Wednesday 29 February 2012

CDC Zombie Warning

This is crazy! I didn’t have to look far to find ample material for an update to my previous article; this one is a continuation of that: . Like the previous one, I had to pinch myself when I saw this: . The latest publicized plans for how to deal with a zombie apocalypse scenario have been drawn up by the Centre for Disease Control, an infamous organization, as you’ll be well aware of if you’ve read my report on Dr Len Horowitz’ speech, see: . This is one of those few occasions, not boasting, when I’m completely baffled; what on Earth is going on here?

The motives for this publication are not entirely clear; it seems that they’ve said something extraordinary and included advice as if it is a possible real event. There are a few sentences in which they also remember to include other obviously very real threats like earthquakes, hurricanes and tornadoes etc, like in the paragraph entitled Better Safe than Sorry, but then they go back to discussing zombies as a very feasible danger. This document is dated May the 16th 2011 and was written by the CDC’s director and head of the Public Health Preparedness and Response agency, a Rear Admiral Dr Ali S Khan. Here’s Dr Khan’s blog: . The notion that the CDC, or Bristol City Council, which is discussed in The Guardian article that is dated just two months later, July 2011, (See linked HPANWO Voice article above) is taking the threat of beasts from horror movies seriously is grotesque in the extreme, but if there is no real zombie threat then why the articles and contingency plans for zombie attacks? Is this some kind of psychological warfare action against the people? If so then it’s a very peculiar one that I can’t see working. It’s too extreme, too outlandish; nearly everybody will just laugh at it. As opposed to the much more convincing, but almost as false, threat of Islamic terrorism. Why not just put out the usual bumf about there being Al Qaeda operatives under all our beds brandishing Mr Sheen cans full of bubonic plague?

The other possibility is that there really is such a thing as zombies and there’s a risk they might really appear. How likely is that? I would like to say: Not very, but can I? I’m interested in the Occult and I’ve learned that there are rites and rituals that supposedly have the power to reanimate a dead body; there’s a long indigenous tradition in Africa of a similar kind that was exported to the West via the Slave Trade in the form of Haitian Voodoo. The word “zombie” derives from an African language. The movies usually explain the emergence of zombies in Supernatural terms, but a few are Sci-fi based and in those the zombies are usually people afflicted by a devastating virus or designer poison of some kind. There have been a lot of zombie movies in the cinema lately; most of the ones I list in the first article are films made in the last ten years; we’ve had the remake of George Romero’s Dawn of the Dead (very inferior to the original I think). Could it be possible that the Illuminati really can turn people into zombies, either by magickal or technological means? It’s one of the most frightening ideas I’ve come up with!

Real Zombies in Bristol

When I first saw this article I checked the date to make sure it was not April the 1st! The Guardian has discovered through the Freedom-of-Information Act that Bristol City Council has drawn up contingency plans for how to handle an attack by zombies. What you thought was merely the stuff of horror movies is being taken seriously by the Government. See: . It has even pinpointed certain districts of the city like Totterdown, Shirehampton and Whitchurch Park as high-risk for a potential emerging outbreak. It also claims that it detected “false-positives” in the Stokes Croft area, meaning the threat apprently already exists! The Council gives no reason for why it thinks this way or why it has chosen to carry out this planning programme, but as you can see, a lot of the article has been abridged for “reasons of national security!” My first thought, after I’d eliminated the joke hypothesis, was that the Council was using some kind of code. “Zombie” might refer to social disorder, as Stokes Croft was recently the scene of a riot. However, and I’ve said this before regarding UFO theories: why would the Council use a codeword that was bound to attract even more attention, as well as incredulity, to conceal something? It’s like a spy wearing a clown costume. This whole affair reminds me a bit of the time firemen in America were instructed on how to handle UFO incidents, see:

The legend of zombies date back long before the age of modern horror movies; they emerged out of ancient African magickal rites connected to the artificial reanimation of human corpses. This influenced horror fiction and produced such books and films as I Am Legend, Night of the Living Dead and its sequels, and the Resident Evil series. What happens in these stories is that the corpses of the recently deceased are reanimated with an artificial inhuman consciousness through some supernatural means, or science-fictional in the case of I Am Legend. These undead corpses run amock killing and injuring living humans. Usually injured humans become zombies themselves as a result of the injury, as if there’s an infectious element to the zombie state. The idea that the zombie archetype might be based on truth in the prehistoric and extra-historic past is something I do take seriously; after all there are similar themes to Western Occult traditions. However, the idea that the possibility exists of real zombies emerging into the modern world is one I find outrageous and I consider this news story to be extremely bizarre and implausible, even by my standards! Nevertheless I am duty-bound to report any updates and I will.

Saturday 25 February 2012

Illuminati Market

If you ever see some of David Icke's live shows, you'll hear him talk about grey suits and luminous jackets. "Laws are made by men in grey suits and enforced by men in luminous jackets." I was walking through a village market in Bingham, Nottinghamshire when I came across a stall selling luminous jackets. Luckily I didn't see any grey suits for sale, otherwise I might suspect that this was an Illuminati market!

Wednesday 22 February 2012

Olympic Terror Drill

(Thanks to my friend and fellow-researcher Heidi King for discovering this.)

The Police, Emergency Services and Armed Forces are carrying out a terrorist drill in London designed to train and test themselves over how they'd react to a terrorist attack during the upcoming London 2012 Olympics. See: Seeing as the 7/7 attacks and the 9/11 attacks both took place during mock-terror drills I reccomend that we tell as many people as we can about this, and stay out of central London while this operation is going on.

(Addendum 23/2/12) The actual dates for the drill have not been published yet. Thanks to Lemonpie on the HPANWO Forum for beinging this to my attention.

Friday 17 February 2012

Robert Green gets Jailed


Robert Green has received a sentence of one year in prison for an alleged breach-of-the-peace. Anybody who has examined this case will see that this is nonsense! What has been done here is a travesty!

See here for background:

Wednesday 15 February 2012

Chinese and Russian Secret UFO Landmarks

Background article:

The current edition of Nexus magazine (see Links column on the main HPANWO site) has an article about the strange location in China that Nick Pope reveals in the background article above. A vast area of the Gobi Desert in northwest China has been covered by strange earthworks that from high up in the air can be seen as patterns, almost as if they're a kind of artwork; like 21st Century Nazca Lines. Nexus explains that this area is a vast military compound, a kind of Chinese Area 51. There’s no current answer as to what these strange patterns are and I was only joking in the other article about artists making pictures for astronauts to enjoy! However a member of the HPANWO Forum, Footie McGrew, has kindly reminded me that I once mentioned that very similar structures were photographed from a U2 spy-plane in 1960. I’ve checked my notes and indeed here they are. See at 7.45: . These markings are at located at a highly secretive Russian military base called Kapustin Yar, Russia's equivalent of Area 51.

Does this give us a clue as to what these strange patterns are? No. But it is curious that the directors of two highly secretive facilities in different locations in different countries over 50 year apart have decided to put enormous markings on the ground that can only been seen properly from high above the Earth. Maybe one day we’ll find out exactly why.

Friday 10 February 2012

Council Prayers Banned

The High Court has ruled that Bideford Town Council has been acting unlawfully by including prayers at the start of all its meetings, it has been effectively forcing all councilors to engage in religious worship. See: and: . The instigator of the lawsuit, Councilor Clive Bone, an Atheist, said very clearly “Religious freedom is an absolute right and so is freedom from religion.” I’m glad he said that, otherwise I’d have been extremely worried by this ruling. Although I’m not religious myself and support Secularists who wish to keep religion out of politics, I get a bit concerned by the vehemence of some of the most prominent antireligious campaigners. We could be entering an all-too-familiar situation in our society: one in which the only tabled solution to an injustice is an attempt to cancel it out with another injustice. I suspect that what the most extreme Secularists really want is a world in which all practice of religion is forcibly banned from society by law, whether mature, informed adults wish to practice it in their private lives or not.

See here for background:

Wednesday 8 February 2012

Hospital Porters go on Strike

The Porters of the Great Western Hospital in Swindon, along with some of the civilian Facilities staff, are going on strike over unfair conditions over booking annual leave. See: . Good luck to them! Of course going on strike is a very serious matter in hospitals. When the railways go on strike people can get the bus to work instead, but when hospitals strike it can cost people their health and life! But the NHS is in such a terrible state that it can't realistically get any worse. Things have reached the point where far more harm will be done by not striking than by striking.

I went to visit the GWH when it first opened about 10 years ago and was astonished by what I discovered. Not only were all the Facilities staff employed directly by Carillion, the contractor, but all the nurses' name-badges I saw were agency and the doctors’ name-badges had BUPA, a major private healthcare company, written on them. Above the gate of the hospital it said: NHS TRUST, but what’s NHS about it? This is a private hospital in all but name.

Tuesday 7 February 2012

Shakespearean Humanoid to Star at 2012 Olympics

I’ve received some information from a friend and fellow researcher on one of the segments of the Opening Ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics which is due to take place on July the 27th. It involves the ringing of a huge bell and the reciting of a mysterious speech from Shakespeare’s play The Tempest. The character is Caliban, a strange humanoid, reptilian fish-like being. This is sinister because children will be involved. I’ll be interested to hear what Ayem finds out from the bell’s manufacturers. Here’s her report in full:

Okay - Is it just me or does everyone else ‘see’ what’s going on here?
Yesterday’s announcement of the ‘news’ that the official opening ceremony of the London 2102 Olympics will commence with the ringing of a 27-ton bell – (that’s twice the size of Big Ben) inscribed with a line from Shakespeare's The Tempest: "Be not afeard, the isle is full of noises." – Literally made me shiver!

My skin crept too, when I went on to read that during the ceremony –

“Up to 900 children, aged seven to 13, from the local Olympic host boroughs are also set for a starring role in the London 2012 ceremonies.”

I bet they are! (Note the age of the children - all pre-pubescent)

This proposed ceremony – or ‘Ritual’ is just steeped in symbolism – and subliminal Mind-Control.

Just that line alone, inscribed upon the bell - refers (in my opinion) to a far greater - and deeper meaning.

Here's the quote in full - read by Caliban - Act III Scene 2

“Be not afeard; the isle is full of noises,
Sounds, and sweet airs, that give delight and hurt not.
Sometimes a thousand twangling instruments
Will hum about mine ears; and sometime voices,
That, if I then had waked after long sleep,
Will make me sleep again: and then, in dreaming,
The clouds methought would open, and show riches
Ready to drop upon me; that, when I waked,
I cried to dream again.”
William Shakespeare - The Tempest

In The Tempest the character Caliban is said to be a hideous, monstrous being - a representation of - part fish, part beast, part man - the ensuing result and offspring between his mother, - the witch Sycorax and the Devil himself.

Additionally, scholars believe that the character's name Caliban is said to be an anagram of the word cannibal -

Here's a couple of depictions of Shakespeare's Caliban. (Above at the top of the article- Ben)

This gargantuan 27 ton bell which will be used in the opening ceremony, (inscribed with Caliban's quote from The Tempest) is deeply significant - especially because of how Vibration, Tone and Harmonics affect the physical body (and our DNA) as well as our consciousness.

The frequency of a bell's note varies with the square of its thickness, and inversely with its diameter.

I was curious to know more about the note of the bell, so earlier today, I tried to contact the bell's manufacture - The Whitechapel Foundry in London - to see if they could tell me which tone and therefore which Frequency the bell will emit. That way, I can discover the impact that this will have, in terms of it's Harmonics. Alas, they're closed on a Saturday but I look forward to seeing what sort of feed-back I receive. If however, they tell me that this is information which they don't wish (at this point,) to disclose, then I won't be at all surprised.

Remember too that in days gone by - bells were used to communicate to people 'en masse' - or for ritualistic, religious gatherings, or 'mass.'

Here's a quote about the bell which is being used in the opening ceremony from The Telegraph.

"A one-million-watt sound system will be fitted to allow the 80,000 spectators and one-billion-plus TV viewers to enjoy music from techno group Underworld."

(Note the name of the 'techno' group - Underworld - Co-incidentally, the group are friends and former collaborators on earlier films - with the Director of Opening Ceremonies, Danny Boyle)

Note too the symbolism of the time that the 'Entertainment' kicks off within the stadium -

"Before the 20,000-cast event kicks off on 27 July at 21:00 BST, with the tolling of the bell, an Olympic Stadium packed with 80,000 spectators will be entertained by a pre-show that will start at 12 minutes past eight - 20:12 BST."

There'll be tons more to come out, I'm sure - and way before the opening ceremony date.

Just the brief references I've made here to just a few of the plans - smacks to me, of so much more of what's really planned in terms of mass-hypnosis and distraction - all hyped up under the banner of the Olympics - to forward more sinister agendas.

It's so easy to do this - when the head's distracted and the heart's not open - Piece of cake .


Lake Vostok Breached


Thanks to several members of the Facebook Exopolitics group for discovering this.

I’ve written about Lake Vostok before and talking to my friend “Jack” has made me wonder if there’s more to this story than meets the eye, see here for important background: . Maybe the reason the drilling team at the base is out of contact with the rest of the world is because they’ve found something in the lake the rest of us are not allowed to see: Hitler’s body? A UFO... Now my imagination is running wild! But Lake Vostok is huge, 3000 feet deep and the size of Northern Ireland; that’s a lot of water! Maybe what the authorities are really scared of is that nothing remarkable at all will be found down there. They might then discover that the East Antarctic ice sheet is not as old as was previously thought. Rather than being a stable structure that has been there for over 40 million years, it actually comes and goes every million years or so without affecting the sea levels very much. This would put a dampener on the Global Warming scarefest.

See Kim Stanley Robinson’s novel Antarctica for a rundown on the “Dynamist vs Stabilist” scientific controversy: Why is it that when scientists disagree they become so hostile and hateful with each other about it?

I wonder why the water of Lake Vostok is liquid and not frozen; maybe volcanic activity keeps it warm enough to stay molten.

Letter of Appeal

I’ve received written confirmation of my discharge and have sent in a letter of appeal to the dismissing officer. It will probably not be accepted, but it’s important to do it anyway for legal reasons. This is the second letter of appeal I’ve written; the first got lost in the post. I’m having this one delivered by hand by my shop-steward:


Dear Mr.-----,

I am writing to appeal against the decision to discharge me from the NHS Hospital Portering Service, desecond me from (the contractor company) and dismiss me from the Oxford University and Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust. I believe that the grounds for my appeal are the reasonable request that management reconsider my line of defence against the allegations raised against me. At the hearing of the 6th of January I declared that I strongly suspected that the allegations made against me were fabricated and therefore the entire management case was bogus. I gave my reasons for my position and I expect that under these circumstances any reasonable person would share my suspicions.

I don’t know by whom, when or where this excuse to discharge me was concocted (although I’m virtually certain I know why), and I confess that I have no direct evidence at all, however the circumstantial evidence in support of my position is overwhelming. I am now the fourth individual I know of who holds beliefs that are conventionally known as “conspiracy theories” who has been persecuted for those beliefs through harassment in their professional lives. It seems that the Government (and indeed other governments, this is an international affair) has a covert policy in place to remove from employment, or severely discipline, people who speak openly about these beliefs in public domains and media, regardless of whether their opinions are directly relevant to the duties of their job or not. In light of this revelation we all have a choice: to comply with the unjust and secretive Government directives along these lines, and so unknowingly act as an accomplice in this hidden agenda; or resist it and expose those who are perpetrating it. I’ve made my choice and decided to be one of the latter. I request that management follows my example and does the same.

Porters Pride and Dignity!

Ben Emlyn-Jones

Sunday 5 February 2012

My Letter to Nexus Magazine

I've sent the following letter to Nexus Magazine (See Links column on the main HPANWO site); as you may know, I'm a regular reader. Let's hope it gets published, I'll let you know if it does:

Dear Duncan,

I was a Hospital Porter with over 20 years of dedicated and trouble-free service, until out of the blue one day I was suspended from duty with no explanation. A week later I was informed that there had been a complaint that some of the paranormal and anti-conspiracy activism I do on my blog and YouTube channel is “offensive”, “inappropriate”, “unprofessional” and “brings the hospital into disrepute”. I was also accused of outrageous and grotesque acts of misconduct in the workplace. I have now been formally discharged from the NHS and in my view the evidence points to a stitch-up. The timing of the complaint is beyond what any reasonable person could dismiss as coincidence, the complaint email looks fabricated, the allegations are grossly unfair and the breaches of normal procedure and practice don’t fit in with the notion that this is a normal, random disciplinary case. I am convinced that the real reason I was sacked is that a few weeks earlier I had been interviewed by several major national newspapers which publicized my activities.
I am the most recent of several individuals in Britain who have spoken out about subjects like UFO’s, 9/11 being an inside job, the institutional abuse of children and other conspiratorial matters, and been attacked professionally as a result. Another man was a police officer called Tony Farrell who was sacked for stating publically, and in the course of his duties, that 9/11 was not the work of Al Qaeda, but was perpetrated by agents within the US Gov. We are told we enjoy free speech in Britain, “It’s a free country” is a catchphrase in our land; and indeed you can be a Marxist, a nationalist, a Tory, a Green and any have any other ideology you like within conventional politics, but when you begin talking about more “weird” subjects you get a very nasty backlash. Not just a slap on the wrist or warning, but a loss of your career and livelihood! It begs the question: If we’re all just “conspiracy nuts” and “loonies” then why are they so defensive?

Ben Emlyn-Jones. Oxford UK

Friday 3 February 2012

Non-Military Memorials

Cinderford Miners' Memorial.
Fishermen's Memorial
Piper Alpha Oil Rig Disaster Memorial
St Annes' Lifeboat Memorial (This is one I'm very familiar with!)

Background articles and films:

This article is based on the discussion on this HPANWO Forum thread:

Here I provide pictures of a selection of memorials for men wounded and killed doing dangerous non-military jobs. It’s impossible to walk down a street without seeing the military memorials, standing in pride of place like sacred temples, but if you look carefully you’ll find the others, tucked more modestly away from view in case they dare come close to surpassing the monuments of the Military Religion. Whenever you turn on the TV or open a newspaper the word HERO will jump out at you and hit you in the face. You’ll hear how a soldier has tragically died in Afghanistan; a regular event nowadays. However, and very contrary to popular belief, being a soldier in Afghanistan is not the only dangerous job you can do. What I have just said is an act of heresy! But it’s true. As I explain in the background articles and films linked above, being a soldier is definitely not the only difficult and dangerous job in the world by a long way, but there are definitive political and culturally-manipulative reasons why being a soldier is portrayed as exceptionally dangerous and somehow set apart from other occupations into a category of danger and difficulty of its own. It’s also a job in which the hazards may not be as extraordinary as is commonly accepted, but the rewards certainly are. There’s a lot of fuss in the media about how army recruiters in America and other countries are using high unemployment as a whip to press-gang young men into the service, but in fact I’d say the pseudo-religious aspect of the Armed Forces has been underestimated. Going into the army just to find work may only come secondary to the prospect of becoming a social God. This is why I’m promoting these non-military memorials, it gives us a way to take a step back and have a more balanced look at the world, instead of the blinkered one given to us by the media.