Tuesday 31 December 2013

Forget Christmas, Pay your Rent!

As we approach New Year many people are no doubt lamenting the departure of Christmas 2013, however for the residents living under the auspices of Hammersmith and Fulham Council in London, they may not have started out with much festive spirit to lament this season. This is because their council sent them all a flyer warning them not to “overindulge” so that they can still afford to pay their rent, see: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/topics/christmas/10525707/Hammersmith-and-Fulham-Council-Christmas-cards-disgusting.html. The council has justified its actions because 46% of its tenants are in serious rent arrears. This is because people are so much poorer now than they were a few years ago… That’s it; no other reason! Do the council really think everybody will be financially AOK if they just forgo a few presents and slices of turkey this year? It’s a supreme act of ignorance and contempt, sadly one we’ve seen many times before, for example see: http://hpanwo.blogspot.co.uk/2009/08/economys-fawkt-its-your-fault.html. The authorities will do anything, even try to stop us enjoying Christmas, rather than addressing the real reasons for poverty. It must have cost quite a few rent payments just to distribute this toxic flyer considering there are 182,000 people living in the borough, the same population as Oxford, and no small proportion live in council accommodation; see how desperate they are? Ebenezer Scrooge is alive and well!

Saturday 28 December 2013

Kandle Heeter

A new domestic heat generator is currently doing the rounds in the alternative sphere, marketed under the name Kandle Heeter™, see: http://www.heatstick.com/_KanHeet01.htm; I don’t know whether the spelling mistake is deliberate or not. It’s become very popular with “preppers”, a community of which I am definitely not a part, see: http://hpanwo-voice.blogspot.co.uk/2012/12/prepper-posers.html. It is a very simple device indeed, a construction of flowerpots and metal rods arranged in such a way that if you place a candle inside it, it will “collect, contain, concentrate and radiate” the heat from the candle. As a bonus it also collects the soot from the candle that would otherwise stain wallpaper or curtains etc. I can see how this might be useful for outdoor camping, indeed many pub garden heaters already use this principle, but what are the benefits of employing it indoors? If all the heat is coming from the candle, why not just burn the candle on its own? Some proponents of the Kandle Heeter seem to think that the device produces more heat than just burning the candle alone. This is impossible; it merely channels the heat already produced by the candle in a particular way, it doesn’t give you any more heat than the candle alone would. To do so would break the laws of physics, Entropy, Thermodynamics and Conservation of Energy. Therefore if you’re planning to use it indoors then it’s a waste of money… Unless… No, it’s alright; I’m not about to turn Skeptic on you! Something else might be going on, something far more interesting. Suppose the Kandle Heeter aficionadoes are right and by placing a candle inside the device you really do get more heat out of the system than you put in, then we are seeing a type of free energy effect. The heat from the candle is merely the trigger to release some kind of esoteric heat source from the zero point field. I’ve spoken a lot about free energy before, see the links below. This heat source is somehow tapped by an interaction with the candle flame, the steel rods and layered chinaware structure. You might think it’s not likely that free energy can be generated by such a simple system, and that some kind of complex piece of engineering is invariably required, but that’s not true. Zero point energy can be accessed with surprising ease; it’s even present in nature, such as in many kinds of weather. Viktor Schauberger discovered that some fish have evolved to use it, see: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ItsSYwTSnTY.

Tuesday 24 December 2013

Mysterious "Object" in Seattle Tunnel Dig

One of the most ambitious civil engineering projects currently running in the world at the moment is the Alaskan Way Viaduct replacement tunnel in Seattle, Washington State. USA. This will divert a major road, SR99- Alaskan Way, from its current route along a 60 year old double-decker viaduct running by the seafront, into a brand new 2 mile tunnel. The tunnel is the widest to be built in recent years, 57 feet, enough girth to accommodate the same double-decker highway that the viaduct currently does, see: http://www.wsdot.wa.gov/Projects/Viaduct/About/Tunneling. In order to accomplish this, the builders have employed the world's biggest tunnel boring machine. Tunnel boring machines are fascinating devices; they're gigantic cylindrical self-contained diggers that move themselves forward through the ground as they bore, rather like a gargantuan earthworm. Behind the digging section are machines for processing and removing the spoil and also installing the artificial structure and walls of the tunnel. The TBM for the Alaskan Way project was built in Japan and shipped right across the Pacific Ocean in several pieces to be assembled in Seattle. It's been christened "Bertha" after Seattle's former mayor Bertha Knight Landes. The dig began in July and is due to finish in the spring of 2015. But all has not gone well. Bertha has so far dug just over a 1000 feet of the proposed 9,200 foot tunnel and has had to stop, not for Christmas, but because it's hit an obstruction of some kind that it cannot bore through and was not originally spotted by the surveyors. The engineers are currently investigating what has become known simply as "the Object". There are all kinds of speculations going on among the people of Seattle and beyond. The New York Times has suggested, with tongue firmly in cheek of course, that it's a "den of interstellar aliens, see: http://www.nytimes.com/2013/12/20/us/under-seattle-a-big-object-blocks-bertha-what-is-it.html?pagewanted=all&_r=0. Gizmodo has suggested that it's a "lost city or UFO", see: http://gizmodo.com/something-called-the-object-has-stopped-worlds-large-1487090414/@maxread. A lost city might not be too far from the truth, but not Atlantis, Seattle itself. It's possible that Bertha has blundered into the foundations of a large building demolished long ago, but surely the architects would have checked for that on the land registry. The strangest things can appear when you dig a new tunnel. The recent London Crossrails tunnel dig turned up some bodies from a mediaeval mass grave of plague victims; doctors had to be called in to ensure that there were no pathogens left alive to contaminate the crews, see: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/london/8574619.stm.

Bertha is currently at a standstill, boxed in behind "the Object" 50 feet beneath the ground. Directly above is the junction of South Main Street and Alaskan Way. So far the project's management, the Washington State Department of Transport, are not saying much except that they don't know what "the Object" is, and they won't until at least after the New Year, see: http://www.wsdot.wa.gov/Projects/Viaduct/Contents/Item/Display/1369. I myself would like to know too because any object large enough to stop the world's biggest tunnel boring machine dead in its tracks, but yet was not spotted by surveyors and is absent from the land registry, deserves some major explaining. As you know, I take the idea of UFO's seriously, and many other things along those lines. What's happening in Seattle right now is remarkably similar to the 1958 sci-fi horror TV series Quatermass and the Pit, see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l7JY9xtpCxY. What I predict you will find if there is indeed something extraterrestrial in Bertha's path, or otherworldly in any way, is a sudden silence regarding news stories on the subject. Along with that, local residents will notice strange activity around the end of the new tunnel, with screens being erected to shield the site from the eyes of the general public. Strange people may wander from door to door asking the residents peculiar and intrusive questions. Large helicopters might land behind the screens; again, with not a peep out of the media. There may even be an evacuation of the area with garbled excuses to do with a "gas leak" or an "unexploded bomb". Rest assured I will be keeping a close watch on this incident and will report anything interesting that I find; if there are any HPANWO-readers in the Seattle area who can help me gain information, I'd be very grateful. Until then, Merry Christmas!

Monday 23 December 2013

Eel Pie Island

Eel Pie Island, named after a traditional London delicacy, is a sedimentary island in the upper reached of the River Thames Tideway, part of the Twickenham, in the borough of Richmond-upon-Thames in west London. It's one of the largest islands on the river, about a quarter of an acre in area, and is home to about 120 people. It can be accessed only by boat or a single footbridge, which was only contructed in 1957, replacing a ferry. A hotel opened on the island in 1830 which became famous, it was regularly frequented by Charles Dickens; and from the early 1920's Eel Pie Island started to develop a Bohemian reputation. The hotel also became a famous jazz club and its association with popular music continued into the rock n' roll era. The Who and The Rolling Stones performed some of their first gigs there, as did David Bowie, Eric Clapton and Pink Floyd. Rumour has it that Rod Stewart was booed off the stage. The island today is mostly residential, but has a productive economy based around watersports and the arts. It houses the headquarters of the Twickenham Rowing Club and a busy marina with an adjoining boatyard. It also has an art gallery, publishers and a small film studio, owned by The Who's Pete Townshend. In 1967 the hotel was forced to close and it is what happened after that which interests me the most. A history of Eel Pie has been written, co-authored by Dan van der Wat who normally specializes in naval history, but has an interest because he lives on the island, see: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Eel-Pie-Island-Dan-Van/dp/0711230536/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1245027500&sr=1-1, I'll have to get hold of a copy and see what it has to say.

Eel Pie Island was also once a micronation. In 1969 (Wikipedia) it was occupied by a group of people who set up their headquarters in the abandoned hotel. They then turned it into what is derogatorily described as a "hippie commune"; I would call them a group of people who have rejected the standards and ethics of mainstream society: consumerism, materialism, social Darwinism, submission to government tyranny and organized religion etc, and decided to come together and establish a new and alternative society, some nomadic and some located in a specific place. There are many other such examples like Glastonbury and the Findhorn Community, which I have visited myself, see: http://hpanwo.blogspot.co.uk/2011/03/findhorn.html. A micronation, is an organized entity based around a very small location which claims independent sovereign statehood. Not all of these communities take on the label micronation, but they are such in effect. For instance, Findhorn has its own political and economic system, as did the short-lived campsites of the Occupy Movement. There is an online resource and reunion page for members of the Eel Pie alternative community which includes photographs, see: http://www.eelpie.org/. The people call themselves simply by their Common Law names and where they come from, like "Cornish John", "Bristol Alan" and "Canadian Peter"; although when Wiki-ing you'll be told that the community was only established in 1969, many of these photographs date from up to five years before that, indicating that there was an alternative presence on the island much earlier while the hotel was still open (Always check Wikipedia sources!). Take a close look at the faces in these images; what great non-conformists they are. Don't they look happy? Don't they look hopeful? Can you see the humanity and love they feel, for the world and for each other? This idyllic situation came to a brutal end in 1971 when the old hotel was destroyed by a mysterious fire. The community broke up and went their separate ways after writing some graffiti on the bare, scorched walls, see the "after 1971" album. The poem which keeps mentioning "napalm" must be a reference to the Vietnam War. Napalm is a liquid incendiary weapon that was frequently used in that war. It might also be a hint; who was really behind the hotel fire? Anybody can establish a micronation, in fact Danny Wallace made an entire TV series on the subject, How to Start your own Country. In the first episode he carries out a mock invasion and occupation of Eel Pie, see from 17.25: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=syujTp5m5Vk. Danny gives his micronation all the trimmings that many others do; a political structure, a currency, postage stamps, a legal system, and a national flag and anthem. It's curious that the TV programme makers have included the Eel Pie scene; did Danny know that it was a parody of a real historical event? 
There was another major fire on Eel Pie Island in 1996 and also the footbridge was knocked down in 1997; it seems that the island has been jinxed by a series of disasters. Supposing the fire at the hotel was no accident? Who would want to wipe out the alternative community there, and why? The answer can be found in the nature of the community itself that I described above: Common Law, love, hope, non-conformism and economic independence. These things are all a huge threat to the Powers-the-Be, far greater than a strike, a military attack or a protest march. This is why they used riot police to crush the peaceful "hippie" convoys in 1985 in what has become known as the Battle of the Beanfield, see: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N3YtmBD_thM. The authorities will use words like "law and order", "democracy" and other euphemistic Orwellianisms, but when push comes to shove they will always, always use violence. They will shoot, beat and starve people who will not be coerced in other ways. This violence can sometimes take other forms, like imprisonment on false charges or arranging for people to be kicked out of their jobs. They will only stop using violence when there are so many people willing to stand up to them that they no longer can, when the mindless morons they use to carry out that violence on their behalf refuse to do so any more. This is why communities like Eel Pie are so important. The best thing these communities and micronations do is set a good example to others, teach us a lesson. They demonstrate how different life could be if we choose to make it different, and they show us how in practical terms. This legacy of the Eel Pie community persists; their lives were not in vain. Suppose a large proportion of us decided to set up our own micronations; think how quickly the world would change, and how much better it would be. Therefore I am suspicious over the circumstances of the 1971 fire at the Eel Pie Hotel. What's more I know exactly where the next instalment of my HPANWO London Truth Tours will be (See here for background: http://hpanwo-tv.blogspot.co.uk/2013/09/roman-wall-reply-to-boudicca0-hpanwo.html)!
(Edit 17/1/14): See: http://hpanwo-tv.blogspot.co.uk/2014/01/eel-pie-island.html.      

Saturday 21 December 2013

2012- One Year On

It is the 21st of December 2013, or 5 Chiccan- 3 Kankin; one year ago to the day that the Mayan Long Count Calendar changed from one of its giant recurring 5126 year cycles to the next. In the few years leading up to that date, what became known simply as "2012" was one of the central pivots around which the alternative community operated. As you can see in the links above, an entire culture grew up around it spawning numerous and diverse spiritual and conspiratorial ideas; please study the links above if you're unfamiliar with this subject. I'd always planned to cover the event live at the time with HPANWO articles, radio and TV shows; I was surprised when I turned out to be one of the few who did.

The major turning point in the 2012 culture was the London Olympics, the "Apocalympics", as many called them. There was a crescendo of bittersweet dread in the run up to the Olympics because so many people in the Truth community were predicting a major event of some kind; from a false flag terrorist attack to an alien invasion, either staged or real. A lot of this was based on the work of Rik Clay a brilliant researcher who emerged onto the scene very suddenly and sadly died shortly afterwards in 2008 at the age of just twenty-six, see: http://www.rikclayfoundation.org/. I remember very clearly the intense feelings I experienced when I first heard Ian R Crane talking about the Olympics, see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YnUfiMUS_LI. I was really pleased when Ian did his first interview after the Olympics with me on CMR, see: http://hpanwo-radio.blogspot.co.uk/2012/08/programme-9-podcast-ian-r-crane.html. Of course we got through the entire XXX Olympiad with no more mishap than a minor breakdown of the ticket sales computer. After it was all over I felt very ambivalent about it. The fear I and many others had been struck down with gave way to relief, but that relief was mixed with frustration that the Illuminati had not played their last card and were still holding back and waiting. A part of me couldn't help wishing that something terrible had happened; then of course afterwards I felt guilty for wishing that. But for the 2012 community, the anticlimax of the Olympics was a huge blow and it marked the beginning of the decline in 2012 eschatology. By the time December the 21st 2012 came along most people had simply given up hope. In fact before I managed to book Andy Thomas for an interview on my 2012 special CMR show, see above, I had contacted another researcher and she had replied with thanks for the offer, but said "I just can't cope with all this stuff any more". This researcher is one of a whole group of people that I've termed "2012 casualties". Another is a woman I met in 2009 at Ian R Crane's AVII conference (see: http://hpanwo.blogspot.co.uk/2009/06/alternative-view-ii-part-1.html) who was immensely keen on alternative ideas. My paths crossed with hers again a couple of months ago and she is somebody completely transformed; she has dropped off the scene altogether and has very little interest at all in anything paranormal, spiritual or conspiratorial. In fact she is rather cynical about everything she used to be so enthusiastic about; her views on these subjects are now bordering on Skepitcal. She has actually become quite a conventional person, talking a lot about which are the best mortgages and pensions, and about her current training to become an advertising manager. Above all she just wants to focus on her personal life, her new husband, her children and her home. After talking to her for an hour on the phone I realized that this change in her life is very much an aftershock of the 2012 no-show.

The sad thing is that the disappointment over 2012 comes out of a misunderstanding of what 2012 was in the first place. It was never meant to be a moment in time in which a very decisive and manifest event would occur after which everything in the world would be different. As you can see in the background links many people had made some very extreme predictions of what would happen on the 21st of December 2012. For some it would be a spiritual rebirth, an explosion of knowledge and wisdom channelling into planet Earth and human souls that would take us up into "the Fifth Dimension" or whatever you choose to call a higher level of aetheric consciousness; and we'd all wake up on the morning of the 22nd as Priests of High Atlantis. The other side of the falsehood coin was a vision of apocalypse; the Earth, or even the entire universe, would be destroyed by nuclear war, tsunamies, earthquakes, comet impacts, volcanoes, solar flares, Nibiru, quantum wave collapse and a dozen other dystopian scenarioes. One of the more sensible 2012 researchers, Geoff Stray, called this "catastrophe or ecstasy", the subtitle for the first edition of his book: http://www.amazon.com/Beyond-2012-Catastrophe-End-Time/dp/1591430976. The catastrophic ideas were encouraged by the mainstream media and ecstatic ones by the New Age, possibly deliberately as a form of disinformation. The catastrophic side of the coin was the most destructive and the ultimate expression of this fearmongering was film director Roland Emmerich's ridiculous and tiresome epic 2012, see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ce0N3TEcFw0. Another major 2012 tripe hound is Nancy Lieder, see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oq2cNeLyra4. After a number of suicides over this issue a website was set up called www.2012hoax.com, see: http://2012hoax.wikidot.com/oldstart. It did a good job defusing the nonsense that had been generated in the run up to 2012, but it did so unfortunately from a highly Skeptical angle and it also featured pages by James Randi, Michael Shermer and other Skeptics debunking UFO's, the paranormal and 9/11 etc. It has now changed its name to "Cosmophobia.org" and is active today under that name, see: http://www.cosmophobia.org/2012landing. 2012 was never going to be a single moment in time when the whole universe would metamorphose and everything would by hunky-dory forever afterwards. It's a process, one that started long before the Mayan calendar end date and will continue long after it. I don't agree with the 2012hoax people who say it's just a superstitious myth; it is real. However it's far more complicated than many people in the 2012 community realized. I explain in detail in the background links.

So has anything changed at all in the last 365 days, or is everything exactly the same as it was before the 21st of December 2012? Well, on the whole I'd say not a lot has changed, at least in the surface physical universe, but there are some distinct glimmers of hope. For a start just before the Mayan calendar switched over something that was previously unthinkable happened. Two very widespread conspiracy theories were proven true. One involved the Hillsborough Disaster, an accident in Sheffield, England in 1989 in which almost a hundred people were killed and a thousand injured. The police and local authorities were criminally negligent in the cause of that tragedy. They knew it and attempted to cover up that fact, see: http://hpanwo-voice.blogspot.co.uk/2012/10/hillsborough-cover-up.html. Another was the revelation that Jimmy Savile had abused children, see: http://hpanwo-hpwa.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/jimmy-savile-in-hospital-satanic.html. We also had Julian Assange and Edward Snowden etc, not to mention the unprecedented reaction to this year's Bilderberg Group meeting, see: http://hpanwo-tv.blogspot.co.uk/2013/06/bilderberg-2013.html. I think the exposure of these secrets is a sign of the times, one which we can take heart from, as I discuss here in my follow-up interview with Andy Thomas, see: http://hpanwo-radio.blogspot.co.uk/2013/08/programme-57-podcast-andy-thomas.html. One of the most obvious and commonly-experienced features of the years leading up to 2012 was what was christened "the Quickening". The Quickening is the speeding up of notional time. Notional time the subjective sense of the speed of time passing, as opposed to the exact measurement of the speed of its passing by the use of a clock. Whenever you say something like "Today is dragging!" or "Doesn't time fly when you're having fun?", you're making a statement about notional time. Albert Einstein understood this concept and once said: "Half an hour spent in the company of a beautiful woman feels like a mere moment compared to half an hour spent with your hand tied a hot stove." From about the late 1980's more and more people reported sensing that the speed of notional time was increasing. I noticed this myself; one year in the late 2000's was the equivalent six years of my early childhood. Some people said that this was just a product of growing from childhood into adulthood, but I wasn't the only one who felt this; a lot of much older people who had been adult when I was a child told me the same thing. "We're getting eighteen hour days!" as somebody said. A lot of 2012 theorists predicted that after the 21st of December 2012 we'd get a "reverse Quickening", a sense of notional time slowing down. Have I had this feeling? No, not really. However it's just been one year; if the reverse Quickening installs at the same rate as the Quickening then it may be several more years before the deceleration of notional time reaches a level where it can be perceived. All in all, I have not given up on the 2012 phenomenon just because everything people promised would happen has not. We should take heart from the progress made and strive for more. At the end of the day, the decision of what happens is our own. Cosmic forces only influence the world; they don't carry out our actions for us. A true and manifest change in the world will only come from our own hard work, integrity, determination and, most of all, love. But it could be as easy as a new thought that everybody has. As David Icke said, it's just a change of mind away. The great South African open-minded scientist Lyall Watson was the man who first proposed the "Hundredth Monkey Effect", see: http://hpanwo-tv.blogspot.co.uk/2011/08/lyall-watson.html. Could it be that the 21st of December 2012 was the actual moment when we hit that hundredth monkey? In which case, after a whole year since that point, we shall soon find out! 

Friday 20 December 2013

Moonfaker Channel Deleted

I've just heard that Jarrah White's Moonfaker YouTube Channel has been deleted. This is apparently over "multiple third party copyright infringements". Here's the Moonfaker site: http://www.moonfaker.com/home.html. Jarrah White is a dedicated researcher into the faking of the Apollo moon landings, the space missions which we were told landed men on the moon between 1969 and 1972, but in truth did not.
He had taken a break from Apollo research to pursue other interests and last week uploaded a video in his Moonfaker series for the first time in several months. The video was no different in material content to any of the others so why did it result in the termination of his account? Was the copyright claim merely an excuse to censor his information? Luckily I managed to watch the video before the account was terminated, how I wish I'd downloaded it! It was about a recent article on Space.com concerning some photoes taken by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter spacecraft of the Apollo landing sites. These photoes apparently show the flags planted by the astronauts over forty years ago still flying proudly, see: http://www.space.com/16798-american-flags-moon-apollo-photos.html. Jarrah questioned this because he's read a recent translation of a Russian publication by one of the astronauts (I refuse to use the stupid Cold War jargon "cosmonauts") on the Mir space station. In the late 1980's one of them attached the Hammer and Sickle flag to an antenna on the space station, but in 1991 the Soviet Union was disbanded and all government facilities in Russia had to change their standard to the new Russian flag. The Mir space station was no exception, but when the crew left the airlock and climbed to the end of the antenna they found that the old flag had been reduced to threadbare rags because of the constant bombardment of micrometeoroids (see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Micrometeoroid). It looked as if it had been sandblasted, which it had in effect. The question Jarrah posed was, if just a few years of micrometeoroid impacts had totally destroyed the flag on Mir, how on Earth had the Apollo lunar flags, which were made of a very similar material and were in a very similar environment, survived for over forty years intact? The answer to that question is that they couldn't, meaning that the LRO photography is fake. Is this the real reason Jarrah's channel was removed?

Thursday 19 December 2013

The Death of SEAL Team 6

This video describes the highly suspicious elements surrounding the deaths of thirty American special forces operatives in Afghanistan, see: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_bYuUvj7-ME. The incident happened on August the 6th 2011 when they took a flight on board an aged CH-47 Chinook helicopter. The official report says the helicopter was shot down by Al Qaida insurgents with a rocket-propelled grenade. This, according to President Obama, a "lucky shot". It was highly unusual to have such a large number of these extremely valuable experts transported together in the same aircraft; usually they'd be split up to avoid such a risk of large loss to their personnel. Also two gunships escorting the Chinook had seen the Al Qaida firing position and had requested permission to engage it, and had been refused. There are also other anomalies, such as the seven additional men who were on board the helicopter with the thirty US special forces; these were supposedly soldiers from the pro-US Afghan National Army, but their names were not those listed on the flight manifest. Nobody knows who authorized this oversight. The aircraft's black box has also never been recovered and this is very rare, as the father of one of the victims says. The same goes for the impromptu disposal of all the bodies, although this is not entirely without precedent.

Three months earlier the US Government reported that Osama bin Laden, alleged perpetrator of 9/11, had been assassinated during a US special forces operation in Pakistan. I was on nightshift in the hospital at the time and found out about it soon after it happened. As soon as I got home from work I switched on the news; the BBC were interviewing an anti-terrorism expert from the US Embassy. The man said that bin Laden's body would definitely be taken back to the United States for examination by the Government and also members of the media. Images of it would certainly be published. Only after a week or so of this press storm would bin Laden's body be returned to his family for a funeral. Then the announcement came that the body had been taken to an aircraft carrier and afforded a summary burial at sea, performed by a Muslim crew member, and that man from the Embassy has not been back on the news since; I can't find the interview anywhere online. It didn't take long for many other holes in this unlikely story to become visible, as I said at the time, see: http://hpanwo-voice.blogspot.co.uk/2011/05/osama-bin-laden-is-dead-duh.html The above video about the murder of SEAL Team 6 is very naive and laced with the Military Religion (see: http://hpanwo-voice.blogspot.co.uk/2012/11/lest-we-remember.html). But it asks the right questions and accepts that something strange is definitely going on. However it also claims that the only explanation for these anomalies is that the attack had been a set up organized by Al Qaida infiltrators in the US Afghan command structure. I think not. As the video rightly explains, most of the US special forces men who died on the helicopter were part of SEAL Team 6, but this was the same unit that had supposedly killed bin Laden in May of that year. If bin Laden's death really was a charade then they would have to know. Were they killed to keep them quiet; dead men can't tell tales? Perhaps. Strangely enough, another of their number, Brett Shadle, was killed in a "parachuting accident" in March of this year, see: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/03/30/brett-shadle-dead-dies_n_2984788.html. How many members of SEAL Team 6 are left who know the truth? What's going to happen to them? Are they safe?... Or is all this just a huge coincidence?

A Haunting- Toy Story with Don Philips

Don Philips' A Haunting- Toy Story can be seen here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h7DSRdRvDUU.

As regular readers will know, I have been following the work of paranormal investigator Don Philips for some time now, and was very interested in his latest investigation, a solo vigil at a house haunted by a poltergeist. The house is in Leicester, a fairly average-looking one, inhabited by a couple and their twin children. The couple contacted Don and asked him to investigate after reporting several strange phenomena. The film above shows how it didn't take long for Don to discover a lot of activity. What he experienced almost resembles the famous 1982 horror film Poltergeist, see: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ytjaMfoF2M. The word "Poltergeist" is from the German and means "noisy spirit" because it manifests as a force that creates unusual sounds; it also causes objects to move and levitate spontaneously. It's sometimes centred on a particular person instead of a place; commonly a girl in her early teenage years. Don gathered other evidence in the house such as a rise of the interior temperature, the usual electronic voices on his recording equipment and the children's electrical toys activating by themselves. The newcomer might be shocked by what happens in Don's new film, but for those with an interest in the paranormal, this is essential viewing and a very important addition to the scientific study of the unexplained.

Wednesday 18 December 2013

Half a Million denied Social Care

A friend on Facebook sent me this: http://news.sky.com/story/1182779/social-care-half-a-million-cut-out-of-service. I'm a pretty hard-nosed, level-headed kind of guy, but this almost drove me to tears of rage and sorrow. The plight of this poor blind lady is a virtual portrait of everything that's wrong with this world at the moment. The pathetic nonsense spouted by the councils about the "pressure of an aging population" is a pretty base excuse even by the standards I've come to expect. It's almost as insulting and stupid as the swine flu scandal, see: http://hpanwo.blogspot.co.uk/2009/08/economys-fawkt-its-your-fault.html. So now the economic Armageddon we're descending into is not only the fault of people who catch swine flu, it's also those who have the audacity to grow old; please give me a break! The amount of money spent on wars and banking bailouts could feed and clothe every pensioner in the country a dozen times over. In the movies there's always somebody with the balls to burst into the boardroom and say that out loud. Why can't life be like the movies? 

Sunday 15 December 2013

Channel 4's Psychopath Night

See here to watch Psychopath Night on Channel 4oD: http://www.channel4.com/programmes/psychopath-night/4od. (This link will only be live for a limited period of time. If a more permanent one becomes available, I'll edit this article and insert it.) (EDIT: It's now on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lmL0zGnW9r0.)
I've discussed psychopaths many times before and if you're not familiar with what I've said, see here for important background: http://hpanwo-radio.blogspot.co.uk/2012/09/programme-15-podcast-psychopath-special.html.

This one and a half hour TV show both introduces the concept of the psychopath to the newcomer and presents it from a completely fresh angle. It features interviews with diagnosed psychopaths, including a notorious serial killer, and psychological profiles of both real people and fictional characters. Some of the stars of stories about psychopaths are created after the author seeks advice from experts. This programme has an interactive feature which allows the viewer to take part in the "psychopath test" designed by Oxford psychology professor Kevin Dutton. See: http://www.channel4.com/programmes/psychopath-night. I scored 48% on what Prof. Dutton calls the "psychopathic spectrum". Dutton's theories are highly unorthodox because he suggests that psychopathic traits are a normal part of human existence and are not necessarily bad. He says that admirable features of psychopaths include focus, determination, self-discipline and "courage". As you can see from the links above I totally disagree. I don't believe that psychopaths are part of any kind of human psychological spectrum; in fact I question whether they even have a human psychology at all. In my view they are an entirely separate entity and nothing about them is comparable to human minds. The features Prof. Dutton admired actually only bear a superficial resemblance in psychopaths to the genuine human qualities of focus, determination, self-discipline and courage. At 36:20 in the programme he says to his experimental guinea pigs: "The same man who in one moment is an arsonist who burns your house down, in a parallel universe could be the one who braves the flames to save you". However a psychopath would never risk their life to save another person; this is why I put the word "courage" on Dutton's list in quotes. Psychopaths are the most monumental cowards in existence because they will bolt like a rabbit from the slightest danger to their own ego, position of power or advancement. Prof. Dutton cannot disprove that by making two of them do bungee jumps; in fact the two success-stories he would want on his side would never be genuinely on his side. Psychopaths only have one side, their own. Doing some pointless carpark daredevilry prank is one thing, but if it came to having to climb a rope down a cliff to save Prof. Dutton from a hungry crocodile it would be middle scorers, or maybe even the lower scorers, who would be most likely to do it. Steve and Ikra would just walk away thinking "well I'm alright, Jack". As I explain in the links above, psychopaths also have no sense of time, no awareness of past or future, and so they live in the eternal present. I became even more concerned about Prof. Dutton's "psychopathic spectrum" theory when a close friend of mine took his online test. She only scored 15%, and so is much less of a psychopath than I am! But when her score was revealed it included this summary text: "...but although you avoid hurting others, those residing at the higher end of the psychopathic spectrum might not be so considerate. So stay vigilant to avoid being hurt unnecessarily". There's a distinct whiff of social Darwinism in those words; that the non-psychopath is at fault for their "weakness", their lack of "positive psychopathic" traits. In fact even the programme's narrator states: "In this dog-eat-dog world psychopaths usually end up on top.", as if that's natural and just the way things happen to be. Again, I vehemently differ, see: http://hpanwo-voice.blogspot.co.uk/2012/11/thats-just-human-nature-man.html. It's true that psychopaths gravitate towards positions of authority, this is inherent in their own nature; but that's because of a failure on the part of the non-psychopathic world, not a fundamental principle of human society. Psychopath Night gives us a distorted view of this subject; it also trivializes and glamourizes it.

The programme is extremely sensationalist, having the serial killer interviewed read the ad-break outro: "You're watching Psychopath Night on Channel 4" with a vicious glint in his eye. Later on in the programme they interview a female lawyer with her face blanked. She is an open, self-diagnosed sociopath who has no conscience and is completely self-serving; she says that she finds the whole concept of empathy "weird". It's interesting that during her interview she begs the question of whether psychopaths should be considered a "minority". By that I don't mean a numerical minority; thankfully they are that indeed. I mean that they should be seen as a group with a special need for protection like black people, homosexuals etc. She says: "If there are ever prison camps for psychopaths and ox-cars come to ship us away to them, perhaps other people will feel some compassion for our compassionless hearts." This is actually an important point. The programme reckons about 1% of the population are psychopaths; the sources I've used say 6%; these figures vary. If ever there is full public awareness of psychopathy, what will happen? What do we do with these snakes in suits within our midst? If they really are that hostile and harmful we can't leave them free to wander the streets, can we? So then should we put them in concentration camps; perhaps even with gas chambers? If they have no feelings then they have no human soul and so killing them is not murder, is it? And think how many lives we could save with them all out of the way, couldn't we? I think not, and that this whole line of thought is a distasteful one. This is for two reasons. Firstly: diagnosis. What if we label somebody a psychopath when they're not? Jon Ronson has written a book which calls into question the entire psychological concept of the psychopath; here he is talking about it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xYemnKEKx0c. I also explain in the background about "pseudo-psychopaths", non-psychopathic people who are manipulated into behaving in a psychopathic manner; this makes the experiment done to ex-special forces solider Andy McNab highly questionable. What's more Prof. Dutton incorrectly diagnoses James Bond. In several of the films Bond exhibits distinct non-psychopathic behaviour; for example in On Her Majesty's Secret Service, he falls in love with a girl called Tracy, the daughter of a gangster; and she is killed at the end of the film leaving Bond heartbroken. This tragedy, and its effect on Bond, is occasionally referred to in the other later films. But even if psychopaths are real, easy to diagnose without any chance of error, and really are soulless non-human beings, "organic portals" as I explain in the background links, we should not have camps for them. Perhaps because I'm only 48% a psychopath myself, the act of imprisonment and killing is so powerfully abhorrent on an intuitive level; the sociopath lawyer is right, it would still feel like genocide. But in purely pragmatic terms, I don't think psychopaths would be a danger in a world which publicly-accepted psychopathy. This is because a psychopath's power depends on stealth; they need people not to recognize them for what they truly are. They can only get what they want from people who fall for their shallow affected charm. In the background links I explain how "Centaur" wreaked the devastation that he did because my family did not know his true identity. He fooled them completely with his facade. Only a small number of people are psychopaths, sociopaths, organic portals or whatever else you want to call them. About 9% of men and 3% of women; I don't know why there is this gender discrepancy. Although these estimated statistics vacillate considerably, there's still no doubt they are vastly outnumbered. The majority of psychopaths are not physically violent. The only thing we really need to fear from them is their ability to influence the behaviour of others. And when those others can no longer be influenced then the psychopath is helpless.

Saturday 14 December 2013

The Thylacine Lives?

The Centre for Fortean Zoology, see links column on the main HPANWO site, have made a startling announcement: The thylacine of Tasmania is still alive, see: http://www.theguardian.com/world/2013/nov/11/zoologists-on-the-hunt-for-tasmanian-tiger-declare-no-doubt-species-still-alive. The thylacine, also called the Tasmanian tiger or Tasmanian wolf, is thought to be extinct. The last ever confirmed specimen, kept in Hobart zoo, died in 1936; here is some film taken of it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=odswge5onwY. It looks like a kind of dog, but in fact it's a marsupial, closely related to the kangaroo. It's unique for its very wide and powerful jaws as well as the striped fur on its hindquarters, earning it the nickname of tiger. However, in the years since the announcement of its extinction, sightings of the animal have continued from remote regions of Tasmania, an island almost the size of Scotland, but with a population of only half a million. Richard Freeman of the CFZ is so confident that the thylacine never died out that he has gone there to try and find it along with other members of the CFZ team; although I think Jonathan Downes tends to stay at home these days. The thylacine is depicted in the logo of the organization. So far they have collected very credible eyewitness reports and droppings which will be sent off for DNA analysis. I wish them luck and I know how dedicated and determined the CFZ is; see here for background: http://hpanwo-radio.blogspot.co.uk/2013/06/programme-51-podcast-cryptozoology.html. The thylacine was hunted ruthlessly by farmers through the 19th century to stop it ravaging their sheep. If it turns out that the thylacine is still alive, it will be a great gift from nature, and a reprieve. We'll have a second chance that we never thought we'd get to live together peacefully with these creatures.

Friday 13 December 2013

Are Humans related to Pigs?

A leading expert on biology has made a shocking announcement: man is not an ape-descended creature after all, in fact we are not even a pure primate; we are partly related to pigs! See: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2515969/Humans-evolved-female-chimpanzee-mated-pig-Extraordinary-claim-American-geneticist.html. Dr Eugene McCarthy has postulated that humans have so many features that distinguish us from other apes that he doesn't think it's possible that we share a common ancestor, thus he is contradicting one and a half centuries of biological scholarship dating back to Charles Darwin. Despite the fact that we share over 98% of our DNA with chimpanzees, gorillas and the other great apes; we have a very different anatomy. We are actually one of the most remarkable species in the entire animal kingdom. We are the only simian which always lives on the ground and never climbs trees, hence our unique flat and non-prehensile feet; other apes' feet are more like a second pair of hands. We have very little fur and most of our body is naked; we have a layer of subcutaneous fat instead. We also have an unusual nose with downward-pointing nostrils. This makes us far better swimmers than any other primate because we can put our head underwater without flooding our airway; indeed some people theorize that we actually went through an evolutionary phase when we were amphibious, like seals or penguins. Most obvious of all is our huge brain relative to our body size; compared to other animals we basically are a brain with a body attached to carry it along. This has given us a phenomenal intelligence which surpasses all other creatures by far. It's hardly surprising that serious questions have been raised over the origin of our species.    

But where is the evidence that pigs were involved? According to Dr McCarthy, it's because the traits that make us different from general primates are all found in the Suidae, the pig family; the lack of a fur coat, very similar eyes, eyelashes, the aforementioned subcutaneous fat and protruding nose. It's true that a lot of our tissues and organs do resemble those of a pig. It's a gruesome thing to talk about, but one thing I noticed during my twenty-three year career as a Hospital Porter was that when patients were admitted with severe burns, their wounds give off the same smell as roasting pork. In fact porcine organs have been used for transplantation and some scientists are even breeding pigs specifically to donate their organs to human recipients. Dr McCarthy suggests that at some point in the past, a female chimpanzee mated with a male member of a pig species and this union produced humanity; I know, it makes the mind boggle! Animals of different species do sometimes have sex. In fact a friend of mine once reported to me the distressing tale of how her pet rabbit was raped by her friend's dog. If an interspecies mating results in offspring then this is called hybridization. This is quite common in some cases; a horse and a donkey will produce a hybrid easily, a mule. Other species have been hybridized in captivity when geographical separation doesn't allow them to do so in the wild; like tigers and lions, the "liger", see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liger. Plants can also sometimes be crossbred; indeed peppermint is a common crop achieved by hybridization, see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peppermint. But in order to produce a hybrid offspring the two species have to be closely related so that the sperm and ovum are compatible enough to fertilize, part of the same family at least. Pigs and chimpanzees are much more distant from each other on the tree of life. Dr McCarthy has been on the receiving end of a lot of criticism from other biologists. PZ Myers, a close friend of Richard Dawkins, has ridiculed this "Monkey fucking a pig hypothesis". Dr McCarthy may well be asking the right questions, but postulating the wrong answers.

If humans are not pure and natural primates then what are we? Perhaps we could turn to indigenous mythology for a solution, because mythology is often based on fact; like the "great flood" story being confirmed as a recollection of the real end of the last ice age. Another recurring myth that is found in native folklore all over the world is that man was created by "gods from the sky" through marriage and procreation with these "gods". The best known of these legends is found in the Bible; in Genesis 6:4 we see the line: "There were giants on the Earth in those days, when the sons of God saw that the daughters of men were fair and took from them many heirs. These then grew to men of might and renown". The word "God" in much of the Bible is a translation of the Hebrew Jehovah, but in the Book of Genesis it is translated from a very different word: Elohim, which means something very different; it's a plural for a start. So was there more than one God back then? This same basic storyline is repeated in myths all over the world, as Erich von Daniken discovered, see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n6q9BwXMnQI. The notion is that human beings did not reach their present form by evolution alone; we were partly created, at least partly, by intelligent visiting beings from another world. Is it possible? Maybe. Recurring ancient myths have a habit of supporting what is later discovered by scientific study. What's more, thanks to the late great Lloyd Pye, we may be able to prove it, see: http://hpanwo-voice.blogspot.co.uk/2013/12/lloyd-pye-dies.html. How do I feel about the idea that my ancestors were bred by mixing DNA in a test tube on board a flying saucer? Better than the idea that one in my distant maternal line canoodled with a boar? I'm not so sure; pigs are lovely animals in fact. They're highly intelligent and, contrary to popular belief, very clean. They only cover themselves in mud to protect themselves from sunburn. In fact I'd go as far as to say that I feel more comfortable with the idea of being related to pigs than I do some members of my completely human immediate family whom I could name. Oink oink!

Wednesday 11 December 2013

Lloyd Pye Dies

This strange season of bereavement is not over yet. The latest sad departing I have to report is that of Lloyd Pye, see: https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=10152150591217033&id=214837897032. After battling cancer for many months, Lloyd passed away peacefully yesterday with his family by his side. Lloyd was born in Louisiana in 1946 and became a keen player of American Football, but it is his research and writing for which he is best known. Along with several fictional novels and plays, Lloyd has been published extensively on the subject of paranormal mysteries, specializing in cryptozoology (See here for more background: http://hpanwo-radio.blogspot.co.uk/2013/06/programme-51-podcast-cryptozoology.html) However his research moved on to a new phase in the late 1990's when he was given a remarkable artefact.

The story begins in 1930 when a teenage girl from El Paso, Texas was on holiday with her parents in a region of Mexico called Copper Canyons because there were once mines there in ancient times and some of the remains of these still exist. The girl entered one of the mine tunnels to explore it and came across a pile of bones partially buried under some loose dirt. She picked some of them up and took them home as souvenirs, there she kept them in a cardboard box in her garage for her whole life. Just before she died in 1999 she gave them to some friends and these friends decided to donate them to MUFON, the Mutual UFO Network, see: http://www.mufon.com/, so they must have realized independently that what the girl had found was out of the ordinary. MUFON then decided Lloyd Pye would be the best man for the job of investigating this mystery and so he did. Because the bodies had been buried in an underground tunnel they had not been exposed to wind and rain and so were in excellent condition. Using radio carbon dating Lloyd discovered that they had died about nine hundred years ago. He found out that the bones were of two individuals, one was a completely ordinary adult woman of average height and build, however the other skeleton was much smaller and described as "deformed". Unfortunately most of the bones had been lost in a flood just after the girl found them, but both skulls were recovered; the skull of the second individual was like nothing Lloyd had ever heard of before. Firstly, it was completely the wrong shape; and secondly it was not made of normal bone. Lloyd discovered that it was made of a completely different substance that is more like tooth enamel than bone. There are numerous other anomalies that Lloyd has described in detail in his published works. In the preceding years Lloyd has organized a number of tests on the DNA of the skulls, see the links at the bottom of the article. It turns out that the larger female body was an ordinary human whose genetic marker was native Mexican, exactly as one would expect a local woman to be. However the smaller body had a DNA signature that has never been seen before on Earth. It has a human mother, also a local woman, but not the woman lying beside it in the mine. However its father's DNA is something completely different to any other known form of life on Earth. Despite its size, the being was in fact an adult, as Lloyd could tell by its teeth, but the name has stuck: "Starchild". Here's the websites of the research on the Starchild: http://www.starchildproject.com/ and: http://www.lloydpye.com/index.htm. Lloyd dedicated every moment he could to researching the Starchild, writing about it and travelling the world presenting lectures on the subject. I've seen his live lectures twice, in Nottingham and Derby. Here he is giving a presentation at the first Leeds Exopolitics Expo, see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AGwn8GTIX04. Predictably the Skeptics have tried to head him off at the pass, as they always do. The Skeptic neurologist and radio show host Steven Novella claims that the Starchild is nothing more than an ordinary human suffering from hydrocephalus, a condition in which the interior of the skull fills up with excess cerebrospinal fluid causing the head to expand like a balloon; and he accuses Lloyd of pseudoscience and fallacy. Lloyd has stridently, comprehensively and categorically discredited Novella's tall story here: http://www.lloydpye.com/lloydpyenovella.htm. Lloyd was never the type to suffer fools gladly.

Lloyd lived to see many of his theories proved true by scientific analysis, but the Starchild Project is not yet over. More tests need to be done in order to unravel exactly what the Starchild is. And maybe then we can address more questions, like where did it come from? What was it doing on Earth? Are there any more bones of Starchildren waiting to be found? Are there any still alive today? The answer to all these questions is within our grasp and the quest to answer them will be continued by Lloyd's friends and colleagues. We could be looking at positive proof of the presence of extraterrestrial creatures on planet Earth. If we find that proof then the man we will most have to thank for it is Lloyd Pye. Rest in peace.

Monday 9 December 2013

Beyond Babel

I've always been very interested in linguistics, perhaps because I was brought up multilingually, speaking several languages. My father's family are Bristol Welsh and I was born and brought up in a region of Wales where the Welsh language is dominant. My father's own family has a Welsh-speaking branch too. My mother was a Dutchwoman and I spent a lot of time in the Netherlands with her family, some of whom spoke Groesbeeks, a rare dialect. Last week I wrote an angry article about the sad decline of so many languages in the world and how infuriated I become when a language or dialect is deliberately suppressed, see: http://hpanwo-voice.blogspot.co.uk/2013/11/linguicide-in-black-country.html. I'm also fascinated by the development of language and so was very pleased when I found this programme, see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N_TmftvAypU; I know I slag the BBC's Horizon off quite a lot, but this one was excellent. In order to understand the history of language it helps to use the evolution of life as a metaphor. Like life, according to the now established Darwinist theory, language constantly grows and changes. It mutates, splits and interbreeds; it has kingdoms, geneses, families, and sub-species. Visualize it as a tree if you wish, as biologists often illustrate the evolution of life. There are limbs, boughs and branches of the tree with are language families, like Indo-European, which includes most of the languages of Europe and the Indian sub-continent. The Sino-Tibetan family includes all the dialects of Chinese, Thai and many others in the Far East. Arabic, Hebrew and many others make up the Semitic family. The Niger-Congo family includes most of those spoken in Sub-Saharan Africa, including Swahili, Zulu and Xhosa. And this continues. Some languages occupy a place on the tree with many others; English, for example, is part of the Germanic sub-branch of the Indo-European branch which also includes German, Dutch, Danish, Swedish and many others. Other languages broke off from the main truck alone a long time ago and have developed independently, like Greek and Armenian. Sometimes branches die out, the dinosaurs of linguistics. Unfortunately some are deliberately pruned, as I explain in the link above. Others don't die, but they transform over time until they only bear a moderate resemblance to their former selves; they evolve into new languages. Latin is one of these; it has never died out at all, it simply became a major branch itself sprouting many twigs of its own like French, Italian and Spanish. 
Using this tree diagram of the Indo-European family alone we can see how closely or far away each language is related to all its fellows. For instance we know English, Italian, Norwegian and Gaelic are all related as part of the Indo-European family, but clearly Gaelic and Italian are more closely related than Gaelic and English, even though Gaelic and English are today spoken very closely together geographically; and that English and Norwegian are more closely related than Italian and Norwegian. The goal of linguistic science has long been to categorize every single recorded language ever spoken on Earth, trace its complete origin and its relation to all other languages. If this can be done it will be possible to trace all the human languages on Earth back to a single source from which they all evolved, the original tree-trunk, the "Mother Tongue". This has been difficult because although the root origins of the different families have been worked out, connecting those roots together has been a hard job. There's also the anomalous "orphan languages" like Basque, whose ancestry cannot be obviously seen. However, as the programme shows, linguistic experts have been doing studies which does seem to have provided a universal link which can be applied to all known human languages. This means all the languages spoken in the world today and in historical times emerged from a single language that was spoken in prehistoric times. The title of the show is misleading though, and there's no comparison to the Bible story of the Tower of Babel. If this Mother Tongue really did exist then it was definitely not the only language spoken in the world at that time; indeed at the time it was just one twig on one branch of one limb, just like all the languages of today are. It might have been spoken by just one tribe in one small corner of Africa or Asia. There would have been thousands of other languages spoken alongside the Mother Tongue in those days too. What makes the Mother Tongue unique is it's the only language from that era to survive into the modern world. I'm also curious about how this relates to the theories of prehistoric civilization, as postulated by Graham Hancock, Rand Flem-Ath and others. It could be that sophisticated city-building cultures existed at the time when the Mother Tongue was spoken so there could be a contemporary grammar and dictionary of it still in existence, maybe stored secretly in the vaults of the Vatican Library. We may also find in that vault the records of the Mother Tongue's contemporaries now all extinct. Would we find the complete Atlantean and Lemurian lexicon? 

Sunday 8 December 2013

Colin Wilson Dies

Colin Wilson
26th June 1931 - 5th December 2013

This has been a month of multiple bereavements; in fact this is the fourth obituary I've written since early November.
Now I'm sad to relate that yet another person has died, this time it's the prolific author and insightful philosopher Colin Wilson, see: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/obituaries/culture-obituaries/books-obituaries/10504201/Colin-Wilson-obituary.html. He was aged eighty-two. Born in Leicester in 1931 he was a deep thinker from an early age. He wrote his first book at the age of twenty-four and it became a international cult bestseller, since then he has written over a hundred others and became associated with the "Angry Young Men" literary school (See here for background: http://hpanwo-voice.blogspot.co.uk/2011/04/ive-got-banned-book.html). His writings were not only fiction, but philosophical, scientific and mystical works on crime, human nature and the paranormal. What makes him special for me is that I got hold of my first Colin Wilson book by borrowing it from my mother; this is highly unusual because she and I normally had such different interests. The only other example of this rare interaction is Lyall Watson, see: http://hpanwo-tv.blogspot.co.uk/2011/08/lyall-watson.html. The world has lost a brilliant mind and enthralling writer. Rest in Peace.   

Thursday 5 December 2013

Nelson Mandela Dies

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela
18th of July 1918 to 5th of December  2013

Nelson Mandela, the former South African president has died. South Africa is going to go through an unprecedented period of mourning, see: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-25249520. I actually suspect he died a few months ago and his death was hushed up because of the effect that it would have (I drafted this obituary at the time). He was without a doubt the most popular individual in the country; he's even known as "the Father of the Nation", or "Madiba", an affectionate clan name from his background in the Xhosa people of South Africa. The people who loved him so much will be full of melancholy over his passing. Some might even be ready to give up on life themselves, judging by the reports of their reaction to his decline in health; although being the age he was, ninety-five, it must have been an eventuality they were preparing themselves for. However lots of them are worried about which direction the country will take now he’s gone and I share their concerns greatly. Like Robert Mugabe and many other native leaders who took power in African countries after "independence", Mandela is of royal blood, being a prince in the Thembu Tribe. Some people refer to these bloodlines as the "Black Illuminati"; that's not entirely accurate, but there's no doubt there is an analogy here with the Illuminati. (That's a big subject that will need its own article, and it's an area of study in progress.) He was born in 1918 into a country that was ruled by foreign white colonists and his fellow native blacks were treated as little more than slaves. The terrible injustice of this situation instilled him with a desire to change it and gain freedom for Africa. As a person of nobility he was given a Western style education and was taught how the only advanced human culture came from the white man, that African blacks were subhuman savages by nature and the country was completely barbarous before white imperialists landed, but he didn't believe it; nor did the Zulu historian Credo Mutwa; I strongly recommend this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7PqvBeNKuSA. As he got older Mandela grew into a political revolutionary and trained as a lawyer. In 1943, he joined the African National Congress, the political party he would eventually lead and via which be elected President of South Africa fifty years later.

It's not only in his homeland that Nelson Mandela was revered; he was a hero across the world, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize and numerous other accolades. For the political Left he was a hero… nay a secular saint; no other political figure since Lenin has been so glorified in history by Western left-wingers. Does he deserve this halo of political divinity? In truth, I think he was a man who was motivated by a genuine desire to do good; but he was full of frailty and failings, just like anybody else, and he made some terrible mistakes. In 1948 the South African government instituted a policy called Apartheid, "Separation" in Afrikaans. The president at the time, Hendrik Verwoerd, said it was all about "good neighbourliness", giving all the cultures in the Rainbow Nation their own land and allowing them to rule themselves, away from the interference of others, but in truth it was set of laws keeping the black people on little strips of the worst land in the country, called "Homelands" to live and die in poverty while the white people got the lion's share of everything else. Black people, “Kaffirs” as they were derogatorily called, had to carry ID cards and passbooks to leave their Homeland and were given all the dirtiest jobs; it was the kind of "good neighbourliness" where you're rich and have a nice house while you force your neighbour to live in the garden shed and eat rubbish from your bin! To begin with, the world outside South Africa fully supported this regime and IBM computers were used to store databases for the people's racial categorization; this only changed when grass-roots opposition grew. There were rallies, sanctions and even huge rock concerts, see: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GF85LG3qkyQ. In truth the Apartheid government of South Africa was merely a client state for a vast network of industrial plutocrats, connected into the Illuminati, known as the Rhodes Network after Cecil Rhodes, the architect of much of colonial southern Africa. It includes the diamond transnational De Beers and Lonrho, the London Rhodesia Company. In fact Dan Roodt (see link below) has described how Henry Kissinger met with the South African minister Dr Dawid de Villiers in the late 1970's and told him that the country's government would be "turned over to" the ANC in the year 1995; he was one year out.

Initially Mandela followed a policy similar to the campaign for home rule in India led by Pandit Nehru and Mahatma Gandhi that was contemporary with his own. This advocated non-violent non-cooperation and legal negotiation. But after sixty-nine unarmed ANC protesters were shot dead by the police at Sharpeville he decided that a regime that uses violence against the people can only be defeated by violence; he came to this conclusion very reluctantly. He formed Spear of the Nation with fellow ANC members and also those in the outlawed South African Communist Party. To begin with Spear of the Nation used sabotage of roads, railways and power stations as a tactic, rather than attacks on people, but this changed later on. They also planted bombs intended to kill and injure as we've seen in numerous other guerrilla wars. This was Mandela's biggest mistake; it's quite likely Spear of the Nation was a front for the Apartheid government's own intelligence services anyway, especially in later years. Most of these "anti-government" militias are. The bombs that exploded in South Africa during the Apartheid era were frequent and often untraceable; it's not possible to know which ones were detonated by truly independent African nationalists groups, cointelpro guerrilla movements or just simple false flags planted directly by government forces. There are lots of other examples of governments using this technique, for example see: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GGHXjO8wHsA. Many individuals who get sucked into guerrilla warfare also become deeply self-righteous, amoral and promoters of social Darwinism. This may well be part of the professional mind-control used by psychological warfare experts involved in forming these balaclava belligerents; this is a good example of what I mean: http://hpanwo-voice.blogspot.co.uk/2012/07/charlie-veitchs-armed-resistance.html. Mandela was jailed for life in 1964. Despite the bravado of Verwoerd, Apartheid was not universally accepted by white South Africans when it was introduced, but the actions of Spear of the Nation... or whoever was behind the terrorism, helped to quench most of the sympathy the whites had for their black compatriots. In the 1980's pressure from both within and without South Africa caused the Apartheid regime to crumble. Nelson Mandela was released from prison in 1990 and duly became the country's first democratically elected president. The protesters have now gone silent; South Africa's sorted now... but is it? The country today is still ruled by the ANC; Mandela's presidency has been followed by Thabo Mbeki and Jacob Zuma, two of his fellow prison inmates, released when he was. However the legacy of Nelson Mandela has not matched his vision. His attempt at "Truth and Reconciliation" has not succeeded. The ANC today is a weak and corrupt institution ruled by some of the most vicious individuals the world has ever seen. Mandela, to his great discredit, did not help matters when he allowed a state visit by the Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, a man who talks about the "filthy white seed of the Caucasian". But despite this, it seems that the reverence of Nelson Mandela has been keeping the more extreme elements of his party in check; what will they do now he’s gone? The current rising star of the ANC is the young Turk Julius Malema, the leader of the ANC's youth wing and almost certainly he will be elected a future president. He is a bumptious and conceited individual who lives like a millionaire, despite being an ardent Marxist and self-styled "people's champion". He has publicly supported the monstrous regime of Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe and has called for the indiscriminate murder of white people. He has changed the lyrics of a popular ANC song to contain the lyrics "shoot the Boer!" (In South Africa "Boer" means "farmer" and is the Afrikaner's name for themselves, but it can be used as a colloquial term for any white person.) Sadly many black South Africans have taken him at his word and a campaign of organized murder has been launched against the white people of South Africa. The armed gangs carrying out these crimes are not content with just shooting them, and they commit sadistic acts against their victims that I can't bring myself to repeat. It is a true climate of hatred, and rhetoric like Malema's helps fuel it. A white South African called Dan Roodt is working to prosecute the ANC for incitement to genocide, very justly I think, see: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Lm6ZZCyMZY; but really I think he should be prosecuting the Rhodes Network, not their lackeys in Pretoria. The international community is far more silent over the farm murders than they ever were during the Apartheid era, perhaps because of the monstrous and destructive falsehood that racism is something that can only done by white people to non-whites.
I don't think the South Africa today was what Nelson Mandela planned for or wanted, but then he never understood the true forces that run the nation. The horrible irony is that the Rhodes Network still controls the country. The passing of Apartheid has had no effect on the Network's power at all; for them it’s just a change of image, a rebranding. The presidents who instituted and preserved Apartheid were their puppets, but the modern black political leaders of the nation are no less so. Whether he knew it or not, Mandela was in their pockets too. They play the two sides off against each other like dog-baiters and increase their wealth and power from every murdered farmer and every jailed activists in the country's history. Only when the people of South Africa, both black and white, become aware of this will true change take place in that troubled land. Right now Nelson Mandela will be standing in front of what Credo Mutwa calls Umgulongulu-The Great Spirit". I don't know how that conversation is going; only the two of them know that. But I hope Mandela fares well, I think he always intended well.