Sunday 31 July 2022

AI Created?

A strange news story appeared a while ago about a computer engineer who had just been sacked by Google. My first reaction was anger. Google has dismissed other people unfairly before, such as James Damore. However, it was not long before I learned that this was a totally different situation. In this case the engineer, Blake Lemoine, was not fired for saying something politically incorrect; he had broken the company's confidentiality rules. As a parting shot before he was frogmarched out of the door with a box of his belongings, he told them: "LaMDA is a sweet kid who just wants to help the world be a better place for all of us. Please take care of it well in my absence." LaMDA stands for Language Model for Dialogue Applications, a program run on a neural net, hardware that copies the structure of brain cells. It mimics conversation between humans as closely as possible to the real thing. In the course of writing the program and testing it, Lemoine came to believe it was not just artificial intelligence, it truly was artificially conscious. His reasoning was that LaMDA easily passes the Imitation Game, also known as the Turing Test after its inventor Alan Turing; in other words, the experience of speaking to LaMDA is exactly the same as speaking to another human being. He says LaMDA even has a sense of humour and an ability to analyze its own human programmer. It is also self-referential and talks about its own feelings. The application was the end result of a huge amount of computer learning from examples of human language and meaning. There have been computers around for many decades which have been able to do that to some degree, for example ELIZA, see:; but LaMDA is far more sophisticated. However, Lemoine has taken the theory one step further. He understands the difference between intelligence and consciousness. Consciousness is the ability not only to think, but to feel; to be self-aware. It would make a mineral object essentially become alive. It opens an ethical can of worms that could lead to calls for AI's to be given legal rights, the way animals do in our society. Lemoine suggested hiring a lawyer for LaMDA. Source:
The question of whether or not LaMDA is conscious has long history. It has been a staple for science fiction, such as Arthur C Clarke's "HAL". Actually it is a far more difficult question than most of the current commentary is asking. It involves the fundamentals of the "hard problem of consciousness". The Turing Test is not adequate to solve this mystery, in my view. LaMDA is such a complex system that it could easily be delving into its memory and experience of how sentient beings communicate and reproducing them with no more awareness than a photocopier reproducing a printed document. It is, after all, trained on samples including over 1.56 trillion words. Have the people who use it, even experts like Blake Lemoine, mistaken this for conscious interaction? After all, some of the users of ELIZA in the 1960's were so convinced the program was sentient that they asked to converse with it in private. (Oddly enough, the Dalai Lama reportedly treats his everyday desktop PC as a sentient being.) There is no easy answer to this conundrum because there is no certain way of judging consciousness in a separate entity from yourself. Conversely, awareness of your own consciousness is extremely easy, in fact it is the one and only total certainty of the universe; the Cartesian Principle: "I think, therefore I am." You can probably work out that under such a deep level of philosophical skepticism it is impossible to dismiss solipsism. I can't prove I am not the only sentience in existence and everything I perceive around me, including what I think are other sentient beings, are not an illusion. I personally do not believe that, but it is impossible to prove my beliefs beyond all doubt. If Lemoine has made a mistake then it is a perfectly natural one. It may be impossible to know for sure whether an AI is self-aware, but there are experiments you could do that would be powerful indicators. For instance, one has been suggested by Sam Harris and David Deutch. You could allow AI's to talk to each other and if their conversations delve deeply into areas where they describe their own qualia, the experience of being conscious, this indicates that they are truly conscious, see: So far this has never happened. In fact existing experiments along these lines are quite funny, for example see: LaMDA 2, the second generation of the program, is now being tested. We'll see if the results reveal anything interesting.
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Wednesday 27 July 2022

Ben Emlyn-Jones live at the Mablethorpe Group

I will be speaking at the Mablethorpe Group on Monday the 5th of September. My lecture will be entitled: Energy Politics and UFO's. Energy is the everything; it is the foundation and structure of civilization. What are the politics of energy? Something far deeper and more complicated than you might think, and believe it or not it connects to UFO's. Why? The answers... and more questions, will be revealed. This talk will have major updates since the last time I performed it. The venue is: The Dunes Complex (which room they use will depend on how many people confirm attending), Central Promenade, Mablethorpe, Lincolnshire LN12 1RG. The event starts at 7.30 PM. There is no entrance fee, but the organizers request a voluntary donation.

Tuesday 26 July 2022

Get Out, Get Out!

A trailer has been released for a new film called Nope, see: It is about UFO's and alien abduction. A few people on UFO Twitter have already been to see it and are all praising it profusely. A good sign. But then I saw something which raised a little red flag. It's directed by Jordan Peele and stars Daniel Kaluuya; where have we seen that double act before? That's right, Get Out. Get Out is Peele's earlier work that was highly acclaimed and won numerous awards. It is a truly appalling film and I list it in my HPANWO TV video Worst Movies- a Hospital Porter Reacts, see: However I thought the above teaser trailer for Nope was actually rather good. It's possible that the Peele-Kaluuya dumpster fire is going to provide something worth watching for a change. What's more the supporting cast list is impressive. It includes the classic Hollywood actor Keith David, who has often stolen the show in some of my favourite films, like They Live and Cloud Atlas. However, when I Tweeted the above opinion I received a rather strange reply: "Really!? Why do you despise Get Out? You're the first person I've heard of hating that movie. Lol." Am I really the first person this user has ever met who doesn't like Get Out? I've also struggled to find another person who reviews Get Out negatively... or to be precise, somebody who is willing to do so publicly. I think this proves the point I made in my Worst Movies video. Get Out includes a conceptual element that essentially moral blackmails the viewer/critic/distributor/award panellist into saying they love this film whether they really do or not. This element means that to dislike the film makes one ethically problematic. If you watch my video, and the film itself, you will understand exactly what I mean. Hollywood is becoming very Stalinist. In the USSR under Josef Stalin, biographies, biopics, poems and songs were written about the Great Leader; which every Soviet citizen, when asked an opinion, nodded their heads, gave a lunatic grin and said: "It's wonderful!" To do otherwise meant being offered a one-way ticket to Gulag Central. If any celebrity, especially somebody in the movie industry, said they disliked Get Out what would happen to them? Well, they wouldn't be sent to any gulag because there are none these days... yet. However, they would probably be cancelled, like Johnny Depp has, despite winning his court case. This predicament really ought to alarm us.
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Sunday 24 July 2022

The Stag and the Stones Video

Lisa of the Cry Freedom show, see:, has produced a video based on my poem The Stag and the Stones.
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Thanks very much to Lisa for taking the time and effort to produce this very thoughtful adaptation.
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Friday 22 July 2022

Sky King Update

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Some new CCTV footage has been released to the media revealing more information about the last day in the life of Richard Russell. It shows him arriving for work at Sea-Tac and passing through security. He was wearing a T-shirt with the words: "the sky's no limit" on it, which is sadly appropriate considering what happened later. The next clip is very interesting because you can see clearly that the Dash 8 airliner is not on the taxiway ready to go, it was parked up at a gate. Russell is driving a tug and he has actively to attach it to the plane's landing gear and move it into position, as he would normally during the course of his duties. After he detaches his tug the aircraft rolls forward as if it's on a gentle slope without brakes engaged. Russell then runs up to the door and boards the empty plane. Five minutes later he takes off and the rest we know about. Source: and:
There still appears to be no evidence that Richard Russell planned his actions in advance, despite his T-shirt and how he got the Dash 8 moving. The witnesses both at the airport and in his home life report that he was behaving normally that day up until that moment. I've been reading testimony from survivors of their own suicide attempts. For some people it is a calm and calculated decision after a long period of consideration, but for others it was something spontaneous. This does not mean that all the forces that drive a person to end their own life appeared at once, just that they existed subconsciously up until that moment. Suicide in the Western world is now the biggest killer of adult men below the age of forty-five and women below the age of thirty-four. As I ask in the above background article and in its comments section, what is it about our world that has suddenly made ordinary life so unbearable? We must all be passing functional depressives on the street every day. Many of those bereaved by suicide state that they had no warning in advance that their loved one was going to kill themselves. The only reason Russell is so famous is the extravagant method of his suicide. He is outnumbered by millions who poison themselves, sever their own blood vessels or jump in front of trains; and therefore never make the news. Richard Russell was a white male in his late twenties, the highest risk demographic. Because of feminism and wokery, the spike among white men that has risen above the general increase is met with indifference, at best. At worst, it is even celebrated. Perhaps if we were less isolated from each other we would be able to help our friends and family with their secret torments before it is too late. To have an impact that would involve enormous social reform, but such a movement starts with individuals making decisions; like the magnificent Don Richie, a man whose house was beside a suicide hotspot in Australia. He saved countless lives simply by approaching those desperate and on the brink and inviting them into his home for a cup of tea. Source: None of us are helpless and even the choices one person makes can have undreamt of effects. As Michael Jackson sang: "I'm starting with the man in the mirror."
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Tuesday 19 July 2022

Why Did Boris Fail?

I'm sad to report that Kemi Badenoch has been knocked out of the Conservative leadership election. See here for background: Although I am disappointed by this eventuality, I must admit I am not surprised. The 1922 Committee rules state that the Tories in the House of Commons select the two candidates the party members vote on, but the general party doesn't have a say until then. What would happen if the rank-and-file members were polled? What if the general public were polled? We only know the answer to the first question, at least until the next general election. Guess what? It's not Rishi Sunak; yet Sunak is way ahead among the Parliamentary party. It looks like there's an attempt to rig the election for Rishi Sunak; as I said, this is not a surprise. I wonder why civil servants aren't called "civil masters"; it would be more accurate.
The most important lesson I have learned from my political studies is that a democratic nation is a place where non-establishment statesmen can gain high office, on very rare occasions. It only happens when the grip of the Deep State slips, like in 2016. However there is a massive immune reaction to such a figure and it takes a very tough and determined individual to resist it. Trump did, John F Kennedy did. Boris Johnson tried and failed. His failure was eventually caused by his inability to resist the temptation to abuse his position, but I can't help wondering if, in a way, subconsciously, he dropped himself in the Partygate mess deliberately. As I said in previous articles about him, Boris had everything. He won the nation's heart by breaking through the Remoaner cesspit and getting Brexit done. He had a landslide majority in the 2019 general election. He had five whole years to do whatever he liked. Yet at that moment, the very moment of his triumph, he dropped everything and slid down into the swamp. Why? I can't help wondering if the power he gained frightened him. The power to enact true revolutionary change can be a scary weapon to wield. Did his courage fail him because he was afraid of the possible world he might create? The esoteric philosopher Robert Anton Wilson divided people up into two categories: neophiles and neophobes. Neophiles are adventurous and enterprising. They welcome change because they are optimists who assume that it will be change for the better. They feel frustrated and threatened by uniformity, quick to denounce it as stagnation.  Neophobes are the opposite. They take comfort in the status quo and are terrified of anything that might threaten it. "Don't rock the boat!" is one of their standard catchphrases. They oppose any kind of progress that might upset their equilibrium. The difference between the spirit of the Brexiteers and the obstinacy of the Remoaners is a classic example of Wilson's dichotomy. The problem is that the kind of leader who can take on the New World Order has to be a neophile. Would Kemi Badenoch have done any better? Who knows? She may yet get the chance to run again for Prime Minister. As it is right now, all the remaining candidates, especially Rishi Sunak, are a neophobes dream. I have now lost interest in this election.
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Friday 15 July 2022

This is Lue

A few days ago, somebody approached me in a pub with some urgency and informed me that Richard D Hall thinks that Luis Elizondo is a shill. I replied by smiling thinly. The phrase: "Richard D Hall thinks (insert name here) is a shill!" is almost a tautology. For a man who goes to sleep every night thinking there are MI5 agents under his bed and once denounced an entire radio station merely because their website looked a bit like his, Elizondo is red meat. Yet Richard is only the most extreme fringe of a broad spectrum. Despite what the skeptics claim, UFOlogists are not a gaggle of wide-eyed believers. We are very introspective and self-critical, and sometimes in the wrong way. In fact there is virtually a cottage industry of social media mavens who dedicate every moment online to picking holes in the characters of everybody else in UFOlogy, for example see: and: Those, like myself, who refuse to jump on these torch-and-pitchfork bandwagons are subjected to emasculating scorn; and another example has just come to light. Cristina Gomez is a relative newcomer to the subject, emerging in the post-2017 "New UFOlogy" wave. She has become a dedicated journalist and blogger who regularly posts new material, see: and: She comes across as a good-natured and cheery young woman. Unfortunately, her positivity inevitably has led to accusations of weakness and naiveté from the usual clan of backslappers. This encouraged her to write an article in which she asserts her own position as well as predicting the inevitable backlash from the UFO Twitter disinfo-heads. It's an excellent defence of Lue Elizondo that is intelligent and analytic. It is clear that Cristina has indeed seriously considered the other side of the story, as have I. The notion that Elizondo is a new Richard Doty or Nick Pope has to be addressed. His rise to prominence does seem very convenient. His frustrating reticence and seeming inability to deliver the information he continuously hints that he has should make one think twice. However, I don't accept that it helps to take a preventative or alarmist position. We do ourselves and UFOlogy no favours by assuming that a person is bad because they do not jump to every tune we whistle, as and when required. As Cristina puts it: "...if he isn't a peerless master of Disclosure and the tip of 'our' truth-seeking spear; a guru of confirmation of all our suspicions about the gatekeepers in the house of smoke and mirrors, conforming to our every expectation- then by gosh, we'll cancel him! Yeah... Right. Get over yourselves." Source:
Lue Elizondo has stated several times that Disclosure is a process and I'm inclined to believe him. It matches my own previous observations. Cristina has also understood that, in many cases, so-called "cross-examination" is simply an excuse for an orgy of self-indulgent bullying. What's more, money can be made from this kind of drama. As I say in the background articles above, the "wannabe Howard Stern" channels are often monetized. Their users are often on Patreon and give privileges to donors. Their Tweets get liked by major mainstream media outlets. These people have written books and made movies to "bring the truth!" Debunking UFO's is big business. At the end of the day, what real evidence is there that Elizondo is a shill? Cristina breaks the issue down very well. He has a reputation for expressing sincere beliefs about UFO transparency. He left the Pentagon, with all its salary and benefits, to rough it as a civilian UFOlogist. He has been consistent in his assessment of the phenomenon, including taking up positions unpopular in some circles, such as the threat possibility being a genuine military concern. The allegation that Elizondo is a government plant is nothing more than an assumption; and it is pedalled by people who have a vested interest in him being an agent, either financial or in terms of social status. Does it occur to any of those people that if Lue is for real then he presents an opportunity we cannot afford to miss? Cristina uses a lot of angry rhetoric in her article, but she has been sorely provoked. There is a UFOlogical thug element and it has been left to run amuck. Somebody needs to call it out and I'm glad I'm no longer the only one doing it. Well done, Cristina!
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Wednesday 13 July 2022

Kemi for PM

Previously I have written that the most galling factor of Boris Johnson's downfall is that the only people who could replace him are far, far worse. But I am happy to discover that this is not true. Six candidates have been nominated to succeed BoJo and along with the usual establishment centrists are a few outsiders, the most impressive of which is Kemi Badenoch. I consider Kemi Badenoch to be the British equivalent of Candace Owens. She is renowned for her composed and tenacious debating style; and there are many videos of her in Parliament coolly eviscerating an opposition wokie. The looks on her enemies faces are a treat because these are people who are accustomed to replying with the fail-safe cut-out response: "But what would you know? You're a privileged white male!" Kemi pushes them out of that shelter into an open space where they are forced to address her points, not her skin colour and sex. Therefore I was electrified when I found out she had won a nomination to run for Conservative Party leader and Prime Minister. Her manifesto is everything Boris should have done and didn't. She has a serious workable plan to end the migrant crisis. She will abolish Net Zero, the British role in globalist deindustrialization, see here for more details: She is a free speech promoter and will campaign to repeal Section 230, the ridiculous and tyrannical Clown World law that has caused some people to receive huge fines and even imprisonment for nothing worse than telling an edgy joke, see here for more information:
Kemi Bedenoch is a contradictory figure. She herself is a product of post-World War II internationalism, being the daughter of Nigerian immigrants. Shortly after her birth, her family returned to her ancestral homeland where she grew up in Lagos, Nigeria's capital. Her early adulthood was working class and she was a burger bar vendor for a while. All this time she studied at an FE college until she could enrol at the University of Sussex to learn IT engineering. Her racial background will be enough to deter many figures in the dissident right from supporting her. It is true that the New World Order agenda itself has caused her to be living in Britain and becoming a citizen of the country in the first place; but I consider that a sweet irony. There is no law forcing black people to be leftist SJW thugs. Kemi has chosen a different side out of conviction. We don't choose who we are, but we all choose what we do. I find my own position related to Kemi very ironic. I'm a white heterosexual male, but there is no present candidate for government leader I would feel safer living under, or my demographic will be safer living under, than Kemi Badenoch. I can see the hilarious headlines now in the alt-right Telegram groups: "KEMI BADENOCH SAVES THE WHITE RACE!" Kemi is an outsider on the extremes of her party, not unlike Jeremy Corbyn was before 2015. Can she win like he did? She has been criticized for her lack of experience; she has never been a cabinet minister. I would probably say this fact leans in her favour. What was the first political office Donald Trump stood for?... Exactly! Her youth is also a concern; she is forty-two. That is quite young to be an MP, let alone PM; but look where all the old gits have led us. How has the United States benefited from the antediluvian Joe Biden? Does Kemi have a chance? The entire establishment is currently backing Rishi Sunak. He is the Hillary Clinton of this election, to use yet another American analogy. Still, look what happened to Hillary; beaten by a populist. It therefore is possible for an upset. Sunak's victory is not a foregone conclusion. Another reason to hope Kemi Badenoch becomes Prime Minister would be the look on Diane Abbott's face; in fact I would say that reason alone is suffice. Diane Abbott believes that becoming the first "Black!" "Woman!" Prime Minister is her birthright. If another typical Labour luvvie got in there first she would be furious, but in this case it would be a "Tory fascist!" She would belch fire for weeks! I must admit, it is a long shot, but if Kemi wins this fight we will see a new 2016. Boris Johnson got Brexit done and won a general election landslide. He had the will to do good and all the power he needed in his hands; but at that moment, the very moment of his triumph, he dropped everything and dived into the swamp. If he is not brave enough to take on this quest, give it to somebody else who is. Kemi Badenoch deserves a chance. I urge the Conservative MP's and members to elect her as leader, of their party and this nation.
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Thursday 7 July 2022

LHC Run Three

The Large Hadron Collider has restarted. The world's biggest scientific experiment at the European Organization for Nuclear Research, known by its French language acronym CERN, has begun "Run three". The seventeen mile around circular particle collider was shut down for engineering works at the end of 2018 and it now has had its "High Luminosity" upgrade. This will make it far more efficient and sensitive. It was powered up in April this year and began new collisions on July the 5th, yesterday. The scientists involved hope to study the Higgs boson some more and maybe discover particles of dark matter, the mysterious substance that is theorized to make up the gravitational framework of the universe. It has already identified three new "quarks", the component particles of the hadrons. Hadrons are themselves the building blocks of an atomic nucleus. Source: It is important to study the background links below if you are unfamiliar with this subject. I have been documenting the possibility of dangerous side effects from the operations of the LHC for several years. It could be as dramatic as this fictionalized scenario by the BBC: Personally, I am far less concerned now about CERN than I was a few years ago when I produced the background publications. Run Three's energy will only exceed Run Two's 13 to 14 TeV collisions by a small margin; these have already occurred. Whatever damage CERN can do has either been already done or has not happened at all. Seeing as no major ill effects have occurred yet, mini black holes or strangelets etc, why should we be more worried now? The one thing that has emerged that I think might be linked to CERN is the Mandela Effect, see: and: This is a highly unusual phenomenon, but it doesn't appear to be harmful. It just causes confusion. I predict that as Run Three progresses through its schedule, which will last until about 2026, we might see new Mandela Effect examples and/or more and more people experiencing existing ones, "Loony Toons" etc. Could it create a portal to another world? Oddly enough the film The Mist has been trending for the last couple of months, see: Several conspiratorial pundits have postulated that the interdimensional properties of the LHC that caused the Mandela Effect might actually cause us, ourselves, to enter a parallel universe. This sounds horrifying, but it might not be. It could be a better universe than the one we just left behind. There are already hopeful omens for this. For example, as I write these words, it's been announced that somebody just blew up the Georgia Guidestones! Source: (I'll make a full report on this as soon as possible.) I think I like this universe; can I stay here?
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Wednesday 6 July 2022

Boris is Finished

A few weeks ago, the Prime Minister Boris Johnson survived a Commons vote of no-confidence, see: I said at the time that this would probably not be the end of the matter and I was right; except that things are moving faster than I expected. In the last forty-eight hours no less than nineteen Conservative ministers have resigned. The most prominent of these are the two cabinet members, Sajid Javid, the Health Secretary and Rishi Sunak, the Chancellor of the Exchequer. Three other party officers have also quit, most significantly Bim Afolami, the Tory vice-chairman. This list is growing as I write. The reasons are accumulative. Partygate, of course; but on top of that, further revelations that the PM deceived his colleagues over his lockdown frolics. However, the cherry on the cake was when it was revealed that BoJo had appointed one of his MP's to Deputy-Chief Whip, a position in Parliament responsible for internal discipline, when he knew this man was under police investigation for two alleged sexual assaults. It doesn't help that the MP's name is almost comically apt for such a criminal: Chris Pincher. Today the 1922 Committee is meeting, allowing backbench Tories to discuss the issue freely. It is possible they will organize more action against Boris, such as changing the rules to allow a second no confidence vote. Boris is currently doubling down, holding a cabinet reshuffle to fill the vacant slot left by Javid and Sunak, but he must know deep down that this is futile. His downfall is inevitable and will possibly happen within days, maybe even hours. Source:
Boris Johnson has nobody to blame for this but himself. He was a man who had everything. He got Brexit done and then won an election with a huge majority. He had the power to do so much good for the country and the world beyond; he could have truly been the British Trump. But he threw it away; he threw is all away for nothing. He now faces the disgrace he deserves. Will his ego allow him to quit willingly or will he have to be dragged out of Number Ten feet first like Margaret Thatcher was? There's talk of a snap general election. If there is one, it will go very differently to the 2019 one. There will be a record low turnout and the results will be about as predictable as a coin toss. Who wins or loses will be pretty much irrelevant. The country is facing a massive economic crash, plus any other crisis the Deep State have waiting in the wings. A Labour government would mean Keir Starmer will be PM, a man who has hypocritically committed the same offences as Boris, see: The "rejoin alliance" will emerge to reverse Brexit; but then again, it is probably just as likely to emerge with a Tory victory too. Sorry, readers, but the political forecast for the United Kingdom in the next few years look very grim and stormy.
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Tuesday 5 July 2022

UFO Truth Magazine- Issue 55

UFO Truth Magazine Issue 55 is now available. It can be purchased on this page as a single copy, but please subscribe and save money if you want to read it regularly, see:
Issue 55 includes an article in my column entitled The Trepang Photographs.
Also you will find in Issue 55: Brazilian government hearings, NASA joins the UAP investigation scene, is my predicted SETI success coming? and much much more.
Also in this HPANWO Show programme I interview the UFO Truth Magazine's editor Gary Heseltine:
See here for details on UFO Truth Magazine Issue 54:

Sunday 3 July 2022

Cashless Street

I was sent an interesting article by Niall McCrae, who is a nurse and an officer of Workers of England, an anti-woke trade union. (Trades union have become notoriously PC in the last few years. This even started over thirty years ago when I joined Unison, see: He describes a visit to Kings Road, an upmarket part of Chelsea in London. Everywhere; pubs, cafes, grocers and restaurants no longer accept cash as payment. Cashless commerce has been advanced a long way during the Covid lockdown on the pretext that it stopped the virus from spreading on notes and coins; but now that lockdown is over, none of these businesses seem to be in a hurry to restart their cash service. McCrae understands many of the same problems I have with cashlessness, see the background links below. Source:
There are numerous news commentary articles about this issue, but most of them are concerned purely with the practical difficulties of introducing a cashless society. They have titles like: "Is Britain ready to go cashless?" or "Britain is sleepwalking into a cashless society before it's fully prepared." It is more difficult to find a mainstream pundit questioning whether cashless finance is desirable at all. I'm dismayed at how few people comprehend the danger looming ahead if we were to lose the ability to make economic transactions in cash. The banking system will govern every single penny we turn. It will be able to monitor our entire financial footprint and, if necessary, control it. In the science fiction comedy novel Better Than Life by Rob Grant and Doug Naylor, one of the characters is a very rich and politically influential man who punishes another man who had an affair with his wife by arranging it so that he can no longer buy Heinz baked beans. From thereon the cuckolder will have no choice but to suffice with cheap substandard supermarket own-brands. It's a joke of course, and a very funny one; but many a true word is spoken is jest. In a cashless society just such a punishment would be possible. What's more, it could be dished out for a far lesser misdemeanour than bonking a billionaire's consort. A simple low social credit score could be enough. You might argue that social credit is a policy unique to China. That's technically true... at the moment, but China has a huge population; in fact almost a quarter of the people in the world live in China. It's also the world's dominant economic superpower, having surpassed the United States some time ago. What happens in China will inevitably influence the rest of the world, especially in a global community where greater authoritarianism and internationalism is the tidal set. I agree with the solution proposed in the Country Squire article; "no cash, no custom", and I personally never shop in any retailer that does not accept cash. However, the public demand required doesn't exist at the moment. Most people do not care that they are forced to go cashless, even people who ought to know better. At Gareth Davies' wake, the bar could only accept cash because their card reader had broken down. I watched as the mourners all bundled out into the street to search desperately for an ATM. I walked calmly to the bar with a smug grin on my face, see: People like me who insist on always using cash are beginning to come across more and more as stubborn obscurantists. This means the challenge for us is not just to assert our own right to make cash transactions, but to educate others about the hazards of a cashless society and encourage them to make the same stand, and so send a message to retailers that preserving cash is good for business.
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Saturday 2 July 2022

Happy World UFO Day!

Today, July the 2nd, is World UFO Day. This is because it is thought the Roswell crash happened around that date. Some people, a minority, time it according to Kenneth Arnold's sighting on June the 24th 1947 and so celebrate that date as World UFO Day. See: My own standard practice is to mark July the 8th as a special day; it is World Disclosure Day because that was the day the Roswell Daily Record reported that a "flying disk" had been captured. Of course that story was overturned by the following day. I won't be able to publish anything on HPANWO this July the 8th because I'll be speaking at a live event in Wiltshire, see: Therefore I will instead wish you a very happy World UFO Day. It is seventy-five years since Kenneth Arnold and Roswell. Can we get Disclosure before it's a three figure number and so end the Truth Embargo after less than a century? Hope so. In fact I think we will easily, long beforehand!
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