Monday 31 December 2012

Toast the New Year with Fake Champagne

On this New Year’s Eve I’m sure many HPANWO-readers will be looking for ways to eat, drink and make merry to toast in 2013. In doing so it has become and unfortunate necessity to avoid being taken in by perfectly legal acts of fraud like the one I discovered a few months ago; see:
Here for an important background article: And it’s happened again! This time with this bottle you see me holding above. It looks like a bottle of Champagne; it has a silvery metallic covering and even has the word “Champagne” on the label. What’s more it’s an absolute snip at £4.99. I thought that the price looked too good to be true; why did I forget the second half of that old maxim?: “So what made you think it would not be?” The word on the label is actually “Charlemagne” not “Champagne”, but with the handwritten, cursive style of the lettering the two words are fairly hard to distinguish. As I say in the article linked above I think this is deliberate. Charlemagne is actually not any kind of wine; it’s a perry, what is usually called today “pear cider”. Its alcohol content is a mere 5%, far lower than Champagne, and although this is a big 1.5 litre bottle it might not be enough on its own to spark off the New Year joviality.

Because of my previous experience I’m forewarned and forearmed, but it’s important to realize that the manufacturers of Charlemagne Perry are not actually breaking any rules. You can bet that they had it thoroughly checked by a lawyer before selling it. However this is one of those all too familiar cases in our society in which something bad is done, while holding itself away from the borderline beyond which things are officially labeled “bad”, by using legal loopholes. Red tape and acres of Byzantine small print turn black into white and up into down. The marketing aim of Charlemagne Perry is to make their product look like Champagne. They’re counting on getting in a lot of sales they would not otherwise make from people buying a bottle under the misapprehension that they are buying a bottle of Champagne, and patting themselves on the back for picking one up so cheaply, no doubt. A lot of those people are going to be much more vulnerable than a certain big, tough old ex-Hospital Porter you might have heard of.

I suppose the answer a lot of people will give me is: “Serve them right for not being on their guard! They should have checked the label. More fool them! They’ll know better next time.” I must be in a minority in that I’m concerned that trickery seems to be the normal way to do business nowadays. It shows a great deal of contempt for their potential customers for Charlemagne Perry’s manufacturers to do what they did. “But so what? It’s a dog-eat-dog world, Man!”, as we’re so often told. It also worries me that the ethics of conventional society are changing; the victims of trickery are more likely to be blamed than the perpetrators. If some old lady, a blind person or somebody else vulnerable buys a bottle of this stuff thinking that it’s Champagne then they are to blame for allowing themselves to be fooled. The one doing the fooling is morally A-OK! I find it sad that fairness, trust, honest trade and respect for human dignity and sovereignty have become so marginalized and outmoded. These lamented attitudes are seen by most people as rather quaint and na├»ve. To believe in them marks you out as weak and sentimental.

Sunday 30 December 2012

Cardboard Copper

It’s currently that strange week between Christmas and New Year in which wrapping paper and mince pie crumbs litter the house, unwanted presents line up under the settee and of course the shops go crazy with their Boxing Day and New Year sales. I was walking aimlessly round town the other day when I wandered into a branch of Poundland. Don’t worry, I didn’t buy anything there! I’ve boycotted the place because of their use of Slavefare labour, see: But I came across this strange fellow standing in a corner. It’s actually not a policeman at all it’s a cardboard cut-out! These peculiar placements of decoration, nicknamed “PC Boardman”, are claimed to reduce the incidence of shoplifting by 75% (although amazingly one was lifted itself a few months ago: For me this is another example of the very commonplace and casually accepted psychological manipulation of people by authorities. It disturbs and upsets me. Just before Christmas I came across another similar example:

Thursday 27 December 2012

Ben Emlyn-Jones on The Mind Set Podcast 4

I have once again been featured on The Mind Set Podcast’s round table discussion. Subjects discussed this week include gun control in the USA, should Christ be part of Christmas, Sandy Hook deception, mind control and much much more.
See here for The Mind Set Podcast- Episode 133:

See here for my previous appearance on The Mind Set Podcast:

Monday 24 December 2012

Christmas High Street Sales Figures

Christmas is here again, and I came across this seasonal story about how High Street sales are “down” on average this year, and how this is “disappointing” to economic analysts, see: There is a very strange tone to this article; a kind of shock-horror, “what a shame” attitude. It alludes only slightly to what really should be bloody obvious! These human beings, what are called by the deeply sinister dysphemism, “consumers”, have had our jobs taken away from us. We’ve had our benefits cut to save bankers with more money than God losing one off a long row of zeroes on their bank statements. Those of us out of work have been forced to become civic slaves just to be tossed the pittance of Job Seekers Allowance. We’re constantly fed stories about how nothing lies ahead of us except economic Armageddon... And we’re expected to do our High Street duty by going to these cathedrals to materialist consumerism and parting with what little promissory cash we have for piles of trinkets we don’t need, and those whom we buy them for will probably throw away before spring!... That’s why Christmas High Street sales are down this year!... DUH!

At least this time we’re not going to be insulted with an attempted guilt trip like we have been in the past! See:

Monday 17 December 2012

Ben Emlyn-Jones on The Mind Set Podcast 3

I have once again been featured on The Mind Set Podcast's round table discussion. Subjects discussed this week include the Newtown Massacre, 2012 and the end of the world, the mystery of the crazy Swedish twins and much much more.
See here for The Mind Set Podcast- Episode 132:
(See here for my previous appearance on The Mind Set Podcast:

Sunday 16 December 2012

Prepper Posers

Last night I watched a very depressing and annoying documentary about British "preppers"; these are people that in the United States would be called "survivalists". See here for Preppers UK- Surviving Armageddon: (Thanks to Lemsip on the HPANWO Forum for bringing this to my attention). As I've said before, I consider prepping to be basically a form of surrender; these people are dropping to the floor, bowing their heads and wailing that the world is doomed and there's nothing we can do to stop it. It's essentially a very self-indulgent and pessimistic vision of the future. And it's a total cop-out because all the disasters they hope to escape are man-made; this includes the aftermath of natural disasters. (It's possible that some natural disasters are man-made too. HAARP was operating when both Fukushima and Katrina struck, but that's a big subject that requires its own article.) However I know that if you've got small children the world looks very different, so I don't want to be too harsh on them. Another feature of the prepper is an obsession with social Darwinism. In fact if these people shaved off their hair and were filmed from behind they echo "Charles" perfectly, see: The first man interviewed, Michael Sanderson, was the most extreme. He is presented to the viewer as a Military Religious figure, see: The fundamental problem for people in a post-apocalyptic world, as they see it, will be other people; as Edward O'Toole says at 10.03: "Seventy million people on an island all competing for the same resources." Catchphrases like "dog-eat-dog world", "Law of the Jungle" and "survival of the fittest"; or, among the more articulate, "Leviathan will eat itself" are cliches within the prepper community. Two of the people interviewed had lived through the London riots of 2011 and this seemed to have been a catalyst which galvanized them. Yet those riots were organized by sources unknown who may well have originated from within the Government. The Fukushima Disaster, in 2011 as well, seems to have also been a major turning point in people's lives, a moment which inspired many of these individuals into becoming preppers. But in fact during the worst of the disaster in Japan, social cohesion didn't break down. Some people explain this as the highly stable and communitarian nature of Japanese culture, but I still think we should ask: are anarchy and what the Preppers call: "BLO", the Breakdown of Law and Order, an inevitable part of a cataclysm? I've spoken and written about this subject before, see: and: I think it's a myth that human society is essentially unstable and that we need governmental control to save us from our natural urges towards internecine predation; this is a very convenient notion for the Government I might add!: "You need us! Look what will happen to you if we're not there to protect you!" If this is the case, then I repeat a question I've asked many times before: why is it that this "just human nature, Mate" requires constant maintenance? The manipulators jump through hoop after hoop and sweat buckets in their effort to keep us at each other’s throats. If it really is a dog-eat-dog world then why don’t they just sit back and watch the show as we tear each other to pieces?

In the film Michael Sanderson says: "People tell me 'I don't understand why you're a prepper'; I reply: 'I don't understand why you're not!'." If I were with him and I happened to be in a provocative mood I would reply: "Because if everybody were a prepper like you, who would you feel superior to?" There is a distinct whiff of superciliousness with these people. At 16.00 Sanderson states how in a world without law and order only "duh biggest n' meanest on da stweets" would survive. I can't help thinking that if in such a situation people instead stuck together and took care of each other, it would be his worst nightmare come true! He seems to be virtually egging reality on to prove his social Darwinist fantasies true. The alternative would destroy his worldview and strip him of something essential to his self-esteem. I'm not a prepper. I don't have a single can of food stored and I don't posses so much as a pop gun. Why? Because while these auto-sodomites are strutting around Welsh hillsides like Sylvester Stallone feeling self-important, somebody has to stay behind and fight! Somebody has to work to prevent this New World Order from happening in the first place, not considering it a foregone conclusion and "bugging out WTSHTF- (When The Shit Hits The Fan)". If these threats are man-made then there have to be man-made solutions; but we will never find them if we flee at the first sign of danger, like the rabbits these people hunt and trap.

(Edit 17-12-12) On reflection I think I was a tad too harsh here with some preppers. Most of the people featured in the film have small children. My own daughter is now nearly 18, but I can remember when she was little. When you're a man with small children, the world looks very different indeed!

Saturday 15 December 2012

London Chemtrails Awareness Conference

"Mama, what are those white lines in the sky?" goes the opening chorus line of the song by the late and much lamented Revd George, see: (Here's the link to George's tribute show: Why is it that children are often the best at asking obvious questions? Perhaps because the manipulators' deliberate distractions, the human blinkers, put over the mental eyes of adults have yet to be tightly fastened on children. What those white lines in the sky are, I do not know; all I know is what they're not: They are not water vapour condensed around particles of soot from a jet aircraft's exhaust. High flying jets do produce trails of condensation, "contrails" as they're called, when the heat of the exhaust gases from engine meets the sub zero temperatures of the upper atmosphere, in the same way your hot breath produces visible condensation when you breathe out on a cold day. As with your own breath, these trails evapourate again very quickly; within a few seconds to a couple of minutes. They are tenuous and translucent and have no effect on the environment around them. But in the last couple of decades very different trails have started being left by some high-flying aircraft. Trails which do not evapourate at all, trails which can last for hours, trails which can spread out to be several miles wide, trails which blot out the sun like fog and change the sky from blue to white. These are what have been nicknamed "chemical trails", or shortened in the same way to "chemtrails".

Yesterday I attended the Chemtrails Awareness Conference in London. This was a short afternoon event held at the Terrence Higgins Trusts' Lighthouse centre in Kensington, a modern and comfortable venue. I first heard about the event from a post on the Kent Freedom Movement's website, see: and decided to attend. It was a free event but most of us made donations so that the next event can be free too. It was run by a local lady called Mona Norman and it featured three speakers. It was a Friday and the weather was very wet and windy. Bad weather and a weekday booking made me worry that only a few people would turn up, but I was pleased to see about two hundred people in the seats when I arrived, slightly late (apologies). The first speaker was a man from Kent with a great name: Ben! He has been studying chemtrails for a long time and been filming them for his YouTube channel, Mercifully101, see: He showed us maps and diagrams of where the 'trails were laid and traced the progression of an organized attack over a certain time period, with new 'trails being laid over older ones. Ben believes that they're connected to weather modification and control. The world has been experiencing some very strange climatic events in the last few years, extremes of temperature, precipitation and wind. In our own country we had some of the hottest summers ever followed by the coldest winters, followed by the longest droughts and, in this year, the wettest spring; and a summer that was so wet and mild that it was hardly a summer at all. The official story is that this is all caused by climate change driven by human emissions of carbon dioxide gas or Carbon™ as it has been rebranded, and it's no exaggeration to use that word. Ben doesn't agree with this, and neither does this Ben! However I suspect that the pilots, engineers and other people involved may have been fooled into thinking that chemtrails are a secret geoengineering project to "save the world" from Carbon™ caused climate change. The best way to hide a big conspiracy is to conceal it behind a smaller one. It's hard to know when chemtrails began but Ben has traced the theoretical concept right back through the last century. I myself had brought along a page from a 1989 edition of Gardening magazine showing a photograph with chemtrails in them, see photo above. Also I've spoken before about my strange childhood memory of seeing an episode of Tomorrow's World in the 1980's discussing atmospheric modification to prevent global warming, see: The phenomenon of "global dimming" has been noted by NASA, as an audience member pointed out; however this too has been warped by the Carbonistas into a scaremongering dread-fest, see: , but it has resulted in vitamin D deficiency in many parts of the world; are chemtrails to blame? The second speaker was an Englishman who lives in the south of France, but he's not a movie star or disgraced politician on the run; he is Max Bliss, see: . He showed us some interesting photographs and film footage of some of the strange effects the sky suffers as a result of chemtrails, including clouds of a kind scientists have had to give new names to that only appeared in the last twenty years. Also the strange wispy patterns known as "sylphs", which I wrongly thought were attacking the chemtrails once, see: . Since then I've been disappointed to find out that they are really products of the 'trails themselves. Max also mentioned the work of Wilhelm Reich and his discovery of Orgone energy, see: and he feels Reich's work is involved with the chemtrails somehow; it wouldn't surprise me if this were so. He also spoke about the strange phenomenon of "black chemtrails". I'd heard about this and always assumed that they were merely the shadows of 'trails being projected onto thin layers of lower cloud, but Max has taken photoes that show this is not the case. He also has captured images of strange black lines moving over the sky and wonders if somebody is messing around with directed energy weapons, like the type that Dr Judy Wood thinks destroyed the World Trade Centre, see: . Maybe HAARP is connected with this. Max says that airlines such as Air France and Ryanair are spraying from their regular commercial aircraft. I've doubted this in the past, but after listening to Max I'm not so sure. However Max stated that dedicated secret chemtrail fleets do exist. He has also made holes in the 'trails with his "chembuster", based on the discoveries of Wilhelm Reich. The last speaker was a lady called Alix who runs Chemtrails UK with another woman called Olga; sorry, I only have a Facebook link: . She is a researcher and activist who is determined to expose the truth behind chemtrails. She says that this is difficult because the middle classes, whose opinions are the only ones the politicians even minimally respect, are too busy earning money and driving people-carriers; however she feel optimistic and has carried out double-blind scientific tests on rainwater to try and prove once and for all what is going on. She believes that if you can wake people up to chemtrails you can also wake them up to everything else; and chemtrails are such a huge and deadly secret that she's probably right.
So what are chemtrails? Well I doubt if they're anything to do with Carbon™ emissions in my view, as I said above. They may well be a programme to control the weather, as Ben said. However they may also be an attempt to change the environment of the Earth in other ways too. People have reported strange fibres falling from the sky during a chemtrail blitz; perhaps they're connected to the mysterious condition known as Morgellon's Disease. A famous baseball player (which unfortunately makes him famous nowhere except in the United States) has bravely spoken out about his suspicions that he has caught this condition, see: . I wish him well and hope he recovers soon. One thing I'm fairly positive about is rather than them being particles or fluid in suspension, some sort of chemical reaction with the air is taking place. The New World Order definitely plots the extermination of most of the people in the world and also a fundamental change to the planet's biosphere. Could chemtrails be a part of that? Or does the link to HAARP and Dr Judy Wood's work mean that they're an attack on the electrical or aetheric body of the Earth. Whatever they are, one thing's for certain: they're bad news for us! They need to be exposed and stopped before it's too late. Conferences, like this Chemtrails Awareness one I've just been to, are a big step forward in achieving that. Thanks to Mona, all the speakers and other attendees who were there.

Tuesday 11 December 2012

Ben Emlyn-Jones on The Mind Set Podcast 2

I have once again been featured on The Mind Set Podcast's round table discussion. Subjects discussed this week include Kate Middleton and her nurse's suicide, Doomsday preppers and 2012, Israel's terror campaign, the lizards and the Royals and much much more.
See here for The Mind Set Podcast- Episode 131:
(See here for my previous appearance on The Mind Set Podcast:

"Reckless" Electricity Generation in Dundee

A man from Dundee in Scotland has been prosecuted for "recklessly" generating his own electricity, see: Charlie McKenzie is alleged to have rigged up a dangerous homemade transformer in his flat in a council tower block. Several cans of petrol were stored nearby, presumably to fuel some kind of generator, although the article doesn't give details about that. As far as I can tell there may well be some health and safety issues connected with this case; cans of petrol not stored properly can obviously constitute a major fire risk. I'm not at all sure that criminal proceedings are necessary though. Unless he was ordered to remove the apparatus by the council and refused; in which case why doesn't the news story say so? The overreaction for the authorities makes me suspicious. How exactly was this electricity being generated? All we're told about is that there was a transformer, a battery and petrol. Perhaps the petrol was not there at all and was only planted by those in power in order to frame him. What I'm getting at is that maybe Mr. McKenzie was using some kind of Free Energy device; the battery and transformer were pieces of a Zero Point power-plant. If this was the case then it's no wonder the authorities have come down on him so hard! See here for background: .
Actually, even if there was no Free Energy involved here the overreaction by the authorities is still puzzling and incriminating. As I said in my films linked above, the authorities consider it extremely important that we, the people, are using their power which they generate, regardless of the fuel source involved. It reminds me of a scandal a few years ago in which people with diesel engines were running them off cooking oil (I could have sworn I wrote an article about this at the time, but I can't find it now.) This is perfectly safe and will do the engine no damage. The oil doesn't even need to be clean; in fact you can just offer to "dispose" of old oil from a chippie for them, so long as you strain out all the large fragments with a sieve. The response from the authorities was hyperallergenic! They immediately set up an entire police unit (nicknamed the "Frying Squad", ha ha ha!) at great expense to track down the people running their diesel vehicles off cooking oil. The exhaust of engines run on cooking oil has a distinctive odour which the sensitive noses of the Force used to round up those nasty little felons. The motive given by the authorities was that this practice is tantamount to evasion of the fuel tax. So let me get this straight: These people are accused of not paying tax on a product that they haven't bought! One might be forgiven for replying: "This is my car! Why can't I choose what fuel I use in it?" the answer is because, unfortunately, as far as our lords and masters are concerned these vehicles are not ours; we're just leasing them for the purposes of donating our hard-earned pittances to oil companies. If you've not watched my films Nuclear Fusion Power and Freikraft it's in your interest to do so now. In the case of the cooking oil, and also this recent case of Charlie McKenzie, no Free Energy was involved and yet the authorities went into apoplexy over them. Imagine how they'd react if it was!

BTW: Do not try to run your car off cooking oil if it has a petrol (gasoline) engine. It will do terrible damage to it!

Monday 10 December 2012

The Hollie Greig Debate- Replies to my Offer

A few days ago I made an open offer to act as chairman in a public debate between the two sides in the Hollie Greig Hoax controversy, see: . I've received a reply from both sides. The Hoax faction have been very positive and appreciative. They immediately posted a reply to my notice on YouTube thanking me for the offer and saying they'd be happy with that. I've also received a reply also from the HDJ contingent which is indirect and much less amiable, see: I must say I'm deeply dismayed by this very unjust and prickly statement. Do they really think I want this for my own selfish peace of mind? Also, I never said anything about a debate being on the Internet. As I explained in the linked article above there are now many people in the Truth Movement who share my misgivings and that number is growing. What I want is for the mess to be cleared up for all our sakes and for the credibility of the Alternative community. Ultimately this means for the sake of the children. How much longer will it be before the buck stops with you, HDJ?

Friday 7 December 2012

Stewart Dale- Mind Controlled?

Over the past year there has been a lot of discussion in the conspiratorial community about the possibility of "Manchurian Candidate" mind controlled assassins. This is due to a series of very sudden, inexplicable and bizarre violent assaults and murders that have taken place in the last few years. For example Anders Breivik, Raoul Moat and Sabina Eriksson, see: and . In the Eriksson case, the felon even exhibited superhuman abilities, see: , but that's a big subject that will require its own article. There's a trial going on in Guildford right now of another case, local to me in Oxford, which appears to have some of the hallmarks of a far-from-ordinary crime.
Stewart Dale is a man from Horspath, Oxfordshire who murdered a woman called Jennifer Hume in his mobile home after luring her there, probably by pretending to seduce her. The cause of death was a blow to the head, but the full details of the attack are so extreme and gruesome that it makes me wonder what was really going on. Dale's plea is also incredulous and absurd; he claims he acted in self-defence when she sexually assaulted him. It appears he has never had any will to evade punishment; in fact as soon as he'd killed his victim he went to his neighbour and confessed. He made no attempt to escape capture by the police and didn't resist arrest at all, see: There's no way of knowing if there is a hidden story behind this horrific crime because I know nothing of the backgrounds of the perpetrator and victim; also what could the motive possibly be, unless Dale is a killer who was "triggered" at the wrong time against the wrong person. The words and actions of Stewart Dale don't look to me like somebody whose mind belongs solely to themselves. This next news article describes the testimony of the accused; it is deeply confusing and chilling: "a ghost left my head... I came back to reality afterwards... It felt like a dream", see: . This HPANWO Radio interview with Neil Sanders gives more details into this subject of mind control:
(Edit: It was announced in the news just after I completed this article that Stewart Dale has been sentenced to Life plus thirty years for the murder of Jennifer Hume).

Wednesday 5 December 2012

Hollie Greig- Real or Fake?

The Hollie Greig campaign has probably been the most significant single issue in the entire Truth Movement. For several years it was the pivot around which everything else we did revolved. Every conference and event had speakers, stalls, fliers, literature and DVD's on this subject. There were a whole series of YouTube channels set up and a massive number of street protests leafleting and other forms of activism by "Hollie's Army". "Google Hollie Greig" became the motto of this campaign and somebody even made a trailer billboard and drove around with that on it. I myself was involved in it, as has been almost everybody who has had any contact at all with the Truth community for the last few years. The story of how an innocent young Down's Syndrome girl was targeted by a gang of ruthless paedophiles entwined right into the heart of the Scottish establishment was exactly the kind of thing we know is going on but had never before been able to prove it. Who could fail to be moved into action by such a tale? Here's one of the places where I've written about it:
However about a year ago this situation changed. A group of people, mostly from within the Truth Movement, and many of them former Hollie campaign militants, came together and made a shocking announcement: The whole Hollie Greig story was a fraud. It had been concocted by Anne Greig and believed blindly by Robert Green, Brian Gerrish, Belinda McKenzie and everybody else; that includes myself. The initial reaction to this was outrage and indignation, however slowly but surely, this cluster of sceptics has grown. Here's the main sceptics' website: . This site contains a detailed resource of all the criticisms the sceptics have with the official Hollie Greig story. Here are some videoes hosting and discussing the Hollie Greig Hoax group: and: and: Some of these videoes feature interviews with those accused by Hollie's campaign. There is a lot of rhetoric here amidst the information, which always makes me wary; for example the people in these videoes make auxiliary accusations against Belinda, Brian and some of the other people involved, inappropriately I think. One individual, Badda Bing, does little else but produce rhetoric! See: However, those who reject these hoax allegations have also made me suspicious because they been very slow to respond indeed and have done so only partially. See here from 1.08.40: and here Belinda McKenzie indirectly answers some of the Hollie Greig Hoax Group's points:
This situation has made me very confused. A lot of people have asked me what I think and to be quite honest I don't know what to think; I'm not sure what is what right now. If the Hoax Group turn out to be right then we in the Truth Movement have made a terrible mistake, but if this is the case then it's one we have to own up to and deal with. But if they're wrong, then a very clever and well-organized disinformation psy-op, probably connected to the people trying to cover up the institutional abuse of children, has been played on us and we've fallen for it. It's a call we can't afford to get wrong. The dilemma involved is that on the one hand we could be allowing ourselves to be into fooled into letting state-sanctioned paedophiles go free to harm even more children and devastate even more lives. But on the other we could be faced with the fact that we're accusing innocent people of being child-abusers; these people might be attacked themselves because they heard it from us! The only solution therefore is for the two sides to come together and engage in an open, live and public debate. So far this has not happened; to their credit, the Hoax side have been the ones most forward in that respect, but occasionally the Hollie campaign have been willing to share a room with them, see: . I would like to make a formal offer to be chairman of that debate. I think I'm the ideal man for the job because I'm completely undecided and therefore impartial; but also I served for twenty-three years as a Hospital Porter in a major teaching hospital and have been trained in, and have a lot of experience with, dealing with angry confrontations. And angry confrontations will inevitably be a part of this hypothetical debate. I have contacted both factions with my offer and we'll see what happens. One trope the Skeptics always use is the "conspiracy theorists are not interested in evidence!" Well I think this proves that we are! Unless this debate becomes more than hypothetical then I don't see how we can possibly move forward on this issue, and this is going to affect our credibility across the board and hamper everything else we do. Some come together, guys! Let's talk!
(Edit- 10/12/12: I've had a reply:

Saturday 1 December 2012

Mars Curiosity- "Historic" Announcement

On Monday the 3rd of December NASA has promised to publish the results of a chemistry experiment performed remotely aboard the Mars Curiosity probe, see: . Two weeks ago, the scientist in charge, Dr John Grotzinger, described it as being, “one for the history books!” However the Agency is determined to sit on the discovery until its grand announcement on Monday. But then the plot thickened because last weekend a second announcement was published which appears to burst that bubble slightly, see:,2817,2412567,00.asp . Apparently it’s all just a storm in a teacup caused over a misunderstanding about what Grotzinger said. It refers to a curious new chemistry analysis process they’re using, not a specific finding obtained through the experiment.

Forgive me if my conspiracy theorist’s mind reaches for the suspicion switch! That sounds a little too much like this: . So, is somebody going to empty the Mars Curiosity saucer on Monday? Could Dr Grotzinger be the equivalent of Maj. Jesse Marcel. He spoke too soon and a new Gen. Ramey is going to come forward to humiliate him? Maybe as soon as he made his "history books!" speech, somebody pulled him into an office and said: “John! You weren’t supposed to tell them about that!” As I’ve said before, there is plenty of evidence to suggest that the existence of extraterrestrial life, even if it’s just fossils or frozen organic compounds, could be covered up by the authorities.

Or could it be something a bit more significant than a few molecules of carbohydrate? See: . Either way, will we ever know? Keep your eyes on the news next Monday. Look out for any clues that we might not be getting the whole truth!