Thursday 26 January 2012

Life on Venus?


I hesitate to believe the “It’s OK, it’s just a lens-cap” story just like I hesitate when “experts” are wheeled out to tell me about “weather balloons”, “blokes with planks” and “flying truckloads of manure”. However if life has evolved on Venus then it can damn well evolve anywhere! Living on Venus is the equivalent of being in a bath of acid, 3000 feet beneath the sea, in a furnace. Planets cannot come much more hostile than Venus. If life can emerge there it can emerge anywhere! It makes one rethink the various new planets that scientists have discovered recently known as “hot Jupiters”, like HD-209458-b, see: ; could there be life on them even? Amazingly there are organisms on Earth that can live in extreme conditions quite similar to Venus, extremeophiles. These can anything from bacteria to crabs and fish that like hot underwater volcanoes.

Nevertheless I have taken precautions: I have downloaded every photo of the surface of Venus ever taken by the Venera probes, just in case somebody tries to “remaster” them so that these anomalies disappear.

UFO Down on the Baltic Seabed?


(Thanks to HPANWO Forum member Nessa Felagund for bringing this to my attention.)

A mysterious disc-shaped object has been found on the floor of the Baltic Sea by marine archaeologists. Could it be a UFO? Or maybe a prehistoric monument? According to records, the Baltic Sea is actually a huge estuary for multiple rivers, a bit like a larger version of the Wash in England, and it has gone through several phases of drying and flooding. It’s possible the anomalous disc is an artifact of a prehistoric civilization, like the other being discovered by people like Graham Hancock, see Links column on the main HPANWO site. If fleets of warships invade the area and turn the discoverers and sightseers away then you can be pretty sure it's a UFO or something similar!

Wednesday 25 January 2012

Tavistock Institute invade Occupy

Background article:

The researcher and activist Commonly-known-as Dom has been part of the Occupy Movement in London and other places and harassed by the other people there. This is because they have very foolishly invited the Tavistock Institute into the Tent City to perform one of their “Social Dreaming” workshops and Dom has tried to alert them to the danger. These people are not to be trusted! They are trained and professional manipulators of the human mind! "Lots of Derren Browns" as Dom calls them. See here for Dom’s film about his experiences:

As I say in the background article, I knew one of the founders of the Tavistock Institute. Apologies, HPANWO-readers; I wasn't quite honest in the article because it was an obituary that my family were going to read, but the time for mourning is over. Isabel Menzies Lyth was a "friend" of my mum's. She was one of the nastiest, most emotionally-abusive and manipulative people I've ever known. And she was one of the founders of the Tavistock Institute along with John Rawlings-Rees, Wilfred Bion and others in the 1940's. Tavistock has a long history in acting all friendly and sympathetic to trick their way in through the door of genuine grass roots activist movements. They infiltrated and destroyed the Counterculture of the 1960's. I hope history is not about to repeat itself.

Here's an interview with Isabel, I wonder how much of her hostility you can see here:

Monday 23 January 2012

SOPA put on Hold

More good news! The US Judiciary Committee has shelved the new SOPA bill. See:

Wikipedia’s protest might have been the action that swayed them. See here for background:

Thursday 19 January 2012

David Icke Discussion Group Lecture

Just to let you know, I will be speaking at the London David Icke Discussion Group on Sunday the 29th of January. The subject of my lecture will be my recent discharge from the Hospital Portering Service and how this fits into the bigger picture of what’s going on in our world.

Here’s the London David Icke Discussion Group’s announcement on their own site:

See here for background and follow the links included for more:

The venue is a pub called The George which is located directly opposite the Royal Courts of Justice on The Strand in London and the event will be in the function room upstairs, beginning at about 12.30PM. Hope to see you all there!

Wednesday 18 January 2012

Wikipedia Protests


Well done, Wikipedia! It just goes to show that censorship of the Internet is becoming more and more difficult as more and more people are aware of attempts to do so.

What strikes me is that this US Stop Online Piracy Act sounds suspiciously like Peter Mandelson's notorious Digital Economy Act... just a coincidence, nothing to worry about.

Wednesday 11 January 2012

Wittgenstein's Poker

On the evening of the 25th of October 1946 that great Hospital Porter (and occasional part-time philosopher) Ludwig Wittgenstein was a philosopher’s meeting with one of his contemporaries, Sir Karl Popper having a debate, God knows what about! I didn’t realize this, but philosophers’ debates can sometimes become very vitriolic, and in this case the hot-headed Hospital Porter became so enraged that he walked over to the room’s hearth, picked up a poker, and moved to attack his civilian colleague with it. What happened next is a bit vague, but one version of events relates that another philosopher, maybe the famous Bertrand Russell who was also in the room, managed to hold Wittgenstein back and pacify him. Wittgenstein then stormed out of the room. If something like that got his goat, then I wonder how he maintained his poise with the fickle and arrogant pharmacists at Guys! The story was related in a bestselling book in 2001:

This story has an interesting conclusion. During the intervening sixty-six years the room where the meeting took place has been refurbished and the poker was removed and lost, as often happens renovations, but amazingly it has recently resurfaced and Alan McFarlane has put a label on it; I imagine he’ll mount it on the wall in pride of place or put it in a museum or something. See:

Background article:

Monday 9 January 2012

Scottish Independence


The people of Scotland are going to have a referendum on the biggest single issue in that country’s political history: Devolution, becoming an independent nation. For over 300 years Scotland has been part of a “Union” with England to form the modern United Kingdom. This in practice means that Scotland is ruled by England. It shows how much I’ve changed over the years! In not that many ages past I was a Welsh Nationalist and I’d have been cheering on the Scottish Celts in their drive to cast off the yolk of the Anglo-Norman conqueror! But not anymore.

Firstly, today I know that there’s a big difference between genuine Independence and false-independence. Many nations that have supposedly become independent of colonial powers continue to be ruled by the European Crowns, especially England, in secret through the Elite networks. Good examples are Zimbabwe, Ireland and the United States of America. Secondly, the breaking up of the Union of Great Britain could be a scam by the EU Agenda. Once the UK is reduced to its constituent parts those parts could be more easily absorbed into the European Union, like one would break up a lump of potato so that it washes down a plughole more easily. So I urge caution. What could look like a victory for national liberation and self-determination might in fact be the exact opposite!

Friday 6 January 2012

A Porter no More

At 21.21 on October the 10th last year, my hospital received an "anonymous letter of complaint”. And now as a result I have been discharged from the Hospital Portering Service. I had my disciplinary hearing this afternoon; and I’ve just returned home from it. Right now I don’t feel any upset or anything. I just feel numb. When I’ve got my thoughts together I’ll write a longer article about my experiences and feelings. I want to thank all HPANWO-readers and HPANWO TV-viewers for your support and consolation these last couple of months. I will never forget it!

(Addendum 7/1/12- Here's the full-length article:

Tuesday 3 January 2012

Leicester Secular Society

I took the coach home from Nottingham today and got a direct service. But that’s a bit of a long drive so luckily the coach stopped for an hour in Leicester, David Icke’s old hometown. As I strolled along the unfamiliar rain-washed streets of the city I suddenly remembered watching this very interesting TV show about Atheism, see: It’s the same one in which I was forced to convict Richard Dawkins as an MBA criminal! See: It also discusses the Leicester Secular Society, a very old club for Atheists and Secularists that’s been running since the 19th Century. The programme features it from the 13.34 point. Here's their website:

I decided to see if the Secular Society was close enough for me to visit. Unfortunately this meant looking it up its address on my mobile phone’s very primitive Internet access, but it worked; and a street signboard with a city map showed me that it was only a short walk from the coach station. I got there, but couldn’t go in. The doors weren’t shut, they were just ajar, but the place didn’t seem very welcoming. I didn’t have much time anyway; as I said I only had one hour before I had to get back to my coach. Maybe I’ll return there and research a full-length article. In the meantime, I took the above photos.

Atheism and Theology is a subject I’ve always been very interested in. See here for some more of my articles on the subject: