Wednesday 30 November 2016

Ben Emlyn-Jones on Pure Paranormal

I have been interviewed on the Pure Paranormal show with Tomo Warrington, part of the Pulse Talk Radio network. See here for the podcast:
Subjects discussed include: my own background, UFOlogy, UFO Disclosure, the haunted Galleries of Justice in Nottingham, anomalies in the official story of the 9/11 attacks and much much more. See here for Pulse Talk Radio's homepage:

Tuesday 29 November 2016

Phil Collins doubts Moon Landings

Phil Collins is the nice guy of rock and roll. Along with his genial demeanour in public, the famous singer-songwriter is an activist and philanthropist. He works for many charitable causes, including opposition to animal cruelty, homelessness and famine; the latter two he has written several songs about. I have always enjoyed his music, especially his solo album But Seriously. He is the subject of a major turning point in my life I experienced at the age of eighteen that I've never forgotten. I was sitting in a pub with some friends and one of his songs started on the jukebox. "Oh, it's only Phil Collins!" one of my acquaintances said, rolling their eyes and sticking out their tongue. There followed a long conversation about how bad Phil Collins was and I joined in, pretending to agree because I didn't want to be different from them. I felt ashamed afterwards and made the decision at that moment always to speak my mind and refuse to let peer pressure turn me into a conformist. Now something has happened that makes me even more relieved that I took that path, something which has increased my admiration for that brilliant artist. He has recently announced that he questions the Apollo moon landings. This is a subject I have covered extensively, see background links below; but I never imagined Phil Collins shared my doubts. To my knowledge this is the first time he has spoken publicly about the matter, although his opinion dates back to the contemporary period. After a brief career as a minor actor (before Buster and his later relaunch into drama off the back of his musical fame) he joined a band called Flaming Youth as a percussionist. They released an album in 1969 called Ark 2 that was inspired by space exploration, especially NASA's Apollo missions. It features tracks named after the planets and others entitled Weightlessness, Space Child and Earthglow. The album was launched at a live concert in the London Planetarium in October. The band played the songs while the projector animated them on the famous ceiling display; it must have been quite a spectacle. This was just a few months after the Apollo 11 mission and Apollo 12 was about to take off. After the show the band went to their hotel in Hampstead and stared up at the moon from the roof garden. They talked about space rockets and their album's themes. The TV was on and they watched a programme about the moon landings at the same time; and Phil started to wonder if it were really true. He said: "It's a can of worms and I don't know if I should open it. But I have a lot of questions about that." This initially appears to be an intuitive doubt he came to independently. The first book to question Apollo, Bill Kaying's We Never Went to the Moon, had yet to be written. Perhaps since then Phil has read up on the subject privately, but unfortunately he didn't elaborate. Source: Well done, Phil Collins! It takes guts to say something like that to the mainstream media. I can just see the skeptics lining up to deplore him. I'll be watching carefully to see if he says more along these lines. The day after he made this announcement the Chinese space agency released more material gathered during their Chang-e 3/ Jade Rabbit mission, see: I wonder if this was a coincidence. (Interestingly Chang-e 3 is the only soft landing achieved on the moon since Apollo 17 allegedly did in 1972).

Monday 28 November 2016

ASSAP Seriously Suspicious Conference

The ASSAP Seriously Suspicious Conference that I advertized here:, has gone ahead with great success. The Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena holds regular conferences on specialized matters as well as their annual Seriously Strange weekend event. That was in Reading this year and I badly wanted to attend it, but it clashed with UFO Truth. They've done an event about Vampires, "Seriously Staked"; demons, "Seriously Possessed"; and UFO's, "Seriously Unidentified". I'm glad they decided to do one about conspiracy theories too. I must pay special thanks to Alyson Dunlop who was a speaker at the Reading conference and recommended me to the organizers, see: The event was held in a lecture theatre at Goldsmiths, University of London; it is a large college in Lewisham consisting of buildings of various architectural periods tucked in between shopping streets and railway lines near the docklands. About a hundred people attended; a good crowd. I met up with some folk I was already acquainted with and met some new faces as well. Two friends accompanied me, Andrew Burlington, known online as "Victor Nevada", see:, and Colin Woolford, see: One of the speakers was the King of the Skeptics himself, Prof. Chris French of the Anomalistic Psychology Unit at Goldsmiths. He's actually a really nice guy and we got on very well. He did one of two lectures about satanic ritual abuse. He disagreed strongly with the other speaker who covered the subject, Tim Tate. The speaker I was most looking forward to hearing was Prof. Karen Douglas, a social psychology expert from the University of Kent. She gave a lecture outlining her views, but I managed to have a private word with her and she gave me more information. We talked about her recent publication that was rather heretical in nature, see: My old friend Andy Thomas turned up and discussed the logical reasoning behind conspiratorial ideas. It was good to hear somebody talk about how conviction to do with conspiratorial thinking can be based on evidence, not just fallacies and delusion. Christopher Thresher-Andrews is a student of Prof. French's and he did an interesting talk, with audience participation, about confirmation bias and other cognitive functions that he believes can make us more susceptible to conspiracy theoretical ideas. This involved playing games and thought experiments. Trystan Swale couldn't get there in the end. I must admit I was relieved. I'm not sure exactly how we would have interacted if he had been there; but I assure you, despite everything, I would have behaved professionally for the sake of the spirit of the conference and I was willing to show him basic courtesy, see here for background: My own talk was a condensed version of my lecture on Helen Duncan and the 1944 Witchcraft Trial, including new updated information, and it went well. The audience enjoyed it. Here's an online review: I don't think the event was filmed, but if it wasn't I'll record a studio version of my talk. All in all this was a really good event. Thanks to Norie Miles and everybody else who organized it. Thanks to the speakers, and thanks to everybody who came along.

Some more photographs of the day:

Sunday 27 November 2016

Fidel Castro Died Long Ago

It has been reported that the long-term president of Cuba and leader of the Cuban Revolution of 1959, Fidel Castro, has died. Castro shot to global significance after he staged a coup against the established government and instituted a socialist regime that endures to the present day. He turned Cuba into a one-party state. Other political parties are permitted along with the Cuban Communist Party, but the nation never holds elections that could depose it. Like all Marxist societies, Cuba is actively atheist. Religion in Cuba and other such countries is usually tolerated, but always discouraged to a greater or lesser degree, and in Cuba less than 5% of the population regularly attend church services. However many sociologists claim there is an inbuilt religious instinct to humans and in the absence of God in their lives, people transfer the feelings religious people have into other things. In socialist nations this is usually the leader. This is obvious in the modern world in North Korea, see: Also Lenin and Stalin had worshipful songs composed about them by Russians that are not unlike hymns. Fidel Castro was also adored by his people like a deity; now after his death at the age of ninety, for many Cubans it is as if, as Friedrich Nietzsche said: "God is dead". As the BBC's Will Grant put it: "It is hard to overstate exactly how important Fidel Castro was to Cubans. Whether he was their beloved revolutionary hero and liberator or if they saw him as a despot and tyrant, the name Castro has been an intrinsic part of their lives for decades. So adapting to the news that the ninety-year-old Fidel Castro, latterly more likely to be seen in tracksuits than olive-green fatigues, was gone, has been difficult to digest for some." There is going to be nine days of official mourning. One young woman said: "It's shocking news. Everybody loved him. He's a man who did so much for Cuba and its people. For us he is an idol." See: Conversely the Cuban exiles in Florida who fled the island after the Revolution, living in what is known as "Little Havana", have been celebrating in the streets. They said: "I was raised by political prisoners and people who suffered at Castro's hands.... He's a murderer! He's a killer! I'm glad he's died!" Cuban people are still deeply divided over the events of 1959 and everything that followed. See:

The thing is, I suspect Castro died a long time ago, some time in 2013 I estimate. He officially retired in 2008 and his younger brother Raul took over as president. However Fidel continued to make public appearances for a while, but they stopped abruptly following an illness in 2013. News stories about him continued, but with no first hand presence from the man himself. Is it possible that he actually died back then yet it was not officially announced? Yes. For somebody that important to the nation's heart, death is not the same thing as it is for you and me. The physical life of Fidel Castro was just one part of a mythical character whose identity was fundamentally intertwined with the body politic and the national culture. Obviously the authorities could not keep his death a secret forever; therefore the decision when to announce his death was similar to that of a fiction writer knowing when to kill off one of their characters Political considerations had to be taken into account. I suspect they were waiting until after US presidential election. Cuba's relationship with the USA has always been at the centre of the foreign policy problems it has faced during its recent history. The situation Castro created caused the Cold War to be played out in proxy all over the Caribbean; on other islands too like Grenada, see background link at the bottom. Therefore there is probably some kind of strategic manoeuvre going on at the moment to which Cuba feels it can gain an advantage. Not that the new US president, Donald Trump, is showing any signs of grief; on the contrary, he called Castro a "brutal dictator". This is not the first time this kind of thing has happened. I drafted my obituary to Nelson Mandela a few months before he died because I had a feeling he already had, for the same reasons as I have with Fidel Castro, see:

Friday 25 November 2016

Mind Set Meet-Up Video

A few weeks ago the panel and listeners of the Mind Set Podcast had a social event at the pub in London. Gareth Davies came all the way from Los Angeles, USA and many more people attended, see the HPANWO Radio blog for more details about the Mind Set Podcast. We had a great time together. Tiberius Kirk took us on a tour of north London and we even went to the Alien Autopsy house, a place I've been to before recently, see:
Gareth shot a lot of film during the day and he's edited it into a short reportage, see:

Thursday 24 November 2016

French Astronaut UFO Witness warns Earth

Claudie Haigneré is a former French astronaut who took part in two long duration space missions on Mir and the International Space Station, making her one of the most experienced and highly respected space-farers in France. She has even been awarded the Legion d'Honneur, France's highest decoration. She is also a qualified doctor and research neuroscientist. She has an asteroid named after her and her fellow crewmember, and husband, Jean-Pierre Haigneré, 135268 Haigneré (I wonder if that will ever come up in HPANWO Radio Space Weather). In 2002 Claudie Haigneré left the French astronaut programme and became a government minister for technology. Since then she has worked as a CEO in industry. However she has been reported to be acting strangely in the last few years. In 2008 she was rushed to hospital after supposedly overdosing on sedatives. This might be accidental because she was apparently overworking. However it might also be a suicide attempt. She had to be retrained by hospital staff, something I had to do a lot myself when I was a porter, and allegedly yelled out: "Earth must be warned!" At the same time a fire broke out in the laboratory where she was currently employed at the Pasteur Institute. Source: The source article for this new story is cited as Sorcha Faal's infamous website which I usually find very dubious, see: However I was surprised to discover that the fire was real, see: Sorcha Faal cries wolf so often that it's understandable if you dismiss her this time, but could she be telling the truth just this once? Another reason for taking this story about Claudie Haigneré seriously is that she would be one of many astronauts who has had frightening or astonishing UFO encounters in space. Others include Col. Gordon Cooper, Buzz Aldrin and Gennady Strekalov. There is also the more recent strange behaviour of the ISS astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti, see background links for more detail. So if Dr Haigneré has information that she feels the earth should be warned about, I urge her to go public with it as soon as possible.

Wednesday 23 November 2016

Ben Emlyn-Jones live at UFO Truth 2017

I will be speaking at the upcoming 5th Annual UFO Truth Magazine International Conference 2017. The event will take place on Saturday the 16th and Sunday the 17th of September 2017 at the Holmfirth Civic Hall, Holmfirth, West Yorkshire UK. Tickets can be purchased at the UFO Truth Magazine website with early-bird and subscriber discounts, see:
Other speakers include Kathleen Marden, the UFOlogical author and niece of Betty and Barney Hill; Robert Hastings, author of UFO's and Nukes; Portuguese UFOlogist Francisco Correa; Andrew Johnson, see:; and UFO Truth Magazine editor Gary Heseltine, see:

Tuesday 22 November 2016

Big Brother is Curing You

The database state has finally gone full Stalin. Unpeople like me can live without foreign travel or season tickets at swimming pools, but all of us at some point are going to require treatment under the NHS. I did just a few months ago, see: A few years ago I destroyed all my documents of citizenship in protest against this kind of thing because I knew where it was heading, see: Now finally a government official at the Department of Health, Chris Womald, has finally announced what they've been planning for a long time. He wants to introduce a scheme where NHS patients are forced to produce "two forms of ID" in order to receive treatment. This would be a passport and proof of address. This means when you turn up at accident and emergency, a GP's surgery or outpatient clinic the doctors and nurses will quite literally be snapping their fingers at you yelling "Papiere bitte!" This move is intended to cut down on "health tourism", in which foreign nationals come to Britain exclusively to have free treatment on the NHS to which they're not entitled. This kind of fraud costs the government £280 million last year. St George's Hospital in Tooting, London is already engaged in a pilot scheme to check the ID's of expectant mothers in its maternity unit. Meg Hiller, MP for Hackney South and Shoreditch, happened to be the chairwoman of the committee where Womald trumpeted his clampdown announcement and she made a stand for the unpeople. It turns out that there are a number of my stateless sidekicks living in her constituency. "Because they have never travelled, they have no passport; they have no driving licence because they have never driven... Perfectly entitled to health care, British born, British resident; how are you going to make sure that people have access easily to the National Health Service without having to go through a very humiliating and impossible-to-meet set of demands?" A brilliant question which Womald really struggled to answer. Source: Basically Womald has no real plan. This is probably just signalling to his superiors before the Autumn Statement from the Treasury so he can go up the promotion ladder. However, the very fact it's being discussed seriously is a worrying sign. It wouldn't be the first time that what was formerly unthinkable becomes normal. Are we really going to get to a point where I will hop into A&E with my foot hanging off and will be told: "No ID?... Oh dear. Sorry, Mr Emlyn-Jones; we can offer you no treatment. You'll just have to go home... When the foot drops off just dip the stump in salty water."?

Monday 21 November 2016

Conspiracy Theories Mathematically Impossible?

It's not easy keeping a secret. If your partner is cheating on you and one of your friends finds out, it's only a matter of time before it gets back to you. We have words like "grapevine" or "scuttlebutt" to describe this process. This is the basis of a rather hubristic conclusion by one Dr David Grimes of Oxford University. He claims to have worked out a mathematical formula for calculating how long a successful conspiracy can endure. His equations are based on three factors: the number of people briefed in on the secret, the length of time the secret has to be kept, and what he calls the "intrinsic probability" of the conspiracy failing. This means inevitable occurrences of ineptitude or rogue whistleblowers. He based this on a statistics tool called Poisson distribution. He used examples of real conspiracy theories that have been proven true, such as the NSA's PRISM surveillance system, the Tuskeegee syphilis experiment and the revelations of Dr Fred Whitehurst about the FBI falsifying evidence. In the background links below I discuss historically proved conspiracy theories in more detail. His method generated some remarkable results. The moon landing hoax would have failed after a maximum of 3.7 years. The climate change lie would have only lasted 3.4 years and the vaccine autism conspiracy just 3.15 years at the most. In order for the fake moon landings to have been covered up to the present day, 47 years, there would have had to be only 251 people on the inside. Clearly there had to be many more involved. Dr Grimes did speak to several people involved in pro-conspiracy research, like Marcus Allen and Ian Henshall, but mostly he just crunched numbers. Sources: and:

It all sounds very neat at first glace; however when you look at Dr Grimes' system in more detail you'll see that it misses out some vital factors. To begin with the method always assumes that the people involved in the conspiracy fall into just two camps: 1. Active instigators, willing and malicious. 2. Completely ignorant innocents who would immediately spill the beans if they heard a peep about it. However, real conspiracies don't work like that. Compliance with a malevolent secret in an organization is maintained by far more subtle pressures like the herding instinct, tacit subconscious agreements and veiled threats. I can give you some perfect examples. Firstly a friend of mine whom I cannot name right now is a domiciliary nurse in the NHS; I'll call her "Michelle". She had a friend, not one of her patients, who was struck down with terminal cancer. Michelle treated her friend with THC, a very powerful anti-cancer drug that is not available from any mainstream oncologist; in fact it is denounced as quackery. It can be made by extracting oil from the cannabis plant and can only be bought privately. Michelle was suspended from duty and almost lost her job. She is just three years away from retirement and could have had her pension reduced. (Her friend is now in complete remission, but who cares!) According to Dr Grimes, the cancer cure cover-up would have collapsed within just 3.2 years... but it hasn't. When you make a person's livelihood depend on them telling a lie, most of them will tell it. Occasionally exceptional individuals will refuse to cooperate, but they are very quickly drummed out of the institution, for example Ghislaine Lanctot and Kevin Annett in Canada. This rejection process usually involves financial ruin, social ostracization, a loss of professional identity and public shaming. Who was it who said: "Most men will face an army before the scorn of their peers."? This elimination of wayward individuals is always deliberately made very public within the organization and this serves as a warning to the others not to rebel; in the same way Spartacus' army was crucified in a row all the way along the road to Rome. I can give other examples, such as the way Dr David Bellamy has been treated for being a "climate change denier!", see: Dr Grimes lacks knowledge of human psychology. Grimes' formula doesn't fit the Savile scandal at the BBC either. Jimmy Savile abused children regularly for his entire career at the corporation, which was 46 years, close to the same length of time as from the moon landing to now. It's become obvious that far more than 251 people were involved. He only got away with it because of a vast level of institutional collusion. The reactions from people like Esther Rantzen, Johnny Rotten and Janet Street-Porter is exactly what I mean by tacit subconscious collaboration, see: Also in my recent radio interview with Marcus Allen, see background links below, we discuss compartmentalization, the method of significantly reducing the number of people needed to know the whole story of any conspiracy by dividing them up into different pools of awareness and making sure that they don't know what their own jobs are really for beyond their own pool. We give the example of the beginnings of the atomic bomb programme. Hundreds of thousands of people were involved, but they were often working in factories hundreds of miles away from each other making components for something; but because they didn't know what the other components were they never realized what the finished product was going to be. Even some of the aircrew who flew aboard the bombers that dropped the bombs on Japan at the end of World War II did not know what kind of ordnance they were delivering until they saw it detonate. The Milgram experiment is a chilling illustration of how common the obedience mentality is, see: What's more somebody did reveal the moon landing hoax within four years. Bill Kaysing's book We Never Went to the Moon- America's Thirty Billion Dollar Swindle! was published in 1976, less than four years after the end of the Apollo programme. Dr Grimes needed to take these factors into account and he has not. Given the very powerful abilities in the realms of psychological warfare and the experience perpetrators of covert agendas have in this field, in my view a conspiracy of the kind he talks about could be maintained indefinitely.

Sunday 20 November 2016

Are Conspiracy Theorists Narcissists?

An article has come to my attention that claims conspiracy theorists are likely to be narcissists. Narcissism is a personality trait that includes excessive vanity, a grandiose opinion of one's own qualities and abilities; and sometimes these cover up internal low self-esteem. The word originates from Greek mythology, a story about a man who fell in love with his own image reflected in a pool of water. This new idea about conspiracy theorists comes from a study carried out by psychologists at the University of Kent. They conducted an online correspondence with a number of people asking about their belief in popular conspiracy theories, for instance: Were the moon landings faked? Do governments carry out false flag terrorism on their own soil? etc. Alongside this they were given a questionnaire that gauged their narcissistic personality traits. There was a distinct correlation between those who scored high and those who were open to conspiracy theoretical ideas. The lead author of the report, Dr Aleksandra Cichocka said: "Narcissists think that they are better than other people. At the same time, they are convinced that others are constantly trying to undermine them. This fosters paranoia and a conviction that others might conspire against them... We find that people high in narcissism are more likely to believe in various conspiracy theories. This does not mean that all narcissists believe in all conspiracies. It also does not mean that everyone who believes in some conspiracy theories is necessarily a narcissist." Interestingly, despite the statement from the article's author: "In the internet age conspiracy theories can incubate in quiet corners of the web, but it may be psychological predispositions of believers which keep them alive, rather than cold hard facts." There is almost no discussion of any factual issue. They do refer to Dr David Grimes' explanation, as have I, see here at about 46 minutes in: It's only when you get down to the comments section that people start asking the obvious question: What if some conspiracy theories are real? These days in the media, the comments are always far more interesting than the newspaper articles. Source: I hope this study is mistaken because narcissists are usually very unpleasant people. Their inflated ego tends to regard others as inferior and objects of contempt; either that or the hidden low-self-esteem makes them feel others as threatening and therefore to be treated with hostility. I decided to test myself using this online survey: I scored 14, which is dead on the median average. According to this test I am not a narcissist. I'm sure readers will agree that my level of conspiracy theory belief does not need additional testing.

One name comes to mind that is very notable by its absence from the report: Prof. Karen Douglas. She is a top research psychologist, also from the University of Kent; and she has conducted a thorough analysis of conspiracy theorists and what makes us tick. She says: "My primary research focus is on beliefs in conspiracy theories. Why are conspiracy theories so popular? Who believes them? Why do people believe them? What are some of the consequences of conspiracy theories and can such theories be harmful?" See: She has published a paper entitled Organizational conspiracy theories and work-related outcomes; and I know only too well what those outcomes can be, see: She could use me as a guinea pig. I saw her give a live lecture at the British Humanist Association's conspiracy theory conference in 2011 where she made it clear that her focus was not on whether conspiracy theories are factually true or false, only why people believe them. I responded by suggesting she carries out a similar study on skeptics, but my sarcasm went right over her head, see: Nevertheless I have attempted to do one myself, see background links below. The reason Prof. Douglas' name can't be found on that paper might be related to another report she wrote in 2013 with a colleague Michael J Wood indicating that conspiracy theorists are "more sane" than their detractors. This is an extraordinary statement for somebody in her position to make. Does this indicate that she is changing her mind? See: Next weekend I will be speaking at a conference alongside Prof. Douglas and I hope I get the chance to ask her for more information on this matter, see:

Saturday 19 November 2016

Teenage Cryonicist

One of the first subjects I covered on HPANWO, shortly after I launched it in 2007, was cryonics. This is the practice of cryopreserving a recently deceased body in the hope that the dead person can be resuscitated and cured at a later date, perhaps only in the distant future when technology has sufficiently advanced. Cyropreservation is a common medical procedure for whole embryos, independent cells and tissue; sperm, ova etc. However it's debatable about whether it would work on an entire body. This hasn't stopped 350 people so far, and even a few dogs, having their bodies cryopreserved after their death, with over a thousand more waiting in the wings. Cryonics involves freezing the body at a very low temperature, below minus 130 degrees centigrade. This is far more complicated than it sounds because the body has to be dehydrated first as much as possible otherwise our internal water would tear apart our cells when it forms ice crystals. The blood and fluid in our bodies is replaced with an alcohol-based antifreeze chemical. The body is then placed in an insulated canister filled with liquid nitrogen to keep it cold, to be left there indefinitely. The idea is that at some time in the future scientists will invent the means to revive the corpse, bring the departed person back to life, and also heal whatever illness or injury claimed their lives in the first place. Cryonics is just one part of the general life-extension movement headed up by the bushy-bearded maverick Aubrey de Grey. See background links below for more detail. Also:

A new cryonics story has just emerged that is very unusual and especially poignant. The patient in this case is a fourteen year old girl. Because of her age she has not been identified for legal reasons and is known by the media as "JS". JS lived in London with her mother. Her father was estranged and she hadn't even seen him since 2010 when she was aged only about eight years old. JS was struck down by a rare and fast-acting cancer. She was given a terminal prognosis, but then she went online and looked up cryonics. She decided to take a chance on it and wrote this letter to the judge: "I have been asked to explain why I want this unusual thing done. I am only 14 years old and I don't want to die but I know I am going to die. I think being cryopreserved gives me a chance to be cured and woken up - even in hundreds of years' time. I don't want to be buried underground. I want to live and live longer and I think that in the future they may find a cure for my cancer and wake me up. I want to have this chance. This is my wish." Because she is only fourteen the law states that she needs her parents' permission. Her mother supported her, but her father did not. JS took the case all the way to the high court and eventually the judge ruled that as long as her mother supported her, JS could have her last wish granted. It's appropriate that today is International Men's Day, see:, (no Google logo of course) and there is an issue related to it here. I don't know why JS' parents divorced or why the father has not had access to his daughter. Of course most people will simply assume that it's because he didn't care about her. However it turns out he made some applications to visit his daughter and these were turned down; therefore the bar is raised and the call goes out that he was simply a violent alcoholic or sexual abuser or something. Do we know that for sure? What we do know is that the father changed his mind about the cryonics and offered JS a deal. He would agree to her last wish if he could see her body after she died. She said no. This is odd. She felt so strongly about her father not coming near her, even after death, that in order to stop him she risked her entire case, the legal ruling going against her and scuppering her bid for immortality. All she had to do was agree to let him see her after death and the whole matter could have been settled out of court in an instant. This does indicate some passionately bad feeling in their relationship, for whatever reason. JS died peacefully on the 17th of October surrounded by her family. The judge who granted her request came to visit her too. Whatever happens next to her; I hope she is happy and well. Cryonics is expensive; a whole-body process costs £37,000. Just having just your head frozen is a bit cheaper. Her grandparents raised the money.
As a former hospital porter I know the usual procedure for disposing of an inpatient's dead body, yet with a cryonicist it's entirely different. A team of volunteers from Cryonics UK was on standby outside the hospital and as soon as JS was pronounced dead by her doctor they moved in and took her body away. The hospital staff were concerned and confused by this unusual practice and the judge in the hearing made note of this, saying that there should be more regulation for cryonics in future. I'm personally far more suspicious of state interference and find its absence rather comforting, but it might concern others that the cryonics industry is completely unregulated. Indeed when the movement began in the 1960's the first company went bust; and, unfortunately, there was no option except to remove the bodies from storage and bury them. Today there are three organizations that provide cryonics services, Alcor and the Cryonics Institute in the USA, and KiroRus in Russia. Things have improved a lot since the early days and when JS died she was immediately placed in an insulated canister with dry ice. Then she was transported by air to Michigan in the United States of America where the cryopreservation process could be completed. There is no such facility in Britain. Now her body is lying head down in a tank of super-chilled liquid gas, waiting for the day when... if... the means exist to resurrect her. However, if that happens what would her new life be like? She'll be emerging into a world decades, maybe centuries in the future. Society and culture could have changed beyond all recognition. It's likely that everybody she knows and loves will be dead. She may have little or no memory of her past. Now, to answer to the question you're all probably asking... No. I am definitely not going consider cryonics for myself. I pretty sure we have a natural afterlife anyway in the spiritual sense. Of course I'm not one hundred percent certain but I'm certain enough to risk it. Either way, I'm not sure I want to live forever in this world.

Friday 18 November 2016

African Tribespeople

A number of videos have been posted to YouTube lately that consist of short films taken in rural Africa within communities which still practice traditional lifestyles. These videos are quickly removed from YouTube, usually within hours or days. For this reason I won't bother posting any links. However more keep reappearing so if you search for "African tribes" you'll probably find a few. The reason YouTube remove these uploads is because they "breach community guidelines" relating to scenes of nudity. The people filmed live in a very different culture to that of my own country, Britain, and much of the rest of the world. The most obvious deviation is that they wear little or no clothes. No doubt the people who post them to YouTube do so for their erotic value, perhaps understandably. However for the people in the videos there is nothing extraordinary or lewd about walking around naked. They live in a climate that is never cold and they have dark negroid skin to protect them from sunburn. Perhaps the taboo against nudity that exists in Europe comes from the fact that in many cases clothing is necessary for survival. A naked human outdoors on many days in Britain, let along further north, would die of hypothermia. Because the weather is always warm in central Africa the people do not have that taboo. Nevertheless they pay a lot of attention to their appearance, especially the women. They wear elaborate jewellery; bangles, beads and ribbons. They braid their hair and paint their skin white, blue, purple, red and many other colours. They also have odd piercing and other forms of body modification, such as inserting a clay disc beneath their lower lip and stretching it out until it is many inches across. To me this looks unsightly. I wonder if it's comfortable and it must impede their speech; but in their eyes they're very pretty. An interesting feature of their demeanour is that they seem very jubilant. In almost all these videos they are engaging in dancing, singing and beating drums, sometimes in elaborate formations that indicate a kind of ritual to celebrate something. Even going about their daily lives they seem ebullient and lively. They laugh constantly while they're talking. Another thing I noticed is that they're obviously healthy and well fed. I didn't see anybody who appeared disabled, sick or malnourished. Whenever they smile, which is most of the time, you can see that they usually have a full set of strong teeth. They live an austere life compared to our own. They have no electricity and all the luxuries that come with that. No running water, no machinery. They live in huts made of tree branches and dried mud. They make basic tools of wood and stone. They don't go to church and follow a shamanic religion. Yet they appear far more jovial than most people I know in England. They clearly enjoy life. These are certainly not the people I see on the news starving to death in UN camps or jumping into ramshackle boats to cross the Mediterranean Sea to Europe. I don't think these people would ever become immigrants because the life they have already suits them perfectly. The irony is that the Africans who are currently contributing to the refugee crisis are not those who practice the indigenous culture. They are the "modern Africans" who live in cities or labour on corporate farms and sweat shops. Their grandparents may have lived the old life, but over the years the globalist takeover has infected their society. Sadly fewer and fewer people live like those in the videos. If the urban Africans were left free to go back to the old ways they'd probably be much happier. I'm not suggesting that they should give up Western technology if they don't want to; but perhaps find a way to blend it to their local customs without displacing them. These videos have got me thinking, especially about how they relate to my interest in other unique human communities that are under threat, like St Helena.

Thursday 17 November 2016

An Open Letter to Donald Trump

Dear Mr President-Elect,
Congratulations on your election to the office of President of the United States. I am not American, but if I were I would have voted for you because I believe that when you say you want what's best for your country and the world, you mean it. Unlike your opponent Hillary Clinton, you are not lying; you are being sincere. You now have a unique opportunity, like no other statesman on Earth. You can become the greatest leader the United States of America has ever known, or you could become just one more puppet on the strings of the hidden forces that control your nation and the world; just like the monotonous pathetic array that came before you, dragging America down to total collapse so it can be absorbed into a totalitarian one-world government. Your predecessor Dwight Eisenhower's last act as president was to warn the American people about the dangers of the "military industrial complex"; if only it had been his first act. You may be aware of this already, or you may not be; but I am going to tell you anyway just in case: There is a malevolent cabal secretly ruling America and the world beyond it. This cabal cannot be identified demographically; its members are both male and female; black, brown and white; Catholic, Anglican and Hindu (outwardly). You are neither complicit nor are you a fool, therefore you cannot fail to have understood that the 9/11 attacks were not the work of nineteen men armed with hardware tools. The destruction of the World Trade Centre and the damage to the Pentagon was the work of a resourceful and powerful conspiracy of criminals operating from inside your country, and they have access to weapons of a destructive yield way beyond anything the militaries of the globe are openly armed with. You must also understand that the unidentified flying objects that are commonly reported in the airspaces of the world are in truth artefacts of an extraterrestrial civilization. The cabal knows this because these artefacts have come to grief on the earth's surface and have been secretly salvaged. The most famous of these incidents took place in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. The cabal has studied the debris and has probably worked out the power-plants and propulsion systems of these craft. This knowledge could provide free, clean, safe and unlimited energy for all people forever, abolishing poverty and environmental destruction. Will you, as president, work towards the declassification of the secret information on UFO's? Will you endeavour to apprehend the real mass murderers who perpetrated 9/11? The same goes for the many other "conspiracy theories" that I don't have time to detail in this letter, but you can discover for yourself. This is the choice that lies before you. As president-elect, you have yet to be sworn into office to carry out your governmental projects, but you also have yet to make any mistakes. This is a very fertile window of opportunity for you. You have just over four days to sit and think about what I'm saying here. Not only do you have a choice, Mr President, but you have a duty to do what is right by the American people. You therefore already know what you must do. The question really is: have you got the courage? If you do the right thing, you will go down in history forever as one of those who transformed the world from a hellhole into a paradise. You will never be forgotten nor will people ever stop paying homage to your name. Alternatively you can chicken out. You can do what Hillary Clinton had already been doing her whole life, along with her crooked husband, and serve the agenda of the malevolent cabal. You can be just another cut-out copy of the suited bureaucrat who nods his head and signs away the planet's future. In which case, not only will you receive no gratitude from your satanic masters, you will be reviled by the world along with all the other traitors; the heartless, gutless, brainless administrators of doom, into which you will seamlessly blend. If you are the man of honour, decency and bravery that I think... I hope... you are, you will make the right decision. Therefore I must give you a word of warning. If you take the right path, you will meet obstacles and fierce opposition. Another of your predecessors, John F Kennedy, took the right path and his enemies assassinated him. They might try to do the same to you, and you must take precautions to protect yourself and your family. We "conspiracy theorists" will do everything we can to protect and defend you from our side. The future of the world is in your hands. It's all up to you. Good luck!
Ben Emlyn-Jones

Wednesday 16 November 2016


I first saw a trailer for Arrival a few months ago and was very keen to watch it as soon as I could, see: Its release date was after the election so I knew it wouldn't contain any presidential propaganda of the kind I've been talking about, see: As always, I avoided reading any reviews until I'd seen the film myself so I wouldn't be biased. I ended up going to see it with two of my UFO/conspiracy/paranormal friends who were just as intrigued by it as I was. Last Monday I travelled all the way to London's West End and bought tickets at a retro-themed cinema and bar/restaurant near Leicester Square. It was designed to look and feel like a 1920's picture palace, an effect that was well thought out by its architects. Arrival is a science fiction film about aliens unexpectedly and suddenly landing on earth without invitation. It is by the Canadian director Denis Villeneuve and based on a short story by Ted Chiang. The alien invasion has become a common movie scenario and films of the genre vary enormously in technical quality and intellectual content. Arrival is unusual for the trope because I think it would appeal to people who might not normally enjoy sci-fi. Anybody with an interest in language would probably like the film because the central theme of the story is linguistics. The makers of this film have thought long and hard; and done a lot of research on the subject.

There is a single protagonist called Dr Louise Banks, played by Amy Adams, who is one of the world's leading linguistics experts. When a fleet of extraterrestrial spacecraft land on the earth she is recruited by the government to help them decipher the language coming from the aliens inside them who are trying to communicate with humans. The film makes one think about how an intelligent extraterrestrial species would speak. Most science fiction from the past gave little thought to this matter. Aliens tended to look like ex-American footballers... mostly because that's who their actors were, with blue beards and green eye-contacts who roar incoherencies about revenge being a dish best served cold etc. Real extraterrestrials would have a completely different psychology to us. They would look, communicate and act in ways that might well make no sense to us. They might even be completely beyond our understanding. Indeed research into alien abduction is revealing this very problem. The issues raised in this film have a lot of relevance for astronomers in the SETI- "Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence" programme and also people who analyze crop circles. We don't need to go off-planet to realize this either. Scientists involved in animal psychology studies say the same thing. In fact anybody who has a dog will sometimes be mystified by the behaviour of their pet. "Why is he doing that?" He knows because he's a dog; we're not dogs so we don't. Obviously humans do things dogs cannot comprehend either. Arrival brings up this vital point; that translation is about more than just decoding language when dealing with a different species. As that great hospital porter... and occasional part-time philosopher, Ludwig Wittgenstein once wrote: "If a lion could speak we still could not understand him." He would have enjoyed Arrival. Different ways of speaking involve different ways of thinking. This is why the powers-that-shouldn't-be pay so much attention to language. They whittle and mould it into ways that suit them, as George Orwell detailed in his book 1984. There are other features of the film that show clever conceptualizing and a very fertile imagination. It breaks from sci-fi norms in the nature of the spacecraft. They are huge crescent-shaped vessels nicknamed "shells" by the humans. They have a distinctly ceramic texture to them, as if they are carved flying mountains. The aliens have clearly invented antigravity and not just in the propulsion system of the vessel. The interior also has its own gravitational environment. The outer door on the underside leads to a long vertical corridor, also appearing to be made of stone. The humans who enter the vehicle use a cherry-picker to hoist them inside, but once there they can walk because of an artificial gravitational field at right angles to the earth's. Arrival also examines the concept of time being non-linear. This is a complex subject and I did not understand this element of the film completely, but it relates to Louise's memories of her past and how they change as she learns more and more of the alien language. David Icke has also explored the idea of "time loops" and even titled one of his books Tales from the Time Loop. The BBC TV series Doctor Who also sometimes delves into this idea. Arrival is very vivid and uses similar techniques as Paul Davids' Roswell movie to generate a fly-on-the-wall sensation in the viewer. There are lots of shots from a hand-held moving camera that made me feel I was really there. This kind of effect is best enjoyed at the cinema and can't be fully reproduced on TV, so do go and see it on the big screen while you can. The way the public react to the alien landing is very plausible; it's the kind of notion I've had to mull over when writing my own story, Roswell Rising- a Novel of Disclosure. The score is also highly unusual. It has vocals on many of the tracks, but these are just random syllables, a bit like old jazz scat singing. Maybe that's how human languages sound to aliens. There are many spooky tunes as well that are used on the wide angle shots of the spacecraft. All in all, this is a fascinating movie, an alien invasion flick with a huge difference. It's not often these days that Hollywood produces a really great standalone sci-fi movie; one that's not a remake, part of a series or an adaptation from some comic book or computer game. Highly recommended.

Tuesday 15 November 2016

Conspiracy Theorists finally Proved Wrong?

A short article has come to light with the brazen claim that because of the random and irregular nature of the modern political world, conspiracy theorists have been proven wrong. I deeply resent its racism... yes, white people can experience racism too... and also its highly unoriginal and toxic appeal to anti-Semitism (See here for more details: Despite all this, the article makes some interesting points. I've followed the presence of the hidden hand for over twenty years now via "the internet" "from my bedroom" and have made numerous predictions that have come true because of its existence; just look at what I've posted online over time on the HPANWO websites and you can see for yourself. Source: (I've found out since that this is a satirical spoof website. Still the idea remains valid) Yet for the last few years I have had the distinct impression that the hidden hand's grip is weakening. This year especially; see the background links below for details. Specifically the Brexit situation and Donald Trump becoming the new US President. My predictions were completely wrong on both these events. There are only a few possibilities that can explain this. One is that the current affairs of the world are controlled by the hidden hand; it's just that the hand has achieved such a level of subtly and cunning that we conspiracy theorists can no longer detect its machinations. I have been fooled, but my tin foil hat-wearing peers have not; and they've told me so in no uncertain terms. The problem with that theory is that it is unfalsifiable. Any evidence refuting a conspiracy theory is interpreted as nothing more than just another even craftier manoeuvre by the conspirators. This is one thing the skeptics have got right. The other possibility is that the premise of the source article is correct and there simply is no hidden hand; and I've been wasting my time in delusion for the last two decades. Based on what I've learned I honestly don't think so. However, there is a third possibility: Could this be springtime in Narnia? By that I mean the power of the Illuminati is truly crumbling at the most fundamental level. The reason the power structures of the world are behaving so haphazardly is because they haven't had a call from head office for a very long time. It seems hard to believe when you look at the world around you, and I'm not saying this is the end of the New World Order. In fact I've always said that the fall of the NWO would be followed by a very turbulent transitional period. It could be a long time and we could suffer great hardship before the world settles down into the post-Illuminati age. But could this be the beginning of the end? From the lyrics of a song by Tracy Chapman: "finally the tables are starting to turn." No doubt the doom-addicts of the conspirasphere would dismiss what I've said as naive and hopelessly optimistic; naturally with their sense of superiority that goes with their self-congratulatory worldly-wise pessimism proudly displayed on their sleeve. However I'd therefore like to ask them, by what criteria would they officially declare the NWO over? According to their logic, it can never be seen to end. Time will tell, but if the chaos in the world continues and deepens, how much longer can we doubt? This can only be good news. However traumatic is will be to break our dependence on the Illuminati I think we can do it. We must! Nothing could be worse than things just carrying on as they are.

Sunday 13 November 2016

Ben Emlyn-Jones on Enemy Within Radio 24

I have been interviewed again on Enemy Within Radio with Thomas Barnes, this show is part of the Truth Frequency Radio network, see:
I am featured for the first hour and a half of the programme and subjects discussed include: the new US president Donald Trump, masculinity and cultural Marxism, fathers raising children and much much more.
See here for my previous appearance on Enemy Within Radio, see:

Saturday 12 November 2016

Lake Monster in Alaska

Some remarkable footage has emerged from Alaska USA showing what has been described as a "lake monster like Nessie". The supposed creature was seen swimming just below the surface, not in a lake, but in the Chena river near Fairbanks. Unlike the previous alleged aquatic cryptid image, see:, this contains a lot of additional detail and is sourced from an official agency, the United States Bureau of Land Management. The creature is estimated to be twelve to fifteen feet long and looks like a large fish. It has ice encrusted on the top of its body, which indicates it had recently been exposed to the air for a long period; something fish don't often do. Skeptics say it is just a length of rope dragging in the current, but it looks to me like it is actively moving itself. It could be a known species of fish like a sturgeon of a big catfish. It's hard to be sure; maybe more evidence will come to light soon. Source:

Friday 11 November 2016

GM Insects to fight Malaria

Malaria is one of the world's deadliest transmittable diseases. Last year almost half a million people died of it. The illness is caused by the parasitic plasmodium micro-organisms which spread among humans through biting insects like mosquitoes. It is confined to the tropical regions of the world, but this includes highly populous countries like India, Nigeria and Indonesia. The symptoms include: fever, nausea, liver dysfunction leading to jaundice and convulsions. Even if the patient recovers from the initial infection the disease can recur again, weeks or even months later. There are prevention methods, both personal and collective. Sleeping under a mosquito net and covering your skin with chemical repellent is effective; as is taking prophylactic drugs like quinine. Also there have been attempts to eradicate mosquitoes from human populations by covering cities with insecticides like DDT. There is no vaccine. However a new idea has been proposed using a radical and controversial area of science, gene drives. Genetic modification has become a normal part of how we treat domesticated animals and plants; mostly for farming, see: Gene drives are very different though; they involve replacing an entire population of a species, in the wild, with a genetically modified alternative. This has been tested in laboratories and it works by releasing mosquitoes into the population with an altered gene that not only makes the insect resistant to the malaria plasmodia, but also makes that gene more survivable in sexual reproduction; and therefore more likely to be passed onto the next generation. This begins a chain reaction until eventually every mosquito in the population has the new malaria-resistant gene. This will completely eradicate malaria from the target area and save millions of lives. Malaria could one day be a forgotten enemy like smallpox. It has also been suggested as a solution for the Zika virus. Source:

This dream sounds so wonderful that few people have considered a possible dark side to the technique for achieving it. Once an entire target area has been treated there is nothing to prevent the gene drive spreading like a disease itself. What's to stop it gradually replacing every mosquito in the world? This would make natural non-GMO mosquitoes extinct. Literally every mosquito on earth would become a laboratory-bred genetically modified one. What effect would that have on the ecosystem, the food chain, the emergence of new viruses? What if these new mosquitoes hybridize with other species? Also these God-playing scientists behind genetic modification will not stop with mosquitoes; they will move on to other creatures. There is no limitation except that the species must reproduce via sex; that means almost all insects, birds, reptiles, fish and mammals. What's more the potential for the abuse of this technology is extraordinary. The Project for the New American Century talked about this, see: If you had this technology you could breed mosquitoes or other parasites with a gene that causes disease, not prevents it. If you release this mosquito secretly into a country you want to target you could devastate the enemy population with impunity. You would also have plausible deniability; how could anybody prove it wasn't just a freak accident of nature? (The same goes for weather control, see: Gene drives potentially constitute the most terrible weapon of war. Of course the skeptics and other defenders of this breakthrough will now accuse me of "not caring" about the millions who die of malaria. There's no reason at all to smear me in that way except as a sophistry trick, see here for more detail: I do care about malaria deaths actually; my own brother once caught it and was very ill. However the malaria crisis, like many other diseases, is not purely a product of the contagion and its medical effects. Rather it is born out of the disease striking regions where there is also poverty, civil unrest and social problems. I'll give you an example of what I mean; take two countries from inside the Malaria belt, Chad and the United Arab Emirates. In Chad the rate of death from Malaria is 74.18 per 100,000 of the population. This is the equivalent of just over seventy-four deaths a year in a city the size of Cheltenham. In the UAE it is 0... Not one single fatal case in a country of ten million people. The reason for this is simple; Chad is a nation in which most people are terribly poor. They tend to be malnourished and therefore weak in constitution. The medical services there are deficient and the... that little buzzword again, infrastructure... is underdeveloped. The Emirates by comparison has one of highest per-capita incomes on Earth. It consists of modern cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi with state-of-the-art hospitals; and its people have access to the best food and one of the highest general standards of the Western lifestyle. Therefore by improving the quality of life in the countries with high rates of malaria mortality we inevitably reduce that mortality. Despite protests to the contrary, I believe it is perfectly possible to raise the global standard of living. In fact I would go as far as to say that it would even be easy when you take into account economic reforms and the declassification of covert government science, see: and: So let's make malaria history. We can do it and we must. However, we must accept that the blame does not lie wholly on a simple infection vector. This allows us to cop out and sleep soundly, but it is false. Malaria is a sociological issue as well as a medical one. Denial of this fact makes potentially disastrous moves like GMO mosquitoes seem all the more attractive. We must not give in to that temptation. We can eliminate deaths from malaria, but remember that there are no gene-spliced mutants required to do so.