Wednesday 30 September 2020

Water on Mars

Liquid water has been discovered on the planet Mars. It has been known for a long time that a huge amount of water exists on Mars in the form on ice. The planet has ice caps at its pole similar to those on earth. The surface temperature is so low that there can be no exposed liquid water; however, what about below the surface? On earth there are bodies of liquid water within large bodies of ice known as sub-glacial lakes. The ice is warmed by pressure effects or volcanoes until part of it melts, such as Lake Vostok, see: Many scientists have wondered if the same is not possible on Mars. The answer has come from the ESA's Mars Express spacecraft. Large subglacial lakes have been found under the south polar icecap. The biggest is thirteen miles across and it is surrounded by several smaller ones. The discovery was made by analyzing radar data from the Mars Express' scans of the southern icecap. The scientists don't think the temperature is high enough at that location for pure water to be warmed enough to melt, so they suspect the water is mixed with several chemicals that act as a natural antifreeze, such as salt. The same question has arisen that did when Lake Vostok was explored; could there be life in those lakes? Liquid water is essential for earth life and so if Mars life is similar then, quite possibly. Source: We know that in the distant past there was surface water on Mars. This means it must have had a much thicker atmosphere and it must have been far hotter. In an age when life on earth had yet to develop, Mars was rather like the present day earth. I think it's quite likely, as I detail in the background links below. I also am fairly sure life still exists on Mars, and that the space agencies are turning a blind eye to it. It is interesting that this story has emerged just a couple of weeks after the revelations about Venus did, see: The person on social media who made me aware of this story tagged me with one word: "disclosure?". It does seem as if the concept of extraterrestrial life is being made more fashionable. Are we being given some kind of cultural and psychological immunization so we won't lose our excrement when some even bigger bombshell is dropped?
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Tuesday 29 September 2020

Ben Emlyn-Jones on the Kev Baker Show 62

I have been interviewed again on the Kev Baker Show (aka MrGlasgowTruther) on Truth Frequency Radio, see here for the podcast:
And here for the illustrated YouTube version:
Subjects discussed include: Does Disclosure stop here?, life on Venus, COVID 19 lockdown 2. and much much more.
See here for my previous appearance on the Kev Baker Show:

Monday 28 September 2020

Save Project Blue Book!

I urge all HPANWO readers to sign the petition linked below. Despite positive developments and my prediction a few months ago, see:, the third season of Project Blue Book still hasn't been picked up by a new platform. No doubt the COVID 19 pandemic is partly to blame for this, as it seems to be for everything at the moment. This programme is expertly produced, meticulously researched and has grown to be enormously popular. It will be a guaranteed success for any network that broadcasts it. You think they'd all be fighting over it. A petition has been launched that has no objective decision in mind. It is not directed to any particular station demanding that they screen the show, but it is still a very powerful reminder of the programme's recognition. At the time of writing it has 21,849 signatures, including my own. It needs 25,000 to be complete.
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Friday 25 September 2020

A Small Problem

The BBC has not always been as horrific as it is today. There was a time thirty or forty years ago when it occasionally delivered quality content. At one point the Beeb even had a great tradition in situation comedy. One part of this excellent range of sitcoms has sadly been forgotten. The only copy I could find was a poor quality conversion from an old and fuzzy home-recorded VHS, see:; (The subsequent five episodes will be on the recommended list.) however it is not so bad as to be unwatchable. This unknown 80's VHS user did the world a great service. A Small Problem ran for just a single season; the standard six half-hour episodes. During its brief incarnation on the screen it was enormously controversial. The BBC was inundated with complaints from viewers. I remember watching the media outrage at the time. One of the viewers was even interviewed by the media in a flood of tears. My grandmother was furious about the show and told me that I, a child at the time, should be ashamed of myself for watching it. However, even back then, I knew better. A Small Problem tells the story of Roy Pink, an ordinary middle class man from north London who one day comes home to find his house boarded up, his dog euthanized and his neighbours and former friends ostracizing him. You see, poor old Roy doesn't live in our world. He lives in a parallel universe where all people under a certain height are officially designated as second-class citizens known as "smalls". He is forced into a grotty slum in south London called Adelphi House where he lives in extreme poverty with other smalls. The smalls need special permission to leave their ghetto and have to carry a passbook around with them outside it. All police are armed with portable rulers to measure the height of members of the public to check whether or not they are smalls. Roy denies that he is a small; in fact his catchphrase throughout the series is: "I'm not a small!" Actually he never used to be because he is a touch short of five-foot-one and to be a small you have to be under five feet tall. However, with the rise of the European Union, then called the "European Economic Community", Britain switches to metric measurements and sets the small cut-off point at one metre fifty-five which when converted puts Roy just below that by a single centimetre. He is therefore reclassified as a small.
Roy Pink continuously appeals against the decision at the "Registry of Heights" and is constantly turned down. His brother George reluctantly disowns him, as does his sister-in-law Heather less reluctantly. He is forbidden from contacting his nephews and is subjected to constant harassment and humiliation by the police and non-small citizens. They hurl abuse at him with the epithets: "shrimpo!" and "midgeo!" The history of and the reason for this social segregation and discrimination is never revealed. Some of the smalls fight back, forming the SLF, Small Liberation Front. Their leader is a man called Howard played by the famous short actor Christopher Ryan who has starred in many comedies with Rik Mayall and Adrian Edmondson. The SLF carry out direct action against the establishment that oppresses them. Roy refuses to integrate with his fellow residents, insisting over and over again that he is "not a small! They've made a mistake!" One of the inhabitants of Adelphi House is an elderly man called Fred who is the chairman of the "residents association". He is a bureaucratic man who has delusions of grandeur, holding pretentious meetings where his wife Lily keeps the minutes. In truth, Fred is a kapo. He collaborates with the government that regards him as subhuman and panders to the police, social workers and officials in the hope that they will favour him above his peers. He is an informant who passes on the private information of his fellow smalls and constantly praises the authorities no matter how brutal and unjust they are. In the end, like all such toadies, he is thrown under the bus as soon as he is no longer useful. Roy tries to keep in touch with George whose loyalties are torn between his suppressed affection for Roy and his loyalty to his domineering wife who is a typical small-hater. "But he is my brother!" is George's catchphrase. For Heather, karma comes knocking when her own son stops growing before he has reaches his "coming of height" party. Naturally she blames her husband for the "small genes" in his family that produced Roy. Even as a child, I could tell that A Small Problem was a blatant satire. In many societies around the world there is such social stratification. The Uyghurs in China are currently being treated like the smalls are in the series setting, and worse. The programme was made in 1986, a few years before the end of the Apartheid system in South Africa which clearly influenced it. There are numerous other examples. A Small Problem is a parody of such institutional human subjugation. It is also a warning for the future. For example, suppose Black Lives Matter ever managed to form a government; how do you think white people would be treated by such a regime? The answer can be seen in A Small Problem. The programme could be improved. The police and other officials are portrayed as Machiavellian. They are all universally cruel and narrow-minded. None of them ever try to justify the administration they serve or rationalize their role in it. I would have preferred to have seen a few deeper and more complex antagonists, people a bit more like George. I'd like one of them to have revealed some humanity in his interaction with the smalls. I'd like to hear him explain why he was "just doing my job, sir." or something like that. Nevertheless, this is an excellent TV series, saved from destruction by somebody with a video recorder in 1986 and Dailymotion in 2014. It is sad and disheartening that so many people failed to grasp the satirical nature of the show. Are British TV viewers not capable of more than one-dimensional thinking? I have taken an active step myself in preserving A Small Problem by mirroring it on my Facebook group Interesting Videos Public, see: Feel free to join; it is open to all.
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Tuesday 22 September 2020

Orfordness Lighthouse Demolished

I'm sad to report that the Orfordness Lighthouse has been knocked down. I've known for a while the distinctive landmark would eventually be swept away by the sea because of coastal erosion. However the original estimates were that it would have twenty or thirty years left. It would technically be possible to save the structure by building a seawall around it, but that would cost millions and I knew it was unlikely that work would be funded. The lighthouse was built in 1792 and so has been a familiar sight for generations of local people and visitors alike. Its height and the flatness of the surrounding geography means it stands out above the horizon for miles around. I'm pleased to say that some of the components have been saved and the Orfordness Lighthouse Trust that has been looking after it plans to build a smaller replica nearby. It is the end of an era. Source: The lighthouse has become infamous from the late 20th century until now because it was falsely blamed for the Rendlesham Forest UFO incident. Skeptics made the patently absurd claim that US Air Force security had mistaken it for an unidentified flying object in the woods. Time has moved on, but this fable is still sometimes repeated, see: Today, UFOlogists are moving ahead, not needing the approval of fools and disinformation agents. The new film Capel Green is on the way which will prove that this case is active and open. I can't think of a better tribute to that sturdy lighthouse that braved the ocean waves for over two hundred years. See:
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Monday 21 September 2020

"Alien Robot" spotted at Area 51

The Express Online has reported that people it insists on calling "alien life conspiracy theorists" have spotted a supposed alien robot at Area 51. The secret military base in Nevada USA continuously attracts attention and inspires curiosity by its very covert nature, see background links below. In the attempt to draw as much data as possible out through the tiny informational peepholes available, remarkable claims are often made. In this case Scott Waring of the UFO Sightings Daily YouTube channel has pointed out two objects on the base that look like humanoid robots from a science fiction story. The objects are lying flat on the ground and are 55 feet and 32 feet tall respectively. They can be seen on Google Earth at the coordinates: 37°13'26.4"N 115°49'01.3"W. The satellite photo is quite recent. Source:, original video: Despite the fact that the objects appear to have a rudimentary face, and two black eyes can be seen on one of them at the place that would correspond to a head; it is impossible to define exactly what these structures are from a Google Earth image. Interestingly an earlier image from 2009 shows a similar object in that place, but it is differently shaped. Scott thinks this might mean the robot was laid on its side. Alternatively it could simply be a collection of crates dumped on the ground in a certain way. Obviously we would not be permitted to enter Area 51 and see for ourselves, but there is a photo from the Dreamland Resort website that shows the same location. The spot is actually some distance from the main base buildings about half a mile southeast of the 2007 hangar that I report on in the background links below. It can be seen between the two white cylinders which are probably fuel bunkers, see: From this angle, none of the loose collection of structures looks like a robot. It wouldn't surprise me if there was an extraterrestrial mechanical monster at Area 51, but if it is then I expect its patrons are keeping it in a more secluded part of the base. It's always interesting when these stories emerge in the media. It is a optimistic sign. It shows that there is a rising level of public awareness towards Area 51 and its associated issues, such as Roswell etc; but sometimes researchers will mistakenly nominate something as being of UFOlogical interest when instead it actually has what Steve Mera calls "a rational explanation." This story has emerged on the first anniversary of Storm Area 51, see background links, and there had originally been a plan for a follow-up event called Alienstock; but unfortunately it has been cancelled because of the COVID 19 pandemic. Source: This 2020 festival was not intended to involve any kind of attempted trespass on the Groom Lake facility. It was merely going to be a gathering where music would be played, merchandise would be sold on stalls, outdoor bars would serve drinks and UFO enthusiasts from around the world could gather, meet each other and make friends. Hopefully it will go ahead next year.
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Saturday 19 September 2020

COVID 19 Truth Tour Day Ten- Oxford

The official video of the COVID 19 Truth Tour's Oxford event is available, see:
A group of activists opposed to government policy on the coronavirus pandemic are doing a tour of the entire country lasting all of September. On Thursday the 10th they stopped off in my hometown of Oxford. It was a splendid afternoon where we had a lot of interesting conversations with people and handed out a lot of literature. Only four people hurled abuse at us, which is not bad for Oxford. Many people spoke on the public loudspeaker, including Mark Devlin and myself.
See here for my own coverage of the event:

Thursday 17 September 2020

Ben Emlyn-Jones and Rin Michaelis 5

I have been interviewed again by Rin Michaelis on her YouTube livestream:
Subjects discussed include: defunding Netflix, the leftists who are defending Cuties, the age of consent and much much more.
See here for my previous appearance on Rin's channel:
See here for Rin's channel:
And her Twitter:

Wednesday 16 September 2020

Pope Nun Abuse Confession

For many years now people labelled "crazy conspiracy theorists" have been accusing the Vatican and other churches of covering up their own crimes against humanity. The nature of these crimes is horrific beyond description. One of the most harrowing witnesses is "Sister Charlotte", a nun who spent twenty-two years is a closed order and made a recording of her testimony. Her convent was a prison in which no nun was allowed to leave. Inside this compound the nuns were tortured and beaten by the mother superiors, they were deprived of food, water and sleep; they were continuously raped by priests. Some of the nuns fell pregnant by the priests and when the babies were born they were killed and the bodies thrown into the cellar to rot. Charlotte only left the order by literally climbing over the wall like a convict would. Charlotte's testimony has been analyzed and passes statement analysis tests, see: There is also physical evidence that backs up her story, including the now infamous Bon Secours home in County Galway, Ireland. This holocaust is not confined to Ireland. Kevin Annett has discovered similar gruesome forensic proof in Canada, see background links below. Now, at long last, the Pope has admitted that such atrocities take place and that it is a global problem. He stopped off on his tour of the Middle East to talk about acts of mass-rape at the Community of St Jean convent in France. The rapists were all members of the priesthood and the victims were all nuns. In one case a nun was allegedly raped thirteen times by the same priest. Today the man is a bishop in India and has been arrested; he is currently under investigation. Source: This confession by Pope Francis is welcome, but it cannot end there. In fact it barely scratches the surface. The full truth will eventually emerge and you will see people weeping in the streets! Not only that, but the prophesy of St Malachy will come true, Pope Francis really will be the last pope before the church falls.
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Monday 14 September 2020

Life on Venus

Of all the planets in the solar system, Venus used to be regarded traditionally as the one most likely to harbour extraterrestrial life. Its reflective thick clouds were once thought possibly to conceal an otherworldly paradise; however since the landing of the Venera 7 space probe in 1970 we've found out that the surface of Venus is one of the most inhospitable places in the universe. The temperature is over 400 degrees C, hot enough to melt lead; the only liquid in cycle is sulphuric acid and the pressure is the equivalent of being three thousand feet underwater. No kind of life we could conceive of could ever evolve there. This is because Venus is much closer to the sun than the earth and its clouds trap the solar heat inside like insulation. Nevertheless, in the upper layers of the atmosphere, the temperature averages 38 degrees C and the pressure is similar to the earth at sea level. In fact some people have suggested this would be the easiest place to colonize. Humans could live in huge balloons floating at just the right altitude, Venus' internal Goldilocks zone. It would be a pleasantly warm place, like an average day in earth's hot countries, with no need to survive in a pressurized habitat. There would probably be a very low level of radiation. However, the atmosphere up there is 95% carbon dioxide, still completely toxic; so we would need to have an indoor environment with breathable air to live in. Nevertheless, if it sprang a leak we would not have to worry about explosive decompression and everybody suddenly dying, like you would on Mars. Repairing it would be a non-urgent job, like fixing a leaking roof on earth. We could go outside without a space suit on, but would need an air supply. We would also need to use anti-corrosion materials to protect our homes from the acid rain. We would have to carry a protective suit or umbrella of that material on every excursion. We would also have to be very careful that our habitat, that is essentially a large aircraft, would maintain its altitude because if it flew too low its inhabitants would burn up, see: Despite these hazards, Venus could prove far easier to live on than Mars or any other planet we know of. The obvious next question following on from that is: could that environment be home to indigenous life forms, even life as we know it, Jim. Maybe! Astronomers have just detected signs of a gas within the upper clouds of Venus called phosphine. Its chemical formula is PH3; One phosphorus and three hydrogen atoms in compound. This gas is one naturally produced by life forms on earth, such as the gut microbes of some animals like penguins and low oxygen environments like swamps. A new paper published in the journal Nature Astronomy examines the various causes for the presence of this gas and can propose nothing except life. Source:

This is not a final answer. It may turn out to be a mistake or that an abiotic source is eventually found for the phosphine gas. There is also the crucial question of how any life that produced it could survive in a world full of sulphuric acid, which breaks down the cells of most earth organisms. However, if further investigation continues to support life on Venus then this could be as significant as the Mars meteorite. It is not just about the presence of life itself, but how its proximity to earth affects the statistical status of life in the universe in general. There is a wildly-held belief in the scientific community that earth is the only living planet in the universe, see background links for details; and: According to that theory, we wrongly assume that the universe is full of life because we happen to be lucky enough to be born on the one planet that can harbour it. We should not assume that, in the same way that a person who happens to win the National Lottery does not assume every other punter also wins the jackpot. And I know it's only microbes anyway; not exactly something we can take to our leader. However two separate points of life occurrence changes the chance dynamic considerably. It places the burden of proof on the dead universe theorists to explain that... No doubt some will still play the tried and tested coincidence card. Venus is, on average, the closest planet to the earth. If both happen to have life on them, it speaks volumes about the probability of life on yet more planets. Of course one might argue that the life-producing chemicals were transferred between the earth and Venus by mechanical means soon after it emerged on earth. This is what skeptics of the Mars meteorite claim; but it has never been proved that such mechanical transfer is possible. It also would not explain the obvious difference Venusian life would have to have to have evolved successfully on that planet. This revelation will effect the SETI movement enormously, see background links below. But what about UFOlogy? If life is a common and regular emergent property of the universe, and that it can evolve to very high levels of complexity and sophistication, as it has on earth; then presumably it has also done so on other planets very often. We should not therefore be surprised if it has developed ways of navigating the depths of space, as we have, and paying us a visit. I suspect this news about Venus will make people sit up and take another look at the UFO phenomenon.
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Friday 11 September 2020

St Helena in Cyberspace

The remote island of St Helena has recently been opened up to globalist culture in a very sudden and extreme way thanks to its new airport, see background links below. It is not a coincidence that the island's first internet connection was established around the same time that the airport was being planned and built because physical and communication connections tend to go hand in hand. However this connection is very poor by developed Western standards. It consists of a 20 mbps satellite link via a single 25 foot dish antenna which is shared by the entire population of over four thousand people. It is also not cheap, with data packages ranging from 750 Mb at 1 Mbps for £14 a month, to a maximum 21 Gb at 2 Mbps for £164 a month. The average Saint only earns £5500 a year, so prices are way over most people's budgets. The internet service provider is a cartel called Sure South Atlantic and it provides satellite links to all the British Overseas Territories in the region; St Helena, Tristan da Cunha, Ascension Island and the Falkland Islands. There is a campaign being led by a man called Christian von der Ropp to improve that. He represents A Human Right, a non-profit pressure group that is trying to advance communications technology in the Third World. What he hopes will happen is that St Helena will be hooked up to a new oceanic cable that is being laid south eastwards across the South Atlantic Ocean bed from Brazil to South Africa. If this can be done it will make the island's internet connection far faster, more reliable and more affordable. This will help with attracting tourists because visitors will be able to call home and upload photographs etc while on the island. It will aid with education and health. More electronic money will be possible, and I've covered this before in the background link. Saints will be able to get involved with the various internet industries; from games development to finance to media. At the same time there are concerns over Sure South Atlantic that most people living away from St Helena will recognize immediately. What happens when the interests of public welfare and corporate domination collide? Van der Ropp believes Sure is overcharging the Saints, taking advantage of the fact that there are far more of them than on the other islands under their licence. Perhaps they are exploiting St Helena's "limited digital literacy". Regular HPANWO readers will know that I call for a special place in hell for anybody who does that, see:! It is possible Sure are projecting their future profit estimates and thinking that with a better connection on St Helena the high prices will have to drop, or the company may even fall by the wayside entirely because of competition from bigger telecom firms. Therefore it is worrying that the St Helena Government are thinking of renewing Sure's contract. Source:

For the Saints, especially the older ones, this international corporocratic tussle must look strange. It's something that happens all the time in the outside world, indeed I've been caught up in something similar myself, see: We're used to it and we understand it perfectly. We are equipped with the psychological and cultural defences for dealing with it. It's something we've evolved over generations as the European pastoral economy gave way to the industrial revolution and the rise of the state pseudo-capitalist alliance. The residents of St Helena have had to undergo that same education process in the space of barely a decade. Considering the steepness of their learning curve, they have done remarkably well as it is. Sadly, this is a problem I predicted long before the first flight touched down at the new airport. The Saints must be protected as much as possible. So well done to Christian von der Ropp for standing up for the people of St Helena. I hope they can all soon join the rest of the world as equal and respected participants in the internet age.
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Wednesday 9 September 2020

Not Alone by Craig A Falconer

I've noticed that in literature different writers often come up with the same ideas at the same time independently. The publisher and authors' coach Jane Dorner calls it "something morphic in the air." Maybe it is the Jungian collective unconscious and the hundredth monkey effect. It's a serious question because it has led to many false allegations of plagiarism. After I published Roswell Rising, the "recovering woo" or "woo-lite" Paul Armstrong made a big song and dance about a previously available book that he thought might have been somebody "getting in there first!" with my particular brand of exopolitical fiction, see: As it turns out, Morrison's book is a very different story indeed to my own. However, I have since come across another novel that is far more similar to the Roswell trilogy, although it still has significant differences. What's more, intriguingly, it was published in December 2015, just seven months before Rising, which means that its author and I must have been working on our respective novels at the same time; even though we have had no contact at all and I had not even heard of him until a few months ago. The book is called Not Alone by Craig A Falconer, see: Like my own story, Falconer has developed it into a trilogy. The author is Scottish, but the setting is primarily in the USA and most of the characters are American. It takes place in the present day and the principle protagonist is called Dan McCarthy. He is somebody very like myself, a UFO and conspiracy enthusiast with a fertile imagination and a fixation on exopolitics. He is an avid follower of a celebrity called Billy Kendrick who is kind of a combination of Stephen Bassett, Dr Steven Greer and Richard Dolan with a dash of Graham Hancock. Dan inadvertently finds himself hands on in a devastating UFO leak when some classified government documents fall into his hands proving the existence of certified extraterrestrial artefacts. He decides to circulate them immediately online and they go viral leading to a massive political scandal that results in capital D Disclosure. The drama during the build-up to the Disclosure moment is very well achieved and in fact is a part of the book's very structure; the chapters are a written countdown, named "D-minus" and "D-plus" with a number depending on where they are before or after Disclosure. The tense atmosphere of apocalypse is very tangible; see here for details: There is also the amusing element that some politicians not briefed into the UFO Truth Embargo put their foot in it by promoting the leak as a distraction from other more down-to-earth scandals. The descriptions of people's reaction with cultural and media features are plausible; and all tailored to the early 21st century, with memes, Twitterstorms and hashtags. The plot undergoes radical and unexpected twists. A more serious piece of speculation is that other politicians who are in the know with the ET cover-up use the threat of alien invasion as an excuse to manipulate public opinion. This is something that has long been anticipated by thinkers in the field, including myself; for example see: I was really gripped and fascinated by Not Alone and look forward to reading its two sequels. If you've enjoyed my Roswell books you might well enjoy Not Alone, or indeed vice versa; but that is not guaranteed. Falconer's novel and my own diverge considerably in plot, style and theme. Then again, if you're into UFO's you'll probably get something out of both, one way or another. The synchronicity in our two outputs does make me wonder about the universe and how it works. There may or may not be some kind of super-conscious informational and creative reservoir that different minds can tap into; but if such a thing does exist, it would explain so much. I also wonder if both Falconer and I aren't a bit precognisant seeing at what happened in December 2017 with the AATIP and TTSA saga. Then again, it could all just be a huge coincidence...

Tuesday 8 September 2020

The Mind Set Podcast Programme 415

I have been featured on Programme 415 of the Mind Set Podcast.
Subjects discussed include: Australia goes full fash, how Bill Gates got into vaccines, Joe Biden's election chances and much much more.
See here for my previous appearance on The Mind Set Podcast:

Monday 7 September 2020

Ben Emlyn-Jones and Rin Michaelis 4

I have been interviewed again by Rin Michaelis on her YouTube livestream:
Subjects discussed include: Internet bullying, John Oliver distorting Kenosha, Milo vs Destiny at Mythcon and much much more.
See here for my previous appearance on Rin's channel:

Saturday 5 September 2020

HS2 Construction Begins

The construction of the railways of HS2 has officially begun. The tracks will now be laid down over a twenty year period beginning with the first phase between London and Birmingham. Source: A team of railway builders will inch across the green Heart of England like an evil caterpillar tearing up the natural world and blasting ancient villages into rubble. Sadly the Prime Minister Boris Johnson failed to block the go-ahead to HS2 despite the project being postponed for a thorough review. There is some comfort in the fact that the ten mile Chilton Tunnel has been re-added to the plan. This will give the landscape a small gap in the ruin. It is not too late for him to put a stop to HS2 if he really tries; because, as I said, the devastation has only just begun and it is repairable at the present moment. However, in a few years the tracks will have ripped the nation so much that it will be all over for those opposing this massive, destructive, pointless waste of money. My own county, Oxfordshire, will be the worst affected. Maybe it will create jobs, but didn't the Gulag Archipelago create lots of jobs for unemployed Russians? There are moral considerations related to employment as well as merely economic and social ones. As I say in the background links, once the construction is over the jobs will vanish. There will be a lot of automation at the stations and the trains may well be driverless. Over the last few days Boris seems to have made a major offensive against the Deep State occupiers of Britain, see: and: Can he push forward enough in the future to call a halt to HS2 before it's too late? Time will tell; but we're running out of it.

Friday 4 September 2020

BoJo slams the TV Licence

Just one day after his previous coup the other day, see:, our Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced what I hope is the first stage in his plan to defund the BBC. The basis of his case is one that has been made by TV Licence critics ever since the scheme was introduced in 1946. Why should viewers pay a subscription to a service regardless of whether or not they choose to watch it? If you want to watch Netflix, Amazon Prime or Gaia TV you have to pay a regular fee. You have to pay the BBC whether you watch it or not, merely by owning an instrument that gives you the means to. It's not fair. Source: Of course, this is not the real reason Boris is opposed to the TV Licence. He knows it is a tool of globalist cultural Marxist subversion, as described by people like Yuri Bezmenov, see: He even gave an interesting hint about it a few days ago. It concerns the plans to ban the performance of Edward Elgar's Pomp and Circumstance March Number 1, the Fantasia on British Sea Songs medley by Sir Henry Wood and Thomas Arne's Rule, Britannia! at the Last Night of The Proms, even though this is a tradition that dates back to 1954. This is supposedly because of the piece's glorification of slavery, British imperialism and "whiteness!". He said that somebody was "trying to restrain me from saying this...". Who!? He's the Prime Minister for goodness sake! Is he suggesting there are higher powers in the world that he is opposing? I'm glad to say that the decision has been reversed and the piece will be performed with vocals, although it will only be a small choir because of the coronavirus. Source: It's interesting that I used the possessive adjective above without even thinking about it; I called him "our Prime minister". That's the first time ever I have used that terminology when I mention a British PM. Boris Johnson may well be "Britain's Trump!"; in which case he is hopefully regaining the lost territory that has reflected his premiership over the last few months. A lot of the criticism he has suffered from the Truth movement comes from simple fact that he is not a dictator. One of the advantages of democracy (or maybe disadvantages in this case) is that one person cannot have too much power. He's on our side. He will do as much as he can. Give the man a chance!

Thursday 3 September 2020

Unbroken Blogger is Finally Fixed!

I've been a Blogger user since 2006. My first HPANWO site was the main one and it expanded quickly from there, see: The user interface for Blogger has been fairly unchanged for all that time and it's something I've got so used to that these days I create posts almost instinctively. I have made thousands over the last fourteen years. The interface has changed slightly during that time with mostly minor decorative updates every couple of years that have not seriously affected its function. Now, for the first time since I launched HPANWO, Blogger, in its divine wisdom, has decided to transform the entire creator page totally! Everything has been shifted round for reasons that escape me. I mean, tell me; what advantage is there in moving the "view blog" button from the top to the bottom of the left hand column? Does it save energy because you don't have to move the mouse so far from the toolbar? Does that somehow reduce the carbon footprint of your bloody desktop!? Anyway, I tried to create a post with the new system and it came out all wrong. My house style is for single line spaces between paragraphs without any indent, with double line spaces between blocks; but the new creator automatically generates double line spaces on every occasion you select a new line. This means my posts from now on are going to look totally different unless I find a solution. (See what this one looks like. At the time of writing this only affects the HPANWO TV blog.) It's possible the only option will be for me to learn HTML and convert every draft into that before posting it. Blogger have gone to a huge amount of energy and expense to redesign their entire creator interface when the existing one was perfectly adequate and all their users were accustomed to it. I really wish people would put this much effort into fixing things that are broken.

Wednesday 2 September 2020

UFO Truth Magazine- Issue 44

UFO Truth Magazine Issue 44 is now available. It can be purchased on this page as a single copy, but please subscribe and save money if you want to read it regularly, see:
Issue 44 includes an article in my column entitled What Are They Teaching our Kids?.

Also you will find in Issue 44: Unknown objects flying in the airspace of the USA, and that's official!, Japan's defence minister mentions UFO's, a new Phoenix Lights witness and much much more.
Also in this HPANWO Show programme I interview the UFO Truth Magazine's editor Gary Heseltine:
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Tuesday 1 September 2020

Boris Repeats No-Deal Threat

Many times over the last year or so I have been concerned about Boris Johnson. The only Prime Minister in my lifetime I have ever felt any sense of respect for appeared to have sunk into the swamp that his American counterpart, President Trump, is trying to drain. Unlike some researchers, Caroline Stephens for example, see:, I do not put this down to Boris being a secret insider who fooled us from day one with a confidence trick. It's more likely they threatened his new baby or something like that. However, it is clear he does have some remaining clout. As part of the current post-Brexit negotiations with the European Union, Brussels wants rules to prevent an independent Britain subsidizing our own companies to give them an advantage over ones from EU member states. Many EU officials and some Westminster MP's are urging the Prime Minister to try and find a compromise before the New Year's Eve deadline. Boris has said "No!" and has told his opposite number Michel Barnier that if Brussels will not accept his position then come December the UK will proceed under the template regime of the World Trade Organization's Bali Package, which is what Project Fear calls: "Crashing out without a deal!" Source: This is very encouraging because if Boris has regained this much ground from his doldrums of the last few months, he can regain more. And with the US presidential election barely over two months away, this will be very important as the Deep State tried to lift its globalist train back onto the New World Order rails.