
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Saturday 30 March 2024

3 Body Problem

Alien invasion movies vary enormously in terms of technical quality and intellectual content. The new Netflix series 3 Body Problem scores quite highly on both axes. It explores the possibility of contact with an extraterrestrial civilization that is so sophisticated that it knows how to communicate using quantum entanglement and create designer matter from the subatomic level, something we humans have barely begun developing. When I first heard about quantum entanglement, "spooky action at a distance" it seemed obvious to me that if you could somehow capture the two entangled particles you could build a wonderful communications device. Unlike with electromagnetic waves, you wouldn't be constrained by the speed of light, saying hello to a distant star cluster and waiting 50,000 years for a response greeting, see: You could literally have a normal phone conversation with somebody in the farthest galaxy. In the series it is therefore particle physicists, not astronomers, who hear the first messages from the stars. The title refers to the problems a hypothetical planet would have if it were gravitationally influenced by two other heavenly bodies; for example, what would tides be like if the earth had two moons? The aliens live on a planet with three suns about four light-years away; therefore it is probably the Alpha Centauri system, the closest stars to the solar system. Their own three body problem has rendered their planet uninhabitable so they are heading for the earth in a fleet of ark spacecraft. They expect to arrive in about four hundred years. They also send a series of chilling messages to the people of earth demonstrating their awesome technical supremacy and declaring their contempt for humanity. When they arrive it will obviously not be with goodwill. An organization on the earth is set up to counter this threat and it recruits scientists to build weapons. Anything can be justified to protect the earth from the evil aliens, although this ethical equation is pushed to its limits. In one scene a weapon is built to destroy a ship run by human allies of the alien conquerors. A torpedo etc wouldn't be good enough because it would supposedly allow the crew an opportunity to destroy vital evidence, so the attackers create a mesh of microscopically thin, but extremely strong nanofibres which slice the ship into strips like very powerful cheese wire; including everybody inside it. This is one of the most grisly things I've ever seen on TV. The programme has a 15 certificate and a warning for violence, but why not an 18? So the programme does appeal to the side of the viewer that enjoys sadistic entertainment.
3 Body Problem is very woke; and this gives it a slightly retro feel. Wokery is something that seems to be going out of fashion a bit, and in my opinion that's a good job. Of course the box office has been demanding its departure for a very long time, but finally cinema and TV studios appear to be responding. Therefore the level of political correctness in the series would be better suited to something from the late 20-teens. As I've often noticed, the worst excesses of wokeism in a TV programme or film tend to be at the very beginning, for example see: All the heroic characters are either female and/or non-white. Auggie, played by the Mexican actress Eliza González, is a cardboard cut-out "Strong!" "Independent!" "Woman!" The other female leads are very similar. The one exception being Ye Wenjie, a scientist working as a slave to the ChiComs in the '60's as they make an attempt to contact the aliens. Later on in the story she moves to Oxford with her daughter to work at the Harwell laboratory. She is a far deeper, more mature and more colourful character, more like a traditional heroine. She is played by Zine Tseng and by Rosalind Chao as her older self. (Chao was also in What Dreams May Come, the subject of a HPANWO TV watch-read party, see: I have also been to the Harwell laboratory, see: The first white male we are introduced to is a drunken karaoke singer... and not a very good one... who tries to flirt with Jin and Auggie in a pub. When he asks them what their jobs are they sneer at him and describe their scientific professions in very technical terms. He frowns with incomprehension and walks away. Another white man is called Jack and he is an immature foul-mouthed overweight neckbeard addicted to computer games. He would live in his mother's basement except she was very rich and has died; so he has inherited her fortune. His whole giant house is his mother's basement. He dies early on in the series, killed by a woman of course. The only white male character approaching a respectful portrayal is Will, and his reverence comes only from his courage in the face of a tragic Cyrano de Bergerac kind of back-story and fate. I suspect the reason the producers have exhumed wokery from its shallow grave is because making this series was quite controversial. It is based on a book by Liu Cixin which won a Hugo Award, one the highest accolades in science fiction literature. China does not export a lot of its contemporary art and so this was a very remarkable achievement. There is an indigenous TV adaptation from last year called 三体(I don't know how that is pronounced) and it is far more faithful to the original story; not least because it is set in China and all the main characters are Chinese, like in the novel. To change those characters' nationalities and the setting is risking a charge of "cultural appropriation" and so the casting and portrayals were probably done to virtue-signal against that. They also make an attempt to maintain a link to the Chinese origin of the story through some of the characters and locations.
One thing that really surprised me about 3 Body Problem is that I can't help wondering if the producers have had some contact with the Conspirasphere. The reason is that Auggie looks and sounds very similar to Sarah Rachel Adams, see: Another character is called Thomas Wade and he is the leader of the earth defence programme. He is played by Liam Cunningham of Game of Thrones fame, but he is made to look, sound and act very like Miles Johnston, see: I immediately went on the lookout for my own counterpart, but luckily they never included him. The eight part series is rather anticlimactic and has a very open-ended conclusion. This leads me to think there is a plan to adapt the novel's two sequels, what is known collectively as the 地球往事, "Remembrance of Earth's Past" trilogy. I was rather disappointed that the plot was not more complicated. Nobody in the story doubts the validity of the government's commentary about the alien threat, even to the point where they're willing to slice a ship and its passengers into strips like a loaf of bread. What if this is all a big hoax, a fake alien invasion false-flag; see here for details: The alien interventions could be simulated with Project Blue Beam technology. This element would have been a welcome addition to the storyline, but it is not even considered. This is despite the fact that the programme does include runaway climate change, sky quakes and bird deaths, see: There are some good performances by some old and semi-retired actors including a rare non-comedic role by Adrian Edmondson and also Jonathan Pryce who was made famous by Brazil, see: I have mixed feelings about 3 Body Problem. The first three or four episodes are very well done. The mystery is handed and delivered very skilfully and the characters are generally more amiable. From about episode five the energy slackens a bit and the story atrophies. As I said, a very obvious and fertile opportunity to enliven the narrative is not taken; which is even stranger if the creators did indeed study the Conspirasphere. This series is better than some alien invasion movies I could mention, and compared to Independence Day it is Shakespeare. However, it is definitely inferior to Arrival, see: (Ironically that is also written by a Chinaman, Ted Chiang.) I will nevertheless look out for any sequels with moderate interest.

Friday 29 March 2024

Wetherspoon Bounces Back

A lot of really bad things happen in this world, especially now. People's cities get destroyed in war, fake photos fool the masses, ships crash and bridges collapse. But sometimes something good happens and when it happens in the midst of all that depravity, it takes on extra importance and sentiment. As I've said many times, one of my favourite institutions is JD Wetherspoon. This franchise of freehouses is one of the few decent and noble things left in this unhappy land. In the background link I relate some bad news about 'Spoons, but now I can tell you some good news. The chain has reported an eightfold increase in profit since March last year. This is despite them going ahead with the aforementioned closures. Source: This is a very healthy sign. Not only has the service economy recovered generally since the Covid pandemic, but that recovery has centred on something that has a tradition in honesty, freedom and integrity. This more than anything else has cheered me up and given me hope.
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Wednesday 27 March 2024

Derek Savory Dies

I'm sad and shocked to report that my good friend the esoteric researcher Derek Savory has died. He passed away very suddenly. Derek was a quiet and private person, but great fun to spend time with. He was dedicated to his exploration of the secluded forest areas around his home in Suffolk. He had boundless energy and could wander the woods all night gathering a huge amount of evidence. He also did some psychical lab research with Project Oric, see: He was a vital part of the very active alternative community in his locality. He was my essential go-to expert whenever I was in the area and always let me stay in his house. He took part in several HPANWO TV productions, for example: Condolences to his brother Andrew, his dog Blue, his partner Penny; and the rest of his family and friends. I'll really miss Derek. Rendlesham Forest will never be the same again. Until our paths cross again, RIP, Derek.

Tuesday 26 March 2024

New Nessie Photo 2024

Some new photographs of the Loch Ness monster have been published. They were taken by Chie Kelly from Ascot, Berkshire who was at the Loch on holiday with her family in 2018. She had a good camera and so could take multiple shots through a telephoto lens meaning that these are some of the best Nessie shots ever. They have also been edited into a simple animation. Source: and: The images show a brown object or objects floating on the loch's surface quite a distance from the shore. They actually look fairly familiar because somebody else photographed a creature consisting of two humps over fifty years ago. The photos by Frank Searle were a media sensation. What is it? Somebody suggested otters; another said seals. They might also be a pair of floating dustbin bags; which would be awful because it wouldn't just debunk the monster, it would mean somebody is dumping rubbish in Loch Ness, polluting the environment. Somebody thought it might be an elephant. Probably not. Although elephants can swim they always raise their trunk up like a snorkel to breathe; which interestingly might resemble the serpentine head of Nessie reported by many witnesses. However, no zoo has reported any escaped elephants and that would not exactly be the kind of secret that can easily be covered up. It might be a catfish or eel. As the CFZ have discovered, those fish can grow to huge sizes and giant eels have been spotted in the area, see: That's probably the most likely explanation. Reports of Nessie date back to the 5th century, but the increase in human population around the loch's shores has led to far more sightings in the last hundred years. I'm convinced the monster exists. It is probably a fish or shark because an air breathing mammal or reptile would be seen more often on the surface. It is clearly elusive and shy, actively avoiding human contact; and in the murky depths of Loch Ness that is easy to do. More photos will come in, no doubt, but proving the identity of Nessie will ultimately be an enormous task.
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Sunday 24 March 2024

Kate's Cancer

See here for essential background:
The mystery appears to have been solved. On Friday, the spring equinox and the same day as a horrific terrorist attack in Russia, Catherine, Princess of Wales released a two minute fourteen second video apparently explaining everything. She is depicted sitting alone on a bench in a park or garden, wearing casual clothes and no makeup. She announces that the reason she has been absent so far this year is that she has cancer. She is currently undergoing chemotherapy and trying to comfort her three children as much as possible. Her husband William, Prince of Wales and the supportive messages she has had from the public have meant a lot to her. She is taking time out of her royal duties while she is being treated. This bombshell comes just six weeks after the King was also publicly diagnosed with cancer, see:
Naturally the backslappers are in hog heaven right now. They are strutting around social media hanging ten and pelvic thrusting, bleating their usual rigmarole: "It's a psyop!... It's a distraction!..." You can never win with a backslapper because whatever you say, at least one of them will think it is a distraction from something else. I would not wish cancer on anybody; and if this a true story then I hope Kate makes a fast and complete recovery. However, I don't think we should assume anything right now. The points I made about King Charles and his cancer apply just as much to Kate. Is this just meant to placate or guilt trip the people who complained about her photo? Was the video of her fake as well? If so then it's a much better one. The best thing to do is wait and see if more information comes to light.
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Thursday 21 March 2024

Return of the Monoliths

They're back! The monolith craze emerged after the discovery of the original in Utah USA. They quickly spread across the world and there was even an online database of them. Artists and fun seekers joined in with a viral craze at a time when a viral disease was making people's lives a misery. The monoliths cheered people up and gave us hope. Were they all manmade though? I don't know.
See here for essential background:
Last week the news reported that a monolith had been discovered in Wales. It was spotted by ramblers on Hay Bluff in the Black Mountains in Powys. The structure is of a classic design, completely upright, silvery and metallic with a triangular prism plan. It is about twelve feet high and two feet across. It sits next to a footpath just inside the border with England. My friend and fellow researcher Gari Jones went to the area and took the photographs illustrating this article. Unlike the monolith in Oxford which appears to have been made of cardboard and tinfoil, this one is solidly constructed. It is embedded firmly into the muddy ground and probably has considerable foundations. Who made it? Nobody has claimed responsibility. To have built it would require a proper workshop and somebody with skills and the right tools. It would not have been easy to transport it to the remote and rugged location, and erect it securely. Gari is going to continue his investigation and has made a video: I wonder if it has anything inside it. The panels of the monolith are held together by what looks like tacked welding assisted by suction. Is this monolith made by aliens? Probably not; but it's always worth examining these structures. Not all of them can be easily explained. I wonder if any more will materialize.
See here for a HPANWO Radio interview with Gari Jones:

Wednesday 20 March 2024

The Gift and the Curse Tour

This Friday there will be an alternative walking tour of Oxford led by Mark Devlin and co-hosted by me and my good friend Tony Chinn. It will be based on Mark's allegorical novel The Gift and the Curse, see: We will be visiting many of the locations featured in the story. To join the tour, meet up with the group at 6 PM at Gloucester Green bus station. If the weather is too bad the event will be postponed with a full refund.
See here for a HPANWO TV film about the event:
See here for my HPANWO Radio interview with Mark:

Tuesday 19 March 2024

Gary Sudbrink Phone Calls

(Thanks to a friend for telling me about this.) In February 1993 a man called Gary Sudbrink received a series of four phone calls that are of an extremely bizarre nature and whose mystery has never been solved. Gary was living and working in San Antonio, Texas USA at the time, but he had family in New York. He travelled by air to visit them and one of the first things he did when he arrived on the 8th was call his old friend Mike. Mike was confused because he said he had received a call from Gary the day before. This was strange because Gary had not phoned Mike then; so who had Gary spoken to? Gary had not announced in advance his return home. The mystery deepened. At 10.30 PM the phone at his family home rang. Luckily the Sudbrinks kept a routine recorder on their landline. An unknown individual they nicknamed "the Voice" began speaking. The Voice is masculine and sounds like it has been distorted by lowering the pitch. It speaks with a non-descript American accent. Here is a transcript of the call:
GARY: I'll tell you who it is.
VOICE: Hello?
GARY: Yeah. Do you want to speak to him?
VOICE: Is Gary Sudbrink there?
GARY: Yeah, who's this? Steven (Gary's brother)? Are you playing games with me or what?... Huh? Steven if you're playing games here, I'm going to kick your arse.
VOICE: So how long are you going to be back from Texas?
GARY: Huh?
VOICE: You're being impersonated by the other voice.
GARY: Yeah this is you, Steven, you idiot. You're pissing me off. Jerk. I'm going get you on... Let's see what it says. Review. One new call. Out of area? Is Steven out of the area?
VOICE: How long are you going to be back from Texas?
GARY: Wait, say that again.
VOICE: You're being impersonated by the other voice.
GARY: Wait, hold on. Is Steven out of the calling area or what?
MUM: How do I know?
GARY: What do you mean, you don't know? He's in Queens.
DAD: Well who are you talking to?
GARY: I don't know who the fuck I'm talking to…
VOICE: Hello?
MUM: Hello?
VOICE: Is Gary Sudbrink there?
MUM: Who is this?
GARY (in background): Let me talk to him.
MUM: Somebody sounds like a robot.
GARY: Hello?
VOICE: How long are you going to be back from Texas?
GARY: What was that again, sir?
VOICE: You're being impersonated by the other voice.
GARY (to family): Oh, be quiet!... Sorry, will you say that again?
GARY: Hello? I'm being impersonated by what voice?
VOICE: Hello?
GARY: Yeah. Hello?
VOICE: Is Gary Sudbrink there?
GARY: Yeah, hold on a second.
MUM: Who is that?
GARY: It's Steven. Okay. Yeah what is your question? I'll answer it.
DAD (in background): …a strange voice.
VOICE: So how long are you going to be back from Texas?
GARY: How long...
VOICE: You're being impersonated by the other voice.
GARY: Right. When am I coming back? Is that your question?
VOICE (quieter voice): Sudbrink there?
DAD (in background): What's a matter with you?
GARY: Okay there was a break, hold on. You want to know when I'm coming back to Texas. Uh, is that your question?
VOICE: So how long are you going to be back from Texas?
GARY: How long am I going to be back from Texas? That question doesn't even make any sense.
VOICE: You're being impersonated by the other voice.
GARY: Okay. I'll be coming back eventually. Erm... I can't tell you when. You should know that question, the answer to the question because you seem to know more about me than I do. You know what I'm saying?
DAD: Are you a intergalactic... er... person?
GARY: Are you a space alien?
DAD: Sounds like he hung up.
GARY: I can't believe this.
DAD: He hung up, Gary.
GARY: See if he comes back.
DAD: Alright, I'll hang up.
This caller appears to be speaking in a series of pre-recorded sentences. It just repeats a set of phrases and does not reply to any of the recipients. The phrases all have the same intonations on the repeats and he stutters slightly over Gary's name in one. It obviously knows Sudbrink and knows that Gary is in his parents' home, and also knows he will eventually return to his current work in Texas. Gary assumes at first that it is his brother Steven playing a practical joke because he didn't think it could be anybody else. Oddly enough, on his journey to New York Gary was pestered by two men with clipboards asking him lots of questions.
Forty minutes later the phone rang again. Here is a transcript of the second call:
(Unidentified beep—From telephone or answering machine?)
GARY: Yes, er... speaking.
VOICE: Is this Gary Sudbrink?
GARY: Yes. Could I answer any questions for you?
VOICE: Are you back from Texas?
GARY: I'm not back yet. No.
VOICE: How long are you going to be back from Texas?
GARY: Let me answer. First you tell me where are you calling from?
VOICE: Is this Gary Sudbrink?
GARY: Yeah. Why don't you tell me where you're calling from?
VOICE: Who is this?
GARY: What do you mean who is this? You should know who it is. It's me, Gary... (Long pause) Wait, let me ask you this question. Where are you calling from? (Long pause) Okay, I'll be back...
VOICE (interrupts): Keep an eye on the skies.
GARY: Excuse me?
VOICE: Near Orion.
GARY: I can't hear too well.
VOICE: The full moon.
GARY: Yeah there's a full moon out, that's true.
GARY: Could you identify yourself?... Identify yourself.
DAD: Ask him what's the purpose of the call.
GARY: Why are you calling me?
VOICE: Keep an eye on the skies.
GARY: Excuse me?
VOICE: Near Orion.
GARY: I cannot hear too well.
DAD: Get on the other phone; it's better.
GARY: Hold on, let me switch phones... Okay. Okay hold on. Now who are you?
VOICE: Keep an eye on the skies.
GARY: (To Dad) Keep an eye on the sky he said.
DAD: Keep an eye on the sky?
GARY: Yeah.
VOICE: Orion.
DAD: Ask him can I talk to him. I had a sighting already.
GARY: Okay, hold on. Say that, repeat that again? Please repeat?
VOICE: Keep an eye on the skies.
GARY: Okay.
VOICE: Near Orion.
GARY: Near Orion.
DAD: Holy Mackerel. Tonight or this a when...
VOICE: The full moon.
GARY: The full moon?
VOICE: Show double of you.
DAD (in background): Keep an eye on the sky near Orion.
GARY: Repeat?
DAD: Tell him I'd like to talk to him.
GARY: Okay repeat last word?
GARY: I'm hearing static.
DAD: Tell him I'd like to talk to him.
GARY: He hung up.
DAD: He hung up?
It's interesting that Gary's father obviously has an open mind about aliens and had a "sighting". He and his brother Tom did indeed see a flying saucer in 1989 which was investigated by Dr Bruce Maccabee. The two men became active with a local UFO group. As a result, Gary's father is taking the caller far more seriously than his son. Gary is still convinced this is a prank by Steven. The second call also appears to be a series of recordings, but they are very different to the first. Once it has stopped asking for Gary, it continues with three main phrases: "Keep an eye on the skies", "Orion" or "Near Orion" and "The full moon". It wants them to look up at the sky and gives them basic instructions for when and where. The next full moon was an entire month away on March the 8th. "Show double of you" makes no sense.
Just eight minutes later the phone rang again. Here is the third call:
GARY: Okay. Yeah, it's taking time for him to talk. Who is this?
GARY: Steven, I'm going to... this is not funny you know.
VOICE: Who is this?
DAD: Gary, it's not Steven.
GARY: How do I know it's not Steven?
DAD: It's not Steven.
DAD: Hello? I had a, er... UFO experience in West Virginia, which you probably know. And I know that you're inter... er... an intergalactic person.
VOICE (very low, unintelligible, possibly "Who is this?")
DAD: Can you speak a little louder? Sir? Can you speak a little louder?
VOICE: (even lower, unintelligible)
DAD: Louder?
GARY: Let me speak to him, Dad. I guess, I don't know…
DAD: Okay I'll hang up so you can talk to him. He wants to talk to you.
GARY: Okay... Hello? Can I help you?
VOICE: Hello?
GARY: Yes.
VOICE: Is Gary Sudbrink there?
GARY: Yes, that's me.
VOICE: Here is Gary Sudbrink.
GARY: Yes, could you please identify yourself?... Identify...
VOICE (faint, interrupts): Are you back from Texas?
GARY: Yeah I'm back. I'm in Texas right now. (To Dad) Well, he asked me a question.
VOICE: (very low, unintelligible, possibly "How are long are you?")
GARY: No I'm in New York right now. You know that. Why are you asking me such a question?
DAD (in background): Assuming he's going to call back three times in a row, what are you going to do?
VOICE: Is this Gary Sudbrink?
GARY: Yes... Steven if this is you, I swear to God I'm going to be pissed.
VOICE: Who is this?
GARY: Huh?
DAD (in background): It's not Steven.
GARY: I'm trying to listen to him. Who are... excuse me?
DAD (in background): You keep playing games with Steven and it's not Steven.
MUM (in background): Well, shut the hell up.
GARY: Okay. Eventually I'll be back from Texas. Could you speak more? Please speak more.
VOICE (barely audible): Eye on the skies.
GARY: I guess it's not Steven. I believe it because I'm getting static.
DAD: Steven would not leave three times.
GARY: Let me go on this phone because I could never hear on this phone. Hold on... Okay. Okay, please speak. Hello?
VOICE: Keep an eye on the skies.
GARY: Okay, should I go out right now?
VOICE: Orion.
GARY: Right now?
VOICE: The full moon.
GARY: Okay, see... I'm not sure where Orion is now, but we'll go outside.
VOICE: Show double from you.
GARY: It will show double from me?... Repeat that again?
(Caller hangs up.)
The third call consisted of repeated phrases from the previous two. The quality was much lower this time with a lot of interference and some of the Voice's messages were indistinct.
Afterwards there were no more mysterious phone calls that evening. The Sudbrink family might have hoped that this was the last they'd hear from their enigmatic harasser, but the following evening at 10.21 PM, the landline began ringing again.
VOICE: Is Gary Sudbrink there?
GARY: Yes, this is me. Can I speak to... can I ask why...
VOICE: Is Gary Sudbrink there?
GARY: Yes, can I ask why you're calling? Can I please ask...
VOICE: Is this Gary Sudbrink?
GARY: Yes, this is.
VOICE: Gary Sudbrink.
GARY: Yes, that is me.
VOICE: We come. To be within this planet
GARY: Say that again?
VOICE: In this planet.
GARY: Leave?
VOICE: We come.
GARY: I'm standing right here.
VOICE: To be within this planet.
GARY: Is this a joke or what?
VOICE: To visit the many. To be contacted. As the same. With you.
GARY: Erm... I have to think about that. I'd like to see you.
VOICE: To visit the many. To be contacted. As the same. With you.
DAD: Hey, let me tell you something. I've been listening to you. And I've had contacts with you.
VOICE: Beware. Government interference.
GARY: Government interference?
VOICE: You...
GARY: You have? Please explain what type of interference.
VOICE: Beware.
GARY: Okay.
VOICE: Government interference. Visitations to be disrupted by them. (unintelligible, faint) ...appears. The sun will rise on... dark side of moon. World. Know.
DAD: The sun will rise on the dark side of the moon?
GARY: Okay, er...
VOICE (very low, unintelligible, maybe "on the moon")
GARY: What branch of the government?
VOICE: Show double from you.
GARY: What should I do?
VOICE: Beware. Government interference. Visitations to be disrupted by them.
GARY: Okay. Is that good for me or bad?
(Caller hangs up.)
That was the last weird phone call the family received. This fourth one is the most interesting. It contains completely new phrases; and for the first time there is the hint of a conversation. At one point the Voice repeats a statement when Gary asks him to: "Voice: To be within this planet... Gary: Say that again?... Voice: In this planet." The caller was never identified despite over thirty years of investigation. It was not Steven. (Strangely Steven reported an encounter with a doppelgänger of Gary while driving two years earlier.) The recording was put through a modulator and the Voice's pitch was raised until the tone became natural. Nobody in the family recognized it. It is possible somebody knew of Gary's movements because of the clipboard people harassing him on his journey, but who were they? Why did they do this, if they even did? How did they know so much about Gary? The phrase: "You're being impersonated by the other voice" in the first call could refer to the call Mike received on the 7th which he mistakenly thought was Gary. Who is impersonating Gary and why? Why is the Voice not more specific and helpful? Source: There are some similarities in this case to others I have reported on such as the girl who made a call with her "imaginary friend", the "Vrillon" TV broadcast and the Twitter voicemail received by Ty, see background links below. Strange and unidentified phone calls do happen; alarmingly, there are many examples of them coming from people recently deceased, for example see: It could be this phenomenon is related to the electronic voice phenomenon, see: Phone calls from the dead are usually almost as cryptic and garbled as EVP's. Psychical researchers think spirits might be able to use electronic media as a communication gateway to the physical world. Were the clipboard people Gary ran into men-in-black? We don't know; he does not describe them in much detail. He just said they were annoying and intimidating, demanding lots of answers from him. There are no firm solutions to this mystery, but it does not seem to be a hoax, or at least no hoaxer has ever been caught for over thirty-one years. Maybe more information will come to light.
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Friday 15 March 2024

Ben Emlyn-Jones on Fockham Hall Radio 10

See here for the programme:
I have been featured again on Fockham Hall Radio. Subjects discussed include: where do our taxes go?, latest UFO report says nothing to see here, dodgy child trafficking trials and much much more. I was joined on the show by Chris the Gardener.
See here for my previous interview on FHR:

Thursday 14 March 2024

That Photo

Something strange is going on with the Royal Family. In February it was announced that the King was suffering from cancer, see: Then on the 25th of February Thomas Kingston was found dead at his parents' home in the Cotswolds. He was the husband of Lady Gabriella Kingston, daughter of Prince and Princess Michael of Kent. The cause of his death was a "traumatic head wound" and a gun was found lying nearby, but the complete circumstances of his demise have never been published. His family held a private funeral for him. Catherine, Princess of Wales has also been out of the public light. The official story is that she has been ill in hospital for two weeks and had undergone "abdominal surgery" at the elite London Clinic, but for what condition has been kept private. She then went home to convalesce and is reported to be "doing well". On Mothers' Day, last Sunday, she published a photo of herself with her children, her first public appearance since Christmas Day, the image above. This photo was supposedly taken by her husband William, Prince of Wales; however William is not a professional photographer and this photo has the air of being a controlled shoot. All the subjects are well dressed and their hair is tidy. The children are arranged as three points of a triangle with their mother between them; her head is exactly in line with the hypotenuse... but that was just the start. It didn't take long for somebody to notice something wrong with Charlotte's left hand. Her wrist appears to be slight out of line with the cuff of her cardigan. On the other side of the photo Prince Louis appears to have dislocated a finger; or the middle finger of his right hand is crossed over the ring finger, which is very difficult to do. His index finger of the same hand is absent from the first knuckle or is so tightly clenched is it hidden by the rest of his hand. That hand posture is very difficult to attain; I've tried it.
What's more, Kate's face looks exactly the same, pixel for pixel, as a photo taken of her for the cover of Vogue in 2016. The children's faces also all look suspiciously similar to some captured on a visit to a food bank last September. It is obvious that this photograph is a fake, and not a very good one. AI image generators famously still have trouble depicting hands. In fact the Royals must have realized quickly that they'd been rumbled because they put out a Tweet on the Wales' official feed: "Like many amateur photographers, I do occasionally experiment with editing. I wanted to express my apologies for any confusion the family photograph we shared yesterday caused. I hope everyone celebrating had a very happy Mother’s Day. C" But that photo was not just edited, it was fabricated. Despite it being signed "C", there's no way to be sure Kate posted that Tweet, or to know who really posted it at all. The media immediately all withdrew it. This leads inevitably to the question: Where is Kate? Where are all the Royals who have been hiding away for months? Is there a connection to the mysterious death of Lady Kingston's husband? Since then, a woman was photographed in the back of a car with William who supposedly is Kate, but the shot is too indistinct for sure; she could be an actress or this photo is another fake. Source: Kate Middleton has a public image very similar to that of her late mother-in-law Diana; conventionally good-looking, amiable, compassionate and dedicated to her duty. In the years leading up to Diana's "car accident" the public learned the truth about Diana; her loveless arranged marriage to Charles and his true love for Camilla, Diana's desire to break free of Royal constraints. Rumour has it that the Wales' marriage is not the fairytale idyll we're all supposed to believe it is. There are no certainties, but curious coincidences. William was due to attend the funeral of King Constantine of Greece on the day Kingston "died", but pulled out at the last minute. The Wales' know the Kents very well and Kate's sister, the socialite Philippa Matthews, used to date Kingston. Whatever the truth is, it is clear the Royal Family has a facade that is totally different to the reality beneath the surface. It is the theatre for some of the darkest possible human interaction... if indeed they are even human. I just hope Kate hasn't shared Diana's fate. She will be totally aware of the strange death connected when she was in hospital pregnant with George, see: Kate Middleton has been described as the most envied woman in the world. I suspect ironically that Kate herself is the most envious woman in the world; she envies every other woman!
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Wednesday 13 March 2024

RDH in Court- Day 2

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Richard D Hall has had another court hearing. This time it was online using Microsoft Teams. Use of online court proceedings began in the pandemic lockdown, but still sometimes happen today for shorter hearings. I had to download and install the application, which I've never used before, and then join the meeting in a similar way to Zoom or Skype. My microphone and camera were disabled throughout. The only active members of the meeting were Richard, the judge Master Davison and the claimants' barrister Mr Price. I was one of about a hundred and twenty spectators. This hearing was a case conference to discuss more issues before the main trial. Richard asked permission to appeal against the ruling. He said that there was no reason to assume that the staged hypothesis about the Manchester Arena event was implausible. History acknowledges that false flag and fake terrorist incidents have happened many times in the past and that it is a standard tactic of state actors. Richard has gathered a lot of evidence to demonstrate that it is still being used in the present day. He also felt that the judiciary seems to lack an awareness of this reality. The judge refused because he said it was simply rearguing the issue over which he has already made a ruling. Richard responded by saying that this case has a political ulterior motive; something that is very obvious, I might add. The claimants have already expressed their intention to make this case a common law precedent which will then change the outcome of future lawsuits like this one. They have a powerful ally in Andy Burnham, the Mayor of Manchester. If it turns out that a civil court was exploited in this way then the ruling could be overturned because it is an abuse of the courts. Master Davison refused to comment because it would constitute him giving Richard legal advice which judges are not supposed to do. Richard would have to make those points to the judge hearing the appeal. Richard also is being charged for the costs of the preliminary hearing which ruled against him. After some discussion the judge ordered him to pay £21,000 before the pre-trial hearing. Richard is going to dispute that of course; it's a vast amount and is another part of the attempt to bankrupt him. He says that the documents outlining the costs were not emailed to him. At the moment, they plan to have the main trial in July.
Richard also mentioned that he is launching a counterclaim against the claimants via OfCom because of an interview Martin Hibbert gave to Good Morning Britain in which he used threatening language; even the mainstream media hosts had to warn him about it. He also made false allegations against Richard, see: Richard has published a video setting the record straight, see: Richard can appeal against the ruling even without Master Davison's permission. There is going to be another pre-trial hearing at some point, probably in May. Richard has made the point that the purpose of his research is the detection and prevention of crime. This is a difficult point for the court to argue against and I could tell that the judge and Mr Price were having a great deal of trouble doing so. The paused a lot, and ummed and ahed. Once again, Richard won the day hands down. As I said in my report on day one, winning a moral victory is not enough to prevail in our establishment legal system, in fact it is very often a handicap; but times they are a-changin'; it is becoming increasingly obvious in so many areas of life. The government's machinations are backfiring more and more. What will happen at the main trial? Well, firstly a jury will be appointed and that could well end up with them overruling the preliminary decisions and defying the judge's recommendations. This happened in the trial of John Anthony Hill, see: It will also become a news story that will be used as another attempt to smear Richard's character, "The Disaster Troll Finally Goes to Court!" etc, that will have the side effect of generating a lot of publicity for Richard and his website. As it is, millions of people who had never heard the name Richard D Hall now know about him and any with curious minds will find and take a look for themselves. If whoever is behind this absurd show trial has any sense they will instruct the claimants to drop it. It was heartening to see so many people on the guest list in the call; I recognized a few of their names and spoke to one of them on the phone afterwards. When Richard announced his intentions for the next hearing, somebody posted in the public live chat: "Good luck, Richard!" I posted underneath: "Amen!" and immediately the live chat was disabled. However, none of these suppression techniques are working anymore. The tide has turned and this attack against Richard may well turn out to be the final high-water mark.
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Tuesday 12 March 2024

Tesco Butlerian Jihad Continues

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I returned to the same branch of Tesco today to see how things were. I do not regularly use this grocer, but I have been unable to resist the temptation to go there after my delightful experience detailed above. This time there was no queue and the cheerful Spanish gentleman was not on the cash till, but instead a young blonde lady was serving on there. As I approached the till I had a moment of alarm; there was a sign hanging over the entrance saying CARD ONLY- NO CASH. I pointed this out to her and asked her about it, and she told me it had been hung up over the wrong checkout. I asked her if this Tesco's had plans to go cashless and she said no. I said: "Good, otherwise I would never shop here again." I then proceeded to have a cashie conversation with her which she completely understood. "The government want to monitor our purchases" she said. I wished her all the best and left the store. Readers of Frank Herbert's Dune novels and especially their film adaptations by David Lynch and Denis Villeneuve, may wonder why despite the setting being in the distant future in which humanity has conquered space, there seems to be no complex electronics in use. There are simple applications like medical X-rays, but nothing greater. This is because a long time before the period of the books, humans developed artificial general intelligence. This led to computer controlled machines trying to take over and reduce the humans to a slave race. Humans fought back and eventually regained control of the galaxy. This was called the "Butlerian Jihad". In a way, we in the real world are facing our own Butlerian Jihad. However, I don't think it is machines themselves that we need to fear, it is the bad people using them as tools of surveillance and manipulation.
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Saturday 9 March 2024

AARO Report Feb 2024

The latest long unawaited AARO report has dropped... like a feather onto some bubble wrap. See here for details of the previous one: I was actually in the middle of a HPANWO TV livestream when it did, see:, and I didn't even stop to look. This report is considerably longer than the last one, sixty-three pages. It was accompanied by a press conference at the Pentagon, but only for approved media representatives. Pro-ET platforms like News Nation and Veterans Today were banned. The report's rather pompous full title is: Report on the Historical Record of U.S. Government Involvement with Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP) Volume I. Does this mean a volume two is on the way? The first five pages are the cover and contents. This time the entries in the contents are hyperlinked, a necessity with such a lengthy document. As before, they waste space by ending sections with small orphaned lines at the top of blank pages. To begin with it seems hopeful. This passage appears in the introduction: "A consistent theme in popular culture involves a particularly persistent narrative that the USG (US government), or a secretive organization within it, recovered several off-world spacecraft and
extraterrestrial biological remains, that it operates a programme or programmes to reverse engineer the recovered technology, and that it has conspired since the 1940's to keep this effort hidden from the United States Congress and the American public. AARO recognizes that many people sincerely hold versions of these beliefs which are based on their perception of past experiences, the experiences of others whom they trust, or media and online outlets they believe to be sources of credible and verifiable information. The proliferation of television programs, books, movies, and the vast amount of internet and social media content centred on UAP-related topics most likely has influenced the public conversation on this topic, and reinforced these beliefs within some sections of the population." As you know, I am one of the people they're taking about, one who most firmly believe this, and I have good reason.
It does come across in the first dozen or so pages that AARO is upping its game. It has interviewed a number of military and intelligence insiders. It doesn't name these individuals, but most people familiar with contemporary UFOlogy will be able to guess who they are by the report's description. They should also be familiar with the scenarios described by them, although the report does raise something called "Project Kona Blue" that I have not heard of before. The bulk of the document summarizes the history of US government UFO research which began officially in 1945 (Other nations, such as Britain and Italy, began much earlier). It repeats the conclusions of Project Blue Book, that UFO's were not a threat to national security and there was no evidence they are products of a non-human intelligence. It was this fob off that radicalized J Allen Hynek. In more recent years the inquiry was reopened under AAWSAP/AATIP, an organization that the government denied even existed; even when asked directly via a petition in 2011. Also NASA has joined in with its "independent group". There is a section on other countries and their own research; namely the UK, Canada and France. Despite the opinions of the Canadian Wilbert B Smith, one of the few people the document identified by name, the official line from Canada and the other two nations is the same as the American one. A lot of UFO lore apparently comes from a misidentification of more mundane classified military operations such as Project Mogul, specifically for the Roswell incident; and Project Aquatone, the race to develop a high altitude long range reconnaissance aircraft during the 1950's. Admittedly, the Canadians built an aircraft called the "Avrocar" that looked just like a flying saucer, but its test flights were very unsuccessful and so it cannot possiblly explain genuine flying saucer sightings. Just before its very verbose citations index, the report concludes: "To date, AARO has not discovered any empirical evidence that any sighting of a UAP represented off-world technology or the existence a classified program that had not been properly reported to Congress." Source: This is pretty much what I expected. This document may be far longer than previous AARO reports, but it somehow says even less. It certainly contains almost no original information at all. I know the UFO skeptics and backslappers are going to accuse me of sour grapes just because the investigation I wanted to happen did not give me the answer I want to hear, but that is unfair. I have described many times in detail the reasons why I think this conclusion is incorrect and probably deceptive. There are many other occasions that the government has issued fake "nothing to see here" stories. They even lied about the very existence of some of the organizations listed in the report. They didn't just decline to answer, they outright lied! Why should we believe them now? I wonder what volume two will have in store for us... Well, actually I don't really.
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Wednesday 6 March 2024

Mel's Hole Omnibus

I had a wonderfully nostalgic experience a few days ago. I was casually browsing YouTube and I came across an anthology of interviews from the Coast to Coast AM radio show featuring Mel Waters, an enigmatic man who claimed he had a bottomless hole in his back garden. The hole was about nine feet across and surrounded by a two foot retaining wall; looking into it one could only see blackness. The walls are made of stone which turns into natural rock for as far down as you can see. The origins of the hole are unknown. Mel tried to find out how deep it was by lowering a fishing line into it, but never found the bottom. It went down to 80,000 feet before he gave up... It must have been a strong rod and line! This hole had magical powers; it could, for example, bring back dead animals to life, but only in an undead, zombie-like existence. Also if you lowered ice cubes down the hole they came back up as a form of solid combustible material that did not melt. You could use it as fuel. Mel revealed the rough location of this hole as being near Ellensburg, Washington USA. Many people visited the area after listening to Coast to Coast, but the hole has never been found. There is a hole in a field near Ellensburg, but it is clearly not Mel's Hole; it is only about ten feet deep and not in any way magical (and the farmer does not like visitors going near it). Mel has found one independent witness to support his claim that the hole exists, a man called Red Elk, real name Gerald Osborne, who claims Amerindian descent and trained as a medicine man. Mel made a number of calls to Art Bell's show between 1997 and 2002. Later on in his testimony he claimed that there was a second hole with similar properties located at a Basque community in Nevada. The military had sealed it off with a locked steel cover. Again, he refused to give precise coordinates for Mel's Hole number two. He is probably diverting. There are no Basque communities in Nevada; the American Basque diaspora is centred on Boise, Idaho. The Mel's hole call-in shows are all on YouTube in various places. The videos sometimes get deleted, but they always pop up again. Source:
Before anybody asks; no, I do not believe Mel's hole is real anymore. In the early days of my conspiratorial awakening I even surprised myself with how much I thought was real. Despite everything, I very much enjoyed revisiting the Mel's hole shows. For me it was a moment of true Welsh hiraeth. It took me back to when I first started listening to Coast to Coast and other UFO/paranormal/conspiracy radio shows. I used to download them from my old dialup internet and listen to them while my infant daughter played around on the floor beside me. Sometimes I'd burn a few podcasts onto CD's to take into work and listen to in the porters' lodge. This was many years before I founded HPANWO. Times have changed. Today, conspiracy theories have gone from being an abstract interest, almost a bit of fun and entertainment, to a serious reality. The day my daughter came home from school, aged ten, and told me the teachers wanted to take her fingerprints, my whole life changed forever. Since then more and more of our beliefs are being proven true. This is the end of innocence.
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