Wednesday 31 January 2024

Happy Brexit Day 2024!

Today is the fourth anniversary of Brexit. I'd like to wish all readers a very happy Brexit Day and I encourage you to celebrate it as merrily as you can. At 11 PM on the 31st of January 2020, Britain left the European Union. I was there in London to witness it; see background link below. After that, the deal negotiations began and were completed within the original eleven month schedule, despite the Covid 19 lockdown and calls from Remoaners to extend the period. Four years is enough time to make the Remoaners' wailing portents of doom in the streets sound totally vapid. As our fourth year as an independent nation dawns I feel we have moved into a new period where globalists are changing strategy. The mainstream politicians are trying to find ways of undoing Brexit covertly instead of simply "rejoining the EU!"; although there are still a few marginal voices singing that old tune. You'll hear terms like: "a closer relationship" and "healthy trade negotiations". Northern Ireland continues to be exploited as a spanner in the works, but this is looking less and less tenable as the more junior statesmen are tiring of it and public opinion is becoming increasingly exasperated. There is now a new deal to give Northern Ireland's own government its authority back, see: However, we are not out of the woods by far. As I specifically predicted years ago, there will be further attempts to get the continent "united" again. 2024 will be a year of elections. Rishi Sunak will be trying to get re-elected... did I say re-elected? He has never faced the vote; he was dropped into Number 10 after Liz Truss quit. It is now just so obvious that he is obeying a higher authority; if he wasn't he wouldn't be doing exactly the opposite in every way of what his former supporters want. We will probably end this year with a Labour government, which will be about one percent worse than another Tory government. The good news is that by November President Trump will hopefully be returned to the White House. The establishment is making a feverish effort to stop him, but this will not work because it is too overt, see: A second Trump presidency will send shockwaves across the Atlantic that will affect Britain. I feel hopeful about the coming twelve months. This new total absence of stealth is a symptom that should not be ignored or understated. The Illuminati has changed. Things have not been going their way now for almost a decade; and there are no signs at all or reasons to think this situation is going to improve for them.
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Tuesday 30 January 2024

Amelia Earhart Plane Found?

There has been a breakthrough in the search for a missing aircraft, the MH370 of past generations. Amelia Earhart was one of the most famous aviators on earth. "Aviator" is a word we hardly use in the modern world where the average person has probably flown long distances many times for weekends in the sun. It's hard to imagine era when such activities were as groundbreaking as space exploration; but it wasn't that long ago in historical terms, barely a century. Amelia Earhart was a pioneer of both aviation records and of popularizing routine air transport. In May of 1932 she crossed the Atlantic Ocean solo, just five years after Lindbergh; but that was just the first of her dreams. In 1937 she departed for a flight around the entire world with her co-pilot and navigator Frederick Noonan. Although aviators had achieved circumnavigations before, this mission was going to be more ambitious, being longer and with a female pilot for the first time. Earhart had a very feminist attitude to her trade and was proud of being not only the first person, but first "Woman!" to achieve many of her goals. What's more, their aircraft, a converted airliner, contained scientific instruments for gathering information about the earth's upper atmosphere. Earhart and Noonan took off from Oakland, California USA on May the 25th and headed eastwards. They stopped in various places to refuel and rest; Florida, South America, central Africa, India, Indonesia and Australia. Eventually, with their journey almost complete, they headed out across the Pacific from Lae, New Guinea, taking off at 10 AM on July the 29th. They planned to land at Howland Island in the middle of the ocean. In those days there was no air traffic control or GPS and radar was experimental technology. The only way anybody knew where the plane was came from radio communications between the ground and Earhart and Noonan, and they had to work out their position themselves by dead reckoning with a map and compass, a sextant/chronometer and radio direction finder. On their journey they got lost. The aviators sent some calm but frightened transmissions to the island explaining their predicament and adding several times "we're running low on gas." The US Navy and Coastguard searched the area where they thought the plane might be, but no trace of it was ever found, until very recently. Two years after she disappeared, a coroner declared Amelia Earhart to be dead.
There have been no end of theories and recovery quests over the eighty-seven years since Amelia Earhart vanished and none have solved the mystery, until maybe now. Deep Sea Vision is an organization similar to Ocean Infinity, the company that helped in the underwater search for MH370. They have been scanning the seabed using sonar and an ROV, a submarine drone, and have discovered something unusual. Lying on the ocean floor, over 16,000 feet deep, is an object that resembles an aeroplane, and it is the right shape to be a Lockheed Electra 10, the aircraft Earhart and Fred Noonan were in. It lies about a hundred miles away from Howland Island. The fact that the airframe is intact leads us to postulate that as her plane ran out of fuel, Earhart carried out a controlled belly landing in the sea. The plane then sank before she and Noonan could escape from it in the life raft. Or they did escape and the raft sank too before the search parties could find it. There's no way to be sure one way or the other until the discovery is either confirmed or debunked. The team plan to return to the site with more sophisticated deep-sea search equipment as soon as possible. Source: If it turns out to be the real thing, will it be possible to raise the wreck from that depth? I don't know; but, then again, should we? This debate began after Titanic sank? It is a missing aircraft, the source of much conjecture and a very interesting historical artefact, but it is also a grave. Maybe it is better just to leave it in peace and make it a memorial to a brave, ambitious and dedicated lady... not to mention her white male co-pilot of course.
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Monday 29 January 2024

RDH in Court- Day One

Richard D Hall has appeared in court and I went along to support him and report on proceedings. The case was held at one of the highest courts in the land, the Royal Courts of Justice in London. I got there early to maximize my chances of getting a seat in the public gallery. I was also worried that Marianna Trench would bring in a school of her deep-sea bottom feeders from the BBC to hog them all; as it turned out, she never even showed up. As it was, so many people were there, all on Richard's side, that some couldn't get a seat. My good friend and comrade Dr Nick Kollerstrom was there, and I should have guessed he would be; he is an ace at analyzing legal dramas, for example see: The Royal Courts of Justice was built in the 1870's and is a grand and striking building; but, I think, ugly and intimidating. It has a very bad energy. It reminds me of Dracula's castle or Barad-dûr. The courtroom itself was quite small and the public gallery was mixed in with the counsel benches. The security at the main entrance was similar to that at an airport. I had to empty my pockets and step through a metal detector. All potential weapons cannot be taken into the courts... including sharpened spikes no doubt! Richard turned up dressed in a dapper grey suit with waistcoat, the first time I haven't seen him wearing brown or black. I wasn't sure how he would react to my presence because, as you know, he and I have had our differences; but he greeted me warmly and thanked me for coming. He had no barrister with him and was defending himself, typical of his style. His counsel was a McKenzie Friend who is a retired solicitor.
The hearing only lasted about an hour and three quarters and was actually quite simple. I didn't take down any written notes because I wasn't sure how it would look to do so, but I didn't need to really. This was not Richard's trial, just a preliminary hearing establishing the rules of the future full trial, but it is vitally important as I explain here: The claimants' barrister began by explaining why he thinks all Richard's evidence should be struck from the record. This was, he said, because all the facts of the Manchester Arena attack have been established by other proceedings such as the Manchester Arena Inquiry. He also provided some reports from Martin and Eve Hibbert's doctors. The facts don't need to be disputed because the facts are legally agreed upon already; that was the purpose of the Inquiry. Richard countered by saying that the facts were not all agreed upon, in fact a significant proportion of the population are "conspiracy theorists" who share his views on many subjects. The Inquiry was not a proper legal ruling anyway. He then provided a "skeleton" of his own research. The judge had been given a "bundle" of more that he could study outside the court. Viewers of Richplanet TV will be familiar with this information, for example see: Martin Hibbert sat at a bench on the back row; a space had been cleared for his wheelchair. In front of him were two of the claimants' counsel's solicitors and the barrister himself occupied a solo seat on the front row next to Richard and his counsel. I gather there is a reason for this formation because the barrister insisted upon it. Mr Hibbert himself remained silent throughout; in fact no witnesses were called at this hearing. His daughter Eve was not present. Richard spoke with authority and drive; he explained how his evidence has every bit of legal validity and should be presented at the trial. He comprehensively discredited the claimants' counsel's case. None of his defiance has slipped an inch. There's no doubt he won the performance competition. The judge did not announce a ruling and said he would have to consider for a while. Hopefully Richard should receive a verdict in two weeks or less. What will that ruling be? Well, obviously I hope it will be in favour of Richard and in any fair judiciary it would be; however, we all know other forces are at work in the establishment. If the judge rules in favour of the claimants then we can safely say there is no doubt at all that the forces of darkness have marked this proceeding and they are trying to rig the process beforehand so that Richard cannot win. Anyone can beat the world's best athletes in a marathon if you make referee break the legs of all the other competitors. Nevertheless, we should hope for the best. See here for a HPANWO Radio interview with Nick Kollerstrom about this subject:
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Sunday 28 January 2024

New Banknotes

The Bank of England has released a new set of banknotes. They look exactly the same as the current ones except they have on them the face of a certain ugly big eared Annunaki overlord you might recognize. The new notes will enter circulation in a few months. The worrying aspect is that the Bank has taken the opportunity of needing to add King Charles III to introduce its new "digital pound". This is all going on at something called "The Future of Money Exhibition" which begins next month and asks questions such as: how will banking effect the environment?... beats me! Should we use low-carbon 50p pieces? The article also gloats about how cash payments have been reduced because of the Covid 19 pandemic, which was one of the objectives of that pandemic of course. However they still believe that "cash is extremely important". Really? They continue: "In 2022, 1.1 million people in the UK did not hold a bank account and depended fully on cash." Source: That's good news if it's true, but how did they work out that figure? We cashies are by nature untraceable and cannot be counted. Incidentally, you don't need to have no bank account to be financially off grid; simply withdraw your cash and spend it directly as much as possible. The desire for cash, measured from after the pandemic, has increased, not decreased; and that is down to customer pressure, see:
I had a very happy experience today. I went shopping at the grocers I mentioned in this article: Only one of the three human cash tills was open and it was manned by a cheerful middle-aged Spanish gentleman who always seems to be there when I visit. He talks to the customers and knows some of us by name. The queue for this checkout stretched right up one of the aisles; there were honestly about a dozen people ahead of me and it took almost half an hour to get served; but I didn't mind, in fact I was overjoyed. When it was my turn I quipped: "Look, all these people are queuing up just to see you! You're better than any auto-checkout soulless machine." As I left with my shopping I saw that the queue had got even longer; it had literally almost reached the bakers shelf on the far side of the floor. Only then did I see a second cashier reluctantly plod along to open a second till. I wouldn't be surprised if Tesco have a policy to make shopping as difficult as possible for cashies. They're trying to "encourage" us to use the auto-checkouts. Well, it didn't work! They were forced by the wishes of their customers to have two human cash tills open today. Humanity 5- Insanity 0.
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Friday 26 January 2024

Ben Emlyn-Jones on Paranormal or What?

I have been featured on the Paranormal or What? podcast, see:
Subjects discussed include: Why does the government not want Disclosure?, missing time, ghosts have memory and much much more.

Tuesday 23 January 2024

Berwyn 50

Today is the fiftieth anniversary of the Berwyn Mountains UFO incident. On January the 23rd 1974 a valley in northeast Wales was shaken by an explosion and a strange glowing object was seen on the ground high up in the Berwyn Mountains. There are many articles, books and documentaries about this event. By far the best documentary is The Berwyn UFO Cover-up Exposed by Richard D Hall, see: Some others are not so good. This one is nicknamed "the Andy Roberts Show" for obvious reasons, see: I review Andy's book here:
Colin Woolford and I visited the location ten years ago to join other UFOlogists in marking the fortieth anniversary, see:
Here is my HPANWO Radio interview with the incident's principle researcher, Scott Felton, see:
As always when these anniversaries come up, the questions are always raised: why have we had to wait so long? Will we ever learn the truth? I don't know; but one thing is certain, if we don't mark these occasions and allow mysterious events and their cover-ups to fade into the past, to be forgotten, we will never find out the truth.

Sunday 21 January 2024

New Varginha Alien Video

A new video has just emerged purporting to show the dead body of one of the Varginha aliens. It dropped on Saturday the 20th, twenty-eight years ago to the day that strange beings were seen wandering the streets of Varginha, a small city in inland Brazil. The beings were allegedly captured by the local police and transferred to the United States; local people were warned to keep quiet about it. It is known as "the Brazilian Roswell" because it shares many features with the Roswell incident. The footage was announced with a lot of suspense beginning with hints and clues and eventually a single still, shown above; and then the video itself. The title and description box text are all in Portuguese and they mean: "Film of the Varginha Being. The filming allegedly took place in 1996 in the city of Elói Mendes in Minas Gerais. It was shown to me on 01/19/2024 by a person who would like to obtain financial benefits for the same. On 01/20/2024 I received a copy which I am making public due to the high probability of fake, after my own analysis as well as that of other experts from Brazil and abroad. The search continues. Support the channel by becoming a member using the link below and get access to the content in advance!" Elói Mendes is a small town a couple of miles from Varginha. The video is seven minutes twenty-eight seconds long and has no audio; probably this was removed. The clip is of a forested area and the camera is being held by somebody walking. The cinematographer stops to film a large beetle crawling on the ground; they then point at a small stream. They walk on up a path until they come across another stream and beside it is a humanoid creature resembling the witnesses' description of the aliens encountered in Varginha. The camera then wheels around chaotically as the person flees. The footage then cuts to a second shot where the person shows their hand, as if they've been injured in some way or want to show the audience that they're trembling. They're probably talking, but it's impossible to tell without a soundtrack. They return to where the ET is lying and continue filming it, this time from a greater distance. They move several times as if looking for a vantage point that is safe, but gives a good view. They then film their hand again. The scene then cuts to static and the footage ends. The style reminds me a bit of Dr Jonathan Reed's video, see: The medium looks like videotape and it appears to be degraded. The resolution is low and it is continuously covered with interference patterns. Source: Most people think this is fake; a view shared by the publisher, Rony Vernet. Several people have noticed that the video artefacts repeat, as if they're on a loop that's been overlaid onto the footage; which would be very suspicious. It's what you would do if you filmed something on a modern digital camera and wanted to make it look like 1990's VHS. The creature itself has the aesthetic of a model; it looks very plastic to me, although that is not proof. Time and further investigation will tell us more hopefully, in which case I'll post an update. At the same time, the original report has been translated into English, see:
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Saturday 20 January 2024

Ben Emlyn-Jones on the Paranormal Peep Show 20

I have been on the Paranormal Peep Show again. This programme was recorded on New Year's Day and discuses mysteries in lighthouses, the latest NDE research, the Bibby Stockholm barge and much more.
See here for the audio version:
And here for the video:
See here for my previous appearance on the Paranormal Peep Show:

Thursday 18 January 2024

Fake Stats

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It seems the story of my rather suspicious relationship with Blogger continues. I should have predicted this actually. Within the last year or so, in fact about from the same time I had the issues I describe in the background articles above, I noticed something strange about my statistics. Blogger provides a detailed profile about how many people are visiting your pages, who they are and where they come from. I found that my viewing figures would begin gathering as soon as I made a new post on the HPANWO Blogger pages. The stats rise to about twenty or thirty hits and then they stabilize instantly. They still go up afterwards, but very slowly, only about one or two per day. I've also noticed that I am getting more comments than one would expect for those reading stats. This is still going on today. I know what my detractors will say, that this happens because there are only twenty to thirty readers who have any interest in me and I can't attract any more than that because nobody finds what I have to say interesting. They always visit the pages because they follow me on social media and follow the links when I share them. I decided to test this by writing a post and not sharing it at all. The result was that this post received less attention, but only by a small proportion; it got about ten percent fewer hits. This doesn't make sense. I should add that not all my articles fit into this pattern; a few will gain an exceptional number, in fact my recent two about the "Miami aliens" have received several hundred each. Despite this, I don't think my Blogger stats are an accurate record of my readership. This comes on top of the fact that some networks have listed HPANWO as "inappropriate", and that I have been shackled on YouTube and Facebook, see background links below and above. (Strangely enough HPANWO Free on Substack has not yet been banned from Facebook.) Why is it mainstream social media companies are giving some of their users a false assessment of our visibility? Basically, I think it's because they want us to give up. They want us to say: "What's the point of me writing these articles when no bugger reads them!?" Well, bad news, guys; I will never give up! I've seen through you!
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Tuesday 16 January 2024


The strangest job vacancy I have ever seen was published on Sunday. The United Kingdom Independence Party has made an announcement; it was done with a lot of drama and a few teasers beforehand. The chairman, Ben Walker, told Mark Dolan (no relation to Richard) on GB News that the party is going to have a leadership contest and he has invited the general public to take part. According to their constitution, any UKIP member can nominate themselves to become leader if they are "in good standing" via a simple poll of the members; but it is normal to advertize this only within the party. Generally only people who have been in the party for at least three years are considered viable. Now Mr Walker is inviting anybody to join the party and run for leader. Source: The only reason I can think he is doing this is because he hopes Nigel Farage will come back, or maybe Boris Johnson will join... God help them! The current leader is Neil Hamilton, a former Tory who used to be a rather infamous reality TV star, along with his wife Christine. He has announced his resignation.
There will almost certainly be a general election next year, even though technically we could have one as late as January 2025. It will probably be sometime in the autumn. Opinion polls unanimously predict a landslide Labour victory, but this will not be caused by a swing of passionate public support for Keir Starmer's vision for Britain, it will be as a result of apathy and indifference by many of the white working class electorate who voted Conservative last time. I predict the turnout will be the lowest in electoral history. I consider myself typical of this phenomenon. I was captivated by Boris Johnson and his promise to "get Brexit done!" which he did; but straight afterwards Bill Gates whispered sweet nothings into his ear and he sunk seamlessly back into the establishment. I saw Dr Jordan Peterson call a Labour government in the UK "catastrophic"; he's right, but a Sunak victory would only be about one percent better. So, please spare me the "we must vote Tory just to keep Labour out!" line. I'm afraid it's neither here nor there. It's back to the bad old days of politics, for now. Source: I shall abstain, or maybe back a small party or an independent candidate if any decent ones stand in my constituency. Some pundits are concerned by the same thing I was in the last election, that the populist rightwing parties might split the vote and allow Labour to burst up through the middle. In 2019 I was very frightened by this; in 2024 I don't give a damn. The pundits have suggested that the radical right should stand down in order to avoid a Labour victory this year. Richard Littlejohn is not somebody I think I've ever really agreed with before, but he has written a brilliant article that implores: "Here's an idea... maybe the Tories should stand down". Yes, why should everybody else bow out to give the Tories and open pitch to fight this election, the same Tories who have utterly turned coat on everything they promised and done everything they can to join the Blairite centrist Davos norm? Let them do the walk of shame to the subs bench for a change! It's what they deserve. Source: Don't expect my coverage of the election this year to be as detailed as the last one. This is simply because it is going to be a lot more boring. Now, I know what everybody is asking: Am I going to join UKIP and run for leader? No, I have way too much baggage ever to enjoy a career in mainstream politics. I make Carl Benjamin look like John Major... I wouldn't even vote for you, Ben.
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Monday 15 January 2024

New Footage of Miami Aliens

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Some more footage has appeared on TikTok. It has gone so viral that I have not been able to track down the original. It is presented by a young woman with strangely shaped glasses who goes by various names and who covers this subject a lot. The best place to watch it is in an analysis video by a YouTuber. The video appears to have been shot from a single camera and is not very good quality. It was probably a badly focused mobile phone. It shows a crowded shopping concourse and there are two major anomalies. The first is what looks like a translucent cloud which appears in the middle of the concourse. This could be a camera artefact or a window reflection, to be honest. The frame then pans right until an oblong object comes into view. This could be a kiosk or a vending machine; or something else, but you can't see it very clearly. There is a sudden bright flash of light and what looks like a cloud of something appears next to the oblong object within a split second. You can also see a black humanoid shape standing next to it, although this is uncertain. It reminds me very much of the "zap" in Ashton Forbes' MH370 clips, see: and: It could also be that a horizontal object or beam of light emerges at about half way up the oblong object and shoots towards the left of the frame, but this could be an effect of the cloud of light. As soon as this happens almost everybody visible in the vicinity flees. Source: I think it is very similar to the ball of light footage I discussed previously; it might even be possible to match the two. Unfortunately nothing in the image can be confirmed. It might be fake or it might be from a separate incident. This case has become so popular that many hoaxes associated with it have become self-sustaining; as so often happens in these 2020's social media sensations. If more information comes to light I will report on it. There is a theory that the grid coordinates of the location have others related to Antarctica encoded into it and that the aliens somehow "made a mistake". This is very speculative, but it just goes to show how intense interest in this phenomenon is. The obvious next step is to visit the Bayside Marketplace and snoop around. It is too far away for me to do that myself, but luckily there is somebody who lives close by who has gone there to be our eyes and ears on the ground, see:
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Sunday 14 January 2024

Substack Exclusive Notice 14/1/24

I have published an article on the HPANWO Free Substack blog that will not be posted to Blogger, see:

Saturday 13 January 2024

New UAP Briefing

See here for essential background:
Yesterday the Intelligence Community Inspector General gave another briefing to selected member of the US Congress. I made a few jokes beforehand, like posting a meme of a man with his ear pressed to a glass against a wall and the words: "Me outside the UAP briefing". I wasn't serious of course; nobody can eavesdrop on a sensitive compartmented information facility. A SCIF is not just a room with a locked door; it has two locked doors and a wall with lead sheets in it to prevent electronic interference, and vibration dampers so sound cannot carry beyond it. It never has any windows. It is a chamber specially designed to resist any attempt at espionage. It can be installed inside a building or a vehicle like a ship or aircraft. Some are portable and look like big caravans. Despite my humourous attitude, my hopes were not high following the debacles in October and November, however when Jared Moskowitz emerged from the SCIF yesterday there was a spring in his step. He obviously could not reveal the details of what he was told, but he did say progress had been made; it "moved the needle", source: Rep. Burchett is also more optimistic; he gave it four out of ten. He also believes there will be more public hearings soon. There is also a new system for civilian pilots to report sightings that is similar to what the military now has, source: Ross Coulthart confirms that the meeting revealed that what David Grusch said holds merit. Thomas Monheim, the ICIG, showed genuine concern that criminal acts might have been committed to keep UAP's a secret, source: Jeremy Corbell has released a new video and, not wanting to play skeptic's advocate, I'm afraid it does look to me like a bunch of balloons, source: Rep Robert Garcia heard "interesting information" and that everybody there heard new information, source: I don't know how this is now going to develop, but it is clearly something positive whereas most of the news towards the end of last year was very discouraging. 2024 is less than two weeks old, but has already got off to a roaring start, see: Hopefully this is the pace that will be set for the next twelve months.
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Friday 12 January 2024

Northern Sea Route

The economic forecast for Russia and its allies is looking rosier every day. The Biden administration's sanctions against Russia that were mirrored by the Western bloc have achieved nothing except weaken the United States and Europe and make life for difficult for ordinary people with boosts to heating bills etc. A major part of this boom is the development of the Northern Sea Route. This involves sailing the coastal seas of the Arctic Ocean north of Siberia between the Far East and Europe. It is analogous to the Northwest Passage through the islands of Canada. Climate change has caused the Arctic ice cap to thin and shrink in recent decades. This means that during the summer months large areas of the northern seas are navigable, with the help of icebreakers. Russia has been on an icebreaker building spree; many being nuclear powered and therefore able to deploy autonomously for long continuous periods. Russia can now easily exchange goods with its fellow BRICS nations. The Northern Sea Route is considerably shorter than the conventional lanes which link East and West through the Indian Ocean, Suez Canal and Mediterranean. It is also free of piracy, and the political and social obstacles which have recently seen missile attacks on ships in the Red Sea. Not to mention unexpected shipwrecks in the canal itself, see: The Suez Canal also charges an expensive toll and sometimes queues of ships form at the entrances on both sides. This has caused some lines to skip Suez altogether and sail around the entire continent of Africa which makes their voyage even longer. Source: The Northern Sea Route is a wonderful development for the coalition of nations currently standing up to the globalists.
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Thursday 11 January 2024

Substack Exclusive Notice 11/1/24

I have published an article on the HPANWO Free Substack blog that will not be posted to Blogger, see:

Wednesday 10 January 2024

I've Been Zucked, Part 3

Facebook has upped its game. As I explain in the background posts below, they have banned all my HPANWO pages except the HPWA and Ben's Bookcase (I don't know why they have passed those two over). When I set up HPANWO Extra everything was fine after that until a few weeks ago. Then, when I tried to post a link to a HPANWO Extra relay on FB it was refused. Red text popped up stating that the page contained "spamming and deceptive practices", the same excuse they use for my primary HPANWO links. It turns out that the Meta bots have become more sophisticated and can now check more than just a URL in the post; they also can go to the prospective link and scan the actual page for verboten material. This means they can see the Extra page and see the HPANWO link in it and ban the post as a result, before you even post it. This displays a huge advance in sophistication. I'm sure this is not personal against me; it could be because I'm not the only one using the HPANWO Extra trick and FB are now trying to tackle it. I then went on to have a similar rejection for a HPANWO TV YouTube player page. Why? Because the description box included HPANWO page links... Fiendish! However, I've found a way around it. I've been posting the HPANWO Extra links without the banned URL's and then adding them straight after. Once FB accepts a post for publication you can edit anything into the links and the algorithms can't spot it. I'm finding this petty resistance from social media more and more irksome. I've discovered recently that Blogger have subjected me to the same shadowbanning as YouTube. I know because my stats don't make sense; I'll go into details in a future article. There is a major arms race going on between freedom loving human brains and censoring AI's programmed by intellectual dictators. It could be that Facebook will now work to find a way round my latest trick, in which case I will have to do the same. Whatever, for now I have decisively outwitted this latest attempt to silence me on the world's biggest social media space. Your move, Zuckerberg!...
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Tuesday 9 January 2024

Ben Emlyn-Jones on Fockham Hall Radio 8

See here for the programme:
I have been featured again on Fockham Hall Radio. Subjects discussed include: Jeffrey Epstein's list, media distraction techniques, the hidden war crimes of history and much much more.
See here for my previous interview on FHR:

Sunday 7 January 2024

UFO Truth Magazine- Issue 64

UFO Truth Magazine Issue 64 is now available. It can be purchased on this page as a single copy, but please subscribe and save money if you want to read it regularly, see:
Issue 64 includes an article in my column entitled Interstellar by Avi Loeb- a Review.
Also you will find in Issue 64: Congress backlash against Schumer, Admiral goes public, "mince pie" aliens and much much more.
Also in this HPANWO Show programme I interview the UFO Truth Magazine's editor Gary Heseltine:
See here for details on UFO Truth Magazine Issue 63:

Saturday 6 January 2024

Have Aliens Invaded Miami?

On New Year's Day evening reports of a disturbance broke out from the Bayside Marketplace, an outdoor shopping centre in Miami, Florida USA. At 10.30 PM over sixty police cars and a helicopter attended the scene; reporters followed closely behind. Obviously a major riot was in progress. It was apparently caused by a gang of "juveniles" wielding "sticks". A few of them launched fireworks. A number of businesses had to close temporarily as the police dealt with the problem. The aerial photograph above shows the patrol cars all parked up near the scene. The youngsters fled when the police arrived and the Miami PD has not reported making any arrests. One person was injured, but it's not been confirmed whether they needed hospital treatment. Immediately afterwards there was a power outage in the district, but it's unclear if this was connected to the earlier event. You'd think this incident would be closed; but no, that was not the end of the matter. Posts started appearing on social media by people who said they had been present and they claimed that the trouble had been caused by entities appearing in the concourse that were described as "aliens" or "shadow beings". No UFO's were seen in the sky so it was assumed that the beings had just materialized. The story went viral and a whole series of commentaries, spoofs and memes burst out as people latched onto it as a form of amusement in a typically 2020's manner. The posts vary in levels of seriousness, from this: to this: In terms of actual evidence, there is almost nothing. The clip in the second link shows a tall upright fuzzy figure that appears to be walking on the pavement outside the location. There are a few people nearby who do not flee or react to the apparition. The video quality is not good enough to see for sure what that entity actually is. It could simply be a tall person walking along. The aircraft taking the footage is very high up and there appears to be smoke or fog in the air, possibly from the fireworks. It is surprising that the news has dried up about such a major incident though, if it was just a riot. Where is the CCTV? It seems the mall had returned to normal the following day. This would probably not happen if a real extraterrestrial stargate had opened up beside the checkout in the pound shop. There's also no evidence of any government mobilization beyond the local police department. Why were the FBI and military not alerted? Source: Strangely there were a lot of flight cancellations at the local airport, see:
The allegation circulating is that aliens appeared in the shopping centre and the reports of disorderly youths are a cover story. Is that ridiculous? Theoretically, no. That kind of thing has been done before, for example: and:; so right now I will not rule it out. However, in my view it is unlikely, despite the discrepancies in the official story. An alternative also doesn't make sense. Paul Joseph Watson takes a very dim view of the whole issue, see: Several people have also pointed out that this scandal has broken in the middle of the Jeffrey Epstein list being revealed, see:, and that the aliens are just put out there to confuse and divert the attention of alternative thinkers from that other very real issue. A friend of mine actually predicted that. I've even seen a witty "distracted boyfriend" meme with the girlfriend as Epstein and the distraction as an alien. This concept is par-for-the-course in the backslapper community. Whenever you focus on Subject A, you can be sure somebody will come up to you and say: "Don't look at Subject A, it's a distraction from Subject B!" So you move on to Subject B and somebody else says: "Don't look at Subject B! It's put out there to stop you looking at Subject C!" So you say: "Okay, I'll look at Subject C then."... "NO!" yells another person. "Can't you see Subject C is disinformation to cover up Subject A!?"... You can't win! Anyway, I dispute the theory logically in this case for several reasons. Firstly, aliens are a factually real phenomenon and it could be a genuine ET incident has coincidentally arisen at the same time as the Epstein list. Secondly, it is not distracting Truthers at all. It has not worked with me; see the link above for my own coverage. I can see the same non-reaction among my peers. Distraction methods only work well against normies and the government psychologists don't usually generate fake aliens on their behalf; they get much better results from far more mundane stimuli, as I have explained before, see: Celebrity gossip or a soap opera bombshell is their usual modus operandi. So we'll see what happens next. I suspect this event will drop off over the current news cycle horizon with everything else, but you never know.

Friday 5 January 2024

Second Epstein File

See here for essential background:
Another nineteen files of court documents have dropped, 328 pages in all. The include actors, actresses, prime ministers, businessmen, US politicians, musicians and fashion models. Like I said, not all of them will be involved in the nasty stuff, but Virginia Roberts-Giuffre has accused a number of them directly and has been fighting this lawsuit since 2015. This story is taking the world by storm; bookmakers are even taking bets on who you think will be next mentioned on the famous list, see: I'm delighted; it's about time too. There are many forms of disclosure along with Disclosure and this is one of the most essential. This was bound to happen and it should have happened years ago. After all, Ghislaine Maxwell is in prison for human trafficking, trafficking whom? Presumably if you get put in jail for robbing a bank, surely the money your stole has to be mentioned in court at some point; but the equivalent injured party did not come up at her trial. One name on this list that surprised me was Stephen Hawking... I'm sure everybody can think of lots of jokes there! However, Hawking also might not be guilty. His presence could have been connected to another interesting fact that I didn't previously know. Epstein had many friends who were scientists. This was brought to our attention by Jeremy Rys, "Alien Scientist". Along with Hawking, Epstein spent a lot of time with Lawrence Krauss, Kip Thorne and Alan Guth whose work lies also in the realm of theoretical physics. Jeremy thinks this is something to do with antigravity technology, which it might be. Source:
There is of course a damage control operation underway on social media. If you say "Bill Clinton" and "paedophile" in the same sentence Facebook will delete the post. (We'll see if Blogger does; if so I'll republish this article on HPANWO Free. My original Jeffrey Epstein mini-portal has been deleted.) The Metropolitan Police have repeated their previous statement that they have NFA'd Prince Andrew. I won't go on a police rant here because this article will be pages long, see:! The problem is, what will VRG do next? This is, after all a civil lawsuit and she, the plaintiff, has the final word on what happens. However, previously she dropped her pursuit of Andrew the moment she got more money out of him. That was a huge disappointment, see: I don't want to see VRG take another stroll to the bank; I want to see real justice done and an end to this evil institution built on endemic child abuse. Doesn't she realize that far more is at stake than just her? This could be the start of something much greater.
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Thursday 4 January 2024

Trump Was Not on Epstein's Island

The moment everybody has been waiting for has come to pass. Yesterday a judge broke the seal on a document naming numerous people who were connected to Jeffrey Epstein. Virginia Roberts-Guiffre is suing Ghislaine Maxwell. The 900 pages have been made public. There are about 150 named individuals in the documents, referred officially as "John Doe" and "Jane Roe" followed by a number. These are placeholder names when it is not legally possible to submit a full name; yet they have still been identified. Contrary to his enemies' expectations and assertions, President Trump is not one of those who is likely to be moved on to the next stage of criminal accusations. He is only mentioned four times in the 900 pages and this seems to be irrelevant to the case. In fact at one point one of the plaintiff's, a Ms Sjoberg, specifically states he did not abuse her. He has flown on Epstein's airline twice, but this was only him getting a lift off Epstein from Florida to New York in the same way poorer people do with their cars. He did not fly on the "Lolita Express". Source: Some other names are all those you've probably been expecting, Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew etc. Some of the names were a surprise to me; for example, David Copperfield and Michael Jackson. Possibly they were hired just for the entertainment, in the same way poorer people might hire a local singer or conjurer for a birthday party. Just because somebody is named on the list does not automatically means they are guilty. Other evidence has to be brought to bear. However, the number of times and in the particular context some individuals keep popping up should be an indicator. We will see how the rest of this case proceeds, but we can be pretty sure Donald Trump will face no further action.
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Tuesday 2 January 2024

No Easy Day

No Easy Day is subtitled: The Firsthand Account of the Mission that Killed Osama bin Laden and has become one of the most controversial books of the last few years... but not as controversial as it should be. It is the autobiography of an anonymous former US special forces soldier who wrote under the nom-de-plume "Mark Owen". (His real identity has been exposed, but I will not add to that here; the man has family.) It has been written with the full approval of government legal experts who checked it for classified information, although Owen does not mention submitting it to DOPSR, the outfit David Grusch used, see: The first half of the book covers the author's early life in Alaska, growing up in the great outdoors and going on adventures with his father. He joined the US Navy when he left university with an ambition to become an "operator" in the special forces group the "Navy SEAL's". He eventually qualified for "SEAL Team 6", "Green Team", or to give it its official name: Naval Special Warfare Development Group. He then takes part in a number of missions, mostly in the Middle East; and this includes a lot of technical details. He describes the culture and community of the special forces world in detail and I was surprised how much it gelled with my own experience of hospital portering, despite the vast differences in our mutual professions' role and social standing. Perhaps this is because both are exclusively male dominions, a rare thing these days. It's what's called in the patronizing language of the feminists, "male bonding" or "bromance". (That being said, HP's are not 100% men; about 5% are women.) Another experience I sympathized with was his team's frustration with enduring interference from ignorant but influential bureaucrats; this is obviously something universal in government service, see here for more details:
The second half of the book covers Operation Neptune Spear, SEAL Team 6's assignment in 2011 to raid the alleged secret base of Osama bin Laden. The CIA had been tracking him for over fifteen years and because they put a trace on various people known to be working within his network, they found out where he was hiding. It was not in some nomadic community in the forest or in a deep cave in high mountains. He was holed up in a compound in a well-to-do district of Abbottabad, a city in Pakistan. As I explain in the background links, the CIA were not necessary to draw attention to the house. It was already a notorious source of gossip in the neighbourhood. Children were careful not to play near it because if they lost a ball over the wall they would never get it back. The dustmen never collected from it and drone footage showed the residents burning all their rubbish. Bin Laden himself used to walk in circles around the garden for hours, earning him the nickname "the pacer." On Mayday, Seal Team 6 struck. They flew towards the compound in two helicopters codenamed "Chalk 1" and "Chalk 2". These were backed up by a pair of Chinooks acting as a tanker and potential reinforcements. The operation started badly with Chalk 1 losing control and crashing in the garden. Luckily nobody was hurt. The pilots destroyed the aircraft to prevent it falling into the enemy's hands. Chalk 2 was originally planned to land on the roof, but they chose not to take the same risk and landed outside. The SEAL's had to break in using explosives to smash the doors. A third group stayed outside to keep away local sightseers. They were helped by a combat dog. The team then ran through the house checking every room and either arresting or shooting everybody they saw. Three people were killed by the team, but they only received minor injuries in return at worst. Bin Laden himself was shot by an unidentified member of the team on the top floor. On page 214 Owen describes how it was his job to take photographs and DNA specimens of the body to identify it. He describes his nervousness in case he made a mistake because these photographs "could end up being widely viewed."... err, no. The SEAL's then carry the body back to the helicopters and have to escape in a hurry because the Americans did not consult with the Pakistani authorities over this mission and they might be mistaken for Indian infiltrators and attacked. As it was, some fighter jets were scrambled, but luckily the choppers escaped. One of them almost ran out of fuel, but they all got back to base in Afghanistan safely. What followed reads like a scene from a bad movie. When the helicopters land, some Army Ranger medics come forward to take the body away, but the SEAL's refuse and choose to carry the body bag themselves into a nearby hangar. Everybody now comes to view the body and a young female CIA agent weeps. Owen discovers that he was almost killed by a piece of shrapnel hitting his neck, but the handle of his bolt cutters took the impact; Sylvester Stallone couldn't have been any luckier! On page 305 the author casually states: "As soon as he was finished (an FBI forensic officer taking more specimens from bin Laden's corpse), the Rangers escorted the body to the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson for burial." This is a crucial part of the story because it directly contradicts what was reported, as I pointed out at the time, see background links. According to the later official story and No Easy Day, Osama bin Laden was buried at sea with the help of one of the crewmembers who was an ordained imam. This was just hours after the DNA and photographic evidence had been gathered. It had not been analyzed properly and a no coroner's report was released. Despite this, it appears that the decision to dispose of the body secretly had already been made. I was on nightshift when President Obama announced that bin Laden had been killed. I rushed home as soon as I was off duty and switched on the TV. I watched a BBC News interview with an anti-terrorism expert from the US embassy in London who said that the earthly remains of Osama bin Laden would definitely be taken to the United States where they would be displayed at a selected press conference. The Al-Qaeda leader had been shot in the head and had lost part of his skull, but his face was still recognizable. Cosmetic photographs of it would have been put in the public media. After about a week, the body would be repatriated and given to the bin Laden family for burial. None of this ever happened; and I cannot find the recording of that BBC interview in any archive. As for the photo of bin Laden dead; it has never been published. There is a very gruesome fake doing the rounds, but this was adapted from a computer game still. The rest of the book is a kind of "home for tea and medals" session. The team meets the president. I found it amusing that Mark Owen thought Joe Biden, Obama's Vice at the time, was like a "drunk uncle"; his intoxication has got worse since. Owen says that one of his motives for writing the book was that all other reports are wrong and he wanted to set the record straight. He has fallen out with a lot of the rest of the special forces community as a result, but the media are very much on his side. He also pledges to donate most of his royalties to service charities. Here he is on 60 minutes: However, behind this tale of contention and noble duty certain disturbing questions raise their ugly heads. Why should we believe this story of Osama bin Laden's death if, as both the author and myself have observed, all the other reports are wrong? If bin Laden did die of kidney failure in 2002, as an Egyptian newspaper observed; or at the hands of a British agent, as Benazir Bhutto told David Frost; why has it been necessary to mythologize his death now? To get Obama re-elected? The SEAL's in the book wryly voice their suspicions about their commander-in-chief's motives along those lines. Why have members of SEAL Team 6 been so accident prone as of late? Coincidence? A curse? Despite all its modesty, heroism and emotion, No Easy Day reads like a fictional military thriller. Perhaps that's all it is.
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