Friday 30 August 2013

UK Government blocked over Syria

The UK Government has been defeated in the House of Commons over military intervention in Syria, see: What happens next? The answer to that question depends on whether whoever is manipulating the situation is Syria regards Britain's involvement in the conflict as essential. One issue that of course will never come up in the political mainstream is that the background to the presence of chemical weapons in Syria is so anomalous it essentially makes any suspicion of the Assad regime moot. A news article dated way back in January indicates that a British contractor called Britam Defence was organizing the shipment of nerve gas into the country from Russia via a contact in the Middle Eastern nation of Qatar, working in cooperation with the Obama Administration in America, see: The title says it in as many words; this was a false flag incident. I discuss this subject in more detail in the latest programme of The Ben Emlyn-Jones Show, see:

If the manipulators insist of having the United Kingdom as an ally in this fraudulent war then I make a prediction: we will see more "incentives" appearing in the news, both real and faked. One has already happened that I pray is one of the latter, either way it is a psychological attack designed to horrify and disgust: We might see even more provocation like this, maybe a direct assault on a British military base, an embassy or warship. A worst case scenario might be a terrorist attack on a major city in Great Britain. Mark my words and see if it takes place! If it does, please do not assume that whoever the Government and media blame for it are the people who actually perpetrated it.

Wednesday 28 August 2013

Obama affronts MLK

It is fifty years ago to the day that Dr Martin Luther King Jr made a passionate and poetic speech whose refrain was: "I have a dream!" In those days many parts of the United States had similar racial classification and segregation laws to Apartheid South Africa, with black people officially designated as the social inferiors of white people in hundreds of different ways. There were many black racist individuals and groups at that time calling for all out war and even genocide against the white population in response (this is why I was so offended when the Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan was made a guest of honour at the recent Citizen Hearing, see:; but into this melting pot of rage emerged a man of peace, preaching non-violent resistance in a similar way to Mahatma Gandhi in India, a spiritual man as well as a politician. Unlike so many others, Martin Luther King understood that hatred begets only more hatred and it was important to avoid its temptation. In 1968 he was shot dead by an even more obvious Government conspiracy than John F Kennedy's assassination. Here is a video of his speech from fifty years ago today:

To mark the occasion, the current US President, Barack Obama, will make a speech himself on the same spot at a rally to commemorate the event: I am disgusted by this and consider it an insult to the memory of Martin Luther King. This is not the first time Obama has tried to falsely leech off the legacy of MLK, see: Obama may be the same colour as King, but in all other ways he couldn't be more different. Far from being a man of peace, Obama sends drones into Pakistan to mow down innocent bystanders; far from fighting racism, Obama canoodles with those who want to wipe out all natural human races and replace them with genetically-modified transhumanist monsters, less than 500 million of them. He rather transparently sheds crocodile tears over school shootings. I get sick and tired of hearing about "America's first black president!" It gives the deluded impression that Obama is an anti-establishment figure just because he is a negro, one of the people who have been on the receiving end of so much abuse over the ages. But all empires and oppressive regimes have at times fooled their conquered subjects by withdrawing overt power and replacing it with an apparent "man of the people" in governance, but one who is completely their puppet. The Romans did this, as did the Spanish and British Empires. It's the oldest trick in the book! Are Americans really falling for it again? Alex Jones' superb film The Obama Deception goes into this in more detail: Obama is as much a tool of the Illuminati global elite as any other head of government; only he is far more dangerous than most because he has this veneer of credibility. His deceit is also far more ambitious than average because his personal background is so obscure. His birth certificate is highly questionable and many of his classmates at the university he supposedly attended don't remember him, see: Today he's going to try and spread the lies even further and deeper than ever before. I hope he gets shouted down and booed off stage!   

Tuesday 27 August 2013

Ben Emlyn-Jones on Enemy Within Radio 3

I have been interviewed again on Enemy Within Radio. On this show we discuss the mysterious world of zombies, pandemic biological warfare and UFO's.
See here for the YouTube video podcast:

Other EWR podcasts and live shows can be accessed here:

Monday 26 August 2013

Jesse Marcel Jr Dies

I'm very sorry to announce that Jesse Marcel Jr has died. He collapsed suddenly at his home yesterday and suffered what is likely to be a heart attack; he was 77 years old. Deepest condolences to his daughter Denise and his other family and friends. Here's his official website:

Jesse Marcel Jr was one of the most important witnesses to the Roswell Incident of 1947 (see: His father was Maj. Jesse Marcel, the intelligence officer for the 509th Bombardment Group who first investigated the Incident. After he retrieved some of the material found by Mac Brazel he took it home and showed it to his family, including his son, Jesse Junior. The scene was dramatized in this excellent 1994 feature film about Roswell, at 19.17; Jesse is played by the child actor JD Daniels: Here's the real Jesse talking about that night and the strange objects his father brought home to show him: Jesse grew up to become a doctor and worked throughout his life, long after most doctors would have retired; he practiced as an otolaryngologist. He also joined the US Navy and then the Montana Army National Guard. He trained as a helicopter pilot as well as a medic; the combination of qualifications making him ideal for being a flight surgeon. He served in the Iraq War in 2004, at the age of 68, attached to an attack helicopter battalion. During the last few years he has been an honoured guest at many UFO, paranormal and conspiracy conferences. Sadly I never got to meet him personally, but I have always admired him for speaking out about his experiences. His courage was not in vain. Rest in peace, Jesse.

Friday 23 August 2013

Engineered Islam

I'm not a supporter of the British National Party, nor am I an admirer of its leader Nick Griffin, yet occasionally he comes across some vital and intriguing information; shame he's too much of a narrow-minded buffoon to appreciate its significance. He has recently returned from a visit to Syria, a country currently gripped by a terrible civil war and he has made some observations that contribute to my own research in a startling way; see this interview with him: I've explained many times how I think Islam is being used as the bait in the trap for the Big Brother State and New World Order, no more so than in Britain, for example see: The recent faked murder of Lee Rigby in Woolwich was part of this propaganda campaign, see: (This HPANWO Radio show gives even more details: Unfortunately Nick Griffin's BNP have played a crucial role in spreading the falsehoods that make up this bait in the trap; a fact which seems to escape him in his interview above. However, he rightly points out that there is a wide variety of different denominations and sects within Islam and that in large parts of the Middle East people follow a more tolerant and peaceful interpretation of the Quran, including in Syria. What we in Britain associate with Muslims: burkas, flogging, beheading, bombings etc, is not universal within the Muslim world, it relates to a single sect called Wahhabism, an interpretation dating back just two hundred years within a faith almost one thousand five hundred years old. The main misconception at the moment is that all of Islam is like Wahhabism and that the reason radical Islam exists in the UK is because it's "overflowing" in from its homelands via immigration. What Griffin says above indicates that this is untrue. Immigrants into Britain adhere to many different interpretations of Islam, but they are only radicalized in British mosques after they arrive here. This means that the presence of radical Islam in the UK is an internal problem completely unrelated to immigration. Why and how has this happened?

Well, Griffin is well aware of the hypocrisy and contradiction of a "War on Terror" engineering regime changes in states run by the principles of Wahhabism, in which one of the key allies of the West is the world's principle Wahhabist theocracy, Saudi Arabia. He believes that the reason Wahhabism has gained such a foothold in the West is because of what he thinks are "secret Wahhabists" like the Muslim Council of Britain, and that the Government lets them have their way because they're scared of losing the Muslim vote. I disagree; I think there's much more going on here. The most interesting part of the interview comes at 12.01 where Griffin explains that the Syrian religious community wanted to send Sufi missionaries to the UK; Sufism is a particularly benign and peacefully gnostic interpretation of Islam. He says it was "killed off from on high", but I think he's wrong about why; it wasn't about the MCB and the Labour Government losing votes. He says "MI6 were particularly enthusiastic" about it; how Nick Griffin knows what MI6 wants is a question you'll have to address to him. The main point though is that I think it's far more likely that the Wahhabist presence in the UK is deliberately engineered. The Wahhabist clerics in Mosques are put there on purpose by the British authorities; I've written before about some of the most well-known of these clerics actually being paid agents, see: This means that MI6's "enthusiastic" attitude was probably a cover for the exact opposite one; why were they even involved? The tarring of all Islam with the Wahhabist brush, along with false flag terror attacks and staged charades like the Lee Rigby murder, point towards a major mass cultural and psychological manipulation project. The fermenting of Wahhabism across the world, which dates back to the Cold War, has been done for a similar purpose in international politics. It's just been announced in the news that chemical weapons have been used in the Syrian civil war, see:; both sides in the conflict are blaming each other, but I suspect that a third party is really responsible. We need to expose this for the scam it is, and we need to do it now!

Thursday 22 August 2013

Thirty-Five Years for being a REAL Hero

We hear a lot about heroes these days; in fact you can hardly open The Sun newspaper without the word, in bold capital headline print, leaping out at you. It's usually next to a photograph of a young man in military uniform who has just been killed in Afghanistan protecting the oil industry's Asian pipeline project, and be told what the war poet Wilfred Owen called "the old lie", that he died "fighting for his country!" I myself have done Royal Navy training, luckily only for a few months. I was devastated by my discharge, but I look back now and think silver lining or what! Military training, especially during the basic initial course, is as much about altering the mind as strengthening the body. The new recruit is isolated from his previous life, given limited communication with family and friends, and put into a highly controlled and intense environment. He is exercised rigorously until he is almost exhausted and deprived of sleep; yes, exactly like interrogators do to prisoners. It's the perfect method for turning a man into a biological robot. Those who are not in the armed forces themselves are also indoctrinated by what I've termed "the Military Religion", see: We are brainwashed into seeing these biological robots as objects of glorifying worship; to be such a robot is considered "brave", "manly" and has been made very socially prestigious. In wartime, especially during the First World War, anybody who refused to have anything to do with it was immediately branded a "coward" who was "too scared" to fight, regardless of their actual reasons for refusing. The War Office employed the prettiest girls they could find to hand-deliver white feathers to these men in front of a paid crowd of onlookers, jeering and hurling abuse.

What is a real hero? Somebody once said: "most men will face an army before the scorn of their peers", and I think that's true. As far as I'm concerned, the bravest soldiers in any war are those who face that scorn along with, or instead of, an army, and break through their robotic programming to carry out an act independently for reasons of moral indignation. Private First Class Bradley Manning is such a solider. In 2010 he was arrested and charged with treason and espionage, why? Well, he passed classified film footage to Wikileaks of an attack by American helicopters on a group of armed terrorists with assault rifles and grenade launchers... except they were actually a group of journalists and news photographers with cameras and mobile phones. The US authorities tried to cover up this incident and Bradley Manning stopped them. Yesterday he was sentenced to thirty-five years in jail. Here's a very poignant interview with his uncle in Wales: If Manning had only been flying that chopper or pressing the trigger, and kept his mouth shut, he might have got a medal and been paraded through his hometown on his return. Oh the cruel irony! Michael Ellner is right, everything is backwards and everything is upside down. Bradley Manning is a real man and a real hero, yet why are there no people in shopping centres with collecting tins trying to help him!? He gets thirty-five over the wall for an act of decency in the face of extreme adversity and those guilty of the crime he exposed are still sitting there in their cosy offices, in front of TV cameras, telling their people to trust them, immune from criticism, above the law. The good news is that all is not over yet; Manning's legal team are already launching an appeal. There is massive public support for him, which fills me with hope, including a nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize by Birgitta Jonsdottir, member of the Parliament of Iceland. The Powers-that-Be have succeeded in convicting Bradley Manning, but can they really manage to make this conviction stick? I doubt it.

Tuesday 20 August 2013

Area 51 Revealed?

There has been a US Government declassification of the "U2" or "Dragon Lady" spy-plane programme of the 1950's and 60's which has supposedly led to them revealing all the secrets of Area 51. This project was developed and operated in the strictest of secrecy; it involved the construction of the most advanced aeroplanes and cameras ever built and the recruitment of America's best combat pilots. Its cover was eventually blown in May 1960 in the most spectacular fashion when one of the aircraft was shot down while spying on the Soviet Union, see: The planning and preparation for the programme had to be carried out in secrecy too and so in 1955 the Central Intelligence Agency acquired an old World War II auxiliary airfield in "area number 51" of the Atomic Energy Commission's territory that had been used during the Manhattan Project atomic bomb tests. They sealed it off from public view to test the new spy aircraft. After the U2 programme ended, the base, now officially known as "The Groom Lake Test Facility" continued to be used as a secret test site for the aircraft's successors, like the Lockheed A12 and SR71 "Blackbird". The latest Stealth fighter and bomber aircraft were also trialled at the Groom Lake facility. It is probably still being used for that purpose today; speculation is rife about what kind of new spy-plane and other hardware might be based there, like "Aurora", see: The base also housed enemy aircraft captured during the Cold War, primarily Soviet bloc MiG fighters. By analyzing the engineering of these machines the US Government hoped to find ways of designing new weapons and tactics to deal with them. The location has many nicknames, including "Dreamland", "Paradise Ranch", "Watertown Strip" and "Homey Airport". Since 1977, when Stanton Friedman first investigated the Roswell Incident (See:, the gravity of UFO research has shifted from "lights in the sky to lies on the ground" and when Bob Lazar came forward in 1989, Area 51 was specifically nominated. The highly secure perimeter of the base is now a popular location for tourists, especially those with an interest in the UFO phenomenon, and the "cammodudes", civilian security contractors, are constantly on patrol to keep them from crossing over the unfenced boundary line into the compound. The theory goes that Area 51 is where the Government keeps the wreckage and alien bodies salvaged from Roswell and other similar incidents, and does experiments on them. Although Nick Pope reckons that with all the public attention drawn to the facility in recent times, the Government would have long ago moved this operation somewhere else... unless this is a double bluff... eh, Nick?

The announcement a few days ago that the United States authorities are "finally coming clean" about Area 51 has been distributed widely in the media, see: and:, but just how explosive is this revelation? Firstly the CIA documents released to Mr Richelson don't really divulge any significant information than hasn't already seeped out over the years. There's a great deal of difference between something genuinely unknown and something that is merely unacknowledged by officialdom. It has never been formally acknowledged that the Groom Lake base exists; but then again it's never been formally acknowledged that Trident submarines are armed with nuclear weapons, although surely there is no doubt that they are. Besides which, the formal announcement of the base's existence has already taken place. It happened in 1994 when the widow of a man called Robert Frost sued the Government for damages after he died of an illness she believes was caused by his exposure to unknown toxic material while he was serving at the base. The announcement had to be made that Mr Frost's place of employment is real for the Government to defend themselves in the interests of national security. Other similar scoops have popped up since, eg: Oddly enough in a TV news story about the Frost lawsuit (Sorry, I can't find it now), the plaintiff's lawyer is asked if there are aliens at Area 51 and he replied: "I don't know, my client never saw any; but it wouldn't surprise me. You must realize that place is a legal black hole. It operates above Congressional oversight, above executive oversight; hell, even the US President himself cannot enter it without permission. One is forced to consider whether it is even part of the United States at all, and might instead be an enclave of some kind of 'super-government'." (My emphasis). These are astounding words, but they are potentially accurate. Indeed in his farewell Presidential address in January 1961, Dwight D Eisenhower warned the American people of "the Military-Industrial Complex". A few people heeded his warning, including his successor John F Kennedy, until his untimely death in November 1963. During the recently-concluded Citizens Hearing of Disclosure, see:, an interview was broadcast with a terminally ill man in a chronic palliative care home, who claimed to be a former US intelligence agent. The interview took place in March of 2013 and the current status of the witness is not known: According to this man, operations related to extraterrestrials were already underway by the late 1950's and that the public investigation, Project Blue Book, was a deliberate distraction. President Eisenhower was not initiated into the operation and was so deeply concerned by these clandestine goings on that he resolved to invade Area 51 with military force if necessary. Taking all this into account I can only declare that this media fanfare about secrets being "finally exposed" is practically worthless. Very little has been declassified that was not common knowledge anyway and if there are aliens at Area 51 we are not a single inch closer to them because of it.   

Monday 19 August 2013

Internet Bullying PRS

For many years now I've talked about Internet "trolls", people who have nothing better to do with their lives than antagonize other people online, see: Indeed, I've had them myself. I'm also acutely aware that some people targeted by trolls are far more vulnerable than a certain tough, ugly ex-Hospital Porter you might be familiar with. I know of many cases in which trolls have driven some people to depression and even suicide. In such cases there's blood on the hands of the trolls, as far as I'm concerned, and they should be treated as murderers.

My first instinct was to rejoice when the mainstream news covered not one, but three such cases in the space of a week, see: and: and: But then I remembered that the UK Government has been trying to pressure the law into bringing Internet censorship in, see:, so sadly there's no doubt in my mind that the ordeal of the women on Twitter and memory of the two young people who killed themselves is being exploited for this agenda. Now anybody who doesn't agree with Internet censorship will be branded "heartless and uncaring about the victims of cyberbullying!". Believe me, nobody feels more sympathy than I do for those trolled! But we must still be on our guard against harnessing their plight to a scheme to shut down the people's access to free information. The ultimate goal of the Government's plan is to have the ability to block any website that publishes suppressed information and promotes subversive thinking... like HPANWO.

Sunday 18 August 2013

Santos Bonacci live in Leicester

I’ve been to see Santos Bonacci live at Truthjuice Leicester; this was one of the many stops on Santos’ very busy UK tour: I travelled there as usual with Ustane, see links column on main HPANWO site, who was even keener to meet Santos than I was, having become a very dedicated fan of his. Our journey was complicated by the closure of Nottingham Station for renovation, but we arrived at the venue in good time; it was The Music Cafe, a charming pub/nightclub/theatre with a bohemian atmosphere and clean, comfortable surroundings. Santos’ lecture lasted all afternoon, with breaks, and was packed with information about how the most familiar religious texts in the world, like the Old Testament, the Gospels, the Holy Quran and Torah, are in fact full of symbolism and allegories of the stars and planets. The same goes for more recent religious artwork, like Leonardo da Vinci’s and the architecture of the Vatican City and medieval cathedrals. Santos calls his field of study “Astrotheology”. There’s no doubt that whoever created these works knew an awful lot about the sky above us and wanted to encode that information cryptically into them. In fact Santos says there are seven levels of metaphor; rather like Masonic lore. Adherents to the great religions of the world interpret them literally, but on a higher level they’re intended to tell a very different story. Who really wrote them and for what purpose? Who knows?

We first encountered Santos Bonacci while we were waiting in the queue outside; he is smaller than I expected, only five foot something and he’s very slender. He greeted us with a broad smile and twinkling, bright dark eyes. He came across as very warm and down-to-earth, and he conversed eagerly with the people there. He is also very easy-going in a crisis. When his PowerPoint failed at a crucial moment… which PowerPoint tends to do very often… he just chuckled and carried on with his speech while the technical support crew fiddled desperately with it. Besides which, Santos’ main visuals have always been a white board; I bet if one were available, he’d been fine using a good old fashioned blackboard and chalk. In my view, the simplicity and reliability of this medium outweighs the sophistication and urbanity of PowerPoint; a point not lost on me during my trip to Hull, see: He speaks with a lively and intelligent tone, and a strong Australian accent; he’s an expert linguist and sometimes does interviews in Spanish. He is of Italian extraction and speaks the lingo fluently, and also Japanese, French and Portuguese I’ve heard. He’s been researching his subject for over thirty years, but has only become famous within the alternative community fairly recently. Since then however his findings have filled a major gap in our attempts to uncover the esoteric world hidden from us by the Powers-that-Be, a quest undertaken by such greats as Lincoln, Baigent and Leigh, Lynne Picknett, Laurence Gardener and others. Santos Bonacci deserves to be included among those for sure. I do recommend going to one of the other shows on his tour if you get the chance, see: and: As if often the case at these events, I met up with many other people, some old friends and some new. Heidi King was there too, see: and: Thanks to Santos for this event and everybody else involved in organizing it.      

Thursday 15 August 2013

Ben Emlyn-Jones on Planet X Radio 2

I have been featured again on Planet X Radio; this programme was first streamed on Sunday evening and the YouTube podcast is now available here:

Planet X Radio used to be broadcast on the good old fashioned airwaves, Liverpool's City Talk FM, but it's still going strong today as an internet-only station; here's its official website on which this show will be streamed at intervals for a week: My own segment is at the beginning at the show and we discuss the the attempt to force the jobless into unpaid work and several other subjects. After I've finished, you can hear an interview with Prof Chandra Wickramasinghe, expert in Astrobiology at Cardiff University and a student and collaborator of former Astronomer Royal, Sir Fred Hoyle, whose joint work on interstellar dust led to the theory of "panspermia", the notion that organic matter can travel through space by natural means Also featured in this programme are Zen Gardener, Liz D'Aste, Ayem, Geoff Byrd and Jeff Moran. 
And don't forget to tune in every Wednesday evening at 8PM for my own radio programme on Planet X, The Ben Emlyn-Jones Show; watch the Planet X site above and also the HPANWO Radio blog in the links column.
See here for my previous appearence on the Planet X Radio Show .

Sunday 11 August 2013

Ben Emlyn-Jones on The Mind Set Podcast 27

I have once again been featured on The Mind Set Podcast's round table discussion. Subjects discussed this week include: climate change wildfires, Obama and Putin fall out, more Internet censorship and much much more.
See here for The Mind Set Podcast- Episode 161:

(See here for my previous appearance on The Mind Set Podcast:

Thursday 8 August 2013

Ben Emlyn-Jones live at Truthjuice Birmingham

I will be speaking live at Truthjuice Birmingham next Tuesday, the 13th of August. See: Here’s the Facebook page for the event:
The venue will be the King’s Heath Cricket and Sports Club, 247 Alcester Road South, Kings Heath, Birmingham, West Midlands. Doors open 7 PM and admission is £5, or £3 concession. Car parking space is available at the venue.

Zombies are well-known figures of mythology and horror fiction, and their profile is steadily increasing in recent books and films. However more and more they have been appearing in the media and in official government publications portrayed as real or semi-real. What’s going on? This lecture will contain disturbing information and is not suitable for small children.
See here for my previous live lecture on energy politics at Truthjuice Hull:

Wednesday 7 August 2013


The topic of violence and warfare in indigenous societies sounds deceptively stuffy and academic, but it’s actually a very important philosophical and political question that relates directly to the entire human world, and I doubt if that point is lost on Prof. Steven A Pinker, see here for one of his recent lectures:, and his main inspiration, the anthropologist Lawrence Keeley. It all goes back to the 17th century philosopher Thomas Hobbes who pioneered the idea that the modern world rescued us from some kind of Dark Age of savagery. Pinker says in as many words: “Hobbes was right”. Pinker’s opinion is that the last five millennia of “civilization” has had a very calming effect on human nature. Actually I’m not really interested in most of his lecture and I certainly do not wish to extinguish its optimistic tone; what concerns me is the first twelve minutes or so where he talks about violence in “non-state” cultures and how they compare to civilization. There is another side to the story; a man who goes by mononym of “Gyrus” has written a book challenging Pinker and Keeley’s ideas on the changes between prehistory and history; his official webpage contains a link to a free PDF download of the book, War and the Noble Savage, and an illustrated audio lecture from 2009, see: Gyrus disagrees with Pinker and Keeley’s judgement, which based on a very simplistic single-axis data analysis system which seems to make sense at first glance: the ratio of deaths by violence per proportion of the population. It doesn’t take into account the fact that non-state people lived in far smaller social units, which were themselves parts of regional communities that were smaller in population than modern ones by an order of magnitude. “Jivaro Indians have five times the murder rate of Colombia!” Sounds impressive; it give you the notion that the Jivaro spend all their time walking round with clubs trying to shatter each other’s skulls… until you realize there are only a few thousand of these guys and that “five times the murder rate of Colombia” in such a small population works out at around one murder per century. Pinker also fails to understand that many of the so-called “war deaths” in these societies were not caused by war as we know it. They happened as a result of engaging in extremely violent sports that were often used to resolve conflict, as an alternative to warfare; in fact in some indigenous cultures the concept of war as we understand it today, the ruthless, pragmatic, amoral and unrestrained killing of our fellow man, was unknown. However when it comes to environmental harmony, the Hobbesians are only too happy to hang their whole hypothesis onto population levels. In truth we don’t know anything about whether prehistoric people were aware of the need to care for the planet because they left no written records, however the contemporary testimony of the few remaining indigenous cultures in the modern world shows a remarkable level ecological awareness and a deep and wise appreciation for our planetary home, see:

Why is the nature of indigenous societies such an important political and philosophical question? Because if we can prove that malice, greed, misanthropy and indifference to the environment are hardwired into the evolutionary character of human beings, it eases our conscience considerably when we look at the world around us today; everything from school bullying to nuclear attacks. At the end of the day, isn’t it just people being people? Some of us have a desperate need to believe this, because it lets us off the hook; it saves us from feeling any shame about our behaviour and a cop-out from any sense of duty to make changes. However Gyrus’ research indicates a very different image of our past, one that we have to face up to. The fact is that there are many cultures in prehistoric times in which people simply did not harm each other. They had conflict of course; conflict is an inevitable dialectic of life, but they managed to sort out that conflict in a civilized manner. These societies were not devoid of violence, but the violence was of a different nature. As I said above, they often played brutal games of mortal combat. Good examples of such cultures are Catal Huyuk in Turkey and the Temple Builders of Malta. I recommend this documentary by Richard Rudgley, see: One of the most significant stories of the Conquest of the Aztecs was the justification for it by the Conquistador Hernan Cortes. He railed against the viciousness of the Aztecs because they were so “warlike”. And it’s true, the Aztecs were constantly at war with their neighbours. But Cortes beat them because he laid siege to their capital Tenochtitlan and this stumped the Aztecs; because Cortes was targeting innocent bystanders, women and children etc. This was an alien concept to the Aztecs; when they fought wars amongst other indigenous nations they never harmed innocent people and only killed other soldiers. We’ve got to be wary of the falsehoods people like Pinker and Keeley are spreading because such concepts are extremely attractive in a world where it is so emotionally tempting to find a good reason to turn away and not give a damn. “It’s just human nature, mate.” I’ve wondered about this question myself. Could Hobbes be right? Is all the cruelty and destruction in the world simply down to the natural instincts of upright, naked apes? That is best answered by asking, if this is just human nature, why does it need constant maintenance? If you look at the media, education and other forms of psychological manipulation, you’ll see the Powers-that-Be jump through hoop after hoop and sweat buckets in the effort to keep us at each other’s throats. Why do they bother? Why don’t they just sit back and watch the show while we tear each other to pieces? See here for more details: It’s worth bearing in mind that Thomas Hobbes believed in the need for a one-world government which he called “Leviathan”; he was far from unbiased.

Tuesday 6 August 2013

Strange Pentagram in Kazakhstan

A bizarre earthwork has been spotted in northern Kazakhstan, see:
The pentagram, pointed downwards in the “Left Hand Path” style, is enormous, 1200 feet across, and it lies on the shores of a reservoir near the town of Lisakovsk. The pentagram is an ancient esoteric symbol encoding many sacred geometric constants; it’s associated in the West with Wicca and other forms of Neopaganism; in its positive form it always has a single point at the top however in its negative Black Magick presentation it is inverted with two points upwards; this makes it resemble a goat’s head, one of the symbols of Satanism, called the “Baphomet Sigil”. The Lisakovosk pentagram is laid out in this form.

What’s odd is that this is not the first time I’ve come across a phenomenon of this kind. In fact there are at least two others, one can be found at the top secret Russian military base of Kapustin Yar, see:; this dates back to at least 1960. Another much more recent construction can be found in the Gobi desert in China, see: In the Mail Online article, Kurt Yates of Live Science says that these images are associated with military bases and aerospace activities. There is no doubt about this, as the first one is at “Russia’s Area 51” and this new one in Kazakhstan is close to the Baikonur Cosmodrome, the world’s biggest space centre. Yates says the shape is related to how tracking radars work, yet, as we’ve seen, these earthworks form several different shapes. It’s odd that on three separate occasions now we have strange symbols carved into the land of such huge size that they can only be seen properly from a very high altitude, or in space. Why?

Monday 5 August 2013

Immigration Van

These two news stories have just come out and they fit exactly what I’ve been predicting for a long time. I’m glad there is some protest against both these issues, but the protests seem to be badly focused. The contention seems to be that the vans and the spot checks “discriminate against people of colour”, not just that they’re happening at all. The solution might be suggested that everybody should be subjected to spot ID checks, white, brown and black; and will this then satisfy the protesters? The true purpose of this whole issue, what I has concerned me for years, has always been to achieve that very thing!

Sunday 4 August 2013

Ben Emlyn-Jones on The Mind Set Podcast 26

I have once again been featured on The Mind Set Podcast's round table discussion. Subjects discussed this week include: Chemtrail brainwashing, “workfare”, the English Defence League and much much more. On a personal note, I consider this programme to be one of the finest we have ever done.
See here for The Mind Set Podcast- Episode 161:

(See here for my previous appearance on The Mind Set Podcast:

Friday 2 August 2013

Anti-feminist Demonization

This poisonous article by Suzanne Moore in The Guardian is attempting to portray all anti-feminists as male chauvinists who feel "threatened" because they can't stand the thought of women not being their inferiors and "under their thumb"; worse, even appeasers of rapists, see: (Thanks to my friend and fellow-blogger Marmite Lover for bringing this to my attention) This is totally false and slanderous. My own opposition to feminism comes from my concern for civil rights and protecting the human world from malevolent psychological and cultural manipulation.

We're living a somewhat Orwellian situation in which "women and men are now equal, but women are more equal than men". Feminism is defined as: "a collection of movement and ideologies aimed at establishing and defending equal political, economic and social rights for women". (Wikipedia). This is a noble cause, and if it were true I'd be a hundred percent behind it. However feminism, at least in modern times, is really something very different. On the surface it seems to be not so much about freeing women as imprisoning men. What's scary is that most people don't appear to understand the difference and those who do often still support it. It is completely acceptable nowadays to turn somebody down for a job, a promotion or discriminate against them in other ways, for no other reason than because they're of the male gender. There are "man-free zones" in almost every town and city where we are banned, like dogs. Also masses of organizations and institutions of privilege that are "women only". There are numerous images in our media that ridicule and humiliate men; also scenes which glamourize and trivialize violence against men by women. This is all a part of the policies that come under the heading of "affirmative action" or "positive discrimination", as it also applies to black people and many other minorities. The idea behind this is that it's necessary to discriminate positively because there is a kind of "tidal set" in society against such minorities which needs to be countered (although women are actually a small majority, 51% or so of the UK population). But for me the solution is to find out where the "tidal set" is and remove it! Hence my suspicions are aroused; what's really going on here? Also when you ask a feminist, or a proponent of another form of affirmative action, to justify their stance, the reply you'll usually get is something like: "Well this is what women had to put up with for hundreds of years!" Does this justify treating men the same way now? Is it really equal rights you want... or blind revenge? You can't fight injustice by trying to cancel it out with another injustice; all you get is a double-dose of injustice. As the former BBC newsreader and men's rights campaigner Michael Buerk said: "All we're good for is sperm donation!" Well we can easily perform that duty from inside a concentration camp!
However, whether or not you agree with these measures, what if the objective of all this is not to fight injustice at all? The origins of modern feminism have suspiciously close links to the Fabian Society, indeed Emmeline Pankhurst, famous leader of the Suffragettes was a member, see: The Fabian Society is a part of the cultural Marxist "Fifth Column" network which includes Common Purpose, the Rand Corporation and the Tavistock Institute. These organizations all use psychology to change people's behaviour on an individual and collective level; this excellent documentary covers the subject in detail: In fact everything fits into place if you consider an alternative theory, that feminism is not really about setting women free, that instead it's part of a Fifth Column agenda to generate artificial and unnecessary conflict in society, to breed resentment between people, create tension where none need exist. This is a feature of society that I've noticed is very widespread and covers multiple subjects; that people must be in a constant state of rivalry and internecine hatred. We are told this is the natural state of human nature, but if this is the case, why do the authorities spend so much time and energy on maintaining it? Why don't they just sit back and watch the show while we, the people, tear each other to pieces? Most feminists are of a left-wing political persuasion, people who oppose racism and religious bigotry and so can't be divided along those fault lines. Put yourself in the position of the manipulators; what do you with people like that? "I know, let's take one half of them and set it against the other. Gender war!" I support women's liberation and women's rights completely and am totally opposed to any mistreatment or deprivation of my fellow humans of the fairer sex. There are women with perfectly legitimate grievances over oppression, prejudice and unfairness, and these should indeed be sustained. But feminism is not the solution. Feminism is a deformed and fraudulent monster that gives the illusion of being benign and progressive, when it is in fact the opposite; it is a massive con trick designed to incarcerate both men and women. It's a wolf in sheep's clothing, which, as you can see above, is one of the motifs of the Fabian Society.
Updates: Red Ice Radio have done a series of interviews on feminism that are essential for further information, see: