Friday 26 November 2010

North Korea is Very Bad Indeed!


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I see that North Korea has launched an artillery bombardment from North Korea onto South Korea. North Korean shells from North Korea have damaged many houses and killed dozens of people. The enemy of North Korea is looming threatening a new war by North Korea.

Personally I wonder if that attack really did come from North Korea. I'd like to see evidence... and I expect something as bit more substantial than a fake torpedo!

Tuesday 16 November 2010

Prince William gets Engaged

The Reptile Prince, the occult Sun King, born on the Summer Solstice, has announced that he's to get married next year to his girlfriend Kate Middleton. Apprently he "popped the question" while the couple were on holiday in Kenya.

Popped the question!? What is this, a mini-series by Catherine Cookson? The Reptile Prince will marry whatever mind-controlled concubine he's told to! As for Kate, I have only one message to her: If you have to cross the River Seine at any time, use a bridge, not a tunnel!

The happy couple are going to live near the Air Sea Rescue centre where William is serving as an RAF hellicopter pilot. It's on Anglesey of all places! Strange, that island was a sacred place to the Iron Age Celtic people of Britain in the immediate pre-Illuminati era. (Background article: And: )Another "coincidence"!?

Sunday 7 November 2010


The Government have announced plans to make people who have been unemployed for over a year do unpaid community service. They’ll be brought in to do litter-removal, gardening or serving charities for up to 30 hours a week. Those who refuse will lose their Job-Seekers Allowance. See:

The practical and ethical problems I have with this proposal are so numerous and vast that I hardly know where to start! Firstly it is so disappointing that the modern Con-Dem Government resurrect the ancient and condescending Thatcherite myth that unemployment is caused by laziness and if only people “got on their bike” the millions on the dole would soon be off it. It’s not! The level of unemployment is directly proportional to the economy; people don’t suddenly just become lazy when we get a recession. The Government are also effectively saying: “We can’t afford to give you a proper job, so can we just pretend we’re giving you a job and not pay you? Then it would look as if you were working; that’s what matters.” I’m also concerned by what happened when a system was tried out in America in the 80’s called “WorkFare”. A group of 20 long-term unemployed people were given unpaid jobs cleaning the streets in a city. However the city’s sanitation services had to make 20 of its properly-employed staff redundant to create vacancies for the unpaid WorkFare crews. As a result unemployment shot up as more and more working people were replaced by these unpaid… I’m going to say it... slaves!

So don’t give me any nonsense about Slavery being abolished 200 years ago! It’s alive and well and coming back. What will they think of next? The return of the Workhouse?... Shhh! I shouldn’t give them ideas!

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Monday 1 November 2010

Printer Cartridge Bomber

First we had the Shoe Bomber, then the Baby-Bottle Bomber, then the Underpants Bomber… and just when you thought it was safe to go back in the air, the Printer Cartridge Bomber! However was this just another load of media BS? Is the Pope a paedophile-enabler? Read on.

As I’ve often said, it’s the initial news stories that are the most important; they’re the ones which get released before the news services have settled down into the cover-story. EG: . I heard when the incident hit the headlines that a device had been found on board a cargo plane in a printer’s toner cartridge that consisted of “white powder” and “wires sticking out”. I expected them to come out with another anthrax plot line, after the monumental cock-up of the last one. Then later broadcasts adapted it into a “bomb designed to explode in the air.” The plot was that they would be detonated while the aircraft was flying over major Western cities like London and New York bring the aircraft down into the streets. However the alternative media, like Russia Today and (See links) has been saying that at the time this supposedly-deadly cargo had been stowed on board the plane nobody knew exactly what route the plane was going to take. Also what if it had been delayed? Seems a pretty poor plot really. However the lurid scare-fests were all over the weekend’s media.

I’m not surprised that the finger is pointing at Yemen again. This happened with the Y-Fronts Bomber at Christmas. The American interest in the area is suspicious. There are several theories why, from the usual economic and geopolitical ones to stories about a Stargate in the cityport of Aden.