Wednesday 30 March 2022

That Slap

Everybody else is talking about it. I don't really want to; frankly I'm not interested, but in order to stop people asking for my opinion about it all the time, here goes. There's a lot of commentary on who was right or wrong. Why did Will Smith get so angry? What about Chris Rock's reaction? In my view, both of them were right... and both of them were wrong. You see, the Oscar awards ceremony is far less popular than it used to be. In fact its TV viewing figures dropped from 26 million in 2020 to only 10 million in 2021; well under half of the previous year. That is a cataclysmic loss of interest in the space of just twelve months. The Academy must have been terrified by this and would have been tempted to take desperate action to lure the public into watching again. This is why they staged this altercation. Smith and Rock are good actors, but they're not quite that good. Scandal, drama and controversy is a cheap and easy way to draw attention to yourself, as many internet celebrities know all too well. Do you really think that the professionals in showbiz haven't learned that too? The organizers of the BRIT Awards, the UK's top music prize, did the exact same thing years ago. At every ceremony something would "go wrong". One year it was a water fight started by Chumbawamba; another Robbie Williams threatened Noel Gallagher. One year they got Bill Drummond to pretend to shoot the audience, without real bullets of course. I'm pleased to notice I'm not the only person who has seen through this rather tenuous veil of sensation. Now, let's get back to the important subjects...
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Sunday 27 March 2022

UAPTF Report- New Release

It's been a while since I've written about exopolitics. My prediction that something major would happen before the end of last year did not come true. In January I made what I thought might be my only UFO Disclosure HPANWO TV video of the year, see:, in which I uncharacteristically predicted that Disclosure would not happen in 2022. I sensed that the subject had stagnated and this was causing me to lose interest. Now, something has finally broken through the impasse, and it came from a source that didn't surprise me. John Greenewald Jr is a UFO detective with a tenaciousness of a Raymond Chandler hero. He can usually be found in post offices keeping them in business single-handed with his endless purchases of stamps and envelopes as he probes into the dark halls of power armed with his trusty Freedom of Information Act. He has been on this quest since he was a child and today he is widely respected for his dedication. I also consider him one of the most cautious of all UFOlogists. He didn't jump on the AATIP train as quickly as most of us did. I remember him warning us to eliminate the possibility that the videos were a student prank or something like that. However, he is not a skeptic and when the authenticity of the footage was confirmed, he accepted it straight away. The anticipation of the first UAPTF report was so intense that when nothing but the nine-page summary was published, the anticlimax was almost unbearable, see: We were all told that a much longer and more detailed classified annexe existed that had been delivered to several congressional committees. In October one of their members let something slip, see: However, a long boring silence followed until Greenewald made an explosive report two days ago. He has succeeded in securing the release of some of the classified annexe. Only twenty-four additional pages have been published, and those have considerable redactions, but it is a step in the right direction.
This achievement by The Black Vault, John Greenewald's operation, is the result of a Mandatory Declassification Review and not the usual FOIA. It is something he has been working on since the summary dropped eight months ago. In this video he analyzes the entire new document, comparing it to the nine pages from June 2021: Source: I don't know how much further this transparency process will go, but it might continue all the way to a complete public inquiry, which is what the UFOlogy community has been demanding all along. Maybe I was wrong about 2022...
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Saturday 26 March 2022

Andy Barlow in Oxon

I have been to a workshop in a remote Oxfordshire village featuring Andy Barlow. Andy is an inspirational lecturer on natural law, spiritual and freedom issues, see: Stonesfield is a village of Cotswold limestone houses set in beautiful green fields. I travelled there by bus from Oxford which took just under and hour, and it was a charming ride. The weather was warm and sunny, and it reminded me of the bus ride from Swindon to Devizes, see: A quaint rural location is an unusual place for a conference. I wondered how many people would be able to find the place; but as it happened there was a full house. Despite the rustic Hobbit-like sweetness of Stonesfield, the venue, which was the village hall, had a strange atmosphere that I couldn't quite put my finger on. The manageress of the place was very helpful though. We had tables as well as chairs, which was just as well because many people, including me, needed a place to rest our notebooks, tablets or laptops so we could make notes. Andy Barlow is a big cheerful bald man (bald guys are always cool!) with a humourous and energetic style of speaking. His workshop was interactive with people in the audience interjecting all the time. However this did not disrupt or divert the topics of the lecture. I was worried that I might feel drowsy. I often do in conferences and I had suffered insomnia the night before. For this reason I chose a table at the back of the room so the speaker couldn't see me too clearly. Andy covered many subjects, including his own unique vision of the Freeman-on-the-Land movement, something which I thought had gone out of fashion somewhat in recent years, especially since John Harris died, see: It obviously is still relevant. He also spoke a lot about the occult symbolism in words and images. This includes classic movies like The Wizard of Oz which I will never be able to watch the same way again. I learned a lot from Andy about the medical industrial complex and how it makes modern childbirth extremely abusive for both the mother and baby. I found this pretty distressing seeing as I used to be an insider, see: There were about thirty attendees and I made contact with many new likeminded people, including three who had travelled all the way from Birmingham and a lady from Witney. I also bumped into an old friend I used to know whom I hadn't seen for over seven years. He had been a fellow member of the old Berkshire and Oxfordshire Seeking Solutions group, see here for background: The catering was superb. The event's organizer was called Sarah and I've met her before within the Oxfordshire freedom community. She provided the food and refreshments all by herself. It still beats me how skeptics keep saying that what we do is some kind of big money-making scam! The workshop ended at about four PM and I had a pleasant journey home in the dry, balmy afternoon. Many thanks to Andy, Sarah, the management of Stonesfield village hall, and to all the delegates. I hope to go to another similar event soon.
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Friday 25 March 2022

Rise of the Petrorouble

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Following the news covered in the article linked above, that the Russian central bank is buying gold, another announcement has been made that can only be described as a logical follow-up. It's actually one I should have predicted. President Putin has announced Russia will now only sell its precious natural gas exports to certain nations in roubles, Russia's own currency. Up until now the trade with Europe has been made in Euroes and the rest of the world in the US Dollar. Oil has always been traditionally traded in dollars and disrespecting that tradition can often have disastrous results, as explained here with some necessary humour: Luckily NATO can't take on Russia directly as it did so easily the "Axis of Evil" nations. The European Union have accused Russia of breaching a contract, but this is a Melian dialogue; the continent is dependent on those gas imports and so Russia holds all the cards. As I said over Brexit, if the EU doesn't like it, they can come and meet us on the beach, see: Russia's coin has dropped in value by 22% this month, for obvious reasons, and this is clearly a scheme to resurrect it; however it might have more long-term strategic goals. Trading oil in their own currency, backed by a gold standard financial system and crypto, will not only cause the current trade embargo to backfire totally; it might even undo all the other economic vandalism Russia has suffered for the last decade. This is excellent statesmanship by Putin. The best thing he's done since he turned down the World Bank loans that devastated Ireland and Greece. In terms of the New World Order, it could be a turning point. There are other potential ones in the pipeline, if you'll excuse the pun, but I will cover them in future publications.
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Thursday 24 March 2022

Jordan Maxwell Dies

I'm very sorry to report that Jordan Maxwell has passed away. He was one of the principle researchers into the occult, Illuminati symbolism and ritual in everyday life and lost wisdom of the past that existed in the Truth movement. He was an excellent generalist and I followed him avidly when I started out on my journey of discovering that the world is not what I thought it was. Jordan did numerous radio shows, documentaries and appeared widely on other people's productions. This interview he did with Bill Ryan is typical of them: He was prolific author who has left us many books. He was eighty-one years old. Rest in peace. Here's his official website:

Monday 21 March 2022

Hating Russians

A news report has emerged that a county manor house in East Sussex has been mobbed by angry residents from a local village. Luckily none of them so far have carried torches and pitchforks, but they did place Ukrainian flags outside the gates. This is because the manor, Seacox Heath, is owned by the Russian state. It's been nicknamed "the UK's Kremlin". It is actually an accommodation centre and country retreat for staff at the Russian embassy, which is in central London on Bayswater Road. Source: In neighbouring Kent, a Russian themed restaurant in Ramsgate is struggling after a boycott by local residents. The restaurant is called "CCCP", Russian for the USSR, Союз Советских Социалистических Республик. Obviously this means it has a retro style. The owner is called Rimantas Taralis and is not Russian; he's Lithuanian. He wears an "I stand with Ukraine" T-shirt and has been donating a lot of his much-needed profits to Ukrainian war welfare charities. Sadly this kind of virtue signalling rarely works and has not melted any ice with the people of Ramsgate. Another Russian restaurant in Glasgow, Cafe Cossachok, has been inundated with one-star reviews. Another establishment in Texas USA is removing all Russian delicacies from its menu. There are many institutional examples of Russophobia. The TV station RT has had its UK licence revoked, see: This means British people are being denied the chance to hear Russia's side of the story; in other words we are being propagandized. The famous department store Harrods had to issue a disclaimer when it was accused of selling vodka. Is vodka now the equivalent of crack cocaine!? Even in the height of the Cold War there was not this level of anti-Russian insanity. In the United Kingdom there are 73,000 people who originate in Russia. The kind of rhetoric we're seeing at the moment and the actions from officialdom has led to a bizarre repulsion in the British population that is even worse than the recent one against the unvaccinated (That's been curiously forgotten now, it seems). I'm afraid it's only a matter of time before it falls on the ears of somebody truly so deeply deranged that we see a violent attack against a Russian expat. If there are any Russians reading this then I promise you I will never succumb to that kind of incitement. If I'm ever in Ramsgate I'll pop into the CCCP and have some borsht washed down with a glass of finest Smirnov. I will continue to buy vodka from my dealer on dark street corners and drink it quietly with other vodka drinkers at secret parties. To anybody who wants me to hate Russians; I refuse!
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Saturday 19 March 2022

Major UFO Sighting in Ireland

A large number of people in Ireland have reported seeing an unusual spectacle in the sky during the evening of March the 1st. I have been contacted by numerous friends from the region alerted by this, including Thomas Sheridan, who has rendered an animation based on descriptions, see: The object was brightly lit with a regular row of lights along its edge. This is a recurring feature with UFO's such as that witnessed during the Pentyrch incident, see: Among those who saw it was Tabby Callaghan, the reality TV star and rock performer. He was standing outside his home in County Sligo having a smoke when it passed overhead. His partner was a fellow witness. He said it was "creepy... shaped like a B52 stealth (he probably means the B-2) but made of lights... huge and silent! I thought it was a flock of geese and I realised very quickly it wasn't. Then I screamed to Anna to come out quick. I would describe it as an upside down W, but except it looked like it was made of light. It was much lower even than a domestic flight." UFO's are most often completely silent. Sometimes they make a whirring or whining noise. They have also been mistaken for flocks of geese before. This is because geese often fly in a V formation. Another example is the "Lubbock lights" in 1951. Other people in different parts of Ireland saw something strange too and their descriptions are remarkably similar to Tabby's. In one case a large group of evening ramblers all saw it. Along with others in County Sligo, these reports come from Leitrim and Donegal, a broad sweep across the northwest of Ireland. Source: I'm curious to see if the Irish Aviation Authority makes a statement. There is nothing on their website right now. The search terms "UFO" and "UAP" come up blank. However there is an interesting fact that may or may not be related. They are issuing a notice-to-airmen about the closure of airspace above Ireland next week for a "security operation", see: What was the UFO? I don't know. The witness descriptions converge neatly on a profile and that profile does not resemble any aircraft, bird, weather phenomenon or astronomical object I know of. I'm keen to see if any other information emerges. I'll write an update if so.
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Thursday 17 March 2022

Ben Emlyn-Jones on Raconteurs News 9

I have been interviewed again on the Raconteurs News show with Jason Holmes, see:
Subjects discussed include: Fake news stories about Ukraine, false flag attacks through history, what was the real purpose of Covid 19? and much much more.
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Sunday 13 March 2022

Disappearing ATM's

ATM's, "cashpoints", "holes in the wall" or "auto-banks" have become an urban symbol as ubiquitous as post-boxes and litter bins, since their introduction in the 1960's; but they are today an endangered species. In the last year and a half, over eighteen thousand of them have been switched off and not restarted. Many have been removed permanently. Those remaining are getting harder to find and more of them charge for withdrawals than ever before. This is partly because of the closure of small bank branches during the Covid 19 pandemic, but that is not the full story; or to be more precise, the pandemic was an opportunity to advance the agenda of closing ATM's. This financial advice site states it clearly; the main reason for fewer ATM's is the increasing use by customers of card payment: Fewer and fewer people are using the ATM's. Like phone boxes in today's world of mobile phones, they are becoming obsolete technology. The pandemic merely accelerated the formation of a habit that was already on the increase anyway. Notes and coins are a vector for carrying the virus. Disinfecting them was a laborious and hazardous task for shop staff. There are also numerous conveniences for using your card instead of cash. Why carry around piles of metal and paper in your pocket when five square inches of plastic fiche will suffice? Cash can be lost or stolen. A card can only be used by its legitimate owner. Fiddling with change takes time and is inconvenient for retailers. It slows down checkout queues. This is why most people now pay with cards. The contactless system means there's no longer even any need to insert the card and remember your PIN. Just wave the card in front of an electronic sensor and Bob's your uncle. But there's a dark side. Using cards removes privacy and control from your entire financial life. Every penny you turn is organized by the banking system's computers. Everything you buy and sell will be recorded on a database. Profiles are being generated about you as a result of your financial habits. A time might come when passive observance could mutate into to outright coercion. Supposing you go to the doctor and get a diagnosis of a condition brought on by drinking too much. You then try and buy a bottle of Scotch from your local grocer and your payment is declined. Your medical records have been included as part of your profile and you can now no longer buy alcoholic beverage; "for your own good, you understand!" You may not like the idea that the government is treating you like a naughty child; well too bad, they already do. That's how they think of us. In China there is already a similar system called "social credit". Of course in the good old days you used to be able to say "That's alright, I'll just pay with cash."; but you cannot when there is no cash. Being able to pay with cash is essential for privacy and civil rights; and so few people appreciate that.  Right now it is not too late. As I said in my speech at a recent street protest in Oxford, see: Use cash! Pay everything you can with it. As George Orwell said, don't let is happen. To hell with the inconvenience; cash is a private and completely unregulated financial transaction between you and another person or organization. No bank or government need ever know about it and they cannot control it. This is exactly why they want to abolish it. Doesn't that matter to you? In a few years it will do! But by then it will be too late.
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Friday 11 March 2022

NDE Caught on Camera

One of the things that have up until now been a totally subjective experience is the near-death experience, NDE. However this has just changed, according to some neuroscientists from Vancouver, Canada and Tartu, Estonia. This breakthrough happened quite by chance. They were carrying out an electroencephalogram on a patient who suffered from epilepsy. They had the eighty-seven year old male fitted up to the EEG with an array of electrodes on his head, measuring his brainwaves. However, during this routine procedure, the patient suffered a heart attack and died. Leaving aside the tragedy, this gave the doctors a unique opportunity, one that makes this story sound like a real life version of the film Flatliners, see: What they discovered was extraordinary. The man's brain continued to function for thirty seconds after a cardiac arrest and in those seconds it went through the same activity it would when dreaming or recalling memories. This matches very much some rat studies done a few years earlier, see: and: On a practical clinical level, it raises questions about when death actually occurs, because it is becoming an increasingly fuzzy line. This has implications for issues like organ donation. Source: The lead publisher of the study, Dr Ajmal Zemmar, said: "This was actually totally by chance. We did not plan to do this experiment or record these signals... This could possibly be a last recall of memories that we've experienced in life, and they replay through our brain in the last seconds before we die... If I were to jump to the philosophical realm, I would speculate that if the brain did a flashback, it would probably like to remind you of good things, rather than the bad things... I think there's something mystical and spiritual about this whole near-death experience." That' ironic because, of course, the skeptics will interpret this discovery as the evidence they have been looking for, proof that the NDE can be explained in purely materialistic terms; a wanton chemical orgy that is succeeded immediately by total and permanent annihilation. Whether this is true or not will depend on further studies and whether the human brain is capable of the feats necessary, in terms of organized thought, that could reproduce the entire NDE phenomenon. Dr Zemmar has tried a few times since his impromptu data, which he collected a while ago in 2016; but has so far not reproduced them.
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Thursday 10 March 2022

Russia Banks in Gold

Some news has emerged that makes the war in Ukraine easier to understand. The Russian central bank says it is going to buy gold. This has been brushed aside as a "fire-fighting exercise" because of Western economic sanctions; however the stability gold brings to a market should make it an option for long term fiscal policy. Source: The price of gold is not fixed, but it doesn't vary as much as other commodities, let alone currencies! A gold sovereign would buy you a tailor-made suit in 1922; it still does in 2022. Compare that to how the sterling or US dollar has changed in value. Add in cryptocurrencies backed by the gold reserves and Russia could finally shed the millstone that has been weighing it down since the 2000's and take its rightful place as an economic giant. With all Russia's resources it could easily build a domestic product matching China or the USA. The Russians must know they're onto a good thing because of the globalist response. A group of US senators from both parties have tried to bring in a law prohibiting anybody buying Russian gold. This could only be enforced in the USA, but pressure will be put on other members of the "global community" to follow suit. It's being done with the usual rhetoric; they've even coined the term "blood gold". It is interesting that the one thing that made the Deep State destroy green Libya and hand it over to radical Islamists was not its weapons programmes or its connection to Lockerbie and all the other nasty things the country was accused of in the media. It was Muammar Gaddafi's proposal for a gold standard "bank of Africa" which would trade oil and water from aquifers in gold. Do you understand now why Putin has been called "Mad Vlad" by The Sun? Rather than Putin having blood on his hands, I think the CIA do. This video is interesting because it explains how the supposed popular 2014 uprising in Ukraine was actually an astroturfed coup by western intelligence agencies to get rid of Viktor Yanukovych and replace him with a pro-EU and pro-NATO puppet of which Zelensky is the current example, see: The CIA have a lot of experience with underhand regime changes like that because they've done it to dozens of nations. Ukraine is just the latest.
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Wednesday 9 March 2022

Ben Emlyn-Jones on Tales of the Unexplained

I have been featured on the Tales of the Unexplained, see:
This programme was also broadcast live on Liverpool Community Radio FM, see: Subjects discussed include: the Roswell UFO incident, Men in Black, is the earth flat? and much much more.

Friday 4 March 2022

UFO Truth Magazine- Issue 53

UFO Truth Magazine Issue 53 is now available. It can be purchased on this page as a single copy, but please subscribe and save money if you want to read it regularly, see:
Issue 53 includes an article in my column entitled The Battle of Los Angeles- 80
Years On.
Also you will find in Issue 53: Chris Mellon on the Air Force, new information on Major Donald Keyhoe, government confiscates a UFO photo and much much more.
Also in this HPANWO Show programme I interview the UFO Truth Magazine's editor Gary Heseltine:
See here for details on UFO Truth Magazine Issue 52:

Tuesday 1 March 2022

Trump 2022

So many people have been talking about the return of Donald Trump, including me. Actually, he's not really gone away. His speech at CPAC, considered by many to be his finest, included the phrase "as your president.", see: Few people doubt that Trump will run for the presidency again in 2024; however, is that enough? November 2024 is a very long time in the future. The world is hurtling downwards into Illuminati hell so quickly that 2024 might as well be 2124. No, Trump and the white hats need to do something before then. I was amazed to find that there is a way Trump could get back into the White House this November in the mid-term elections. The method is surprisingly simple. First, Trump replaces Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House. Up until now, all Speakers have been elected congressmen, but there's a first for everything. This can be done, it is not unconstitutional. If the House of Representatives falls to the GOP in the mid-terms, and that usually happens during a Democratic presidency (even a real one!), Pelosi will be out; and then if enough congressmen agree, Trump would be the US' first ever private citizen to become Speaker of the House, chosen by the House itself instead of the electorate. Source: Once he's done that, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris must be impeached and removed from office. Again, this is perfectly possible; indeed there was an attempt to do it to Trump, if you remember, see: There have been nine occasions when the vice-president ascends to the presidency intra-term. The most recent was Gerald Ford in 1974 following Nixon's resignation due to the Watergate scandal. All the others have been the result of the president dying. Never in history has this process gone to the second step, the VP then losing the presidency after succeeding to it and a third person having to become POTUS. According to the 12th Amendment, there is a line of succession beyond the vice-president and the third just happens to be the Speaker of the House. It might sound incredibly audacious, but these are incredible times. The USA is facing the greatest political danger in its history. There are other ways Trump could return, but this one is the least legally intrusive. Styxhexxenhammer666 think this is out of the question, see:,-donald-trump-will-not-become:3. I feel more confident. In fact the Dems are taking this as a serious threat. Last year they tried to pass some legislation preventing it. They failed, but if they ever succeed all Trump has to do is win a runoff in his home district of Mar-a-Lago, Florida and become a bona fide congressman. It helps that the Supreme Court is still mostly presided over by Trump appointees. Biden has tried to diversify it, but has so far only managed to replace one judge. This back door into power may work for Trump or may not; but if it doesn't, he and his supporters will have other tricks up their sleeve I'm sure.
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