Saturday 31 May 2014

Weird UFO Meeting in London

A few days ago, out of the blue, I received a private email invitation to an event in London called Roswell 1947 UFO, a performance by a troupe called Light Modulation Ltd. The invite came from David Hodrien of BUFOG who was doing an address at the event. Only last fortnight I spoke at a BUFOG meeting, see: Yesterday I met up with my friend and fellow research Heidi King and we headed for the venue. All we had been given was an address in central London: 4 St James Square; this is in Westminster, right in the heart of government, just a short walk from Buckingham Palace and the Houses of Parliament. I had this idea in my head that the venue might be a small Bohemian theatre or cinema, of a kind often found in London, like the Horse Hospital in Bloomsbury where we'd gone a few weeks ago to see Mark Pilkington's film Mirage Men; but it was far from it. St James Square is one of these very officious locales in London with mountainous Georgian townhouses standing around a small tree-lined park in the centre. We walked along the wide pavements trying to read the door numbers hidden beneath neo-classical porticoes and separated from the street by the deep moats of basement wells. We rang the doorbell of one of these imposing cliff-like facades and waited. The solid-looking front door then opened automatically letting us in. I had to double check the address; the door led into one of the most opulent rooms I've ever been in, oak panelled walls, leather and mahogany furniture, old paintings on the wall, a grandfather clock ticking away in the corner... I rechecked the address again! I approached the polished marble reception desk and explained why we'd come. The suited receptionist looked nonplussed and got on the phone. He also asked me if I had a jacket and tie I could wear; foreboding filled my heart. It turned out that this was actually The In and Out Naval and Military Club, an exclusive urban retreat for senior officers of the armed forces, see: Luckily for Heidi it wasn't one of those which are gentlemen-only. We were not permitted to enter the club because we hadn't conformed to the dress code so we had to walk around to the rear entrance of the building on a neighbouring street. This was the keep-fit area of the complex. We found out way along the ornate corridors, past a very upmarket gym and swimming pool, into a plush courtyard in which had been erected a very curious structure, a black dome-shaped inflatable tent about thirty feet across. Waiters in white jackets served drinks and snacks to a cluster of gentlemen all dressed in smart suits and ladies in expensive dresses; the place reeked of perfume and aftershave. Gold Rolex watches peeked out from beneath shirt cuffs and huge diamonds glinted from earlobes and throats. Dave Hodrien and our friend Mike Rutter were the only people there Heidi and I recognized. This was certainly not a regular UFO conference.
The courtyard was decorated by a series of peculiar statues; in pride of place was the above bronze cast of a mountain goat. When we'd had a few more drinks we all got together and stared at it, a jocular imitation of Jon Ronson's book and film The Men who Stare at Goats. There was also a room beside the courtyard called "the Goat Bar". Heidi and I felt embarrassed to be so underdressed, but we soon relaxed; I got talking to a rather inebriated young man called Max who told me that he didn't know what the goat meant even though he'd been a member of the club for three years. Circulating around the party were also two people dressed in pilots' uniforms, see below... I say "people", however one looked like a grey alien and the other was a young woman with bright blue hair and a very short skirt. She had an exaggerated Deep South accent and kept saying: "Y'all have a good day, now!" More people turned up, mostly quite old and very well-spoken. Some of them had little badges on their lapels which showed that they were military men, serving or ex. I eavesdropped on some of their conversations; they were saying things like: "... our head office in Montreal..." "... at the last finance meeting we concluded..." Another club-member I got talking to, an Australian called David, pointed around himself explaining how next door was the headquarters of BP and a few doors along were the offices of the Rio Tinto Group. I found out later that Chatham House- the Royal Institute of International Affairs, is also housed nearby. These were definitely very posh people, elite, rich and powerful. This area of London was their home turf. The question therefore must be posed: what on Earth was an exhibition on UFO's doing here?
We entered the inflatable tent; there was barely enough room for everybody. It had been set up as a small theatre and the inner wall of the dome was actually a huge projector screen making the theatre a kind of mini-planetarium; it was very effective and we were shown amazing images of the night sky, the sun and views from the International Space Station. There was also a video presentation by Jaime Maussan, the famous Mexican UFOlogist; this had originally been planned as a live videocast, but it had unfortunately been abandoned due to technical problems and Jaime had instead recorded a presentation for us. Then we went out for a break to get some more drinks, only a single beer for me because they were very expensive. After that we went back into the tent and Dave did his speech, which was a one-hour potted history of the Roswell Incident for the complete beginner. I asked Dave and Mike about the background to the show and it turns out Dave had been invited as a guest speaker and had not organized it himself. The event was the idea of these people: I got to speak briefly to the director, a Spaniard called Floren Cabrera de Teresa; he is manifestly very keen on the UFO issue and the subject is not just a gimmick he's using for entertainment purposes. He had a team of highly professional-looking people there including a full media outfit; I did a brief interview in front of their TV camera where they asked me what I thought about Area 51.

I don't know when the thought came to me, I'm surprised it didn't come earlier, but is it possible that this is some kind of Disclosure promotion?... Bear with me!... Just look at the strange facts: A UFO-themed pageant in the heart of military and governmental London. The mysterious background to the event and the quiet invitation by email. Even Dave himself seemed not to have been told everything about what this was for; he was more of a visiting expert brought in to brief the newcomers. The people attending were not the types one would normally see dead at a UFO conspiracy conference; they were senior governmental, corporate and military officials. People involved in the Disclosure movement have talked about events like this, individuals like Dr Steven Greer and Stephen Bassett. They've described how they've been involved in low-key, even semi-covert, consultations in which they try to sell the idea of UFO Disclosure, very subtly and informally, to those who might be maintaining the "truth embargo", or those who may be close to those maintaining it. When I was speaking to David, the Australian member, I felt he was definitely grilling me, in a friendly and inoffensive manner; he was curious about UFO's, very curious indeed. After Dave had finished his lecture there was a question-and-answer session in which I watched the reactions of the audience very carefully. If these people have connections to UFO secrecy then their responses might reveal clues as the feasibility of some kind of official public acknowledgement of an ET presence engaging the human race. I left just before ten o'clock because I had to catch my coach home to Oxford. There was a late night party planned at a nearby bar which I couldn't stay to attend. I was aware that this was Friday night, the very day of the week Disclosure would probably happen, according to Richard Dolan and Bryce Zabel in their gripping book AD- After Disclosure. They said it would take place in the early evening US Eastern Standard Time. On my journey home I couldn't help wondering if tonight was the night! Of course the time in Washington DC is six hours behind our own so when I got home at about midnight I switched on the TV in the vain hope that we'd have a special BBC report underway about how "Obama says little green men exist!" Fat chance. As regular HPANWO-readers will know, my feelings towards official Disclosure are extremely ambivalent, see: But I can't let go of the irresistible prospect that it could happen. I've never wanted to be proven wrong on anything else I've ever said before, ever. It might happen, it might! The thing is, if I'm correct in my suspicion, that what I've just attended was indeed some kind of elite private sponsorship occasion for UFO Disclosure, then it does support the notion that steps are being taken to end the truth embargo. I feel very proud to think that last night I was actively involved in the process to achieve that revelation. Thanks, Dave, for inviting me.

Friday 30 May 2014

A friend to all...

There's a dark atmosphere hanging over the conspiratorial/UFO/paranormal community at the moment. It appears to be splitting into different hostile factions and everybody is expected to take a side... or else! The internal politics of the Truth movement has created Facebook threads which are hundreds of comments long; writing them must be taking up an enormous amount of time for those involved. The proponents and opponents will both dredge up reams of supposed evidence to justify their position. There are even some people who dedicate themselves wholly to this quest; they appear to be the self-appointed policemen of the Truth movement. I've even listened to two-hour radio broadcasts about no other subject than who in the community is, and is not, an agent. Working for the government to damage the Truth movement is an accusation that gets tossed around like a volleyball. I was speaking to a friend of mine a few days ago who shares my views on Hollie Greig, see:, but on the subject of the HG Hoax team which exposed this scam he added: "Oh they're dodgy too, dodgy as hell!" So who is not dodgy? Who can we trust? Not me that's for sure! See: (the creator of that webpage has changed my entry) I'm also apparently a video pirate, see: and a 9/11 disinfo agent, see: Also on Facebook I've been attacked for allegedly supporting the fake story of the Rendlesham Forest Incident and deleting somebody's comments; both these are due to simple misunderstandings, but the accusations against me were made before the accusers even attempted to verify their gripe. It's not possible to even mention David Icke or any TV programme on The People's Voice without a dozen comments instantly appearing under your post: "David Icke is working for the Rothschilds!"... "TPV is controlled by MI5!"... "YOU must be a shill too if you enjoy watching that shit!" etc etc. The same goes for whistle-blowers like Edward Snowden and Karen Hudes. Some people have totally made up their minds that these people are not what they seem. And you have to agree with them! If you dissent in any way... or even dare to listen to what Snowden and Hudes have to say... then you're the enemy too! In the last few days I've been saddened to read an argument between two well-known personalities in UFO investigation both of whom are close friends, people I admire and I think do excellent work.

The sad irony is that in some cases these paranoiacs might be right. Governments do attempt to infiltrate and control their own opposition, and we must be on our guard against that; but could any real shill ever hope to sow as much discord and malevolence as has emerged due to all this internecine suspicion and contempt? I get the feeling for some people it is pure ego; they actually enjoy meaningless bickering with their peers. I do not. What's more, when I look up and see chemtrails in the sky, receive bedroom tax statements and think of the suffering and destruction going in the world, I wonder why so many people don't understand that there are more important matters to attend to. Perhaps an obsessive focus on "who-is-and-isn't-a-shill" would make a good epic multi-volume bestseller in the bookshops of the post-Illuminati world, but let's get to that world first! Several issues have come up lately that have caused me to lose friends; one of these took place yesterday when I posted this article: My former friend is somebody I've known for many years, although we only talk to each other occasionally; I'll call her "Katie". Katie is not really conspiratorially aware but she does occasionally attend conspiracy/UFO/paranormal events in her role as a freelance journalist. She describes herself as a "post-feminist"; I don't know what the "post" bit means, but she definitely objects to what I've been saying about feminism. Katie and I clashed a few weeks ago because I disagreed with her when she lamented that a man was found innocent of rape. I wasn't angry or abusive, I just said this: "Well it's possible he actually is not guilty. I know it's very un-PC to suggest that, but it does happen." She replied: "I'm not saying he's guilty but along with all the other trials with not guilty verdicts it will send a message to rape victims". I then said: "But it will also send a message to men saying that we have rights too. I very much endorse that." Rather than try to debate the subject she ended the conversation with: "Oh, do fuck off Ben with your men's rights crap". This was predictable actually; an experienced feminist will never try to debate her (or his) position because they know it is indefensible. Feminism endures through total non-discussion and the demonization of those who question it. On the subject of Elliot Rodger she posted yesterday how it was "a bad week to be a woman" with, among other things, a man shooting women dead because girls didn't fancy him. I could not let this go unanswered; after all if she posts an opinion on the World Wide Web she ought to expect other people's opinions about what she said. I posted: "Any attempt to connect Elliot Rodger's crime to women's rights in general is misandrist rapemongering!" These are harsh words, but I think they're valid. It's not only insulting to suggest Rodger's actions have any bearing on natural male behaviour towards women, but it's a dangerous falsehood that could lead to injustice and abuse of men. Katie's reply was short and straightforward: "@Porterhood blocking you", and she did. The fact of the matter is that nobody can avoid these experiences, not without maintaining a mouse-like subservience and fawning universal accord. As I said above, I'm not the kind of person who thrives on disputes with others and I don't go out of my way to generate them so it takes effort from me to stand my ground in situations like this. But it's a duty I have to carry out. I realize now that losing my friendship with Katie and all those others is a price I have to pay, and if necessary I will pay it. I deeply distrust the ubiquitous fence-sitter, the friend to all. I'd hate myself if I became one. One of the truest sayings I can think of is "a friend to all is a friend to none". So goodbye, Katie, and good riddance. I apologize not and I regret nothing.

Thursday 29 May 2014

Elliot Rodger- Mind Controlled?

A few days before the time of writing, on May the 23rd, there was a killing spree in Isla Vista, California USA in which three men in an apartment were stabbed to death and soon afterwards a number of people were shot dead at a nearby students' accommodation block at the University of California Santa Barbara; two people were killed and three wounded. Then a student was shot dead outside a shop on a nearby street and several other people were hit along the road by shots allegedly fired from a passing car. The police responded and chased the car. There was an exchange of gunfire between them and the gunman in the car. This ended, we are told, when the gunman took his own life by shooting himself. See: The perpetrator was quickly named as Elliot Rodger a twenty-two year old who attended the university where he had carried out some of his attacks. He was the son of Peter Rodger who was a well-known film-maker and had recently directed a unit in the movie The Hunger Games. A few hours before the spree he recorded this YouTube video: In this chilling vlog he announces his plans to "have revenge" against humanity. He starts by explaining his sexual frustration due to the fact he can't attract girls. He resents the girls at his college for rejecting him and says he wants to kill them in retribution. Then he says that after he's killed all the women at the college accommodation blocks he'll head out onto the Isla Vista streets and kill as many random strangers as he can; this is of course what happened. He says he hates mankind and wants to reduce people to "mountains of skulls and rivers of blood". He states narcissistically: "I'll be a God, exacting my retribution!"

The question has inevitably gone out in the conspiratorial community: Is everything as it seems? I personally think it's too soon to know for sure, but this does not mean we shouldn't ask. Nobody should feel guilty for wondering, nor criticize others for doing so. We have been faced with a whole series of very blatantly suspicious events in recent months, for example see: and:, so please do not tell me I should automatically believe that this latest atrocity happened exactly as the media has told us it did! The call has inevitably gone out for more gun control in the United States, including from the father of one of the people shot, as if the US Government didn't already enjoy supremacy of force! The first odd thing that strikes me about Rodger's death video is that the emotion in it seems very affected. Notice how he stops talking and sniggers every now and again; this appears to be very forced and bogus. The things he says also sound like he's reading out some dialogue from a cheap "revenge of the nerd" novel or B-movie. Lots of cliches, nothing original, nothing even particularly personal; it comes across as a sham. If this is another faked gun attack then why was it done? If the authorities already have a monopoly of force then why do they need to disarm the American people even more? I posed these same questions over Sandy Hook; I have no answers at the present time. I also don't dismiss the possibility that this is, for a change, a real event which is exactly as we've been told on the news. A disturbing side-effect of this crime has been how it has been exploited by feminism. The Twitter hashtag #YesAllWomen has been filled with Tweets by people claiming Roger's misogyny is connected with general abuse of and hostility towards women. Luckily a response: #NotAllMen has rightly challenged that notion. It is fairly predictable that feminists would do this kind of thing. Feminism concerns me enormously because of all the forms of cultural Marxist brainwashing in society; it is the most widespread and the most ruthless. It is completely divorced from rationality and devoid of any sense of fair play. See here for background: So whether Elliot Rodger was an actor, a mind-controlled assassin or a mentally ill student with a chip on his shoulder, there's no doubt that what he did is being used as psychological warfare of one kind or another.

Wednesday 28 May 2014

Independent Scotland- Battle of Numbers

Scottish Independence is back in the news, see: The UK Treasury and The Scottish government have engaged in an exchange of promotions, rhetoric and figures to try and justify the No and Yes campaigns respectively. The Treasury says Scots are £1400 a year better off being in the United Kingdom because public services are subsidized by Westminster; and also the price of restructuring the Scottish government would cost £1.5 to 2.7 billion. Scotland also has an older population on average than the rest of the UK. Alex Salmond's office has retorted that, on the contrary, people in Scotland would be £1000 a year better off if the Yesses have their way due to more efficient tax system, better economic policy and a boost in North Sea oil revenue. As you can see from this graph, Independence was initially lagging behind in the opinions polls, but the gap has closed and the Yesses have overtaken the No's a couple of times, see: If it turns out that Scotland comes up trumps in the complex matter of splitting the National Debt, then the Yes line will probably soar up even further, perhaps to a winning position. There are now draft designs of the UK flag without its constituent St Andrews Saltire, see: (I'm glad to see that the Red Dragon of Wales gets a look in on some of the new designs). These economic theoretical statistics are all in "pounds", but, as I ask in the background articles, what currency will Scotland be using if... when... it becomes independent? Salmond has still not convinced Westminster of his plan for a "Sterling zone", see background links for more details. I can't help thinking that Salmond's consistent failure to reach a currency deal is suspicious. There's only so much failure you can suffer by accident. I predict that at some point somebody is going to suggest that Scotland joins to Eurozone. Mark my words!

Monday 26 May 2014

The UKIP Revolution

Nigel Farage, leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party has appeared on many news programmes today following his historic triumph in the 2014 European Elections. He says that the European Election result is the most remarkable in politics for over a hundred years, and he's right; see:

It's true that these results are very revolutionary and that pattern is reflected across the rest of the continent with formerly fringe political movements becoming as popular, or even overtaking, the traditional A-list parties. UKIP has gained eleven new MEP's and almost an eleven percent share of the vote. It has knocked Labour and the Tories into third place in some quarters, something which has not happened almost since those parties were formed. My own Euro constituency now has mostly UKIP MEP's, when it had formerly been Conservative or Labour since the European Parliament was formed. There are calls for Nick Clegg to resign as Liberal Democrat leader after his party was almost annihilated, losing all but one of its seats and finishing behind the Greens. At the same time the far right Front National in France has made enormous gains (Its founder and chairman Jean-Marie le Pen has obviously been listening to Erik Pianka, see: as has the leftist anti-EU front SYRIZA, topping the polls in Greece. The general trend has been radicalization, voters are moving away from the moderate spectral centre and into the polarities of both the left and right wing. It's obvious why; people are fed up with the European Union itself, with its economic sinkholes like the Eurozone Crisis, corruption like the Lisbon Treaty, the financial devastation by the European Central Bank of countries like Ireland, Greece and Spain, and its increasing detachment from the lives of its citizens. A lot of people are worried too about migration within the EU and immigration from outside it.

Some people I know in the conspiratorial community are rejoicing. They see the triumph of UKIP as a blow struck by the people against the New World Order. They see the European Union plot to be a stepping stone to one-world government, and I agree with them. But as far as they're concerned that plot now lies in tatters; I'm not so sure. As I explain in the background articles, I strongly suspect that UKIP is controlled opposition. The manipulators won't give up that easily! What's more the agenda is far more complicated than the people I spoke to think. Protest votes against immigration, which UKIP have tried to draw in, could be sign that the anti-immigration bait has done its job and the trap is almost ready to be sprung, see here for background: I oppose the EU totally and think Britain should leave it, immediately and completely. I don't agree with a referendum either because technically joining the EU was treason and therefore illegal. You can't have a referendum on a criminal act; all you can do is tear up the UK's membership papers and arrest the politicians responsible. However the EU agenda is not the only path to world government, there are many others, including extreme authoritarian reforms on the domestic front and we must be on our guard against that. I do not recommend, nor do I advise against, voting for any candidate in next year's General Election; but I do warn people to be wary of a proposed easy way out of a by-product of the agenda. Only full awareness of what this drive towards one-world government is, and how it works, can bring it to and end.

Sunday 25 May 2014

New Edward Snowden Interview

The renegade NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden has recorded a TV interview with NBC's Brian Williams. The filming took place at a secret location in Russia where Snowden is currently living under political asylum. The hour-long interview is going to be broadcast on Wednesday at 10 PM US Eastern Standard Time, that's 3 o'clock in the morning on Thursday British Summer Time. Interest in the upcoming programme is immense and viewing figures will no doubt be astronomical. Not only is this Snowden's first ever American TV interview, but also we don't yet know what the subjects and content of the discussion are. NBC are keeping the tapes strictly private and confidential until the interview goes to air. Could this programme contain something truly earth-shattering? Maybe he'll tell us all about this: Unlikely; as I explain in the article, that theory is probably nonsense and the revelations in the upcoming interview will probably not be quite that extraordinary. However Snowden may divulge some secrets he's been keeping tucked up his sleeve till now. He's an intelligent man who knows he mustn't play all his best cards in one go. It's possible as well that he's using a dead man's trigger over his cache. This means he will have distributed some of his most secret files to a number of people in secure locations along with the instructions: "If anything happens to me, publish them!" The US authorities therefore have a good incentive for letting him stay alive. I find it hard to believe that the interview tapes would not be vetted at all by government censors. NBC News is a part of the NBC Universal media network whose president is Steve Burke, a member of the Phi Beta Kappa fraternity and former chief executive with Walt Disney. Major media corporations are all run by people under the control of the authorities. Nevertheless the possibility remains that somehow something will be said on this programme that was not intended. For this reason alone I will probably stay up and watch it, or set my alarm to make sure I wake up for it. Pity it's at such an inconvenient time for people in my time zone. I'll also have a recorder at the ready to capture the live stream... it may be the only chance we'll ever get to see it.

Saturday 24 May 2014

Exopol MC

The Sixth Annual British Exopolitics Expo is almost upon us, and the second Extraterrestrial Communications Conference will be here even sooner; see here for details: I've been given the great honour of being appointed master of ceremonies for both events. I hope I can do as good a job as past MC's Richie Rich and Franky Ma. This is something I've never done before, but I feel confident that I can do a good job and I'm very much looking forward to it. First thing I'll need is to scrub up a bit more than I usually bother to; I do have a jacket and tie in my wardrobe somewhere. My duties will be to introduce the events and speakers for the audience and also chair the Q and A sessions. I'll have to do that positively and professionally, leaving my personal views about them out of what I say. I'm looking forward to it and hope to see as many HPANWO-readers there who can get there.
See here for a recent HPANWO Show interview with Anthony Beckett about the upcoming conferences:

Friday 23 May 2014

Strange New Discoveries in Egypt

A lot has been happening in Egypt lately. A new royal tomb has been discovered in the Valley of the Kings, called KV40 it contains the remains of previously unknown members of the family of the pharaohs Thutmose IV and Amenhotep III. Sadly the site was damaged by grave robbers in the 19th century, but it's still an amazing find. There have been other revelations though, which have been less well-publicized. These are actually far more groundbreaking and this makes me suspicious as to the timing of the news story related to KV40. Was it intended to upstage this news story: The Serapeum of Egypt was discovered in 1850, but in the last few months reports are coming out about the huge stone sarcophaguses buried deep underground there. These are far larger than those the Egyptians made for human graves. They are supposed to be for bulls which an early Egyptian religious practice regarded as sacred, but as with the stone box in the King's Chamber of the Great Pyramid, there's no evidence that any bull bodies were placed in them. These boxes are made of granite brought all the way from Aswan, five hundred miles away. This would have been a huge effort for the technology available in Ancient Egypt. The boxes are aligned to the points of the compass, like the Pyramids, and their engineering is extraordinarily precise. Their real purpose is unknown.
At around the same time Live Science published an article with the prodigal title: "Solved! How Ancient Egyptians Moved Massive Pyramid Stones.", see: So question no longer, readers! The above mural was found in the tomb of the Pharaoh Djehutihotep and it shows a large statue being dragged along on a sand sled with a man standing on the front of the vehicle apparently pouring water onto the ground ahead of it. Some researchers at the University of Amsterdam did some experiments and found that mixing water with sand acts like a lubricant; it makes an object slide more easily across it. Therefore they concluded that the builders of the Pyramids must have used this method to ship large stones around while constructing the Pyramids and other large monuments. This matter was brought up on the Mind Set Podcast a few weeks ago, see: The problem with this theory is that moving forty ton stone blocks around Egypt means crossing the desert where water is in short supply. The guys dragging the sled along would need lots of it, how much would be spare to wet the sand underneath the sled? All the water in Ancient Egypt came from just one source, the River Nile. Water would have to have been carried from the Nile to the sled's route on foot or by donkey and camel. To make the sand wet enough you'd need an awful lot of water. The scientists give the example of building a sandcastle on the beach, but in this case the sand is made wet by the sea. Try building a sandcastle above the high tide mark and wet the sand by carrying water to it from the sea at low tide! And how much of that water would evapourate on the hot desert sand before the sled had a chance to ride over it? There are many practical problems with this theory that the Amsterdam study does not consider.
Yet more pyramid peculiarity has emerged in this strange week of Egyptian enigmas... only this next one is not in Egypt and might not be related to it; it's in Wales. Richard D Hall has interviewed a man who makes an extraordinary claim, that he discovered an underground pyramid at the village of Garndiffaith near Pontypool in Monmouthshire. Dennis Nash was a building labourer working on the foundations of a new housing estate in 1967 or 1968 when he and his colleagues came across a huge slab of solid lead covered in strange markings that looked like Egyptian hieroglyphics, see: The slab lay on the apex of a pyramidal structure buried beneath the ground and local historian and archaeologist Rev. Anthony Williams has been investigating the case. Nash describes it as enormous, like "an underground mountain". The men were short of money so they sold the lead as scrap, but the rest of the structure remains beneath the ground; today it is covered by a roundabout junction. Is this a monument built by visiting ancient Egyptians or could it be the work of another unknown culture that lived in Great Britain long ago before history began? The questions are coming at us from all angles in rapid succession. We must not believe the hype and distractions, and we must drive on through until we find the answers.

Thursday 22 May 2014

Time for Disclosure- July 8th

July the 8th is World Disclosure Day. This is an initiative by the Paradigm Research Group in its campaign to persuade the governments of the world to acknowledge frankly and fully the existence of an extraterrestrial intelligence engaging the human race. On July the 4th a strange flying object came to grief on a remote ranch near Roswell, New Mexico USA. It was quickly salvaged by the Roswell Army Air Force. The announcement was made in the media that they had "captured a flying disk". However on July the 8th 1947 General Roger Ramey called a press conference at Fort Worth, Texas where he changed the official position of the Roswell Incident saying that there was no strange object; all that had been found was a weather balloon. For the PRG this marks the beginning of the sixty-seven year "truth embargo" as the existence of UFO's and aliens beings. The moment Disclosure takes place the date of World Disclosure Day will switch to the date on which it happens and it will be celebrated thus every year afterwards, see:

There will be an event in London this year to mark World Disclosure Day. Outside the Science Museum, beginning at 12 PM, there will be a street pageant including a peaceful protest and activities to educate passers-by and the media, organized by my friend and activist Heidi King. There will also be HPANWO TV coverage and a recording for the HPANWO Show on Critical Mass Radio. In Heidi's own words: "It was on the 8th of July 1947 a disk was reported flying and crashed into the desert; and as to mark the anniversary I am holding a demand for action to bring Disclosure to the hiding of existence of UFOs. It is also important that the public know about antigravity technology and free energy which UFOs are based upon. The planet is now at risk because of the dirty technology we are still using for air and space travel. I think the idea of rockets should be discarded. I would like anyone who can come to the platform and have their say. What better place to hold it outside the London Science Museum. I want as many people to dress up in fancy dress as an alien of your choice so the public will se what's going on. Also bring with you banners, flyers, DVDs related to this subject to wake the masses up." Here is the Facebook event page, please click the Join button to add your name to the list of people going.
See here for my CMR interview with the PRG's executive director, Stephen Bassett:

Wednesday 21 May 2014

Plaid Cymru and the EU

If you'd told me as a teenager that one day I'd be advocating against independence for Wales I'd have laughed in your face... but here I am, doing just that. Welsh nationalism was a political movement I was very much drawn to when I first got interested in politics as a child, in fact I would get passionate about it to the point of tears. One member of my family is still very much a believer in it, yet I quickly lapsed as I grew to adulthood. My novel Evan's Land is very much a satire of the subject, see: The principle banner of Welsh nationalism is Plaid Cymru- the Party of Wales. It was formed in 1925 as Plaid Genedlaethol Cymru, "Nationalist Party of Wales"; its goal was political autonomy and self-determination for Wales and the Welsh people along with preservation of the Welsh language and culture. However much has changed since then; the Welsh language is no longer in danger of extinction, indeed it has recently been thriving. Also the European Union was born and that has changed everything. Unfortunately Plaid Cymru is very pro-EU and my family member's position echoes many others within it when he describes himself as a "federalist". The goal is for Wales to leave the UK and become an equal member state of the EU. In this sense they have already taken the second step that Scotland might or might not take if it becomes "independent" later this year; see here for background:

My predication is that sooner or later practical moves of one kind or another will be made to offer Wales independence from the UK too. As far as we know, so far the wish for independence from the United Kingdom among Welsh people is low; polls range between about 10 to 20% in favour, albeit with a large undecided pool, but a very obvious majority still positively opposed to it. In fact the referendum even to establish the Welsh Assembly was a very close call. But the media and politics can be used for the "engineering of consent" as Edward L Bernays called it. After that, the point I made about Scotland applies equally for Wales. These "independence movements" are actually just a scam to break up existing sovereign blocs and change them into new ones. This is why regional separatists on the continent are currently having such an impact; Venice is a good example, see: The authorities want the UK broken up into its constituent parts so that those parts can be more easily absorbed into the EU superstate. Reading the minutes of this speech by the Plaid Cymru MEP Jill Evans is depressing, see: She explains how the EU budget is essential for the Welsh economy and without it they'd be much worse off. Of course! The EU is intended to breed dependency on itself for survival; once a state has signed up it's a contract designed to be unbreakable without dire consequences. Then she goes on to say this: "I want to see Wales become an independent member of the European Union, with an equal and normal status. Being part of the UK Member State is holding us back from achieving our true potential on the European platform..." Ms Evans is saying exactly what the elite want to hear. Despite my conversion in maturity away from Welsh nationalism, I'm not a flag-waving British unionist. I know very well how the British Empire also includes its domestic empire and that both have been a major tool for global control. However the rules are different in the modern world. I just don't want to see my native homeland jump out of the UK frying pan into the EU fire.

Tuesday 20 May 2014

Sandy Hook Memorial Defaced

Two memorial signboards dedicated to the alleged victims of the Sandy Hook Massacre has been vandalized. One of them was ripped from its mountings in Mystic, Connecticut, a short distance from Newtown. Somebody then phoned up the parents of Grace McDonnell, the girl the sign was dedicated to, and taunted them, claiming to be the vandal. He accused them of being part of the conspiracy, saying that their daughter never existed and that they were both frauds. For anybody who doubts the official story of Sandy Hook, as I do, this kind of behaviour is extremely counter-productive. I urge everybody not to do it. It's exactly what the media want, and they have not missed this opportunity to almost hyperventilate in their tirade against "Sandy Hook truthers!", to hang up a strawman of evil that the viewer can hurl their shoes at. Right now, anybody who meets somebody who doubts Sandy Hook will remember these news stories and tar that person with the same brush; "What!? You must be one of these people who desecrates children's memorials, aren't you!" And the person they're addressing will find it hard to explain their true position. In fact it wouldn't surprise me if this was some kind of mini-false flag; that somebody in the authorities organized the vandalism and the phone-call in order to demonize anybody who questions Sandy Hook.

Sunday 18 May 2014

Marilyn Monroe was Murdered

The Daily Mail have reviewed a new book which they appear to consider so groundbreaking that they’ve published the review as a news story. Jay Margolis and Richard Buskin’s new book The Murder of Marilyn Monroe- Case Closed claims to be an exposé of the truth behind the death of the superstar actress fifty-two years ago; as the title reveals, it was murder. On the 5th of August 1962 the thirty-six year old celebrity’s body was found by her housekeeper Eunice Murray and her psychologist Dr Ralph Greenson lying naked on her bed at her home. The supposed cause of death was an overdose of barbiturates and the verdict was “probable suicide”. However the details of the case have always sounded unsatisfactory to me. Her pathology reports indicate that no traces of drugs were found in her stomach. Her doctor and the investigating police officers asked that a second more detailed autopsy be done to verify how the drugs entered her body, but the coroner refused permission. The only evidence of suicide therefore was that the bottle of her prescription pills was empty and that she was suffering from severe depression. Who would want to kill Marilyn Monroe, one of the most popular and admired people in the world?
Actually there were a number of individuals who might want her dead for several reasons. The prime suspects are the US President at the time, John F Kennedy, and his brother and Attorney General Robert Kennedy. Marilyn had been having on-off affairs with both the brothers over several years and was said to be deeply in love with John, and she telephoned the White House on numerous occasions demanding that the President divorce the First Lady Jackie and marry her instead. She supposedly kept a diary containing secrets about the President and his family which she threatened to reveal at a press conference she would call the following morning, the morning after her death. The murder was said to be arranged by Bobby Kennedy and his brother-in-law the actor Peter Lawford. Aiding and abetting them was none other than Dr Greenson. He was also her lover, but he wasn’t afraid that Marilyn would blow the whistle on their relationship too. He did not want to kill her, but Bobby blackmailed him with tape recordings of Greenson and Marilyn together so he agreed to help. With the assistance of Bobbly Kennedy’s bodyguards, the murderers injected her with a sedative and gave her an enema containing a fatal dose of Nembutal barbiturates. Key new witnesses have come to light recently that are featured in the book, including the paramedic James Edwin Hall who attended the scene. His suspicion was raised when Dr Greenson approached him announcing that he was a doctor and offering his medical assistance. He joined Hall in his attempt to resuscitate Marilyn, but did it so incompetently that it looked as if he were trying to fail deliberately. Hall also noticed that she had not vomited, which was unusual for somebody who’d overdosed. He then saw Greenson give her an injection into her heart with a pericardial needle. This he did so violently that he broke one of her ribs; it was probably a poison, the coup-de-grace.
Such peculiar anomalies in the investigation of somebody’s death can also be found in the coroner’s inquests into the car crash which allegedly killed Princess Diana in 1998. This is a situation that could never arise if you or I were murdered, but those in elite positions of officialdom have the power to distort or quash a proper investigation in which they have killed somebody. As Attorney General, Bobby Kennedy would be the person most able to cover-up his own felony. Just over a year later the same would be done when his brother John was shot dead in Dallas by somebody… or somebodys… and Lee Harvey Oswald was blamed, see: We don’t know what happened to the diary Marilyn was supposedly keeping, nor the tapes of the conversations she’d had with the Kennedy brothers, if they ever existed at all. Obviously her governmental beaux didn’t want news of their flings with her to get out into the newspapers; it would have probably resulted in JFK being impeached (which ironically might have saved his life). It’s possible the Kennedys had also confided other secrets to her relating to far more underhand activities they’d been up to in relation to negotiations with the Soviet Union, domestic corruption, the Cuban Missile Crisis and even UFO’s, see the link above. It’s amazing how even the most secretive people will become irresponsibly candid when they’re lying in bed with another, see: The question is, will this new book result in any reopening into the tragic case of Marilyn Monroe? Is there going to be a new coroners’ inquest, criminal charges being pressed? Seeing as the amount written about the Kennedy Assassination has failed to initiate new proceedings then I find it unlikely. Trial by journalism has its essential place in history, but we might have to be content with what it has already achieved, another nail in the coffin of the authorities’ credibility and trustworthiness. All these nails add up and together, one day, the coffin will be ready for its ultimate burial.

Saturday 17 May 2014

Statins “Are Safe!”

The British Medical Journal is investigating two articles it published and may decide to withdraw them. The articles discuss concerns over statins, some of the most commonly-prescribed drugs in the world. Over seven million Britons take them regularly, including my own father. Statins are given to reduce blood cholesterol levels which supposedly reduces the risk of heart disease and other debilitating or life-threatening circularity conditions. This is questionable in my view, see: The two BMJ articles don’t dispute the conventional notion that high cholesterol increases the risk of heart disease and that lowering cholesterol levels reduces that risk, but they do alert the reader to the side effects of statins, which may be far worse than was previously thought, see: The authors of the articles, Dr John Abramson and Dr Aseem Malhotra, have dissociated themselves from the publications they wrote, either because they honestly have changed their minds or that they’re worried they may end up crucified on the road to Rome alongside Dr Andrew Wakefield, see: It’s well-known that statins do have possible side-effects such as liver complaints, diabetes, insomnia, nerve damage and muscle pain. There has long been a debate among doctors over whether statins should be prescribed as widely as they currently are and that the dangers posed by the side-effects mean they should only be given to people with the highest risks of heart disease. The BMJ articles definitely support the more cautious position, indeed they claim that the side effects are far worse than was previously thought, and a row has broken out as a result. Experts fear that patients may end up refusing the drug because of all this “negative publicity”. Goldilocks has of course stuck his oar in as usual, see: Nobody denies that statins can have serious side-effects, but they are still widely used despite that because the perceived benefits of the drugs outweigh the side-effect risks, at least according to the majority of physicians. This means that a statin-user who is struck down with the side-effects is the broken egg that makes the omelette, doing their duty for the statistics. None of the debates in the media ask whether the fact that this one class of drugs forms an industry that is now worth over $29 billion a year could possibly have influenced the decision-makers, see: Statins are a relatively new kind of pharmaceutical and although over seven million people take them today in the UK, in 1980 that figure was just a few thousand; so it is definitely a growing industry. And we all know what happens to naughty little doctors, politicians and journalists who try to stop “industrial growth” now, don’t we?

Friday 16 May 2014

Bob Lazar- 25 Years On

“It’s all a bit Bob Lazar!” as Richard D Hall says, but who is Bob Lazar? He is actually one of the most remarkable and influential people in the world of conspiratorial UFOlogy. On May the 13th 1989 the TV station KLAS Las Vegas interviewed a man with his face in shadow under the pseudonym “Dennis” on the 5 o’clock news. George Knapp hosted the interview, the first of many with him, and later managed to interview the guest under his true identity, Bob Lazar. Lazar told the viewers an incredible tale. He was a nuclear physicist who had been recruited to a top secret government research programme in 1988. The clandestine project was being run from a compound within the Groom Lake Test Facility, known at the time only by its nickname- Area 51. He had been working at the Los Alamos National Laboratory when he’d been appointed to his new post at the covert base. He travelled every day to work on the Janet planes to Area 51 (See: and was driven by windowless bus to a place called “S4”, an underground laboratory built into a mountainside a few miles south of the Groom Lake base. Here, according to his claim, he was ordered to study a strange craft kept in a hidden hanger. The craft was saucer-shaped and its pilot seats and controls were far too small for an adult human. It was also propelled by a system that used an esoteric powerplant. It was one of nine that were stored at S4. Lazar quickly worked out that these were spacecraft built by an extraterrestrial civilization. His job was to reverse engineer the powerplant so that the US Government could build one of their own. Lazar was made to sign a security contract as part of his employment; he was directed to tell nobody of what he did at Area 51. However he breached secrecy by inviting some of his friends, including the researcher and famous aviator John Lear, to watch from a distance while the flying saucers were test flown at night. As a result he was violently reprimanded and threatened by his employers. One day he was almost shot. Being allowed to speak out on TV probably saved his life, and that of his wife and children.
Time flies. It’s now been twenty-five years since Bob Lazar first hit the media, see: Since then Area 51 has become a household name, mostly thanks to Lazar. It baffles me how some UFOlogists actually think that Bob Lazar and others like him are deliberately put into the media by the government to draw attention away from Area 51, see: Opinion among researchers is divided. Skeptics have predictably denounced him as an imaginative fantasist and a deceitful fraud. However he is not universally supported within the UFO community either; Stanton Friedman has checked into his background and claims that nothing of Lazar’s back story can be verified. There are no records of him ever receiving the qualifications he professes, nor has his school or university any paperwork indicating that he attended; Friedman describes him as a “Walter Mitty”. However George Knapp, the journalist who brought him to the public eye, thinks that Lazar is being honest. This conclusion comes after spending years talking to him and also investigating his case. Knapp did obtain a payslip from Los Alamos which proves Lazar was on their staff. Lazar himself claims that his entire CV has been deleted and destroyed; this is why Friedman found no trace of him. This kind of “database murder” has been done to others, like Dr Jonathan Reed, see: Also one of Knapp’s contacts was warned off when he made inquiries. Richard D Hall says that although Lazar apparently has no official qualifications he can tell by listening to him that Lazar must have had some scientific education. He speaks like somebody who has been properly trained in the subject. Lazar has spoken out in great detail about his alleged experiences and has never changed his story. Now, a quarter of a century later, he maintains his position although, as you can see from the interview above, he avoids the public eye whenever possible. He says, half-jesting, that he’d like to apologize to his boss at Area 51 and ask for his job back. He definitely regrets his whistleblowing. Whether I do or not will depend on whether or not Lazar is telling the truth. Hopefully we will find out soon, at least before another twenty-five years has past. How many will be celebrating the half-centenary of the revelations of Bob Lazar?
See here for background:

Tuesday 13 May 2014

Andy Nowicki- Thought Criminal

Andy Nowicki is an author and journalist who has recently got into trouble at work in a situation that is uncannily similar to my own experience at my hospital, see here for background: I don’t know what his job is, but he is some kind of teacher; he describes what happened in these two links: and: Some people who dare to call themselves “anti-fascists”, while behaving like fascists themselves, made a series of phone calls to his colleagues informing them of his activities. Andy is co-editor of the website Alternative Right, see: You may not agree with what he stands for; I myself do not share many of his views, but the way in which he has been harassed for expressing his opinions is tantamount to a thoughtcrime. This is unacceptable for anybody. Luckily it appears his livelihood is not in danger, but you can bet his attackers would have him sacked if they could; they’re the same kind of people who threw meringue and custard pies at David Icke in Canada in 2000, see: You can see in the video that Andy is deeply upset by this very cowardly and underhand assault against him.
Along with his articles, Andy Nowicki has also written several novels like Columbine Pilgrim and Heart Killer. His short story Oswald Takes Aim is an alternative history set in a world in which the Kennedy Assassination never happened. His style is dark and melancholy, sometimes it’s shocking, but I find him intelligently rueful and self-reflective. He’s also written some magnificently brutal critiques of feminism and political correctness on the website which I very much endorse. What’s more he makes the correct point that racism can sometimes be directed at white people, but in which case is not taken as seriously by society; perhaps that’s an understatement. I differ from him in many ways; I don’t identify with being a white person at all, unless my race being used as a motive to harm me or others. Also I think I’m more concerned than he is by racism of the conventional kind, acts of injustice and oppression against non-white people. You might decide that he’s a racist or fascist, but I think Andy has a good heart; he’s just a complex and world-weary man. Actually even if I didn’t think that I would still say that he has the right to free speech and anybody who tries to attack him personally or professionally in this way for his beliefs is an enemy of freedom. If you think Andy is wrong, or even immoral, then explain why; don’t try to silence him and ruin him.

Sunday 11 May 2014

Ben Emlyn-Jones on Enemy Within Radio 11

I have been interviewed again on Enemy Within Radio with Thomas Barnes and Tommy Woodgate, see:

I appear in the second hour and I'm joined by researcher and activist Tony Topping (See: Subjects discussed include: TV programmes about UFO and conspiracy subjects, Atlantis, Scandinavian mythology and much much more.
See here for my previous appearance on Enemy Within Radio:

Friday 9 May 2014

Anti-G or Not?

This source video is very poor quality; it's a screenover with a lot of background noise, see:
It seems to show some kind of strange aerial vehicle being test flown by a military research unit. The dialogue is almost inaudible, but it appears to describe what you're seeing, an aircraft that achieves lift without the usual wings, canopy or rotor blades. According to the commentary and the inserted diagrams, it works using a downward directional turbofan jet engine to thrust it upwards. However the title of the video is "The anti-gravity platofrm (sic) of Viktor Grebennikov"; this refers to the eccentric Russian inventor Viktor Stepanovich Grebennikov. Before his death in 2001 he was well known for claiming that some insects use an anti-gravity effect to achieve flight. This is not implausible; if anti-gravity and/or free energy processes are possible then it makes sense that life has evolved to use them in the same way it has in relation to other laws of physics. In fact Viktor Schauberger explained how some fish propel themselves with a free energy effect, see: Grebennikov says that he designed an aircraft whose lift came from a platform on which he stuck a huge number of insect wings. This caused it to levitate, and he installed moveable panels which functioned as control surfaces. He flew long distances with his device; he describes this in his 1997 book My World. I've heard rumours from the realm of biology that the wings of some insects, like the bumble bee, are far too small for these creatures to fly by currently understood and accepted means. The problem is that we're told in the video that the flying platform we see is lifted and powered by a conventional means, the aforementioned jet engine pointing downwards; this method of flight has been made to work before, for example see:

This does not accord with the vid's title and description which attributes it to the revolutionary discoveries of Viktor Grebennikov. Is this disinformation? Has the audio commentary and pictures of jet engines been inserted to mislead the viewer into thinking that this is simply a jet powered platform? Or are we seeing a simple mistake on the part of the uploader? To consider this question I do recommend watching the video a second time and asking yourself some important questions: A jet engine's thrust is dependent of the very fast and powerful movement of air through the machine to literally blow the aircraft along. This inevitably produces wind-like effects on its surroundings; just watch how this jet-propelled aircraft's engines blow rainwater around on the runway as it takes off: However, with the video we see the aircraft flying close to ground level through a forest and meadow... yet there is no sign of any disturbance of the trees or long grass. What's more at 0:23 we see the craft taking off from the back of a truck; the pilot is assisted in guiding his charge into the air by two men standing next to it on the back of the truck, right on the pad from which it launches. Yet they seem not to be effected by any downdraft from the supposed jet engine. Why are their trouser legs not whipping around in the blast? Would they even be blown off their feet? So could this actually be the test flight of a real anti-gravity vehicle based on Grebennikov's levitation system?