Wednesday 31 July 2013

Pony Mutes on Dartmoor

The Daily Mail has published an upsetting article about the mysterious deaths of a number of Dartmoor ponies, see (WARNING- disturbing content): The article blames these attacks on a Satanic ritual cult in the area. It sites certain evidence, such as the presence of burnt circles of grass and that the attacks occur on Pagan holidays. However there is another possibility which the article does not mention, but I think makes much more sense: These unfortunate animals were the victims of the "mysterious mutilation" phenomenon. The nature of the injuries, the body parts removed and the lack of visible bleeding all point towards this theory. Linda Moulton Howe was the first investigator to raise public awareness of this horrific enigma, see: Since then many others have followed, like David Cayton, see: No proposed explanation for animal mutilations so far has come close to being adequate. It's not being done by people involved in a secret government medical experiment, that's for sure; if it's being done by alien beings from another world then why on Earth are they doing it? I don't agree with LMH's genetic harvest hypothesis; you can easily obtain DNA from a strand of hair or single skin cell. There's no need to do what is being done to these beasts, unless there's something about DNA we have yet to discover. We're a very long way from getting to the bottom of this, but it is happening, that's inescapable, and it needs to be reported accurately in the media.

Tuesday 30 July 2013

Bedroom Tax Lawsuit

I'm sorry to report that a class action lawsuit in the High Court against the Government's "Bedroom Tax" has failed, see: I was hoping that, as the character played by Tom Hanks in the film Philadelphia said, today we might get that rare opportunity to see justice done. The Bedroom Tax is one of these things that have slipped easily through the front door in recent years, when a decade ago we'd have slammed it in their faces. It is effectively punishing the poorest people in rented accommodation because, firstly: they're poor; and secondly: that local authority housing is too disorganized and depleted to accommodate them in suitable dwellings anyway. As you can see from the news report, the Tax also hits the disabled badly too. What has happened to our world!? The good news is that the solicitors representing the claimants are going to appeal. It would help enormously if there's a public outcry about this too, so tell all your friends!

Monday 29 July 2013

Ben Emlyn-Jones on Planet X Radio 1

I have been featured on Planet X Radio; it was streamed yesterday evening and the YouTube podcast is here:

Planet X used to be broadcast on the good old fashioned airwaves, Liverpool's City Talk FM, but it's still going strong today as an internet-only station; here's its official website on which this show will be streamed at intervals for a week: My own segment is at the beginning at the show and we discuss the new Royal baby, the attempt to force the jobless into unpaid work and several other subjects. I really enjoyed doing this segment and the Planet X Radio hosts have invited me back for another show. After I've finished, you can hear an interview with the UFOlogist Gary Heseltine, a former police detective who has done a very evidential and no-nonsense police-style investigation into the UFO phenomenon, see:

Ben Emlyn-Jones on The Mind Set Podcast 25

The new episode of The Mind Set Podcast's round table discussion, featuring myself, is now available. Subjects discussed this week include the newborn Prince George, a new drive for UK Internet censorship, False Memory Syndrome and much much more.
See here for The Mind Set Podcast- Episode 160: 

(See here for my previous appearance on The Mind Set Podcast:

Sunday 28 July 2013

"Work Experience" for the Unemployed

From the dawn of the welfare states, in most countries, it has been suggested many times that unemployed people should be forced to do unpaid work on state-controlled labour schemes. For over fifty years these schemes were suggested, trialled and cancelled; this was because of their enormous practical and ethical drawbacks, yet in the last few years in the UK the current government "work experience" schemes have been pushed through much more vigourously and have now sadly taken hold. This is one of the many previously unthinkable changes in society that have somehow become acceptable and normal in recent years. This comes at the same time that Iain Duncan Smith, the Work and Pensions Secretary interviewed in the news clip, see:, brought in a cap on benefits; also he's contracted a company called Atos Healthcare to carry out "Work Capability Assessments" on people receiving sickness and disability benefits, in order to "streamline" the means testing for these benefits. This has resulted in many people being forced to find jobs that they may not really be fit to carry out. The injection of unpaid labour into the workforce can also cause terrible problems that I detail in the background links below; in brief: some employers are now creating vacancies specifically for unpaid "work experience" placements. This means they could easily end up making their own properly employed staff redundant to create these posts. If this situation spirals, then unemployment itself will not only increase, but working life in Britain will be changed forever by an entire new sector of civic slaves... and it's not an exaggeration to use that word.

These policies are also deeply insulting to unemployed people, as well as being based on a myth. Despite the undeniable and very simple fact that the declining number of available jobs is causing this unemployment, (It's what always causes unemployment, duh!) the idea that there is some kind of massive underclass of "welfare kings", unemployed by choice, living in everybody's street, bleeding the country dry of taxpayers' money, has not gone away; what's more it's encouraged by certain newspapers. The theory behind this falsehood is: if only we could make life as uncomfortable and painful as possible for people receiving benefit then they'd all go out, get on their bikes, and take all these non-existent jobs; and then there would be no unemployment. Presumably when the work situation picks up these people all magically recover from their laziness, do they? Amazingly the people who complain about "lazy dole scroungers!" often shrug nonchalantly at the trillions of pounds given to the banks in 2008, a greater drain on the public purse by a multiple factor. Very few people indeed choose to be unemployed; in fact in this day and age you'd need to be a masochist to do so. You don't only get far less money nowadays, but unemployment has been virtually criminalized. The Job Centre now has security guards and assessment staff who must have been trained to be cruel and rude. It is vital that we don't fall for the propaganda demonizing people out of work. If not we will further ruin the economy, destroy millions of people's live and let the real guilty party get away with it again.

Saturday 27 July 2013

The Secret Life of Uri Geller

The BBC have broadcast one of the most remarkable programmes I've seen from the Corporation in years, it concerns the celebrity performer Uri Geller. It's called The Secret Life of Uri Geller, see:

Uri Geller is the biggest paranormal celebrity the world has ever seen. He emerged in Israel in the early 1970's and quickly became a worldwide household name as a magician; his favourite tricks were bending metallic objects with his bare hands, usually cutlery, and reproducing drawings he supposedly couldn't see on stage in front of hundreds, and on TV in front of millions. Through his fame he quickly made his fortune. But there's a secret side to his life, one that is already well-known among alternative researchers, but has up till now been stringently deflected from the mainstream public consciousness. The truth is that Uri Geller is far more than just any old stage conjurer; he has been involved in psychical research and classified government intelligence operations for over forty years in at least two countries. This programme portrayed a side of Uri Geller I never thought existed. In his brief appearance on What the World Thinks of God he claims that "killing is wrong; I've done it and I know", see:, yet in the title documentary he comes across as a staunch Zionist. "My love for the Jewish nation was embedded because of that war." (I do not use the word "patriotism" or derivatives thereof, when it comes to Israelies because I don't consider Israel to be a legitimate sovereign state, least of all a "Jewish nation". On the contrary, I denounce it as an aberrant and unlawful fiefdom. I think I would be much less hostile to its existence if it wasn't one of the most brutal regimes in the modern world). The fact that he was a member of the Israeli Defence Force and happened to be mobilized for one of the Arab-Israeli wars is not relevant because Israel has always had a policy of national conscription; all Israeli men will have at some time served in that Zionist fiefdom's "defence" militia. What makes me realize this, is partly his rhetoric during his interviews for this programme, and also his revelations that he was (is) an agent of Mossad. Not only that but he has also been involved with research for the American CIA; this is not completely secret and has been explored before. Several books have been written on this subject and several TV movies made, EG: In fact in John Ronson's book The Men who Stare at Goats the author describes a meeting with Geller in which he says words the effect of: "I've been reactivated! If you tell; anybody I'll simply deny it!" This is a strange turn of affairs after the Skeptic Movement have universally denounced Geller as simply an exceptionally successful conman, preying on people's ignorance and gullibility, see: So why have entire government departments on a budget of millions in many countries been devoted to researching this subject? I'm well aware that James Randi considers himself the one and only real paranormal investigator on Earth and that all of his peers are white-dressed, flower-wielding "gullibles" that he can look down his nose at; but the fact of the matter is that top Stanford Research Institute scientists, supervised by the CIA, Hal Puthoff and Russell Targ, did thorough studies on him and disagreed, see: There was also some concern among them that the Israeli Mossad had not released Uri from their clutches just yet. Their work is part of the very long and ongoing relationship between the supernatural and warfare, see: The BBC programme above is obviously going to contain elements of ridicule; for instance the musical consultants chosen for this show included the theme music of James Bond, Mission Impossible, The Twilight Zone, Monty Python, Doctor Who, and... of course!... The X-Files, in the score. What is certain is that the paranormal warfare project expanded into a massive multi-departmental operation involving NASA and others. People like Maj. Ed Dames and Ingo Swann were involved, see: But there is some truth behind the various layers of flannel. The superpowers in the Cold War did indeed research supernatural abilities and indeed, as Uri suggests, Mossad did too. What has been revealed so far is supposedly the "whole story" of the US and/or Soviets supposed folly of launching a scientific project on this subject. But the truth runs far deeper; as long ago as Word War II, government forces were closely monitoring psychic mediums and taking action against them if the circumstances require it, see the above link about Helen Duncan. I find it unlikely that there would be a big fuss over whether or not IDF planes flew over Egypt or not during the Entebbe operation. As with the 1986 bombing of Lybia, it would be a simple matter to fly round a particular airspace as the USAF flew around France.

Col. John Alexander seems to be as a crucial a lynchpin in the complex morass psychic spying has become as Uri Geller. He has since been a welcome guest at many UFO, paranormal and anti-NWO Conferences; billed as a supposed "whistleblower speaking out". On the surface he seems to be one of the "insiders on our side", like so many others. But what bothers me is he has been involved in somewhat suspicious activities that make me wonder if he really is a "renegade" at all. He's been less than helpful in regards to Dr Judy Wood and John Hutchison, see: Is he just another of these people who have come to us and asked for a platform as the "one who has been one of 'them', and now wants to be one of 'us'"; why? Conscience and a sense of duty? Maybe they're nothing more than another lure to distract us from the real truth. The emergence of this new BBC documentary as well as bestselling books promoted by The Guardian should cause us concern. I'm especially bothered by the fact that John Ronson's book has been adapted into a Hollywood movie: Why would the very institution that wants to keep secrets then go and encourage attention towards it?

Thursday 25 July 2013

The New Prince George

"Baby Cambridge" will henceforth be known as Prince George Alexander Louis, he is third in line to the throne and is definitely being set up to be king. I watched the live broadcast when William and Kate came out of the hospital carrying the day-old boy, smiling and waving to the crowd of well-wishers and journalists. The importance of this child to the British Monarchy cannot be understated. For instance, who remembers this?: Well the news at the moment has not even mentioned it. Could this have been a blood sacrifice? Kate and William had obviously been well-coached as they greeted the public. Neither were showing any overt affection for their newborn first child, which is almost unbelievable, as well as deeply cruel of whoever told them not to. I've seen so many newborns and their parents during my years as a delivery suite Porter and the obvious adoration they show towards their little bundles of joy is very manifest. William also said: "We've only recently met him". This is again contrary to standard maternity practice in this country. Babies are always left with their parents from the moment of birth and rarely leave their side.

I decided to talk to somebody I know in the Truth movement, Sarah Goodley, who is a qualified children's counselor and has a sister who's a midwife (See: and she gave me some interesting information. For instance she has investigated the numerology of the name "George" and it means: the one who struggles with the fire breathing dragon symbolizing the Devil", well that figures! George of course is also the patron saint of England and in mythology he fought a dragon. Here's another article; I don't know quite what to make of it, but it's worth considering: Sarah also says that there's a possibility the babies could be "switched". Who knows what the Royals get up to; I dread to imagine! Whatever happens I feel sorry for Prince George, as I said a few days ago, see: I also feel sorry for his mother. Kate's child will never be hers in the way a child and its mother should be linked. He's the property of the House of Windsor, part the Habsburg Bloodline of the Illuminati, and they do not share their possessions with anyone!

Monday 22 July 2013

Baby Cambridge is Born

Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, has given birth to a healthy baby boy. On behalf of HPANWO, I offer my congratulations to the happy couple and their child; reptilian or human, it makes no difference. Personally, I was just hoping it would go well. My ongoing wish was that the baby would be born alive and healthy. I fail to comprehend anybody who wished otherwise. When it comes to stillbirth and neonatal death, everybody is on the same side; Rothschild or Perkins. Having myself lost a baby thus, I would not wish that fate on anybody in the deepest strata, the Council of Thirteen, of the Illuminati. But I do feel concern for this child. What kind of life is he going to live? He will grow up in a world in which he will have everything money can buy; but a cage is still a cage, even when it's a gilded one. He'll still be well and truly behind bars. I live in a single room and I scrub floors for a living. He will live in a palace and play polo every day. Would I swap places with him? No. I can go where I want, love anybody I want, marry anybody I want and have children with anybody I want. Bloody hell, I even have the right to drive into a tunnel in Paris and come out of the other end alive! I feel no envy at all for him, or any other member of the Royal Family; on the contrary I feel only pity.

Sunday 21 July 2013

Vintage Ben Emlyn-Jones Interview

This interview with Mick Meany of RINF is one of the first I ever gave, it was originally posted on this page in July 2007, see: I gave the interview following a row I'd just had with my daughter's school, because they were trying to take her fingerprints for a biometric database, see: She was aged 12 at the time and nobody had asked my permission. I have many concerns with the practice of fingerprinting schoolchildren which I explain in the interview and this article: This experience had a huge effect on me and inspired a lot of what I went on to do in the years since with HPANWO.

Thursday 18 July 2013

New York Subway Gas Drill

At the moment in New York City, an experiment is taking place which will involve the release of gas in the city's underground urban railway network, the Subway. See: This gas is called "perfluorocarbon tracer" and is invisible, odourless and said to be harmless. The objective of the study is to see how gas travels inside the tunnels of the system. This is so the police and emergency services have a better idea of how much damage a terrorist attack using gas might have; such an attack has taken place in the past, on the Tokyo underground railway in 1995. There are two concerns I have with this operation. Firstly real terrorist attacks have a habit of occurring during actual terrorist attack drills, as with 7/7 and 9/11. Secondly, the last time the authorities in America did experiments involving dumping chemical or biological weapons on its general public it resulted in tragedy: Here's an episode of The Mind Set Podcast where we discuss this issue; see here at 52.50:
(Edit 20.16) I've just found out that simultaneous drills are going on with the London Underground: 

Monday 15 July 2013

Earth's Population reaches 7 Billion

It's been announced that the Earth's human population has reached seven billion people, see:, although this is an estimate. Nobody knows the exact figure; we can only go by the registry offices of the world's nations gathered by United Nations officials; and there are thirteen countries from which no birth and death records have been submitted, including Afghanistan, Somalia, Iceland and the Dutch Caribbean. There are also political reasons why any data will be interpreted as liberally as possible by the UN Population Division, see: The reasons are that those who wish to change the world according to their plans want us all to perceive the world as overpopulated; we will then agree to governmental control measures, see: But it is all based on a lie; the world is not overpopulated at all, see here for background:

Environmental activists have changed in recent years. Rather than having beards and woolly hats they wear smarts suits and ties; and they no longer sail boats into the paths of whaling ships, they sit in locked boardrooms and speak in hushed voices. Here they plot ways of killing the majority of people on Earth. They have a respectable public face of course; like good old David Attenborough, everybody trusts him! See: And Bill Gates, that wonderful philanthropic industrialist who gave us personal computers, see: But in the boardroom they secretly know, or think they know, that what's being said publicly is too little too late; "We have to actively kill 'em!" The sad thing is that most of the men in the boardroom are not evil people, they're just people who believe that the only way to save the Earth's environment from destruction is to do desperate and extreme things. This can be achieved through forced sterilization, and the engineering of artificial disease to shorten the lives of those now living; the restructuring of the natural environment of the planet, genetically modifying the human body and domestic animals and plants, and the reconstruction of political and economic society, a New World Order. They may well mark this seven billion milestone with a new offensive in their schedule. That is why it is so important to speak out against the overpopulation myth, because that's the cornerstone of the entire agenda; once that's gone nobody will believe the rest.

Sunday 14 July 2013

Ben Emlyn-Jones on The Mind Set Podcast 24

The new episode of The Mind Set Podcast's round table discussion, featuring myself, is now available. Subjects discussed this week include: Edward Snowden speaks out, George Zimmerman and racism, mock gas attack in New York and much much more.
See here for The Mind Set Podcast- Episode 158:

(See here for my previous appearance on The Mind Set Podcast:

Friday 12 July 2013

The Orange Order Marches

Today is the 12th of July, the day of the traditional Orange Order marches in Northern Ireland, see: This organization was supposedly set up for contemporary political purposes, to defend Ulster Protestantism and British Unionism. Its name comes from the House of Orange, the bloodline of King William III of England, who became king after he defeated King James II in the Battle of the Boyne which took place in 1690 at County Meath in Ireland, not in England at all; odd that when you think about it. King William was not even English, he was a Dutchman; the House of Orange still occupies the throne of the Netherlands and the incumbent King Willem-Alexander, is William III's descendent. The Orange bloodline are also instrumental in setting up the furtive and sinister Bilderberg Group in 1954, see:; and they established the Duchy of Marlborough, based at Blenheim Palace near Oxford, see: The Orange Order's parade and other riituals commemorate and glorify William's victory in the battle. Their opponents are the Irish republican nationalist movements like Sinn Fein and the IRA. The conflict that ended up in the Troubles of the 20th century is very old and can be traced back to the Plantation of Ulster in the 17th century which eventually led to the partitioning off of Northern Ireland in 1921 which was the will of the Protestant Unionists. The nationalists have the opposite goal: a united Ireland. For their objectives both sides have inflicted and endured horrors for centuries.

As is so often the case, this conflict has been interpreted by general politics in a deceptively simple way. Most patriotic and conservative British people support the right of Northern Ireland to exist because they like the idea of the British Empire and see it as a force for good. Left wing types believe the British installed the Ulster Protestants because they were "their kind of people" and the nationalists fighting back are striking a blow for freedom against imperialism etc. Most Leftists want to see a united Ireland; some even support IRA terrorism. But the truth is, inevitably, far more complicated than that. The deeper reasons for the situation in Ireland have never been completely revealed, but some excellent research done a few years ago by somebody called Andrew Power have shed some much-needed light on the issue. He wrote an earth-shaking book called Ireland- Land of the Pharaohs, which was unfortunately not in print for long; Power then dropped off the scene for undisclosed reasons and has not been heard of since. (There is a free PDF copy of Power's book online. I'm not completely sure of the copyright status of this link, but seeing as Ireland-Land of the Pharaohs has been out of print for many years and the author is no longer active, I'm guessing there is no current problem with posting it. However if a new edition of the book is ever published, or if the copyright-owner asks me, I will immediately edit this post and remove it: There are still a few online recordings of a radio interview the author did for the book's launch in which he describes the theory behind his book: Power is a former member of the Black Preceptory, an elite degree within the Orange Order. He says that the Order being modelled on Freemasonry was not just an arbitrary folly; it was done because the Order is a serious secret society. The highest levels of the Orange Order are keeping a huge secret about the Battle of the Boyne. Power says he's spoken to both professional archaeologists and amateur treasure hunters who have been scouring the battlefield for valuable detritus like bullets, cannon shot and uniform buttons etc; and they have found surprisingly little. That is because the battle was in fact not a battle at all, but an occult Illuminati ritual; the full details are in the book and radio interview. It took place where it did because the land around modern County Meath is the site of the ancient home of Irish royalty, Tara; the River Boyne actually symbolizes the River Nile, but this is a long and complex story which I recommend you follow in the book or radio show. Long before even Tara was built, the land around the River Boyne, called Bru na Buinne, was some kind of holy or sacred place. Just a short distance from the battlefield is the neolithic monument of Newgrange, which is also some kind of solar temple.

How does this relate to modern Ireland and today's Orange Order marches? I have no doubt that the conflict in Ireland is being used to preserve the power of both sides, as can be found over and over again in history and the world today. David Icke has written about the connections between Irish republicanism and the Jesuits and Freemasonry, so these deeper currents are not just confined to the loyalists and Orangemen. Also see the revelations of SAS man Paul Bruce: The modern Irish Republic has sold itself out completely to the European Union; it is catastrophically bankrupt thanks to the mismanagement of its economy, not really mismanagement but sabotage, see: The power of the Vatican is present everywhere; in fact today it became one of the last countries in Europe to legalize abortion, see: For anybody who is politically-active and has chosen to take a side in the Irish conflict, please ask yourself: do you want to choose between the Vatican and Rothschild controlled Republic of Ireland and a territory of the Queen or England's British Empire, both of which are controlled by sun-worshipping black magickians? Why does it matter so much to you? Do you really think it makes a scrap of difference which side wins? The only way Ireland, and the rest of the world, can awake from this nightmare is when we become aware of the true forces ruling it.

Thursday 11 July 2013

Big Spammer is Watching You

I was randomly surfing the Net the other day and lingered for a while on the website of the Steam Packet Company, a shipping line which connects the Isle of Man to mainland Britain and Ireland, see: Then I checked my emails and lo and behold, I'd just been sent some spam from Steam Packet; coincidence? Then I went to the HPANWO Forum, see Links column, and guess what I saw in the ad pane? Steam Packet, see image above. You might say this is not significant and that I probably receive spam from Steam Packet all the time; I just happened to notice it this time because I'd been reading up on the Company, but advertising agencies do target web users with adverts related to their browsing habits using several methods like "spamdexing, see: I may be overreacting, but this makes me feel uncomfortable. It's a bit paranoid of me because I know there are no people involved and the system is completely automated, but I no longer feel anonymous online. The technology that allows advertisers to send particular kinds of spam to particular Web users can be easily adapted to more nefarious purposes. Intelligence agencies like GCHQ and the NSA can build a profile of you by monitoring your activity online. We've long suspected this and the recent revelations of Edward Snowden support it.

Wednesday 10 July 2013

Wimbledon Chemtrails

I'm not a fan of tennis I'm afraid. For the Men it seems to consist of people with bad personalities grunting homoerotically while whacking a ball at each other, and the other tries to hit it back... which they fail to do on most occasions. I do enjoy watching the Ladies' game though. Apart from the obvious reason, it's a more entertaining spectator sport because the women are much better at hitting the ball back than the Men are, so you do sometimes get what is known as a "rally" which is interesting to watch. There's been a lot of controversy over this year's world famous Wimbledon tournament, but my prime concern is not for David Cameron's male chauvinist blunder in Parliament, see:, but the use of subliminal messages in the BBC's title sequence of its coverage programmes, see: When watching this, study the shots of the sky. The viewer's eye is of course focused on the foreground action and so only perceives the background subconsciously, but if you deliberately focus on that background you will see heavy chemtrails in every shot. (Thanks to HPANWO Forum member "Red Wizard" for bringing this to my attention") The reason they're designed so that viewers not purposefully looking for them will only see them subconsciously, is because they are embedded subliminal images, see: For some reason subliminal shots of chemtrails are happening more and more often. Here's an example from a 2006 TV advert for Virgin Trains, it consists of photoshopped scenes from famous railway movies inserted into modern train-based footage: One of those is the 1970 classic The Railway Children. The original movie clip which is blended with the advert did not have any chemtrails in (although there is some evidence that geoengineering projects date back to that year and before). Why are they doing this? I'm not sure, but it may be to desensitize us to what should be remarked on as an anomaly in our skies by any rational thinking person who happens to look up.

Monday 8 July 2013

"Health Tourism" Crackdown

A prediction I made long ago has just taken another step closer to being proven true. The Government has announced plans to charge foreigners who use the National Health Service, so called “health tourists”, a £200 fee to use it, see: This news story is filmed in Luton, this is where the English Defence League is based. This organization has only been in existence two years yet it’s already become highly controversial. It’s infamous for its very noisy and disruptive street protests; and although the EDL claims not to be racist and has many black and Asian members, its fundamental principle is opposition to orthodox Islam, and Islam is inextricably tied up with the immigration issue. In this report the only words of resistance came from healthcare professionals who are concerned that they will be forced to police their own hospitals and clinics for illegal immigrants among their patients, to effectively become a branch of the UK Border Agency. The people interviewed in the street are all in favour of it, even those who are obviously descended from immigrants themselves. I think that the public rage being generated by mass immigration is the very reason the Government are allowing it in the first place; this is why I made my prediction. There is a growing sector of the population who will enthusiastically and unquestioningly endorse any measure that will curb immigration, no matter what the disadvantages; and the disadvantages of this proposal are numerous. The emotion its supporters are feeling may stop them from pausing and considering the practical implications of the policy: it will virtually inherently contribute to the database state. All people in Britain, both native and foreign, will need to be registered for NHS treatment; they will have to carry some kind of entitlement card, see:; don’t think you’ll be exempt just because you’re a white English-speaking indigenous Brit. This register will eventually be merged with a proposed national identity scheme; did you really think they’d give up once the ID card failed? No way! They merely lost that battle, but not yet the war, see: As I’ve said before, this is the whole agenda behind mass immigration, what David Icke calls Problem-Reaction-Solution. See here for important background and for what I think should be done instead:  

Sunday 7 July 2013

Ben Emlyn-Jones on The Mind Set Podcast 23

I have once again been featured on The Mind Set Podcast's round table discussion. Subjects discussed this week include: NSA college recruiters get interrogated, spies in the Post Office, the Indian River Lagoon die-off and much much more.
See here for The Mind Set Podcast- Episode 157:

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