Saturday 31 December 2022

Happy Deal Day 2022

Today is the second anniversary of the completion of the EU-UK Withdrawal Agreement. From 11 PM on the 31st of January 2020 Britain ceased to be a member state of the European Union, yet Brussels and Westminster both decided to allow an eleven month "transitional period" so the UK could adjust its economic and diplomatic profile into that of an independent nation. Until then it would continue to be treated as a de facto EU member state. I was afraid the Remoaners would try to drag their heels in again, just like they did for Brexit itself; but all went ahead according to the schedule and the new deal was signed one hour before New Year 2021. As I said at the time, it was not perfect, but it was a lot better than I thought it would be. Sometimes needs must when the Devil drives. When you think about it, Brexit happened just in time. Another couple of months and the Covid 19 lockdowns would have been the Remoaners' textbook excuse for delaying it and we would probably still be in the EU today. However, as I predicted, the Remoaners are fighting back. I said at the time that this would happen before the 2025 general election; and sure enough, Keir the Creep's opposition is leading the very "rejoin alliance" I prophesized, see: Therefore, with characteristic bad timing, Nigel Farage has announced that he is retiring from frontline politics... again. He has declared that he will not be standing for Reform UK in the next general election; instead he will focus on his media career with GB News. His motive is very interesting. He believes that he will inevitably be the target of electoral fraud. Source: It is encouraging that the threat of election interference has become this mainstream; Nigel has clearly had some long conversations with his friend President Trump. Obviously Nigel has announced his departure from politics before and has made a comeback, therefore we can be reassured that he will return, like King Arthur, should the country need him; and, let's face it, it will. So, Happy Deal Day, HPANWO readers and Happy New Year.
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Thursday 29 December 2022

Woke Betty and Barney Hill

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Following the sixtieth anniversary of the so-called "first alien abduction", several film and TV producers have announced they will be making new fictionalizations of the incident. Since it happened in 1961, the Betty and Barney Hill case has been the subject of numerous books and films, such as The UFO Incident; here's a recent high quality version: The Hills also appear in a scene in the Dark Skies TV series, see:; and I've included them in my novel Roswell Redeemed- Humanity After Disclosure, see: One of the announced upcoming productions surprised me very much when I saw how mainstream it is. It is going to be on Netflix and the production company Higher Ground is behind it. This is a company founded by none other than the former US President Barack Obama and his First Lady Michelle Obama. The working title of the film is White Mountains, a reference to the White Mountain National Forest in New Hampshire USA, the region where the Hills' experience happened. The project is in still in early pre-production and so not much is yet known about it, except the writing team has been assembled. I can already hear the inevitable complaints about them all being "White!" Source:
As always, I will not pass judgement on this film until I've seen it, but alarm bells are starting to ring. The Obama's are not renowned for their interest in UFOlogy (leaving aside the president's comments here:, but they are renowned for being politically correct icons. I suspect that their interest in the Hills has nothing to do with their experience, but more to do with the political aspects of their relationship. Barney was black, or "African American/BIPOC", as it is currently trendy to call it; and Betty was white. The Obamas are not alone. Bryce Zabel, the creator of Dark Skies, has stated that his own adaptation of the book Captured! by Stanton Friedman and Kathleen Marden is going to be subtitled: "In a world where everybody else saw black and white, they saw grey". Source: I know that Bryce has a genuine interest in the UFO phenomenon and I suspect that his playing of the woke card may be motivated by virtue signalling at potential studios and distributors; after all, he knows how Hollywood works these days. Also I think, being a liberal American, he feel sincere dejection about his country's own past. It is indisputable that black Americans have faced genuine injustice throughout American history. I can't recall where I heard this, maybe one of Kathleen Marden's social media posts, but once when her aunt went on holiday to Georgia, she was not allowed to share a room with Barney because the hotel only allowed married couples to share rooms. "But we are married." Betty protested. The hotel manager replied: "I'm sorry, but in this state you are not." And we all know about the Alabama bus segregation scheme that Martin Luther King stood up against. The list of indignities goes on. Even in states where official segregation didn't apply, there was a lot of social disapproval. Betty and Barney faced huge challenges being an interracial couple that are incontrovertible. The problem is that some people who take an interest in the Betty and Barney Hill abduction do so for that reason alone; and they couldn't care less about the UFOlogy aspect, which means they are turning their back on the central context of the incident. A perfect example comes from the ridiculous interview about the Hills on the Somewhere in the Skies show with Ryan Sprague. The guest comes across as a very narrow-minded individual. He posits a thesis that the alien abduction memories Betty and Barney remembered are simply psychological denial caused by an attack from a completely human gang of racist thugs. Ryan's show is normally very good, but this programme is one of his few bad ones. He does not ask his guest what evidence he has to support his theory, but just says: "I hear you, man!" Andrew Sanford thinks he knows the truth simply because of Barney's voice on the Simon tapes and Betty's memories of being probed in the belly. I think this is an assumption on Mr Sanford's part because it tallies with what he wants to believe about white people, see: As I've explained many times, wokeism has nothing to do with righting historical injustice, whether real or imagined; it's about making white people in the modern world feel guilty. Well, I am white and I do not. What I hope for is that the portrayal of Betty and Barney's case in the upcoming years will focus on the factual nature of their experience and not be exploited as a plaything for 2020's anti-white identity politics. As for the writing team of White Mountains, I have a dream that they will be judged not by the colour of their skin, but by the content of their character.
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Sunday 25 December 2022

Thursday 22 December 2022

Branson's UFO Hoax

When I first heard about this story I was surprised that I hadn't before. It's a very significant once and it concerns something that took place a long time ago, in 1989. The person involved is one of the world's most famous entrepreneurs and, at the time, one of the richest, Richard Branson. Along with being a business magnate Branson was a keen balloonist and attempted to break several distance and altitude records in specially designed balloons. However, when it comes to his strange feats in balloons, one in particular made me sit up and gasp. On April the 1st... when else?... Branson launched secretly at 4 AM just outside London in a balloon made to look like a UFO. Its envelope was shaped like a typical flying saucer and it was covered with lights that flickered in different colours, rather like the mothership in the film Close Encounters of the Third Kind. It was custom built in secrecy by Cameron Balloons Ltd of Bristol and Branson christened his caper "Project Wedgewood"... possibly because his wife hit him on the head with a teapot when he divulged his plan to her. As this strange aircraft floated majestically over the M25, cars pulled over and motorists stared up at it. The police were inundated with calls, the army was put on standby and morning radio and TV programmes began reporting on it. The original plan was to land the balloon in Hyde Park but the wind changed direction and the crew were forced to put down in a Surrey field. Police surrounded the field, staring in terror as what they thought was a craft from another world drifted down to the ground. The gondola was also specially designed. It was enclosed and filled with dry ice. One of the crew was a very small man and as the police approached, the door opened; the dry ice vapour flooded out and the dwarf walked out to meet the officers dressed up as a Hollywood alien. Source:
This was obviously just a publicity stunt, one typical for that eccentric billionaire. I don't think Richard Branson had any more nefarious motives for what he did, but you can be sure other opportunists did. This is not unlike the "Avebury Carlos", In 2003 a TV production company employed a team of special effects engineers to design and build a drone that looked like a flying saucer; they then flew this over Avebury, Wiltshire. The plan was to fly it over this ancient monument and gathering place of counter-culturists, pagans, mystics and hippies to see how many of them would be fooled into thinking that a real flying saucer was in the sky above them. Many of the people at Avebury did indeed report a UFO, but in a way the plan backfired because they reported pretty much what they saw. There were none of the embellishments and exaggerations that I think the hoaxers were banking on. It showed that even the so-called "most gullible members of society!" have turned out to be much better witnesses than previously thought. Source: I'm sure Branson was not personally involved in it, but I'd bet my last penny that the Tavistock Institute and other psychological "think tanks" were monitoring this story very carefully, watching how people reacted, everybody from the attending police to the drivers listening on their car radios. What phonecalls and letters did media studios and newspapers receive? They want to know what would happen if a real flying saucer flew over London.
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Wednesday 21 December 2022

Ben Emlyn-Jones on the Paranormal Peep Show 15

I have been interviewed again on the Paranormal Peep Show by Neil Geddes-Ward. In this programme: a Christmas special with fellow guests Nic Sands, Leigh Thatcher and the Kinsellas.
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Friday 16 December 2022

Nuclear Fusion Breakthrough

A few days ago, scientists at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California USA made an announcement that they had achieved a major milestone in the development of nuclear fusion power. I've done a recent HPANWO TV livestream on this subject, see: The scientists had managed to produce more energy from an experiment than they put in. Unexpectedly, this was not done with a tokomak, but instead with an inertial confinement system based on a 500 terawatt laser. This fires 192 beams of laser light at a tiny fuel pellet about the size of a pinhead until it reaches a high enough temperature and pressure to trigger a nuclear fusion reaction. The amount of energy they generated was just enough to boil a few kettles, but the experts are calling the results "huge!" and "exciting!". Source:
I consider the declassification of free energy a "finish line moment". In other words, when it happens you will know that the New World Order agenda has been defeated because the suppression of free energy is so fundamental to creating the NWO. Hot nuclear fusion is a form of free energy; so does this announcement qualify? No. As I say in the background link above, we've been waiting too long. Billions of pounds have been spent, it's taken over sixty years... and we can now keep a Costa in business for a few hours. Also I mention how proponents of fusion power sometimes massage the figures when it comes to assessing these claims of energy dividend. Here's a new report on that subject, see: So what does this all mean? Why has it been published now? I came across another source that proposes something very interesting, the reason hot fusion is suddenly flavour of the month in the mainstream media is because another more efficient, practical and developed method of free energy is about to be launched. This other method has reached a point where it can no longer be suppressed, so what are the globalists going to do? Dirty tricks of course. Try to head it off at the pass with their own free energy programme which they set up on purpose to fail. It's disinformation, pure and simple. However, I think it's more than that, it's also a fallback position; and that's the good news. They must be worried. Something spooked them! Source (first 30 mins): "Health Ranger Report" believes that the free energy on the rise is low energy nuclear reactions- LENR, commonly known as "cold fusion". This was almost leaked in 1989 by Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischmann, but the bad guys managed to get the genie back in the bottle by the skin of their teeth, see: I have been told, confidentially, that there is a well funded programme that has been working on a system for a number of years, and they're about to publish a paper and apply for a patent. I can't tell you much at the moment about it except that it is based in, of all places, the Maldives. This island nation known best for jet skis, yachts and hammocks hanging from palm trees is an unexpected location to find pioneering free energy science, but it could be that the programme played the climate change fear card to get the government to licence it there. The Maldives is famous for being the lowest lying country on earth. It's highest "hill" is just eight feet above sea level. Climate scientists have told them, falsely, that their entire nation will cease to exist within thirty years because rising sea levels will inundate it. If you believe in manmade climate change then it is in your interests to support free energy because it has the potential to be a fossil fuel replacement and releases no greenhouse gases at all. The headline news from the Lawrence Livermore might be a hopeful sign that we're getting close to that finish line and the Deep State are making more effort to drag us back. They were lucky with Pons and Fleischmann, but how much longer will their luck hold out?
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Thursday 15 December 2022

Ben Emlyn-Jones and Rin Michaelis 10

I have been interviewed again by Rin Michaelis on her YouTube livestream:
Subjects discussed include: A nostalgic look at old social media, the holiness of Richard Dawkins, how NOT to be a good ally and much much more.
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Tuesday 13 December 2022

Why the UAP Report is Late

For the last couple of months UFOlogy has been trying to get to grips with the massive anticlimax of the second UAP report no-show. This was due to be published on Halloween (imagine the memes!); but now, almost two months later, it has not appeared. The previous original report dropped dead on time amidst enormous fanfare, see: and: Since then, the organization known as AAWSAP or AATIP, then called the UAPTF, then called AOIMSG, now called AARO... no doubt soon to be renamed yet again... promised that a follow-up report would drop on the 31st of October this year. It never appeared and enquiries from citizens to government about where it is have been met with silence. There has been a lot of speculation about why that might be, including from me, see: This delay has taken on a sinister tone. Some UFOlogists think that the entire post-2017 UAP breakthrough is being buried, or that is was just a psyop to begin with. It doesn't help that a news report came out at the same time entitled Most UFO's are "Chinese surveillance" drones and "airborne clutter," Pentagon officials reveal, source: This article has all the conviction and credibility of a newsbite by Doug and Dave about weather balloons, yet sadly with propaganda that is usually all that is necessary. It did look as if the whole media UAP announcement cascade was being rolled back down the Memory Hole. A few in exopolitics, including Ross Coulthart, thought that this might be because the world is not in a fit state to deal with it, post-Covid and with the Ukraine war still raging. This is distressing, if true. However Ryan Robbins maintains that this is not as bad as it looks, see:
I did wonder if this was just "UFO Jesus" being his usual eternally optimistic self, yet he has been joined by another voice, one closer to the inner circle of government. Dr Travis Taylor was a scientist assigned to the UAPTF and was involved in the original report. In a recent interview with John Greenwald Jr he both explains the tardiness of this eagerly anticipated document, and comes up with a remarkably prosaic explanation. The report has been delayed simply from the friction of bureaucratic red tape. This is due to the US election in November, the lack of budget allocation and other paperwork backlogs. There are a large number of new congressmen and senators to brief in, lawyers have to talk to other lawyers and generals are on leave etc. Source: If this is true, and it does sound persuasive, this is good news. It means that there is no conspiracy to shut down the 2017 AATIP revelations, at least none on top of the underlying one we're already familiar with. We are still just waiting for the politics to catch up with the deadline; like that's never happened before in government!? This could take a little longer, with Christmas and the New Year in the way too. Dr Taylor suggests maybe January the 5th. So be it; at least this means the report will eventually turn up. When it does you will hear about it first live and exclusive on HPANWO Voice.
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Monday 12 December 2022

They Have Chosen

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The answer to the question in the title of the background link is: Cold. For over a week now the UK has experienced a prolonged period of freezing temperatures and heavy snowfall (although Oxford has unfortunately yet to experience the snow). Whatever happens during the rest of this winter, the understanding of the cold snap we've had will not be buried easily. This means, as I predicted, people have needed extra resources to heat their homes, which has been extremely difficult, as the government intended it to be. Eventually of course, maybe in the spring, they will attempt to resurrect global warming. It is too ingrained and useful to be discarded permanently. Once winter is over, the dilemma that the Deep State has been faced with will be lifted and propaganda will return to normal, but hopefully with a more aware and experienced target population.
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Friday 9 December 2022

Apollo Detectives 11

A film edited and produced by Neil Geddes-Ward. A conversation between regular contributors and a new member of the team.
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This eleventh Apollo Detectives film brings more new and original information that casts doubt over the official story of the first moon landings. In this case we explore the legal ramifications of Apollo and explore the new Artemis moon programme. See here for background:
HPANWO Radio interview with Marcus Allen:
See here for Neil's channel:
See here for Neil and Andy Chaplin's radio show:
I have produced my own version of this film on HPANWO TV which includes my personal commentary:

Wednesday 7 December 2022

Climate Zones in Oxford

Rather unusually for HPANWO Voice, I have a local story, one from my home city of Oxford. It seems this "seat of learning" and prime global education centre for the next generation of Illuminati gophers has been listed as a trial area for several authoritarian measures related to climate change alleviation. Two years ago the council designated a number of streets in the city centre as a "zero emission zone" in which all non-electric vehicles would be charged a heavy toll to use them. Since then they have created what they call "local traffic neighbourhoods" in which several roads in residential areas of the city have had bollards erected in the middle of them to prevent them being used by through traffic. This has caused massive congestion on the alternative main roads. Now their new scheme is to ban all private vehicles from certain parts of Oxford, at least during some hours of the day. This would be administered using special traffic lights and automatic number-plate readers to catch violators of the law. In order to drive a vehicle inside these zones, residents will need to apply for a permit. Only those with a working necessity to drive in the zones will be allowed to. The county council has struck back at what they claim is "misinformation" in another article claiming that there will be physical barriers. However, with modern technology a physical barrier is not needed; it would have a purely psychological effect. Source: What's more, the council is indeed putting up physical barriers, the aforementioned LTN's. At the moment, most of them are not permanent and are just part of a pilot scheme, but the council so far has been informally pleased with them. Although these changed are not literally a climate lockdown, they are the initial steps one would expect if the council had some form of climate lockdown in the pipeline. I'm sure that this "initiative" was not invented by the council and comes from the recent World Economic Forum conferences where climate change was raised continuously as the new monster to replace the pandemic as a pretext for dictatorial world government. If you've read this and are saying to yourself: "Good job I don't live in Oxford!", think again. Oxford is just the start, the guinea pig to test it on before it is rolled out across the country and beyond. It's important to resist in any way you can.
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Tuesday 6 December 2022

Ben Emlyn-Jones on Nocturnal Frequency Radio 7

I have been featured on the Nocturnal Frequency Radio show:
Subjects discussed include: Ancient Apocalypse TV series, the mysterious "Loab", will our computer overlords be welcomed? and much much more.
See here for my previous appearance on Nocturnal Frequency Radio:

Monday 5 December 2022

Alfie's Saucer

The United States has a great tradition of inventors working independently and privately at home; very often from their garden shed, driving their wives and children crazy over their love affair with a machine. Thomas Edison and the Wright brothers fit this profile (inventors of the electric light and audio recorder, and aeroplane respectively). Those pioneers died a long time ago, but their legacy is alive and well today. A lot of "tinkerers", to use the patronizing language of the skeptics, work in the field rejected by mainstream scientists as pointless and nonsensical; free energy, antigravity and perpetual motion. They have a community website, although it has shifted hosts a few times. It is currently here: Alfie Carrington is a bearer of that tradition. He has spent over thirty years designing and building a highly unusual aircraft. It consists of two counter-rotating rings that draw air into the engine chamber which then becomes electrically charged and generates an electrogravitic force for lift and propulsion. Alfie has christened his machine the "XV7H". X means experimental, V for vertical take off and landing, 7 because this is apparently his seventh prototype and H for "hybrid" which is something to do with how it "gathers energy while moving through space". He doesn't like it being referred to as a flying saucer, but that is what it looks like. It has a diameter of fourteen feet and its hull is made of carbon fibre and fibreglass. It appears slightly uneven, as if it is melted plastic, but maybe that's a necessary part of the design. He has two patents on his creation and has founded a company called Vertex Aerospace which he operates from a small garage near his home in Clinton, Michigan USA. So far he has not succeeded in launching the XV7H. However he has been contacted by NASA who showed a lot of interest. They invited them to a conference on new aviation and spacecraft technology. Source: Mr Carrington is not very clear about the details of exactly how this machine works, but he has spent sixty thousand US dollars of his own money on this project which he began at the age of twenty-seven. He is almost at retirement age after working as a dishwasher. He has no scientific or engineering training. It could be that he has discovered a legitimate principle for generating free energy and antigravity, but might lack the technical expertise to make it work. If so then he needs to be wary of negative attention from the oil companies and other "interested parties".
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Thursday 1 December 2022

Ben Emlyn-Jones at Truth Seekers North East 8

I am pleased to tell you that I will be speaking again at Truth Seekers North East. The event will take place on Saturday the 21st of January 2023. It will cost only £5. My lecture will be entitled: Apocalypse Soon. Details: "It's the end of the world, but NOT as we know it... Don't let the title put you off; this is a cheerful talk. Ben Emlyn-Jones asks: what is the Apocalypse, Armageddon, end times, rapture etc? Why can it be found in all cultures and mindsets? Maybe it's something good rather than bad." This is not a public event and will take place in somebody's home. Because of this numbers are strictly limited and to be invited you will need to be somebody I know well or somebody regularly active with Truth Seekers North East. If you would like to attend please email Maureen at:
See here for a HPANWO TV video of my previous talk at Truth Seekers North East:

Tuesday 29 November 2022


Seeing as I follow Anthony Peake on social media you can imagine I sometimes get some good viewing recommendations. 1899 is so called because that is the year the series is set. Most of the action takes place aboard a ship, a transatlantic liner that is based on the design of the Titanic, except that it is darker. All the colours on the ship are dark brown or black; the hull, the funnels, the internal panelling. The vessel is rusty and dirty, even though it is supposedly quite new. The weather is almost continuously wet and/or foggy. The passengers and crew are all people who have suffered some form of loss or grief, and it soon becomes clear it is not mere chance that has thrown them together. They experience dreams and flashbacks so vivid that they, and the viewer, find it hard to tell reality from fantasy. A dread is hanging over the ship because four months earlier another ship of the line, Prometheus, suddenly vanished without trace. She is presumed sunk, but doubt about her fate has never gone away. There is a huge amount of intrigue and mystery in this eight-part series and I don't want to say much more because the plot twists in unexpected ways; however, I understand why Anthony likes it. It reminds me very much of other psychological horrors and mysteries like Frank Darrabont's The Mist and The Matrix series. 1899 explores the areas of mind control and conspiracies connected to the mental health system. This production is German, but the dialogue is multilingual. Along with its native language, you'll hear the characters speaking French, English, Spanish, Chinese and Danish. It is important to select the subtitles option or audio dubbing if you prefer. The score includes somewhat anachronistic tracks such as 1960's pop singles. It's definitely worth watching. See here for the trailer:
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Sunday 27 November 2022

The Forum is Dead, Long Live the Forum!

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Eleven days ago I finally received a reply on the Tapatalk support group saying: "That group was disabled due TOS (terms of service) violations. Sorry." It's unusual for people like that to be apologetic! I replied: "Having checked the TOS I'm not aware of what those violations are. Is it possible to remove the material you regard as violations and restore the group?" I have received no response so I assume the answer is no. That's annoying and all too common on social media. You do something supposedly wrong, they punish you and when you try to find out what it is, you are met with silence in true Kafka style. In those situations the only response is onwards and upwards! So I have abandoned the task of restoring the HPANWO Forum and started a new one. It is also called the HPANWO Forum because I can't think of a better name; and I have chosen another host because I'm not at all happy with Tapatalk's service. This has been a good opportunity actually because it gives me a chance to redesign. I have come up with a simpler and more comprehensive structure. Rather than having multiple arrays of boards, I have combined many of them into one. "The Lodge" is for off-topic discussion and humour. "HPANWO Blogs", "Ben's Bookcase" and "Hospital Portering" are self-explanatory; and "The Rantory" is for any discussion that gets very heated without stepping over the line of flaming. Membership is open to anybody, skeptic, believer or in between. However I might need to check members' identity if I am unsure of who they are. I really would rather not do that, but it is unavoidable. If I don't, trolls will move in and destroy the board. All new members will be expected to make welcome posts introducing themselves. Identity checks could involve PM's or emails, or even live conversations by telephone. The new HPANWO Forum is still in "alpha" at the moment, but I will be working on the theme and layout of the board, and maybe improving the structure. Hope to see you over there soon!
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Friday 25 November 2022

Substack Exclusive Notice 24/11/22

I have published an article on the HPANWO Free Substack blog that will not be posted to Blogger, see:

Wednesday 23 November 2022

Joerg Arnu Raided

The German-born creator of the Dreamland Resort website has been arrested by the FBI and AFOSI. Joerg Arnu spends his time between his own house in the tiny village of Rachel, Nevada USA and his girlfriend's home in the nearby city of Las Vegas. Both properties were hit by a coordinated sting involving twenty agents in full riot gear. The couple were treated as arch criminals, being forced to exit their home wearing nothing but their underwear, in full view of the neighbours and when the weather was very cold. What on earth could Arnu have done to warrant such heavy-handed treatment by the authorities? His website is very informative and I regularly refer to it. It includes a huge amount of research material including documents, visitor reports and very high quality panoramic photographs. However, all this information was gathered through lawful means. The photos were all taken from public land. The drone shots were obtained from open airspaces. The contributors are all seasoned professionals who know the legal tightropes one has to walk while getting close to the Groom Lake facility. Joerg says: "I believe the search, executed with completely unnecessary force by overzealous government agents, was meant as a message to silence the Area 51 research community." No doubt! The question I have asked numerous times in the last couple of months is once again raised: Why now? A Pentagon spokesman, Lt. Col. Bryon McGarry, said: "This is an open and ongoing law enforcement investigation between the Las Vegas FBI and Air Force Office of Special Investigations", but he didn't give any details. Source:
I'm surprised Joerg Arnu, of all people, was targeted in this way. He is one of the most cautious pundits in the field. He is decisively opposed to any UFO theories. The statements about the subject on the Dreamland Resort website are unequivocal, for example: "Are there UFOs at Area 51? No. This is not a UFO website... Anyone who spends some time investigating Area 51 will quickly understand that what goes on there is very earthly in origin... the abundant UFO folklore is nothing but a welcome smokescreen, a distraction from the real purpose of the base." Source: As you know, I think this is a big mistake. The notion that UFO's and aliens are some kind of engineered neo-mythology created as psychological warfare to launder more down-to-earth covert projects is not very original; in fact it is rather fashionable at the moment. However, it is actually somewhat implausible when you consider how easily and badly it could backfire. Drawing somebody's attention towards something with the ultimate objective of deflecting it away is a very risky gambit. It's like a bank robber jumping up and down on top of his buried stash in a striped jersey and face mask every time a policeman walks past, waving a placard stating: "THERE IS NO STOLEN CASH HIDDEN HERE, JUST UNICORN BONES!" How long would it take for somebody to realize what was really going on? No, if the government want to cover something up they just do not put out any information about it at all. To continue the metaphor, they would simply bury the stolen cash in the remote woods and tell nobody about it. However, there's no doubt that the side of Area 51 that Joerg and his team study, the classified aviation projects, are also totally real. I don't know why he and his partner have been treated so ruthlessly by the authorities; but seeing as it is them and not, say, Grant Cameron, Jaime Maussan or myself being debagged in the street, I can guess it is probably something to do with the more terrestrial Area 51 secrets then those that are more, shall we say, exotic. I'm sorry this has happened to Joerg and his girlfriend. I wish them all the best and hope that they suffer no more trouble at the iron hands of the state.
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Monday 21 November 2022

Is Free Energy Already in Use?

I'm always a bit cautious when comes to this subject following the highly amusing but utterly nonsensical "jet fuel hoax", see: and: The same channel, "Spacebusters", has another video making a similar claim about our electricity system. It goes into the history of how the system grew and apparently the first pylon, called in those days a "grid tower", was erected in 1928. It was about then that the previous system of private generators and small local power stations, which had been in use since the late 19th century when electric power first emerged, evolved into larger centralized power stations charging a nationwide power circuit network, the National Grid. The video asks the same question I have since I was a child; why are electric cables not all buried? Instead they only run underground from local substations? On longer intercity circuits they are suspended on pylons, metal lattice towers that most people consider very unsightly. Other sources say that this is to do with the higher voltage which is stepped down in local substations. It's cheaper not having to insulate them physically; but this video reckons that the cables and pylons are actually generating electricity from aetheric energy in the air, not unlike Tesla's discoveries. Conventional generation methods at power stations are merely auxiliary; they make up the shortfall. Source: This would be another example of the overt use of free energy suppressed simply by tacit undiscussion. I must admit I find this one harder to dismiss than the jet fuel hoax. I can only wonder why so many engineers and technicians could or would keep this bombshell secret. Don't they also have to pay electricity bills? If anybody has any specialized knowledge, please do inform me. This is not the only example though; there is another that is far more credible because it relates to military engineering which, by its very nature, involves hard secrecy. As I explain here,, the invention of nuclear reactors was immediately applied for military purposes, specifically submarines. The first generation of nuclear powered submarines were built exclusively by the two Cold War superpowers. The American ones were supposedly much safer under a harsh regime imposed by their inventor, Admiral Hyman Rickover; but the Soviet ones were highly dangerous and many sailors died as a result of radioactive leaks and other accidents. However, according to John W Warner IV, something very different is going on. The fission reactors on the first generation, the USS Nautilus and other similar submarines, were not as safe as official history tells us; and they caused the same kinds of adverse incidents as happened aboard the Soviet subs. Therefore Rickover and his team made a decision in the early 1960's to abandon nuclear power altogether. They couldn't go back to a fleet of just diesel boats because with those they could not match the USSR in open ocean combat. Therefore they were given permission by the Deep State to install free energy power plants in US Navy submarines. This was on condition that the fact was never revealed to the public; and official statements lie that the Navy continues to use nuclear power safely. This is feasible. Maritime nuclear power is almost exclusively military and nobody is involved in it other than highly specialized engineers, known in the US as "nucs". These men are all bound by strict security regulations when they are granted clearance to classified material. Aboard a ship or submarine powered by these engines nobody is permitted to enter the engine room unless they have that clearance. That is still a large number of people, seeing as in the US Navy, all submarine officers have to be qualified in nuclear engineering. There is also the issue of proliferation. Since the launch of Nautilus, it is not just submarines that are now nuclear powered; large surface combatants also are, primarily America's unparalleled fleet of aircraft carriers. The US has also shared the technology with Great Britain and the Royal Navy has been sailing submarines with nuclear power plants, supposedly, since the early '60's. What's more, spies have ravaged the state secrets of the West all through the Cold War and afterwards, see: The UK now builds its own power plants independently, and the Rolls Royce factory in Derby will be where the reactors are to be built for the Trident replacement along with the new Australian subs, see:, or will they? However, as with the pylons and the jet fuel hoax, could such a huge deception, involving so many people, be maintained for so long?
John W Warner IV is a difficult man to ignore. There is no doubting that his position does not fit with the usual profile of somebody who comes out with such radical alternative information, people like me in other words. He is the son of John William Warner III who was one of America's most significant military statesmen. He was a Secretary of the Navy and long sitting US Senator. John IV is a cousin of Christopher Mellon who has also joined the "new UFOlogy" scene, although the two men disagree a lot. He has done numerous interviews on such popular alternative media outlets as Fade to Black, Regina Meredith's Gaia show and Dr Steven Greer's Disclosure Project. The segment in question is in his latest interview with the Dark Journalist, see: Along with safety, there are other advantages to a zero point energy engine. It would be quieter than nuclear power, not needing a plethora of complex machinery, coolant pipes, condenser pumps, electric servomotors etc. If what Mr Warner says is true then it would make Disclosure Day a very different affair. The introduction of new technology would actually be far easier and could be rolled out much faster, seeing as it has already been developed and its covert use is so widespread. On the other hand, we should still be cautious. We cannot let ourselves by wowed by Warner's status as a witness. Even very highly placed whistleblowers can be used for disinformation; and also sometimes they can just talk complete nonsense like Philip Corso, see: So this is interesting information; impossible to verify or debunk unless you happen to be a navel nuclear engineer, which I am not. If I were I would probably be unable to comment anyway without spending the rest of my life in prison. So, we'll have to wait and see how it develops.
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Sunday 20 November 2022

Wetherspoons Downsizes

One of my favourite institutions in the country is JD Wetherspoon. Despite the fact that it is quite a new company by the standards of the industry, founded in 1979, it has become one of the most widespread public house chains in Britain. It has traditionally made daring gambles when setting up pubs. Many of them are converted from other buildings; banks, shops, cinemas, bingo halls etc. They usually have names linked to local history, such as the The William Morris close to my home in Cowley, Oxford, see:; named after the famous engineer who kick-started Oxford's car industry in 1910. Wetherspoons pubs have a unique homelike atmosphere. Their bar prices are the lowest I know of and they have managed to keep them low despite raging economic woes. This makes them the perfect night out for those of low income. When I'm meeting up with my good friend, comrade and space brother Colin Woolford, wherever it is, one of the first things he does is send me an SMS saying: "Where's the nearest 'Spoons?" or "I'm in the 'Spoons at (insert place name)." The founder of Wetherspoons, Tim Martin, is based AF. He is a vocal supporter of Brexit and opposed the lockdowns. The choice of the Cowley pub name itself is an act of defiance because Morris was a controversial character and there have been campaigns to cancel him. The pubs all have copies of the chain's in-house magazine, unoriginally titled Wetherspoon News, but it has published incredibly honest and anti-establishment articles, especially about Covid 19. It is almost like reading The Light! For this reason I was distressed to find that Wetherspoons are selling thirty-two of their pubs, including The Hope and Champion, one of their most infamous outlets. Being situated in a motorway service station, it was accused of "encouraging drink-driving!" Source: I do hope this mass sale does not represent a general downward trend in JD Wetherspoon's fortunes. Most of the pubs are in London and the southeast; and I've been to a couple of them. A spokesman for the company said: "Wetherspoon does, on occasion, put some pubs up for sale. It is a commercial decision." There are still nearly a thousand 'Spoons across the country and now a handful in Ireland. Maybe it is premature to worry.

Friday 18 November 2022

"Alien" Lifeform Found in Toilet

Ever since I was a child I've always felt a sense of unease sitting down on the toilet. What might come up through the hole at the bottom and grab me by my most sensitive parts? Of course this is an irrational dark fantasy... or at least it was. A story has emerged that makes me wonder what really lurks in that hidden, lightless world filled with our most repulsive waste products. Steve Ratcliffe, a plumber from Wales, was called out to unblock a toilet on a rural cattle farm. Such places are very common in Wales and some of them are so remote they have independent water supplies and sewage systems. This might explain why when he looked into the bottom of the toilet Steve found a huge and grotesque growth of something that neither he nor scientists could identify. It was definitely alive, not just a chemical or sedimentary residue. The most likely possibility is that it is a previously unknown species of fungus; or a biofilm, a symbiotic mixture of fungus and bacteria. Fungi and bacteria, unlike plants, do not need sunlight to live. They love damp and dark habitats with an abundant food source and, believe it or not, they eat animal excretions with gusto. Source: Despite its alarming appearance, there is currently no evidence to suggest that this growth is in any way dangerous; or at least when Steve pulled it out it didn't go for his face. There is also no reason right now to suppose it is alien in the literal sense of the word, despite the use of that term in media headlines. It's probably just done to get the reader's attention. However, I suspect much of earth's biosphere does have an extraterrestrial origin via panspermia, see:, or carried here through more directed means by intelligent alien beings. The sewage systems of civilization are a perfect place for some kinds of weird creatures to live, in secret because humans avoid contact with that world for reasons of hygiene and good taste. It is said that no city dwelling human being is ever more than ten feet away from a brown rat; but I've rarely even seen a rat. I wonder what else can be found in those pipes and septic tanks, so near, yet so far. Maybe something much unexpected!
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Thursday 17 November 2022

Trump 2024

President Donald Trump has announced his intention to run for President of the United States... It seems strange to apply for one's own job. It has been obvious Trump has been planning this informally for some time, see: Last night Trump made the announcement amidst a fanfare of publicity on a specially constructed stage at his Mar-a-Lago home in Palm Beach, Florida, see: He is going to face enormous opposition. This election will not be one between the Republicans and Democrats, but instead one between Trump and his allies versus the establishment of the GOP and the Democrats united against him. All the dirty tricks that were used during his previous campaign, presidency and aftermath are going to be wielded against him again with redoubled ferocity. This opposition has already begun, see: Can he prevail? He must have a plan or he would not run. I'm willing to, to use a familiar phrase, trust the plan. There are no guarantees, but I'm hopeful. I find it very interesting that a news story came out, literally hours after the announcement, that I never thought I'd hear. Yesterday a missile landed on a village in Poland close to the Ukrainian border and the headline at 9 PM last night was "Russian missiles land in Poland killing two". The immediate claim was that the missiles were Russian. Of course I questioned that and the Russian defence ministry denied it, but I assumed NATO propaganda would push the narrative that the missiles were Russian whether it was true or not, but then an official report appeared explaining that the missiles were actually Ukrainian and that they had missed their real target, hitting Poland by accident, see: I can't believe they are being so honest. This is a bizarre fallback from the NATO's standard position, that everything bad is Russia's fault. Obviously I'm relieved, but I wonder why it has happened. Does it reveal a lack of resolve among the Deep State conspirators, or that they are offering hinted concessions to their white hat enemies? The next US presidential election is almost two years away; should Trump win he won't be inaugurated until January 2025. I don't think he and his team are simply waiting until then. It's too far in the future and we simply don't have enough time. The world it changing too quickly and the bad guys will simply exploit any pause in the fight to stop them. Maybe something will happen before then, as I've thought many times, see: Time will well, but either way I advise every American to support President Trump.
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Wednesday 16 November 2022

Has Titanic II Sunk?

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The above might look like a picture of RMS Titanic, perhaps a CGI render from James Cameron's famous film, but it is actually not. It is an artist's impression of Titanic II underway. The original plan was for the ship to be launched in 2022, this year, so where is it? Work on it has not even started. The project website has not been updated for four years and no shipbuilder has reported being approached for a contract. It looks as though the project has floundered, even though Palmer has not formally cancelled it. The other Titanic replica, the Romandisea Titanic, also seems to have struck a development iceberg. This Titanic was not actually a replica in the sense it was designed to be a working ship. It is actually a floating hotel the looks like RMS Titanic, inside and out, and is intended to be moored permanently in a reservoir as part of a holiday resort in China over a thousand miles inland. The half finished hull is currently rusting in its dry-dock because investors have pulled out, including the actor Bernard Hill who played Capt. Smith in the Cameron film, because of a novelty that they consider rather offensive. Using lighting and sound effects, guests at the hotel could experience a recreation of the original sinking. It does sound in poor taste to me. Source: Maybe the time has come to leave the Titanic disaster where it is, in the past. A hundred and ten years is a long time, but it is still a catastrophe that killed a large number of people. Nobody should make light of that.

Monday 14 November 2022

HPANWO Forum Down

At the time of writing, the HPANWO Forum has been down for three days. This is unprecedented., formerly, has never been the most reliable website. Its servers are pretty temperamental and at least once a week I try to access the HPANWO Forum and get an error message. The issues are always resolved within an hour or two; therefore I wasn't too concerned when it happened on Friday evening. However when the forum was still down the next day I started to wonder why. I went to my admin account and found the above illustrated notification. On my dashboard the forum is still listed, including a row of content notifications, but it also has the words "not published" on its status. I have no idea why this has been done. I've received no correspondence from the host. The best I can do is join the support forum and ask there, which I've done. The "contact us" tab is useless; it doesn't even have an email address. It only accepts inquiries related to security matters, not technical help. So far I've received no reply on the support forum over twenty-four hours after first making a post. It could be that this is the end of the HPANWO Forum; if so then that's not too bad, it can easily be replaced. I'm just annoyed that forum hosts can take action like this without informing the user and offering them no explanation. To check up on progress yourself you can go to the link for the HPANWO Forum in the Links column. I'll leave it there until I know for sure that the Forum is gone and/or if I set up a new one.

Sunday 13 November 2022

Free Hearts Club Band

Somebody sent me the amazing picture above. It is based on Jann Haworth and Peter Blake's image for the cover of The Beatles' 1967 album Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band and has in place of the dozens of character depicted, people associated with the Truth movement. I'm honoured to see myself included on the far right of the third row, roughly where TE Lawrence stands in the original. Other figures include Kate Shemirani, Brian Gerrish, David Kurten, Maajid Nawaz, Piers Corbyn, Danielle la Verité, Max Igan, Michael Feeley and many others. Poking their heads up in the foreground we see Chris Thrall, James Delingpole; and, that long departed veteran, Bill Cooper, complete with tin foil hat. Instead of the flowers spelling BEATLES, we see FREEDOM. The drum advertises The Light, the best newspaper around at the moment, the Stand in the Park movement and the White Rose Telegram group. In pride of place we see the Fab Four represented as Mark Devlin, Gareth and David Icke, and Richie Allen. David occupies the body of Paul Mc... I mean Sir William Sheppard. This is a delightful work and all my appreciation to whoever did it.
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Tuesday 8 November 2022

Substack Exclusive Notice 8/11/22

I have published an article on the HPANWO Free Substack blog that will not be posted to Blogger, see:

Sunday 6 November 2022

First Contact- an Alien Encounter

I'm not what you might call an impulse buyer, but with a title like that I dropped everything to watch it. This BBC 2 feature length production combines speculative fiction interspersed with talking head experts; however, of course, this being the BBC, they desperately tried to avoid consulting any white males. First Contact- an Alien Encounter begins with a signal from space being picked up at the Jodrell Bank Radio Observatory at the same time NASA picks one up from Voyager 1 outside the solar system. The scientific community study the signal amongst themselves privately at first, trying to verify whether it is a genuine artificial signal and whether it really comes from space. There have been many false alarms in the past along those lines. It is a race against time because they know they cannot keep this information secret for very long. Indeed by the third day newsrooms around the world announce the discovery of the signal and, as always, social media goes ablaze with hopes, fears and memes. By the following day, protests break out. Concerned citizens believe the government is hiding something about the signal. As I explain in the background links below, a conspiracy of silence in astronomy is not possible. All the data is above our heads and there are simply too many telescopes. Astronomy is the one truly democratic science. Despite this, the signal has a positive knock on effect on UFOlogy, as I predicted. The suspicion turns to fear and people start panic buying supplies, like they did in the first Covid lockdown.
On the sixth day telescopes manage to pick up the source of the signal. It is an object travelling at almost two million miles per hour and is enormous, a hundred and twenty miles across; the size of a small planet. At this point there is a non-fiction interlude about 'Oumuamua. I was annoyed that of all the astronomers interviewed, they left out Avi Loeb. I wonder why. Maybe because of his radical views about the interstellar object, see: The BBC's reconstructed image of 'Oumuamua specifically make it look like a natural object, similar to the "turd picture" that you'll be familiar with from most science and news stories about the object. The truth is, we don't know what 'Oumuamua looks like. Nobody has ever seen it up close. It's an artist's impression; pure guesswork. Back to the story, there is another surge of public apoplexy as telescope data is published on the signal source, dubbed "The Artefact". There is an emergency session at the United Nations (If only Sir Eric Gairy were still alive!) and countries with a nuclear deterrent put them on red alert. This enormous object is shaped not unlike a modern space station; long thin modules attached together with structures leading off it that resemble antennae. It is tumbling through space like 'Oumuamua did without any form of propulsion or control... 'Oumuamua did not! The fictional news sequences are very well made. They are extremely vivid because they star actual news personalities like David Shukman, the BBC's real science editor. When The Artefact becomes visible to smaller telescopes, telescopes themselves become the focus of mass purchases and everybody goes out at night to try and see The Artefact for themselves. Parks and gardens are packed with crowds watching the skies all night. Recordings of John Greenewald Jr and Chris Mellon are featured briefly for a few seconds and you can hear a discussion of UAP with the voices of the Nimitz pilots, but these clips are all taken totally out of context, as we'll see. Sales of guns in the USA increase and more riots break out, but not everybody is afraid. A large number of people are more curious, delighted and full of wonder. Once The Artefact's track has been calculated, astronomers are able to work out where is came from. The Kepler space telescope turns to look at the location and finds a suitable binary star system. The Artefact either originated from, or passed through, that stellar system a hundred to two hundred thousand years ago. Everybody from the UN to TikTokers prepare a message to send to the source stars. When the James Webb space telescope is aligned with the stars it detects a Dyson swarm around the star, a bit like Tabby's Star, see: However there are no organized radio emissions from it. The civilization that produced the Dyson swarm and The Artefact no longer exists. The Artefact is not a spaceship; it's a piece of lifeless space junk. The signal was triggered by an automatic process as it detected the sun. This is the "L" factor in the Drake Equation, see background links below. Cultures, and even entire species, when compared with cosmic timescales, endure for but a moment. When we encounter the evidence of them it is far more likely that it will be evidence of their past existence than their present, like in Arthur C Clarke's heartrending short story, The Star, see: Two independent species would have to be very lucky to encounter each other while they are both enjoying that brief explosion of living activity. As one of the experts says, exopolitics is more like archaeology. If we're lucky, there might be a lot of well-preserved material from the lost aliens, like literature and scientific knowledge. A month after the signal was detected, just before The Artefact moves beyond the range of our telescopes to continue its eternal mindless journey through the cosmos, millions of people hold a candlelit vigil to celebrate the wondrous experience the earth has just enjoyed and hope that whoever built the visitor from the stars is still out there somewhere and we might meet them someday. Source:
First Contact- an Alien Encounter is a technically brilliant, well designed piece of docufiction. It is lucid, realistic and very moving. I've referred to Arthur C Clarke several times during this review and this is because it is exactly the kind of story he would write. However, its poignant premise is happily false. Finding extraterrestrial intelligence has already been achieved and it was achieved a long time ago. The task is far easier that scanning the distant reaches of space with a billion dollar telescope. You can just go outside and look up at the sky or even go and knock on somebody's door. Aliens are not somewhere out there; they're down here on the earth with us. We see their vehicles all the time flying just a few feet above our heads. Many of the beings look very similar to ourselves and you may well have met one of them. It's odd because the programme briefly refers to the UAP issue and even features prominent UFOlogists and witnesses; but this real and obvious evidence is completely omitted from the story. I don't think this is accidental and I make the same criticism of the BBC's film as I do of the SETI movement in general, see background links below. I must ask the same question that I asked over the Calvine photo, see:; why now? More and more studios, publishers and TV networks are releasing fictional accounts of extraterrestrial contact. I don't believe this is a coincidence. Writers, like all artistic people, are very good at picking up the morphic; subconscious inklings of what is actually going on, sometimes invisibly, behind the scenes or waiting ahead in the future. I hope this question will be answered soon.
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