Sunday 24 December 2023

MH370 Wing Found

A surprising story has emerged in the last few days; that another part of the MH370 wreckage has been found. Up till now several dozen aeroplane fragments have been gathered from the beaches of south-western Africa, mostly by one man called Blaine Gibson, which appear to be part of a Boeing 777 airliner. A few experts claim they are definitely parts of the missing aircraft although others have called that into question. This time, however, we are not talking about a small piece, but an entire wing. The wing was supposedly found by two fisherman called Kit Olver and George Currie. They were the skipper and mate of a deep-sea trawler and they were off the coast of Australia when the broken wing of an airliner was caught in the net. It was too big to bring onboard and was ripping the net so they had to cut it loose and it sank back down to the seabed. When they reported the story, the authorities showed surprisingly little interest, even though this was just a few months after the disappearance. This was supposedly because the search was focused in another area and the analysts didn't believe that the plane could have gone down where Kit's boat was. They also said that the men were mistaken and the trawler had actually pulled up part of a cargo container that had fallen of a ship a few days before. Kit denies this. He has now retired, but he was a fisherman for thirty-five years and has dragged up all kinds of flotsam and jetsam, and so is used to recognizing all kinds of rubbish. Source:
There's a lot that's wrong with this narrative. Firstly, why were the search and rescue operation leaders so dismissive? I know what they say about fisherman's tales, but this is a major claim about very serious matter and should at least have been followed up. If you were running that search and somebody said: "I've found an aeroplane wing!" I'd have at least have gone and talked to him a bit longer. Kit Olver says that even though he had to jettison the mysterious catch, he made a note of where it is and he can guide somebody back to the location. Why has nobody asked him to do that? Secondly, why has this only just been published as a news story now? It happened almost a decade ago; as I said, a few months after MH370 vanished. It sounds like it might be a distraction manoeuvre. This is a highly risky gambit that can easily backfire; therefore it is only ever used when the gatekeepers are absolutely desperate, but there has been a massive reignition of interest in these last few months because of the new Netflix documentary MH370- the Plane that Disappeared. Also in a few months it will be the tenth anniversary. This can create what I call an "informational choke point" where deep secrets can burst out onto the surface. At the same time Ashton Forbes and many other researchers are growing in number and popularity. It feels as if the authorities don't really want to find MH370. Why haven't they followed up the ham radio evidence, even though we've known about it for a whole year, see: Hopefully the questions raised will rise further as we approach the decade point on March the 8th 2024.
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