Friday 28 August 2015

Ben Emlyn-Jones at High Wycombe Paranormal

I will be speaking at the High Wycombe Paranormal Meet-Up group on Wednesday the 30th of September. The event starts around 7.30 PM and the venue is the Bricklayers Arms, High Street, Downley, High Wycombe, HP13 5XJ. Just £3 entry. See here for more details; you'll need to log into a Facebook account:
My lecture will be entitled Zombies- Fact of Fiction? Zombies are well-known figures of mythology and horror fiction, and their profile is steadily increasing in recent books and films. However more and more they have been appearing in the media and in official government publications portrayed as real or semi-real. What's going on? Includes recent updates. This lecture contains disturbing information and is not suitable for small children.
See here for a film of my previous appearance at High Wycombe Paranormal:

Wednesday 19 August 2015

Mystery Soda Machine

Seattle is a large harbour city that sits on the coast of the Pacific northwest of the United States of America. Outwardly it's a normal American metropolis; but for some reason Seattle, and the area around it, has a very esoteric reputation that I've had to deal with more then once before, see: and: The enigma I'm going to discuss today is ostensibly very ordinary; in fact it's the sort of thing you would probably walk past and not give a second look if you didn't know better. Believe it or not, it centres around a soft drinks dispenser; what Americans call a "soda machine". Like many occultist phenomena it can be found at a crossroads, in this case the junction of East John Street and 10th Avenue East in the Capitol Hill district of downtown Seattle. It is an aged and rather weather-beaten machine with the paint scraped off both sides; some rust and graffiti has been substituted. The design of the machine is similar to ones soft drinks corporations manufactured in the 1970's; however it is not an exact model and appears to have been custom-made by persons or organizations unknown. Unlike modern drinks vending machines, the selection buttons are at eye-level instead of at the side. It still works perfectly despite the fact that nobody ever seems to repair it. This is remarkable because automated drinks dispensers are quite complex from an engineering perspective and they require a lot of maintenance. The stock is stored in a refrigerated compartment and the electronics and mechanics have to process the money and then smoothly and quickly transport the correct product from that compartment to the delivery chute without getting it jammed or handing out the wrong item. The oblong plastic selection buttons are labelled for Coca Cola, Pepsi Cola, Barq's Root Beer (a product of the Coca Cola company) and Mountain Dew. The motifs of the drinks are all of 1970's vintage. All products cost ¢US 75, the equivalent of 48 pence; this is extremely cheap. Whoever... or whatever... manages the machine, they have only ever once adjusted their prices to take account of changing currency values, up from a giveaway ¢US 55 per can, about 34p. Assuming that they purchase their stock through the normal channels, they must run their outlet at a considerable loss. Interestingly there are two extra buttons on the machine both labelled "?MYSTERY" (sic) in a circus signboard-like font on a yellow background. If you insert your money and press that, all kinds of strange things are alleged to happen. The machine is said to read minds, so if you think about the beverage you want while pressing the "?MYSTERY"  button, it will give you your choice. Another report said that after spending five dollars in the machine, it dispensed a product that is not one from its normal menu. The machine can apparently provide up to six different extra brands of soft drink, some that are not even manufactured nowadays. If so I hope whoever got them kept the empty cans afterwards, because they'll be a vital piece of evidence. Nobody knows who owns the mystery soda machine, or who put it there. Also no one seems to remember when the machine first appeared in the neighbourhood although specific records of its presence date back to 1999. It stands outside the offices of Broadway Locksmiths Ltd and many researchers have made enquiries there. The staff say that nobody has ever been seen refilling the machine or taking away the money. Despite this it never runs out of any drink and its moneybox is never full. It has no known established electricity supply, which is very odd considering machines like those include a powerful refrigeration system. The manager of Broadway Locksmiths assumes the machine is on the office's mains, but they are never changed for it on their electric bill. It has a reputation in the local area as a source of fear as well as curiosity. Some people find it creepy and cross the road to avoid it, see:

The Mystery Soda Machine has become a fairly popular novelty and alternative tourist attraction, and many people who take a trip to Seattle pay a visit to the machine to try the Mystery button and see what pops out. They have their photos taken beside it and even film themselves using it, see: There are several travel articles and rough guides which mention the machine and speculate as to its nature. The notion of it being paranormal in some way does come up. Others just assume that the shadowy soft drinks dispenser is tended late at night by people in dark overalls and balaclavas driving a black van full of cans in the back. This may well be true, but I take the supernatural theory seriously. It is possible that the Mystery Soda Machine is some kind of hyperdimensional intrusion. In this way it is similar to Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland. My friend and fellow researcher Brian Allan has investigated Rosslyn thoroughly and concluded that it exists only partly in our world; one part of it sticks outside our universe on a fourth dimensional level, see: If what I've said doesn't make any sense to you then I recommend the book Flatland by Edwin Abbott. I guarantee it will completely clarify the matter; I review it here: (Here is a link to the public domain online edition; the author died in 1926 so his copyright expired in 1996, see: If the reports about it are true then the machine may well be similar to Rosslyn Chapel; in this way the rules of causality and reality inside the machine may be very different to what we'd normally expect. This could be why it never runs out of stock no matter how many drinks customers order. This is why it doesn't need refilling. This is why it can sell products at such cheap prices that they would bankrupt any other retailer. These kinds of seemingly impossible effects are more common than you might think; in fact if you could walk by Seattle's magic drinks machine maybe you walk past similar phenomena all the time and never know it. Indeed you may suddenly find strange objects falling from the sky like rain and wonder how on Earth could that happen. Events like this do occur regularly and I suspect are related to things like the machine, see: There's also the strange case of the "interdimensional vortex" opening up in Brighton, see: There may even be a link to the esoteric computer game Polybius, see: The background links below contain more information on this area of research. If one accepts the reality of parallel universes and the possibility that different universal "membranes" can come into contact and bleed over into each other; then one must also ask, as I have done many times, if some individuals might be trying to access other universes deliberately via occult rituals, heavy industrial scientific methods, or even a mixture of the two. I suspect that the Large Hadron Collider at CERN could be one of these attempts, see: The quandary of the mystery soda machine has inspired a local Seattle film maker, Marcy Stone-Francois to make this short movie as part of her college course, see:
The skeptics will of course respond that everything I've written above is nonsense and that there's a "rational explanation" for all the anomalies of the machine. But an explanation can never be rational, only a method can. I think I've explored possibilities based on what I know, not made any firm conclusions, using a perfectly rational methodology. So when this photograph came to my attention I studied it carefully, see: This drive-by snap shows a man and a woman standing by what appears to be the Mystery Soda Machine with its door open. Inside you can clearly see what looks to be the completely normal interior of a drinks dispenser, the kind you see if you looked into any of them while the maintenance man is paying a visit. However, one mistake the skeptics often make is that they fail to understand that a "rational explanation" is a claim too. There are many examples of false-debunking operations that the skeppers have accepted without question simply because they are debunking operations, for example see: That means we must not be too swift to accept that photo as evidence without subjecting it to the same scrutiny that we would, say, a ghost image or piece of UFO footage. We must admit that it could just as easily have been Photoshopped. Seattle is named after a famous Red Indian chief who in 1855 wrote a letter that reveals explicitly the difference in psychology and culture between Illuminati-occupied lands and those beyond it, see: If the Seattle region really is a portal area where our world blends with others, then it's no surprise that some of the modern residents and visitors are oblivious to it and in denial. If we can break out of our modern blinkered stupor then a haunted vending machine for carbonated fruit juice-based drinks will appear run-of-the-mill compared to what else we'll become aware of.

Tuesday 18 August 2015

Peter Robbins on the EDX Files

The controversy over Col. Charles Halt's recent conference at Rendlesham Forest continues. The good news is that YouTube have finally accepted that I have not broken copyright law and have restored my HPANWO TV reportage, see: and: However, Col. Halt still has to be taken to task for the personal comments he made at the event about his fellow UFO witness Larry Warren. The EDX Files on East Dunbartonshire Radio does so. They also correct what they believe are factual errors in what Halt said. The presenter is the author and researcher Alyson Dunlop and she interviews my good friend Peter Robbins, co-author with Larry of Left at East Gate.
See here for Alyson's website: Left at East Gate can be purchased here:

Monday 17 August 2015

UFO Sighting by Trevor Murray

UFO encounters happen all the time, as I have always said. Millions of people have seen them; a sighting will probably have taken place during the time it takes you to read this article. I've seen them myself. I've seen things in the sky maybe a dozen times or more that I can't explain. A couple of those stand out as truly inexplicable, for instance see: and: However there are other far more spectacular sightings happening now and again; it was only a matter of time before one happened to somebody I know. Trevor Murray is a fellow panellist of mine from the round table talk radio show I do, The Mind Set Podcast. He's also a serving hospital porter so we have a lot in common. In the most recent programme he relates his UFO experience, from 12.00 to 31.44, see: (The picture above is not an illustration of his report.) It took place at Trevor's home in Calgary in Alberta, Canada on the evening of the 9th of August. It was 11 PM; Trevor and his wife were in the back garden when they saw a single light moving overhead in a straight line at a steady speed. They first thought it was a satellite or the International Space Station, but then it made a right angle turn and sped up. Then about ten minutes later a structured object appeared to the northwest quite low in the sky. Trevor describes it as being round like a "dimmer light" and was an estimated 1,600 feet away; but ranging objects in the sky is not easy, therefore so is judging their size. The lighting of the object rose and then faded away in about six seconds. It was blue white in colour and very bright. In a way these are two separate sightings, but they happened so close together in time and space that it's reasonable to assume they were connected. If you go online you'll find there has indeed been quite a lot of strange apparitions in the sky recently in that area, see: Whether this is related to the recent Disclosure Canada conference tour is a matter of conjecture, see: Canada is a major centre for UFO awareness thanks to people like Wilbert Smith and Paul Hellyer, see: and: Trevor and his wife were quite alarmed by what they'd seen and during the night they were afraid that their two-year old daughter might be abducted by the aliens. These feelings add a lot of credibility to his story in my view. What Trevor experienced in UFOlogical terms was a close encounter, something I've never had myself. On the Hynek scale his would be classified as a "close encounter of the first kind" This is defined as "Visual sightings of an unidentified flying object seemingly less than five hundred feet away that show an appreciable angular extension and considerable detail". Trevor's estimate of distance is slightly further than that limit, but, as I said, it's difficult to range objects in the sky so it would be pedantic to say that for this reason his sighting was not a CE1, see: I can't think of any explanation for my brother porter's sighting, even taking the two phases of it separately. Together this makes a highly unusual and interesting case. The fact that there were two independent witnesses also makes it significant. I have recommended to Trevor and his wife that they ask their neighbours if they saw anything, and to report it at one of the many organizations that run such a service, for example MUFON- the Mutual UFO Network, see: or Richplanet, see:

Sunday 16 August 2015

Blair knew about Hillsborough

I get utterly sick and tired of people saying: "Conspiracy theories are stupid because there's no evidence for them!" Absolute rubbish. Conspiracy theories often have a mountain of evidence for them and they're covered up exactly the way we "tin foil hat conspiracy nuts!" say they are; through a massive network of secrecy, tacit collaboration and denial. There are many examples of conspiracy theories being proven true and such proof has emerged in the last few years in a textbook example. On the 15th of April 1989 during an FA Cup tie between the Liverpool and Nottingham Forest football teams at the Hillsborough Stadium in Sheffield, a large number of people from the Liverpool contingent entered one of the terraces unexpectedly. The enclosed terrace became so overcrowded that the people inside were crushed under their own collective weight. Almost a hundred people were killed and more than a thousand injured; it was the biggest single loss of life on British soil since the Blitz, and it was all played out on live TV. The original coroner's inquest declared a verdict of accidental death; that the fans themselves had broken into the stadium by forcing a locked gate. The only real action taken were changes to the architecture of new football grounds. However this outcome was seriously questioned by survivors and relatives of those who died. They claimed that the police had opened the gate to let the people in. The police commander at the match that day used to stringently deny this, yet at the court hearing of a more recent investigation into the tragedy he finally, after twenty-six years, confessed openly and without ambiguity, that he had lied. He went on to admit that this negligent action by the police was the direct cause of all the death and injury that day, see background links below.

Andy Burnham is the Shadow Health Secretary and is currently running in the Labour Party leadership contest, see: He claims that the Hillsborough disaster cover-up goes right to the top; and one of the people responsible was the Prime Minster Tony Blair. Burnham was behind the push to open a new Hillsborough inquiry when Gordon Brown was incumbent after Blair and Burnham laments that this should have happened many years earlier, but Tony Blair had told him to "leave it alone!" Burnham suggests that this is because Blair and the media tycoon Rupert Murdoch were such good friends; Blair is even the godfather of one of Murdoch's children. After the disaster Murdoch's News International Ltd came under fire because of reports published in its flagship tabloid The Sun. During the incident the Liverpool fans had allegedly panicked and killed each other in their desperation to escape the crush. They has also supposedly attacked emergency service personnel and picked the pockets of the dead bodies. This story was a total fabrication and the people of Liverpool were understandably outraged. To this day The Sun is rarely seen on newsstands in the city, see: Andy Burnham hails from Merseyside himself and supports Everton. He must hear about Hillsborough constantly from his constituents. Liverpudlians are very sensitive and sentimental by nature; they memorialize all the time and they never forget something like this. Blair had Murdoch to thank for his election victories. It's a well-known fact in Britain that the major turning point in any election is which political party The Sun supports. Blair did not want to upset his journalistic benefactor. Tony Blair has declined to comment on Andy Burnham's accusations. Right now in the midst of the Labour leadership election, for Burnham to launch a sudden personal attack against his main rival Jeremy Corbyn would not be a surprise, therefore what has just happened must be taken seriously. It baffles me why Burnham would make these accusations now; the timing could not be worse. This is after Blair had just slammed Jeremy Corbyn in The Guardian, see link above. Has Andy Burnham suddenly forgotten he's a politician and got his conscience back? Is he trying to throw the election? A more important question should be: has Tony Blair been arrested and questioned?... Of course not. The cover-up of the Hillsborough disaster is not over yet.

Saturday 15 August 2015

A Living Wage at Ikea

Famous for its flatpacks and lengthy instruction pamphlets, Ikea is the world's biggest furniture store chain. It was founded in Sweden in 1943 and today owns 353 outlets in forty-six countries; it enjoys annual revenue of over twenty billion pounds. I regularly visit the Ikea branch at Eastwood, Nottinghamshire with Ustane. We started going there because Ustane wanted to buy items for her home, for example we got a bed for her daughter which I put together myself. However we sometimes go along just because we like the atmosphere of the place. The store has a very happy and creative energy. There's a food hall where you can buy groceries and a self-service restaurant with traditional Swedish meals. I said to Ustane a while ago that I thought Ikea may well be one of the few modern corporations that could persist into the post-Illuminati world. Then I came across a new story that gives me a lot more hope. The Living Wage Foundation, see:, has been petitioning all major UK employers to boost their employees pay voluntarily to a level above the current national minimum wage. Tesco have predictably umed-and-ahed before refusing, while Ikea have agreed. They've also done the same in their stores in other countries. The theory behind the living wage is not just charity for workers; a wealthier population will have more money to spend on items, like those sold at Ikea, so boosting the pay of your employees is good business and good for the economy, see: Unfortunately no other major employers have yet followed Ikea's initiative. They would rather pay their workers as little as possible in order to maximise immediate short-term profits. This is not only cruel and greedy, but it can jeopardize long term prosperity for both worker and boss. In a workforce where everybody is living hand-to-mouth because of obsessive wage cuts, at some point there will be nobody left to buy the products these industries manufacture. Also a business staffed by miserable people inevitably declines in the quality of its service. One of the symptoms of psychopathy is only being able live in the present and being unaware of past of future. Could this support the idea that senior positions of authority all attract psychopaths? See here for details: This would explain the attraction for Ikea that Ustane and I feel. The reason it has such a nice energy is that it is an ethical employer. Long may it continue; I'm going there again as soon as possible.

Friday 14 August 2015

Ben Emlyn-Jones on The Unedited Audio Experience

I have been interviewed again on The Unedited Audio Experience with Sandra Shufflebottom on Wythenshawe FM, a community radio station based in Greater Manchester, see:
Subjects discussed include: the recent Bases conference (, controversy at the recent Rendlesham Forest Incident conference, crop circles, Nibiru, life on Mars, false flag terrorism and much much more. See here for Wythenshawe FM's website:

Thursday 13 August 2015

Jeremy Corbyn- New Labour Leader?

After their defeat to the Conservatives in the last general election, see:, the Labour Party Leader, and Fabian Society chairman, Ed Miliband resigned and this launched a new leadership contest. The vote is due to begin this Friday and the winner and new Labour leader will be announced on the 12th of September. Three of the candidates are the usual suited non-entities under which 90% of British politicians nowadays can be categorized. Andy Burnham was Miliband's Shadow Health Secretary and has had his careerist eye on the leadership for some time. Yvette Cooper, the Shadow Home Secretary is the wife of Ed Balls and is his partner in politics as well... I can't imagine them having many interesting conversations at home and I advise them to become swingers if they don't want to die prematurely of boredom. Liz Kendall is a typical New Labour feminist who most famously complained once about the lack of female characters in Thomas the Tank Engine... yes, and she did it with a straight face. However the fourth candidate stands out. He is a completely unseeded backbencher called Jeremy Corbyn, MP for the Islington North constituency in London. Corbyn is a Labour politician from another age, a "gentleman socialist" almost like a living Tony Benn, see: He is a member of the Stop the War Coalition, Amnesty International, CND and, perhaps most significantly, the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign. He's an anti-poverty and anti-privatization campaigner, trade unionist and republican. He has spoken at many leftist public meetings and looks charismatic and informal with his open collar shirt and Lenin hat. He is the brother of Piers Corbyn somebody I know, the avant-garde meteorologist and critic of Carbon™-caused global warming, see: When the first opinion polls were published the results were almost beyond belief; Jeremy Corbyn was distinctly in the lead, gaining between 50 and 60% as opposed to the measly 10 to 20% of eligible voters the other three achieved.

How could this possibly happen? We live in a world in which Old Labour is supposedly dead. Predictably the reaction from the collared Blairites has been horror. Tony Blair himself wrote an outraged letter to The Guardian in which he appears to express genuine passion for the first time in his political career. He stated that the Labour Party was "walking over the edge of cliff with jagged rocks below!" and that "if Jeremy Corbyn becomes leader it won't be a defeat like 1983 or 2015 at the next election. It will mean rout, possibly annihilation!", see: His rivals in the leadership race have been almost as disparaging. Yvette Cooper said Jeremy Corbyn's "politics are not credible." These statements are not empty diatribes; a tendency has emerged in the party that is calling for the leadership contest to be halted due to grounds of electoral fraud. This was triggered when the journalist Toby Young wrote a piece in The Daily Telegraph urging conservatives to join the Labour Party for the sole reason of voting for Jeremy Corbyn and therefore consigning Labour to oblivion for ever. This is based on the experience of the 1970's and 80's where Labour were defeated by the Tories more than once when they proposed a traditional left wing manifesto. Following that article there were over 600,000 applications to eligible Labour Leadership contest organizations including a hundred thousand applications for full Labour Party membership. Some of these applicants are not Labour supporters; they are conservatives who want to destroy Labour, mixed with Green Party supporters and socialists who want Labour to move back leftwards for positive reasons. Whatever their motives, Corbyn is their man. One of the loudest voices calling for the election to be suspended until the credentials of the new members can be verified is Simon Danczuk MP, a well-known critic of the far left. To give him his dues Danczuk is something of a hero to those, like me, who are concerned about the Westminster paedophile scandal, see here for more details: This is an issue on which Corbyn has fallen silent every bit as much as his more conventional peers. Personally I would like to see Jeremy Corbyn win the Labour leadership contest simply because it would make British politics so much less bloody boring! The modern political system is specifically designed to seek a consensus and maintain a status quo. This means it has an inbuilt aversion to change; therefore we have to listen to one after another after another of these feeble, mendacious centrist clones spouting the same monotonous disingenuous drivel over and over again. Politicians of all the mainstream parties are like this. The rise of a radical eccentric firebrand would be like a defibrillator shock for the nation's political heart. I also rather like Corbyn in the sense that he's a man who is clearly in politics because of a principle, even if I don't share his ideals myself; again this makes him a very rare commodity in Westminster. He has a brain, a heart and a pair of balls to match; in a world where the surgical removal of all three of those organs has become a vital qualification for governmental office.
Interestingly, and maybe synchronistically, there is a very similar political drama currently playing out on the other side of the Atlantic. Next year the United States of America will choose a new president. Barack Obama... or Barry Hussein Soetoro II, or whatever his name is... will finally be at the end of his second term. American statesmen are either crafty enough or kind enough not to subject their people to the same Illuminati gopher for more than eight years. In the run-up to the 2016 US Presidential Election the former front-runners have all been trumped, if you'll pardon the pun. The outsider who has broken out ahead of the pack is another maverick idealist that I instinctively warm to. Donald Trump, a billionaire businessman who runs a chain of estate agents, has run for the Republican nominations and recently stole the show at the live GOP candidate's TV debate. He is currently at 24% in the Republican voter polls, way ahead of the others who all got barely more than 10% maximum. He has totally different policies to Jeremy Corbyn, in fact his stance borders on the far right, yet he comes across as sincere just like Corbyn. He is charismatic, unconventional and down-to-Earth. How much of this is an act, it's hard to tell, but I think at least some of it is genuine. I admire that, even though I also disagree with a lot of what he says. Trump reminds me somewhat of Boris Johnson. There are two things of which I have no doubt: firstly Jeremy Corbyn is never going to be Labour leader. The "men in grey suits" would not permit it in a million years. Something will happen that will change the opinion polls and knock Corbyn off his perch. This could be a sex scandal, an accusation of financial misdeeds. Perhaps another kind of incident whose name will have the suffix "-gate". Then again he might just do a Robin Cook/John Smith and have a convenient heart attack. Maybe he will suddenly commit suicide for no reason like Dr David Kelly. I would at least recommend him to stay well away from Paris for the next few weeks. The same thing goes for Donald Trump. If that man ever becomes US President I will eat my hat with garlic mayonnaise. No, our next political leaders will be very different to Trump and Corbyn; in other words they will be exactly the same as Obama and Miliband, and all the other mass-produced models that have come off the production line. I'm not suggesting you should vote for Corbyn or Trump; in fact, as I explain in the background links below, I suggest you should boycott this entire sham of a state democratic process. In fact as this article has been posted Donald Trump has called for the "execution" of Edward Snowden, a proposal I'm obviously opposed to, see: We must seek to institute real change independently of the fraudulent system that the people been sucked into to give us the false impression we have political power when really we have none. Most importantly, real progress can only come about by becoming aware of the conspiracies being played against us.

Wednesday 12 August 2015

Fallen Angel found in London

Angels are benevolent supernatural beings from religious mythology. In Judaism, Christianity and Islam they often agents of God's will on Earth, punishing sinners and assisting virtuous people, consoling them in their suffering or bringing them divine messages. Similar beings also appear in spiritual traditions from other parts of the world and these are sometimes interpreted by Western thinkers as angels. The word "angel" comes from the Greek ἄγγελος meaning "messenger". Angelic intervention is a regular occurrence in these mythologies; for example, when God expels Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden He placed angels at the gates with magical swords to dissuade them from trying to get back in (Genesis 3:24). Another occasion comes just before God destroys Sodom and Gomorrah with fire and brimstone as punishment for their vice, He sends a pair of angels into the city to warn Lot and his family so they can escape beforehand (Genesis 19:4-5). There is no physical description of these angels in the Bible, but presumably in the latter circumstances they looked like ordinary humans; how else could they travel through the streets of the doomed city without drawing attention? In artwork angels are often depicted as humanoids with bird's wings sprouting from their shoulders or back, for instance in the stained glass windows of churches. That's interesting because winged humanoids are a renowned field of paranormal phenomena, for example yesterday I wrote a post about gremlins, see: See also the background links at the bottom. However some modern popular images of angels are more pedestrian, these include the black-suited entities in the film City of Angels, see:

A few days ago I saw an astonishing news story. It claimed that an angel had fallen from the sky in London. The incident happened at 1.50 PM on Monday the 27th of July. The supposed heavenly being was found lying dead or unconscious inside a scramble net enclosure. "Undercover police officers" in suits and sunglasses, resembling the Hollywood men-in-black, surrounded the creature and removed it, but somebody managed to photograph it first, see: In this context "fallen" is meant literally, not as in "fallen from grace" as Satan was. The angel resembles an elderly man with long white hair and its wings were plucked of all feathers. In this way they look uncannily like those of an oven-ready chicken from a butchers shop. Another article had been released a few days earlier claiming that the angel was actually the work of Sun Yuan and Peng Yu, a pair of shock artists from China. The duo are known for their controversial style and extreme mediums. They've used live animals, human body fat and aborted foetuses in their previous exhibitions. I have no reason to disbelieve the latter news story, but my conspira-dar is still not completely silent. There is no reference to the angel on Yuan and Yu's own website. According to the article the artists claim that the angel is a sculpture meant "to highlight the tension and transition between the supernatural and the mundane. The angel, a transcendent being, has become powerless, unable to carry out God’s will, or to help those who believe in His existence". A conceptual pessimistic work obviously. Luckily this one is only made from fibreglass, steel mesh and silica gel. Nevertheless it was still described by some people as "too realistic", see: Please refer to my linked article above, Gremlins, and ask the question: if a winged humanoid variety of cryptid, one that lived permanently in the Earth's atmosphere at a very high altitude and so was unknown to conventional science, fell to ground level; would the government cover it up? Even if the first news story is indeed a joke in the novelty section of a newspaper, the very fact that the concept of government concealing mysteries like this occurred to the author is still remarkable. While I was preparing the article about gremlins I came across a link whose very title is for me the ultimate in clickbait: I intend to write an entire dedicated article on this subject in the near future, but for now suffice to say that the authorities of this world do include large unknown animals, especially primates, on the list of secrets that are "bigger than big" and whose maintenance is quintessential to the current world order, and the new one planned. Another vital question to which I don't yet have an answer is: If there are benevolent supernatural entities which it's convenient to call angels, that interact with our planet in the upper atmosphere; then could the purpose of chemtrails be to attack them and suppress their influence? If so then I'm pleased to say that it doesn't seem to be working. People have often reported very joyous encounters with loving and supportive spiritual beings. The briefest Googling will deliver hundred of web pages, for example: I recall one story which I can't find online about a woman walking through the streets of London alone at night. She had to pass through a subway and felt very vulnerable. There was a group of drunk and aggressive-looking men ahead of her. Then she suddenly found that she was no longer alone. Beside her was walking a beautiful woman in a black gown with long brown hair. She led the lost woman past the men and they seemed not to notice her. When they reached the far end of the subway the mystical woman turned and waved at her charge, then disappeared into thin air. Interestingly there is an area of London called Angel. It's not uncommon for people to see angelic beings beside deathbeds, of themselves or somebody else. Many also sense that they have a "guardian angel" watching over them. People of all religions, and even none, describe such experiences. The Findhorn Foundation in Scotland, a place I've visited, regards angels almost as unseen members of the community, see background links below. In JRR Tolkien's Lord of the Rings the Gandalf character says: "There are forces for good as well as evil at work in this world, Frodo." I know there's no such thing as a messiah to sit around waiting for, and that we humans are masters of our own destiny; it is up to we, ourselves, to create a better world. However I'm not so conceited that I don't feel a sense of happiness when I hear how entities from beyond this world are aware of us, care about our wellbeing and are willing to intervene in our favour when the circumstances are right.

Tuesday 11 August 2015


Many people, including me, enjoyed Joe Dante's 1984 comedy horror movie Gremlins. The creatures depicted therein are similar in form and nature to many reported real paranormal phenomena, but there is a real phenomenon that goes by the name "gremlins" which is in fact totally different. Real gremlins are a fairly recent addition to the file of the fantastic; in fact they were not reported until the invention of high-flying aircraft because they seem to come from a habitat of some considerable altitude up in the sky. This is strange because there are no known organisms that live permanently in the air, except some microbes and fungal spores etc. There are birds, bats and flying insects of course, but they all periodically come down to the ground. Gremlins are vaguely humanoid, but much smaller than a grown adult; often they're depicted as reptilian or covered in fur. Sometimes they're reported as having wings growing out of their shoulders. This is very interesting because winged humanoids are a recurring paranormal and mythological archetype; see background links below. During World War II when aviation suddenly became far more common for military reasons, gremlins were commonly reported by pilots; but there's an earlier tale that doesn't use the word "gremlin", but has a lot of similarities. It took place during the famous 1927 flight of Charles Lindbergh across the Atlantic Ocean non-stop, the first time that had been achieved. He relates how a mysterious presence in the cockpit of his aircraft kept him awake and alert. Lindbergh was suffering from exhaustion and sleep-deprivation and so had more than one supernatural encounter on his famous flight; he also had an out-of-body experience. In most other stories the gremlins are far less helpful. They're prone to mischief, and can even be destructive. In fact they're said to close in on a passing aircraft and sabotage them. They tear pieces off the fuselage, fiddle with the engines, drain the fuel tanks, and sometimes invade the cabin and harass the crew. Some pilots have blamed air crashes on gremlin attacks. See: One of the episodes of The Twilight Zone- Nightmare at 20,000 Feet, is based on such an attack. It was more famously remade in 1983 for Twilight Zone- the Movie, see:

Roald Dahl and Walt Disney have both written stories about gremlins and in Dahl's novel James and the Giant Peach similar beings are depicted as "cloud men". These also control the weather. The sky is a strange and mystical place. Most people who take a journey on a high-flying aircraft marvel at the sight of the clouds below them and the sky, a darker blue than how it looks from the ground. Could something be living up there? If not a physical biological being, then something else. Could chemtrails be an attack on whatever it is? Or are gremlins simply a figment of our imagination caused by altitude sickness and tiredness? I'm not so sure, especially since modern aircraft are pressurized and heated and still people report them? Could it be an effect of radiation or some other problem associated with our brains when we're far higher in the atmosphere than we're supposed to be? Another supernatural experience that might be related to gremlin sightings happened to the actor Vincent Price. On November the 15th 1958 he was flying aboard an airliner above New York USA when he saw some words written on the surface of one of the clouds beneath the aircraft; the words were: "TYRONE POWER IS DEAD". Tyrone Power was a fellow actor and friend of Price. As it turned out Tyrone Power really was dead. He'd had a heart attack during Price's flight. In those days there were no seatback phones or internet consoles on passenger aircraft so there's no way Price could have known by conventional means. I've spoken before about lost or unknown worlds underground, for example see: and: Could there be another mysterious hidden realm in the opposite direction, above our heads? I'll be saying more about this in a future post.

Monday 10 August 2015

Russia- "Disclose UFO's or WE will!"

I've often said in the last few years that Russia is where it's at. By that I mean many things and UFO's are one of them, see background links below. It has been reported that there was some drama at a meeting in Switzerland recently when the subject of extraterrestrial life came up. The incident allegedly took place at the World Economic Forum, an annual conference which is hosted in the luxury resort (of course!) of Davos, Switzerland and is attended by many of the world's top statesmen, business leaders, academics and journalists. David Cameron and Angela Merkel were there. The Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has apparently issued a stern warning to the United States of America, which is the centre of the UFO "Truth Embargo", as Stephen Bassett calls it, see here for details: This was written in a report published by Russia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs. President Obama must initiate Disclosure- with a capital D, or Russia will do so unilaterally. As most exopoliticians agree, this would be an enormous blow to the USA's credibility on the world stage. However, is this story real? There are numerous mentions of it in the alternative media, for example see:, but there are no valid source documents. I searched under the terms "UFO" and "aliens" on the English language section of the Russian Ministry for Foreign Affairs website and came up with naught, see: If this report was written and published, it has obviously since been withdrawn. This story supposedly took place over two years ago and nothing has happened since.

I wonder if the subject of UFO's and ET Disclosure came up at the World Economic Forum because during the conference there was a session where the delegates discuss "X-factors". This doesn't mean they all get up on stage and see who can sing the best; it means they venture into speculative futurological subjects and try to work out what will happen as a result of them. At this meeting they tabled the possibility that extraterrestrial life might be discovered. This is a distinct likelihood in today's world, seeing as we have sophisticated probes exploring Mars and telescopes looking for organic chemicals on exoplanets, planets orbiting stars other than the sun. What effect would it have on society, the economy, culture etc, see: As you can see though, the official agenda doesn't expand its scope to consider the possibility that ET life is already known to exist, it is intelligent and it has already arrived on planet Earth; but did the delegates digress during the informal get-together afterwards? The UFO issue might well have come up. As you can see in the link above to my HPANWO Radio interview with Steve Bassett, my thoughts on wiling Disclosure are very divided. My logical side tells me that it can never happen. Like 9/11 and institutional child abuse, UFO Disclosure is probably one of those "bigger than big" secrets; one whose maintenance is quintessential to the current global order. The political structures of the modern world simply do not have the capacity to absorb and process a revelation of that magnitude. However, my heart contradicts my head and I can't help relishing the possibility... but what if...!? Theoretically, if Russia did warn the USA that it might Disclose without the boss' permission then that is no idle threat. Russia has the largest land surface area of any country in the world and the old Soviet Union was even bigger. At its height, almost twenty percent of the Earth's landmass was draped with the Hammer and Sickle. When that huge communist empire collapsed in the late 1980's and early 90's, there was a haemorrhage of secret files from the newly disbanded Soviet intelligence agency, the famous KGB. This includes some fascinating and compelling information on UFO's, see background links below. There is no doubt that the USSR had a vast and very successful UFO research project. There's reason to believe that post-communist Russia does too. In fact Dmitry Medvedev has inadvertently divulged this, see: He said afterwards that he was joking... yes, well I've tried that one too in similar situations.

Could we really see a wildcat UFO Disclosure by Russia? Could that actually happen? If it were any other country I'd say "no!", but Russia is not doing what it's told by the globalist lords and masters in many other ways right now, see: There are many reasons why the world is currently waging a covert war against Russia... which may become less covert soon. The UFO secrecy issue could well be one of them. There is a precedent in the past too. Sir Eric Gairy was the Prime Minister of Grenada, a small insular nation in the Caribbean. However he also had a strong interest in UFO's; there has been an on-and-off UFO flap on the island since time immemorial. In the 1970's Gairy approached the United Nations in an attempt to organize an official investigation into possible ET phenomena. Here's a transcript of a speech he gave in the General Assembly: Gairy held meetings at the UN offices to which he invited the top UFOlogists at the time, people like Jaques Vallee and J Allen Hynek. Maj. Gordon Cooper, the astronaut and UFO whistleblower, also came along. Gairy even wanted the UN to make 1978 the "International Year of the UFO", see: To begin with everything seemed to be going very well. The Secretary General facilitated Gairy's proposal, but then disaster struck at home and that kyboshed everything. Gairy was deposed in a coup d'etat by Maurice Bishop, who installed a communist regime. Gairy was exiled from his country and his party outlawed. Was it Sir Eric Gairy's interest in UFO's that toppled his government? Perhaps those behind the Grenada coup had an ulterior motive. Very damning evidence has come to light that the British tried to undermine Gairy's UFO project at the UN, see: If so we must be ready in case something similar happens to Russia today.

Friday 7 August 2015

Mars Monster

Since the Curiosity Rover spacecraft landed in Gale Crater on the planet Mars it has been sending back images that appear to show all kinds of objects that simply should not be there. These include bones, planks of wood, pyramids and statues. There are even objects that make some people doubt that the Rover is even on Mars at all and might be driving round a remote region of Earth, an island in the Canadian arctic is one place nominated, see: I find the idea of life on Mars perfectly plausible and I'm not just talking microbes. There's evidence to suggest that Mars was once home to far more advanced life-forms in the distant past. Structures have been photographed on Mars that appear to be artificial, most famously the Face on Mars; this is just one object of interest in an entire complex called Cydonia, see: There are many others that have emerged since. This is not as nonsensical as the Skeptics will tell you. It's been known since the first probes went to Mars that the planet was not always as like as it is today; long ago water flowed on its surface. There were rivers, lakes and even oceans. This means that back then Mars must have had a denser atmosphere and it must have been an awful lot warmer; very similar to what Earth like today. Could life have evolved on Mars that was as complex as that on Earth? Maybe an intelligent animal species emerged that was capable of building such structures as Cydonia. At some point a terrible cataclysm befell the planet, about four billion years ago scientists reckon, maybe the emergence of Olympus Mons and the enormous Tharsis volcanoes. This killed off almost all the life and turned Mars into what it is today: dry, airless and freezing cold. But the constructions remained and we can still see them today. For whatever reason, the authorities are very keen to keep this a secret from the general public.

Skeptics dismiss the sighting of recognizable objects on Mars as what they call pareidolia, the tendency we have to interpret random patterns as organized shapes; for example we might see a map of Scotland in a passing cloud or a face in the wood knots of a piece of timber. There are problems with this explanation, primarily because it has no limitations. If we conclude that somebody is mistaken over something they've seen because they're suffering from pareidolia, then it can in theory be applied to everything they see. It therefore is something of a get-out-of-jail-free card for the Skeptics, see here for more detail: However the latest picture of interest from Curiosity must surely make some Skeptics take a step back and pause. On the side of a cliff with sand dunes beneath it there is a shallow grotto with smooth walls, and attached to one of those walls is something that definitely looks out of place. It resembles a spider or crustacean of some kind, perhaps a crab; it most definitely appears to be a complex living organism. It clearly has eight appendages that could be defined as legs. Its body looks like it has a shell. At the top are other protrusions that might be sense organs of some kind, see: Could it be a mineral deposit or erosion feature? If so how did it form? The rock it's a part of is made of neat horizontal layers. Do any geologists (or areologists) have an answer to that? It looks distinctly like some kind of animal crawling up the rock face. Some people say it's very similar to the "facehugger" from the film series Alien. If it's "just a coincidence!" that it looks like that and I'm now suffering from pareidolia, then I repeat what I said about in the background link. Where's the cut-off point? Where do we all agree is the statistical ceiling above which you Skeptics cannot play the pareidolia joker?

Thursday 6 August 2015

Ben Emlyn-Jones on the Bunker Show

I have been interviewed by Fabrice Bardsley and his co-hosts on the Bunker Show on Dark City Radio, see here for the podcast (left click to play and right click to download): See here for the Dark City homepage:
Subjects discussed include: my own conspiratorial background, Rendlesham Forest, the recent Bases conference, the Brighton portal (, Helen Duncan and much much more.
I have been interviewed on Dark City Radio before, on the Commonly-known-as-Dom Show, see:

Wednesday 5 August 2015

Another Real Hoverboard?

A hoverboard is a fantastical mode of personal transport that works by levitating into the air. In imagery the machine commonly resembles a skateboard without wheels. Instead there is some mechanism, usually unexplained, that causes the board to levitate anything from a few inches to a few feet off the ground. Since the concept of the hoverboard came along in Robert Zemekis' 1989 film Back to the Future Part II it has become a major part of people's imaginations and science fiction. In the film the main character, named Marty McFly, uses a hoverboard to escape from a gang of school bullies. After that the hoverboard becomes an important part of several plot devices, both in that film and its sequel, unimaginatively entitled Back to the Future Part III. However, like the submarine and space rocket, this is happening long before any practical realization of the technology exists... or is it? After Zemekis' films were released rumours began circulating that hoverboards as therein portrayed were in fact a reality and that the movie producers had suppressed their manufacture because of fears that they were too dangerous for children to play with, and might lead to lawsuits from parents' groups. This is highly unlikely to be true; however the notion of suppression of technology is perfectly plausible and I believe it does go on, see background links below. Last year a company called "HUVr Tech" announced that it had built a working hoverboard exactly like the one seen in Zemekis' film and even had Christopher Lloyd, an actor from the film, do a publicity video; I wrote about it at the time here: That hoverboard video turned out to be a hoax, but other similar ones have come along since that are genuine.

This subject is not completely esoteric. It's perfectly possible to build an aircraft that is similar in form and function to a hoverboard from Zemekis' sci-fi imgination. In fact a Romanian-Canadian engineer called Catalin Alexandru Duru has just broken a world record for hoverboard flight, see: Duru's craft is essentially a small helicopter on which its pilot stands on top of it and controls it by moving his feet. This is fairly obvious when you watch the video of the flight. It's appropriate for fans of Back to the Future Part II because the movie is futuristic and set in the present year, 2015. And on the same day another news story broke about another real hoverboard that is far closer to Zemekis' cinematic creation. In the link below we see a skateboard-like vehicle moving in a similar way to Marty McFly's. It is definitely flying and moving without wheels. Its altitude is much lower though, barely an inch maximum; sometimes it scrapes the ground. It seems to be able to travel across water as well as land. It has been produced by the auto-manufacturer Lexus. It looks revolutionary, but I'm afraid in this case too the technology is based on publicly available science: magnetic levitation. Beneath the deck of the board are magnets cooled by liquid nitrogen to -197 degrees Celsius; just 76.15 Kelvin. The power to levitate comes from a superconductivity effect called "expulsion" in which the magnetic field changes due to the extremely low temperature; all the magnetic flux is concentrated into the layer outside the magnet making it far more powerful. Unfortunately this hoverboard only works on a specially built skatepark in Barcelona, Spain in which the floor is also made of permanent magnets on a track, see: The system will not be commercially produced and is clearly just a publicity stunt for Lexus, perhaps once again to please fans of Zemekis' movie in the landmark year of 2015. It also has many disadvantages. It's certainly not safe for children to use in case they try to handle the super-cooled magnets inside. These are so cold that contact with bare skin will result in instant frostbite. Also the board would only work for a short while. The magnets are encased in a miniature cryostat to keep them chilled down for as long as possible, but after a while they will inevitably warm up and stop functioning.
So is there such a thing as a hoverboard in reality that is exactly like what we see in the movies Back to the Future Part II and III, one that can do everything Marty McFly's can? I suspect yes. What's more real hoverboards could be even more capable. I came across a poor quality video a while ago that seems to show some kind of strange aerial vehicle being test flown. The aircraft amazingly achieves lift without the usual wings, envelope or rotor blades. Such flying platforms have been built using a downward directional turbofan jet engine to thrust it upwards, however there is good reason to believe that the aircraft shown is not one of those. It could be instead based on the discoveries of an eccentric Russian inventor called Viktor Stepanovich Grebennikov, see here for details: Levitation is not a recent idea and it even dates back to before the advent of conventional human flight. The magic carpet emerged in the classic literature of the Middle East, but could it be based on the authors witnessing real events? The idea that ancient people had knowledge that has been lost to the modern world is one I've covered before, for example see:; maybe anti-gravity and free energy were one of them. It would be wonderful if the secret technology behind real hoverboards could be made freely available before the end of this year. It would be the ultimate in life imitating art. Back to the Future fans would be overjoyed!

Tuesday 4 August 2015

Edward Health... FINALLY!

An article appeared on the BBC yesterday; for some reason it's on the news website. It is not news. "News" derives from the word "new" because it by definition is new information. This article is about old information that was revealed many years ago. It was revealed by a former TV sports journalist called David Icke in a book called The Biggest Secret (Bridge of Love 1999) David was ignored. He had not been in the limelight for a while since he was laughed at and jeered by the studio audience during the Wogan programme, see: The accusations appear in a chapter of the book entitled "Satan's Children". A woman describes how she was brutally raped by a man. The man stripped her naked and ripped her flesh with hooks. She was just a young girl at the time and this happened on more than one occasion. Another woman was the wife of a staff member at the Burnham Beeches nature reserve and she witnessed the very same man leading a satanic ritual there. He shape-shifted into a reptilian humanoid as she watched. The man's name was Sir Edward Heath and he was the Prime Minster of the UK from 1970 to 1974. He was one of the leading figures in the Bilderberg Group and entered Britain into the European Union. These allegations were presented to Edward Heath by a journalist soon after The Biggest Secret was published. Heath returned the book to the journalist saying: "I hope Mr Icke recovers from his illness soon." Didn't he think he should sue David Icke for libel? He could have had the book banned. The lawyer and political activist Richard Warman did that to David a short while ago over far less serious charges, see: Why didn't Heath? David met Edward Heath once at a BBC studio. They were both in makeup getting ready to go on camera. David greeted the former Prime Minister politely. Heath did not reply and just glared at David. David reports that the man's eyes turned into black holes and David got a feeling of extraordinary evil radiating off the man.

And now the BBC are reporting that Sir Edward Heath is suspected of crimes including the rape of a twelve-year old boy. Heath might have been a child-abuser, as if the BBC are so very clever to have found such scoop which nobody has ever heard of before, see: Four police forces, from London, Kent, Wiltshire and the Channel Islands, are currently investigating these allegations. These are part of the "historic" child abuse allegations that we've seen so much of recently, see background links below. What "historic" means in their Orwellian doublespeak is: "We didn't do anything at the time because we wanted to wait for the suspects to die. The world just can't cope with the scandal." Heath himself died ten years ago. So far no living VIP in political world has been prosecuted for historic child abuse crimes. The ones still alive have escaped justice through various tricks, such as pretending they can't face the courts because have dementia like Lord Janner. What's not surprising but also amazing is that there has been no official apology to David Icke. As with the Jimmy Savile situation, which David also predicted long ago, they're just raising their hands in mock astonishment and saying: "Blimey! We had no idea!" Pull the other one. So a British Prime Minster, Sir Edward Heath, is finally being exposed for the monster he truly was... Finally is a terrible understatement.