Friday 1 March 2024

Coulthart vs Kaku

In the last few months I have lost interest slightly in UFO's. I have not even yet done a UFO Disclosure 2024 video on HPANWO TV and it's now March. I know why I feel this way; it's because of the frustration and despondency of the current situation, the treachery of "the two Mikes", the repeal of the Schumer amendment and the scorn hurled at David Grusch. The endless SCIF's and "no comments", for example: The Disclosure process has ground to a halt. But now something has happened that may serve as some much needed impetus to start the Disclosure train rolling again. Ross Coulthart has done another interview, this time with none other than Prof. Michio Kaku, one of the world's top theoretical physicists. Kaku has written numerous books and presented numerous documentaries, all of which have become pop science classics. The fact that Prof. Kaku acknowledges the evidence in favour of UAP is highly significant. He rejects the debunkers and feels positive that there is a huge amount of evidence that is slowly emerging. He says, in opposition to the fundamental charter of the skeptic movement, that the burden of proof no longer lies with UFO believers, but with UFO deniers. UAP are obviously the product of a technological civilization, but the five observables make it highly unlikely that they are all from the secret space programme, even if this explains a few of them. SSP craft would not be operating near a naval battle group. Another reason is the antiquity of the phenomenon; UFO's predate the SSP by centuries. It is possible for alien species to reach the earth if they have sufficient technology, says Michio, because one can travel faster than light through wormholes. Therefore if extraterrestrial intelligences exist, we should not be surprised when we see them turn up on our doorstep. It is likely that life is very common in the universe because the chemistry of life everywhere out there in space. He thinks we may not be able to communicate with the ET's on their level because we're like squirrels being studied by humans. Michio has not been approached by the government to help "prepare the people" for ET Disclosure and he doubts if such a thing is happening to his fellow scientists. He thinks we should not advertize our presence to the universe, although it's a bit of a fait accompli; they know we're here already. The general public would be happy with the revelation we are not alone. He believes Roswell was covered up because of the Cold War, but he is not totally sure it was aliens. He has a more open mind than most scientists when it comes to God and religion. It's possible we might regard aliens as gods even if they are not, because of their higher technology. Michio repeats what Carl Sagan recommended to alien abductees, the next time you're taken to an alien spacecraft, steal something! Without evidence, you only have hearsay. Source:
As much as I enjoyed hearing Prof. Kaku's input, I still think he doesn't quite understand the entire issue, especially not the dishonesty and fervour of UFO deniers. For example, when it comes to alien artefacts, they do exist. People have produced physical material of extraterrestrial manufacture, but when they do it is falsely debunked, see: and: I hope Sam Harris watches Michio and Ross' discussion because I know he respects Kaku a lot. Sam Harris was at one point seriously crossing the aisle to accept the UAP issue, but then the skeptics sat him down and fed him the Mick West Kool-Aid. After that he announced that he's "changed his mind", see: So, generally this interview was a good thing, it is a step forward after a few months of standing still. It has come at a good time as well because the Sol Foundation has released the videos of its conference and they are outstanding, see: So things are definitely looking up.
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Thursday 29 February 2024

Ben Emlyn-Jones on the Paranormal Peep Show 21

I have been on the Paranormal Peep Show again. This programme discuses new information on the Apollo moon landings, sixty years since the Kennedy assassination, will Tucker ask Putin about the aliens? and much more.
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See here for my previous appearance on the Paranormal Peep Show:

Tuesday 27 February 2024

Crazy Plane Lady back on TV

Tiffany Gomas, the Crazy Plane Lady, has once again emerged from her hermit cabin in the woods to do another exclusive television interview. This time she had a brief slot on Prime Time with Alex Stein. Alex Stein is a comedian who started off on social media, but became so successful he has effectively joined the mainstream. The programme begins with a rather unsubtle product placement ad for the Italian restaurant chain Olive Garden; and Alex and Ms Gomas do a rather gross Lady and the Tramp imitation of sharing a bowl of spaghetti. Alex then announces that his friend Jimmy is such a big fan that he is naming his baby daughter Tiffany after Her Craziness. The programme then cuts to another scene later when the baby is two months old. Despite showing lots of photos of her smiling, Tiffany Jr does not look very cheerful when she meets her namesake. Source: There is no discussion in this show about Tiffany Gomas' past or the reason she achieved this level of public prominence in the first place. It's possible she has now changed strategy and plans to leave all that behind to become simply another one of these "famous because she's famous" kinds of celebrity.
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Monday 26 February 2024

Giant Snake Discovered

This story might give a few readers nightmares. A giant snake has been discovered in the Amazon rainforest. The monster serpent is twenty-six feet long and weighs thirty-one stone. Its head is about the same size as a human's. It has been christened the Northern Green Anaconda, Eunectes akayima. It is not venomous, but still is potentially very dangerous. It is a predator and extremely strong; and it kills its prey by "constriction", wrapping its body around them and literally crushing them to death. It can swim very well, but, being a reptile, breathes air on land with lungs. The discoverer, amusingly and unusually, was a Dutch wildlife TV presenter with the name of Freek Vonk. There is a video that shows Prof. Vonk swimming fully clothed through some water right next to the snake. He gesticulates with excitement as he approaches the beast very closely; and with as little fear as Steve Irwin. Source: If you happen to come across a Northern Green Anaconda I would recommend treating it with caution and respect. Observe it from a safe distance. That snake could easily take out a human if it wanted to; and snapping a few sensationalized selfies with it is not a casual undertaking. As enormous as that specimen is, there may be even bigger Northern Green Anacondas out there, or other new species yet to be discovered. There are native legends of snakes in the Amazon, such as the "Yacumama", that dwarf even this new discovery. A discovery like this teaches us that we know less about our world than most people think. There are vast regions that have barely been visited, or even never visited; another example: Therefore, why are people incredulous that there might by a large animal living in the deep waters of a Scottish lake or walking upright through the forests of North America? I call for a "utopian zoological season", where we drop all our preconceptions and indoctrination, and carry out more rational investigations. Let's just give these ideas a chance!
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Saturday 24 February 2024

Houdini's Secret

A long time I wrote an article on how a lot of modern stories about the magician and skeptic Harry Houdini had been selectively edited, see: I have come across another example, this time in a book from 1968, Voices From Beyond by Brad Steiger. It addresses Houdini's investigation into the medium Margery Crandon. It was regarded as his greatest challenge; was he, the ultimate fake psychic cracker, about to encounter the real thing at last? Margery had a reputation for openness and honesty. She had been willing to cooperate with psychical researchers for her entire career. The scientists applied every know method at their disposal for outwitting trickery. She was tied up, sealed off in cupboards and gagged. She passed with flying colours every time. Skeppers will never accept that a psychic is real; they always have an unshakeable assumption that the psychic is using fraudulent methods of some kind. If the skeppa can't find the method; it doesn't matter, it is still there, lying deep somewhere inside the medium's chicanery in a place that hasn't been located yet... but it will be one day... promise! The book claims that accusations of dishonesty cut both ways. Harry Houdini was regarded as the ultimate challenge. Like James Randi, he offered a cash incentive to anybody who could prove themselves real under laboratory conditions. Margery was a physical medium whose powers were said to move objects and produce spirit voices, often that of her dead brother Walter Stinson. In the 1920's a committee of parapsychologists organized by Scientific American ran a project on Margery Crandon and in 1924 invited Houdini to assist them. Houdini suggested a test that involved Mrs Crandon ringing an electric bell by means of psychokinesis, a skill she regularly professed. However, when the séance started the voice of Margery's guide boomed out, instructing the committee secretary, Malcolm Bird, to take the bell out of the room and examine it. Byrd did so and saw that the bell had been sabotaged. Rubber insulators had been placed over the contacts to stop it ringing. Source: Houdini had arrived with the bell at the laboratory, but nobody thought to check him to see if he were trying to pull a fast one. Modern reports of this study tell a different tale to Steiger's sources. As with Project Alpha, see:, we don't know for certain that this accusation against Houdini is true, it was never formally investigated; but we must rid ourselves of this notion that skeptics are always going to behave openly and are immune to the moral weaknesses all other people suffer.
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Friday 23 February 2024

The Phantom Postbox Monster of Old Dartford Town

The police in Dartford, Kent are currently investigating a heinous crime. An unknown local artist nicknamed "Danksy" has been decorating the community's pillar-boxes. One has been painted to look like the popular TV character Mr Blobby, one has been sprayed gold and another now looks like a Cadbury Creme Egg. Kent Police are currently on the lookout for somebody who was at large in the area between the 19th to the 21st of February. They warn the public not to approach him, he might be dangerous; instead call the Kent Police's special incident room that they have just set up. Their spokesman said: "A man was arrested on the 13th of February in connection with the gold spray-painting and has since been released on bail until the 4th May while inquiries continue." The locals have mixed feelings about this depravity. Source: Seriously, only in this day and age will the police "make inquiries" into somebody giving a little bit of uniqueness and colour to public property; yet when thugs smash the windows of your house they will just post you the insurance forms and close the case. You might ask why the police and judiciary would prioritize this offence over so many others, others that the public are far more concerned about; but if you ask that question then you have misunderstood the situation. The crimes that concern people the most, that is violence, vandalism and theft, are useful to the establishment because they frighten, depress and demoralize. Criminals who commit those offences are what one of my favourite journalists calls "clients of power", see: I suspect more people approve of "Danksy's" daubs than will admit. Does it brighten up their day? Does it add wonder, hope and curiosity to their lives? Does it make them think for a moment that they are more than just consumers in global factory farm?... Yes, and that is why it has to go. It is very like Jam's garden, see background links below. I think that is why I love Tony Grounds' TV miniseries Gone to Seed so much. It tells the story of an idealistic man who builds a garden centre which inspires and enriches the lives of the local community; "An island of beauty amidst a sea of grey." The man also says: "Making people happy; that's what I'm all about... This place is the jewel in the bobble hat of East London!" And then, in accordance with an all too familiar dark logic, somebody has to come along and "plastickify" it, see: If "Danksy" wants to come to Oxford and try his hand at our own pillarboxes I might be out strolling late and night and come across him with his brush and paints, hurriedly working in the shadows. I'll ask him: "Are you the one who has been painting all the postboxes?" He'll reply: "yeah." with trepidation. I will smile and reply: "I never saw you." and walk on. Just before I turn the corner I shall look back at him and whisper: "Thank you!"
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Thursday 22 February 2024

The Happy Shopper

For some reason, all my happiest experiences at the moment seem to be taking place when I go grocery shopping. Just a couple of weeks after the Butlerian Jihad in Tesco's, see background link below, humanity has won another victory against the forces of robotic domination. I entered a branch of the Cooperative and before I even got through the door a member of staff approached me with a worried and apologetic expression on his face. "I'm very sorry." he began. "We're experiencing technical problems at the moment which means we can only accept cash payments." Do I need to tell you what my reaction was?... As I grabbed a basket and went off to the shelves a young man who looked like a student entered through the sliding doors and the staff member told him the same news. He shrugged. "Okay, I'll have to go somewhere else then." I spontaneously launched into a street lecture: "Hey, mate. Use cash! If you don't the government will dictate to you what you buy, when you buy it and whether you can! It's essential for freedom! You have no control over your life otherwise." He glared at me irritably and walked out. A tall man in a parka nearby said to me: "Nice try, but they won't listen." I laughed and pointed at my beanie: "I try to keep my tin foil hat hidden under this one." When I got to the till I said to the man serving me: "Ah, I'm in liberty central. How long till the Deep State regain control of this CoOp?" He gazed at me nonplussed. He was Mediterranean looking, possibly Albanian, and clearly his English lessons hadn't covered popular conspiracy theories yet. As I left the shop I raised my fist in the air and yelled: "Stop the New World Order." One of the other cashiers smiled and waved; he knows me quite well because I'm a regular in there. Hours later I still feel a warm glow when I think about this incident.
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Wednesday 21 February 2024

Ben Emlyn-Jones live at the Mablethorpe Group 2

I will be speaking at the Mablethorpe Group on Monday the 13th of May. My lecture will be entitled: A Peek into Where your TV Licence Fee Goes. Ben Emlyn-Jones takes a close look at one of the world's biggest media platforms. The BBC claims to be a vehicle to entertain and educate the people, but in reality it is a mind control operation designed to demoralize, confuse and mislead us. The signs are all there, with the recent sexual abuse scandal involving some of its biggest stars, the content of its broadcasts and even in the architecture of its headquarters. This talk will have major updates since the last time I performed it. The venue is: The Dunes Complex (which room they use will depend on how many people confirm attending), Central Promenade, Mablethorpe, Lincolnshire LN12 1RG. The event starts at 7.30 PM. There is no entrance fee, but the organizers request a voluntary donation.
See here for a recording of my previous lecture at the group:

Monday 19 February 2024

Raël- The Alien Prophet

Somebody recommended me a new documentary from France called Raël- le Prophète des Extraterrestres, or "Raël- The Alien Prophet" in English. This four-part documentary explores the strange case of the Raëlians, a quasi-religious movement centred around belief in UFO's. It was founded shortly after a French motor racing journalist called Claude Vorilhon went for a walk in the countryside near his home in December 1973. He reports that while he was rambling in the area of an ancient volcano in the Clermont-Ferrand region of France, a flying saucer landed near him. A door opened and a staircase came down, and then an alien stepped out. It was a humanoid Nordic being that said its name was "Yahweh Elohim" and it had come from a distant planet to give mankind a message, and that Claude was chosen to deliver that message. He was told to change his name to "Raël" and had several other meetings with Yahweh Elohim. He was told that the aliens, called Elohim, had genetically engineered the human race and also directed famous spiritual leaders. To prove this point, they took Raël to their home planet and introduced him to Jesus, Mohammed and the Buddha. When he got back to Earth, Raël began writing The Book that Tells the Truth which became a bestseller. He called a press conference in September 1974 to found the Raëlian Church and his lifetime of ministry began. Oddly enough, despite its New Age and biblical overtones, Raëlianism is not a spiritual philosophy. Raël preaches pure materialism; there is no natural afterlife, no heaven or hell. The only way humans can become immortal is through cloning technology and brain content transfer, a speculative future method proposed also by transhumanists. Source:
Today the International Raëlian Movement claims to have sixty thousand members across the globe. It has declined in popularity in its native France, but is growing in places like Canada, Africa, South Korea and Japan. The Raëlians hold regular meetings and have countryside retreats. In the 1980's there was one in France where the group practiced what Raël calls "sensual meditation" which includes activities designed to break down inhibitions, such as looking at your own anus with a mirror. They believe in free love and it is common there to see couples, and sometimes even more than two people, engaged in alfresco sex. Raël himself, however, is notoriously possessive about his own partners. He founded something called "the Order of Angels" which is made up of the youngest and prettiest women in the movement. They carry out a ritual where they approach Raël in a line while he sits on his throne. They are usually stripped to the waist. Raël has "married" a number of them, including a sixteen year old girl; when he was the age of fifty-six. One of the reasons a lot of Raëlians left France is because of accusations of paedophilia at their summer camps. In 2002 the Raëlians set up a scientific organization called "Clonaid" that was run by Dr Brigitte Boisselier, a chemist; and, typically for the Raëlians, she was very good-looking. She claimed to have cloned a baby, but no evidence for the existence of this child has ever been produced. Many commentators, including people who left the Raëlian Church, believe the whole thing was nothing but a scam to generate publicity. The documentary includes interviews with believers and non-believers alike, even one with Raël himself. The English language version is not dubbed, but given a voice-over; a method usually employed with shorter pieces. It is a far better form of dialogue in my view because you can still hear the person's real voice, played at a very low volume alongside. All the episodes have an 18 certificate because of the many scenes of nudity. Raël himself now lives in Japan at a Raëlian temple dedicated to his glory. He doesn't pussyfoot around with the kind of modesty David Icke does: "I am not a guru!... Make up your own minds!" etc. He is unequivocally "His Holiness Raël", "Guide of Guides" and "Planetary Guide" "for the Elohim on Earth". He acts like it too, barking orders at members of his harem in front of the camera crew; they bow and obey him like good slaves. Despite being hunched, white bearded and in his late seventies, he still commands devotion and adoration from his geishas. I know that the UFO phenomenon is interpreted by people in many different ways. A number of alien cargo cults have sprung up over the years. I know a few people who are in some of them, like the Aetherius Society and the followers of Marshall Vian Summers. I consider those groups pretty harmless, even though I myself don't believe in them at all. They ask for little or no money from their disciples and never encourage actions that could become harmful. Other UFO religions are more sinister. The tragedy of the 1997 Heaven's Gate suicides has become infamous, see: I think the Raëlians have to be listed as one of the potentially dangerous examples. There is indeed a lot of money involved in membership and Raël enjoys the lifestyle of a Shogun. He wants to build an "embassy" in Jerusalem to welcome the Elohim, a multimillion pound project which will include, of all things, a swimming pool and spa. It will have a large landing pad for the Elohim's disks. When this is built, Raël promises, the Elohim will come down and announce themselves openly to humanity. They have already created a theme park in Canada called "UFO Land". Raëlianism involves actions that I would call indoctrination and sexual exploitation, even if it really only includes adults. Some people define the Disclosure Project as a UFO religion. I disagree with that, even though Dr Steven Greer is clearly afflicted by more than a moderate messianic complex. I was surprised, nonetheless, when I went to one of Greer's live events in London that I saw very few people there I knew from the mainstream UFO community. The event was also very expensive, as is almost everything to do with Greer, see: However, the main theme of the talk and indeed most of the Disclosure Project is typical secular exopolitics. There is a spiritual element to some extraterrestrial contact, of that there is no doubt. Mary Rodwell's research in particular reveals this, see: However, it is vital that we remain rational and calm when addressing this. We must realize that there are a lot of deceptive shysters in this world who will without a qualm take advantage of vulnerable people who might be overawed by UFO reality. We must keep an eye on our friends as well. They may need a supportive anchor of sanity if they swim too close to the net of one of these darker UFO cults. At the same time I am not an atheist and do not advocate blind skepticism. At the risk of sounding too much like another New Age guru, I say let us seek balance in everything!
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Friday 16 February 2024

Alexei Navalny Dies

It has been reported that the Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny has died in prison. Contrary to popular belief, he was never sentenced to the gulag for questioning the government. That is not a crime in Russia; neither is being gay, but so many people think it is. His offence was embezzlement and contempt of court. Also, I say "gulag", but I think these institutions have improved a bit since the days of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. In 2020 Navalny was almost killed when he drank from a water bottle laced with Novichok poison. The media blamed this on the Putin regime, but I question that, see: I don't know all the details of this case yet and there are many worrying elements; for example, Navalny disappeared from his prison for three weeks in December, although there were no reports that he escaped. This is breaking news and we have yet to learn all the facts. If it turns out he has been assassinated by state actors then I will condemn that. However, this story is going to be warped and decorated as just another opportunistic reason to demonize Russia. Alexei Navalny is going to be portrayed as a martyr. History has a habit of making pure villains and pure heroes out of completely mortal multifaceted men. I find it telling that this death has been announced just after the alarmist and nonsensical science fiction horror stories about President Putin planning to "put nukes in space!" Therefore I refuse to blurt out the usual simplistic slogans: "Navalny good- Putin bad!" Source:
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Thursday 15 February 2024

Bases Benjamin Fulford Site Review

I have returned to the Bases Project to review of the new website by Benjamin Fulford which includes a news feed of many unusual and mysterious phenomena, see: Miles Johnston and I discuss one of the pages; and we also talk about Maria Wheatley's new book about Stonehenge.
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Tuesday 13 February 2024

Edward Snowden on UFO's

The renegade secret agent Edward Snowden has made some more comments about UFO's. I think he deleted the Tweet, but from what I gather through commentary, it is very similar to ones he has made before; for example, this one from last year: "It's not aliens. I wish it were aliens, but it's not aliens. It's just the old engineered panic, an attractive nuisance ensuring natsec (national security) reporters get assigned to investigate balloon bullshit rather than budgets or bombings (à la Nord Stream) until next time." Source: By "balloon bullshit", he's referring to "Objectgate", see: Of course, because Snowden is a former intelligence officer as well as an admired countercultural figure, we assume what he says has to be so; but it's not, it's just another pile of backslapper fodder. There is ample worldly drama around involving Ukraine and Taiwan etc. There is no need to invent fairy stories about UFO's to distract the defence press, in fact such phantasms might trigger the opposite reaction; as I have explained elsewhere, for example: Chris Mellon put it very well: "I see Edward Snowden espousing the view that the US government is using an alien threat to justify increased defence spending. In fact, as anyone following the comments of Dr. Kirkpatrick lately, or any other administration at any time knows, the USG is doing precisely the opposite; as it always has, flatly denying there is any evidence at all of aliens. The issue has only become a topic of discussion because a couple of former insiders and Navy pilots engaged the press and Congress. Finally, given what is transpiring in Ukraine, the Middle East, and the Pacific, the USG doesn't need to invent bogus reasons to justify increased defence spending. Anyone who believes the USG is leveraging UAP to justify increased defence spending is plainly out of touch with the facts." Source: Well said, sir! It's important to realize that just because Snowden was in the NSA does not make him an omniscient titan. He is a human being like the rest of us, and he works in a compartmentalized organization. It's like these fools who keep moaning about how "David Grusch has never handled an alien himself so he must be lying!" I hope more rational heads will back up Chris Mellon soon.

Monday 12 February 2024

Ben Emlyn-Jones on Fockham Hall Radio 9

See here for the programme:
I have been featured again on Fockham Hall Radio. Subjects discussed include: Richard D Hall in court, consent to use currency, the end of the Kali Yuga and much much more. I was joined on the show by Chris the Gardener.
See here for my previous interview on FHR:

Saturday 10 February 2024

Ben Emlyn-Jones on ParaTalk 3

I have been featured on the ParaTalk show with Reeves Cooke, see: 
Subjects discussed include: UFOlogy dissension, where is MH370?, projections for 2024 and much much more.

Friday 9 February 2024

RDH Court Verdict

See here for essential background:
There has now been a judgement in the case of Hibbert vs Hall. The court released a document which includes a summary of the hearing's proceedings and ends with: "I find that the defendant has not discharged the evidential burden which rests on him. He has no real prospect, indeed no prospect at all, of success on the Issues and I will resolve them in the claimants' favour. The defendant's applications for third party disclosure are also dismissed." Source: At the main trial, at a later date, Richard will now be barred from tabling his evidence about the Manchester Arena incident. I realize now why this legal attack on Richard involved the charge of harassment instead of libel, which is the industry standard. If the claimants, or whoever is ultimately behind this music hall farce, had sued Richard for libel they would be forced to let him present his evidence and plead fair comment. Now they don't have to. This is obviously a totally delusional and deceitful verdict, but hardly unexpected. I had nursed a forlorn hope that things might have beeen different, but that is a vice of mine. Dr Nick Kollerstrom has written is own report here: UK Column have done a piece about Richard including an interview outside court; which is all very well, but why didn't they take an interest in his work beforehand? Source: I think Richard has done the right thing by standing his ground. If you compare his strategy to Alex Jones you'll see the marked difference. Alex backtracked, took the knee and apologized over and over again, but where did it get him? He still lost monumentally; all that grovelling gained him absolutely nothing, see: Richard has done the opposite and run at 'em! What happens next? I don't know, but I am confident that fortune favours the bold.
See here for a HPANWO Radio interview with Nick Kollerstrom about this subject:
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Tuesday 6 February 2024

King Charles' Cancer

Yesterday it was announced totally unexpectedly that the King has cancer. King Charles III had been in hospital being treated for an enlarged prostate gland; a common problem among elderly men, when a new condition was discovered. This was soon revealed to be cancer. The news was published on the Royal Family's official site:
During The King’s recent hospital procedure for benign prostate enlargement, a separate issue of concern was noted. Subsequent diagnostic tests have identified a form of cancer.
His Majesty has today commenced a schedule of regular treatments, during which time he has been advised by doctors to postpone public-facing duties. Throughout this period, His Majesty will continue to undertake State business and official paperwork as usual.
The King is grateful to his medical team for their swift intervention, which was made possible thanks to his recent hospital procedure. He remains wholly positive about his treatment and looks forward to returning to full public duty as soon as possible.
His Majesty has chosen to share his diagnosis to prevent speculation and in the hope it may assist public understanding for all those around the world who are affected by cancer.
Source: It is revealing that the Palace decided to go public with this news. They didn't have to. No news was released about Queen Elizabeth II when she died except it was "old age"; and she was indeed very old, however later it was admitted she was suffering from multiple myeloma, a cancer of the bone marrow and blood.
I wouldn't wish cancer on anybody. Millions of people all over the world have sent messages to the King wishing him well. Churches, mosques, synagogues and temples from pole to pole have said prayers for him, world leaders have offered up their hopes for his swift and complete recovery. I'm not going to be a hypocrite and join in; however, this is not what I wished for King Charles. I think I would feel more well-disposed towards our monarch if he took action to investigate his wayward younger brother or the suspicious circumstances of his first consort's death. Somebody I know noticed that a green light had been lit on the walls of Buckingham Palace last night; does this mean something; like "go"? See: Or perhaps it is the shade of a certain kind of skin... Why has this been made a news story? It could be because the condition is very serious and this is preparing the ground for the King's death, which will be quite an upheaval coming so soon after Queen Elizabeth passed away. Charles has only been on the throne just under a year and a half. The Palace has not said what kind of cancer it is, but several doctors have been interviewed in the news saying that they suspect it is cancer of the bladder. Seeing as it has been diagnosed in its early stages and the King has already begun treatment, his chances of recovery are good. This is leaving aside the fact that he has the best medical treatment in the world, including certain interventions not available to most citizens; and that's about all one can say on mainstream social media these days, see here for more details: It could also be that more news about the Royal Family is about to break and it needs to be buried. What could knock a massive Royal scandal off the headlines? We need to keep an eye on the back pages for the next few days.
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Friday 2 February 2024

Another Fake School Roswell

A few years ago I reported on an incident at a primary school in York in which the pupils, aged five to nine, discovered a crashed flying saucer in their playground. This was a charade staged to inspire an educational role-playing game, see: Now the same has been done at another school, also in York, except this time the stagecraft is far more elaborate. Children arriving for lessons at the Lord Deramore's Primary School were treated to the spectacle of a crashed extraterrestrial spaceship in the school grounds. It was covered by a forensic tent and scientists in NBC suits were picking over the wreckage, looking for alien bodies or technology to back-engineer. These were in fact volunteers from the local Lions International club. The police had sealed off the location with a ribbon and the headmaster was talking on a megaphone, trying to reassure the growing crowd of spectators. Apparently there was green slime leaking out of the craft and that the school's caretaker had been infected with an alien disease when he came into contact with it. He was currently being treated by paramedics in an ambulance. Some of the slime was smeared on the door handles of the school buildings indicating that the aliens had tried to break in. The children quickly saw through it, or at least most them are reported to, and even joked about keeping any alien found as the school pet. The teacher who organized this music hall farce is called Miss Smith; no, that's her real name. She said it had taken months to plan. I dare say it wasn't cheap either, at a time when education authorities are always moaning that they are starved of funds. It involved the police and emergency services. The staged alien invasion was planned to be the start of a "week of creative writing, storytelling and lots of drama." Source: (Thanks for a Facebook friend for bringing this to my attention.)
As with the previous example, I must ask: why is this kind of thing being done in our schools? What are the children being taught and why? I have found other examples in other areas such as Lancashire, Hampshire and Northern Ireland. I wouldn't be surprised if it has been added to the National Curriculum. I'm curious to see if this module spreads to other countries. It seems to be very important that the youngest members of society are exposed to the notion of extraterrestrial intelligence, visits from them and covert UFO crash retrievals. It could be some kind of predictive programming so that the children will react in a certain way if or when the state authorities decide to reveal the presence of an ET intelligence engaging the human race. Whether this is good or bad all depends on whether this is genuine Disclosure or fake Disclosure; the latter being a deeper level of the deception intended to play a new and different role in society. I find it interesting that real incidents similar to the one staged at Lord Deramore's School have occurred, at places like Westall, see: Ruwa, see: and Broad Haven, see: Did they inspire this "creative writing, storytelling and drama" project? At the same time UNICEF are also bringing the alien presence into their publications, see: What's going on?
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Wednesday 31 January 2024

Happy Brexit Day 2024!

Today is the fourth anniversary of Brexit. I'd like to wish all readers a very happy Brexit Day and I encourage you to celebrate it as merrily as you can. At 11 PM on the 31st of January 2020, Britain left the European Union. I was there in London to witness it; see background link below. After that, the deal negotiations began and were completed within the original eleven month schedule, despite the Covid 19 lockdown and calls from Remoaners to extend the period. Four years is enough time to make the Remoaners' wailing portents of doom in the streets sound totally vapid. As our fourth year as an independent nation dawns I feel we have moved into a new period where globalists are changing strategy. The mainstream politicians are trying to find ways of undoing Brexit covertly instead of simply "rejoining the EU!"; although there are still a few marginal voices singing that old tune. You'll hear terms like: "a closer relationship" and "healthy trade negotiations". Northern Ireland continues to be exploited as a spanner in the works, but this is looking less and less tenable as the more junior statesmen are tiring of it and public opinion is becoming increasingly exasperated. There is now a new deal to give Northern Ireland's own government its authority back, see: However, we are not out of the woods by far. As I specifically predicted years ago, there will be further attempts to get the continent "united" again. 2024 will be a year of elections. Rishi Sunak will be trying to get re-elected... did I say re-elected? He has never faced the vote; he was dropped into Number 10 after Liz Truss quit. It is now just so obvious that he is obeying a higher authority; if he wasn't he wouldn't be doing exactly the opposite in every way of what his former supporters want. We will probably end this year with a Labour government, which will be about one percent worse than another Tory government. The good news is that by November President Trump will hopefully be returned to the White House. The establishment is making a feverish effort to stop him, but this will not work because it is too overt, see: A second Trump presidency will send shockwaves across the Atlantic that will affect Britain. I feel hopeful about the coming twelve months. This new total absence of stealth is a symptom that should not be ignored or understated. The Illuminati has changed. Things have not been going their way now for almost a decade; and there are no signs at all or reasons to think this situation is going to improve for them.
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Tuesday 30 January 2024

Amelia Earhart Plane Found?

There has been a breakthrough in the search for a missing aircraft, the MH370 of past generations. Amelia Earhart was one of the most famous aviators on earth. "Aviator" is a word we hardly use in the modern world where the average person has probably flown long distances many times for weekends in the sun. It's hard to imagine era when such activities were as groundbreaking as space exploration; but it wasn't that long ago in historical terms, barely a century. Amelia Earhart was a pioneer of both aviation records and of popularizing routine air transport. In May of 1932 she crossed the Atlantic Ocean solo, just five years after Lindbergh; but that was just the first of her dreams. In 1937 she departed for a flight around the entire world with her co-pilot and navigator Frederick Noonan. Although aviators had achieved circumnavigations before, this mission was going to be more ambitious, being longer and with a female pilot for the first time. Earhart had a very feminist attitude to her trade and was proud of being not only the first person, but first "Woman!" to achieve many of her goals. What's more, their aircraft, a converted airliner, contained scientific instruments for gathering information about the earth's upper atmosphere. Earhart and Noonan took off from Oakland, California USA on May the 25th and headed eastwards. They stopped in various places to refuel and rest; Florida, South America, central Africa, India, Indonesia and Australia. Eventually, with their journey almost complete, they headed out across the Pacific from Lae, New Guinea, taking off at 10 AM on July the 29th. They planned to land at Howland Island in the middle of the ocean. In those days there was no air traffic control or GPS and radar was experimental technology. The only way anybody knew where the plane was came from radio communications between the ground and Earhart and Noonan, and they had to work out their position themselves by dead reckoning with a map and compass, a sextant/chronometer and radio direction finder. On their journey they got lost. The aviators sent some calm but frightened transmissions to the island explaining their predicament and adding several times "we're running low on gas." The US Navy and Coastguard searched the area where they thought the plane might be, but no trace of it was ever found, until very recently. Two years after she disappeared, a coroner declared Amelia Earhart to be dead.
There have been no end of theories and recovery quests over the eighty-seven years since Amelia Earhart vanished and none have solved the mystery, until maybe now. Deep Sea Vision is an organization similar to Ocean Infinity, the company that helped in the underwater search for MH370. They have been scanning the seabed using sonar and an ROV, a submarine drone, and have discovered something unusual. Lying on the ocean floor, over 16,000 feet deep, is an object that resembles an aeroplane, and it is the right shape to be a Lockheed Electra 10, the aircraft Earhart and Fred Noonan were in. It lies about a hundred miles away from Howland Island. The fact that the airframe is intact leads us to postulate that as her plane ran out of fuel, Earhart carried out a controlled belly landing in the sea. The plane then sank before she and Noonan could escape from it in the life raft. Or they did escape and the raft sank too before the search parties could find it. There's no way to be sure one way or the other until the discovery is either confirmed or debunked. The team plan to return to the site with more sophisticated deep-sea search equipment as soon as possible. Source: If it turns out to be the real thing, will it be possible to raise the wreck from that depth? I don't know; but, then again, should we? This debate began after Titanic sank? It is a missing aircraft, the source of much conjecture and a very interesting historical artefact, but it is also a grave. Maybe it is better just to leave it in peace and make it a memorial to a brave, ambitious and dedicated lady... not to mention her white male co-pilot of course.
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Monday 29 January 2024

RDH in Court- Day One

Richard D Hall has appeared in court and I went along to support him and report on proceedings. The case was held at one of the highest courts in the land, the Royal Courts of Justice in London. I got there early to maximize my chances of getting a seat in the public gallery. I was also worried that Marianna Trench would bring in a school of her deep-sea bottom feeders from the BBC to hog them all; as it turned out, she never even showed up. As it was, so many people were there, all on Richard's side, that some couldn't get a seat. My good friend and comrade Dr Nick Kollerstrom was there, and I should have guessed he would be; he is an ace at analyzing legal dramas, for example see: The Royal Courts of Justice was built in the 1870's and is a grand and striking building; but, I think, ugly and intimidating. It has a very bad energy. It reminds me of Dracula's castle or Barad-dûr. The courtroom itself was quite small and the public gallery was mixed in with the counsel benches. The security at the main entrance was similar to that at an airport. I had to empty my pockets and step through a metal detector. All potential weapons cannot be taken into the courts... including sharpened spikes no doubt! Richard turned up dressed in a dapper grey suit with waistcoat, the first time I haven't seen him wearing brown or black. I wasn't sure how he would react to my presence because, as you know, he and I have had our differences; but he greeted me warmly and thanked me for coming. He had no barrister with him and was defending himself, typical of his style. His counsel was a McKenzie Friend who is a retired solicitor.
The hearing only lasted about an hour and three quarters and was actually quite simple. I didn't take down any written notes because I wasn't sure how it would look to do so, but I didn't need to really. This was not Richard's trial, just a preliminary hearing establishing the rules of the future full trial, but it is vitally important as I explain here: The claimants' barrister began by explaining why he thinks all Richard's evidence should be struck from the record. This was, he said, because all the facts of the Manchester Arena attack have been established by other proceedings such as the Manchester Arena Inquiry. He also provided some reports from Martin and Eve Hibbert's doctors. The facts don't need to be disputed because the facts are legally agreed upon already; that was the purpose of the Inquiry. Richard countered by saying that the facts were not all agreed upon, in fact a significant proportion of the population are "conspiracy theorists" who share his views on many subjects. The Inquiry was not a proper legal ruling anyway. He then provided a "skeleton" of his own research. The judge had been given a "bundle" of more that he could study outside the court. Viewers of Richplanet TV will be familiar with this information, for example see: Martin Hibbert sat at a bench on the back row; a space had been cleared for his wheelchair. In front of him were two of the claimants' counsel's solicitors and the barrister himself occupied a solo seat on the front row next to Richard and his counsel. I gather there is a reason for this formation because the barrister insisted upon it. Mr Hibbert himself remained silent throughout; in fact no witnesses were called at this hearing. His daughter Eve was not present. Richard spoke with authority and drive; he explained how his evidence has every bit of legal validity and should be presented at the trial. He comprehensively discredited the claimants' counsel's case. None of his defiance has slipped an inch. There's no doubt he won the performance competition. The judge did not announce a ruling and said he would have to consider for a while. Hopefully Richard should receive a verdict in two weeks or less. What will that ruling be? Well, obviously I hope it will be in favour of Richard and in any fair judiciary it would be; however, we all know other forces are at work in the establishment. If the judge rules in favour of the claimants then we can safely say there is no doubt at all that the forces of darkness have marked this proceeding and they are trying to rig the process beforehand so that Richard cannot win. Anyone can beat the world's best athletes in a marathon if you make referee break the legs of all the other competitors. Nevertheless, we should hope for the best. See here for a HPANWO Radio interview with Nick Kollerstrom about this subject:
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Sunday 28 January 2024

New Banknotes

The Bank of England has released a new set of banknotes. They look exactly the same as the current ones except they have on them the face of a certain ugly big eared Annunaki overlord you might recognize. The new notes will enter circulation in a few months. The worrying aspect is that the Bank has taken the opportunity of needing to add King Charles III to introduce its new "digital pound". This is all going on at something called "The Future of Money Exhibition" which begins next month and asks questions such as: how will banking effect the environment?... beats me! Should we use low-carbon 50p pieces? The article also gloats about how cash payments have been reduced because of the Covid 19 pandemic, which was one of the objectives of that pandemic of course. However they still believe that "cash is extremely important". Really? They continue: "In 2022, 1.1 million people in the UK did not hold a bank account and depended fully on cash." Source: That's good news if it's true, but how did they work out that figure? We cashies are by nature untraceable and cannot be counted. Incidentally, you don't need to have no bank account to be financially off grid; simply withdraw your cash and spend it directly as much as possible. The desire for cash, measured from after the pandemic, has increased, not decreased; and that is down to customer pressure, see:
I had a very happy experience today. I went shopping at the grocers I mentioned in this article: Only one of the three human cash tills was open and it was manned by a cheerful middle-aged Spanish gentleman who always seems to be there when I visit. He talks to the customers and knows some of us by name. The queue for this checkout stretched right up one of the aisles; there were honestly about a dozen people ahead of me and it took almost half an hour to get served; but I didn't mind, in fact I was overjoyed. When it was my turn I quipped: "Look, all these people are queuing up just to see you! You're better than any auto-checkout soulless machine." As I left with my shopping I saw that the queue had got even longer; it had literally almost reached the bakers shelf on the far side of the floor. Only then did I see a second cashier reluctantly plod along to open a second till. I wouldn't be surprised if Tesco have a policy to make shopping as difficult as possible for cashies. They're trying to "encourage" us to use the auto-checkouts. Well, it didn't work! They were forced by the wishes of their customers to have two human cash tills open today. Humanity 5- Insanity 0.
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Friday 26 January 2024

Ben Emlyn-Jones on Paranormal or What?

I have been featured on the Paranormal or What? podcast, see:
Subjects discussed include: Why does the government not want Disclosure?, missing time, ghosts have memory and much much more.

Tuesday 23 January 2024

Berwyn 50

Today is the fiftieth anniversary of the Berwyn Mountains UFO incident. On January the 23rd 1974 a valley in northeast Wales was shaken by an explosion and a strange glowing object was seen on the ground high up in the Berwyn Mountains. There are many articles, books and documentaries about this event. By far the best documentary is The Berwyn UFO Cover-up Exposed by Richard D Hall, see: Some others are not so good. This one is nicknamed "the Andy Roberts Show" for obvious reasons, see: I review Andy's book here:
Colin Woolford and I visited the location ten years ago to join other UFOlogists in marking the fortieth anniversary, see:
Here is my HPANWO Radio interview with the incident's principle researcher, Scott Felton, see:
As always when these anniversaries come up, the questions are always raised: why have we had to wait so long? Will we ever learn the truth? I don't know; but one thing is certain, if we don't mark these occasions and allow mysterious events and their cover-ups to fade into the past, to be forgotten, we will never find out the truth.

Sunday 21 January 2024

New Varginha Alien Video

A new video has just emerged purporting to show the dead body of one of the Varginha aliens. It dropped on Saturday the 20th, twenty-eight years ago to the day that strange beings were seen wandering the streets of Varginha, a small city in inland Brazil. The beings were allegedly captured by the local police and transferred to the United States; local people were warned to keep quiet about it. It is known as "the Brazilian Roswell" because it shares many features with the Roswell incident. The footage was announced with a lot of suspense beginning with hints and clues and eventually a single still, shown above; and then the video itself. The title and description box text are all in Portuguese and they mean: "Film of the Varginha Being. The filming allegedly took place in 1996 in the city of Elói Mendes in Minas Gerais. It was shown to me on 01/19/2024 by a person who would like to obtain financial benefits for the same. On 01/20/2024 I received a copy which I am making public due to the high probability of fake, after my own analysis as well as that of other experts from Brazil and abroad. The search continues. Support the channel by becoming a member using the link below and get access to the content in advance!" Elói Mendes is a small town a couple of miles from Varginha. The video is seven minutes twenty-eight seconds long and has no audio; probably this was removed. The clip is of a forested area and the camera is being held by somebody walking. The cinematographer stops to film a large beetle crawling on the ground; they then point at a small stream. They walk on up a path until they come across another stream and beside it is a humanoid creature resembling the witnesses' description of the aliens encountered in Varginha. The camera then wheels around chaotically as the person flees. The footage then cuts to a second shot where the person shows their hand, as if they've been injured in some way or want to show the audience that they're trembling. They're probably talking, but it's impossible to tell without a soundtrack. They return to where the ET is lying and continue filming it, this time from a greater distance. They move several times as if looking for a vantage point that is safe, but gives a good view. They then film their hand again. The scene then cuts to static and the footage ends. The style reminds me a bit of Dr Jonathan Reed's video, see: The medium looks like videotape and it appears to be degraded. The resolution is low and it is continuously covered with interference patterns. Source: Most people think this is fake; a view shared by the publisher, Rony Vernet. Several people have noticed that the video artefacts repeat, as if they're on a loop that's been overlaid onto the footage; which would be very suspicious. It's what you would do if you filmed something on a modern digital camera and wanted to make it look like 1990's VHS. The creature itself has the aesthetic of a model; it looks very plastic to me, although that is not proof. Time and further investigation will tell us more hopefully, in which case I'll post an update. At the same time, the original report has been translated into English, see:
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Saturday 20 January 2024

Ben Emlyn-Jones on the Paranormal Peep Show 20

I have been on the Paranormal Peep Show again. This programme was recorded on New Year's Day and discuses mysteries in lighthouses, the latest NDE research, the Bibby Stockholm barge and much more.
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And here for the video:
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Thursday 18 January 2024

Fake Stats

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It seems the story of my rather suspicious relationship with Blogger continues. I should have predicted this actually. Within the last year or so, in fact about from the same time I had the issues I describe in the background articles above, I noticed something strange about my statistics. Blogger provides a detailed profile about how many people are visiting your pages, who they are and where they come from. I found that my viewing figures would begin gathering as soon as I made a new post on the HPANWO Blogger pages. The stats rise to about twenty or thirty hits and then they stabilize instantly. They still go up afterwards, but very slowly, only about one or two per day. I've also noticed that I am getting more comments than one would expect for those reading stats. This is still going on today. I know what my detractors will say, that this happens because there are only twenty to thirty readers who have any interest in me and I can't attract any more than that because nobody finds what I have to say interesting. They always visit the pages because they follow me on social media and follow the links when I share them. I decided to test this by writing a post and not sharing it at all. The result was that this post received less attention, but only by a small proportion; it got about ten percent fewer hits. This doesn't make sense. I should add that not all my articles fit into this pattern; a few will gain an exceptional number, in fact my recent two about the "Miami aliens" have received several hundred each. Despite this, I don't think my Blogger stats are an accurate record of my readership. This comes on top of the fact that some networks have listed HPANWO as "inappropriate", and that I have been shackled on YouTube and Facebook, see background links below and above. (Strangely enough HPANWO Free on Substack has not yet been banned from Facebook.) Why is it mainstream social media companies are giving some of their users a false assessment of our visibility? Basically, I think it's because they want us to give up. They want us to say: "What's the point of me writing these articles when no bugger reads them!?" Well, bad news, guys; I will never give up! I've seen through you!
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