Thursday 30 September 2021

Space Force Uniforms

The United States Space Force has unveiled its new uniforms. This surprised me because I had already seen Gen. Raymond wearing the officers' service dress at the launch of the force in 2019. It was based on the same suit as the US Air Force. The reason for this is obviously cost. The working utilities of the "guardians" are coloured DPM camouflage and a lot of people wondered why? This is what only land forces usually wear... unless the Space Force is about to invade Endor. The answer is because it's cheaper simply to run off more of the same tailor's line and stick different badges on it. However the new uniform is a fundamental change. Its top is a tunic with six buttons and an open collar. I suspect this rig is only for officers below flag rank because in the source photo we see Gen. Raymond wearing the original suit dress standing next to two junior officers in the new one. The guardian modelling the uniform is Lt. Col. Alison Gonzalez, the USSF's deputy chief of strategy, and it gives her a distinctly science fiction look. It has been compared to the uniforms in Battlestar Gallactica and the Star Trek movie series. To me they best resemble the costumes of David Lynch's Dune adaptation. The uniforms have been cut specifically for the female wearer instead of male; (I can only hope the Star Trek TOS miniskirts and black tights come into fashion!) and the men's version is adapted from that. The new design is not final and will be trialled and probably adapted. There will also be a "mess dress" variant for formal social occasions. Source: There's no doubt that all the imagery of the Space Force is intended to remind people of sci-fi. The emblem of the USSF is an arrowhead motif, like the Star Fleet one in Star Trek. Considering the politicization of science fiction over the last few generations this should concern us. If "the last card" is played and fake alien spacecraft start dropping bombs on our cities, the deep cultural and psychological themes the population have been fed with through the media will become active and the guardians will play the role of saviours in that mental framework against the threat that justifies totalitarian world government. Around the same time the new USSF uniforms appeared, a news story emerged in which Dr Seth Shostak, of all people, commented on the potential danger posed by hostile extraterrestrials. Source: Seth Shostak is actually a major propagandist against UFOlogy. Here he is taking part in a typical BBC hit piece: (I was asked to take part in this series myself... I declined.) So when this so-called "alien hunter" warns us about Swindon getting blown up, it seems out of character and may have a deeper meaning. Is this just selective editing or does Shostak know more than he has so far admitted?
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Tuesday 28 September 2021

Twin Peaks

Everywhere I have been over the years, I often hear people say: "Ben, you've got to watch Twin Peaks! It's just up your street." Recently I got the opportunity to do just that when I visited my friend "AnotherBlonde" and borrowed her DVD box set, see here for background: I remember one of my mother's best friends was really into the series when it first appeared in 1990. At the time I assumed it was some kind of typical soapy mini-series. It does in fact have that element; it is a somewhat affectionate parody of classic American soap operas and made-for-TV movies. Some of the characters and scenes are straight out of Dallas or Falcon Crest. However, it is far more than that. As I would expect from its creator, David Lynch, it is highly surreal and depicts the characters' inner thoughts as well as their words and actions. It starts off as a murder mystery and, excuse the spoiler, by the end of the series that mystery is not comprehensively resolved. In fact, to this day, Twin Peaks fans are still quibbling over who really did it. Despite the abandonment of this cliff-hanger, the end titles of almost all the episodes show a school photograph of the victim. The mystery is the focus of the feature length pilot, but then over the course of the first season it twists and turns until it eventually segues into a new multifaceted storyline along with medley of subplots. It has a dark ambiance with a sinister score and spooky connecting shots. In between this are a few scenes of slapstick comedy. In this age of soundbite TV, I'm pleased to say that Twin Peaks has a slow pace. Almost the entire first third of the pilot consists of one after another of the characters' reactions to the initial tragedy. Very quickly a supernatural element is revealed. One of the characters experiences prophetic dreams in which he encounters strange beings; such as a giant and a dwarf, as if he is accessing some kind of real life mythology. The series is set in a fictional town called Twin Peaks in Washington USA, population 52,201; although that figure drops quite a bit before the end.
It is rare for modern American fiction to be set in a rural environment and I got a powerful sense of atmosphere from it. There is a lot of Amerindian iconography in the scenery and costumes, especially in the local hotel; and there is a distinct message that ancient spiritual forces are at work in the community. This includes demonic possession; in fact the story is primarily a horror movie. Some of the characters undergo radical personality shifts as a result of illnesses or accidents. There is also a reference to government conspiracies and Project Blue Book. The most intriguing character is probably "the Log Lady", an elderly woman who has a strange habit. She carries around a small log which she cradles in her arms like a baby. She tells people: "my log talks to me." It is easy to dismiss her as the village idiot, but at times one gets the impression that she is the only person who really understands what is going on. In fact Lynch later recut the series to include an introduction by the Log Lady to every episode. (The DVD viewer is given the choice whether to watch these or not.) These intros are just one or two minutes long, but very well designed and acted. In them she delivers an uncanny and cryptic message about the story to come. She reminds me of my own character from the Roswell trilogy, Flying Buffalo, see: Twin Peaks really is just up my street. It is very gripping and some of the characters grew on me a lot personally. It is very well written and acted. I couldn't stop watching it. The ending is highly abrupt and open-ended, as if there was meant to be more. Apparently there is an extra season, but it came much later. I'm not sure if I want to see it because sequels of great movies tend to be far worse. The series was made over a decade and a half after Lynch's breakthrough film, but it includes many cast members who have features in his past productions. One of them is the man who plays the main character in Eraserhead. It's well worth watching and if you're a fan of mystery, conspiracy and the paranormal then it will satisfy you; but don't expect to know what happened by the end. Some things the viewer has to work out for themselves, and maybe that's not a bad thing.
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Saturday 25 September 2021


On the domestic front, Australia is going full fash. It has clamped down on "vaccine-hesitant" people with coercive regulations and black propaganda in the media. They're even shooting puppies! As one Australian journalist recently quipped: "We Aussies may be descended from convicts, but we're also descended from their gaolers." Source: At the very same time Australia has joined a new military alliance called AUKUS; this stands for "Australia, UK, US". This pact with the United Kingdom and the USA has come into immediate effect with Australia radically rethinking its defence policy. The Royal Australian Navy currently operates six Collins-class submarines which are now aging and in need of replacement. In 2015 they signed a deal with the French film Naval Group to build replacement vessels; not six this time, but twelve. This reveals that Australia was upping the ante that long ago. However, just last week, out of the blue, the Australian prime minister, Scott Morrison, cancelled the project. This is not to reduce maritime defence, but to expand it, because under AUKUS, the country now wants a fleet of nuclear-powered submarines instead of the "Attack" programme Collins replacement. This has angered France enormously because the Attack programme was worth over £90 billion, the most expensive military contract in Australian history. France went as far as to recall its ambassadors. Instead companies in the UK and United States will build a number of nuclear submarines for Australia; we're not sure how many yet. Source:
This is astounding. Just recently I was watching a video about the Collins-class; as a former naval trainee I maintain an interest in the subject, see: The video rules out a nuclear replacement and was certain the Attack programme was the next step. This sharp U-turn indicates a change of strategy on a global scale. Australia is in an important geographic location being between the Indian and Pacific oceans. This region is obviously dominated by China and the only reason to bolster up Australia's armaments must be to challenge Chinese hegemony. There are even rumours of a "global navy". Right now Australian military officers receive Queen's commissions which means they are interchangeable in terms of personnel with the UK or any other British Commonwealth state. Australians regularly exercise with British and other Commonwealth forces. The video states that Australia does not have the industrial infrastructure to build and maintain nuclear-powered submarines or indeed any kind of nuclear-powered ship. It is a very specialized type of engineering. However the new subs are planned to include reactors with an exceptionally dense core, one that will not need to have its fuel rods replaced within the estimated service lifetime of the vessel. This lowers the maintenance complexities enormously. Australia currently does not have any nuclear weapons and has no plans to change that policy... for now. At the moment it says its new subs will not carry nuclear weapons, but I have a feeling by the time they are built, they will. The reason nuclear submarines are preferable is because they have the complete freedom of the undersea world whereas diesel boats like the Collins- class have to sail on batteries while dived. Their speed and range is limited and they have to surface, or at least put up a snort mast, continuously to recharge their batteries. Diesel subs are capable of all the same missions nuclear subs are, except sailing under the polar icecaps; but when it comes to fast, long distance open ocean transit involving anti-surface or antisubmarine warfare, nuclear boats are far better. There is a trade-off in terms of noise emission and size which is why diesels are still the best option for inshore reconnaissance, intelligence gathering and "cloak and dagger" operations; but the Aussies don't seem to mind that right now, see here for more information: The UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is delighted because of the jobs prospects. That's ironic considering he's spent the last eighteen months destroying British industry, see: However, I see his point. The Australian submarines will be constructed by BAE in Barrow-in-Furness; and the reactors will be built at the Rolls Royce plant in Derby. AUKUS represents the first time submarine nuclear power technology has proliferated since the United States shared it with Great Britain in the 1950's. The USA launched the first nuclear boat, USS Nautilus, in 1955 and has only let one other nation into this exclusive club. Russia, China and France also developed nuclear submarines without American help; how much was devised by their own nation's engineers and how much was stolen by spies is a matter of conjecture. The Australians appear to be in a hurry. They have talked about leasing or even buying older nuclear submarines from the USA because they can't wait until their own new ones are built. The response to this from China has been predictably chilling. Not the kind of people to mince their words Victor Gao, the vice-president for the Centre for China and Globalisation, asked the Australians: "Do you really want to be a target for a possible nuclear war?" Source: At the same time China, never a bastion of democratic virtue, has banned all cryptocurrency. This has caused Bitcoin to drop in value by 8% which is unsettling for a product with a reputation for having a very stable price, see: I feel like new battle lines are being drawn for a new global conflict in this century on the scale of the Cold War in the last.
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Friday 24 September 2021

Ben Emlyn-Jones on the Kev Baker Show 74

I have been interviewed again on the Kev Baker Show (aka MrGlasgowTruther) on Truth Frequency Radio, see here for the podcast:
And here for the video YouTube version:
Subjects discussed include: the sixtieth anniversary of the Betty and Barney Hill alien abduction, a spectacular UFO photo, secret Pentagon UFO research centre in London and much much more.
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Wednesday 22 September 2021

Ben Emlyn-Jones on Nocturnal Frequency Radio 2

I have been featured on the Nocturnal Frequency Radio show:
Subjects discussed include: UFO Disclosure, alternative cause-and-effect timelines, disinformation in the research community and much much more.
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Monday 20 September 2021

Betty and Barney Hill- Sixty Years On

The so-called "first ever alien abduction" took place sixty years ago. On the night of the 19th to the 20th of September 1961 Betty and Barney Hill, a couple driving home from a holiday, saw a UFO high in the sky near Indian Head, New Hampshire USA. The craft descended and it revealed itself to have a structure with windows. Behind the windows were humanoid figures looking down on Betty and Barney. The couple suffered missing time and many other symptoms often associated with post-alien abduction syndrome. They reported their experience to the local USAF base and were connected to Project Blue Book. After Betty began suffering regular nightmares both she and her husband underwent hypnotherapy and began describing what happened after the UFO approached them. A group of "men" stopped the car and led the couple away from the road into the woods. The craft they had seen earlier was sitting on the ground and they were escorted aboard by the men, who were quite short with grey skin and blue lips. They wore unusual clothing that looked a bit like a military uniform. The Hills were separated and underwent medical examinations. At one point one of the beings showed Betty a map of stars and pointed to one of them to explain where they came from. The best estimate is that this star is Zeta Reticuli which is about thirty-nine light-years away. Originally Betty was given an alien book as a souvenir, but this was later taken off her. Barney appears to have been semiconscious during the encounter and recalled far fewer details. This is consistent with Betty's report that her husband appeared dazed. Eventually the Hills' stories hit the media and alien abduction was popularized for the first time. Books, news articles and films followed, like this one:
Skeptics claim that this is the origin of the entire alien abduction phenomenon. They point to the huge number of supposed copycat cases that were reported by others following the Hills' publicity. Some skeptics accuse the Hills of concocting a hoax. However, Betty and Barney were not the first alien abductees. Experiences like theirs happened before and can be traced back through time. People used to interpret it as "being spirited away with the fairies" etc, but the details are pretty much the same. The Hills had no motive to make the story up. They were an interracial couple at a time when such relationships were very rare and they had received a lot of hostility from other people. In some of the United States their marriage was not even recognized by law. The last thing they needed was more ridicule. What happened to them, and I assert that it was real, fits so closely with what millions of people around the world have experienced, including some close friends of mine. Barney sadly died in 1969 aged just forty-six, but Betty lived until she was eighty-five in 2004. Shortly before she died she gave her final interview: In this interview she tells the exact same story; her testimony has never changed, indicating that it is a real memory and not something imaginary. Sixty years later, more and more people are coming to grips with the truth. Earth is being visited by an extraterrestrial intelligence and they sometimes approach people personally.

Friday 17 September 2021

London American UFO Centre

7 Soho Square, London is a modest, stripped Art Deco office block in the fashionable heart of the West End. Its postcode is W1D 3QE. It faces an elegant park where locals and tourists alike relax and sunbathe, unaware of what is going on behind the building's white walls; which a 2016 newspaper article reveals is something incredible. In 2009 the Ministry of Defence announced the closure of AS-2, the UFO desk made famous by Nick Pope. It is obvious the desk had a major foreign intelligence sharing role which our Americans allies were keen to maintain. They therefore moved into 7 Soho Square and ran their own UFO research unit from there. This included a small British contingent and the outfit continued to report to the UK Ministry. The unit was supervised by a Colonel who visited from the Pentagon at regular intervals. The most interesting part of this Express Online article is: "'There was pressure from a similar unit in the Pentagon which wanted to incorporate the MoD unit,' said a serving military source last night." This has to be the unit now known as the Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon Task Force. There is no doubt that a serious military role is underway for the staff at 7 Soho Square; and this has become apparent with the establishment more recently of the US Space Force, see: This revelation so interested me that I decided to take a look at the place myself, accompanied by my good friend and comrade Colin Woolford, see this HPANWO TV video at around the nineteen minute mark: As you can see, I tried to gain more information first hand, but didn't succeed. Source: Since then I have discovered that the UFOlogy force at 7 Soho Square has moved out. I don't know when this happened, but it must have been between 2016 and this year. The property is currently listed with estate agents and land management companies, for example see: This begs the question, was the unit disbanded or did it move somewhere else. If the latter, I wonder where it is now.
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Tuesday 14 September 2021

Gareth Davies' Memorial Video

The memorial service for Gareth Davies took place last Wednesday and I attended. It was a short, simple and moving service at a church in the district of St Thomas in Swansea, Wales where Gareth comes from. I met Gareth's family who were lovely people. Gareth closest childhood friend, Darrell, gave a heart-filled speech. The vicar conducted the service very well. Many thanks to Matthew Williams for filming it.
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Sunday 5 September 2021

UFO Truth Magazine- Issue 50

UFO Truth Magazine Issue 50 is now available. It can be purchased on this page as a single copy, but please subscribe and save money if you want to read it regularly, see:
Issue 50 includes an article in my column entitled The Incredible Journey of
Jerry Freeman.
Also you will find in Issue 50: guest article on the Galileo Project by Avi Loeb, Bryce Zabel on Betty and Barney Hill, biggest aviation organization demands UAP investigation and much much more.
Also in this HPANWO Show programme I interview the UFO Truth Magazine's editor Gary Heseltine:
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Friday 3 September 2021

50,000 Questions for Ben

The Crafty Nihilist, aka Mark and Liz Froud, have produced another video featuring your humble servant, see:
It is called 50,000 Questions for Ben. Fifty thousand is a slight exaggeration, however, Liz did produce a huge number of questions for me to answer and, amazingly, I got through them all. This is a neatly edited video with some great augmented reality animation. It was filmed during a wonderful weekend when Mark and Liz came to Oxford to see me and a few other local friends. Thanks very much to the Crafty Nihilist for doing this production. I was glad to take part in it.
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