Thursday 30 April 2020

There's a Conspiracy Theorist under my Bed!

A number of prominent figures and organizations, such as Greater Manchester Police and the Prevent Strategy are warning the public about "radicalisation", especially online. This kind of warning has been spoken about openly for quite some time, ever since David Cameron's speech about "non-violent extremists", see: This time there is a specific link to the coronavirus crisis. The Manchester force said in a Tweet, now deleted: "Online platforms can be a fun world. Unfortunately, they can also be used to exploit vulnerable people. If you are worried that one of your friends or family is showing signs of radicalisation seek advice or call police on 101." They state that one of the signs of such radicalisation is in the question: "Are they repeating conspiracy theories?" Of course, this brings up the subsequent question of exactly what is a conspiracy theory; or it should. As I've said elsewhere, many pieces of perfectly normal and accepted viewpoints and historical facts are literally conspiracy theories, see: However, I'm sure the police are referring here to its popular and erroneous definition, which needs no further explanation from me. This must surely concern a few people, even those who reject the claims made by conspiracy theorists. It is Orwellian Thoughtcrime by every definition of the word. A person is now a wrongdoer based not on any action they commit, but how they choose to think and speak. This must mean that certain viewpoints directly lead to criminal activities, according to this notion. Source: The demonization of opinion has now spread to the coronavirus crisis, see: I actually do not agree with Kenneth Dobson, but I do not consider him a dangerous man for expressing his opinion. Obviously one of the most outspoken purveyors of conspiratorial matter on the internet is myself. Am I now a Thoughtcriminal? Surely readers who know me will understand the lunacy involved here... Wait a sec. Who's that knocking at my door?...

Tuesday 28 April 2020

AATIP Videos Declassified

The United States government has announced that it is declassifying the three US Navy gun camera clips known as the AATIP footage. These fell into the hands of the press and TTSA in December 2017. In 2019 the Pentagon admitted that AATIP was a real thing and that the footage was genuine. Earlier this year they stated that they had much more evidence; both further visual and also telemetry, radar logs and firing solutions etc. Source: See the background links below for the history of this subject. The official declassification of the AATIP videos is really just a formality, seeing as the material has already been leaked; a case of shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted. However, in legal terms it could prove to be significant because there is far more evidence currently classified, as we conspiratorial UFOlogists have always said, and we could now be looking at a precedent that will continue. How far, I cannot even guess. I know many people think this is all disinformation. I don't agree for reasons I state in the background links. One could be forgiven for thinking that what I always previously said was impossible, controlled Disclosure, might actually happen. If it does... all bets are off!

Monday 27 April 2020

Carol Noonan Interview

My interview with Carol Noonan that was played recently on HPANWO Radio is now available uninterrupted and illustrated on her YouTube channel, see: We discuss the channelling on extraterrestrials, spirituality and the COVID 19 crisis. See here for Carol's website:

Sunday 26 April 2020

More Mystery Ships

Actually the title of this article is misleading. There is no mystery surrounding these ships, however I wanted to connect it to an article I wrote a few days ago about a similar incident off the coast of South Wales because I have come to suspect that the causes are similar, see: Actually when I posted this article, many people commented that what I was reporting on was normal shipping manoeuvres. If that is so then I'd have to ask why the mainstream media mentions it. Either way, the same cannot be said for this similar story. A huge fleet of ships have been gathering in the seas off southern California USA. They are supertankers whose job it is to feed America's unquenchable thirst for petroleum, or unquenchable until now. The coronavirus lockdown has reduced the demand for oil by such a sudden and extreme level that it has caused a bottleneck; one which actually appeared while those ships were at sea. So supply has yet to adjust to demand. Source: This has obviously caused a record-breaking crash in oil prices, source:, that even surpasses the one a few years ago when the world started a trade war with Russia, see: Hopefully this situation is temporary, but it is clear that the powers-that-shouldn't-be are quite relishing this new opportunity to exercise their authoritarian muscles and this includes economic reform. How many of the changes caused by the COVID 19 pandemic will remain with us after the pandemic is over? What will be the long-term historical effects of the lockdown? One thing is for sure is that it will be dragged on for as long as it can be justified in the minds of the population.

Friday 24 April 2020

Paedophile Hunters

Ethics is a very complicated and confusing subject. Decisions are very often not black-and-white and dilemmas are lurking around every corner. I understand the lure of moral nihilism. It is so easy to throw your hands up and set yourself free from this burden simply by becoming a pseudo-psychopath, see here for details: A perfect example is the phenomenon of paedophile hunters. This is a new movement that has emerged mostly in the British Isles and, to a lesser extent, the rest of the English-speaking world, which takes advantage of an aspect of internet child protection laws. If a sexual predator targets a child through online social media then it makes no difference who the child is, or even if it is a child at all; so long as the offender believes that they are addressing a child. Therefore some people have set up sock accounts which portray themselves as children and wait for a predator to approach them. They then gather evidence of the person "grooming" them; this means posting content designed to manipulate a minor into sexual activity. Once this entrapment is complete they call the police and also confront the predator publicly, usually livestreaming the situation in order to "name and shame" them. Many paedophile hunters are survivors of child sexual abuse themselves and a there are over a hundred teams. Because of his media presence, the best known of these teams in the one led by Stinson Hunter, see: The paedophile hunting community has developed its own lexicon, see:
Paedophile hunting terminology:
"Decoy"- somebody impersonating a child online to entrap predators.
"Door knock"- a sting that takes place at a predator's home.
"Excuse bingo"- a list of common pretexts predators use, such as "I thought she was eighteen not thirteen!" or "My mate was using my phone at the time!" etc.
"Hebephile"- somebody sexually attracted to children around the age of puberty.
"Nonce"- online predator.
"Pandora's bracelets" (often shortened to "Pandoras")- handcuffs
"Predator"- a paedophile before their first criminal conviction for child grooming.
"Re-offender"- a predator who has been stung before or convicted in court of grooming before.
"Sting"- public confrontation with predators.
"Taxi"- police car.
"To light up"- to expose a predator publicly.
"To take (somebody) to the floor"- physically restrain a violent person during a citizens' arrest.
"Wrong 'un"- any person who is utterly evil and degenerate.

A typical sting involves the predator arranging to meet the decoy somewhere and instead of the underage person they expect, a group of burly adults brandishing cameras appear and place the predator under citizens' arrest in accordance with Section 24A of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act of 1984. They will reassure the suspect that they are not there to harm them, and even talk about the duty of care they have according to the law. They then immediately call the police. The livestreams are usually posted to public profiles and the comments boxes fill up with expression of rage and hatred. Most stings end when the police arrive and arrest the suspect. The response from the captured suspect varies a lot. Some collapse in shame and beg for forgiveness, but these are a minority. Most of them are not emotionally moved at all when confronted by the reality of their own behaviour. They often try to talk their way out of it by making up lies about what they did or plan to do. Experienced paedophile hunters soon become accustomed to what they tend to concoct, hence "excuse bingo". A few panic and try to escape by running or fighting, a futile effort because sting teams always consist of two or more large men who act as security. The hunters never turn the camera on themselves; guarding their anonymity. I suspect many use false names because all their surnames seem to be "Hunter". They never reveal the names of the decoys or the descriptions of their sock-puppet profiles. Any sock publicized would then be considered doxed and therefore useless for decoys because the targets could all find out what it is and who is behind it. This could jeopardize missions in progress. At the time of writing, there are several thousand recordings of stings available on social media. Hunters claim they gain a conviction with every case and never carry out a sting unless they are absolutely certain of the predator's identity and have ample evidence of their misdemeanours. Usually they track the suspect for several months or longer before confronting them in a sting. Most of them are engaging with more than one decoy. However, their record is not one hundred percent perfect, see: The teams vary in professionalism and competence, in my view. Paedophile hunting is very controversial and has been the subject of several news and current affairs TV programmes, for example see: Paedophile hunters have been described as vigilantes; however this is not literally true for most of them. The majority of teams operate completely within the law. However senior police authorities are very critical of paedophile hunters. They accuse them of taking the law into their own hands by publicizing their stings so enthusiastically. So far no paedophile hunter has been convicted of any offence as a result of their activities. The reason they make a sting public every time is because they claim that the police do not have the resources to deal with the problem of online child grooming which is, nobody can deny, a horrific scandal. They claim that punishment under the law is too lenient for child protection cases, which I agree with. Some predators are not even imprisoned, at least for their first offence. The name-and-shame strategy acts as an additional deterrent by embarrassing the suspect so blatantly. It also allows people who know the suspect to be wary of them. However, paedophile hunting of this kind does indeed bypass the usual legal process. At the time of writing, eight suspects have committed suicide after being stung and before their prosecution. Therefore the experience of being stung has so upset them that it has induced them to end their lives when they have not been legally convicted of a crime, for example see: Being destroyed socially and professionally, these men then see the only way out is to destroy themselves biologically. I'm not going to mourn for these individuals, but do I actively desire them to kill themselves? No. Do they deserve this outcome in legal terms? No. Could these suicides be described as an extra-judicial death sentence? It's a tough question that's not easy to answer. As I said, morality is very rarely open-and-shut or unmistakable. There are very often bad side effects to good actions and vice versa. What is the right thing to do? I think my decision on this conundrum is influenced by the fact I have a daughter. She is now an adult, but of course I do remember her childhood and teenage years. I find the idea of her being pursued at a young age sexually on the internet by an adult as totally obscene and infuriating. I was also abused myself as a child; not sexually, but physically and emotionally, see: and: Despite the harm sometimes done by paedophile hunters, they do an awful lot of good that prevents harm that would otherwise not be prevented. They are dedicated volunteers who do this work in their own time for no pay; and stings often involve a lot of travelling. Children are far safer as a result of their actions. There is a case here for what philosophers call "the doctrine of double effects", see: Therefore my solution to this dilemma is to support the paedophile hunters, and I do.

Wednesday 22 April 2020

Mystery Ships

Six unusual ships have suddenly appeared in the Bristol Channel, or Severn Sea as the Welsh call it; the sea between South Wales and the English West Country. The ships have dropped anchor and the official story is that they are waiting to dock at Port Talbot in West Glamorgan. The largest and most distinctive of these ships is Mediterranean Highway, a flat topped vehicle carrier with 17,000 tons of displacement. It is registered in Panama, that most classic flag-of-convenience. The others are Whitestar, a British coastal oil tanker; Golden Eagle, a bulk carrier from Singapore, as is Sagar Samrat. Golden Eagle and SSI Excellent are under the Marshall Islands. Source: It is odd that all these ships should turn up at once, before berths are available in their harbour. What's more they do not appear on the public marine traffic database, see: Normally only naval vessels cannot be seen on that web monitor. It makes me wonder if something else is going on. There have been a record number of UFO sightings in the last few weeks. No doubt this is down partly to the COVID 19 lockdown. People have more free time and are going to bed later, so are looking at the sky more. Also, some of these reports can be explained by Space X's Skylink satellite cluster, see: However there has been genuinely unusual activity in the Bristol Channel and the Celtic Sea. A friend of mine in Cornwall sent me, privately, a photograph taken by her son that showed three distinct glowing objects. Also the coronavirus continues to create unexpected results in this unusual situation. Could these ships be on a secret mission, either chartered or owned by the intelligence services? A mission related to UFO's or the lockdown crisis. It has been reported that oil prices have crashed and that stores of medical personal protective equipment are running low. Is there a connection? Possibly. In 1974 the CIA secretly acquired the deepsea drilling ship Glomar Explorer and converted it into a special operations vessel to raise the wreck of the sunken Soviet submarine K29 because it was armed with nuclear missiles, see: Are we seeing something similar again?

Monday 20 April 2020

The Mind Set Podcast Programme 398

I have been featured on Programme 398 of the Mind Set Podcast.
Subjects discussed include: alternative ideas about coronavirus, skeptic malcontents, Trump lets the states lift the lockdown and much much more.
See here for my previous appearance on The Mind Set Podcast:

Saturday 18 April 2020

Ben Emlyn-Jones on the Paranormal Peep Show 7

I have been interviewed again on the Paranormal Peep Show by Neil Geddes Ward and Andrew Chaplin. We discuss the coronavirus crisis. I was joined on the air by Carol Noonan, Stephen Sakellarios and Andy Thomas.
See here for my previous appearance on the Paranormal Peep Show:

Friday 17 April 2020

Apollo Detectives 6

A film edited and produced by Neil Geddes-Ward and Andrew Chaplin. A conversation between Marcus Allen, Andrew, Neil, Randy Walsh, Blue Earth Thing, Scott Henderson, Trevor Weaver and myself.
This sixth Apollo Detectives film welcomes two new contributors, Randy Walsh and Blue Earth Thing. This discussion is unique in the series because Blue Earth Thing supports the official story of the Apollo moon landings and is willing to debate it with the other contributors who all disagree.
See here for Neil's channel:
See here for Neil and Andy's radio show:
See here for Marcus' website:
See here for Randy's website:
See here for Trevor's website:
See here for Blue Earth Thing's website:
See here for Scott's study page:
I have produced my own version of this film on HPANWO TV which includes my personal commentary:

Thursday 16 April 2020

Larry Warren and the Iranian Hostages

David Young has produced yet another video in his campaign to destroy Larry Warren and this latest one is as futile and false as all the others in his series. See here for the previous one: This new video is shorter than his others... thank God! However, it makes many points within its six minute duration. First of all Donald Laisure doubts Larry's story about his abduction and torture following his encounter with a UFO and entities. This is because along with being the armourer at the base Donald was also the fireman, so he knew the entire area of both bases, Bentwaters and Woodbridge. I think it is possible Don has misunderstood the details of Larry's account. Don might have an idea in his head that Larry was imprisoned in some basement under a building or within the Weapons Storage Area, the most secure part of the base. In fact he uses the words "underground bunkers". No, what Larry describes is much more like a DUMB- Deep Underground Military Base, something that is totally separate from the USAF infrastructure on the surface. It may have been close to the twin bases and may even lie beneath them, but is not in any way connected with them. Donald therefore would have known nothing about it. Larry's story reminds me of witnesses such as Preston Nichols, James Casbolt and Phil Schneider etc. The title of the video refers to the Iran hostage crisis which began in November 1979 when a group of American diplomats were detained after Iran became an Islamic republic. They were eventually released in January of 1981 and were taken to Ramstein and Wiesbaden Air Force Bases in Germany for debriefing and medical examinations. A group of USAF personnel from Bentwaters-Woodbridge went to the German base which included some of the guard dog handlers, known as the K-9 unit (a play on the word "canine"). The dogs are also used for seizing drugs. Donald is incredulous that the Air Force would send dogs to deal with the hostage crisis; he says: "Why would they send spaniels?" Well, they didn't actually send dogs, they just happened to send any men they had available; this included the K-9 staff and Larry. Would they have been spaniels anyway? I have been contacted by somebody who knows two people who were servicemen at RAF Bentwaters and Woodbridge at that time and they have supplied the photos you see below. The dogs you can see there are not spaniels. They look like mastiffs and Alsatians or something like them. They asked me to quote them: "The dogs were type of German Shepherd (Alsatian).  I visited Sergeant Danny Stoops a dog handler when he was in the Bentwaters NMSA with his guard dog. Tim Pratt was also a dog handler that went into buildings searching for drugs. I don't remember spaniels. I have a black-and-white photo of the guys chasing down the dogs. It was cute. They were all German Shepherd types that I saw." And: "The dogs may have all been German Shepherds but I'm not a hundred percent positive. I remember during orientation when I first got there, a K-9 handler brought in his dog and demonstrated on how it alerted to drugs hidden in the room. And once in a great while, K-9 would walk past our hock (equipment) bags during guardmount to see if anyone was bringing drugs to work.  Other than that, I can't say I remember much about them. That looks accurate.  Probably the weed smokers paid more attention to them than anyone." The Royal Navy Provost uses spaniels and similar breeds for drug hunting because they have to be small enough to climb into lockers and other confined spaces on board ships; however this wasn't an issue for an air base. Source:

David then turns to Jim Penniston for more information on the Iran hostage crisis sending him an email asking about Larry's involvement. The first night witness replies that he is certain Larry was not in any way involved in this mission. Jim claims that nobody from the 81st SPS was involved. He knew because he was in charge of all the security police temporary duty assignments. Larry was apparently working "weeds and seeds", punishment duties, at the SP's supply department. This is another common accusation levelled at Larry, that he was a bad soldier. He was kicked out for not being good enough and during his brief service he spent much of his time in trouble. This is not true. As we've established in my previous article in this series, Larry was honourably discharged from the USAF. I've previously published photographs of Larry doing honour guard duty at social events. Somebody working punishment duties would not be allowed to do that. In fact in the photograph above of Larry you will see he is wearing a white scarf. This is called an "ascot" and is worn by airmen who are part of an honour guard. Therefore Penniston's testimony makes no sense. What else makes no sense is his claim that he held a position of command in the SPS. No, Penniston was a Law Enforcement NCO, part of a different department. Larry was eventually moved off D-flight to SP Operations which included working in SP supplies, but this was not "weeds and seeds". Larry worked a system of morning and afternoon shifts. In the morning his officers commanding were Master Sergeant Fred Smith or Technical Sergeant George Laws. In the afternoon Larry was under the supervision of Major Carl Dury. Larry says he only saw Jim Penniston once in supplies and this was when the Law Enforcement enlisted man went in to moan about his boots being the wrong size. Fred Smith didn't like his attitude and threw him out. When Larry went to Germany he was part of a small TDY group to represent the 81st and assist with crowd control amidst the huge international publicity incident the hostages being released generated. Larry knew Danny Stoops from K-9 very well. The video then goes on to pour ridicule on Larry's claim that he drove an Aston Martin. How did a nineteen year old on low pay afford that? The solution to that story is that the Aston Martin didn't just belong to Larry; it was paid for by a group of airmen and it was in very poor condition. A local man sold it to them, probably thinking Americans didn't understand British cars and so perhaps he hoped to overcharge them. The video ends with the claim that Larry was not a member of any motorcycle clubs and never even owned a motorbike. As you can see from the photos below, he did own one. He also was a member a biker club and took a photo with his fellow members. I shall end this article with something Larry said which he asked me to quote: "It's becoming a sport making bozos look like fools and fools they clearly are!" I wholeheartedly agree, Larry. We'd also like to ask Don to reread Left at East Gate so that David Young stops making a fool of him too. David ought to be careful about name-dropping private organizations, ones which are unrelated to any UFO matters, organizations who don't like having their name publicized.

Wednesday 15 April 2020

Ben Emlyn-Jones on the Kev Baker Show 57

I have been interviewed again on the Kev Baker Show (aka MrGlasgowTruther) on Truth Frequency Radio, see here for the podcast:
See here for an illustrated clip:
Subjects discussed include: surviving the coronavirus, weird structures deep under Loch Ness, Area 51's new hangar and much much more.
See here for my previous appearance on the Kev Baker Show:

Tuesday 14 April 2020

Coronavirus on St Helena

I'm pleased to report that so far there are no confirmed cases of COVID 19 disease on St Helena. The British overseas territory consists of a small and very remote island in the South Atlantic Ocean. A suspected case was announced on the 27th of March, but the patient was later tested and found to be negative. The island is still at the Prevent stage of the pandemic. There was a social distancing policy initiated on the 21st of last month and it will come to and end tomorrow, the 14th of April. A number of Saints who arrived on flights before the lockdown were ordered to self-isolate for fourteen days; this period came to and end last week. The MV Helena has been dropping off medical supplies and hand sanitizer. There have also been a few emergency viral screening kits that taken to the island by special flight. Source: Therefore St Helena may well be one of the few places on earth that can be declared coronavirus-free. This is of course a testament to its extreme geographical isolation. In fact if anybody comes down with the illness now, this could be seen as evidence for the "panspermia" theory of viruses, see: Nevertheless, the Saints have been lucky. The presence of the airport has made the safety of the island from COVID 19 more difficult to arrange. Without the airport, keeping the pandemic away from the island would have been almost effortless. The same goes for other infectious illnesses. When the airport was constructed, the builders from Basil Read were tested for HIV before being sent to St Helena, but realistically can AIDS be kept out of the population long term? Once again, I am not making any pronouncement of whether St Helena Airport is a good or bad thing; I am just explaining how there are disadvantages to it along with the advantages.

Saturday 11 April 2020

Area 51 New Build

Some stunning new photographs have been published of Area 51. The secret military test site in Nevada USA is shrouded in almost complete secrecy and everything that goes on there is classified top secret, yet occasionally information leaks out from people like Bob Lazar. The sky immediately above the Groom Lake facility is a no-fly zone, yet there are airways close to the zone that are open temporarily, depending on activity at the base. Last week a private pilot called Gabriel Zeifman was lucky enough to be in the vicinity on one of the days when the airspace was "cold", which means there were no classified air operations were underway; as a result he managed to get as close to the covert base as it is possible to. He took advantage of the opportunity by flying his Cessna 150 light aeroplane as near to the edge of the permanently forbidden zone as he dared and snapping some very clear photographs of the Dreamland area. These revealed a new building under construction. Some researchers have been claiming that operations at Area 51 are winding down as the post-Cold War age enters its fourth decade. They even predict the imminent closure of Area 51. This new development proves them wrong. Area 51 is bustling and thriving. The secret government departments and military-industrial complex companies that run the base still have plans for the nameless estate. I reported in 2015 how a brand new hangar had been built a long way from the main base campus at the far end of its main runway, the longest in the world, see: Now five years later, this latest building is located at the southern segment of the main base and at this stage in its construction it looks like it's going to be a "scoot-and-hide" hangar, one intended to give the vehicle inside it speedy and discreet access to the runway. Source: As with everything at Area 51, nobody knows exactly what the new building is for; but when it is finished it will be huge, about 450 feet across with a floor-plan of three acres. This will make it by far the biggest part of Area 51. If it is a hangar then the aircraft it is designed for must be very large, unless it's meant for multiple smaller aircraft. It is right next to the new centre taxiway, a new route laid down in 2003 so aircraft can move on the ground between the hangars and the runways. This would make sense if the hangar was intended to be used by a secret aircraft that needed to get to and from the runways as quickly and quietly as possible, out of sight of any base personnel not authorized to know about the project. Unlike the 2015 hangar, there doesn't seem to be a safety concern with this one. Possibly because the vehicle inside is an antigravity one needing no fuel, or because it runs off normal aviation petroleum. These days Area 51 is not as secluded as it used to be. The early researchers, pre-Lazar, had to rely on telephoto lenses and leaked Russian Soviet satellite photographs, but today the base is more visually accessible from certain locations and the air; despite the annexation of "Freedom Ridge". It is also widely discussed in the mainstream and has penetrated deep into popular culture in a variety of ways. There is also the Treaty of Open Skies which means today the Russians can fly reconnaissance aircraft directly above the heart of Area 51 so long as they don't fly too low. However, it is obvious that the management of the secret base are not overly concerned about the confidentiality of their current construction projects, otherwise they would never have allowed Mr Zeifman to fly as close as he did.

Friday 10 April 2020

Boris is Safe

Good news. The Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been moved out of intensive care and is now recovering on an infectious diseases ward at St Thomas' Hospital in London. He spent three days in ITU being given extra oxygen through a standard enrichment mask. He never needed assistance with breathing at all, and so his life was never in danger. There is no direct treatment for COVID 19; all the carers could do was help Boris' own body fight the infection and this he eventually succeeded in doing. He is not completely well yet and still will need more time to recover on the ward and later on at home in the residential area of Number 10. He was very lucky. Not only was his life threatened by the disease itself, but by a large number of the most powerful and influential people in the world (if indeed they are people) who want Boris dead. He is surrounded by enemies, both across the world and close to him in Parliament. His stay in hospital would be the perfect pretext for eliminating him and blaming it on the coronavirus. Thankfully this didn't happen. I would go as far as to say that the fact Boris is still alive is a credit to whoever in the establishment is protecting him. Like President Trump, Boris must have some very competent and able friends who are keeping him safe from harm. So far they have been successful. I hope and pray that their success continues. I would like to thank them too. Now, I would like to address the staff at St Thomas' Hospital directly here:

Monday 6 April 2020

Boris Johnson in ITU

I'm very concerned to learn that the Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been moved to intensive care. He was admitted to St Thomas' Hospital in central London yesterday as a "precautionary measure" because he was suffering from the symptoms of the COVID 19 disease. At 7 PM this evening he was moved to the hospital's intensive therapy unit as another "precautionary measure". However, any patient sent to intensive care is in big trouble because it's where the hospital looks after its sickest patients. A large proportion of patients taken there do not leave alive. Sufferers of COVID 19 mostly experience minor symptoms no worse than a bad dose of influenza; this is what happened to me, but a minority come down with a more severe form of the illness that can lead to breathing problems and eventually pneumonia that can easily kill. So far over 70,000 people have died of coronavirus infection. According to Downing Street sources, the Prime Minister is not currently in need of assistance with breathing, such as an oxygen mask to give enriched air, or a ventilator. He is fully conscious and said to be in good spirits. He has never appointed a Deputy PM so Dominic Raab, the Foreign Secretary, is acting up in his place. Messages of goodwill have been coming in from political figures of all kinds from around the world. Source: I feel deeply worried for Boris' well-being. As I said before, he is the first PM Britain has ever had whom I feel genuine respect and admiration for, see: It would be devastating to lose him. I don't often seriously pray, but I am now; for Boris to make a speedy and complete recovery. Obviously I will keep HPANWO readers informed of any developments. I also wonder if there was some connection to David Icke's second London Real interview being deleted. It went live on YouTube at 2.30 PM and half an hour later was removed. It also vanished from the London Real website and a follow up video made by Brian Rose had its audio muted. This sounds like something more serious than the usual nastiness of social media deplatforming. It has the hallmarks of a GCHQ hit, see: Get well soon, Boris!

Sunday 5 April 2020

Random Rainbows

During the coronavirus lockdown a new trend has emerged. People, mostly children, have been drawing pictures of coloured rainbows in paint or crayon and displaying putting them publicly, often in the windows of their homes. The artworks are often accompanied by uplifting words or poetry. Above are some that I found in my local area; one was sent to me by a friend who lives a few miles outside Oxford. Not that this is a local phenomenon; it is a craze that has caught on all over the world, see: Crises like the COVID 19 pandemic bring out the worst in people; who can forget the Australian shoppers fighting over toilet paper or the used facemasks in Thailand being sold at exorbitant prices? However, it also brings out the best in people too. There has been a positive element to the lockdown that has revealed the courage, stoicism and compassion of the human species. Suffering often does that. The famous bereavement counsellor, Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, wrote something in one of her books that I've never forgotten. She found reports that people living under enormous emotional stress in prisons such as Auschwitz and the Soviet Gulags of Russia were drawing pictures of butterflies. Sometimes these were merely outlines carved onto wooden furniture or walls. It was as if these images symbolized an angelic energy that had found these people in their darkest hour to comfort them. Maybe these rainbows are the same thing.

Saturday 4 April 2020

Keir Starmer New Labour Leader

The non-stop headlines about the coronavirus have for the first time come close to being upstaged, but for what? An election has just come to an end which is by far the least exciting in living memory. The new Leader of the Opposition is Sir Keir Starmer KCB QC, a politician who has only been an MP since 2015. Following their humiliating defeat in last year's general election, see:, the Labour Party's leader Jeremy Corbyn announced his impending resignation, but it was a long slow process of replacement. A row of candidates stood for election which was eventually reduced to three, Starmer, Lisa Nandy and Rebecca Long Bailey. There was no doubt about this outcome because Starmer had a massive lead in opinion polls over his two rivals. For those who have been on the edge of their seats over this... which is just the three people who are the candidates, the outcome is fairly inconsequential. Keir Starmer describes himself as "a socialist but not a Corbynite" and he wows to "keep key policies from the Corbyn era", such as nationalising rail, mail and water and repealing anti-union laws. He takes a soft to medium leftist stance on most issues. What independent principles he actually represents is uncertain. He said his task was to "lead this great party into a new era". What new era? Source:

It is interesting to notice how the Labour Party are responding very differently to their current lack of success to how they did in the 1980's when they were faced with a similar situation. In the 1992 general election they lost to the Tories for the fourth time in a row and Neil Kinnock (today an EU Commissioner) resigned and was replaced by John Smith. Smith conveniently "died of a heart attack" allowing one of Britain's most controversial Prime Ministers, Tony Blair, to take office. Under Smith and Blair, Labour took a rapid and radical lurch to the centre. Their conference slogan became "Meet the challenge- make the change". After their 2019 election loss the consensus in Labour was to stand by the principles that led to Corbyn's leadership. They are doubling down and digging in on socialism. Many Labour members and supporters have commented on how disappointed they are that a white heterosexual male ("Ugh!") is once again in control of the party. They were hoping that the next leader would be a woman, or as they say in Labour "Woman!" I agree and I personally supported Rebecca Long Bailey, although not for the usual reason. Starmer is very establishment. He has been knighted and is one of the nation's top lawyers. He is a barrister and was once head of the Crown Prosecution Service. Most sinister of all, he is very much involved with the Fabian Society. I find it amusing that he since he was elected he is most famous for being the Shadow Brexit Secretary, which is pretty much like being the Israeli Minister for Pig Farming. Starmer has chosen Angela Rayner to be his deputy leader. She is a "Woman!", but she looks a bit like an alien. In all seriousness, maybe she is one. For anybody who thinks Keir Starmer will bring any significant change to the Labour Party, remember that he was backed by David Lammy... I rest my case. By contrast, Boris Johnson taking over the Conservative leadership from Theresa May was highly symbolic and has proven to be momentous. Strangely enough, Starmer's first name, which is an unusual one, is the same as the politician who founded the Labour Party in 1896, Keir Hardie. This is also the name of Owen Jones' cat; and I'm guessing that is in reference to the old leader Keir, not the new one. Despite all this, it is probable that Labour will hardly notice the change of leadership in practical terms. For the general public, most will merely wonder why Jeremy Corbyn has shaved.

Friday 3 April 2020

Apollo Detectives 5

A film edited and produced by Neil Geddes-Ward and Andrew Chaplin. A conversation between Marcus Allen, Jarrah White, Andrew, Neil and myself.
The semicentennial year has passed, but NASA continues to maintain the official story of the first missions to the moon, including plans to return to the moon. Can they really do that if they never did last time? We also discuss new evidence of artificial objects on the photography sets, strange things said by the aging astronauts, disinformation through the flat earth movement and much much more. See here for a HPANWO Radio interview with Marcus:
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I have produced my own version of this film on HPANWO TV which includes my personal commentary: