Wednesday 6 December 2023

Chimera- the Book

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I was keen to read the original 1982 novel of the TV series, also penned by Stephen Gallagher. Books are normally better than their adaptations, for example:, but not in this case. The plot varies significantly despite having the same author. A lot of the action from the TV series takes place as flashbacks and the narrative begins effectively about when episode two of the TV story does. The setting is Cumbria, not North Yorkshire; I don't know why that detail was changed. The biggest difference is that the novel is far less emotional; it lacks the human interest that the TV series does. Peter and Tracy are steady couple on TV, whereas in the book the two have only known each other for a short time and have gone on a couple of dates. As a result Tracy is an unseen character, as is Marie Forester who does not attend the Jenner Clinic and so does not die in the disaster. Dr Jenner himself is every bit as much the narcissist and megalomaniac well played by David Calder in the TV programme; an excellent antagonist. By contrast, Hennessey is a more light-hearted and almost farcical character in the book. He lacks the bureaucratic menace of Kenneth Cranham's portrayal. Dr Liawski is dead in the book. It was actually quite a good idea to resurrect him for the TV programme, so giving the classic actor Sebastian Shaw one last movie. Despite this, Liawski does appear at the start as a young man in a rather incongruous prologue scene. He then goes on to provide the information posthumously through his diaries which are found by Peter Carson. The role of Alison Wells is far more morally ambiguous in the book and she deceives Peter in a far worse manner. The ending is completely different and, although not happy exactly, it is far less apocalyptic. Chad is far more animalistic and his human side does not really come out at all. He manipulates and tricks the Gaskell children in a way that makes it difficult to sympathize with him. Still, the book is worth reading and comparing by fans of Gallagher's TV series.
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Monday 4 December 2023

Nandor Fodor and the Talking Mongoose

The release of a Hollywood movie about Gef the talking mongoose had just hit the news before I went to the Isle of Man for the first time. During this trip I visited the remains of the Irvings' home, see background links below, and so was eager to watch the film on my return. It is actually a crowdfunded project by a number of different studios and the director is called Adam Sigal; and he used to work as a private eye, of all things. The story centres on Nandor Fodor, a real paranormal investigator who visited the Irvings to investigate Gef. In the film he is portrayed as a grief-stricken alcoholic whose only comfort comes from his assistant Anne, played by Minnie Driver, and his friend, another real ghost hunter, Harry Price. Source: The film is so historically and factually inaccurate that it's hard to know where to start. It was not filmed on the Isle of Man, which should really annoy the Manx tourist board. The island itself is shown as being very close to the mainland and can be reached by a small boat, which is of course not true; it's in the middle of the Irish Sea and a good few hours voyage on a large ship. The Irvings have a farmhand named Errol who is played by a black actor when I doubt if any black people lived on the Isle of Man in the 1930's. This is typical unnecessary and obtrusive "diversity and inclusion" casting which will annoy anti-woke conservatives; but it will also irk left-wingers because Errol is a servant, a stereotypical black person's role. He speaks with a strong West Country accent while another supporting character, Maurice, has an Ulster accent. Harry Price is played by Christopher Lloyd who has a lot of experience with acting in ghost stories, but he is far too old to play Harry Price. What's more Price was English and yet Lloyd retains his American accent when he is perfectly capable of dropping it. Also, despite the film being set in London when not on the Isle of Man, the currency people use are called "dollars". Despite the presence of genuine photos of the Irvings and their house in the closing credits, the filmmakers are not interested in delivering any kind of true story. It is simply a comedy with a very loose connection to the real Gef enigma, deliberately so. It's not all bad though. There is a scene about Harry Houdini which includes something I thought was a totally fringe, that his wife did indeed receive the coded message via a medium that the couple agreed on before Harry's death, see here for details: Deep down, Fodor is suffering from losing his father and is desperately seeking evidence for anything supernatural because it might also support the existence of the afterlife. He refuses to believe without that, whereas at one point Errol says that it doesn't matter what is real so long as people believe in something that makes them happy. What doesn't make sense is that when Fodor receives what he is looking for, in the form of mongoose scratches on his wrist, he turns into a skeptic. This transformation is never explained. The film is mildly amusing, but it lacks a coherent plot and is not as close to the real history of the "eighth wonder of the world" as I had hoped.
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Friday 1 December 2023

Auto-Checkouts are Off

Three cheers for Booths! Actually I've never been in a Booths store; this supermarket chain is quite small, with only twenty-eight outlets in the North Country, but it has just done something really radical. It has taken away the automated checkouts in its shops and replaced them with good old fashioned human beings. As Charlie Chaplin once said: "a machine shouldn't speak for men!" Automatic checkouts are everywhere these days. There is a Marks and Spencer convenience grocer in London's Victoria Station that has nothing but; and only one of those auto-tills takes cash. London is particularly bad generally for this sort of thing. Here is the heroic Piers Corbyn telling one of these Davos ration distributors exactly what he thinks of them: I've used auto-checkouts a couple of times and I dislike them a lot. A robotic voice instructs you to scan the barcode of each of your items and then you put the money in a slot, or more usually tap your bank card. Often something goes wrong or the machine thinks you've put your carrier bag in the wrong place etc, so almost every minute or so somebody asks for help from an assistant. Also you can't buy alcohol or tobacco products unless an assistant confirms that you're old enough. Computers can't do that yet. Booths' managing director Nigel Murray, said: "Our customers have told us that the self-scan machines can be slow and unreliable. They're obviously impersonal (my emphasis)... We believe colleagues serving customers delivers a better customer experience and therefore we have taken the decision to remove self-checkouts in the majority of our stores. We are a business that prides ourselves on the high standards and high levels of warm, personal care (my emphasis)". Source: Based Booths! This is just one small step in the right direction, but at least it is in the right direction. Just for once, the warm and personal has triumphed over the callous and efficient. Hopefully more shops will follow suit. There is a petition with over 250,000 signatures asking Tesco to ditch its auto-tills. I am impressed how in the grocer I use the most, The Cooperative in Oxford, the queues for the human tills are getting longer and the mechanical ones are less popular. I don't mind waiting; it's a sign of healthy change.
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Thursday 30 November 2023

1927- A Space Odyssey

I've asked before what can AI do; perhaps an easier question is what can AI not do? I've just seen something that stunned me. An AI was given a very simple instruction: to remake Stanley Kubrick's 1968 film 2001- A Space Odyssey in the style of Fritz Lang. Fritz Lang was an Austrian filmmaker who became one of the most celebrated creators in the earliest period of cinema, when films were almost all monochrome and silent. They usually had scores, but these were often performed by musicians live in the auditorium. His futuristic steampunk sci-fi classics include Metropolis and Woman in the Moon. The result of the AI instruction is this video: It is amusing, but also chilling. The method is very simple. Just show the AI all of Lang's early filmography and then show it 2001. Of course a human could do this; in fact such anachronisms are the basis of a lot of comedy, but I bet the AI made its own remake far quicker. It has also done Blade Runner, see:, and Casablanca in the style of Denis Villeneuve, see: What else? I've already covered AI art in the background links. What about music? This is the country singer Johnny Cash: only it's not. It's an AI performing the Eurodance track Barbie Girl by Aqua with Johnny's sound and style. What about books? Could AI write a new edition of Roswell Rising in the style of William Shakespeare? Yes, easily. I can't imagine what that would be like! Anything humans can do, AI can do better. What job will not be forfeit in the AI future? And if you think "It's alright, we'll still need people to program the computers." No, they can program themselves. This is why AI has boomed in sophistication in just the last couple of years. They are writing their own upgrades; and they can do it a thousand times faster than any human coder. What's more, there's no way the government will not find a way to weaponize this technology against us, like they do everything else. I'm not sure what we can do about this. I think this is one of those wait-and-trust issues. This technology could be used to do some really good things as well. For example, Doctor Who fans have spent years looking for the missing episodes of the show. In the early years, the BBC used to delete recordings from its archive to save money or space, or because of broadcasting rights. Fans have scoured the world to locate the missing episodes and have found a few of them, but it looks like some of them are lost forever because no recording at all survives. An AI could recreate them. You could enter the script and production design together with surviving recordings to compare them with and hey presto! Out would come a very accurate reconstruction, even if it's not an exact facsimile. The AI William Hartnell would be indistinguishable from the real First Doctor.
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Wednesday 29 November 2023

CIA Does Roswells

The Daily Mail has just published yet another UFO story with extraordinary implications. According to their research, the US Central Intelligence Agency has a special unit that travels all across the world salvaging the debris from crashed extraterrestrial spacecraft. Multiple sources have informed the newspaper that the CIA has a "system in place" ready whenever a UFO appears. They have dealt with at least nine incidents across the world since 2003. They even have a method for discerning when UFO's are still "cloaked", invisible to the naked eye. They have two "non-human" artefacts that are completely intact. This sounds very like the NATO organization detailed in this Richplanet show: The unit has a name that is both strangely banal and Orwellian at the same time: the Office of Global Access. This is a division of the Science and Technology Directorate, which is actually not part of the CIA, it's part of the Department of Homeland Security; not that there's that much of a difference these days. Its official role is in biological and electronic warfare; it has a facility at Plum Island and its replacement in Kansas. There is no mention of the OGA on its public website though so it is probably a black budget setup. The Mail's three sources all spoke on condition of anonymity to avoid reprisals. It is possible they are some of the same insiders David Grusch has been interviewing, see: This revelation has come at a time when the NDAA 2024, the so called "UAP Disclosure act", is due to pass into law, see: Source:
The OGA's reach includes the ability to perform operations behind enemy lines in hostile countries, indicating that there is some kind of global policy in place that most if not all nations comply with, even if they are antagonistic towards the United States and locked in conflict with it. The resulting research projects are outsourced, something else I've always thought, see: The author Jeffrey T. Richelson has written a book called The US Intelligence Community in which he mentions the OGA, except the book was published in 1985, long before 2003, so the OGA must be older than the article says. The book does not mention UFO crashes, but says the OGA did more conventional find-and-secure missions to recover material from enemy countries. It was set up be somebody called Doug Wolfe; any relation to Karl? The sources said some of the people involved in the research may not even realize they are dealing with non-human technology due to the intense security and compartmentalization of information. This ties in with what Dr Irena Scott said about the Battelle Memorial Institute and Wright-Patterson AFB, see: At the moment there is an attempt to revise the NDAA in order to make it less powerful. The congress people behind the attack all had their campaigns funded by the military-industrial complex. Are these secret sources trying to slip information out around this barricade of counterDisclosure? Ross Coulthart has warned that it may be better for the government to come clean now or risk a "catastrophic leak", one that will cause an "uncontrolled Disclosure" consisting of decisive media scoops. This will put them on the back foot and cause worse post-Disclosure chaos, see: However, that might be the only way to get the job done; in which case, I say go for it. The alternative means a continuation of the Truth Embargo which is infinitely worse.
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Tuesday 28 November 2023

Rethinking MH370

Several people have asked me to comment on this subject. A Reddit thread appeared in August digging up a pair of obscure videos that were originally posted on YouTube in 2014. They were dismissed and forgotten at the time; today one of the originals is only visible on an archive. The two videos apparently show the same thing. A Boeing 777 airliner is flying through a cloudy sky; it turns sharply to the right at the same time as a number of spherical or ovoid objects fly past very quickly. A few seconds later three more objects enter the frame, maybe the same ones re-entering; and they start flying around the aircraft in circles. They keep formation at an equal distance apart and match each other's movements precisely. After a few seconds there is a bright flash of light and everything vanishes, the plane and UAP's. The videos were republished by somebody called Ashton Forbes who describes himself thus: "Citizen Journalist, Seeker of Truth, Organizer of MH370x, Solver of MH370". Source: He contests that the disappearing airliner is the missing Malaysian Airlines flight 370. I did not believe him at first and dismissed the videos as a hoax. In this day and age it is difficult to do otherwise. Producing fake digital images that are so good they are indistinguishable from reality can be done so easily that photographic evidence simply no longer carries the same weight that it used to and there is a terrible signal-to-noise ratio problem as a result. Here is a good piece of such work: I posted the comment: "It's too easy to fake imagery these days. Even if this were real, who would believe it?" This is the current burden for all kinds of paranormal research, UFOlogy, Loch Ness, ghosts etc. Mick West made a series of post debunking it too; and it's not often I agree with him. Why MH370 went off course and lost communication is a mystery, but the plane's fate was not. It flew away over the Indian Ocean until it ran out of fuel and crashed into the sea. The wreckage cannot be found, and probably never will be, because it disintegrated into small pieces on impact and sank into the abyss, see background links below.
However, people have made me aware of some updates. Ashton Forbes has done a number of interviews where he provides more details. He confidently and coherently dismisses the criticism of the skeptics, for example see: and: These videos allegedly are real images of MH370 that were leaked to social media by an unnamed whistleblower; although Ashton thinks it is somebody called Edward C Lin, a man convicted in the USA of spying for China. Chillingly, the UFO's therefore seem to the "taking" the aircraft and the people in it, as they are rumoured to do with others, like the pilot Fred Valentich. One of the videos was captured by an infrared satellite and the other by an interceptor drone that was in the vicinity at the same time. I don't have a final answer to this conundrum right now and this article is an interim report. I will need to look deeper and maybe wait for new information. At the moment, however, I am not as certain as I used to be that MH370 really did just run out of fuel and crash into the sea.
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Sunday 26 November 2023

Apollo Detectives 13

A film edited and produced by Neil Ward.
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This thirteenth Apollo Detectives film brings more new and original information that casts doubt over the official story of the first moon landings. This programme includes some field experiments by Neil and a presentation by Jarrah White with new information about the famous "C rock". Also a debate between Jarrah and an astronaut! Joining us on the panel are Scott Henderson and Robert Williams. See here for background:
HPANWO Radio interview with Marcus Allen:
See here for Neil's channel:
See here for Neil and Andy Chaplin's radio show:
I have produced my own version of this film on HPANWO TV which includes my personal commentary: (coming soon).

Saturday 25 November 2023

"The Truth is No Defence"

There is a new show on Richplanet TV about some new information regarding two of the supposed victims of the Manchester Arena bombing of 2017. This is all very interesting, but the most significant part of the programme, as well as disturbing, is the prologue. Richard D Hall reveals an update in his legal battle; see the background links for details. Richard continues to defend himself defiantly against the accusations of the plaintiffs who contest that Richard's publications about the incident in Manchester are a form of harassment. The obvious response from anybody in that situation is simply to plead fair comment. This is a common defence in a libel case, but the plaintiffs are applying to have all Richard's evidence excluded. If they have their way, the trial will proceed under the assumnption that the official story is true. Source: It reminds me of another similar trial, that of the researcher Ernst Zündel. Zündel was convicted several times in Canada of expressing opinions about a subject specifically prohibited by Canadian law. When he went to court he tried to defend himself by saying "Look, I can prove what I'm saying about this subject is true." He was not permitted to table this testimony in court or even subject it to an open debate. The judge did not duspute Zündel's assertions; he simply stated that the opinion was prohibted, regardless of whether it was true or false and so, to coin an infamous catchphrase: the truth is no defence. I understand why many people will find Zündel's views offensive, but surely you realize that if we allow the state to silence people for expressing a viewpoint because it offends us then we enter a very dark place indeed. Something similar happened when Ian R Crane tried to defend Tony Farrell at his police disciplinary. The boss said "You might be right, but it doesn't matter." Source: What kind of law is this where what is true or false doesn't matter!? How can Richard successfully defend himself in this case when the very basis of his reasons for publishing his material is struck from the record? Hopefully Richard will be able to prevent this application. I'm not a solicitor, but I would say his evidence is totally relevent because it concerns whether the Hibberts were actually there, which is central to their claim against him. I'm pleased to say that the community has rallied round Richard and stood up against this obvious injustice. Richard has raised most of the money he needs for his legal costs, but he will need as much as possible so please do send him some more if you can, see:
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Friday 24 November 2023

Ben Emlyn-Jones on Scum Media 2

I have been featured again in an interview with Nick Cotton, aka "Unwashed", of Scum Media, see:
Subjects discussed include: a missing person case, the pitfalls of antifeminism, conspirasphere vs reactosphere and much much more.
See here for my previous interview with Nick:

Thursday 23 November 2023


The Crafty Nihilist, aka Mark and Liz Froud, have produced another video inspired by me:
This hillarious new music video is based on Meadows, my recent HPANWO TV reportage of the Stairway to the Stars conference, see:
See here for my previous appearance on the Crafty Nihilist's channel:

Wednesday 22 November 2023

Crazy Plane Lady Update 2

Tiffany Gomas has once again broken her intermittent silence, this time in another exclusive interview with Inside Edition. This was carried out at her home in Grand Prairie, next to the airport where she had her experience. She tells the reporter that it was "the worst moment of my entire life." She didn't go out for four weeks because of feeling ashamed and embarrassed. She reveals that she was on her way to a family holiday in Florida when she flew into a rage. However the only other detail she provides is one we've already heard, that another passenger stole her wireless earbuds and she lost her temper. She then attempts to explain the strange things she said as nothing more than a "figure of speech". When asked about why she felt the aircraft was in danger she said it was simply as a result of her altercation and declined to elaborate because of "legal reasons". She says she loves to travel, but then it is revealed she has now been banned from American Airlines; one wonders why it took them this long. She seems keen to show the reporter around her voluminous house. Source: The revelations in this very brief interview make no sense. They do not meet the necessary testimonial weight for what happened to her on that day in June. Her body language is shifty and evasive. She noticeably leans back, away from the reporter and the camera. Her hands in are in a typical defensive position, clasped in front of her crotch. I don't believe her story at all. What's more she seems to be using her marketing skills on herself right now with this new website in which she describes herself as a "viral personality", see: Clearly she understands the potential of social media infamy, but it still leaves us all in the dark about what she really saw on that plane.
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Tuesday 21 November 2023

Ben Emlyn-Jones on the Mercedez Lucke Benedict Show

I have been featured on the Mercedez Lucke Benedict Show, see:
Subjects discussed include: The late Kev Baker, fingerprinting children, reptilian humanoids and much much more.

Saturday 18 November 2023

Breaking News!- There is No Afterlife

Stop the press, guys. We have something really original in our hands!... Actually, we don't. Eternal post-mortem oblivion, the idea that the afterlife does not exist, has been a common belief since ancient times. The theory goes that a person's essence, in terms of their mind or soul, is a product of the brain. Probably as early as prehistoric ages people worked out that the brain is connected to thought, feeling and wakefulness. If somebody receives a head injury or illness it can cause them to black out, become confused or experience long-term mental impairment. According to an article somebody shared on social media, there is no way the afterlife can exist because there is no known mechanism in the laws of physics for it to do so. Even if somehow our consciousness existed in the quantum realm, it could not interact with the neurons in our brains while we are alive. It cites none other than that smiling Simeon of the small screen, Prof. Brian Cox himself. Source: However, another scientist, Sir Roger Penrose, proposes that the brain can do that because it has quantum computing abilities, see: Even if that turns out not to be true and the plausibility problem remains, the evidence gathered by many psychical researchers over a long period of time needs explaining, as I detail in the background portal link below. Many materialists argue that the concept of the afterlife is a cultural and psychological safety net generated by mortality salience, the knowledge of our own inevitable impending demise. They argue that afterlife delusions will arise inevitably in any human society, and indeed with any species that is intelligent enough to experience mortality salience; in fact there is evidence that elephants share it with us. They say that the afterlife is nothing more than wishful thinking. However, I have explained many times that the wishful thinking argument cuts both ways, for example: It is impossible to prove that the afterlife exists; except waiting until it is our turn, of course. Despite this, the case for eternal post-mortem oblivion is also unproven. Its reality is dependent upon certain assumptions about brain function being true. This is an uncertainty we all have to live with and die with; although, as I detail in the portal below, I think we have good cause to be hopeful.
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Friday 3 November 2023

Substack Exclusive Notice 3/11/23

I have published an article on the HPANWO Free Substack blog that will not be posted to Blogger, see:

Thursday 2 November 2023

Look Behind You, Samantha!

There was recently a rather charming typically 20-teens collaboration between the International Space Station and an internet science enthusiast. Since 2006 "Smarter Every Day" has produced hundreds of videos gaining millions of views. Its presenter has travelled to places as far afield as the North Pole and the Oval Office to bring interesting videos about all kinds of curious things. Samantha Cristoforetti has come up on HPANWO before. She is the most experienced European astronaut, carrying out a mission in space of 199 days and on one occasion during a spacewalk she reacts with alarm to something unusual. It's interesting that she is immediately hushed by her Russian colleague, as if he knows something she doesn't yet, see: However, this is not Samantha's only UFO encounter, although she probably doesn't know it. On another occasion she is making a video inside the ISS in association with Smarter Every Day. She demonstrates how the "cupola module" works, an earth observation bay on the space station with seven windows. She opens and closes the shutters in front of the camera, but as she does so two strange objects fly past the windows, outside in space. They fit the description of the "fastwalkers" reported by other astronauts like Gordon Cooper and Gennady Strekalov, see:
The objects cannot be seen very easily; they are either very distant or very small. You need to use the YouTube full screen function to pick them up, but you can clearly see a pair of white objects flit across the bottom right of the central window pane, changing their velocity and course radically. Source: This is one of the five observables. I'm not the first person to notice this; in fact a number of others did and told Tyler from Secure Team 10. He went on to make a video about it, see: A lot of people accuse Tyler of promoting fake stuff, so please do go to the original video and see for yourself that he is definitely not in this instance. This is one of those rare occasions in space where there is a channel of information independent from the usual ones that are controlled by NASA or Roscosmos, where they can't just cut the feed and blame it on "technical problems". Oddly enough, if you scroll through the comments under the Smarter Every Day video nobody there has noticed it, probably because the SED fans are not the kind of people who also watch Tyler. I decided to put a comment there myself with a timestamp and the words: "What's that outside the window?" A few days later a user called @CSXRobert replied to me: "Part of the ISS"... I'll leave him to work it out for himself.
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Wednesday 1 November 2023

UFO Truth Magazine- Issue 63

UFO Truth Magazine Issue 63 is now available. It can be purchased on this page as a single copy, but please subscribe and save money if you want to read it regularly, see:
Issue 63 includes an article in my column entitled Does America HAVE to be the
Disclosure Nation?.
Also you will find in Issue 63: the predators of Colares Island, Pascagoula fifty years on, a fresh look at the Betty and Barney Hill case and much much more.
Also in this HPANWO Show programme I interview the UFO Truth Magazine's editor Gary Heseltine:
See here for details on UFO Truth Magazine Issue 62:

Tuesday 31 October 2023

Encounters- Episode 2

See here for my review of Encounters episode 1:
The Ruwa case has become much more public in the last few years thanks mostly to Randall Nickerson and his long quest to achieve that. His research was so detailed that I wondered if this new documentary could add anything new, or something that I'd never heard of. The show features new interviews with some of the witnesses, including Lisil, Emma and Salma all of whom have been involved with the media before. They are also featured in Dr John Mack's and Dominique Callimanopulos' original video. Today they are all adults of course, but they have never changed their stories. However, there are a few new faces, including three pupils who are giving their testimony for the first time. The first two are the brothers Tapfu and Kudzanai who tell the same basic story as the other witnesses, that they saw a craft land and an entity appear beside it. Emma shows the exact location, although the area has changed. Today it is playing fields, but in 1994 it was wilderness. This episode is called Believers, but not all of them are. An ex-student called Dallyn is also interviewed and he takes a very different line. He claims all sixty-two of the other children are lying or deluded. There was no UFO at all; he knows because it was a hoax that he created. He and a friend, whom he does not name, invented the prank to skive off lessons. I know the obvious response from many people will be that he's a shill, put into the witness pool to distract and confuse. I don't make accusations like that lightly and I see no reason to in this instance. I've never even heard of Dallyn before. I assume he was interviewed by Mack and Cynthia Hind; is there footage of his report? He's certainly only just started talking about the Ariel School incident after nearly thirty years. He looks a little younger than the other witnesses and he says he left Ariel "twenty years ago"; that's 2003, nine years after the encounter. Ariel is a primary school that enrols children from grades one to seven. Grade seven means children aged ten to twelve, depending on the system. This means if Dallyn left in 2003, would he have even been old enough to enrol in the first form in '94? If he were, allowing for estimates of timing and dates, then he must have been about four to six years old, whereas the other witnesses were about eight to twelve. Was he really the mastermind of this supposed hoax?
Another stunning new revelation relates to one of the teachers, Mrs Bates. Judy Bates has been on the staff at Ariel for thirty-three years and today she is the headmistress. She can be seen in Mack's video. Astoundingly, she reveals for the first time ever that around the time of the UFO incident she had the first of a series of abduction experiences. This episode did not disappoint in divulging new information. Ruwa has many similarities to the Broad Haven incident featured in episode one. I will move on swiftly to episode three.
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Monday 30 October 2023

Fake Wine Bonanza

The scandal of fake wine that I describe in more detail in the background links below is set to worsen. Despite being a Brexiteer I am concerned about the government's plan to scrap the old EU trade description law about what can and cannot be called "wine". Under that law the drink must be made from fermented grapes and have none of the alcohol removed in a post-brewing process. The minimum alcohol-by-volume level has to be 8.5% with exceptions made for traditionally low alcohol brands. I've found most brands have a level of 10 to 12%. From now on, low or non-alcoholic drink can legally be sold in wine-shaped bottles and called "wine". Source: As the article warns, some people might end up buying that by mistake while thinking it's ordinary wine. As I explain in the background, that is already a problem. What we're going to have to do is rely on is becoming personally savvy and thinking about two factors so as not to be tricked; check the alcohol content on the label and stay away from anything below about a fiver. If the price looks too good to be true, it probably is. It's a pity we live in a world where the basis of marketing an advertising is deception, manipulation and exploitation; but that's the way it has been since Bernays and it shows no sign of changing.
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Saturday 28 October 2023

Access Denied

In my book Roswell Rising- a Novel of Disclosure (available at all good bookshops right now, price £10) the main character is a government official, but one day when he tries to find out information about a UFO incident he discovers to his shock how limited his authority really is and how much contempt the military industrial complex regards him with. Something similar has just happened in real life. During the famous US congressional hearing, see:, David Grusch promised Rep's Luna, Moskowitz and Burchett that he would be able to give them additional information on who has the insider knowledge on the ET crash-retrieval programme, but he could only do so in a sensitive compartmented information facility; it was not appropriate for the public hearing. Two further meetings were arranged, on the 26th of this month and the 16th of November. When Moskowitz and Luna emerged from the SCIF yesterday after the first meeting with the DOD Inspector General they gave a brief informal interview. The two congresspeople were very crestfallen. They reported that the IG and his team informed the elected representatives present that they were not cleared for any of the information available. When asked if anybody else in Congress was, they refused to answer. Source: The reporter who did the interview hung around a bit longer and a few minutes later a line of five men also emerged from the SCIF. John Greenewald Jr quickly found out that one of them is the Hon. Robert Storch, who is the DOD IG, as expected. The others were quickly identified by other people on Twitter as members of his oversight and legislative affairs team. Source:
This is all very sinister. It confirms what we conspiratorial UFOlogists been saying for a long time, that there is a class of individuals who are above the law and authority of the public legislature. What better definition for the term "Deep State"? This is disappointing and different people in the UFO community have interpreted it in different ways. The skeptic Mick West said: "Another hyped event fails to produce the goods. If this classified briefing on UFO whistleblower Grusch was pointless, with nothing new, then maybe that's a clue. Maybe just some MIC shenanigans. They will claim a cover-up. But what if there was simply no ET to cover up?" Source: This is something of a circular argument and West is flailing in the dark, but his belief system compels him to run with the facts much further than he should. The backslapper community is, predictably, incoherent with vainglory, for example: They are also calling "case closed" when really there is no justification for that. We'll see what happens next month when the congresspeople address the intelligence IG. Despite everything, this is still something of an achievement because we have forced the Truth Embargo into a corner where it has to admit its own existence. I see no reason to think that Grusch's story is less valid than it was beforehand. Nobody in the SCIF said that. It was a "neither confirm nor deny" situation.
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Thursday 26 October 2023

Ben Emlyn-Jones and Rasa Viharii

A recording of a discussion between me and Dr Rasa Viharii.
Part 1:
Part 2:
Subjects discussed include: the moon landings, Nikola Tesla and the prospects of free energy declassification. The video is very well edited, designed and illustrated. Many thanks to the people who made it.
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Wednesday 25 October 2023

UFO By-Election

By-elections are very much in the news at the moment because of the hammering the Tories got in mid-Beds and Tamworth, but across the Atlantic there is another by-election about to take place in Utah USA. This by-election, or "special election" to use the American term, was caused by the resignation of Chris Stewart, representative for Utah's 2nd congressional district. There are seven candidates up to replace him and one of them is somebody called Joseph Buchman. He is running as an independent candidate, not a member of any party. This happens much more often in the United States than it does in Britain. The reason I have brought this up is because Mr Buchman is a UFO believer. He is a good friend of Steve Bassett and is involved with the PRG. He helped organize the Citizen Hearing in 2013, see: and:, and has spoken at X-Con. He has run for political office many times before, but this is the first time he is doing so in an election that will receive a lot of media attention. Please help in any way you can with his campaign. You can send him donations, but only if you are American please! It's my own recommendation, but I wouldn't want him to be accused of the usual smears relating to "foreign interference", see: I notice the constituency in question is home to Dugway Proving Ground, a military base nicknamed "Area 52" with an obvious implication. If Joe becomes the representative he will hopefully make the place more transparent. Steve is one hundred percent behind Joe and I also would love to see him win. The candidate leading in the opinion polls is currently Celeste Malony, the incumbent's colleague from the GOP; but even if Joe doesn't win, he will raise awareness of the UAP issue while in the last few months it has entered another lull. I don't know if Joe has a slogan, but can I suggest: "Make Aliens Relevant Again!"? I'll design some hats. Good luck, Joe! Interestingly, Joseph Buchman is not the only politician to make the stand he has done, others include Jill Hughes, see: and Bettina Rodriguez Aguilera, see:   
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Monday 23 October 2023

Ben Emlyn-Jones on the Paranormal Peep Show 18

I have been on the Paranormal Peep Show again, this time as a guest co-host with Neil Ward. In this programme: Preston Dennett, the alien abduction researcher and author.
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Saturday 21 October 2023

Substack Exclusive Notice 21/10/23

I have published an article on the HPANWO Free Substack blog that will not be posted to Blogger, see:

Friday 20 October 2023

UFO Report 2023

The US Office of the Director of National Intelligence has released their annual UAP report. Last year's and 2021's report caused a sensation, see: and: The report for 2023 has splashed down with barely a ripple. Even the UFOlogists who have covered it have done so with far more caution. This new report has sixteen pages instead of the previous nine... virtually an epic! The first two are just the cover and contents. The third page, called "page 2" because the title page is not included, is called "Executive Summary" and provides an introduction. AARO has received a total of 291 reports, including 17 that predate the current period, but were omitted from previous reports for reasons not stated. Page 3 is an overflow of page 2 consisting of only four lines; the rest of the page is blank. This seems a waste of space and if this wasn't an electronic document I'd say it was a waste of trees. Maybe that's standard procedure for ODNI paperwork, but it also serves to make the report look longer than it is. Pages four and five mostly repeat information either from previous documents or from the previous pages in this one. They announce that there is a "US bias" in the geography of reported encounters which is hardly news considering AARO and its partners are American outfits. Page 6 displays a pair of pie graphs breaking down the categories of reported encounters. There are a surprisingly large number of spherical objects when in previous civilian UFO literature this shape of object is quite rare (despite my own sighting of one, see: Only one percent were triangular and two percent disk-shaped, when these are some of the most common morphologies seen by the general public. This might not be just a simple census. It could be because AARO has access to sensor data unobtainable by civilians; or that the disks and triangles habitually fly at lower altitudes and/or in more populated areas where military sensors are less effective or not deployed and yet civilians are more likely to see them. 53% are "not reported". I'm not sure what this means, possibly that they are just lights and not structured craft. However, that doesn't fit with the other graph which states less than a quarter of anomalies show any lighting. Page 7 has a line graph of altitude distribution. The most common is the 20 to 25,000 foot level, below the cruising altitudes of commercial jets, but higher than most mountains. There is a little blip at the 60,000 foot line of just 1.4 % which probably is caused solely by "Objectgate", see:
In terms of geographic distribution, you can see clearly the aforementioned "US bias" and there is a major hotspot in the Persian Gulf, probably because that is where the US military is most active; however I was surprised to see another flap location in the region of Korea and the Yellow Sea. This might be because Japan and South Korea have a "special relationship" with the US intelligence network. On page 8 it is stated that there have been no examples of health problems connected to UAP phenomena. I don't deny this finding at all, but in the history of UFO close encounters the reality is very different. Witnesses such as John Burroughs, Betty Cash and Vickie Landrum all became seriously ill after their close encounters with UFO's. (Interestingly all three had their experiences on the same day, Boxing Day 1980.) Page 9 is just technical waffle and page 10 details some future strategies; this includes integrating the space domain, in other words bringing in the US Space Force. Page 11 has a single paragraph introducing the appendices, and pages 12 and 13 have an example of a "closed case". This doesn't give much identifying details except that it was in 2021 and the western United States which is a large area and a long period of time. It was resolved as almost certainly being commercial air traffic. Why take up an entire page in this meagre document to detail an explained case? This is an example of a strange habit of behaviour I have identified which I call "walking forward while looking over our shoulder". It is typified by Jenny Randles writing an entire book about solved cases, see: Why did she bother? The rest of the report is just a glossary of terms, which I'm sure most people already know. Source: So this 2023 UAP report deserves every bit of the indifference with which it has been received. It is a superficial, dull, evasive and middling publication that says very little about even less. I would prefer to hear more about the closed hearings and SCIF's currently being organized by Tim Burchett and his supporters. Will we ever be told anything about that?
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Wednesday 18 October 2023

Have We Passed Peak Cashless?

I would like to congratulate two institutions in East Oxford, two pubs in fact; The Cape of Good Hope and The Cowley Retreat, see: and: I visited both these hostelries at the weekend and was expecting the usual, saying to my friends: "Can I give you this banknote and you buy my round?" Reason being, both those pubs have been on my hit list of conspiratorial notoriety because they have both been cashless since I last checked. We went into the Cape and I walked up to the bar with a friend who was buying the round, but in my hand I held my open wallet. I was poised, waiting for the barman to notice me and say the expected "Sorry, we don't accept cash", but he didn't. Then the till rang and a drawer slid out. The person standing next to me was paying with cash!... I was delighted and told the barman so. I also asked him when the Cape went back to accepting cash and why. He replied that the brewery had gone back to a cash service at all their pubs a few months ago; and he then lamented that this means they needed to buy extra insurance and a new safe and a security courier etc. I pointed out that this is what retailers of all kinds have been doing since the invention of money; and the latest evidence puts that back to sometime in the late Neolithic. Why has it only now become such a burden? We moved on to The Cowley Retreat and the same thing happened, although this time the barmaid didn't grumble about it. As I say in the background links below, I hoped that a time would come in the future when we could reverse the cashless landslide, but I didn't think it would be so soon or that retailers would do so almost willingly it seems; even though neither publican answered by question of why. Perhaps it is simply customer pressure. Maybe the example set by heroic people like Piers Corbyn, see:, has woken people up; or is that just wishful thinking. Perhaps I am being too optimistic and this is just some kind of eye in the hurricane, but the office at Oxford's Gloucester Green bus station also accepted cash, as did the bus drivers, see: Also this morning I returned to the grocer I mentioned in this article, see:, and had an enlightening conversation with one of the staff. When the manned tills were all shut this time I went up to her and asked: "Are any humans available to serve me?" She laughed and replied: "Humans? They're trying to do away with us!" I said: "Yes, that's why I always use you." She thanked me and showed me to the customer service desk where I paid with cash. Also this story supports my white pilled theory: I'm curious to see if this positive trend continues. Perhaps we cashies are about to be vindicated. In the end, maybe it's been worth it to ride out this storm.
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Friday 13 October 2023

Am I a GATE Child?

This article involves me recalling some very painful memories from my youth. To give you some background, I was born in a town in Wales and moved to Oxford when I was eight years old. My father had a new job in Oxford so we all moved. He is from a Bristol-Welsh family and worked as an engineer until he retired about ten years ago. My mother was a Dutchwoman who met my dad in the '60's while he was at university in Birmingham and she was working as an au pair. When my brother and I were old enough to attend school my mum went to work as a cinema usherette. By then she was in her early thirties and one day she decided to get an education. She did evening classes in psychology and eventually got a degree; this allowed her to train as a relationship counsellor and she worked as one for about ten years after that until she had to retire early because of ill health. The training course was in Rugby, Warwickshire and involved several periods of residential tuition lasting a few weeks. One day when she came home from one of these stays she had this old Scottish lady with her called Isabel. It was pretty clear before long that the two of them had become good friends. It's possibly more accurate to say that Isabel adopted my mum. My dad once told me himself that "Isabel is her mother." In this way she became what you might call my step-grandmother. She was a huge part of our lives, essentially a new member of the family. I endured this for the next eight years; in fact until I left home aged twenty. I'm not going to describe in detail what this period of my life was like for two reasons; firstly, I can't remember all of it, but secondly because it is still too upsetting to put it into words. Basically, my mother's behaviour and personality changed considerably while Isabel was around. Isabel was there in our house almost every day even though she had her own home; just like "Centaur", see: Isabel would turn up in the morning and demand to be served with coffee. She did this politely unless I was the one present; then she would bark rudely at me as if I were a servant. When she was present my mum used to speak to me in a similar tone. The two of them also used to talk about me in a very critical way as if I were not there, although they did this intentionally knowing I could hear them. For me, a twelve-year-old boy, I didn't understand what was happening other than it filled me with a huge amount of sadness. Years later I realized that this was because Isabel was turning my mother against me. Talking to Isabel in any capacity was uncomfortable and confusing. She seemed to have an almost magical way of bamboozling me, tying me up in mental knots. She only ever did this to me, not my brother or my dad. Even the rest of the family admitted she had a weird fixation with me. It was not until many years after I left home that I found out who Isabel actually was. Her full name was Isabel Menzies-Lyth and she is one of the most infamous names in the history of psychological warfare. Here is a page about her: Here is an interview: Isabel was also the inspiration for my own character Millicent, see:
The revelation of Isabel's identity led to more questions, such as: why us? Or more precisely, why me? My family are not important people. Our background is best described as what in the UK is known as "skilled working class". My mother was one of several dozen students on the counselling course, so why did Isabel latch onto her? What was somebody of Isabel's prominence in the field of psychology even doing getting involved with lowly relationship counsellors' training? I had to ask whether she had inserted herself into our family on a mission. Was all this done to try and break me down? To bring me back to normality. I have always had open-minded ideas my whole life. Even though I have only been in full conspiratorial awareness since the mid-90's when I was already grown up, before then as a child I had some distinct basic interests. My childhood memories are sketchy, but I did consume many junior readers' books on esoteric mysteries, such as Usborne's "World of the Unknown" collection, see: and: and: Things like this could have raised red flags; or maybe it was something else about me; something I've not even thought of yet. I score very high on the empathy scale, see: In today's society, this is informally regarded as an "empathic disorder". I remember being sent to see educational psychologists several times from about the age of eight. When I was about eleven I underwent something called "Education for Living" in which I was taken out of my normal class about three times a week and coached by a psychologist.
I don't know all the answers and maybe never will. My mother died in 2006 and Isabel followed her in 2008. However, I have recently come across some archived pages that had been doing the rounds a few years ago on, a few other sites and eventually 4Chan. They suggest there are covert programmes for identifying certain personality traits in children, those that might make them troublesome adults in years to come. They were allegedly run by the Tavistock Institute and called "GATE"; this is apparently an acronym for something not explained. Once identified, a child could be given the right "treatment" to prevent them developing along their natural progression lines and instead divert them into a more conventional mindset. Was I one of those children? There is a questionnaire in one of the articles that might give me a clue. I've filled it in. My answers are in italics.
Physical Characteristics
Blue eyes: No.
Forehead scar(s): No.
Occipital bun (aka "math bump"): Yes.
Psychological Characteristics
High IQ: Don't know exactly, but I believe I am above average intelligence.
Interest in ("out there") phenomena: You could say that!
INTJ: This is a Myers-Briggs personality inventory designation. No, I am ENFJ.
Intuitive: Yes.
Meme magic: Don't know what that means.
Memory loss: Yes.
Migraines: No.
Moral intensity/strong sense of justice: Yes, very much.
Premonitions/prophetic dreams: Sometimes.
Life History
Birth complications (e.g. premature, not breathing): Yes, my mum had rubella and the doctors thought I might be stillborn.
Firstborn son: Yes.
Early speech therapy: Yes.
Near death experiences, especially drowning: No.
Leniency from authority figures: No. The opposite in fact!
Late teens/early twenties heavy drug use: No.
J*** art student girlfriend(s): No, and I have never considered J*** as relevant, see:
Tendency toward being followed, abducted, tracked, or gangstalked: Maybe, certainly with Isabel and Centaur.
Administered special juice, especially banana flavoured: Yes, strangely enough; in the form of medicine for sore throats and earache.
So my responses are a bit borderline. I'm not sure what else I can find out. How can I learn more? I could ask my dad, but he tends to clam up when I raise subjects to do with our family's past; but you never know because he is at least willing to be a bit more open with me about certain subjects, see: One thing's for sure. There are questions that need answering. Something is not right with my family and there is no everyday explanation for some of the things that have happened to me during my life. Today, I have a very different personality to all the rest of my family. None of them share my interests.
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