Monday 22 July 2013

Baby Cambridge is Born

Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, has given birth to a healthy baby boy. On behalf of HPANWO, I offer my congratulations to the happy couple and their child; reptilian or human, it makes no difference. Personally, I was just hoping it would go well. My ongoing wish was that the baby would be born alive and healthy. I fail to comprehend anybody who wished otherwise. When it comes to stillbirth and neonatal death, everybody is on the same side; Rothschild or Perkins. Having myself lost a baby thus, I would not wish that fate on anybody in the deepest strata, the Council of Thirteen, of the Illuminati. But I do feel concern for this child. What kind of life is he going to live? He will grow up in a world in which he will have everything money can buy; but a cage is still a cage, even when it's a gilded one. He'll still be well and truly behind bars. I live in a single room and I scrub floors for a living. He will live in a palace and play polo every day. Would I swap places with him? No. I can go where I want, love anybody I want, marry anybody I want and have children with anybody I want. Bloody hell, I even have the right to drive into a tunnel in Paris and come out of the other end alive! I feel no envy at all for him, or any other member of the Royal Family; on the contrary I feel only pity.


EFKaplan said...

This was surperbly written. thank you.

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

You're welcome :-)