Sunday, 17 November 2019

Shill Tribunal Update- Personnel

I have been making some plans for the structure of the Shill Tribunal that I describe in the background links above. These are just my own basic and interim plan and further details can be worked out in the future with the cooperation of others. These latest plans concern personnel. In a courtroom there are always numerous people. How many and what role they play all depend on the type of court it is and the legal system it is under. It is a good enough starting point for me to use this as a model. Below is a list of the personnel in the Shill Tribunal according to my current model, who they might be and what their job will entail. I have drawn up a diagram of the system in the Illustration above.

The Judge in the Shill Tribunal will be very different to any you will find in a normal court because the Tribunal will have no judicial power, just like the Jewish and Muslim courts I describe in the above background links. The role of the Judge will be to organize a hearing and ensure that good order is maintained at all times. Obviously he or she will have no power to deliver a sentence, except personal ones between themselves and the convict. For example, if the Judge is a Facebook group admin they can ban the convict from their group. After a hearing, the prime duty of the Judge will be to announce the verdict of the Shill Tribunal and publish it as far and widely as possible. This is really all that can be done in terms of enforcement.
This is the person accused of an offence and committed to the Shill Tribunal for a hearing.
Defendant's Advocate
This is the person who is presenting the case for the defence, in the same way a Barrister does in a Crown Court. They will also get the chance to cross-examine the Accuser, the Defendant and all witnesses. Alternatively the Defendant can opt to play this role themselves, in which case their Advocate can remain within the hearing as their informal supporter if the Defendant wants this.
This is the person bringing the case against the Defendant. They must submit their application to the Judge who will then investigate and set up the hearing.
Accuser's Advocate
This is the person who is presenting the case for the prosecution, in the same way a Criminal Barrister does in a Crown Court. They will also get the chance to cross-examine the Defendant, Accuser and all witnesses. Alternatively the Accuser can opt to play this role themselves, in which case their Advocate can remain within the hearing as their informal supporter if the Accuser wants this.
The Jury are the people who decide on the verdict. I'm not sure at the moment how many people should be on the Jury. It might even vary from hearing to hearing. I believe there should be some ground rules when it comes to their selection: 1. They should not be partners or relatives of the Accuser or Defendant. 2. They should not be on the friends list of the Accuser or Defendant. 3. They need to have a foundational knowledge the special interest of the Accuser or Defendant, for example UFOlogy, Bigfoot, vaccine dangers etc. The Judge should approach these people in a random manner and ask them to become Jurors of a Shill Tribunal hearing. If they agree then it will be necessary for the Accuser and Defendant and/or their Advocates to approve them as Jurors.
These are anybody else the Accuser's or Defendant's Advocates choose to call the hearing to give testimony if they think it will help their client's position.

Another question is, where and how do the hearings take place. This could be done in the real world by hiring a function room somewhere and the hearing personnel meeting up there, but this will probably be too difficult and expensive in most instances. I believe it is perfectly suitable for hearings to be conducted online via an internet communication service such as Skype, the former Google Hangouts or Zoom. I am very keen on the idea of a public trial and believe the proceedings should be published, in real-time by livestream if possible. This may not be an option if large numbers of personnel are needed in a session of the hearing on the same call; in which case the proceedings should be recorded and uploaded as soon as possible afterwards. The Judge alone must be responsible for this and ensure that no editing of recordings takes place. There is, of course, a lot more that needs to be worked out in this process and my ideas here are just the start, but I like what I have concocted and welcome feedback from readers. We do have a necessity to get this system up and running as soon as possible because there are so many people in the UFO/Paranormal/Conspiracy Theory community who could be described as "pending trial", people who will theoretically be good candidates for Defendants; for example: Larry Warren, Darren Perks, Simon Parkes, Miles Johnston... and of course, myself.

Friday, 15 November 2019

UFO Truth Magazine- Issue 39

UFO Truth Magazine Issue 39 is now available. It can be purchased on this page as a single copy, but please subscribe and save money if you want to read it regularly, see:
Issue 39 includes an article in my column entitled How many aliens are there?.

Also you will find in Issue 39: US Government confirms AATIP footage, Gordon Cooper's letter to Grenada, Birmingham Men in Black and much much more.
Also in this HPANWO Show programme I interview the UFO Truth's editor Gary Heseltine:
See here for details on UFO Truth Magazine Issue 38:

Monday, 11 November 2019

The Penny Drops!

Nigel Farage has announced that The Brexit Party will not be contesting any seats currently held by the Conservatives. He is cancelling his candidates from all 317 of their constituencies. This is in response to a pledge by the Liberal Democrats, Plaid Cymru and the Green Party that they will continue the habit started at the Brecon and Radnorshire by-election and cooperate to stop Brexit, see:; and here for background: Farage calls his action "a unilateral Leave alliance". It is unilateral because Boris Johnson recently ruled out any non-aggression pact with Farage, see: Boris welcomed Nigel's decision while stressing that people should still vote conservative. However this is not enough because Farage still plans to contest Labour seats, crucially many of which are Leave-majority areas in the North Country. This could still end up splitting the Brexit vote in the divide-and-conquer situation I foretell in the background links above. Farage has also denounced Boris' deal and supported a further extension to Article 50 in the hope of organizing a new deal. Boris is still planning to bring his deal back to the commons after he wins the election, but he has not ruled out a WTO Brexit if necessary. I am personally a "hard" Brexiteer and think we should Leave on WTO rules anyway; further details can be found in the background links below. The Remainers are hypocritically accusing Nigel of "selling out!". Such Orwellian doublethink from them no longer shocks me. Source: It astounds me that it has taken this long for Farage to take his leave, if you'll excuse the pun, in this election. What he has said today is so obvious that millions of people, including me, have been urging him and Boris to do so. It seems that Boris and Nigel still have a long way to go in understanding the necessity that they should be all too aware of, seeing as they are two of Britain's most experienced statesmen. In fact I would go as far as to say that if they do not then they are deceiving the British people. If Farage is serious about Brexit then he needs to field no candidates at all except perhaps in SNP and Lib Dem strongholds in Scotland. If Boris is serious about Brexit he must agree to cooperate with Farage and not compete with him. If this doesn't happen then neither of them are serious about Brexit.

Thursday, 7 November 2019

Proof of Epstein Cover-up

ABC News is one of the prime mainstream media journalism outlets in the United States of America. As regular readers will know, I believe such organizations are used for government propaganda and there is considerable evidence for this, however a new revelation may well top all the rest. James O'Keefe's Project Veritas have released a video which appears to be a recording of an off-air conversation after the broadcast is off, but the videotapes are still rolling. It takes place in the ABC News studio between the famous newsreader, Amy Robach, and somebody in the director's gallery. We cannot hear the backstage speaker and this is presumably because their voice is coming through her earphones. A third voice interjects a few times. The footage was recorded in August, shortly after the supposed suicide of Jeffrey Epstein. This is like a real-life and unfunny Jonathan Pie sketch. Ms Robach explains that all the information we have heard about Jeffrey Epstein the network knew about three years earlier. What's more they had additional and exclusive testimony from Virginia Roberts Giuffre, a woman who has accused Epstein of trafficking her when she was a teenager. She's kept silent since the original Florida prosecution... but ABC withdrew the story! Ms Robach says she was fobbed off by her media bosses and then an objection came in from none other than the Queen, who apparently "threatened us a million different ways!" Epstein's solicitor Alan Dershowitz made objections to the studio too. Nobody knows who at ABC made the decision to pull the news story, but it must have been an official at the highest level considering the prominence of this scoop. This was three years before Epstein's arrest and more then ten years since his initial prison sentence, if you can call it that. Giuffre had a massive amount of evidence implicating Prince Andrew and Bill Clinton, who have both long been suspects in Epstein's vice and blackmail racket. Hopefully they will soon become suspects in his murder. Source: This recording was leaked to Project Veritas by an unnamed individual on the staff at ABC News. The big and obvious question is: Why? The third voice answers that question very well: "The creepy thing is we would make access to all these high profile people." The cover-up of this story seems to be connected directly to the faking of Epstein's suicide and is probably perpetrated by the same people for the same reason, to hide themselves from justice. Ms Robach warns Epstein's former girlfriend and business partner Ghislaine Maxwell that she may well also be eliminated. There you have it! If Ms Maxwell has a sudden heart attack or falls in front of a bus, don't try to tell me it's just a coincidence (Although the skeptics will of course). The video also contains other groundbreaking snippets, such as the plan to interview "Kate and Will" at "the Palace". This must refer to Prince William and Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge. Both ABC and Amy Robach have made a statement in reply to Project Veritas, see: This is an astonishing update. It is obvious, as I have said many times, that something very fundamental has changed in the world. Secrets that used to be suppressed almost effortlessly are now a struggle to maintain. Stefan Molyneux has done a very good commentary and asks another obvious question: Couldn't Amy Robach herself have leaked the story independently? She also has been hypnotized by groupthink, see: There will hopefully be further developments, and indeed I expect that the three year old interview with Virginia Roberts Giuffre will be aired. I'll write more about that if... when it happens.

Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Brexit Candidate Believes in Aliens

The long and tedious soap opera known as Brexit has undergone another plot twist that is probably the most unpredictable of all. The Brexit Party announced its candidates for the upcoming general election when the date was finalized and then just today it was reported that twenty of them have stood down. As I've said previously, there are major problems with The Brexit Party having any candidates at all seeing as Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage failed to form an alliance, see: and: It appears that this point is not lost on the candidates themselves even if it is on their leader. They are also clashing over Boris' deal. There was one interesting exception among these dropouts, Jill Hughes, the former prospective parliamentary candidate for Batley and Spen (Ironically, this was Jo Cox's constituency, see: She has apparently withdrawn from the election because she has "a number of unusual beliefs". The source for this scoop is Hate Not Hope... sorry Hope Not Hate. The ex-banker says she is a spirit guide from Sirius, the brightest star in the night sky; it's about 6.8 light years from the earth. The thing is, Hope Not Hate are a nest of liars who spread filthy defamatory gossip about lots of people, including David Icke, see: So what if Ms Hughes said that. There is evidence in ancient records that beings from the region of Sirius visited the earth in prehistoric times and maybe she is one of them who was left behind, see: She also claims that aliens are here on earth and are cooperating with world governments... Well, as regular readers will know, I think that's true! There are too many background links to list. Source: Ms Hughes is a novelist who has written a book called Spirit of Prophesy which she has listed under her pen name "JJ Hughes". It is described as "paranormal crime fiction"; sounds just up my street. Here's the video trailer: HNH make a big deal out of how the book was self-published; but these days that's quite common. My own recent books are too, for example see: According to her Amazon bio she believes in "elves, fairies, mermaids, unicorns and all things elemental and otherworldly." Again, does that sound familiar? What we have here is an attempt to smear the character of an individual rather than address her party line. It's a hackneyed tactic. It takes courage to become a public figure while professing these kinds of ideas. Other examples of politicians brave enough are Simon Parkes and Bettina Rodriguez Aguilera. It's a pity Jill Hughes has stood down from the election. There are no details about exactly why her ideas led to her departure from the Westminster race. We need more people with open minds in government and she would have been a good start.

Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Apollo Detectives Re-Edit

The Apollo Detectives 3 is a film produced and edited by Neil Geddes-Ward. Neil and his fellow presenter Andrew Chaplin host a conversation between Marcus Allen, Jarrah White, Scott Henderson, Bart Sibrel and myself. It is a discussion on the fiftieth year after the first Apollo mission. Have NASA told us the truth about man's first steps on the moon? See here for the original version: and:
Since then the YouTube user "Shill Stompers" has re-edited the two and a quarter hours of the original programme and condensed it to thirty-eight minutes of highlights. It is entitled The Apollo Detectives; "Straight To The Point!".
See here for more interesting videos about the moon landings from the same team:

Monday, 4 November 2019


I listen to a lot of UFO-themed radio shows, seeing as also create one, and I'm a big fan of Somewhere in the Skies, a weekly podcast presented and produced by a man called Ryan Sprague, see: However, Episode 129 was an exception. The guest was an arrogant and foul-mouthed man called EL Tenney. He is billed as: "one of the biggest names in the world of the weird", but I've never heard of him before and I must know nearly everybody in this business. During the interview Tenney boasts about how he has heckled speakers he doesn't agree with at conferences. He justifies this as: "They're talking shit to three hundred people!" when all they are doing is saying something he thinks is "shit!" The good side of this is people who commit bombastic and antisocial actions like that usually end up looking like fools and bullies in the eyes of the audience. However, it got far worse. Ryan and Tenney then subject the listener to a white guilt trip. This is not unusual of course; guilt-laced propaganda against white heterosexual men is everywhere, but it was sad and annoying to hear it on a UFO radio show. It reminded me a bit of my famous debate with Paola Harris on Planet X, see: The two claim that the ancient aliens subject is racist because its proponents think that black and brown people were too stupid to create high civilization and technology, so it must have been aliens instead. I have never heard any ancient aliens enthusiast say that and if they did I would challenge them. The fact is, there is distinct positive evidence that ET's visited earth openly in the past; it's not just about higher technology being present in the historical and archaeological record where it shouldn't be. At that time, the entire world's people were said to be in a primitive state anyway, including indigenous Europeans. Ryan and Tenney also believe that people who report the Nordic "space brothers" also do so out of a sense of tacit racism. Utter nonsense! The reason people report Nordic aliens is simply because Nordic aliens are the ones who contact them. It is pretty obvious that Nordic aliens are not white people, even though they resemble them superficially. They are not human at all. The two men also lament at how UFOlogy is "dominated by white males!" as if that is some kind of crime. I have explained previously that there are natural and unavoidable biological reasons why different kinds of people are drawn to different interests. Natural inequality is the reason why nobody ever goes up to a basketball team and says: "Why are you all black? You should sign up some white guys! We need equality on this team! There's no balance!" This cannot be changed and any attempt to do so would be enormously destructive. See here for details after the main interview: Tenney claims that a person told him Muslims would not be able to cope with Disclosure because it contradicts their dogma. Actually Islam already has the concept of the Djinn which are a kind of alien, so Islam would probably adjust better to Disclosure than the other major world religions. So whoever told Tenney that is wrong... if they exist. Source: Ryan and Tenney exchange numerous inflammatory comments about "white male privilege!" when people like Dr Jordan Peterson have proved that it does not exist, for example see: The whole world is infested with this kind of Orwellian mind-numbing cultural Marxism; let's please not let it spread to UFOlogy as well.

Sunday, 3 November 2019

Epstein Murdered says Pathologist

A former forensic pathologist has published his analysis of the post-mortem report on Jeffrey Epstein. The billionaire paedophile was reported to have hanged himself in his prison cell at the top security Metropolitan Correctional Centre, see background link at the bottom for details. The official conclusion of the investigation was that it was a simple case of suicide. Source: However many people have questioned that including myself. Dr Michael Baden, a former New York City medical examiner, is the most prominent person to have also done so. He has had a respected sixty year career in forensic medicine and has worked on the deaths of John F Kennedy and Nicole Brown Simpson, a woman allegedly murdered by her estranged husband, OJ Simpson. He was hired privately by Epstein's brother to supervise the post-mortem examination. He is not the only doctor to question whether Epstein really did take his own life. Stefan Molyneux has twice interviewed a Dr Kevin Wacasey who is doubtful over the suicide verdict, see: and: The critics are dubious because of what happened to Epstein's hyoid, a small bone in the throat. The damage it suffers during death can reveal a lot during an autopsy about whether a person was strangled by somebody else or by themselves. What's more the DNA profile of the supposed suicide weapon, a bedsheet, has not been done.

I find it quite amusing that at the moment it is we, the "conspiracy kooks", who are the obviously sensible ones and it is the skeptics and believers in mainstream narratives that are on the back foot, having to defend their own position against logical deconstruction. The dedicated skeptic media appears still to be in a state of sheer denial, for example see: I wonder what Prof. Karen Douglas makes of it, see here for background: This change in general awareness towards conspiracy theories goes beyond the Epstein death. Recently the famous pop scientist Prof. Michio Kaku came out of the closet as a believer in UFO's. As he says correctly, UFOlogy is at a tipping point where the burden of proof is now on the skeptics to explain away UFO's, see: Personally I think we reached that tipping point long ago, in the late 1940's probably. (Something tells me Prof Kaku will not be invited back onto Richard Dawkins' next tour.) This is of course partly due to the shift in strategy the media has undergone in its reporting style on UFO's, see here for details:; and the failure of covering up the corruption to do with Brexit, see: However, I suspect it is more than that. It is something deeper and very aetheric transforming in our universe, see here for details:

Saturday, 2 November 2019

No Boris and Nigel

Back in August I wrote about the Brecon and Radnorshire by-election in which the incumbent Conservative was unseated by the Liberal Democrats. This victory was achieved by the other Remainer candidates in the Green Party and Plaid Cymru standing down. They literally sacrificed their individual success in the election for the Remainer cause and they were perfectly eager to do so, see: This was a very important watershed in British politics because it reveals the emergence of an anti-Brexit coalition, if only informal at this point. I said at the time that it was essential for Brexiteer politicians to do the same. It was US President Trump who first said: "Nigel, get with Boris." Nigel Farage's Brexit Party is a very new flag only launched in January 2019 after Farage quit UKIP in disgust at their fielding Carl Benjamin, known online as "Sargon of Akkad", as a candidate in the EU Parliamentary election. Since then it has seized most of the political space UKIP formerly occupied leaving the latter a "zombie party". After the failure of the Halloween Brexit, Boris Johnson called a general election and, against all odds, succeeded. It will happen on December the 12th. UK elections are hardly ever held in winter; the last time it happened was in 1923. Brexit has turned the entire British electorate into single-issue voters and the Remainers will capitalize on that nationally as they did in Brecon and Radnorshire. We may even see a Labour- Lib Dem alliance, in the same way the Social Democratic Party and Liberal Party formed an alliance for the 1983 general election, see: I said back then that the obvious solution was for the Brexiteer organizations to do the same; in fact I believe it is essential. Together they would be unstoppable, even with the inevitable dirty tricks in the form of electoral fraud and fake news (and possibly more; I'll say more about that later). The Tories are currently around twenty points ahead in the polls, a very comfortable lead. However, as I've said before, there are times when Nigel Farage appears to lose his mind, for example see: When there was a council by-election in Torksey, Lincolnshire I wondered what would happen. The ward has been a safe conservative one, although there is a rising Liberal Democrat presence. The council, West Lindsey, is in the Parliamentary constituency of Gainsborough whose MP is a leading Tory Brexiteer, Sir Edward Leigh. He has sat for Gainsborough since 1983. Therefore Brexit is obviously a major commitment of the local Conservative Party branch and voting public. So what did Farage do? He put up a candidate against the Tory one! This is outright insanity. As it happens, the Tory, Jayne Ellis, won the seat, but with a majority twenty-two points down from the previous one. Source:

Torksey was a near-miss. If the Lib Dem had won, then this time the blame would lie not with the Remainers, but with the Leavers; specifically with Farage for splitting the Brexiteer vote. Under the British system only the majority candidate gets any representation which means if two parties with the same agenda compete against each other they will destroy each other. It's the ultimate in divide-and-conquer. If this pattern translates nationally then the same could well happen on December the 12th in Westminster. I assumed this would be obvious, but then yesterday, amazingly, Boris Johnson revealed that he would not be cooperating with Nigel Farage in his campaign. He said he would consult with Farage, and was "grateful for advice", but ruled out any kind of pact. Source: He claimed that it would risk a Labour victory, but as far as I can see the opposite is the case. We, the British people, don't care about party politics; right now least of all. We care about the future of our nation which includes leaving the European Union as mandated by the 2016 referendum. I'm not sure what Boris playing at, and he evades the question in his interview with Laura Kuenssberg. There are only three possibilities: 1. He has lost his mind. 2. He is a fraud, a globalist agent, a Remainer in disguise, as Caroline Stephens has maintained, see: 3. He knows what he is doing and has some kind of trick up his sleeve that he is keeping to himself. Obviously, I hope to God it is the third possibility.

Thursday, 31 October 2019

Al-Baghdadi Killed

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, aka Ibrahim Awad Ibrahim, aka Ali al-Badri al-Samarrai, aka Abu Du'a, aka Al-Shabah the Ghost. aka Amir al-Mu'minin, aka The Caliph, aka Sheikh Baghdadi, aka Faerlan Ramsey, has been killed... allegedly. The leader of the rogue fiefdom known as ISIS, ISIL, IS or Daesh has been positively declared by the United States government as dead following numerous rumours that he had been killed previously. Following the death of Osama bin Laden... his third death that is... al-Baghdadi became the latest Doctor Who regeneration of the Mohammed Evil al-Turban Emmanuel Goldstein Snowball character that has been a part of global mainstream media for several decades. The Islamic State took power after the chaos of the Iraq invasion and occupied a large area of Iraq and Syria. Its fighting force consisted mostly of an international brigade of irregulars and mercenaries. It was very well funded and armed for a rebel guerrilla force. Unlike the Viet-Cong or Fidel Castro for example, who had to build munitions and infrastructure from whatever could be begged, borrowed or stolen, IS had right-off-the-line purpose-built vehicles, brand new weapons and general issue uniforms. This was supposedly from money raised by illegal oil sales, but that is doubtful considering the area was under siege. This state was completely unrecognized by the international community and almost every nation on earth declared war on it. As a result the IS was driven out of most of the territories it occupied and will shortly be officially considered defeated following the death of its leader. Al-Baghdadi was tracked by intelligence to a military compound in Barisha in north-western Syria; and American special forces carried out a raid on it last Saturday. They stormed the compound, blowing a hole in the wall with explosives and used sniffer dogs to find the IS leader. When he was cornered he is said to have killed himself by detonating a suicide vest. Two of his children died with him. The soldiers removed documents, computers and mobile phones for the purposes of intelligence gathering and then the compound was destroyed by an air strike. Source:

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was the perfect media boogie-man with his sinister name, long beard, religious devotion, arrogant manner and his reportedly malevolent behaviour. He had a number of women living with him whom he called his "wives", but apparently none of them married him willingly. One was said to be the missing American aid worker Kayla Mueller. As you've probably gathered, I am dubious about the entire story. Its plot is one that sounds eerily similar to one that has been written before, the aforementioned supposed death of Osama bin Laden. It even has the same ending which I predicted. The body was immediately disposed of. His remains were taken back to the American base and buried at sea, which the commander of the operation said was "in accordance with the laws of armed conflict". This is also in line with Muslim funeral rites. Well, not according to the US Embassy, see: The Americans say they have identified the IS leader by DNA specimens; however the DNA was provided remotely by a spy. Also, did they have a laboratory at the base that could analyze this DNA specimen on the spot? Obviously when one is killed by explosives worn in the clothing the body will be badly dismembered, but was it good practice to throw every physical remnant of al-Baghdadi into the sea? Do you understand why I wonder if the whole report is a sham? If the story of al-Baghdadi's death is faked then why? Why have the, dare I say, script-writers decided to kill off their central antagonist now? These announcements are usually timed for a purpose, for example see: and: Who will replace him as the go-to newscaster's pantomime villain? (As an aside, Stefan Molyneux is very angry that the media are reporting on Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi more favourably than they do about him. This is a fair point, see: One thing we should be wary of is the safety of the special forces unit that carried out the Barisha raid. If any of them are reading this then I advise them to watch their backs. This is following the "coincidental" deaths of Seal Team 6, see:

Monday, 28 October 2019

Peter Croft and Ben Emlyn-Jones

See here for the programme: (You might need to log into Facebook to watch it.)
And: (coming soon).
A discussion between me and Peter Croft, real name Chris. We discuss psychopaths and how they affect human society on the personal, social and state level.

Saturday, 26 October 2019

Ben Emlyn-Jones at Bases 2019

I will be speaking at the Bases Project mini-conference on Sunday the 24th of November 2019. The event starts at about 12 PM and the venue is the Devises and District Conservative Club, Wilsford House- 30 Long Street, Devizes, Wiltshire SN10-1NW. Donations are requested. The formal conference ends at 6 PM and then there will be a social at The Southgate Inn, Potterne Road, Devizes, Wiltshire, SN10-5BY. See here for more details:
My lecture will be about the Disclosure of UFO's and the secret space programme at the current time. Has the chances of it increased or decreased? The duration and content of my lecture may need to be adjusted according to the schedule. I am the only speaker on the list who can be named publicly at this time. All others are mystery guests due to security reasons.
See here for details of my previous appearance at the Bases Project:
See here for a HPANWO Radio interview about the conference with the organizer, Miles Johnston:

Friday, 25 October 2019

Ben Emlyn-Jones on Seeking the Truth 23

I have been interviewed again on the Seeking the Truth Show with Caroline Stephens, see:
Subjects discussed include: backlash against Brexit, the nature of Boris Johnson, the breakdown of the Church of England and much much more. See here for Caroline's channel:
See here for my previous appearance on Seeking the Truth:

Thursday, 24 October 2019

No Chemtrails

The chemtrail programme has been continuous throughout my life; see background links below for details. Occasionally, every few months, the spraying lets up for a few days, but never for longer than that... until now. The last time I remember seeing a chemtrail was at the last Probe conference at the beginning of the month, see:, and that was just a small single one that might have been a long-lasting contrail. This hiatus has continued ever since. At the time of writing it is the 24th of October. From where I am in Oxford, England UK to the horizon in every direction I have seen no aircraft with anything other than natural jet exhaust condensation trails; that's about 221 miles, see: I have also been consulting daily with a friend who lives in Newbury, Berkshire. Viewers of HPANWO TV will know her as "AnotherBlonde", see: She reports the same thing from her ground viewpoint. What is going on? One thing I heard while I was at Probe from somebody somewhere... and I wish I had made a note of the details, was: "Trump has stopped the chemtrails!" Can it be true? Has President Trump managed to terminate the atmospheric aerosol geoengineering project? There have been endless rumours before that he would do that, along with the other good things he plans to do, and most of it was fake news and hoaxes. There are too many links to list. However, I did hear that eventuality talked about at the Lytham St Annes conference and, lo and behold, the 'trails have gone. I briefly wondered if it had anything to do with the collapse of Thomas Cook, see:, but I doubt it. The chemtrails go beyond the fortunes or misfortunes of Britain's most popular travel agency. Some things are coincidence. I take more seriously the possibility that the Indian summer Eastern Europe is dealing at the moment with might have something to do with it, see: The sudden cessation of chemtrailing might cause extreme weather events. At the time being, all we have are amazing correlations. Time will tell if the absence of persistent jet aircraft tails continues. In the meantime, I am enjoying the clean blue skies.

Wednesday, 23 October 2019

Ben Emlyn-Jones on the Kev Baker Show 52

I have been interviewed again on the Kev Baker Show (aka MrGlasgowTruther) on Truth Frequency Radio, see here for the podcast:
And here for the illustrated YouTube version:
Subjects discussed include: DARPA seeks underground tunnels, sea monsters eating sharks, MI6 boss believes in aliens and much much more.
See here for my previous appearance on the Kev Baker Show:

Tuesday, 22 October 2019

The Mind Set Podcast Programme 375

I have been featured on Programme 375 of the Mind Set Podcast.
Subjects discussed include: Ickonic- David Icke's new media platform, Molyneux begs for cash, the lessons of 2016 and much much more.
See here for my previous appearance on The Mind Set Podcast:

Monday, 21 October 2019

DARPA Requires Tunnels

The US Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency has put out a public buyers advertisement, which itself is unusual for a governmental organization regardless of the circumstances. In this case it is even stranger because what they are asking for is underground tunnels. They Tweeted the following: "Attention, city dwellers! We're interested in identifying university-owned or commercially managed underground urban tunnels and facilities able to host research and experimentation... It's short notice. We're asking for responses by Aug. 30 at 5:00 PM ET." There is a link in the Tweet that takes you to this page where the request is made more formally: There is a PDF sharing link for the document giving further details which is simply called DARPA-SN-19-75. It explains how the subterranean domain has become relevant for global security and search-and-rescue missions. It then continues with this very ominous sentence: "DARPA is interested in understanding the state-of-the-art in innovative technologies that may enable future solutions to rapidly map, navigate, and search unknown complex subterranean environments to locate objects of interest." Source: What on earth does it mean by "unknown complex subterranean environments" and "objects of interest"? What "object of interest" can be found in an underground tunnel that would be the concern of DARPA? As far as I can tell such motivations would only interest an archaeologist or potholer. The document then describes how the agency is seeking locations where they can carry out research, conduct "experiments"... what kind!?... and develop technology for this activity. They specify that the areas must be closed off to the general public. Whatever DARPA has planned then it's probably bad news for the free people of the world. It is clear that the government want control of underground spaces in the same way they want control of space and the internet. There are genuine secrets below our feet in the same way that there are above our heads. These are enigmas connected to cryptozoology, UFOlogy and ancient mysteries; see background links below for details. The government cover these things up in the open air and space. Of course they will want to cover them up in the dark places below the earth's surface too.

Sunday, 20 October 2019

Another Shark Bitten by Something Bigger

A second shark has been found which has been bitten by a larger creature. This only months after one was found before dead and bitten in half, see link above. The beast was not dead and was retrieved by a ship on a mission to tag sharks in the North Atlantic Ocean. The young male Great White shark is twelve feet long and weighs 1,164 pounds, about half a ton. It has been fitted with an electronic tag when caught off the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada and has since swum over six hundred miles to the ocean near Maryland USA. It was nicknamed "Vimy". Vimy had clearly been in an altercation with other sharks and he has some old healed wounds on his body that have left scars; and sharks do fight amongst themselves sometimes. However there was another more recent laceration that has caused concern. The founding chairman of the "Ocearch" tagging organization with the appropriate name of Chris Fischer, said:  "It was clear that something had just grabbed his entire head... It was a very large animal that grabbed it, something significantly bigger than twelve feet. Anything that can grab an animal like that by the head is pretty impressive." Source: Impressive and scary! It once more raises the question about whether there are monsters living deep in the ocean that are far bigger than any known species of creature. Scientists know less about the depths of the earth's oceans than they do about some of the planets of outer space. It was once suspected that the deep sea was the marine equivalent of a desert or ice cap, inhospitable with only very basic life. But research since then has proven otherwise. A lot of it has been arrived at inadvertently from exploring the wreck of the RMS Titanic. The ocean liner which sank in 1912 was a huge steel construction. It was previously assumed it would be preserved perfectly in the cold quiet Atlantic abyss as if in an aquatic time capsule. However, the broken ship was in very poor condition when it was discovered in 1985. It was being consumed by anaerobic microbes; while fish, crustaceans and molluscs of all varieties had infested the hull until it resembled an artificial coral reef. It will probably be completely consumed within the next century, see: Such an unexpectedly rich ecology will no doubt generate some unexpectedly dramatic organisms. Maybe some of the sailors' legends of sea monsters are true. Deep sea explorers should take precautions.

Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Apollo Detectives 4

A film edited by Neil Geddes-Ward. Neil and his fellow presenter Andrew Chaplin host a conversation between Marcus Allen, Jarrah White, Trevor Weaver and myself.
A follow-up discussion on the fiftieth year after the first Apollo mission. Have NASA told us the truth about man's first steps on the moon? We discuss space suits, moon rocks that resemble earth rocks, Trevor's new book and much much more. See here for a HPANWO Radio interview with Marcus:
See here for Neil's channel:
See here for Neil and Andy's radio show:
See here for Marcus' website:
See here for Trevor's website:
See here for Jarrah's website:
I have produced my own version of this film on HPANWO TV which includes my personal commentary:

Monday, 14 October 2019

Chinese LHC Plus

A few months ago CERN announced that they were going to build a new particle accelerator. The European Organization for Nuclear Research (Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire) plans to outstrip its own current record for the biggest and most powerful particle accelerator ever created, the Large Hadron Collider, see: Now a separate team has declared their intention to build another one of a similar scale in China. Work on the Circular Electron Positron Collider is already in the advanced planning stage. Construction could begin as early as 2022 and therefore could be finished by 2030. Source: Because of this schedule, it is likely the CEPC will be operation long before the FCC that I describe in the background link above; it will also be about two-and-a-half times as powerful. At its highest energy setting the Chinese machine will be able to create collisions with a value of 240 to 250 GeV- giga-electronvolts, vastly exceeding the LHC's 17 GeV. The objective is to create a huge supply of Higgs bosons for extra experiments into "New Physics". The side effects... or effects depending on your opinion... are unknown; even by those who have a weaponization agenda as they did for the LHC. At the kind of collision energy the CEPC will be capable of, we will be taking a massive leap into the unknown. However, I don't think it is a coincidence that reports of the Mandela Effect only began when the LHC first started up, see here for details: The LHC's collisions were at a fraction of the power the two new colliders in Switzerland and China aim to achieve. It is clear that the Illuminati were definitely not satisfied with the results of the LHC and are regrouping to try another offensive. We should be pleased; in fact it's a relief for me. If they had succeeded with their original Gotterdämmerung manoeuvre they would not be spending all this time and money to build a new and bigger particle accelerator. The location for the CEPC has not been decided upon yet, but one promising location is Qinghuada in China which is close to the sea. This could leave the sixty-two mile tunnel more vulnerable to flooding than one built inland. I can't be too explicit for legal reasons, so I will simply say that this fact could prove to be useful in the upcoming showdown with the powers-that-be. In the ongoing battle for freedom against the New World Order, any weakness our enemy shows must be taken advantage of.

Sunday, 13 October 2019

MI6 Boss says Aliens Exist

Well he should know!... A friend of mine captured the image above and commented on the front page of The Sun: "Aliens and tits! Sells every time." Sir John Sawers, the former Chief of the Secret Intelligence Service- MI6, has stated in an interview: "I think it would be extraordinary if in an infinite solar system that planet Earth was unique." Source: I think he means "universe" instead of "solar system". The solar system is not infinite; it consists only of our closest star, the sun, with the earth and our fellow planets orbiting around it. This constitutes a miniscule fragment of the entire universe. He is correct of course, but why has he brought this subject up now? The article also refers to several opinion polls that are encouraging; with a majority of British people believing in extraterrestrial life. A planet has just been discovered that may well have life on it, K2-18b, see here for more information: I'm also pleased to report that, according to this article, 20% of Britons believe, correctly, that the government know about aliens and are covering them up. The reason for a former intelligence official talking publicly about the subject may well be connected to the other recent revelations about UFO's, for example see: Sir John has an interesting background. As well as being head of MI6 he has been a diplomat. During his Foreign Office career he served at the United Nations, Syria, South Africa and the European Union. Perhaps more sinisterly, he is a member of the steering committee of the Bilderberg Conferences. Are his words intended to aid Disclosure or to hinder it? We shall see.

Saturday, 12 October 2019

Ben Emlyn-Jones on EOTT

I have been interviewed on the EOTT- Everything On The Table programme with Jimmy James, see:
Subjects discussed include: Mind control, UFO news, altered states of consciousness and much much more. See here for Jimmy's channel:

Friday, 11 October 2019

Ben Emlyn-Jones at RAWCON-2020

I will be speaking at the Research and Witness Convention 2020. The event will be on Saturday the 29th of February and Sunday the 1st of March next year. The venue will be the Princes Quay Shopping Centre, Kingston upon Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire, HU1 2PQ. There is an early bird offer on for entire weekend tickets of £34. This will rise to £39 after the New Year. One day tickets are £18. See here for the official website: My lecture will be about the mysterious case of the 1944 "Witchcraft trial".

Thursday, 10 October 2019

Sacha Christie- Woodbridge Presentation

Last month Larry Warren's internet detractors held the conference that they've been boasting about at Woodbridge Community Hall. It is sad to see the traditional hub of Rendlesham Forest UFO Incident events being used for this travesty, but they hired it so what can you do? This event was endorsed by Peter Robbins who could not be there, but sent a written message loaded with his usual flattery. Peter did a radical back-flip and turned against his former co-author a year after Sacha Christie first started posting her supposed evidence against Larry. As a part of this volte-face, Peter launched a vicious attack against my own character, see here for details: The highlight of the Woodbridge troll shindig was a one hour twenty-five minute lecture by Sacha called "The Larry Warren Fraud Presentation". Sacha is another individual who made a 180 degree about-turn very suddenly in June 2016 after her personal friendship with Larry came to a bitter end. The material she then began posting was huge in volume and very detailed. I examined it and quickly discovered it to be a total fabrication. When I went public with my conclusion she insinuated that I had been discharged from NHS Portering because I had been abusing disabled people. As you can see below, my review consists mostly of links because she says nothing that she has not said before in written form. Anything I omit has been covered by other researchers in detail and there are links in my own posts to their publications.

Sacha begins by describing how she first met Larry in 2007 and how he was a frequent visitor to her family home. For four months, so she reckons, she gave him a place to stay and at the end of this period she then began her blogging campaign against Larry. It begs the question when and how she came across the information she posted and if she kept it to herself beforehand; why? The core thesis she presents is that Larry is a Walter Mitty figure who inserted himself into a false narrative of the UFO encounters in Rendlesham Forest in December 1980. The testimony of another witness, Adrian Bustinza, she regards as genuine and that Larry purloined it for his own use. She points to similarities in Larry's and Bustinza's story. However there are distinct differences too. In my view the two stories are both sincere accounts. They are exactly what you would expect from two witnesses of the same events. The differences are mostly during the aftermath in which their experiences diverge considerably. This could be because of their roles at the RAF Woodbridge-Bentwaters base. Bustinza was an old hand at the rank of staff sergeant, a senior non-commissioned officer. Larry was a new recruit. The evidence is supposedly in Georgina Bruni's book You Can't Tell the People, but when I read it I discovered that was not the case. What's more, Sacha cites that book and also Sky Crash, the original RFI book, to suggest Larry lied about seeing aliens and even faked his hypnotic regression sessions. Even if it is possible to fake a hypnotic trance I still interpreted the texts differently. Details:
Sacha claims that Bustinza gives an inadvertent alibi by being with Col. Halt when the deputy commander was recording his famous tape. However this assumes that Halt and Larry's experiences happened on the same night, which has never been established. Bustinza made a short public appearance a few years ago and did some interviews in which he supported Larry. Then he started making some very cryptic statements and went completely quiet again. Larry supposedly confessed to Linda Moulton Howe in 1986 that his story was a copy of Bustinza's, but Linda has never published the tape of their interview, if indeed she did the interview at all. Only a transcript of it is available and who knows who wrote that. Details: and:
Larry is apparently guilty of grand larceny when it comes to trading fake rock-and-roll memorabilia; however he has never been prosecuted for this very obvious crime. He has not even been arrested and questioned. (I have additional information on this matter that I'm not able to share right now). Details:
For some reason Sacha resuscitates the dead case of the A10 photo. It has become a moot point which nobody is discussing any more. In fact unless the original negative can be unearthed there is no point. Details: and:
There is apparently a discrepancy over Larry's whereabouts during the Christmas period of 1980 immediately before his close encounter. Sacha plays a clip of an interview he did with Tino on the matter, but it is only a brief one. I advise people listen to the whole programme. Details:
Larry apparently faked his handwriting on official documents. No he didn't. Details:
Sacha and her supporters were eventually forced to admit that they had no hard evidence for Larry faking his handwriting and eventually cancelled their own analysis project. Details:
Sacha says that Larry cannot have been seen by Dr Echols after his experience became the UFO caused him to have eye problems and Dr Echols' current speciality is orthopaedics. That doesn't necessarily follow seeing as Dr Echols was a USAF medic at the time and would therefore probably have been qualified in combat medicine which involves multiple specialities, rather like an A&E house officer in the NHS. He may well have been standing in as a locum during Larry's consultation. Details:
There is a tape that Kevin Randle recently published which is supposedly incriminating. (This is not to be confused with Linda Moulton Howe's transcript which emerged at the same time and from the same source). In it Larry discusses his VSA test which he passed. There is a letter from MUFON to Philip Klass of all people, denying this. So is this proof? I think not. Details: and:
Larry allegedly defaced the "lemon squeezer", the Forestry Commission UFO monument in Rendlesham. No he didn't. Details:
Larry supposedly issued threats of violence. No he didn't. In fact if one word of this allegation, or the allegations concerning fake memorabilia, were true, Larry would have been jailed years ago. Sacha virtually admits this at 1:06:52. Details:
Larry claims that Sacha was a close acquaintance of some of the men who have been named as the 7/7 bombers. Actually it was she herself who said this in a TV documentary. (I was asked to take part in this series myself... I declined!) Details:
Sacha incites feminist outrage by claiming Gary Heseltine hates women. No he doesn't; and it is very serious matter to make such an allegation about man who has a wife and daughters whom he loves. His exact words were:  "Somebody... asked me a very good question, why are there no women (at the upcoming UFO Truth Magazine Conference)? It's not done deliberately. We've had four women speak in the past. There aren't many women, in my opinion, who can stand up in front of two hundred people and talk about evidential things. There are lots of women out there talking about abductions and things like that, but not many on evidential-based things... Unfortunately there aren't many and there certainly aren't many in the UK that would fall into that category. While we've had women in the past and I certainly encourage women to come forward, there just aren't that many about. Although I'm sure we'll have women in the future." Not quite the same, is it? Sacha is once again twisting and distorting people's words to produce a false context. It would be fair to say that Gary is making an observation, one which I agree with; but he is not advocating the removal of female speakers from bookings due to any fundamental flaws of their sex. There are many women who have contributed to evidential UFOlogy; they are simply smaller in quantity, not quality, than the men. I expand on that very issue here, see: Details:

At the end of Sacha Christie's lecture she is presented with a cut glass ornament with text engraved on it by David Young, the conference organizer. This is an obvious parody of Gary's "Courage in UFOlogy" awards. I doubt if anybody failed to see through Young's pale imitation. The conference ended with a long and very complimentary message from none other than Nick Pope. Surely I am not the only one who is suspicious of Nick Pope's interest in this matter. You would think such frivolities would be way beneath "the man from the Ministry", "Britain's Fox Mulder", the official international media pop UFOlogist whom every journalist has on speed-dial whenever a UFO story comes in. Clearly Sacha Christie is not a government disinformer. She is simply motivated by a personal grudge. However she may have inadvertently hit the right note, the one that the government want to amplify. I think this explains the involvement of Nick Pope. Details:
All in all this was a very boring and unoriginal presentation by Sacha in which she brings up no new information at all. According to David Young we "Warrenites" were not banned and could have turned up if we wished. I know a few people who went along. However, I had more interesting and enjoyable activities booked for that day; like having a tooth out at the dentist after watching the paint dry on the walls of the waiting room...