Sunday 30 March 2014

Ben Emlyn-Jones live at BUFOG

I will be speaking live at the Birmingham UFO Group on Thursday the 15th of May. See here for details:
The venue is the Hot Shots Snooker Club, 100 Crosswells Road, Oldbury, Birmingham, B68-8HH. The event begins at 7.30 PM and costs £5.00 for BUFOG members and £5.50 for non-members.
My talk is entitled Energy Politics and UFO's and is based on this previous one I did, see: However it will include some important new updates. Hope to see you there!

Saturday 29 March 2014

Gay Marriage

Today, for the first time in history, couples of the same sex can be legally married in England and Wales. One of the first was Sean Adl-Tabatabai, an acquaintance of mine who works closely with David Icke, see: They got legally married in Camden Town Hall, London, just a few minutes after midnight. I didn't even know he was gay; just goes to show you can't always tell by looking! Congratulations to Sean and his new husband. He and I have not always seen eye-to-eye on everything, but I do wish them both all the very best. Peter Tatchell, who is involved with The People's Voice, was a witness at another a few miles away in Islington. Since 2005 same sex couples have been allowed to enter into what's been called a "civil partnership"; this contains all the rights and obligations in law that marriage has but cannot formally use words traditionally associated with marriage like marry, wedding, wife, husband etc. This has now changed. Although a significant majority of Britons support the change, about a fifth say that if they were invited to a gay wedding they would decline. I'm not one of those; in fact I was once invited to the civil partnership ceremony of a lesbian nurse and her partner and couldn't attend for purely incidental reasons. I have been to a gay porter's wedding. I have no objection at all to two people in love getting married, whether they are a homosexual couple or not; and ironically rates of marriage between men and women have been declining for decades now. Love is such a rare and precious thing in our society that every windblown seed of it should be rigourously cultivated wherever it lands. Objections to this change in the law come mostly from the church; the idea that marriage is a traditional institution between a man and woman ordained by God and regarded as sacred. There are some who oppose gay marriage for secular reasons too; these people claim that the law was "rushed through Parliament" without being thought through properly. There's a feeling from some that this change in the legal definition of marriage will undermine society. Also if civil partnerships are a legal facsimile to marriage then isn't it just a question of semantics?

I don't agree with any of those arguments above; however there are some elements to gay marriage that concern me and have caused conflict in my mind. I think it could pose a threat to free speech if those who dislike gay marriage are not accommodated in society with the sheer basics of respect and humanity. What's clear to me is that the majority of gay marriage sceptics are not raving queer-bashers; even some homosexuals themselves argue against it, like the famous historian David Starkey. A few months ago a marriage registrar was sacked from her job for refusing to carry out civil partnerships. As I explain in this article, in the last paragraph, I get the distinct impression that the action against her was based on ideological grounds, a Thoughtcrime; see: I've also written before about my deep concerns related to feminism, see: and: As a white, straight male I can't help feeling that I'm under attack. I almost always sense blatant double-standards and Orwellian double-think whenever I hear words like "equality" or "human rights", in practice if not also in theory. I have to remind people that white, straight males are human too; we have rights like everybody else. Yet I feel that it is seen as immoral just to mention that. I can be refused promotion at work because I am a WSM, I can be turned down for a job because an employer feels obliged to favour a non-WSM above me. In South Africa I can even be brutally murdered and the international community will turn a blind eye, because I'm a WSM. There are institutions and pressure groups for non-WSM's yet none for WSM's; in fact the bare suggestion of setting one up can lead to accusations of racism/sexism/homophobia etc. There are specially designated non-WSM areas in my own hometown where I am banned along with dogs, such as baby-care facilities, two Oxford colleges and swimming pools. I have researched this and discovered that it is actually a very long-running and widespread form of psychological warfare called cultural Marxism and it has its roots in organizations like the Frankfurt School and the Fabian Society which have been enormously powerful and influential for over a century, even though you won't hear their names mentioned in the news much. If you think you've managed to escape its indoctrination then ask yourself this: Have you ever said something like: "Could I have a cup of black coffee please?" and then mentally pulled yourself up with the thought: "Oh no! Have I just said something racist!?" Do you then feel guilty as a result, even though what you actually said was completely benign? If the answer is yes then you are a victim of cultural Marxist brainwashing. In light of this revelation some WSM's get angry; they then lash out by joining a neo-Nazi party or the English Defence League or something. I'd strongly recommend against that because it in itself is a controlled response, a part of the same conspiracy. The aim of cultural Marxism is to break down our minds, and an element of that is divide-and-rule. They want black hating white, women hating men, gay hating straight... and of course vice versa on all counts. The real solution to cultural Marxism has to come from understanding what it really is; so I'd say to my fellow WSM's, don't feel guilty, but don't go crazy either. Cultural Marxism was not created because the elite prefer non-WSM's to the rest of us and want to exterminate WSM's. It was created to destroy the psyches of all human beings using methods tailor-made to each group of us in different ways. So I look forward to receiving an invite to a gay wedding; I'll do everything I can to attend. Source:

Friday 28 March 2014

Nanny State invades Spiritualism

The closest I ever come in my life to any kind of religious practice is when I attend a Spiritualist church, something I do about once a month. In fact I'm not even sure Spiritualism counts as a religion in the normal sense of the word, even though in most countries it is recognized as one and enjoys rights under freedom-to-worship laws.  Part of the Spiritualist practice is what's called "hands-on healing"; this is where a healer treats a person's illnesses by placing their hands on their body and channelling energy from Spirit. It's similar in many ways to Reiki, see: The main difference being that Spiritualist healing is free, aside from a voluntary donation. I've always found Spiritualist healing very effective and have used it to treat eczema, stress, hayfever, an impacting wisdom tooth and much more. Of course Skeptics don't believe that it works... well, when it stops working for me, I shall stop using it, OK? A few weeks ago I went with Ustane to have Spiritualist healing at a church in Nottingham. I had been suffering from a painful hip, something that has been afflicting me on and off for over twenty years and the healing is always highly effective in easing it. When we arrived there we were both dismayed and worried to find that we had to fill out a form with all our personal details, including our GP's address and any long-term medical complaints we might have; this has only recently become a necessary condition of having the treatment. So Ustane and I filled them out and they were carefully filed away in a large drawer in the church's office. Why is all this paperwork necessary now? It never used to be. I asked the healers at the church and they said it was new rules that have come down from the management at the Spiritualist National Union. I've made inquiries at my local church in Oxford and it's exactly the same, even though that church is part of a different Spiritualist organization, the Greater World Christian Spiritualists, see: It must be a directive from Government. This was most disquieting; hands-on healing is an ancient art that stretches back all the way down through history in one form or another; and it is less invasive than having a haircut. Why all of a sudden is it being regulated? Could this be Codex Alimentarius at work? Is this a sign that the authorities are clamping down on people's freedom to make choices about their own health? See here for more details:

Wednesday 26 March 2014

All British Water to be Fluoridated

The UK Government have reignited the debate about water fluoridation. Their advisers, Public Health England, have recommended that all councils add fluoride to drinking water because of what they claim is the beneficial effect it has had on the dental health of children in areas fluoridated for a long time already, like the West Midlands and Yorkshire coast. Fluoride is a toxic waste product of aluminium smelting and is a key ingredient in many industrial poisons and pesticides. The use of fluoride in drinking water is effectively forced medication by the authorities of the people without our consent... even if it does in fact prevent tooth decay, which is far from a unanimous verdict. It has many side effects such as dental fluorosis in which the tooth enamel becomes mottled and discoloured; some people consider this disfiguring and it lowers their self-esteem. It has also been linked to osteoporosis increasing bone fractures and some cancers. Even more seriously, as experiments in Nazi concentration camps revealed, fluoride has a marked effect on the brain. It induces suggestibility and docility in those effected and suppresses independent thought and creativity; in other words it makes you a perfect citizen of the New World Order. Despite these concerns, the Department of Health insists that fluoride in drinking water "...Is Safe!" Another less well known detriment of fluoride is that in its assault on the brain it particularly harms the pineal gland, that mysterious little organ deep within our heads. It causes calcium to build up inside it seriously impairing its function. This is especially unsettling considering the discoveries of Dr Rick Strassman and how the pineal gland plays an essential role in spiritual experiences, see: The famous philosopher Rene Descartes also suggested that this was the organ by which the soul and the body interact. Is this damage to the pineal gland just an inadvertent consequence of the deliberate introduction of fluoride into our environment and biology, or could it be the primary purposeful objective?

Tuesday 25 March 2014

Mysterious Flamingo Deaths

An incident has taken place at a zoo in Frankfurt, Germany that has come to my attention. Unfortunately the only source is a German language newspaper, however most browsers have a translate function that will convert the text into English for you, or the language of your choice. Keepers at the zoo were shocked to find fifteen of their flamingoes dead without any clue as to how the attack was carried out. The translate application on web browsers is not as good as a human translator who is familiar with the subtleties of language, so if any HPANWO-readers can speak German could you please get in touch. The article describes the birds as having "stab wounds", being "decapitated" or "partially decapitated" and their heads "demolished"; it's hard to know what that means exactly but another bigger clue is the lack of spilled blood present at the scene. The police think that somebody took the birds away, killed them and then brought the corpses back; the zoo director hasn't ruled out attacks by a predator like a fox. What other possibilities could there be? Well, one is that these unfortunate birds were the victim of the "mysterious mutilation phenomenon", see here for background: Despite sometimes being called "cattle mutilation" this disturbing phenomenon affects multiple animal species; farm animals, wild animals, aquatic mammals and house pets. Most frightening of all, it turns out that whoever... or whatever... is carrying out these felonies, they sometimes target Homo Sapiens as well, see: The zoo has a press office and I've written to them asking for more information, although this might not be available until the veterinary pathologists have finished their investigation. Source:

(Edit 6.30 PM) A German-speaking reader has been in touch and his translation differs. The word "demolished" fits better as "ripped off"; this does not directly match reports of the mutilation phenomenon, but we'll see what details to zoo gives me. Amazingly this is not the first time this sort of thing has happened. Flamingoes were also killed the same way at that zoo in 2007.

Monday 24 March 2014

Malaysian Airlines 370 Found?

It has today been announced by the Prime Minister of Malaysia that the Boeing 777 airliner Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 crashed into the Indian Ocean some two thousand miles southwest of Australia. This conclusion is based on the presence of some flotsam spotted by search aircraft scouring the area; although this material has not yet been retrieved by ships and been positively identified. This has come three weeks after the aircraft went missing during a flight between Kuala Lumpur and Beijing. I've not commented formally on this case until now because I wanted to see how the matter progressed. It's been very confusing. At first the search centred on the Gulf of Thailand, but no debris was found. Then it shifted to the Nicobar and Andaman Islands because military radar tracked the plane flying to the west. Then the pilot was accused of terrorism, even though he'd been flying for over thirty years and had an exemplary record; and all because of a badly-photoshopped image of him wearing a seditious T-shirt. Since 9/11, airliner cockpit doors are always locked during the flight making hijacks far more difficult, so the absence of evidence has been compensated for by a hyperallergic desperation to clutch wildly onto any clue. And all this time, the passengers' relatives are camped out at Beijing Airport awaiting an answer. Source:

There are some strange anomalies connected to Flight MH370, for example two of the passengers boarded the aircraft with stolen passports. These passports were apparently stolen over a year ago; this is odd because if you steal a passport you have to use it quickly before the owner realizes that it's gone and gets it cancelled. This would lead the thief not only finding the passport useless, but also risking arrest at the check-in desk. Also a strangely large number of the passengers all worked for the same company, see: It's been suggested that the missing plane is in Africa, at the US naval base on Diego Garcia, in Australia, Antarctica and Liverpool, and even on the moon. Theories abound in the alternative community as much as they do in the mainstream media; although, as always, the alternative theories are more rational and sensible. The confused and half-hearted position coming from the authorities stinks of a cover-up, as does the emergence of what looks like planted false data, see: The possibility of supernatural forces at work has been tabled and I can't rule it out. Aircraft and ships do just disappear while at sea or in the air. There are even cases of trains vanishing off railway tracks. I don't believe in the Bermuda Triangle, at least as a location connected to this phenomenon. These kinds of events happen more often in the Bermuda Triangle area simply because of the large number of sea lanes and airways there. The density of traffic means it's statistically always more likely that disappearances will happen more often there; however, the phenomenon of vanishing ships and aircraft is very real and it's sometimes accompanied by UFO activity. One of the listeners of The Mind Set Podcast has requested that we let this subject go now; the mystery is solved. And it's true, we have thrashed MH370 thoroughly during the last few weeks on the show, see: However I think it's a bit premature to call case closed right now.

Sunday 23 March 2014

Sperm Samples

Something very strange happened a few years ago at the John Radcliffe Hospital, the hospital where I was a Porter. A poster was pinned to the notice board of our lodge asking for any men aged between twenty and fifty to donate samples of semen. The request came from the Institute of Molecular Medicine, see: The IMM facility is located on the hospital site, yet it is part of Oxford University. The volunteer donors were just asked to drop in and were treated on an ad hoc basis; they were not required to register or go through any preliminary selection or preparation process. This is contrary to normal practice in fertility medicine, see: Most peculiar of all, they were paid ten pounds in cash for their donation; as one of the Porters put it: "It's the most profitable wank I've ever had!" At no point were any of the donors told what their sperm specimens were to be used for, and it also never stated any purpose on the poster. I warned my Brother Porters not to do it because their sperm might be used for some genetic experiment that was clandestine and sinister. I can only imagine what that experiment might be, but I have no doubt that extreme science does go on away from the public eye; here are just two possible examples: and: If such experiments are going on then Oxford University is likely to be involved somewhere down the line. Oxford University is not only one of the most prestigious and famous academic institutions in the world, it is also one of the richest and most powerful. It has an incalculable budget that includes "black projects" and works very closely with governments, militaries and the corporate world. It's also not in any one place. When walking through Oxford I'm often approached by tourists asking me to direct them to the University; this is impossible because it's everywhere in many locations. Along with the thirty-eight principle colleges which are widely-spaced around the city, there is the aforementioned IMM which is placed inside a National Health Service campus. They own and hire facilities in other towns and even operate abroad. I voiced my suspicions to my Brother Porters and was saddened by their response. Some of them did not disagree with my concerns; however their response was to shrug their shoulders and say: "So what?" Naturally in this day and age a lot of people are hard up financially, including all Hospital Porters, but even beyond that it's become very trendy to be apathetic, maybe this is because of TavistockEnders, see: It's conventional wisdom to worry yourself purely with your own material status and to regard all wider ethical issues as irrelevant. People who are concerned over the futher-reaching morality of a situation are generally thought of as naive and irrational. All I can say to my Brother Porters, and I did at the time, is that if in a few years some semi-human creature with five arms and three heads knocks on your door and says "Hello, Daddy!" don't tell me I didn't warn you. If any HPANWO readers have had a similar experience, could you let me know?

Saturday 22 March 2014

TV licence- Change in the Law

Plans are afoot to decriminalize non-payment of the UK's Television Licence Fee. At the moment persistent failure to buy a TV Licence is a criminal offence under legal statute and is punishable by a fine or even imprisonment. The UK's TV Licence scheme was introduced in 1946 and is used to fund the BBC's new post-war TV service. The BBC is a nationalized non-commercial broadcaster and is funded completely through the Licence... so they tell us. This change in the law would mean that although failure to buy a Licence would still be an offence it would be regarded as a civil offence, an alleged harmful action by the individual against society instead of a harmful action by one person against another. This is how the Government are mitigating their proposal; however I suspect that the real motivation is that TV Licence evasion is the most widespread "crime" in the country and there were 155,000 prosecutions resulting from it in 2013. This constitutes a full 10% of all the magistrate court cases for that year. The Justice Secretary Chris Grayling has admitted that the decriminalization is being done to ease the pressure on the legal system. I don't think it's a coincidence that this issue has arisen just a year after the Jimmy Savile scandal, see: More and more people are rejecting the justification for having a state-funded TV station that has betrayed its duty to the British viewers to such an excessive level. The pathetic pleas of innocence from the Corporation are totally implausible, and most Licence-payers know it; there is no way a major BBC celebrity could have got away with what he did for as long as he did without a massive network of institutional collaboration. Are we truly being asked to pay for our own children to be sexually abused? This really is the final nail in the coffin for something that is indefensible even without it. Are we truly being asked to pay for out children to be mentally abused? Not just our children, but we adults too. The BBC is still probably the biggest Governmental propaganda machine ever created in the world; remember that despite its name it operates internationally, not just in Britain, and it employs experts in psychological warfare to help design its output. Even before the Savile affair people have been standing up to what is both immoral and unlawful, see: and: We should welcome this as an example of people-power taking its toll; however we should be on our guard, as a Facebook friend of mine pointed out. The Government will not just give up on this and might try to sneak in new attacks on the Common Law via the back door. Source:

Friday 21 March 2014

Peter Robbins in Neon Nettle

I have conducted a written interview with Peter Robbins on Neon Nettle magazine, see:
Peter is an old friend and collaborator, and he has been a regular guest on the HPANWO Show on Critical Mass Radio, for example see: I've also previously written an article for Neon Nettle, see: This is something I've never tried before, an interview on paper in which I send my subject a single list of questions for him to answer. I think it's more difficult than normal interviewing like the kind I do on CMR, because there is no running feedback; it's not a conversation, as it were. However I'm pleased with the result and so it Peter. On the question: Why would the government keep secret the truth that vehicles of an extraterrestrial civilization are flying through our skies? I originally used the word "artefact" instead of "vehicles"; I knew the editor might decide differently, but I prefer that term because "spacecraft" and its synonyms are slightly speculative and it anthropomorphizes the aliens. They may not be what we think they are, even though they're no doubt real. The introduction describes Peter as "the friendliest and most loving UFOlogist of them all." It's true, he is! Thanks, Peter, for a great interview.

Wednesday 19 March 2014

Ben Emlyn-Jones on Enemy Within Radio 9

I have been interviewed again on Enemy Within Radio with Thomas Barnes, see:
Here is a YouTube version of the interview: (Coming soon)

Once again we're joined by Tommy Woodgate for this extended two-hour interview, after the first hour of the programme. Subjects discussed include: Malaysian 370- the mystery continues, the financial system and its alternatives, Ukraine-war coming soon? and much much more. See here for my previous appearance on Enemy Within Radio:

Tuesday 18 March 2014

Ben Emlyn-Jones on THA Talks

I have been featured as a guest on the THA Talks podcast, a new London-based radio show presented by Paul Obertelli, an old friend of mine from the David Icke Forum, and also David William Parry. During the programme we discuss the mystery of the missing Malaysian Airlines plane.

Monday 17 March 2014

St Helena Airport

During my research into conformist modern culture one thing I've noticed is that it has an almost virus-like ability to transform everything it touches into a copy of itself. This is hardly surprising seeing as it has been designed by people and organizations with over a century of training in psychological warfare behind them. This concerned me so much that it became the central theme of my second novel Rockall, which is now available free online, see: Since then I have discovered many real life analogues for the fictional setting I invented for the story, like St Kilda, which features in the story, but also St Helena, which does not.

St Helena is one of the world's remotest inhabited islands; it sits isolated and alone in the middle of the South Atlantic Ocean over 1200 miles from the nearest land, the coast of Angola, Africa. It is a volcanic island, but there has not been an eruption there for over seven million years so nobody gets too worried about that. It was completely uninhabited until the 16th Century and then was settled by mainly British planters; it was also used as a base for the Royal Navy and a stopover and supply station for merchant ships on the East India trade routes, until 1869 when the Suez Canal opened and those shipping lanes shifted into the Red Sea. The island was also used as a place of exile for enemies of the British who were too dangerous to be let loose, yet too important to kill, most famously Napoleon Bonaparte. Interestingly St Helena was used for early experiments into geoengineering and weather modification; in the 18th and 19th Century attempts were made to shift its very localized rainfall patterns. St Helena is also small, only about ten miles across, and has a population of just 4500. It is one of three islands in the British Overseas Territory of St Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha; both the other two islands are many hundreds of miles away. These extreme geographical factors have inevitably produced a very unique human culture.

I've never been to St Helena, like most people, but I can find a few things out by searching online. The small population there, less than that of an average English town, are mostly descended from the original British settlers and freed black African slaves. "Saints", as they call themselves. They speak English, but with an unusual accent, as you can see in this short video news report: As you will tell when the reporter polls the children at the island's school, the vast majority want to leave St Helena when they grow up. However when he asks: "How many of you would like the airport to come to St Helena?" opinion is far more divided. St Helena, unlike its two fellow islands in the Territory, does not have an airport and is served only by a ship, imaginatively named RMS St Helena, which operates a shuttle service between the island and Cape Town, South Africa. It's uniquely-designed to double-up as a cargo ship, mail steamer and passenger liner. Here we see the ship's second officer, Mia Henry, give a BBC reporter a tour of the vessel: It's a five day voyage each way, and that's the only means of travelling to and from the island. This is an almost exclusive situation in the world today; and it's a trip I would love to take myself (I must admit I would also relish the prospect of getting lost at sea with Ms Henry!). However it is a situation that will soon come to an end; the first ever airport is being built on St Helena; it is due to open in 2016, see: Those in favour of the airport being built make some good points, the island is suffering from terrible economic problems and poverty is rife. To combat this, the islanders want to make their home more accessible to tourists. RMS St Helena is also an old ship and is due for retirement from service; if another ship has to built to replace it that will cost a lot of money. There have been several accidents and breakdowns in recent years which meant the ship couldn't deliver its vital supplies to the island, and a catastrophe was only very narrowly averted. If St Helena were ever cut off from the outside world it would be a disaster because it needs to import most food and other essentials via the ship, and no other vessel berthed on the island is capable of making the long ocean voyage to safety. What's more, as the first youth who commented in the above report describes, there are few opportunities on St Helena for anybody with conventional ambitions or a desire for more enterprise, adventure and variety in their life. The bright lights of the world outside shine very brightly onto St Helena and they must be as seductive to the "Saints" as they were to the people of St Kilda a hundred years ago.
I don't think it is for me to judge; I don't live on St Helena and never have. I can't really put myself in their shoes. Nevertheless it is a simple fact that once the airport is opened in two years time St Helena will change beyond all recognition. One of the last places on Earth with a long sea voyage between it and the rest of civilization will come to and end. The advantages of this are obvious: easier access to goods and services that cannot be produced on the island itself; the ability to travel to anywhere else on Earth in the time it takes to walk from one end of St Helena to the other; a massive tourist boom bringing much-needed hard capital into the island's economy... and of course, all the luscious enchantments of conformist modern culture. We could one day see a branch of McDonalds open in central Jamestown, a Tesco convenience store in the grounds of Longwood House. Justin Bieber might hold an open air concert in the beautiful restored forests around Diana's Peak; and Simon Cowell will be arriving on the first plane to land at the airport to see if St Helena's Got Talent. There are many ways to assess human well-being in this world. One of them is material wealth and financial security, property, reputation, status over others; according to conventional wisdom these are the only ways, The... One... Goal. However, I can tell by listening to the second and third interviewees at the school, the next generation of St Helena's people do have an awareness of other values: individual beauty, distinctiveness, heritage, legacy, identity, environment, a love of the home and community. They fear for these values in the wake of the changes brought by the airport. Perhaps these people have learnt from the mistakes of the St Kildans; this shrunken, shrivelled and uniform world in which we live has many wonders and delights and a lot of safety and security... for some... but after a while we may ask why it is that everywhere we go we just see the same things reflecting back at us again and again, like a monotonous hall of mirrors. Conformist modern culture might be enjoyable, but it comes with a price. People of St Helena... do you think it's worth it?

Sunday 16 March 2014

Dr Roger Leir Dies

I'm sorry to report that Dr Roger Leir has died. Dr Leir was a podiatrist, a physician specializing in foot complaints. He was also a UFOlogist who became involved in alien abduction research. Here he is speaking as a witnesses at the Citizens Hearing on ET Disclosure: Here's his official website: Many people who experience alien contact sometimes report finding foreign objects inside their bodies. Unlike splinters, glass slivers, pencil leads or shrapnel, there is usually no trace of how these objects, called "implants", enter the body; they leave no scar on the skin and there is no swelling or immune response to their presence. Sometimes they can be detected by X-ray pictures or other forms of medical imaging. Most people who find out that they have these things in their body want them removed; and this is where Dr Leir stepped in. His surgical training, which he usually employed to correct bunions fallen arches and tendons etc, was the method by which he removed these implants from his patients' bodies. The objects he retrieved were normally about 0.2 to 0.4 inches in size. They were constructed of various metallic alloys or ceramic compounds not regularly found in human synthetics. Their function and purpose is unknown. Unfortunately many of the patients who had their implants extracted would find new ones replaced a short time later. Who... or what... is placing these things in people's bodies, and how or why they're doing it, is not known. However the specimens retrieved by Dr Leir have provided essential data in the quest to understand and uncover what is happening to this planet and the beings on it. Like everybody who chooses to take the path he did, Dr Leir was subjected persistent and shrill criticism from his peers, the media and those in the Skeptic community; he bravely decided to resist them. His contribution to the study of the UFO and alien contact phenomenon cannot be understated. His passing will be greatly missed. Rest in peace, Dr Roger Leir. 

Saturday 15 March 2014

Northampton Clown Update

Apologies for posting an update article to an initial one I wrote so soon before, in this case just a few days ago, but I'd like to add some important new information. In this case it is not something I've just come across but something I originally forgot to include; see here for the original article Clowns roaming the Streets: The additional element comes from a recent HPANWO Show broadcast I made in which I interviewed Trystan Swale, see: In the interview he describes one of the early investigations by Charles Fort, an American pioneer and godfather of paranormal investigation. He came across people he christened "Jacks", those who caused random trouble, such as playing jokes which involved walking up behind somebody, pushing them and running away. Very rarely were these Jacks ever caught by the police. Fort postulated that phenomena like these were part of what he called "the Damned"; a segment of the strange and unusual milieu that made up his worldview. Could these enigmatic clowns that keep popping up all over the place in modern Britain be one of these Fortean Jacks? Personally I find it unlikely, although I refuse to rule it out. However, as I said in the original article, maybe there's a collective unconscious resonance that has caused these clowns to be inspired to appear, with or without the intervention of playful students.

Friday 14 March 2014

Tony Benn Dies

Rt. Hon. Tony Benn MP
April the 3rd 1925 - 14th of March 2014
I'm sorry to report that Tony Benn has died; Neon Nettle, the magazine I've written for, has done a moving tribute to him, including some of his favourite quotes, see: As regular HPANWO-readers will know, I generally have a very low opinion of politicians; therefore one like Tony Benn stands out like a jewel in a dung heap. He was a man with principles who was in politics because he believed in doing good deeds. He never sought status and fortune, and he only accepted power as a means to a noble ends. He refused to join the House of Lords even when he could have done, and when he was a minister in the Labour governments of the 1970's he exposed the sham of the Hiroshima bombing of 1945. He wanted to change the world into a fairer and more just one and he never lost sight of that ideal; and he used his writing and oratory skills to do that. He was always an optimist, a "gentleman socialist", and he went to his grave proud of his achievements. At the time he was in office, left-wing ideas were seen as very anti-authoritarian because we had a hard right-wing government under Margaret Thatcher. As time has gone on I've come to realize that the left in politics is used as much as the right to further and deepen New World Order authoritarianism, but I know Tony Benn was never a "New Labour" man, and even if I disagreed with him on some issues I felt he had a good heart and a backbone to match. It feels like the end of an era when that older generation of statesmen die and we're left with their corrupt and careerist modern successors like David Cameron and Ed Miliband: pro-EU, Bilderbergers, always ready to plunge us into war. Nostalgia City! Rest in peace, Tony Benn. Condolences to your loved ones; and they number in millions.

Thursday 13 March 2014

Clowns roaming the Streets

A few months ago the sleepy town of Northampton, England was disrupted by sightings of a strange figure walking the streets dressed as a clown. The entity would sometimes approach people and issue the words: "beep beep!" This is the catchphrase of the supernatural clown Pennywise in Stephen King's horror story It. The being was seen by many people standing on street corners with balloons in its hands. Some witnesses laughed at it; others were afraid, suffering from "coulrophobia", the fear of clowns. More of these strange clowns appeared in several other places and before long Facebook pages about them were started. A few weeks later the mystery was apparently solved when the Daily Mirror published an article claiming to have unmasked the Northampton Clown, see: I wonder if this is true; the accused individual, student Alex Powell, previously denied all knowledge of being the long sought-after mysterious clown. Sightings of the clowns are still emerging at the time of writing.

A clown is a comic performer, usually male, wearing grotesque and colourful clothing, also distinctive makeup which exaggerate the facial features. They're usually associated with the circus and perform slapstick comedy acts. Psychologists theorize that clowns represent something very deep in our subconscious collective minds. Clowns can sometimes be malevolent adversaries as well as humourous protagonists; good examples of evil clowns are the aforementioned Pennywise as well as the Joker in the Batman stories and Mr Jelly from the TV sitcom Psychoville. They go much further back in history than I thought; they can be found in the ancient world, in fact their origins are shrouded in mystery. In Jungian psychology clowns might represent an archetype, maybe that of the "trickster". What is fascinating is that people experiencing altered states of consciousness sometimes encounter beings that look and behave like clowns. Dr Rick Strassman is a research psychiatrist who in the early 1990's carried out an experiment that involved giving doses of the powerful psychedelic drug DMT to human volunteers. Over twenty years earlier Dr Sanislav Grof did the same with LSD, see: These drugs have the uncanny property of producing very lucid visions of other worlds inhabited by unearthly intelligent creatures. Curiously enough different people from different places and backgrounds often encounter the same entities while on these psychedelic trips, including clown-like creatures. I strongly recommend Dr Strassman's book DMT- the Spirit Molecule for more details. Did clowns enter our culture through people experiencing shamanic voyages? In that case are these strange clowns popping up in Northampton and other places really just students playing a prank? Poor students! They get blamed for everything like this, don't they? Are these instead otherworldly beings who have managed physically to breach the wall between our world and theirs? Actually, I doubt it. I'm pretty sure that these clowns really are just people dressed up, whether or not they're students. But it's an interesting development from a Jungian worldview; could these tricksters be motivated by some kind of collective unconscious imperative that the clowns are using to examine this universe? They could be similar to "This Man", see:

Tuesday 11 March 2014

Dog Dirt DNA Dictatorship

One of the obstacles of urban life is dog... what shall I call it?... "mess". You always have to keep one eye on the pavement as you walk along in case you tread in a foul-smelling and shoe-ruining piece of excrement a dog has left behind. This is also a health hazard for children who can catch diseases from it that can leave them blind and brain damaged. Despite their undoubted high intelligence, their ability to fetch newspapers, assist the police in manhunts and guide blind people across the road, for some reason the simple task of using a humble household water closet is beyond the capability of dogs. However, I've noticed in recent years this problem has eased significantly because of the increased use of "poo bags" and the installation of public dustbins to put it in. Local authorities now impose penalties on dog owners who don't clean up after their canine friends. It's now regarded as common courtesy to pick up anything your dog leaves behind and if you don't do it, even if you don't get fined you'll probably get a scolding from passers-by. As far as I'm concerned that should be the end of the matter... but oh no it's not, we have to bring in DNA scanning! This is currently being trialled in Naples, Italy; but if it's successful no doubt it will spread elsewhere, see: The Neapolitan authorities have brought in a "Pooch Poop Police" department which will take a DNA specimen from any dog caught fouling a public highway and store it on a database. This means a dog and its owner can have a record file created to monitor how many times they commit this offence and prosecute them as appropriate.

You might ask why this is a bad thing? After all, it will make the urban environment much safer, nicer-smelling and more hygienic. However, the concern is that this practice could be used as a pilot scheme for something more sinister; DNA databases that can be extended to cover other species, including humans. This might sound unlikely right now, but the idea of putting microchips in human bodies sounded bizarre a few years ago when it was completely acceptable to put them in dogs' bodies. If plans are being tried out in dogs first when the intention is to inflict them on humans then we can perhaps see a database of human DNA at some time in the future; indeed there is already one for people arrested by the police for an offence as petty as littering with chewing gum, and forensic artists have gone as far as to make a facial fit from DNA evidence alone, see: There is an agenda to create a database state using advanced technology that did not exist when George Orwell wrote 1984; and if it had it would have made Big Brother's job so much easier, see: You might argue that this shows I don't care about dog droppings defacing our pavements and that I don't want to do anything to stop it happening. But, as I've pointed out, this issue has been almost solved already in the United Kingdom without resorting to biometric and DNA state imposition. Why can't Naples just do the same as us?

Monday 10 March 2014

Ackerman's Afterlife

Forrest J Ackerman was a legendary aficionado of science fiction. Known as "Forry" or "4SJ" he knew virtually everybody who was anybody in the sci-fi world, "sci-fi" being a contraction he first coined. His home in Hollywood, California USA is known as the "Ackermansion" and contains a massive science fiction museum crammed with books, magazines, videos, DVD's, artwork and sci-fi memorabilia dating back to the early 20th century, when the genre first emerged. It's also a meeting-place and tourist destination for sci-fi fans from all over the world. He died on December the 4th 2008 at the age of ninety-two after a long illness. He passed away at home after spending a lot of time receiving visits from family and friends and many get-well messages from fans. He was a life-long atheist and Skeptic and always denied any belief in the Afterlife, whatever form it might take. Therefore what happened next was a bit of a surprise.

One of Ackerman's oldest and closest friends was the film director Paul Davids, a well-known name in the UFO community because he wrote the screenplay for the movie Roswell, see: A few days after reading a eulogy at Ackerman's funeral he was at home printing off a list of his business appointments for work; he threw the sheet of paper down onto his bed and went off to the toilet. When he came back just a couple of minutes later he was surprised to find an ink blot on the paper that had not been there when it was first printed. The blot obscured a specific piece of text, as if it had been done purposefully, not like a natural random smudge or toner leak. He had the ink analyzed in a chemistry laboratory and the scientist who did the analysis was confused as to how the ink got there; it hadn't come from Davids' printer, nor had it dripped from the ceiling or another location. What made it even weirder was that the words obliterated by the ink blot were particular ones that Davids recognized as being part of a word-game that Forrest J Ackerman loved to play. Other events happened after that which convinced Davids that his dearly departed friend was trying to communicate with him. What's more other people who knew Ackerman were having similar experiences. This saga eventually led to Davids making a new film, The Life after Death Project, see: This feature-length documentary addresses one of the oldest and most commonly-asked questions in history: "What will happen to me when I die?" It stars many leading scientists, philosophers and writers on the subject, like Prof. Gary Schwartz, Danion Brinkley, Whitley Strieber and Richard Matheson; and the arch-Skeptic Michael Shermer is included, so nobody can say it's unbalanced. The film is centred on the possible intrusion into the living world of Forrest J Ackerman.

Of course I am no exception in asking that perennial question. The problem with the society I live in is that it has little concept of the Afterlife beyond two central theoretical models: those of organized religion and establishment science. The former says that there is a Heaven or paradise created by God for those worthy of His favour, and a Hell of eternal torment for anyone else who pisses Him off. The latter claims that "I", my consciousness or soul, is a product of biomechanical brain activity and when I die and my brain ceases to function "I" will vanish forever. I find both these two models implausible and unsettling, but it's all we have, the cassock or the lab coat; take you pick! You have to choose one or the other; there is no third option... Well, there is, but if you choose it then both of the mainstream sides will forget that they're supposed to be opposites and unite and stand shoulder-to-shoulder in their condemnation of you. "What you're saying is the work of the Devil!"... "What you're saying is superstitious nonsense!" I think this is a deliberately induced psychological and cultural formation, but that's a long story. Based on what I've learnt I'm reasonable confident that after my death I, my soul or whatever you choose to call it, and everybody else's too, will persist in another form. The only way to be a hundred percent certain is to wait until it's our turn, but I think we've got good reason to be hopeful. From what I've seen in psychical research, what happened to Paul Davids is not uncommon. In fact similar things have happened to my own friends and family. It appears that at least some "spirits" or whatever term you wish to give people who've died, have the ability and/or the will to perceive this world and attempt to communicate with the living. They use various methods to do this; in some cases they might actually appear before you as a spectral apparition; this happened to me, see: Sometimes you might hear their voice; with others you just get a very powerful feeling that they're there. They may use electronic equipment to create visual or audio signals. In the case of Davids' printout, actual matter was created or manipulated. Spirits often have a variety of messages for the living; sometimes they'll approach strangers and at other times people they know and love. One of the most common messages is a simple greeting and a reassurance; just: "Hello there, I'm not really dead. I still exist". This is often accompanied by an affectionate farewell: "I love you and can't wait to see you again when you pass over" etc. In a culture in which death is taboo and not addressed, the possibility of messages from the beyond the grave is not something we often consider while we're alive. Harry Houdini tried it and there are two different schools of thought on how successful he was, see: Wherever "Forry" is right now, I hope he's well and, although I never knew him, or even heard of him, while he was alive, he's welcome to drop in for a chat.

Saturday 8 March 2014

Trans-Pacific Partnership

The title of this article refers to a new piece of international legislation that has been euphemistically called a "trade agreement". Eleven countries: the USA, Canada, Chile, Peru, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Vietnam, Singapore, Brunei and Malaysia, have signed up for it; more nations in the Far East and the Americas are said to be applying. Despite its benign facade it sports a sinister underbelly of secrecy. It has been negotiating in the strictest of confidentiality and officials from major corporations have been meeting with government ministers from all signatories behind closed doors. The TPP reeks of corruption; it specifies a brand new relationship between sovereign nation states and transnational corporations which allows the corporations exemption from the usual state laws related to labour and welfare, human rights, health and safety, and environmental protection. It gives corporations a free hand to extract "compensation" and "investment assistance grants" from taxpayers' money in any country that joins. All this is non-negotiable and has never been passed through any democratic political process. The TPP is a fundamental revolution in law and finance over how corporate entities do business with governments. It has the potential to be of enormous detriment to the mass of the human population and the natural world. I'm concerned that its ideas will spread; in fact we've seen carbon copies of this kind of thing popping up all over the world before, the European Union being the blueprint for NAFTA etc. The TPP may well emerge in a new form elsewhere, like maybe the "TEP, Trans-European Partnership"; or the "TAP, Trans-American (or African) Partnership". This is no less than an act of world economic conquest. See:

The solution, our resistance to the TPP and its inevitable offshoots, is simple. We take control of our own economic lives the same way we must every other aspect of them. We can form our own independent community economies, with our own money systems, our own small business enterprises, our own workers' cooperatives, our own organic farms. If these things haven't taken off in your local area yet, then start one yourself. If you don't feel like doing that then OK, at least be a patron to others who have. It's simple, just bypass Tescos and head for your small local store. Sure, the prices might be slightly higher, but the more people who buy local the quicker those shops can lower their prices. We can beat this, we've just got to be aware, and take action on our awareness together.

Friday 7 March 2014

Warning: UFO Hoax- Coming Soon!

The UFOlogist Nigel Watson, author of the Haynes UFO Investigations Manual, has uncovered a plot by drone-builders to fake a global UFO flap. Drone enthusiasts from around the world have been hatching a plan, quite openly on a forum, about how they want to fool skywatchers into thinking that a mass-invasion by aliens is taking place. They're constructing aircraft shaped like flying saucers and adorned with bright coloured lights, which they intend to launch in a coordinated formation in multiple countries. This had originally been planned for April the 1st, but the date has been changed to the 5th so as not to make the prank too obvious. So thanks, Nigel. And be warned, everybody! See:

This is not the first time a trick like this has been pulled. It's the kind of thing Skeptics like to do all the time; creating a fake paranormal event just to see how many people will fall for it. James Randi excels at this kind of thing and was the pioneer of it with his "Carlos" hoax. He hired the actor Jose Alvarez (who, strangely enough, is the cousin of Willy Rodriguez of 9/11 fame) to pretend to be a spiritual guru and go on a tour of Australia to see how many disciples he could pick up, see: Randi's professed motive for his scam was to "wake people up!" to how easily they can be fooled, and fool themselves; however I detect a sadistic and vainglorious element to this stunt, as I do in many of its successors. Other examples are Penn and Teller's fake bigfoot, see from 10.00 mins: The Skeptic perpetrators of these hoaxes invariably exaggerate the impact they have; as it happened many cryptozoologists were not taken in by P&T's attempt to show them up as dupes. The same goes in UFOlogy for Ray Santilli's "Alien Autopsy" film, see: Another UFO-themed hoax has been played before too, in 2003. A TV production company employed a team of special effects engineers to design and build a drone that looked like a flying saucer; they then flew this over Avebury, Wiltshire. The plan was to fly it over this ancient monument and gathering place of counter-culturists, pagans, mystics and hippies to see how many of them would be fooled into thinking that a real flying saucer was in the sky above them, see: Many of the people at Avebury did indeed report a UFO, but in a way the plan backfired because they reported pretty much what they saw. There were none of the embellishments and exaggerations that I think the hoaxers were banking on. It showed that even the so-called “most gullible members of society!” have turned out to be much better witnesses than previously thought. Hopefully this new plan will also backfire, by not working at all because the hoaxers have been rumbled; I intend to do everything I can to alert people in the UFO community before the hoax takes place.

Wednesday 5 March 2014

Real Hoverboards

A website is doing the rounds at the moment about the launch of a new invention, called the HUVr Board, pronounced "hover board"; it resembles a skateboard and is intended to be used in a similar way, except it has no wheels. It levitates above the ground between heights of a few inches to about a dozen feet. Experienced skateboard-users can easily adapt to it and perform many of the same activities they're familiar with, but without touching the ground at any time and with no visible means of support or propulsion, see: This device is very similar to the fictional one portrayed in the 1989 Robert Zemekis film Back to the Future Part II and this promotional video features the actor Christopher Lloyd who starred in that movie, see: According to their official site the project to invent the HUVr Board began in 2010 and involved the development of antigravity through electromagnetism and materials science. There is a group photo of young and academic-looking people who are allegedly the team behind this creation. It has been endorsed by a number of businessmen, celebrities and Tony Hawk, a professional competitive skateboarder. They claim that the HUVr Board is going to "change the world!" The official site is fairly small with only two main pages and the YouTube channel only has two uploads. There is a very small amount of basic information about how the apparatus works, which is surprising seeing as the team emerged out of the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which is the engineering equivalent of Oxford, and were associated with a very real battery design project, see: The circular structures underneath the footplate are made of titanium, a very strong and durable metal often used in medicine, industry and mechanics, and that it's connected to something called a "mag-force charger" that generates a magnetic field. The leader of the team says: "This board has more technology in it than the satellites we send into space!" but does not elaborate. You can't buy a HUVr Board yet, but you can choose what colour you want your eventual order to be; and you can fit handlebars as optional, turning it into a kind of "hover scooter". You can also download a smartphone app for a virtual version of the device.

My first thought was that this is a hoax, and this news article thinks so too, see: If so then so far there have been no confessions, and also what could the motivation be? If it were some kind of viral marketing scam then I'd be more inclined to dismiss it, unless these people simply enjoy taking the Michael. Despite the very sparse explanation of the HUVr Board's function, the idea of electromagnetic forces triggering antigravity or free energy is a sound one. This has been the principle behind several machines, including one I saw demonstrated live at the Probe Conference in 2006 by Richard and Stan Conway; it resembles this machine: The same basic principle is also behind John Searl's eponymous Searl Effect Generator, see: There are rumours that several publicly declassified aircraft, like the B2 Spirit bomber, still secretly employ this breakthrough. As I've said many time, I think there's a deliberate cover-up of this technology, for example see: If the HUVr Board is real then it's possible a false hoax was constructed retrospectively, including incredulous scientific pronouncements, a celebrity cast and other sensational gimmicks. Then again the whole HUVr Board story could be a hoax, but one intended to confuse and mislead the viewer from a different but real story emerging in parallel, like this one perhaps, see: Or is this a psychological experiment coming out of the Tavistock Institute or Rand Corporation to gauge the public's reaction to the concept of free energy and antigravity? We shall have to see how this story develops, but one thing I've learnt from my studies of the media is that when you open a newspaper and a really melodramatic scoop jumps out at you on page one, flick through to page twelve and scan the small columns very carefully indeed!

Tuesday 4 March 2014

Bobby Kennedy- Two Gunmen

The slaying of Senator Robert Kennedy was the last in a series of three assassinations of leading American political figures in the space of just five years. It took place in the early hours of the 5th of June 1968; just two months earlier, on the 4th of April, the black civil rights activist Martin Luther King had been shot dead in an attack so obviously staged that the convicted shooter, James Earl Ray, almost won a retrial and gained the support of King's family. All this took place in the shadow of the assassination of Bobby's brother, President John F Kennedy on the 22nd of November 1963, see:

At the time he was killed Bobby Kennedy was campaigning for the Democratic nomination to run for President of the United States. He was attending a publicity event at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles just after his victory in the California Presidential Primary Election had just been certified. He was accompanied by his campaign management team and two bodyguards as he took a short cut through the hotel's kitchen on his way to a press conference. He stopped to greet some of the kitchen staff who wanted to speak to him. At that moment the supposed assassin, Sirhan Sirhan, stepped out of his hiding place behind a refrigerator and opened fire with an Iver-Johnson Cadet 55 revolver. One of the security guards drew his own weapon, a Harrington and Richardson 922 pistol, but claims that he never fired. Sirhan was arrested and Bobby Kennedy rushed to hospital where he died. A search of Sirhan's house quickly revealed a diary in which there were long passages written by somebody stating an obsession with killing the senator, including the phrase "RFK must die!" The author of this passage announced that the killing was necessary to free the Palestinians because of Kennedy's support for Israel. However when in custody and being questioned Sirhan behaved in a dazed manner and said he had no memory of the incident, in a scene eerily reminiscent of the 1964 film about mind control, The Manchurian Candidate. The official investigation concluded that Sirhan, like Lee Harvey Oswald, had acted alone and killed Kennedy for purely personal reasons. However one piece of evidence that was not tabled at the inquest was an inadvertent tape recording made by a freelance reporter Stanislaw Pruszynski. The recorder was placed outside the kitchen door, but if you listen to it you can clearly hear a series of gunshots followed by a woman screaming and loud, alarmed voices. This tape was analyzed in 2007 by Philip van Praag and shows that there is the sound of thirteen separate shots; Sirhan's weapons was a Iver-Johnson revolver which had only eight chambers and Sirhan did not have time to reload. What's more two of the shots are so close together that the rate of fire exceeds that possible with Sirhan's gun. This means that there had to have been at least one other gun firing at Kennedy; and, despite what cops and cowboys do in Hollywood movies, it's very difficult indeed for one person to fire two pistols simultaneously from both hands. So there was a second gunman. What's more the shot which killed Kennedy came from an assailant approaching from behind whereas Sirhan supposedly approached from the front or side. There was an armed man standing behind Bobby, a security guard called Thane Eugene Cesar, carrying a Harrington and Richardson 922 which he drew when Sirhan attacked, but he claims he did not open fire. The fatal bullet found in Kennedy's neck was never formally identified as coming from Sirhan's weapon and the Harrington and Richardson is hard to discern in terms of firearms forensics from an Iver-Johnson. So it looks as if we have a suspicious and anomalous situation which points to the conclusion that Senator Robert Kennedy was assassinated by a conspiracy, just like his brother John. Those who investigated could hardly have overlooked a piece of evidence like this accidentally, so those who investigated were likely to be in league with those who did it. Thanks to a YouTube friend who bought this video to my attention:

Who would want to kill Bobby Kennedy, and why? Well, like his brother JFK, see above link, he had many enemies with many motives. If he had lived Bobby would probably have been the Presidential candidate who challenged Richard M Nixon in the 1968 Presidential Election, and he may have beaten him to the White House. This would have meant that a totally different man with very different policies would have presided over events as significant in history as the Apollo Moon Landings, the endgame of the Vietnam War, other associated conflicts in Southeast Asia, the opening up of China onto the world stage and the energy crisis of the early 1970's. Was Robert Kennedy strategically removed from the equation because the "men in grey suits" had plans for that Presidential election which they were determined should not be altered? 

Monday 3 March 2014

We the People Fight Back Conference

The fifth Critical Mass Radio conference is the third I’ve attended; I missed the last two. This one had a great name, it was called the "We the People Fight Back!" The venue was in a difficult place to reach, but was also by far the most charming place we’ve ever been at, a pub called The Fox and Goose Inn at a place with a fairy tale name, Pudding Pie Hill. This lay just a few miles from Chesterfield at the edge of the Peak District. The pub is a lovely old stone building on the summit of a hill with a magnificent view in all directions and the line of sight from that spot was one of the longest I've seen. The weather was chilly but clear and we sat on a balcony overlooking the valley, the crooked spire of Chesterfield easily visible in the distance. Ustane was with me, which was really nice, and I wasn’t a speaker so I could just relax and enjoy proceedings. We were one of the first arrivals but pretty soon some more of our friends turned up, one by one or in groups, and there was many a happy reunion.

The first speaker was Truthjuice Dave, host of his eponymous Truthjuice Dave Show on Thursday evenings. Like most Liverpudlians he is very talkative and eloquent, as you’ll know if you tune in to his programme. He has found a lot of inspiration for devising a new form of natural law from an unusual source, the Bible. Luke’s Gospel 6-2 describes what a modern court looks like and it is essentially a room full of dead people, not literally, but definitely figuratively. He compares the court to an altar in Church. This makes perfect sense to me because whenever I talk to somebody acting in their official capacity for the authorities, they don’t sound alive. They come across as robotic, lifeless, zombies. The Ten Commandments, the laws about “graven images” and the number 666 are all symbolic of the perversion of our own divinity by the state. Like me, Dave has divorced his statute person, the word “person” actually coming from a word meaning “mask”. He defaced his own “graven images”, the photoes on his passport and driving license, and sent them to David Cameron and the Queen. This is a kind of civil death of the kind Aaron Russo talked about in his interview with Alex Jones, except that he saw it as a punishment the state could inflict on us; I see it as something voluntary that can set us free. Dave’s speech was very thought-provoking and Ustane is writing a poem about it. 
Sarah Goodley hosts CMR’s The Irate Women Show every Friday and has spoken at the second AMMACH Conference, see: She used a new and interesting comparison and analogy between the world in general and the life of a newborn baby. In a natural and healthy human life everybody has what she called a “secure base of attachment”. For a baby that is parental love; as you get older it includes a loving family, friends and community. However, as is so often the case in our society, anything natural is considered unfit and is broken down in favour of something artificial. Sarah calls this the artificial womb. This is begins in childhood with families broken apart and made dysfunctional by Common Purpose and corrupt social services. It includes the destruction of other natural human social structures in favour of pathological false ones like gangs, the military, schools and workplaces. This is a self-regulating downward spiral of intergenerational trauma. Sarah’s own family has suffered in this way, and so has mine. Is there anybody who hasn’t had this experience? Along with this are environmental factors, what Sarah calls “genomocide”, the murder of us on a genetic level through chemtrails, vaccines, GMO food, Big Pharma etc. This is not accidental; it is a deliberate attack on our lives and our planet. The solution comes from re-naturalizing our world through love and nutrition. 
Kate Baxter (not her real name) is still a serving midwife since her appearance at the AMMACH conference with Sarah, although she cheerfully quipped: “I’m hanging onto my registration with my fingernails!” She and I both know how merciless the NHS is to dissidents. She spoke a lot about childbirth and how, like everything else, it has been distorted by the system into something synthetic and damaging. It also carries the implication that babies born are the property of the state, and not sovereign children of their mothers. Kate has delivered babies around the world from poor villages in Uganda to the private maternity hospitals of the rich and famous in Australia. She spoke a lot about a hormone called oxytocin. This plays a vital part in childbirth and also in sex. So it is essential at both ends of the reproductive process. A lot of the unnatural plastickifcation of childbirth is a deliberate attempt to suppress oxytocin via modern obstetric and midwifery practices. Also there are many images in the media, like the TV show One Born Every Minute, which portrays childbirth as painful and dangerous. This causes fear and discomfort in labour as well as more cases of foetal distress, and the need for forceps and Caesarean deliveries; I myself was born by forceps. Oxytocin in the hormone of calm and peace. It’s a natural painkiller and regulator of labour. Pregnancy and childbirth in a natural environment should be a joyful experience. Only a small minority of babies really need to be born in hospitals and most could easily be born at home in surroundings that work in harmony with how the human body is meant to function and did so easily over millions of years before it was perverted into something toxic and harmful. Again, this is a deliberate policy of the Illuminati-occupied government. Kate was very funny in her delivery (pun intended) and used props like a teddy bear and fairy lights to illustrate how oxytocin affects the human body. 
Rob Freeman bounced around the stage in his hallmark youthful manner, speaking with knowledge and enthusiasm. You can hear him on CMR every other Wednesday at 8 PM on his Into the Light Show. In this lecture he described a work in progress of his, the People’s Mandate. He hasn’t finished it yet, but he has the preamble worked out. This is basically a lawful and properly formatted notice of potential termination of our social contract with them, unless they can justify said relationship, see: It reminds me very much of Kevin Annett’s International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State, see: Rob sees things slightly differently to Truthjuice Dave in that he doesn’t see the system as inherently malign, just the people running it. We can still remain beneficiaries of our statute law persons, even if we resign as their trustees. Rob sees English Common Law as a mental construct and that natural law can only come from nature, or God, depending on your beliefs.

I was very happy to attend this fifth CMR conference and I felt sad to miss the last two. It was wonderful that Ustane cane with me too. We don’t often get the chance to go away together and my friends at the conference were as pleased to see her as they were me. Our station is almost two years old now and has achieved so much; we are now one of the principle truth/alternative radio outlets on the Net. We have endured hardship and tragedy as well. Two of our hosts have died, George of The Prisoner Show and Brian Branche, the Boxing Vicar, see: Many of us have also been saddened by the departure of Lisa Shunkaha Wanagi of the Cry Freedom Show who is no longer associated with the station for personal reasons; hopefully she will be starting up a new radio show elsewhere soon. However I still think we have a bright future ahead and will progress even further than we have so far, until the day comes when our work is done and we have achieved the critical mass necessary for a true transformation of the world. I look forward to the next conference very much. Many thanks to all the speakers and to Paul Giovanni who organized the event. And also to everybody who attended, filling almost every seat.