Sunday, 28 June 2015

Gay Marriage USA

Gay marriage is sweeping across the world; I've written about how it was recently legalized in Britain, see background articles at the bottom. A few weeks ago it was passed into law in Ireland via a referendum, see: There is a campaign to introduce it into Australia, see: And yesterday the US Supreme Court ruled that same-sex couples could get married in all fifty of the United States, see: President Obama has got overwhelmingly on board with it, running around with a rainbow flag and making highly enthusiastic speeches (Maybe it's because he himself is already married to another bloke, if rumours about Michelle Obama are true). As I explain in the background articles, I have no objection at all to two people in love getting married, whoever they are. In fact I have no opinions at all on other people's private lives, either positive or negative. However discord has arisen in my mind over gay marriage to the point where I feel almost guilty supporting it. The reason for this is because after gay marriage was legalized in the UK, and in the run up to it, the pro-gay marriage lobby fought a very dirty and ruthless campaign. Peter Tatchell, a former colleague of mine on The People's Voice, was particularly iniquitous. To his great discredit, he accused almost all of his opponents of homophobia. "Homophobia" is a word you'll hear a lot nowadays. It means somebody who hates homosexuals, and using it to describe another person is a very serious matter. Tatchell never hesitated to smear others very liberally with it in public, for example see: This is despite the fact that gay marriage has been rejected by some perfectly calm, peaceful and rational individuals, including the gay historian David Starkey; presumably Tatchell would call him a "self-hating queer!". Now we live in a world where homosexuals can marry, a world of "freedom!", but is it? What concerns me is that the vilification of dissenters continues outside the TV studios. A few months ago a registrar was sacked from her job; she lost her entire career, because she refused to carry out civil partnerships out of a sense of conscience, see background links. I can't see why it would not be possible to accommodate her within the organization with no loss of service to the customer. Realistically, in this day and age there must be plenty of her colleagues willing to task-swap with her. The same goes for the bakery in Northern Ireland who didn't want to make a gay wedding cake, see: We also had a hotelier prosecuted for turning away a gay couple because they wanted to share a room, see: Again, why can't they simply recommend Mr Preddy and Mr Hall to another guest house? If I were a hotel manager they could always come to my place; I'd be perfectly happy to provide them with a love-nest and therefore take business away from a competitor. I think that these court cases were essentially a punishment beating for Thoughtcrime, and to serve as a warning to others. Dictatorship of opinion and left wing ideological purity is being violently enforced under the guise of "equality" and "civil rights". I think this is cultural Marxism in action, see background links. I'm perfectly OK with people being gay; I'd be happy to go to a gay wedding myself if I were invited, but I have these notions because I've chosen to have them; I feel very differently about being coerced to. I will never be coerced into any point of view and I'll defend other people's rights to think whatever they like. Until we all do that, we will not live in a state of freedom.


Anonymous said...


'This is another thought crime because it values something from the past i.e the right to collective but alternative values as an individual. You must have collective values but you cannot be an individual. We INGSOG believe that the subject is one sided, either you agree to Gay marriage without questioning it (even in a philosophical sense) in any manner or you are commiting a crime. Contradictory beliefs should be assimilated into a sort of entertainment even if they are at odds, for example the Christian 'Institution' and concept of marriage should contain it's antithesis so that we can confuse, tear apart, commercialize, politicize and nullify belief systems even the one's that subjugate the masses so that we can turn our backs on them or become even more dogmatic and accept the mandate of BIG BROTHER and it's false hero's we set up to fulfill this agenda to break up the previous idea of 'state' to create the new BIG BROTHER ideal utopia. Religion has been useful to our agenda but we must pit it against itself until is not about rights but about obligation. Finally we can make the orthadox truly orthadox and the esoteric truly esoteric so that we can pick both sides off in their little boxes and reveal the true light of the New World Order. Good day sir........ '

(P.S This is a paradoy, buit im sure your clearly aware of that. Xylomet)

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

I know they're watching me, X! It's a good job TPV has collapsed otherwise Peter Tatchell would demand my Planet X programmes' immediate removal from their schedule!