Monday 8 July 2013

"Health Tourism" Crackdown

A prediction I made long ago has just taken another step closer to being proven true. The Government has announced plans to charge foreigners who use the National Health Service, so called “health tourists”, a £200 fee to use it, see: This news story is filmed in Luton, this is where the English Defence League is based. This organization has only been in existence two years yet it’s already become highly controversial. It’s infamous for its very noisy and disruptive street protests; and although the EDL claims not to be racist and has many black and Asian members, its fundamental principle is opposition to orthodox Islam, and Islam is inextricably tied up with the immigration issue. In this report the only words of resistance came from healthcare professionals who are concerned that they will be forced to police their own hospitals and clinics for illegal immigrants among their patients, to effectively become a branch of the UK Border Agency. The people interviewed in the street are all in favour of it, even those who are obviously descended from immigrants themselves. I think that the public rage being generated by mass immigration is the very reason the Government are allowing it in the first place; this is why I made my prediction. There is a growing sector of the population who will enthusiastically and unquestioningly endorse any measure that will curb immigration, no matter what the disadvantages; and the disadvantages of this proposal are numerous. The emotion its supporters are feeling may stop them from pausing and considering the practical implications of the policy: it will virtually inherently contribute to the database state. All people in Britain, both native and foreign, will need to be registered for NHS treatment; they will have to carry some kind of entitlement card, see:; don’t think you’ll be exempt just because you’re a white English-speaking indigenous Brit. This register will eventually be merged with a proposed national identity scheme; did you really think they’d give up once the ID card failed? No way! They merely lost that battle, but not yet the war, see: As I’ve said before, this is the whole agenda behind mass immigration, what David Icke calls Problem-Reaction-Solution. See here for important background and for what I think should be done instead:  

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