Monday 29 July 2013

Ben Emlyn-Jones on Planet X Radio 1

I have been featured on Planet X Radio; it was streamed yesterday evening and the YouTube podcast is here:

Planet X used to be broadcast on the good old fashioned airwaves, Liverpool's City Talk FM, but it's still going strong today as an internet-only station; here's its official website on which this show will be streamed at intervals for a week: My own segment is at the beginning at the show and we discuss the new Royal baby, the attempt to force the jobless into unpaid work and several other subjects. I really enjoyed doing this segment and the Planet X Radio hosts have invited me back for another show. After I've finished, you can hear an interview with the UFOlogist Gary Heseltine, a former police detective who has done a very evidential and no-nonsense police-style investigation into the UFO phenomenon, see:

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