Monday 31 October 2022

The BBC on RDH

The Deep State conspirators have launched a new tactic for suppressing dissent: outsourced lawfare. Instead of passing legislation or using slippery new courts to ban it directly, they stir up litigious paramilitaries to crush dissidents by ruining their character and livelihood in civil lawsuits. This was something I predicted would happen after the recent Alex Jones case, see: The precedent set by what was done to Alex is now being applied to Richard D Hall. I knew something was wrong a few days ago when somebody asked me if Richard's YouTube channel was down. (I have not been following Richard on most social media lately because I blocked him over a personal dispute, but that's not relevant right now.) I checked and saw that it was true. At first I assumed it was another typical act of censorship by Big Tech; then I wondered if the McCann's had flagged him, or that Richard deleted the channel himself on the advice of his solicitor. Today I found out I was right first time. The BBC have their own "specialist disinformation" correspondent, Marianna Spring, who was educated at Oxford and recruited to produce establishment propaganda; there's no other word for it. She has come to the attention of HPANWO before, see: Whenever you hear the terms disinformation, misinformation or fact checked from the mainstream media you can bet you're dealing with their lies. YouTube yeeted the Richplanet channel after Mzzzzzz Spring "contacted" them. She has written an article about Richard D Hall, see: She also has a series on Radio 4 with the title Disaster Trolls, see:
Effective propaganda does not try to persuade rationally; instead it engenders strong emotions in the minds of its target population. It delivers eloquent rhetoric in place of fake facts. Marianna Spring's article and radio series spends almost all its time addressing the human cost of conspiracy theories with a series of profiles about how a number of people have suffered, the people who claim to be the victims of terrorist attacks or have lost loved ones in those atrocities. The merest suggestion that they are being anything other than one hundred percent honest is described by phrases like: "laughably ridiculous if they weren't so offensive and harmful!" and "Does he know how much pain he is causing the survivors of these attacks!?" Similar cant would have been unthinkable in professional journalism a few decades ago. At no point does Spring attempt to explain neither why RDH's thesis is incorrect nor why the official stories are somehow correct. It's all about drawing the reader or listener's heart, not their head, into the everyday experience of those trying to rebuild their lives after "the worst days of their lives", coping with injuries and grief. Once the reader/listener's sympathy has been sufficiently stoked, along comes the sting; the next part of the story which tells how they were abused online by people allegedly incited by the EEEEEEvil Mr Hall. Richard himself is not accused of abusing anybody personally, the same way Alex Jones wasn't, in fact neither of them have ever suggested anybody should go out and do any such thing; but in today's courts, the actions of other unrelated individuals can be somehow transformed into their culpability which is a worrying legal application. One of the radio episodes is called Sharpening the Spike. This is a strange title. It comes from the time Richard considered planting a hidden camera outside one of the alleged terror victim's homes, on public land, to see if she were telling the truth about her brain damage. This is an extreme and high risk method of investigative journalism, but I think it is legitimate for Richard to use it in this situation. He does not break the law regarding privacy and data protection etc. What's more the mainstream media do things like this all the time, and worse besides. At one point they doorstepped a Scotsman called Colin Robertson, a man who is a recovering psychiatric patient. They even invaded his garden and blackened his name to his neighbours. They then published a front page headline calling him a "vile racist", see: Will Ms Spring denounce the Daily Record in the same way she does Richard D Hall? Will she publish an interview with Robertson weeping and talking about his pain?... I doubt it. "Sharpening the spike" is a deeply potent phrase. It is reminiscent of vampire movies and implies violence. What does it refer to in this context? Why, only the workings of Richard's makeshift camera mount. It is a wooden stick that he thrust it into the ground, so it had to have a sharp end. Why, what else did you think he meant by sharpening the spike? What a crafty, dishonest and manipulative way to warp language that is! Spring also goes to see Richard at his famous market stall. Richard wisely refuses to do an interview with her. (I've been in similar situations, see: Spring blames this for her omission of the Richplanet factual side of the story; but if he had spoken to her, his position would have been edited out or distorted anyway. She accuses Richard of profiting off people's pain and misery. The notion that people like us are "just in it for the money" is hardly original. It's been falsely applied to David Icke too, see: In the case of Richard D Hall he is a highly skilled man. He had a lucrative career as a qualified electrical engineer who once worked for Rolls Royce. He could have been a millionaire by now; but he gave all that up to produce Richaplanet.
In one episode of Disaster Trolls and Marianna Spring's article Neil Sanders is interviewed. No doubt he is going to get a lot of aggravation for that, but I actually think his intentions were good. He was trying to act as a positive character witness for Richard, but it won't work. This kangaroo court is not interested in anything positive. Neil has changed considerably over the last few years. He once wrote a definitive book about mind control and appeared on HPANWO Radio, see:, but since then has descended to just a single notch above full skeppa. He was once one of Richard's "favoured few"; but today he presents a skeptic podcast with another ex-conspiracy theorist, Brent Lee, see: This article and radio programme by Marianna Spring is not investigating anything. She is not trying to search for answers or get to the truth; or take your pick of whatever clichés of praise the conformist critics lavish her with. This is an attempt to suppress investigation into anything contrary to the establishment narrative. It is a warning shot at anybody else who may be considering a publication questioning the official story about other human crises. What the BBC hopes will happen now is Richard's reputation and livelihood will be ruined. They are banking on the cowardice and stupidity of third parties; market managers, booksellers, social media networks and sectors of the general public who will collaborate with this smear campaign unquestioningly. However, a time is coming when that essential element will no longer be so reliable. This attempt to destroy the character of Richard D Hall might be the turning point we have been waiting for. There is going to be a follow-up Panorama TV programme about Richard tonight, Halloween, which I will be reviewing in a HPANWO TV livestream, see
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marie mcloughlin Rhom MARH said...

You are so good and fair, great piece, Ben.

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Thanks, Marie. Hope it does some good.

Anonymous said...

Great read.

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Thanks, Anon.

Graham said...

Good article on both sides actually, here's my 2 cents worth.
If you take 911 as the template for their 'false flag' events, then they really don't give a rats ass who is harmed or who is killed as long as their end goal is achieved.
So why is Richard Hall doing what he does? Just accept that these false flags are real, they really don't give a sh!t about who they harm as long as the 'solution' that they wanted is implemented. It's all about problem reaction solution as David keeps telling us all.
I too believe Sandy Hook was a false flag brought about to take control of gun ownership which is their main fear in America as they are all tooled up for the job that has to be and i think eventually will be done by the American people. No-one else in the world has their gun laws otherwise it may have started already as they are the most dumbed down of all first world countries - imo.
I think Richard seems to have gone a bit overboard reading the BBC reporter's article here, but i do get where he is coming from.
As for Sandy Hook, and i can't remember the guys name now but just afterwards there was a man who did a brilliant article and videos of why it was a false flag and they all seem to have disappeared now but i believed him 100% and that is why i believe Sandy Hook was a false flag. There was a video where all the grieving families were all together having a laugh just before a press article when they all suddenly put on a solemn face for the cameras. This certainly didn't help their cause in this issue.

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Thanks, Graham.
Absolutely they don't care about the people they harm in real attacks like 9/11 and 7/7 etc. I'm not sure what the reason is that they carry out completely fake events now. Actually I say "now", but there hasn't been a major attack on the scale of MEN Arena or 7/7 for a long time. They stopped very suddenly not long before the you-know-what broke out. I wonder why! Sure, we get attacks still, but it tends to be single individuals with an knife running through a shopping centre or a bloke in a van ramming a mosque etc.
I think you mean Jim Fetzer. His
Best wishes. banned book is definitive. I also recommend Sofia Smallstorm's SH in 5 dimensions.

Snarnok said...

Excellent article Ben. Remember the stages to freedom which Ghandi described. First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win. We are definitely at the fight you stage now.

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Thanks, Snarnok. That's very true. hope you can watch the livestream at 9.