Monday 11 December 2023

Super Pigs

North America is being invaded by "super pigs". I've never heard of this story from the Marvel universe!... Actually these super pigs are very real and they are well on their way to causing an ecological and agricultural disaster. Pigs are not native to the American continents and were introduced about five hundred years ago by European settlers, like many other species. The standard pig you find on farms, Sus domesticus, is not a problem. It's highly fertile, but lacks the mobility and hardiness of its wild cousins. The problem is that many North American farmers used also to breed the Eurasian wild boar, Sus scrofa. Some invariably escape or are released into the wild and they have been interbreeding with feral farm pigs to become a hybrid which has all the resilience of the latter with the fertility of the former. This porcine pandemic began in Canada, but is spreading south to the USA. Super pigs are very difficult control. Hunting them can only make the problem worse because it makes the animals more wary and poisons or traps threaten other species. The pigs are devouring crops like locusts. This makes them reminiscent of the "vegetarian zombies" mentioned in the Pentagon's "counter zombie dominance plan", see: Source: Was the plan's terminology literally code for super pigs? If so then was the problem predicted? How did they know in advance? It makes me wonder whether this was an intended hazard. I'm not suggesting the super pigs came out of the laboratories of Plum Island; such a high-tech origin is not necessary to explain their presence. However, it adds another pretext to the list being compiled by those who want to justify Agenda 2030. The pigs also spread diseases and can threaten commercial droves. Maybe at some point Bill Gates will come up with the "bright idea" of an engineered virus, targeted to a specific genotype, to "save us from the super pigs!" We must be on our guard against that kind of enticement.
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