Wednesday 12 June 2024

Reforming Reform

I recently stated that I had decided not to vote for Reform UK in the upcoming general election because of the shameful way they had betrayed their candidates in the recent local government elections, see: However, just a few days later I watched an interview with Reform's deputy leader, Ben Habib, on Times Radio. The presenter spends the whole ten minute interview focused on a single issue, the "chequered past" of their election candidate for the Bexhill and Battle constituency, Ian Gribbin. It's the usual story; Mr Gribbin made some wrongthink comment at some time in the past in an irrelevant context and then stands for the party in the election, and the leadership are therefore "informed" about it, even though he apologized. Mr Habib does a good job of rejecting the suggestion that Gribbin should be deselected. Source: What's more Nigel Farage has been in a similar interview and also declined to submit. I must say, it was rather cringeworthy to see Richard Tice standing beside his new leader, nodding along with such an innocent look on his face. Source: This is progress. It is obvious that since Nigel got back, the leadership of Reform have had a get together and decided quietly to reverse their previous policy of instinctively throwing anybody their enemies point to under the bus. I still believe they should apologize to all the previous outcasts and offer them their nominations back for all future elections. Hopefully that will be their next step. I might vote Reform after all.
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Tuesday 11 June 2024

Goblin Problem

A few years ago I reported on a strange outbreak of cases from southern Africa about mysterious creatures terrorizing communities, see the background links below. Now a new spate of "goblin" encounters has broken out in the same region; and they are remarkably similar in detail. Once again a police station is targeted. Mabed Ngulani, a councillor from Bulilima in Matabeleland, Zimbabwe, explained how policemen refused to enter their station because it is haunted by these creatures. Apparently the officers were followed home by succubi-like monsters which then climbed on the roofs of their houses and sexually assaulted them in their sleep. Fear of the goblins then spread throughout the local area. Source: This is apparently a regular thing and goes back a very long way in history. They call such a creature tokoloshe. There are ways and means of protecting yourself from a tokoloshe. You can get a sangoma, a medicine man, to cast a spell to banish them or you can take herbal substances that act as a repellent. One simple method is to sleep on a bed that is very high. It's quite normal to see beds in Zimbabwe that are five or six feet off the ground, resembling a bunk-bed without a lower bunk. It's easy to laugh at such antics and dismiss them as a childish superstition believed in by a primitive culture; however, there are a lot of similarities between tokoloshe encounters and those reported by white westerners experiencing sleep paralysis. This is something I get myself quite often, once a fortnight or so. I've had it my whole life so it doesn't bother me. I just wake up unable to move my body, apart from my eyes. I just wait and after a few minutes it wears off and I wake up properly. Occasionally, only about five or six times, I've seen strange things in the bedroom with me. See: and: I'm lucky; some people see these entities every night and often they are far more aggressive. They are surprisingly similar in appearance and behaviour to the tokoloshe. How come people of such different racial, geographic and cultural backgrounds see the same things? There are only two possibilities. Either every single human brain is hardwired to produce certain images and experiences under certain states of consciousness, and that requires a lot of explanation; or what we are seeing is objectively real. Which is more likely?
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Monday 10 June 2024

William Anders Dies

The Apollo 8 astronaut and former diplomat William Anders has died. This is sad and his loved ones have my deepest condolences. The manner of his demise has an almost Hollywood like romanticism. He was flying a Beechcraft T34 Mentor, a 1950's vintage military training aircraft. He flew low over Puget Sound in Washington USA when the plane was seen to attempt some kind of aerobatic and then dropped nose first into the water. Source: Mr Anders' body was recovered. It has not been stated whether the remains of the aircraft was. It is likely it sank; in which case, can it be salvaged from the seabed? This will be essential for any coroner's enquiry to established why he died. He was ninety years old and maybe that's too old to fly solo. However, he was a perfectly qualified pilot with over eight thousand hours experience including active interception missions with the US Air Force. He broke no current FAA flying regulations. He was the US ambassador to Norway from 1976 to '77; but he is most famous for being one of the three astronauts aboard Apollo 8, the first manned spacecraft to leave earth orbit and fly to the moon. This mission had no lunar module and it was seven months later that the first landing on the moon took place with Neil Armstrong and Apollo 11. However, Apollo 8 was famous for being the first ever manned mission to the moon... supposedly. Mr Anders was most famous for taking some unique photographs including some of the first ever of the earth from deep space. One is called "Earthrise" and is particularly powerful, showing our home planet above the lunar horizon. I can't help but ask, had he said something to somebody? I hope the rest of his family are safe. If any "accidents" happen to them too, we must shout it loud.
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Sunday 9 June 2024

Farage is Back... Again!

Whether you love or hate him, nobody can say Nigel Farage ceases to surprise. He is one of the most capricious, and dare I say inconsistent, politicians Britain has ever had. He began his career as a hero for Brexiteers, long before the word had ever been coined. He then caused a split in his original party, UKIP, and founded the Brexit Party. This is technically a company owned primarily by Farage, but the electoral commission did accept it as a political party so it could run in elections. In 2021 it changed its name to Reform UK, a silly name in my opinion. Shortly after this, but not as a result, Nigel announced his second retirement from politics his first being the day after the 2016 Brexit referendum victory. Richard Tice took over as leader and became most notorious for sacking a number of candidates because Hate Not Hope ordered him to, see: Now, as we approach the eighth anniversary of Referendum Day, on the third of June, Nigel announced his return to the throne of Reform UK. What was really bizarre was that just a few weeks earlier he had revealed plans to abandon Britain altogether and travel to America to campaign for Donald Trump in this year's US presidential election. He admitted this was a mistake, which is admirable; it's far more than most politicians do. His reason for changing his mind is that he has seen "a rejection of the political class" in this country and he wanted to be a part of that revolt. He said the surge in Reform's popularity was "a new phenomenon" and he is encouraged by opinion polls on the continent ahead of the upcoming European Parliamentary elections for hard right populists like himself. Source:
Will I vote for Reform? Well if you look through their manifesto, see:, I agree with almost all of it. I don't think we should abolish the House of Lords, but I am very keen that we should scrap HS2, stop NHS privatization and leave the ECHR, see: However, will Nigel Farage reinstate the candidates unfairly dismissed by Richard Tice? Will he apologize to them? A friend of mine and former UKIP activist, Daniel Bostock, has stated that he feels Farage betrayed the UKIP members in a similar way to Tice, see: Is Reform nothing but controlled opposition? Possibly. I am suspicious of how Farage seems to be tolerated far more by the establishment than other populists like Jeremy Corbyn and Donald Trump. The answer is no, I will not be voting Reform UK. If I vote at all in this upcoming election it will be for another small party or an independent. If the IOA stand a parliamentary candidate I might support them again, see: Nigel is standing in the Clacton constituency. He has replaced the previous candidate from his own party, Anthony Mack; who is now challenging Farage as an independent. Nigel has never been elected before; some define him as the most influential statesman who has never sat in office. It is likely this safe Tory seat will flip purple. We will see. As far as the election goes generally, I don't think I will cover it in any detail; it will simply be too boring! Labour is going to win, but their victory will be very pyrrhic and anticlimactic. The electorate are not backing Keir Starmer because they are captivated by his dream for a better Britain. No, they probably regard him as a corrupt slimy greasy haired knob just like I do. Labour will win by the default of apathy. The turnout is going to be a record low and most of the voters who backed Boris in 2019 will just stay at home or vote Reform. Maybe the despair of the outcome will be a lesson for us all. Democracy is one of the biggest buzz-words in the English language; it is loaded down like no other with emotional and cultural baggage. Wars have been fought over democracy which have cost the lives of millions. Some people will start weeping at the very mention of the word. The quest for democracy has produced some of the most dramatic tales in history. Yet most democratic countries, even very old democracies, are suffering from a terrible malaise. Democratic governments have a catastrophic credibility problem in their relationship with their citizens; some political leaders even have approval ratings in single figures. Citizens now usually vote for negative reasons instead of positive; meaning they'll vote for somebody they don't like in order to keep somebody they like even less out of office, rather than to try and elect somebody they do like. Democratic countries today are ruled by some of the most loathsome people imaginable; cruel, cowardly, weak, gutless, heartless, stupid, selfish and deceitful. Despite the fact that nominally we can "choose our leaders", these kinds of people always rise to the top and nobody seems to know why, let alone how to stop them. This malaise is growing. I can only hope that the obvious perception of the problem will finally generate a solution.
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Saturday 8 June 2024

Would the Real Kevin Russell Please Stand Up?

Dr David Clarke has returned to the Calvine UFO case in his latest Substack essay. There have been a few developments and he continues to maintain a comparatively rational stance. I'm pleased to say he still rejects the absurd clown's day off dismissals I mention in the background links below. A man called Richard Grieve has come forward to tell Philip Mantle he worked at the hotel in Pitlochry in 1990 and so knew the two photographers. It is interesting that he did so before Dr Clarke's August 2022 story was published and until then a link between the hotel and the photographers was not widely known. The problem is, "Kevin Russell" remains illusive. I'm starting to wonder if that was ever his real name. Even when he was handing over a print of the photo privately to an RAF officer he may have decided to sign the back with a pseudonym, anticipating trouble. Maybe the real photographer is Richard Grieve and he told Mantle his story as an active decoy because he feels nervous that this old story has been dug up. Craig Lindsay can't remember the names of the witnesses and Mr Grieve says neither was called Kevin. A friend on Facebook has just suggested that the two chefs may have been threatened or paid off. Quite possibly; we know they received unwanted visits from government agents. David has worked closely with a photographic analyst called Andrew Robinson who demonstrates that the original crude photocopy was of the real print. Unfortunately Clarke then falls back down the skeptic rabbit hole when he tries to link the object in the photograph to the F117 Nighthawk, which had only been declassified three years earlier. He also suspects that it might be the experimental prototype codenamed "Hopeless Diamond". He demonstrates this in true skepper fashion by putting the two images together and saying the designs "clearly resemble the craft photographed in Scotland" when they very obviously don't. A toddler with a shape-sorter could see that. What's more, his latest news article repeats the witness' testimony: "Then the diamond craft shot vertically into the sky and disappeared without making a sound." For Clarke to be right, this part of the story needs to be apocryphal. It might well be, of course; but simply to assume so is a bit too convenient. It allows Clarke to repeat his rather narrow-minded "there are only two possibilities..." statement. Source: (Mail Online is now behind a paywall... is that a good or bad thing?... However, if you want to read Dr Clarke's newspaper article a friend has photographed the paper edition in good quality so it is legible when you magnify it. I have the image so leave your email in the comments if you want me to send it to you.) I've explained before how supposedly revealing UFO's to be secret aircraft might actually be an elaborate double-bluff, for example: and: Despite this, it is now very fashionable to believe the opposite. I don't know specifically if Dr Clarke does so, but he appears to be entertaining the idea. If he falls for that trick he will not find his way to the truth about the Calvine UFO.
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Friday 7 June 2024

Big Spammer is Watching You 2- Visit Pakistan

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It has happened again! This time it was really weird. I watched a twenty minute video about a luxury coach in Pakistan. The film shows it being cleaned and maintained. This is followed by some scenes showing more conventional long-distance public road transport from that same country being driven and built. Source: I watched the entire video at normal speed and then went to check my emails... and I gasped! I had just received two emails with the subject line: "Visit Pakistan"; one was from a website called advertising the best value plane flights and hotels for a holiday in Pakistan. The second was from the Pakistani National Tourism Coordination Board, see: Both emails arrived while I was watching that YouTube upload. How is this possible? Coincidence? I'm sure your average skeppa would say so, see: I know that in this situation there is nothing inherently malevolent involved in my online activities being traced and scrutinized in this way; it's simply a standard marketing practice that targets me with specific promotional material because some AI has decided that me watching that video means I might be planning a trip to Pakistan. I'm not, as it happens. Despite that, the same technology and methods could be used by the government to profile me and that information could be used to my detriment in numerous different ways. That worries me.

Thursday 6 June 2024

David Grusch One Year On


See here for essential background:
It is now an entire year to the day since David Grusch first hit the media with his astonishing claims that the US government is hiding the secret that intelligent non-human life in interacting with planet earth and its inhabitants. Now, a year later, where do we stand? Much of the last twelve months have seen something of an "empire strikes back" situation. The NDAA has reached the statue books without the "Schumer amendment"; and despite continuing efforts by congressmen, lawyers, reporters and members of the public, there has been a successful backlash. We should not be surprised. Did anybody seriously think this could not happen? Did anybody pretend there were no reactionaries inside the programme who would not try to resist the post-2017 developments? As far as I'm concerned this is tantamount to a confession. If what we have been saying was some terrible folly, which is what the skeptics insist, then why all this effort to halt the transparency process? Why not just smirk in Congress during the bill's reading and laugh about it in the bar afterwards? Why not just leave it in peace to gather dust like so many other bits of useless legislation? That's the good news; the gatekeepers are operating without cover, which in the long term will be fatal for them. David Grusch has been constantly criticized for failing to provide hard evidence of his claims, but this criticism is made by people with no patience and a lack of understanding. As Ross Coulthart points out with typical Australian bluntness, the Disclosure process is not some kind of entertainment provided for the sake of UFO Twitter, it is a serious matter that must be handled with care and composure. We social media pundits are not always entitled to be told every single thing that's going on as and when it happens. David Grusch cannot work miracles, so stop demanding that he does. Here's a prime example: Grow up and get over yourself, Greenstreet! (And find a new hairdresser for goodness sake!) In fact, generally, many UFOlogists get castigated for trying to work within the inevitable limitations of the subject; whose essential nature means that usually all that does come out from behind the veil of secrecy is the insiders' memories. Remember, despite the entire frantic mobilization of the Truth Embargo's political and media machine, we are still moving forward. Congressman Robert Garcia has just introduced a new bill to replace the Schumer amendment and Karl Nell has made more very positive comments about UFO's, see: It's better to be an optimist than a pessimist. If you're an optimist you can be proved wrong and, sure, you feel disappointed; but if you're a pessimist and you are proven wrong you miss out on all the fun, you uninvite yourself from the party. David Grusch has shown himself to be genuine and committed. He has stuck by his guns and has been a hundred percent consistent. He has related his information publicly whenever he can. A time will come when he will truly be appreciated by everybody for his service to his country and the world.
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Monday 27 May 2024

The Prisoner Review with David Yorkshire

I have been interviewed on David Yorkshire's YouTube, see:
We review the classic esoteric 1960's TV series The Prisoner, see:

Saturday 25 May 2024

Squarespace UFO Ad

Every so often something appears in mainstream entertainment that reveals just how far a recent concept has advanced into culture and collective psychology. Squarespace is one of the world's most popular web design and hosting services. It is worth over a billion dollars and has advertised at major sporting events and cinema awards. Therefore when they produced a new TV advert with an alien theme I was astounded. This is no ordinary advert either; it is directed by Martin Scorsese who is a famous feature film creator, best known for such classics as The Colour of Money, Raging Bull and Taxi Driver. I doubt if he'd be cheap to hire. This advert is one of those almost like a mini-movie. It has a title, Hello Down There. It is one minute thirty-six seconds long and begins with a series of shots from TV news reports about UFO's. They begin with a dated one showing a young boy in a 1940's lounge watching a science fiction film followed by some news spots through the ages from Walter Kronkite's 1966 programme to recent clips of crop circles followed by the hearings in Mexico and the United States. It features the gimbal UAP footage. The second scene is a busy city street where people are walking along looking at their mobile phones while flying saucers swoop low overhead like in an alien invasion film. The people don't notice because they are totally engrossed with their phones. One woman chuckles at a video of a cat playing with toilet paper, others are having a picnic in a park beside the Eiffel Tower in Paris. An elderly couple are sitting in an American diner reading about recipes; and only their dog outside takes notice of the ET spacecraft. In China some business executives in a boardroom are totally focused on their computer displays. The aliens are baffled by the indifference of humanity to their presence. They even extend a tool that knocks on the window of the boardroom, but to no avail. They gesture in frustration until the idea occurs to them to build their own Squarespace website which then appears on the humans' devices and therefore finally alerts them to the extraterrestrial presence. It's a simple page that shows them waving and the words "Hello down there." Finally the humans' reverie is broken and they look up to notice the aliens. The final shot is of the director himself in a chauffeur driven car. The ad ends with the slogan "A website makes it real". Source:
There are all kinds of commentary we could make about this TV advert, about how the population are distracted and fed disinformation using modern portable media, but I shall stick to the UFOlogical elements for the purposes of this article. The idea of alien contact and the post-2017 advancements in the subject are obviously far more engrained than I thought. A major IT giant has decided it is so popular that it can form the basis of a major marketing campaign. This is not the only example I've found; see others in the links below. This is a very good thing. Nobody can pretend that UFO's and aliens are confined to the realm of lunacy and frivolity. This has come at a time when Stephen Spielberg has just announced that he is making a new UFO movie. He has done so before, of course, with his masterpieces Close Encounters of the Third Kind and ET- The Extraterrestrial, but that was early in his career; and he stated in 1997 that he had lost his interest in UFO's and would never make another movie about them. He has since changed his mind. Contrary to normal marketing practice, the film has been given a release date even before the title has been revealed, August 15, 2026. Source: Has somebody had a word in his ear and told him this particular iron will be hot to strike at the time?
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Friday 24 May 2024

GB News vs Ofcom

The Office of Communications is taking action against GB News... again. The national media and communications regulation agency has decided that the station broke the rules of due impartiality when they had a live telephone Q and A programme with the Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. Their accusations are:
"While some of the audience's questions provided some challenge to, and criticism of, the Government's policies and performance, audience members were not able to challenge the Prime Minister's responses and the presenter did not do this to any meaningful extent. The Prime Minister was able to set out future policies that his Government planned to implement, if re-elected in the forthcoming UK General Election. Neither the audience nor the presenter challenged or otherwise referred to significant alternative views on these. The Prime Minister criticised aspects of the Labour Party's policies and performance. While politicians are of course able to do this in programmes, broadcasters must ensure that due impartiality is preserved. Neither the Labour Party's views or positions on those issues, or any other significant views on those issues were included in the programme or given due weight; and GB News did not, and was not able to, include a reference in the programme to an agreed future programme in which an appropriately wide range of significant views on the major matter would be presented and given due weight. We also took into account that, during the course of our investigation, GB News said it had purposefully not been aware of the questions which audience members would ask the Prime Minister; made an editorial decision that the presenter would not intervene or challenge views expressed; and that there were no other editorial means for alternative views to be included in the programme... We have therefore recorded a breach of Rules 5.11 and 5.12 of the Broadcasting Code against GB News." Source:
Ofcom will now begin the process of statuary sanction which can take up to sixty working days. What could they do to GB News? They could fine them; they can impose a penalty of up to a quarter of a million pounds. Seeing as they're acted against GB News twice before it is likely that any financial penalty will be very high. However, this time they may decide to go one step further and revoke the platform's licence, like they did to RT, see: Israel has also just done this to Al Jazeera. If that happens GB News will no longer appear on a terrestrial TV station or DAB radio; it will become an internet only news channel. This is not the end of the world, after all RT has survived being an online service, for example see:; however it will reduce GB News' profile in the public eye... And that is the real objective of course. I hope the Jeeb will learn a lesson from this. A few months ago Ofcom attacked the channel over the supposed "misogyny" of Lawrence Fox, Calvin Robinson and Dan Wooton. The channel's management responded by grovelling, taking the knee, apologizing over and over again; and throwing the supposed nasty miscreants under the bus, see: Where did it get them? Did they really think that Ofcom would leave them alone after that? We've seen the same ridiculous false conciliation from Reform UK, formerly the Brexit Party (They should never have changed their name!). The party's leader Richard Tice dropped about half of its candidates in the recent election because Hate Not Hope told them to... I'm not kidding, see: What does Tice think he's going to achieve with all this backstabbing? You cannot be an anti-establishment political party while trying to pacify the establishment. Hate Not Hope responded by gloating over how they now control Reform, and they're right to. They did not thank Tice for his collaboration and leave him alone to find another victim; they simply drew up another list of targets and handed them over to him again. Source: I'm not a fan of Winston Churchill; I consider him a grossly overrated fake hero, but he did once say something very true: "Appeasement is feeding the crocodile in the hope it will eat you last." We must stop apologizing. We must not attempt to win the approval of our enemies. We must simply tell them to take a running jump!
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Thursday 23 May 2024

Bases Conference 2023 Promo

A discussion between myself and Miles Johnston of the Bases Project promoting the upcoming Bases 2024 Conference, see:
The conference will take place on Saturday the 15th and Sunday the 16th of June. The venue is Bouverie Hall, Pewsey, Wiltshire SN9 5ES and starts at 9.30 AM. Tickets cost £76.55. The speakers are: Deborah Hatswell, Sayed Mahmoud Noah, Sandi Adams, Julie Phelps and many more. Details:

Tuesday 21 May 2024

Ben Emlyn-Jones on the Paranormal Peep Show 22

I have been on the Paranormal Peep Show again. This programme features an interview with Mark and Liz Froud, known as The Crafty Nihilist.

Monday 20 May 2024

Ben Emlyn-Jones and Rin Michaelis 12

I have been interviewed again by Rin Michaelis on her YouTube livestream:
Subjects discussed include: Israel vs Hamas, propaganda in war, the US and UK political spectrums and much much more.
See here for my previous appearance on Rin's channel:
See here for Rin's channel:
And her Twitter:

Sunday 19 May 2024

Big Traffic Warden is Watching You


(Apparently traffic wardens in Oxford are now called "Civil Enforcement Officers"... Doubleplus ungood!) A while ago I reported on Oxford's new Local Traffic Neighbourhoods, see: The council appear so determined to proceed with its fifteen minute city agenda that I was surprised to walk up Divinity Road in St Clements on Friday and find the bollards gone. I walk up that road at least every day or two for work and for over a year the solid bollards I mentioned in the background link above have been there. I wondered what on earth had happened. There is no sign of vandalism, in fact it's clear the bollard removal was planned; the sockets have been removed and the holes filled in. Then I spotted the dead tree of CCTV cameras set up on two nearby lampposts. It turns out that the LTN's are still there but the control method has changed. The lack of bollards means that emergency vehicles and dustcarts etc can pass through to do their public service unhindered, but any unauthorized private vehicle will be spotted by the CCTV, its number-plate will be photographed and the owner will receive a fine; in a manner similar to a speed-camera. This is called "automatic number plate recognition" and three of the LTN's have had this introduced as an experiment; Divinity Road, Magdalen Road and James Street. I actually consider this worse than the bollards. The presence of a tangible, visible physical barrier is somehow more honest, more respectful. The ANPR system induces a change in human behaviour by a psychological rather than physical constraint. I've noticed the acceptance of universal surveillance by the state, in all its forms, has changed us. We have evolved new mindsets and actions because we now always assume we are being monitored. Oxford has been singled out as the first place to test this new form of society on a national and even international scale. There is hope; I see a lot of people in Oxford fighting back; and this was obvious in the recent elections, see: There is still hope that we can halt this runaway train to Orwell Central.

Friday 17 May 2024

Chain Reaction

Ashton Forbes did a livestream the other day in which he recommended a film called Chain Reaction. It is quite old, from 1996, and when I watched it I was surprised I'd never heard of it until now. It is a story about a group of scientists who develop a system for extracting hydrogen from water with overunity, meaning the system's energy output is greater than its input. The technique involves "sonoluminescence", like that developed by Rusi Taleyarkhan as covered in a very deceptive BBC TV show, see: One of the team's technicians is called Eddie and is played by Keanu Reeves. He escapes from a bomb attack on the laboratory before the experiment can be published. What follows is a very fast-paced action thriller, very Dan Brown, in which Eddie and his colleague Lily are chased across frozen lakes and down dark tunnels by bad guys in suits. The main antagonist is played by Brian Cox... no, not that one... and there is another character called Paul Shannon, played by Morgan Freeman, who is very ambiguous and before the end it is uncertain whose side he's on. The film only gets really interesting near the end where the baddies try to repeat the experiment secretly in their underground lair. During that scene, Shannon and Eddie have this conversation:
Shannon: "People want to live their split-level homes and eat microwave dinners and watch colour TV."
Eddie: "Is that what you think?"
Shannon: "Alistair was a dreamer. Clean air, free energy. Noble concepts, but we live on a planet that's addicted to petroleum. Now what happens if you dump free energy onto the world market? Stock markets around the world would plummet! Our own economy (the USA) would collapse overnight. Recession, unemployment, war. The world is speeding up too fast now, Eddie. We can barely hold on as it is."
Eddie: "You're right; it's not working. That's why we've got to try something else. Not bury the technology, but let it out."
Shannon: "You let it out, but you let it out at a pace the world can absorb."
Eddie: "It can absorb it now." Source:
Of course those behind the coverup plan never to let it out. This reminds me very much of this conversation in my own production Roswell Rising- a Novel of Disclosure:
"But come on, Gerald; when are we going to see free energy released for public development?"
There was a long silence. "Gerald... what?..."
The waiters arrived with their starter course. When they'd gone, Caxton leaned forward on the table and looked hard into Clane's eyes. "Listen to me, Clane. This technology can never be declassified. The public are never going to have access to it."
"Why not?" he croaked.
"Why not?... Well, why don't I turn that question on its head and ask you: Why should they? How can we tell them?"
"Easily." Clane was frowning in disbelief. "We just announce it... easily."
"Easily?... Right, so you plan to knock on the door of the chairman of Royal Dutch Shell and say: 'Good morning. I've just come to tell you your services are no longer required'. Just like that?"
Clane nodded.
"And what's he going to say: 'Alright, no problem. You still need oil to make candles! That's a good idea, Shell Candles! They're pretty colours! They smell nice! They won't stain your wallpaper! There'll be a smart dollar on that!'?" Caxton's face became annoyed and exasperated in his sarcasm; as if he were explaining something very obvious that Clane was foolish not to consider. "You don't get it, do you, Clane?... Oil is not the biggest industry in the world; it is industry! It is the lifeblood and the lubricant of civilization! Take that away and what happens? The world order as we know it will descend into chaos! The West will fall into mediocrity! India and China will dominate the globe with their huge populations and vast resources!... Energy needs to be rationed and distributed strategically in order to maintain a stable human world." Source:
It never ceases to amaze me how candid people are in revealing the truth when they're doing it through fictional allegory. There have been other similar narratives before and since; and we will not seen the last of them, as the veil between the covert and overt world thins.
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Wednesday 15 May 2024

Bruce Maccabee Dies

I'm sorry to report that Dr Bruce Maccabee has passed away. Dr Bruce was a scientist who did a lot of good work for the Naval Ordnance Laboratory, later called the Naval Surface Warfare Centre, developing underwater laser technology. He was a dedicated UFO researcher with a lifelong interest in the subject and he was active with NICAP in the 60's. He retired from the US Navy in 2008 and has investigated UFO's fulltime ever since. He was MUFON state director for Maryland, a position he kept even though he moved to Ohio. In 1979 he helped establish FUFOR, the Fund for UFO Research. He investigated numerous UFO incidents and had his own encounter in 1991. He also helped David Paulides investigate his own wife's alien encounter in some woods near their home in 2010. Bruce has been described as very intelligent and packed with knowledge. David called him "the smartest man I've ever met." He is one of those essential figures in the UFO community who work extremely hard but quietly behind the scenes to bring home the goods in terms of evidence without which the more flamboyant public characters of UFOlogy would be helpless. He was totally committed to government UFO transparency. He was also very musical and could play the piano. He had recently been battling a serious illness, but happily celebrated his eighty-second birthday last week with his family. He has left this world, but his work will live on. His website has been archived: Deepest condolences to his wife Jan and their whole family. Rest in peace, Dr Bruce.

Tuesday 14 May 2024

Mablethorpe Presentation Videos 2

The video recordings of my recent presentation at Mablethorpe, Lincolnshire are available.
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
And see here for the complete video:
These videos were originally streamed live on Facebook. Many thanks to Tom for being cameraman. The lecture is entitled A Peek into Where your TV Licence Fee Goes. See here for background:
See here for a recording of my previous Mablethorpe group event:
See here for additional background:

Sunday 12 May 2024

Is the Messiah Coming?

The strange case of the tunnelling Jews of New York, see:, is actually part of a larger and more widespread pattern of behaviour. I've come across many other publications indicating that there are a growing number of people who believe that the End is Nigh, especially in the Jewish community. They believe that the Messiah, or מָשִׁיחַ, "mashiach", is about to come forward on the earth. According to Abrahamic eschatology, the Messiah is the redeemer of humanity born to return the fallen man to unity with God. Jews, Christians, Muslims and other faiths vary in their beliefs, but the central theme of the Messiah is the same, see the background links below. The Messiah is a male figure born of the line of David, that is Jewish royalty, who will become the king of the Jews and will be anointed with holy oil. He will usher in a new age in which the God of Israel will restore the world to a state of grace. I've come across an interview between two Jewish ladies. It's not easy to follow because they talk primarily about their personal lives, and insert many Hebrew and Yiddish words into their discussion, but the meaning is still obvious. They regard the October the 7th massacre as a prelude to Armageddon. This is understandable considering it was the worst crime against Jewish people since the Russian pogroms. They say that the recent solar eclipse, see:, might be another sign from God. Source: It is very often when a terrible disaster afflicts a people or nation that apocalyptic ideas become popular and those ideas will fit into the theology of that culture. Personally, I'm not poised for arrival on earth of a supernatural being who will make everything alright. I don't rule it out totally, but I doubt it. If I am wrong then I will be a Thomas and take responsibility for my lack of faith. However, as I explain in the background links below, I believe the archetype of the Apocalypse is a real thing. It will emerge in one form or another; and I do accept that an age of change which is parallel to the Messianic one, if not identical in form, is indeed upon us.
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Saturday 11 May 2024

Solar Storms

Listeners of the HPANWO Show on HPANWO Radio will know that on every programme I deliver a space weather report. What is happening right now is one of the reasons I do that. On the latest show, see:, I describe the sunspot AR3664. This is by far the biggest and most energetic sunspot I've ever seen since I began the project in 2012. The spot is so huge its diameter is more than fifteen times that of the earth. It can be seen on the solar disk without any magnification. (NB: please do not look at the sun without the correct optical equipment or eclipse goggles. Otherwise you risk permanent blindness from the damage the light and ultraviolet radiation can do to your eyes.) This sunspot is as big and as powerful as the famous Carrington sunspot of 1859. There is a comparative illustration above where the two sunspot records are superimposed onto the solar disk. When the Carrington event happened, the spot erupted with a massive X-class solar flare and coronal mass ejection; which resulted in a G5 extreme type geomagnetic storm which overloaded the entire electronic infrastructure of the earth. Luckily in those days that just meant a few telegraph wires, but in today's day and age the electronic infrastructure is so much more complex and we are so much more dependent on it. A Carrington event today would not cause any physical harm to life on earth, but it would devastate the human world with widespread power-cuts and telephone and internet outages. This would throw the financial world into chaos and threaten the safety of ships at sea and aircraft in flight; and that's just the beginning. There are ways and means of reducing the harm caused by a Carrington event; for example by reducing power on the national grid, shutting down computers etc, but this requires coordination and planning. If such an event happens we may not get much notice. Solar flares travel very quickly, many hundred of miles per second. We may only get one or two days to prepare, possibly less. In 2003 there was a geomagnetic storm that caused a blackout across millions of square miles of North America that lasted three days. Is this going to happen again, or worse? I don't know. If it does this could be the excuse for the "black swan event", see: All we can really do right now is enjoy the free fireworks. Yes, there will be aurora borealis in the sky tonight in latitudes that don't normally see them. Hopefully the sky where I am will be free of cloud.
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Friday 10 May 2024

The Masque of the Red Death

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Following my exploration into the world of doomsday bunkers for the elite, I came across a story from a British-Canadian author called Cory Doctorow, The Masque of the Red Death. This is of course the title of a famous 1842 novella by Edgar Allen Poe about the attempts of the wealthy elite to lock themselves away in a castle while the plague devastates their land. Doctorow's 2019 story has the same basic plot, but it is set in the present day and is about super-rich doomsday preppers, the same kind who might be planning to "bug out" to New Zealand when "the shit hits the fan". The novella is one of four in an anthology called Radicalized. It was inspired by the author's feelings of living in the United States during the Trump era. (Unlike me, he is very leftwing; I regard that era a bit differently, see: The central character is called Martin Mars and he is a high level financier with a very ruthless and pragmatic outlook on life. He knows something is coming which he calls "the Event"; this has the same meaning as the "black swan event" although in this story there is no doubt that it is a spontaneous, natural and unplanned crisis. At the moment he thinks is just perfect, not too soon and not too late, he leaves his luxury mansion in the city and heads for the hills in his armoured car where he has built a luxury underground doomsday bunker. He invites thirty of his friends to join him. He plans to wait out the apocalypse in comfort until things have calmed down and then return to resume his privileged lifestyle. He feels no sorrow at the fate of the millions left behind to die. He sees this is a normal dialectic of society in which the human herd is organically culled, what he euphemistically terms "market adjustment". The common folk who have no bunker to retreat into and so will inevitably perish Martin gives the chilling epithet "unnecessariat". In his bunker he has a radio scanner so he can keep up with what's going on in the outside world. Also sometimes he and his fellow hideaways venture out to see what they can scavenge. This goes very badly in some cases; for example when they try to raid a community of heavily armed hillbillies. They also have to threaten prowlers who drop by in the hope of a place inside the bunker. In the city where they used to live, the breakdown of sanitary infrastructure has led to an outbreak of dysentery that kills most of the people it infects. Martin and his smug bunker dwelling cohorts assume that they are safe from such epidemics, but they are wrong. Despite the very grim ending to the story I don't see it as a tragedy. In fact I can't help feeling a sense of satisfaction, that Martin is receiving just desserts for his own attitude and choices. It also exposes the entire fantasy of elite survivalism that I detail in the background link above. The book Radicalized contains three other novellas but if you want to read The Masque of the Red Death as a standalone, it is available as a free audio-book on the author's website, one that has a great name, see:
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Tuesday 7 May 2024


Manifest is described as a "supernatural TV drama"; that sounds right up my street, and it is. It is about a group of people who are passengers on an airliner that disappears in mid-flight... sound familiar? Then it suddenly reappears five and a half years later for reasons not explained up to the point I've been watching it. No time at all has passed for the passengers and crew except the normal duration of the flight. They've effectively gone through a time slip. As a result they have to face numerous problems. During their absence they were presumed dead, and their friends and family have moved on without them. Partners have found new spouses; siblings are much older or younger than each other. Life insurance has to be paid back. The passengers and the people around them have to rebuild their lives. They suffer a lot of media attention and public infamy; not to mention harassment and kidnapping from an intelligence agency and secret government scientists. Some people worship them as deities. However, there is even more; they all find they have extrasensory perception, what they nickname "the callings". These can be useful. One of the characters is a policewoman and she solves several crimes by using her callings. Another is a doctor and her callings give her insight into curing her patients. There are four seasons so far, but I stopped watching it a few episodes into season two because it had lost a lot of the energy that made the first season very good. Source: The series is clearly inspired by the disappearance of MH370. How close is it to the truth? Do I think MH370 will somehow just reappear in the sky? No. I don't know where the Malaysian Airlines plane is; one day it might be found. Probably in the meantime it will inspire more works of fiction.
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Sunday 5 May 2024

UFO Truth Magazine- Issue 66

UFO Truth Magazine Issue 66 is now available. It can be purchased on this page as a single copy, but please subscribe and save money if you want to read it regularly, see:
Issue 66 includes an article in my column entitled Is the Door Open for "Catastrophic Disclosure?".
Also you will find in Issue 66: the revelations of Adm. Gallaudet, KONA BLUE declassification, developments in space, and much much more.
Also in this HPANWO Show programme I interview the UFO Truth Magazine's editor Gary Heseltine:
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Saturday 4 May 2024

Ben Emlyn-Jones and Rin Michaelis 11

I have been interviewed again by Rin Michaelis on her YouTube livestream:
Subjects discussed include: UFO's, media psychology, social media censorship and much much more.
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Friday 3 May 2024

I Backed a Winner!

How much did I win?... No it wasn't a horse; it was Alan Yeatman, candidate... and now elected city councillor, for my ward in Oxford. The last time I voted in an election for somebody who actually won was in 1997 when I backed Labour under Tony Blair in the general election... I know, and I'm not proud of myself. Alan's party, the Independent Oxford Alliance, is not perfect, but it is by far the most positive and has the potential to do the best job. It opposes the Big Brother reforms for which Oxford has been made a national, and even international, guinea pig. See the background link for details. Source: As you can see, Alan is the party secretary. He received 842 votes, once of which was mine, beating his nearest rival, Labour, by over 200. I'm pleased to see that the other IOA candidates were also very popular. Chaka Artwell, somebody I've met, came second in Barton and Sandhills, only slightly behind the Labour winner. Halima Banaras came third in Donnington, beating the Lib Dems and Tories. Ben Christopher got 391 in Hinksey. Anne Stares got elected in Littlemore, as did Judith Harley in Lye Valley and David Henwood for Rose Hill and Iffley. Source: Nationally, Labour have swept the board. They have gained at least 170 councillors while the Tories have been eviscerated; they've lost 422 at the time of writing. Keir Starmer is doing a victory dance all over the media, but is he justified in his vainglory? The fact that the Lib Dems, Greens, small parties and independents have gained so much, and a predicted low turnout, indicates Labour's triumph is somewhat anticlimactic. The electorate have not been captured by Starmer's dream for a better Britain. They probably see him as a slimy greasy-haired knob just like I do. It's just that most of his supporter base stayed at home, or voted Green or for a leftist party. At the moment we're all waiting to see if Sad Git Khan will be still be London Mayor; we will not know for sure until tomorrow evening. Is this a herald for the upcoming general election? Probably; but time will tell. Sunak will surely delay it for as long as possible; it is for the Conservatives, after all, a stay of execution. It might not happen until January next year, but will probably be in the autumn.
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Thursday 2 May 2024

Lotus Eaters go Full Woo

One of my favourite YouTube channels is Podcast of the Lotus Eaters, a political discussion project set up by Carl Benjamin, "Sargon of Akkad". Every day they present a show of about an hour to two about various topics. They are very much on the side of the "anti-woke" movement, just like me; but they have up till now been either silent or evasive about conspiratological ideas, for example: They occasionally dip their toes into those shark infested waters, for example the Bigfoot episodes behind the paywall, but generally they are not a woo-woo publisher. That has now changed very suddenly. In programme 904 they have a segment on the moon landings and the content astonished me. Dan is normally one of the more centrist and level-headed members of the panel, yet he essentially comes out of the closet in this show as a tinfoil hatter. He begins by listing a series of conspiracy theories that have been proven true such as Tuskegee, Gulf of Tonkin, Iran-Contra and MK Ultra; but after that it becomes clear he is open to some others that are yet to be proven true but probably are. This includes all the usual ones; JFK, 9/11 etc. Previously he always left the moon landings alone, considering it too far out; but the Covid issue weakened his certainty and he gradually went from a true NASA believer to "about fifty-fifty". He was challenged by Beau who is convinced the Apollo moon missions were completely real and they have an interesting back and forth. Towards the end Beau is clearly dallying with the concept himself. Of course, I am familiar with both sides of this debate and most of what they talk about, but Dan does bring up some new points. AI fake image spotters have identified much of the Apollo TV and photographic record as suspicious. I also have never heard of the arm appearing outside the command module. The third member of the panel, Callum, sits there in total silence like the quiet man at a pub table who just wants to stay out of it. He occasionally scowls. It's impossible to know what he thinks of this subject. I will watch closely to see what levels of Ickian occult ET HPANWO-esque mumbo-jumbo the Eaters will descend to next. You can listen to the whole audio episode here:, or watch the video of the segment:
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Wednesday 1 May 2024

I Feel Fantastic!

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Since that happy incident I've had another opportunity to confront "Cathy" and this time I really meant business! This was not something I planned; the chance just dropped into my lap yesterday. It made me realize that our previous encounter was not as healing as I hoped it would be. It was only a temporary patch, not a permanent repair. I am a member of an email group containing my family members and two of our closest friends, de facto relatives essentially. I will omit a lot of the details for the sake of anonymity, but it began when Cathy said something I disagreed with. I was about to write out a simple and typical rebuttal, but then stopped. After sleeping on it and thinking about it all day today at work, I decided to send her this response:
Hi Cathy.
(The first paragraph describes the issue we differed on.)
Obviously we may continue to disagree on this. That's fine with me, but there are right and wrong ways to disagree. A good example of the wrong way is when I told you that I had voted Leave in the Brexit referendum. I approached you and my dad in good faith over this matter. (I wish I had kept my mouth shut and will never make that mistake again.) There a dozen ways you could have responded. You could have explained, calmly and politely, exactly why you think I am wrong. We could have had a productive discussion, built a consensus, and you may even have been able to change my mind. I am a rational person and my position is always falsifiable. But instead you just yelled at me: "You've never run a business, Ben! What would you know!?" This is a prime example of an ad hominem fallacy. That is why I pointed out to you: "So, what if somebody who HAD run a business made the same point as me?" You replied: "I doubt if that would happen." Do you not see the absurdity of your position? All I have to do then is produce one Brexiteer ally who runs a business and you've lost the "debate" hands down. Tim Martin, CEO of JD Wetherspoon, is the most famous of these. I put the word "debate" in quotes because the next thing you said was: "Everybody who voted Leave is stupid!" That is not an axiom in a debate; that is an insult and an attack; an insult against me personally and an attack against all the millions of people who dare to disagree with you... And you wonder why people vote for Farage!? I almost walked out at that point and I should have! So could I request that you please do not address me with that kind of disrespect in future disputes? If you acknowledge my good faith and trust I'm sure we could have a far more honest discussion. Thank you.
Regarding your general conduct towards me, it goes beyond just debating one issue. Nobody is a rubber ball that you can just toss against a brick wall again and again in the reassurance that they will not break... although some members of my family pretend to be that. Maybe this has led you into the delusion that we are. A few Christmases ago I bought you a book that I thought you might enjoy as a present. It was called Screwed by the Aliens by Timothy Green Beckley (a good friend of mine who has since passed away.) You looked at it and decided you didn't think you would enjoy it. I have been in this situation myself a few times. On those occasions I try to treat the person giving me the unwanted present with sensitivity and tolerance, in the knowledge that they have thought of me with kindness and a desire to make me happy; and have put consideration, time and money into an effort to make my life better. I might return the gift to them privately afterwards with an: "I appreciate this, but..." conversation. Or I might just say nothing and donate it quietly to a charity library. You could not or would not show me that consideration. You tossed the book contemptuously onto the coffee table with a sneer and the words: "Oh, no thank you!" You did this in front of my entire family and (the name of one of our friends). This made me feel incredibly uncomfortable, humiliated and embarrassed, but I bit my tongue to maintain the sacred "doing Christmas" decorum. (In this HPANWO TV video at about twenty minutes in I talk about the conflict in more detail: I must insist that you do not behave like that towards me again. I think I am entitled to request that little bit of basic human respect from you. Not a lot, just a little. I do not think that is unreasonable. What's more I think the same goes for other members of this family, should they feel they too have been mistreated in a similar way, but are suffering in silence to "avoid the hassle." I, for one, will suffer in silence no longer! I'm not just talking about my own welfare. If I detect any violation of other members of this family, or our circle of friends, from any individual, expect me to take action.
I will not read any more letters posted in this email group. I look forward to joining you in (an upcoming birthday party.)
Best wishes and kind regards.
Well, I've really pulled the pin there! I CC'ed the entire group; since when has she respected my personal sovereignty? I feel fantastic! I feel wonderful! I don't know if you've ever picked up a heavy bag and carried it around for so long that it begins to feel normal, a thorn in your flesh that will be there forever and you just have to put up with it... And then suddenly you drop the bag. That feeling of relief! Freedom! Empowerment! It's overwhelming. I don't know what will happen as a result of my sacrilege and I don't particularly care. I did what needed to be done. There was no other way out of this predicament than to confront my antagonist head on... I have one or two other names on my list. Watch this space!
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