Thursday, 4 June 2015

John Harris Dies

I'm very sad to report that John Harris has died. I first came across John when he was a regular on the conference circuit talking about the corruption of the legal system. He founded The People's United Community, see links column on main site and:, and is one of the pioneers of the Freeman-on-the-Land movement. I found him very inspiring and interesting and he was highly influential on me a few years ago. His passing was announced on the TPUC website yesterday:

It's with sad regret to inform you all that John Harris has passed away. I would first like to ask that every one please respect the wishes for privacy of the family at this difficult time. And also if you feel the need to get in touch, you can email
John has been a father to me for so many years. He showed me compassion, love and respect and never wanted anything in return and for that I thank you, John.
John influenced my life in a massive way, and made me the person I am today, and for that, John, I thank you.
I will miss our daily conversations, our jokes and the times we called each other names. I will miss the times we have moaned at each other, told each other when we were wrong, but the most I will miss is you.
You could talk for ever and often I could never get a word in. I used to say to you that I wished you would give it a break. But now, I would love just to hear you talk again.
I love you John, like a father, like a brother and especially as a friend. I will miss you my friend.
Love You

There has been some speculation about his death and one of the announcements said that it was suicide; however John himself wrote something on the website last week that does not sound like the words of a suicidal man:
Hi to you all,
I would like to wish you all the best and may I say that this is a goodbye for good, which is long overdue. TPUC main site is now re-directed and the Forum is in Ben’s control and has absolutely nothing to do with me. All I have ever wanted to say is in my book Memoirs of the AntiChrist.
If I had my time over I would never have got on that stage in Stoke and done "it’s an illusion" as it turned me into a self obsessed monster and not only did I nearly destroy the love of my life, I nearly destroyed my family with my selfishness, delusions of grandeur and thinking I am something special.
I have now been offered a lifeline and a chance to rebuild all I have destroyed and I am so humbled by the fact this has been offered to me, considering what I have done. I consider myself to be the luckiest man on the planet to be given this chance and I turn my back on TPUC and everything that took me away from my family. I now have become what I should have been all along a loving family man, husband to be and a hard working plumber who pays his tax.
I strongly suggest to anyone who reads this that if you too are about to forsake your family the way that I did, then please rethink, as I promise you there is nothing more important than your family, nothing!
So all that is left to say is goodbye and I wish you all the happiness, good health and all the love in the world, as I now am so privileged and lucky to have back and never will I forsake it again…
John Harris

If evidence is there that should make us feel suspicious then I've done the right thing in publishing it, but until all the facts are known then I advise withholding judgement. Right now John's death in itself is the principle matter. John has helped many people and organizations understand who we really are as human beings in lawful terms. This has led to an unparalleled understanding of the legal and financial system, for example see: and: His new book Memoirs of the AntiChrist has just been launched, see: Rest in peace, John. Deepest condolences to your family and friends.


Anonymous said...

Has John commited "internet" suicide or has he indeed died for real?

There are some doubts to this on the internet, I realize a death certificate and a place of burial can be faked so what's the score?

Was John ill?

RIP fella.

Offkey said...

I think everyone should read again..And think about the war he dedicated his awakening to..and think do these sound like John's words. Yes he may have wanted out but, I feel he would have remained true to his convictions.. sounds like a ransom note, a life or lives for a life. ie: his own (Denzel Washington Man on Fire) last ten or so, of the movie
The ultimate ultimatum

Offkey said...

RIP....With eyes wide open he saw the dark and dragged it to light.
Even in the statement above (if truly ) his words it reads too me " turn back now ..I see them there are too many of them we don't stand a chance"...
And not "Nothing hear too see.I can't believe we got it wrong"

Offkey said...

The end of the day we are dealdealing with paranoid schizophrenics and there's no telling what a person or persons with this type of disorder will do next. Assassination brings investigation suicide ridicule as it fades away. ..

Anonymous said...

well i think the words of john harris that you quoted sound real to me. It sounded honest. It echoed his late interviews.

Unfortunately when we engage with mass media (mainstream or otherwise) it can go straight to our heads and we become egocentric to a very great degree. The unquestioning support people receive because they are on video or whatever is like an overwhelming wave and many if not most have their personalities greatly distorted by it. It sets people up as leaders and without any real knowledge of how to lead. This is particularly true of people who pronounce truth against the mainstream. They feel obliged to go further and further. John had the self awareness to see what had happened to himself. Unfortunately he was so embarrassed and ashamed of what he became and what he had lost as a result of it in personal relationships ...... that he could not recover.

What a shame. He really did open peoples eyes to how language and law imprison our minds in a mass corporate culture. Unfortunately he did not realise the effects of mass media and celebrity status upon the human psyche ..... and it ruined him.

John Harris is a testament to people who place truth, kindness and social justice as higher than personal survival.

Personally i do not believe we end when we die in this realm. His spirit continues just like all of our spirits will, in my opinion. But i also have to say that what ruined john is having similar effects upon other social commentators against the mainstream. eg crrow777, judy wood, richard d hall. I am not suggesting of course their imminent mental breakdowns, but i am suggesting that their pronouncements have become increasingly paranoid, exagerrated, delusional and egotistical. Producing mass media and receiving 'heroic' accolades is dangerous not only for the quality of further research ...... but also on a pesrons state of mind.

rip a while john harris .... and rise again with stability!

Anonymous said...

I believe he was forced to make that last statement, some of the words said just dont sound right, and how he says family is the most important thing! He could have had threats towards his family which is why he said that, I could say a lot of othet things that sohnd very suspicious about this but I believe this a warning to everyone who wants to take the path john harris had taken, he is a great guy and the world needs more people like him, but like I said I believe this was a hit! R.I.P John Harris you will be missed, gone but never forgotten.

Anonymous said...

Wow just found out about this through watching his videos again on YouTube I must say that hit hard Sacrificed his life for the knowledge we now know legend

Common sense said...

Utterly shocked! ... Have been researching his words and many others for 2 years plus trying to find my truth.

I did not know the man at all ... And I am way past the time .. But to say that his words and approach totally struck a chord in me is the biggest eulogy I could give 'find out for yourself' as he said ... We all should.

My utter condolences (albeit late) to anyone close .. Family first and close friends included.


..'time will tell'

Anonymous said...

"I believe he was forced to make that last statement, some of the words said just dont sound right..."

You're a delusional idiot, as was Harris.

Anonymous said...

I think his goodbye letter was written under duress.Firstly he said he was a hard working Plumber which is a problem because he was a Carpenter by trade and he signs his name in capitals at the end meaning not him but Strawman Suicide?? i have my doubts after reading the goodbye letter.

Anonymous said...

I've just discovered this amazing man and his words in the search of my own awakening. I've gone from elation to devastation as I discovered he's left this time. Thank God that he was here and gave what he did in service to awakening our world.

In response to Anonymous, I also question why he would state 'plumber' he obviously knew his trade was carpentry, he also strikes me as a person to stand solidly by his truth.
Personally, I think the clues are in the text.


Having survived the suicide of my visionary father when I was 15 (he was no longer able to live in this life time in a world as he saw it and with all that he professed would emerge - that has) I send my deepest condolences to his family and close friends.

God Bless

4642 said...

Those words of his sound as suicidal as you'll ever come across. It's a final letter, thanking those who've been here for him in his time and urging them not to feel awful that, for him, in his mind, it's his time to go on.

If this is exactly as it seems - yes, for humanity's sake, I hope it is - then was John suicidally ill, or just at a point where this existence wasn't right, wasn't enough? Knowing depression, for example, I can see in the writing a man who might well have been very sick. And when you are that sick, you can't see the wood for the trees - if the bleak, grey forest wasn't completely obscured before, it is when you're in that state.

Then again, perhaps he wasn't sick, and this was right for him.

Either way, it's awfully sad for everyone else, even those of us whom John never knew. But he'll be flying, you know...

Condolences to family and friends.

'Free at last, free at last; thank God almighty, I'm free at last.'

Anonymous said...

Hi Ben

Hope you are well. We met at Probe and I attended your presentation at NH St Annes.

John like your goodself have/had the courage to speak out and raise your head above the parapet. Both of you are/were kind intelligent gentleman imo.

I was devastated when I discovered the news
of Johns death in August especially having been contemplating suicide myself since
February this year after a dreadful series of events over the last 3 years resulting in huge damage to me and my family.

I contributed to the shill troll dominated tpuc forum and reported my findings regarding the evolution since 2009 of a new local authority Morecambe Town Council despite repeated abuse and attacks from the shills and trolls.

I created threads like "Mason free solicitors" and asked if anyone could identify any.

Sadly all the evidence has gone as all the gold nuggest threads of truth exposure are no longer in view.

A few months before the site was shut down on the Morecambe Town Council I reported that the Deputy Mayor of Lancaster City Council David Kerr who was Chairman of Morecambe Town Council and also a city councillor with also his wife Paula had announced their departure from politics and David Kerr did not take up the position of Mayor as is the custom if yhe Deputy Mayor to fulfill.

I discovered the Kerrs had been living off benefits and their council expenses/allowances and that ATOS had stopped their benefits.

John Harris contacted me and told me the site had been contacted by JWK solicitors in Lancaster representing the Kerrs

John believed I was telling yhe truth but told me if I could not provide any evidence he would have to remove it which he did.

John told me he was friendly with a Grand Master Freemason where he lived.

Despite him giving me a mobile number which I contacted him on and he contacted me from this means of communication by me no longer became possible.

The shutdown of the tpuc site shortly followed this.

If you wish to know more Ben you are welcome to contact me. Rob at NH St Annes should be able to provide my contact details from his workmate Mick.

It would be of interest to know the truth of whether John was a carpenter or a plumber and how he died if that is truth and why his passing has been kept so quiet.

RIP the inspirational fearless and kind Gentleman John and condolences to his family for the huge loss.

BTW David Kerr as chair of the town counvil eas replaced by Freemason Mr Baxter who ess became a town councillor by co-option upon the proposal of his Morecambe Independent Party buddy David Kerr. Syrange but true.

The elephant in the room.

Merry xmas & happy new year

Anonymous said...

Further to my above message imo commendable tribute here from a visably shellshocked Brian G; first twelve minutes -


Anonymous said...

And finally

"Smile with the knowing That I am finally free"

in a debt free dimension and no longer a work slave serving the corporate elite hopefully

God bless you Gentleman John

Anonymous said... in-his-blood-1-6626771

Evidence of Freemasonry membership shown on their declaration of interests if they decide tp declare it. On the morecambe town counci website check out those of John Bates for starters. David Brayshaws is an interesting one. David has his own column in yhe local freemasonry press The Visitor and founded the resurected town carnival. David told me before becoming a councillor he was not a freemason. A lie when I sent him the evidence of my research thay he was he admitted he was. When he got his column in the visitor it prompted my research into his lodge membership. Greg Lambert a chief reporter at the Visitor is a freemason.

Anonymous said...

Thought he was a carpenter not a plumber...

Iknow.... said...

Faked his own death....too many discrepancies.

All a load of bullshit to sell his book.

He probably traded for a new identity provided by MI5.

More fish than Billingsgate in this 'story'!

Anonymous said...

4 January 2016

I have today contacted the coroners office in Torquey. The inquest has still not concluded. John Harris did not die by hanging, he was found lying on a bed with a plastic bag on his head, inside of the bag was a can of gas. The inquest opened on the 9th June 2015, the body of the late John Harris was discovered on the 1st June 2015. Finger prints were used to identify the body due to the state of decomposition.

Anyone wishing to attend the public inquest should write to the Coroners Office in Torquey and request a notification of the date of the hearing.

I hope this is of help to some of you

Information was supplied by HM Coronors Office, Torquey

Best wishes

Unknown said...

So do i mate. Its down right obvious to critical thinking individuals. His death is a message to any of us rising up. But be strong the tree of liberty has to be refreshed from time to time. They are bullies. United we ALL should stand. Evil prevails when good people do nothing therefore that makes us all acomplices. There is a war going on choose a side or one will be chosen for you and you cant switch sides in the middle. Be a man or wo man. Its coming wether u like it or not

Anonymous said...

Hi Anom

Further to my four previous messages thank you for posting your research regarding the coroner.

Please keep us informed as sadly there appears to be nothing else on the web which bearing in mind Johns remarkable contribution and popularity I find strange.

Anonymous said...

Just read the John Harris thread on the new tpuc forum. Mr Knowone is asking some tough relevant Qs but as usual getting abused and attacked by the shills/trolls.

Another tough Q why eas the old forum removed and started from scratch losing years of information?

The removal of all that info from the public view was imho an insult to john's achievements and all the posters who contributed positively and in compliance with the forums code of conduct.

Anonymous said...

The original tpuc forum which was closed down in 2014 was dominated by two posters Bodge, "ant bully"on his profile who had 23, 000 posts and a rate of 13 posts per day!

Mr Freshy was another dominating poster often posting in CAPS.

Both are back on the new tpuc forum owned by Ben. Freshy is now "Warrant Card" and is a moderator!

I certainly wont be contributing to the new tpuc forum.

Ben checking posts here before publishing is a good system to keep out the trolls and shills from destroying the community and unity. UNITY IS STRENGH

BTW just enjoyed watching "The System" parts 1-3 on u tube.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ben

Thanks for publishing my posts to date.

Ian R Cdane appears to now appears to under attack by our corporate state police force. He got detained at Exeter Airport and his mobile phone taken off him. Watch episode 60 of the Crane report "Humanity v Insanity" for details. Maybe create a new topic for this to enable comment and not deviate from this important topic about Gentleman John.

Anonymous said...

Details of The system" documentary on tbis link:- id=3214356%3ABlogPost%3A336373

Anonymous said...

To find "The SYSTEM" referred to previously google

"Nex Fer The system part 1"
Ditto part 2
Ditto paft 3

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

You're welcome, Anon. Apparently Ian is a "terrorist" now. That's a laugh! The government show themselves up every time they persecute another innocent harmless person

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ben. Any resistance or threat to their status quo or objective to achieve total control and they label you as a "Terrorist" or "Extremist"

Ian R Crane is imo an outstanding truth seeking activist and has woken up alot of sheeple with his research although as a former chair of the now dead and inactive UK 911 truth movement thanks to Tony Go sling I cannot understand his silence on the work of Dr Judy Wood and Andrew Johnson.

Anonymous said...

John, you were not being selfish on that stage in Stoke. You were one of the most brave and unselfish people I have had the privilege of getting to sit and listen to. You laid out the truth of the system of enslavement around us in all its ugliness. And yes, for me, that truth lead to the ending of my worthless marriage. But, truth be told, I would rather live freely in the light of truth, than in the darkness of self-delusion.

You revealed to us the hiding places of the corporate bogy-officer and the fraudster in the black smoking jacket who dispenses corporate justice from atop his bench, of those who have terrified all of us at sometime in our lives.

You gave me back my power and helped to open my eyes, and for that brother, I will be forever grateful. God Bless you.

Anonymous said...

I thought John was a carpenter by trade, so why in his last statement does he mention working as a plumber?

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

I don't know. Maybe he was a Jack-of-all-trades.

Anonymous said...

Didn't John say he was a CARPENTER in his illusion speech??! That letter said PLUMBER!!

Anonymous said...

It is now well over a year since the passing of Gentleman John so I wish to post this and to say in my heart, he is not and never will be forgotten.

RIP John Harris

Anonymous said...

The best presentation I witnessed John give. He raised his head about the parapet and sadly never got the help and support he deserved from the 99%.

In the same league as the greatest speech I have ever heard from another John and great human spirit, JFK:-

RIP John Harris

Anonymous said...

Yep John took the red pill and left the biggest human society or inhuman society some would argue,the sheeple's self preservation society.

I remember him speaking in London at the BCG gathering and saying to the audience - most of you are kept so busy in the matrix you will never see the truth.

A fearless and courageous gentleman who sadly gave in to the beast and its dark forces.

I hope wherever he is now he is the free spirit he desired to be.

Sadly missed by many.

Anonymous said...

A gem of a record from the Truth warehouse -

Anonymous said...

A documentary of over four hours pity that Johns contribution to the awakening is not included

Anonymous said...

Never am obediant servant, I think JH would have enjoyed reading this:-

Anonymous said...

John Harris most brilliant 15 minutes:-

Anonymous said...

John Harris a legend, never forgotten -

Pity the links cannot be made to work rather than to have to copy and paste.

Anonymous said...

I've recently been watching John's videos and he's opened my eyes even further, amazing bloke.
I do find it strange in his last posting he says he's a plumber and even more so he says he will start paying taxes again even though he mentions several times in his videos he refuses to pay tax.
Seems to me he was made to write that letter, what do you guys or gals think?

Anonymous said...

I knew this guy before he started his investigations and studying. I also saved him on two occasions from suicide around 18 years ago. He was both a plumber and a carpenter and also told me he served in the army but got shot hence his big scar across his chest. A very troubled soul may he now rest in peace. No one made him write those letters he spoke the truth probably for the very first time in his life.

Anonymous said...

Anom regarding your allegations that you saved Gentleman John 18 years ago on two occasions many thanks for that as without that we would not now be aware of John's revelations.

John spoke alot of truth which is probably why he always had a captive audience and millions have viewed his compelling talks and respect what he said - he certainly did not speak with forked tongue.

Regarding your comment about troubled souls sadly if you look around, out of the box and take a look in the mirror you may fall into that category. Why else would you be visiting here?

RIP John Harris sadly, missed never forgotten, always in our hearts

Anonymous said...

He was a carpenter not a plumber as this statement says ?????.......

Anonymous said...

He was a carpenter not a plumber!!!! He either didn't write that note or was forced!! Rip John. . You Legend

Anonymous said...

Hi Ben

Hope you are well.

Its two years now since the announcement of John's death. Never forgotten RIP

Although he did a no show at one of Ian's AV events I am sure he would enjoy listening to this-


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

john messed up big time he was spending more and more time away from his family he cheated on heather several times which tore her apart every time he did.he was a nice bloke he got people eating out of his hands he was manipulative ... but il get back to that later... i was a former mod of tpuc and spent time with him and heather,did he die who knows could of been a john harris lots of people in the world called john harris doesnt mean its him.he kept leaving tpuc and coming back leaving and coming back the mods would do research for weeks and months and post him uptodate info ... all his work was it fook he had so many sources heinz couldnt keep up.if your still about john hope you hev and the family are cool if you are popping up daisies then i want to get back to all them questions you said youd get back to later and avoided everytime lol

Unknown said...

Shut your mouth, don't dare speak about him like that, or anyone else.

Anonymous said...

Somthing odd about what has happened to john and it all happened after he said he was contacted by one of the rothchild`s (look up the name). After that meeting he wrote a book son of sion if i remember correctly... sion, zion or zionist (look that up), a connection maybe? He announced at one of his meetings that he would be the king of england, that is about the best way to discredit yourself and way out of character. If i was to take a guess that meeting with the rothchild`s, which is one of the faces of power and control in this world, changed his life, he might of been to much of a rebel to play along with there game.... r.i.p dude you made a difference.

Anonymous said...

The man exposed truth directly for other men to seek themselves good and bad in all he trusted all and to share truth some have neglected this by harming and violently hurting others most not John flesh and blood was living and not lost at sea wherever thou is now you awoke so many embesoles may you rest your deed is done long live john fmotl terry alias #atneveryoumind

Unknown said...

That's not a note from the guy I see in the video's... Even if it was, to kill himself a week later?? Something doesn't add up here.

Unknown said...

Plumber?? That is not him. Can't be, he was a carpenter. Wonder what his family think about that note.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

today I was told by a solicitor. {whose company I had hired to work for me in 2014/2015}, that the man who woke up my mind, opened my eyes and freed me from mental slavery was a fraud... in 2013,a situation took place involving my family... and myself being strong but uninformed of the real corruption behind their intentions, lost our case... When the situation passed, I was introduced to 2009 its an illusion... I comprehended it all.. I have cried many tears at the knowledge I had been given as it was to late to act... but rest assured, I have been passing his information on to people with situations similar to mine, the outcome proved correct to those who have stood firm... My heart was knocked badly when I heard of so said death... mmmmm ... its an illusion 2013 shows me and tells me something different... abandonment of population to government...1952 oath. wouldn't mind having that question answered to be honest...he should have gone to the Vatican in peace my hero.. your efforts will go on in all who are awake now...I never give up or give in.....

Anonymous said...


Great man rip.

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

What's that got to do with anything? So was Jesus.

Unknown said...

All this sounds fishy

Julie said...

There is a lot of red flags in this letter he wrote. If he was a carpenter an not a plumber, the part of working a job an paying taxes. I kinda get the feeling his family was being threatened. You just don't wake up an then make a statement about job an paying taxes. Telling the world you want to concentrate on family is one thing but I think he was trying to send a message. The letter was strange. I live with someone similar to our him he'd never say those words.

ebproject said...

This is yet another example of someone who gets the truth out being "suicided".

My gut and my heart is telling me that he and his family were getting threatened. I would not be surprised at all if he was yet another sacrifice for the cabal.

Not enough people asked questions, and all the things he told us about standing up and being heard as a collective. Well everybody sure let him down when no questions were asked by everyone after his death.

Very sad to see this. But he won't be the last sacrifice, unless things change.

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Hi EBProject. Sadly it goes with the territory. In an evil world good guys get killed. And evil people live a long time. Kissinger, Prince Philip Soros Mugabe etc.

ebproject said...

I didn't know John, but by listening to all his talks it seems to me he knew that the shift was coming.

Souls like John don't give up. He'll still be carrying on with his mission, whether in a new body or not.

People have woken up ten fold since 2015,so all the years I've heard "soon" will only be a matter of time now.

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

That's true. I think the afterlife is real, or "further lives" you could call it. I met John a few times and he gave me a lot of information and inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he was told by tptb that if he didn't commit suicide his family would suffer greatly. In his talks he always spoke of the love for his family. I think the message was real but cryptic. He had to commit suicide for the safety & survival of his family...if he didn't pure evil would be unleashed on them. His suicide was forced not real, the cryptic clue was the obvious in the plumber comment. He would know that all truth's would know that want true

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

That's a horrible fate for him reminiscent of "Sophie's Choice". I hope it wasn't like that. Of course if so, he made the decision any father would make.

Patrick said...

When he says something about TPUC what does tpuc mean,,,he was a very intelligent man,,

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

The People's United Community.

Unknown said...

I have only come across John Harris recently. I believe in almost all he said. We live in a corrupt world. Ben Emlyn-Jones is tpuc still active.

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Sadly not in its original form, Unknown. It is still around as a forum. Glad you've discovered JH. He continues to inspire people after he left this world.