Saturday 29 September 2012

Glass Bombed in Burnley Hoax

This video is doing a viral round at the moment. Can you see anything wrong with it? The answers are below, but watch it first and see if you can spot the suspicious elements yourself!:

Glass Bombed in Burnley by World Wide News Service:

The main problem I have is that all the malign action the reporter describes is off camera. At no point does the cinematographer try to show us the hostile attack they report. We first hear: “People are on mobile phones gathering a mob”, but they’re off camera. Next we see cars pulling up, but that could be for any reason. There is a group of young Muslim men there, but they appear to be fairly friendly; some talk to the reporter in a diplomatic manner. They seem to me more like a bunch of blokes simply curious about the presence of a film crew in their local neighbourhood. Then the camera view starts wheeling around and we hear the tinkling of breaking glass, and we are told that the film crew are under a glass bombing assault, but we see nobody throwing any bottles nor any broken glass at the scene. For all we know, the noise could have been added to the soundtrack in post-production. The whole scene is accompanied by sinister music.

So why would anybody fake an attack by Muslims in Burnley? Because there is a disinformation campaign going on in the media to set up Muslims as the “evil bad guys”. 9/11 was supposed to be the initial impetus; that impetus failed, but the manipulators are going ahead anyway. The Innocence of Muslims film and those stupid Danish cartoons are a part of this scam too. This video is very popular so if it is a fraud it needs to be exposed.

Thursday 27 September 2012


This has recently come to my attention: It reminded me of the BEZERK! thread on Godlike Productions which I wrote about a while back, see: Now an Asian intelligence agency reports that Chinese naval vessels are present off the coast of northern California and are involved in a joint combat operation with the US Navy. The said mission is to combat a "highly unfriendly extraterrestrial threat". There are only rumours and no official statements.
The most interesting line is: "As to this being a total 'hose job,' I don’t see any advantage in it." I'm not familiar with American military parlance, but if a "hose job" refers to the deliberate seeding of false UFO stories by the Government to launder their real intelligence operations, as suggested by Mark Pilkington and Nick Cook (see: and: then this is an interesting admission. This story and the BEZERK! thread also connect to what David Griffin has discovered relating to the real reason for the Falklands War, see: The theory is that it was related to the presence of ET's in the region and also this strange intelligent "nano-oil".

Wednesday 26 September 2012

"Amy Winehouse's Death Analyzed"

I've acted as camerman and dialogue ringmaster for a video about Amy Winehouse by my friend Heidi King. It has been posted here on her YouTube channel, Essy111: It features Heidi and also my friends from the Kent Freedom Movement, Chris and Magda. I should point out that I don't necessarily agree with what Heidi, Chris and Magda were saying; my role in this film was merely functional. I'm not convinced that there's any reason to think that Amy Winehouse's death was anything other than it appears to be: a tragic accident. But I could be wrong and they could be right; if so it needs to be said. So I don't object at all to Heidi making this and I was quite happy to take part in it.

Wednesday 19 September 2012

A Reply from the Bank

I've received a reply to the letter I wrote to my bank on the 30th of last month, see here for background: The reply reads:
Dear Mr Emlyn-Jones,
Thank you for letting us know about your concerns. From your letter I understand that you believe the agreement for your loan account and current account to be unlawful. We have investigated and please be assured that we can find no mistake. We understand that this situation has caused you concern and we want to restore your confidence in us.
I do not believe your letter has any legal bearing whatsoever in relation to your accounts. Given the contents of your letter I am concerned that you may be obtaining advice as to your legal rights from an unqualified third party or Internet website (my emphasis- Ben) which is unadvisable. If followed, it is entirely possible that this will cause you to incur a substantial amount in costs.
Under your Credit Agreement we expect you to maintain payments to your account on the agreed basis. As your account is currently in arrears we are proceeding with our normal action for the recovery of borrowing and if your account is not returned to order, this may lead to your account being closed for debt recovery purposes. This may also result in adverse information being registered at Credit Reference agencies which will effect any future plans for borrowing you might have.
Lloyds TSB also expects you to maintain your current account within any agreed overdraft facility and reserves the right to proceed with action for the recovery of borrowing against this account should you fail to keep the account in order.
(There follows a paragraph explaining how I can contact the bank's collections centre and a debt management agency- Ben)
If you are in any doubt as to your own legal position we strongly advise you to seek independent legal advice from a solicitor, showing them this letter. If you intend to appoint a legal representative, please let us have their details. Alternatively, if appropriate, you can contact your local Citizens Advice Bureau or Money Advice Centre, which you will find in your local Phone Book.
I know this is not the outcome you were hoping for. however, I trust I've explained the reasons for our decision. If you wish, you have the option to contact the Financial Ombudsman Service, so long as you do so within six months of this letter. Please find a copy of the relevant information leaflet enclosed. Also enclosed is a copy of our complaints leaflet which gives details of our commitment to how we deal with complaints.
It is important we resolve your query fairly, so if you feel we've misunderstood it or you have any further questions, or further information which may effect our decision, please contact me.
Yours sincerely.
(Name) Customer Services. Lloyds TSB
I've also had about 5 or 6 phonecalls asking to speak to "Mr Ben Emlyn-Jones". I always ask them to repeat the surname and first name and then explain that I am no longer trustee of that statute law corporation and refer them to the National Records Office. As regular HPANWO-readers will know, I've divorced my statute law self and destroyed all documents relating to my association with it, see here for background: and: I'll be replying to this letter with the standard Get Out of Debt Free series, see:

Tuesday 18 September 2012

Explosion on Jupiter

Last week a mysterious explosion was observed in the atmosphere of the planet Jupiter, see: This news story calls it an "impact", but that's actually an assumption. No asteroid or comet was observed hitting the planet, as it was in the case of the comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 in 1994, see: Jupiter is enormous, by far the biggest planet in the solar system, over 1300 Earth could fit inside it, so you can judge simply by looking that the explosion must have been titanic.

I didn't think much about it until I'd reviewed and analyzed more carefully the interview I did on HPANWO Radio with Dr Manjir Samanta-Laughton, see: She spoke about how the Earth's atmosphere is sometimes hit by very similar explosions, although thankfully not as big as the one on Jupiter! They're know as "sprites" and burst in the upper atmosphere usually when a large bolt of lightning strikes the ground below. They emit a massive amount of energy and scientists don't know yet what is going on with them, but it's possible one struck the Space Shuttle Columbia in 2003 and destroyed it. Manjir has a theory that these are caused by the creative black holes she talks about in the interview. Not only that but flares on different planets are connected at a higher dimensional level, the "breathing" of the universe, as she calls it.

Thursday 13 September 2012

Kevin Annett Banned from Britain

Kevin Annett is currently in Ireland and had originally planned a tour in the UK for at least a month. But he has been denied access to this country; if he arrives at any port he will be arrested and deported. The "reason" is because he might constitute a threat to national security due to his mental health... I'd better watch my own back! I know this is not going to stop Kevin; the protests and legal action he has initiated will go ahead and he will help out from wherever he is.

Sunday 9 September 2012

A Rain of Yellow Balls

An elderly couple in Leicester were astonished to find that during a thunderstorm hundreds of small yellow balls fell on their house and garden. The balls were a few millimetres across, very light and appear similar to those used in floral displays or as ammunition for toy guns. Unfortunately there's no report about these balls being properly analyzed. I don't know if any of them have even been kept. However a Met Office scientist has told the BBC that they're likely to have been picked up by winds and blown, possibly from a long distance away.
To me this sounds like it's related to the more general phenomenon of unusual objects falling from the sky, usually during rainstorms. Fish, frogs, nuts, berries and even proverbial cats and dogs have been reported to tumble out of the heavens and nobody knows from where. The attempted theories to explain these things make no sense, like the idea that these are object sucked by tornadoes and carried high in the sky. It doesn't explain why animals, even fish, are still alive when they land or that fruits and nuts are ripe, even when they're out of season. Also the objects are always singular and particular, which seems unlikely if they come from a tornado; you never get leaves and twigs falling with the fruit, or waterweed and silt falling with the fish. They also tend to be species-specific, you get all herring, or all hazelnuts; never herring with a few shrimp or hazelnuts with a few acorns. Also they tend to fall on a very small concentrated area, often just one house, as in the Leicester case. Another theory is that these are objects that fall out of aircraft, but do aircraft regularly carry this kind of cargo? And rarely are passing aircraft reported during these incidents. It also wouldn't fit in with the fact that this phenomenon has been reported since times before aircraft were invented; in fact the earliest reports date back to the 1st Century, in the works of the Roman historian Pliny. However this was the explanation tabled to explain a torrent of apples that fell recently on a street in Coventry. There are many other examples.
The disturbing accounts of recent mass animal deaths have been blamed on HAARP or Chemtrails, but to me they sound related to this above phenomenon, see: I don't currently have any idea what's behind this.

Friday 7 September 2012

X-Factor Heroine

X-Factor already has a winner! At least in my books.

I don’t make a habit of watching Reality TV of any kind; in fact it’s something I regard as very ugly, (see here for background: ) but a friend of mine on YouTube sent me this and I’m glad he did. See:

This young lady, Ariel Burdett, won my heart when she walked in and immediately threw her numbered body sticker at the judges like that. “I’m not a number! I’m a human being!” Well said indeed! It was probably adapted from that classic line in The Prisoner: “I am not a number, I’m a free man!” I had already decided to make her my heroine before the next bit when, after she’s sung, she told the characteristically smug and dismissive judges: “It’s an academic construction… you’re obviously not an academic.” Again, words of gold! X-Factor, like all Reality TV shows, goes into a state of hyperallergic reaction whenever it gets the tiniest whiff of brain cell odour from anybody involved! She showed them up good and proper! Shine on, Ariel!

As you can see above, I screen-capped Cowell’s face at the moment he reacted to her. I want this one framed!

Thursday 6 September 2012

Cold Fusion Still Ongoing

The American company National Instruments are currently engaged in experiments with the "anomalous heat effect" AKA Cold Fusion. I'm interested to see the progress of this project because with all the others up till now funding has "coincidentally" dried up from all the sources and the scientists working on it are "reassigned", see: nomalous-heat-effect-aka-cold-fusion

Here's a lecture by Dr Robert Duncan for NI. I was very surprised to see that the “Anomalous Heat Effect” has been observed since 1926! But should I be surprised? Nikola Tesla and other scientists produced papers for Free Energy devices 30 or more years before even that. Many of these papers are still classified:,AAABNMyTt4E~ ,zX_oRi5kDcwYjRdQ0uLi-4wtWm_sYURl&bctid=1586356190001
I’ve written to Dr Duncan to ask him if he wants to be a guest on HPANWO Radio (See links column)

See here for background:

Wednesday 5 September 2012

Discrimination Against Christians


A landmark Employment case is beginning at the European Court of Human Rights. A group of four Christians are claiming discrimination against their beliefs in UK Employment Law. Two are air stewardesses, one is a registrar and another is a relationship counsellor. The British Humanist Association thinks these cases should be dismissed, see: I wonder if they’d be take the same line against an atheist in a religious American institution who was sacked for refusing to cater to the specific needs of religious people. I doubt very much if they would.

This is what scares me about modern atheism: It has all the symptoms of being an embryonic tyranny. The thing is, atheists have had to focus on fighting so much for their own civil rights, especially in the past and in theocratic countries like the USA, that they’ve never had to be on their guard against upholding double-standards. See here for more details: Also here is an excellent documentary that should hopefully give you food for thought:

We see the same problem with feminism and the campaign of rights for black people etc etc. In South Africa today it is white people who are being oppressed and disenfranchised in society in every way. But where are the marchers and placards? Where are the concerts at Wembley? It’s so frighteningly easy to fall into the destructive frame of mind which is the eagerness to stop injustice against your own group making you blind to the equivalent injustices you commit against another group. And in the case of the group being those who previously oppressed you it even can be relished, consciously or subconsciously, as a legitimate act of indiscriminate revenge! When will people learn that they cannot heal an injustice by trying to cancel it out with another injustice? All you get is a double dose of injustice. Governments encourage this falsehood in an attempt to deflect our hostility away from them and towards each other; divide-and-rule. Works every time!... Unless we get wise to it.

In the case of the air stewardesses it’s pretty clear cut. The registrar and the counsellor’s claims are more tricky and I’ve had to think hard about it. Are they not depriving same sex couples of their civil rights by refusing to deal with them? Firstly we have to consider if there’s a practical problem with that. What proportion of registrars and counsellors hold this viewpoint? Enough to prevent homosexual couples receiving the service they’re entitled to? Same sex couples are perfectly acceptable institutionally today, and so if it’s only a handful who don’t want to get involved what’s the difference from the customer’s perspective? It all depends on what proportion of the professionals involved opt out; and from what I’ve gathered it would be a tiny proportion. So I can’t help feeling the suspicion that the dismissal of these people is about punishing them for holding those viewpoints. This bothers me immensely, even though I’m not a Christian and personally support the rights of gay couples to all the civil rights straight couples enjoy. Also a court order on this issue would be a statement that the objectors’ own feelings are irrelevant, or even unacceptable and immoral; a thoughtcrime!

Tuesday 4 September 2012

Pyramids in Antarctica


If this is true then it confirms what many researchers have suggested for years, like Rand Flem-Ath and Graham Hancock, see the Links column on the main site. However the article doesn't say who this "team" is. Are there any interviews? Any original report documents? Nevertheless the photoes are intriguing. I'll be keeping and eye on this story.