Sunday 6 November 2016

The Anomalous Arctic

Something strange is happening in the arctic. The weirdness has occurred in several places, firstly in Canada. After last year's confused and abortive alert into a possible "Roswell" in Canada, see:, I am cautious of all claims like this. However this time it seems there is an official reaction to this incident that is not just on the Wayback machine. The Canadian military is investigating some strange noises that have been heard coming from under the sea in the Fury and Hecla Straight, a narrow stretch of water that lies between Baffin Island and the mainland, near the small and remote town of Igloolik. Maritime reconnaissance aircraft have been scanning the sea, which is covered with ice at this time of year. The sound has been described as a series of "pings", a "hum" or "beep". It is so loud it can be heard by local residents unaided through the hull of a boat.  Whales, seals and other marine creatures often make strange noises, but they are present in the area only in summer. In winter they stay away. The people in the area, who are largely of the Inuit (Eskimo) persuasion, think it might be prospectors from mining companies; which is a concern because none are currently licensed to operate in that area. Alternatively it might be caused by noisemakers left there by Greenpeace to scare animals away from being hunted. Submarines can generate sounds like the ones heard, and strange submarines have been sighted in the area (As well as elsewhere, see: In most fictional movies, submarines are heard to be continuously pinging away with their active sonar, for example see: In reality, submarines on covert missions rarely do that. They need to stay undetected and therefore silent. The Canadian government state that so far they have detected no submerged contacts. Source: This matter is somewhat reminiscent of the "Bloop", see: At the same time, something else weird has been reported on the opposite side of the Arctic Ocean. The Ob is one of the word's mightiest rivers and it empties into the Kara Sea on the north coast of Russia, a place also frozen over at this time of year. A huge number of snowballs have appeared on a beach in the Ob estuary. They are apparently made by an "extremely rare" phenomenon of nature. Some are as big as basketballs. A lot of unexplained events are going on in the frigid apex of our planet right now. I have a feeling somebody will at some point blame it on climate change; and my own views on that subject are here: The truth may be very different and maybe this time, unlike the Lake Winnipeg story, the trail of evidence will remain strong. In which case it will, by sheer definition, become a USO- Unidentified Submerged Object, case.


Xenopolitics said...

that part of the north has a history of wierd technology - heres haarp from prince edward island

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

I had a feeling HAARP might be connected with this, Andrew