Wednesday 27 April 2016

Hillsborough- Unlawful Killing

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It is said again and again that "conspiracy theories are never proven true!" Yet again and again this is shown to be false. Case in point: one of the worst disasters in British history. On the fifteenth of April 1989 at the Hillsborough Stadium in Sheffield the gates of one of the stands were opened and a large crowd of people ran in to watch a football match. This resulted in the stand becoming grossly overcrowded to the point where almost a hundred people were crushed to death; and another thousand were injured. It was the biggest single loss of life since the Blitz. The match in progress was an FA Cup semi final and the full horror was seen by millions of people on live TV. The official inquest, known as the Taylor Report, recommended changes to health and safety procedures at football matches and architectural adaptations to football grounds, but the bottom line of the inquiry was that nobody was to blame except the victims themselves, and that it was just a freak tragic accident. There has been a long campaign by the relatives of those who perished in the disaster for "truth and justice for the 96", to take authorities to task and overturn the original verdict of "accidental death". They have been helped by the testimony of PC Trevor Bichard who revealed not only that the police contingent was criminally negligent, but also that they tried to cover up their own fatal blunder. Now finally after twenty-seven years, one of the longest coroner's inquests in history has concluded that the football fans who died in the Eppings Lane stand that day were unlawfully killed. After the judge Sir John Goldring read out the verdict there was an eruption of cheering and weeping from the public gallery and calls of "God bless the jury!" Outside the jubilant campaigners sang the Liverpool FC anthem You'll Never Walk Alone, see:

What happens now? Clearly this is not the end of the matter because there will have to be an investigation into the proven scheme of deception that the authorities have just given up denying. The reports were reeled off in court about police without proper training, equipment that didn't work and who made foolish decisions. The worst of all was the decision to open the gates to the ground in an attempt relieve the crowd pressure outside. This led to the mass influx of excited Liverpool supporters, running into the stand to watch the game, but in fact went to their deaths. The police also mishandled the response to the carnage. For example, they treated it as public disorder instead of a medical emergency and wasted time deploying police dogs, not first aid teams. Then the conspiracy began; witness statements were edited and the Chief Superintendent, David Duckenfield, lied to the original investigators. Charges now being considered are perjury, causing death by gross negligence and conspiracy to pervert the course of justice. Today South Yorkshire Police accept the inquest's findings and will cooperate completely. Duckenfield and many others could well go to jail. I wonder how deep the rabbit hole goes here. In the aftermath of the tragedy Rupert Murdoch's flagship tabloid The Sun published a front page article entitled "THE TRUTH!" This claimed that the Liverpool fans picked the pockets of dead bodies, assaulted each other in their panic to escape and attacked the police and emergency services. This was a total fabrication, yet the newspaper has only ever issued a lukewarm and conditional apology saying they were "duped" by an independent news agency. The TV sports presenter Gary Lineker called this "disgusting and uninspiring. They have no shame." I quite agree and I don't buy their excuse for a moment. I strongly suspect that The Sun was used as a tool of suppression, publishing its venomous front page deliberately to distort public opinion. To this day, you rarely see The Sun on sale in Liverpool. The Sun today did not cover the Hillsborough inquest on its front page, nor did Murdoch's top broadsheet The Times. They were the only national journals not to do so, see: Will this finally persuade people to stop buying these rags? I'll post an update as soon as one is available, but a major lesson has been learned already, that the legal system is not geared towards truth and justice; if it were then the verdict we have today would have been issued in 1989, not after over a quarter of a century of non-stop activism by dedicated relatives who lost their loved ones. One young man, Tony Bland, was caught up in the disaster and was given intensive care in hospital for over four years. He had suffered catastrophic brain damage as a result of his injuries and never regained consciousness from his persistent vegetative state. On the third of March 1993 he died after the hospital removed his life support system with the permission of his parents. He was twenty-two years old. The victims of the Hillsborough disaster were ordinary people, mostly working class football fans from the Merseyside area. They have been vindicated because of a dogged and passionate legal struggle by other ordinary people. Imagine a situation in which ninety-six elitists were to die at the hands of working class negligence; say the incompetent crew of their yacht causes it to hit a reef and sink. Would those elitists need to hack their way through an impenetrable legal jungle for twenty-seven years to get the blame correctly assigned? What would The Sun say about their conduct in the lifeboats?

Tuesday 26 April 2016

My Trip to the Dentist

One thing I've always disliked intensely is going to the dentist, in other words I'm what is known as an odontophobe. The very smell of dentists' chemicals or the sight and noise of their tools sets my teeth on edge... literally. Therefore I've not attended my regular checkups since I grew up. I've also been motivated by finance. Despite Nye Bevan's commitment to free healthcare for all, at the time of writing the best price in Oxford for a quick glance in the mouth is eighteen pounds; and when you're on a hospital porter's wage it's near the bottom of the priorities list, especially when you have a family to support. My last visit to the dentist was about twenty years ago to replace a filling that had fallen out of a tooth that had first been filled when I was about thirteen years old. Interestingly all my tooth cavities date from before my sixteenth birthday; probably because that was about the age I stopped eating sweets. Anyway, a few years ago that second filling came out. This didn't cause me any pain so I left it. However a few weeks ago I bit on it and caused a severe shooting pain in my mouth. This passed, but four days ago it began to hurt again; this time spontaneously. I was leaving for the Probe conference at the time so I just crossed my fingers and hoped for the best. Luckily, the pain wasn't too bad during the event and didn't spoil my enjoyment of it. It began to get worse on the coach home. Toothache is something I've not experienced since I was a child, but I know that at its worst it can be agony. I knew I had no choice but to call the emergency dental helpline at NHS Direct. I also bought a packet of paracetamol tablets to help me sleep that night.

I managed to get an appointment this morning and made my way to the clinic in dread. I chided myself as a coward. I thought of all the patients I'd seen during my years in hospital portering and the terrible states some of them were in, images I will not even describe. "You've just got a bad tooth. Grow some balls, Pussy!" I self-scolded. The receptionist was the very caricature of a medical clerk; she brusquely handed me a form to fill in. This asked me to select my "racial and ethnic background". I've always refused to answer these sections due to the way the data us used by Common Purpose and other fifth column mind control organizations. This form included the option: "Patient declines to state" which I ticked. They must have had a lot of people rebelling against it; good. I sat in the waiting room, deliberately averting my eyes from the posters informing everybody that their doom was near because they weigh more than an Olympic gymnast. When my name was called I put my best foot forward and headed in to get it over with. As the Japanese say: shikata ga nai- "There is no other choice." The dentist was a young Chinese woman who spoke perfect English. She was as small as a doll and had to adjust the height of the couch so she could look into my mouth. She took an X-ray and showed the print to me. The third degree cary for which I'd been given the first filling was on the border of being unsuitable for re-filling and needing root canal therapy, an entirely different and much more complex procedure. She offered to fill it, but warned me that this might well not work. I asked her about mercury in fillings, something that is of concern for me, see: She said that mercury amalgam was harmless; and anyway they didn't use them at that practice anymore. I asked if she would do a root canal job on me now and she said no. This was not available for an emergency patient. If I choose to have a root canal I would need to go home for a couple of weeks and wait for an appointment. That's a couple of weeks of living with toothache; and then I'd have to pay for the treatment, probably a three-figure fee. Therefore I chose the only other option: extraction.

All my adult dental problems, bar none, have been caused by that one tooth; all the others have been fine. So I simply told her to pull it. I won't miss it; in fact good riddance to it. It won't effect my lifestyle; I can still eat normally and my speech is not impeded. It is a molar and so is not visible when I smile. The extraction process was simple. I was given five injections in my gums to numb the entire right side of my jaw then the dentist and her dental nurse used some special pliers to wrench my tooth out. Despite her small stature, she achieved this in a few minutes; although she needed help from the nurse. "You big guys always have strong teeth!" she told me. There was an alarming crack and the tooth split, forcing her to pull out both parts separately. I felt no pain at all, just the pressure as she rocked the tooth back and forth to loosen it. It bled quite heavily and I had to bite on a roll of gauze to stop it. I now have a large gap with a blood-stained open socket in my gum. I was told this will heal over in a few days, but it's quite sore right now because the local anaesthetic has worn off. I might still need the painkillers to sleep and also when talking for long periods. I have to do HPANWO Radio on Thursday, see links column, and speak at the UFO Truth conference on Saturday, see: But at least the bloody toothache is gone! It's strange, but loosing just a single tooth has changed the balance of my mouth considerably and my teeth lock together differently; it will take a bit of getting used to. So I am now minus a tooth. If I were an alien living near Col. Charles Hall's Area 51 weather station he would call me "the Norwegian with twenty-three teeth". 

Thursday 21 April 2016

Strange New Masts

Over the last two or three weeks photos have been appearing online from many places around the world of unusual structures being installed in urban areas. These devices are about the height of lamp posts and are featureless cylinders with the top quarter or so expanding abruptly to a wider segment with a flat top. They tend to be metallic or white in colour. Therefore when I saw one being erected in Oxford I took some photographs of it. As you can see, there is a temporary notice attached to the apparatus announcing that it belongs to Telefonica O2 UK Ltd, one of the country's largest mobile phone service providers (And also debt-thieves!, see: It stands outside a motor showroom on Iffley Road, close to the junction with Iffley Turn. Cellular transmission towers have long been a regular landmark, as common today as post boxes and traffic lights. Yet a few years ago they were easily recognisable by their size and shape, resembling upright combine harvester blades. These new towers are far more compact and unobtrusive. They look to me a bit like electric toothbrushes embedded in the ground. It's quite likely that a large number of people will not even notice them. They could also be concealed inside other structures like church steeples, chimneypots, telegraph poles or railway signals for instance. This means people would be less likely to complain about them than they used to be when their presence was obvious, and they'd read the literature about the hazard they pose to human health and the environment. This is something revealed by researchers like Deborah Tavares and Barry Trower, see: and: Out of sight, out of mind! Let me know if you've got any of these new cellular masts near your home.

Wednesday 20 April 2016

Ben Emlyn-Jones on the Kev Baker Show 8

I have been interviewed again on the Kev Baker Show (aka MrGlasgowTruther) on Truth Frequency Radio, see here for the podcasts:
And here for the illustrated YouTube version.
Subjects discussed include: a mysterious star that shows signs of aliens, increasing volcanic activity, a weird drinks dispenser and much much more.
See here for my previous appearance on the Kev Baker Show:

Saturday 16 April 2016

Ben Emlyn-Jones on Enemy Within Radio 22

I have been interviewed again on Enemy Within Radio with Thomas Barnes, this show is part of the Truth Frequency Radio network, see:
I am featured for the entire two hour programme and subjects discussed include: The movie Vaxxed and the Dr Andrew Wakefield Scandal, Swine Flu and biological warfare, infighting in the Truth movement and much much more.
See here for my previous appearance on Enemy Within Radio, see:

Wednesday 13 April 2016

Mysterious Star Update

In December last year I wrote a post about an outwardly insignificant star with a catchy little name: KIC8462852. This star was emitting a strange light pattern that made scientists operating the Kepler Space Observatory very excited. It looked as if it was surrounded by structures that might be artificial.
All stars that have exoplanets change the way they emit light slightly over time; in fact it is through this method that exoplanets are often discovered. These changes of light are caused by the exoplanet transiting or eclipsing the star. This is always in regular periods as the exoplanet orbits its star in the same way the Earth and other planets do around the sun. However KIC8462852's light alteration is irregular; this is unheard of anywhere else in the universe. As I say in the background article, there are profiles of stars that might indicate the presence of an extraterrestrial civilization that have been theorized in advance by people like Freeman Dyson. An irregular light pulse could be a sign of giant artificial megastructures surrounding the star. Could these observations of KIC8462852 be our first discovery of a Dyson sphere?

In the initial post I promised an update as soon as one appeared. The most common "rational explanation" for KIC8462852's anomalous signature was that it is surrounded by a disk of comets that had been deposited in its orbit after it had suffered a near collision with another younger star. Since that proposal was made Dr Bradley Schaefer of Louisiana University has cast doubt on it. This is because both he and the original researcher, Dr Tabetha Boyajian, have gone through astronomical records of previous observations of KIC8462852 dating back over a century. KIC8462852, nicknamed "Tabby's Star" after Dr Boyajian, has been slowly dimming. Between 1890 and 1989 its random pulses have lost twenty percent of their average intensity. Schaefer worked out that if comets were responsible then over half a million comets, each a hundred and twenty-five miles across, must have entered the star's orbit within just a hundred years; impossible. Dr Schaefer does not accept the alien megastructure theory because he reckons that a Dyson sphere would not absorb radiation in the visible light part of the electromagnetic spectrum, but that's just anthropomorphizing. He's essentially saying: "If I built a megastructure I'd build it only to capture infrared radiation." How can we put ourselves in the aliens' shoes... apart from the fact they might not even have two feet like humans do... Maybe he's just scared of being labelled a loony. However he admits that the effect is probably caused by a single physical mechanism. Dr Boyajian agrees; "This presents some trouble for the comet hypothesis." she conceded. A SETI researcher, Doug Vakoch has announced that a radio-astronomical survey has found no "LGM" or "Wow!"-like signatures coming from Tabby's Star... or so they've told us. That's disappointing, but not conclusive. Again, this is anthropomorphizing. We don't know for certain that ET intelligences would beam organized radio patterns into space; they might not have the inclination even if they have the technology. All we know is that we do that. Source: So the mystery surrounding KIC8462852 continues and deepens. At the moment it has become one of the most watched stars in the universe. A plethora of telescopes are currently focused on it, waiting for its light to dip again. In the meantime, Dr Boyajian has given a TED Talk, see: I've gone off TED, see:, but this one is worth watching. However it's very obvious that Dr Boyajian is exhibiting the same sense of rational self-preservation as her colleague Dr Schaefer. They're both only human after all. Her opening remark, before she even introduces her subject matter is: "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, and it is my job, my responsibility as an astronomer, to remind people that alien hypotheses should always be a last resort." This means: "I'm NOT a loony!... Got it!?" As I asked in the first post, why are alien hypotheses always the last resort? If you want to see KIC8462852 yourself you'll need at least a five inch telescope. It's an F-type main sequence star, which means it is very similar to the sun, albeit slightly bigger; but it's a very long way away, almost fifteen hundred light-years, so its light can't be seen by the naked eye. It is in the constellation of Cygnus close to the major highly visible stars of Deneb and Rukh. It's directly northeast of the star cluster NGC 6866.

Tuesday 5 April 2016

Is Ben Emlyn-Jones Anti-Semitic?

As I've said before many times, I don't like getting involved in internal Truth movement politics and personal ego vendettas, for example see: However sometimes a public intervention is necessary and one such occasion has just arisen. Trystan Swale is a former friend of mine and Fortean skeptic who has been a guest on HPANWO Radio, and I have been a guest on his old podcast Fortean Radio. Sometimes he comments on my publications, for example see: However Trystan very suddenly and inexplicably blocked me two years ago. I made a few attempts to contact him for an explanation, but he did not respond. Then a few days ago, out of the blue, I came across him again on YouTube. He was commenting on a video by a mutual friend of ours and I challenged him on his previous behaviour. He replied: "Why did I block you? In a word it was your anti-Semitism." Wiktionary defines anti-Semitism as: "Prejudice against, hatred of, or discrimination against Jews as an ethnic, religious or racial group. A person who holds such positions is called an anti-Semite. Anti-Semitism is widely considered to be a form of racism." The idea that Jews are behind the New World Order and the Illuminati is regrettably quite common in the Conspirasphere; but I wonder what made Trystan think that I myself believed this, considering that I have written articles on the main HPANWO site specifically exonerating Jews of any involvement in the New World Order, for example see: and: and: There are Jewish people very much on our side in the struggle against the "Great Work of the Ages!", especially in the world of exopolitics. Where would we be without great "Jew-fologists" like Stanton Friedman, Peter Robbins and Bryce Zabel? When I questioned Trystan he replied: "You blame the Protocols of the Elders of Zion for causing the Black Death, poisoning wells, Germany's defeat in WWI, 9/11. I think you need to get your shit sorted before someone gives Antifa a call." Antifa is a generic abbreviation for the anti-fascist protester community. This has already been tried on me and didn't work. Somebody thought it would be a good idea to denounce me to the organization Unite Against Fascism in the hope that I'd be listed as a "fascist!" and they would then sabotage my lecture at the Birmingham UFO Group, however the UAF were not interested, see: I asked Trystan if he were quoting me. Have I had ever really stated that Jews were responsible for all the historical events he listed?

This is a very amusing situation. One more I, a "Woo-woo", am put in a position where I have to lecture a skeptic on the most fundamental rules of logic and reason. It's like Sally Morgan all over again, see: Trystan needs to understand that he cannot make public accusations on the internet against people without any evidence. In fact in this case the available evidence directly and categorically contradicts his accusations. Remember, Trystan... ordinary claims require ordinary explanations!... Despite seeing the funny side of it, I'm well aware that this is a very serious predicament that compels me to act. There are people in the online world with, shall I say, very limited intelligence who will automatically believe anything anybody says about anyone; this could include an unfounded accusation of anti-Semitism. There are also professional "human rights lawyers" who are perfectly willing to manipulate the legal system in order to silence opinions they do not agree with on the flimsiest of pretexts. I will not allow my name to be impugned and will take whatever action is necessary against any defamation of my character. Therefore if Trystan is reading this post, I would ask him to consider it an initial and informal "cease and desist" notice. I hope he will save both of us a lot of bother and expense by heeding it.

Friday 1 April 2016

Concentration School

I was walking along an alleyway that led down the side of St Gregory the Great School in Oxford, see:, when I saw some things that made me decide on impulse to take a couple of photographs; the ones above. As you can see, there are CCTV cameras mounted on a mast and a high barb-topped fence surrounding the site. I thought to myself that it doesn't look like a school; it looks like a concentration camp. When I was at school... which wasn't that long ago... I would simply not have recognized this building as a school at all; so much has changed in just a few years. No doubt the school authorities would say that this is all intended to keep the children safe from strangers who might intend them harm. Indeed, they are very concerned about that. A few months ago at the primary school playground, some young children behind the fence stopped me as I was walking past and we had a conversation. The dinner lady came over and said: "Come away from that fence now!" and gave me a suspicious look, as if she was concerned I were a paedophile. I was hoping she'd challenge me so that I could reply: "Don't tell me who I can and can't talk to on a public highway!" etc, but she didn't. At another part of the fence-line where there are no bushes and trees, they have since installed a blackout screen over the metal bars to prevent people in the alleyway seeing into the playground. I believe that the school would never allow any harm to come to their children; the only adults who are allowed access to the pupils are respectable public figures like Jimmy Savile and Rolf Harris. Regular HPANWO readers will recall that St Gregory the Great was my daughter's school and I caused a bit of a ruckus when they tried to take her fingerprints without telling me, another common practice at prison camps, see: Luckily my daughter is now twenty-one and left school more than five years ago. She was very upset at the time, aged ten, over the public stance I made about fingerprinting issue and the way it was covered in the media; but as time has passed I think she understands why I did it.
(Apologies for not updating HPANWO Voice very often at the moment; it's because I'm still writing "that book!", see: