Sunday 28 December 2008

No Crib for a Bed in Oxford

Good grief! I had no idea this had happened! Now I look back and I can see that there were no tramps in Oxford this Christmas. I never asked why.
It's frightening that the council have taken on this new Big Brother power, the power to deport people from the city as if they're illegal immigrants of some kind. Nearly all the homeless are native Britons, yet they can be moved and banned from areas against their will. The council already put up no loitering laws on the Cowley Road to keep the homeless away from the park there. All this did was move them somewhere else. It does absolutely nothing to solve the actual cause of the problem of homelessness. As I've said many times before: ( and )It's bad enough that human beings are restricted from travelling around their home planet at will, but now we're even restricted within these artifical obscenties called "national borders".
What about me? Can they deport me as well? I have no official ID, no passport, no birth certificate. I also have no formal tenancy agreement on my home anymore, just a friendly word-of-mouth deal. I'm off the electoral register too. In truth, I can prove no links to the city any more than the tramps can.
Also, certain people in authority will use this as a foot in the door. Once they've made it acceptable to forcibly trasport the homeless then they can expand it to other groups, assylum-seekers, the elderly, disabled etc. We've got to stick together on this!
Pastor Neimoller could have written: "First they came for the homeless..."

Thursday 25 December 2008

The Christmas Truce

On Christmas Day 1914, the guns fell silent in the Great War and the soldiers of both sides walked out into No-Man's Land and had a celebration.

This story moves me like almost no other. The photoes of the two sides celebrating together is like nothing else I've ever seen. This happened after just a few months of war; the worst was yet to come: millions wiped out, sometimes a 1/4 of a million in just a few days, the first widespread use of chemical weapons, tanks, flame-throwers and other demonic technology. Of course at the end of the day, the two sides went back to their own trenches and continued fighting and went on to for nearly five more years, but I wonder... if they could have seen into the future, if they had glimpsed the horrors that were yet to come...

...would they have gone back?

Merry Christmas!

Wishing all HPANWO-readers the best of the fesitve season, Christmas, Solstice, Yule Tide; whatever you wish to call it have a good one!
And as a special treat, I've posted three new articles on the main site.

Sunday 21 December 2008

Mysterious Lights over the Midlands


This news story emerged on Friday: . The photograph I use to illustrate this article is not one of the event reported herein, but one taken during the most famous other “lights in the sky” case: the Phoenix Lights in March 1997; the descriptions of this new case sound very similar. The UFO flap of this past year appears to be still going strong! It also seems to be centred in the area of Birmingham, the Black Country and environs. I’ve sent emails to everyone I know in that area to see if they’ve seen anything. I’ll mention below if I get any replies (protecting my witnesses’ anonymity of course.)

Thursday 18 December 2008

Every Little Doesn't Help!

I went to see this movie at the cinema. I like the Indiana Jones series and this new film looked the most interesting yet. It had references to the crystal skulls, like the famous Mitchell-Hedges one, which are fascinating and enigmatic objects. The film also contained the scenario of Roswell, Area 51 and the crashed alien spacecraft. I was therefore delighted when I saw the Tescos advert in The Sun newspaper stating a special Christmas offer: the newly-released DVD of the film was available there at £6.99, half price! I hot-footed it down to Tescos to pick up a copy. I therefore was quite indignant when the cashier charged me the full retail price of £13.99. She explained to me that, yes, I could purchase the DVD at half price… if I spent £50 or more on groceries at the store first. They never mentioned that in the advert! So this “special deal” is no more than bait to get shoppers away from small local businesses and into the big corporate supermarket chains! You’ll be glad to know that I declined the offer and bought the movie at the full retail price.