Thursday 27 May 2010

National ID Card Scheme Scrapped?


Oh really? Sorry to be the party-pooper, but is this really the the end of the Database State? Don't celebrate too soon! I'm not sure that the government have totally abandoned the idea of a national ID system yet. Over the last few years, they've hung too much drive and baggage onto this for them to let us escape so easily, from the EU and Globalist agendas! We must be on our guard! Watch out for launch of a new "National Affiliation and Homeland Declaration Cards", or something similar, in the next few years!

Saturday 22 May 2010

Gary McKinnon's Extrdition Suspended

Some of the best news the Voice has yet given!:,news-comment,news-politics,theresa-may-puts-hacker-gary-mckinnon-extradition-on-hold


Background articles:

Addendum: Footie McGrew on the HPANWO Forum said something very interestimng. "What do you reckon, he did a deal with them? A kind of 'We'll drop the charges against you if you keep quiet about the stuff you saw while you were hacking.'? Or even more, he has to publically 'admit' that he was lying? Keep an eye out for developments, I wouldn't be surprised if we see McKinnon call a press conference to confess his deception: 'I never really saw aliens, I just made it up for a joke'." See:

Tuesday 11 May 2010

Who Did You Vote for?


I don't wish to take part in this fraud called Democracy, the right to put a cross on a piece of paper every few years to choose my govt's public-relations officer. I hear: "But Ben, people have given their lives for you to have the vote!" I know, and that's the sickest part. Think of the Chartists, the Suffragette's, the ANC, Solidarity, all the millions who've died in wars and revolutions for Democracy! The fact that we humans have paid such a high price for this piece of crooked merchandise makes it worse. I have no moral, social or historical obligation to cooperate with this con-trick. (It's just come on the news that gordon Brown has resigned and this means that David Cameron wwill probably be the new Prime Minster. See:

BTW: My ex-girlfriend lives in Ducklington, Oxfordshire, part of Cameron's constituency and she knows him. She says he's very aloof and not interested in you unless he can get a vote out of you. Then he puts on his smiling handshaking act!