Monday 27 April 2009

Outbreak of Swine Flu

Take a look at this: This nes story actually has a picture of a packet of Tamiflu on it! This is a Red Letter Day for Roche, the company that manufactures it.

There's an emergency meeting hosted by Ian Crane (see links on main site) tomorrow night. For God's sake, HPANWO-readers, under no circumstances take any rememdies offered by the authorities for Swine Flu and DO NOT get vaccinated!

Saturday 25 April 2009

Roswell Debunkers Debunked!

See this interesting nes story:

The government are creating fake "revelations" to counter the growing interest in Roswell. Well done Lt.Col. Madson for speaking out! I always thought that the official report on the Roswell Incident was pretty nonsensical actually. It makes me think that the Skeppers are willing to table any kind of crap that debunks Roswell. Even the fact that the parachute dummy tests happened four years later doesn't stop them! That's not so much a fly in the ointment as a dead rat!

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Tuesday 21 April 2009

Non-Conformist Invasion of B's Got T!

Susan Boyle is a 47-year-old Glasgow woman who upstaged all the Conformist media clones at the Britain's Got Talent auditions this week. Her performance of I Have a Dream from Les Miserables was perfection. The panel were stunned and the audience were weeping! It just goes to show what so-called "ordinary" people are capable of. Really there's no such thing as ordinary people. Next stop the Brit Awards, Susan! For me this is what Britain's Got Talent and similar shows should be about. Unfortunately they're usually Reality TV fixes for petty little sadists who get off on watching people be humiliated by that wanker Simon Cowell!

Sunday 19 April 2009

Area 51 Disclosed?

New revellations about Area 51 have come to light:
Is this meant to be the last word on Area 51? Don't they realize, there's no reason to think that people on the super-secret spyplane reasearch etc would also be involved in the super-super-super secret UFO stuff. Robert Frost said that sometimes they all be herded into the mess hall and the blinds would be pulled down. This is compartmentalization!And Project Oxcart cannot explain all the UFO sightings at Area 51. The Oxcart aircraft could not hover and then acclerate at 50,000 metres persecond squared!


Wednesday 15 April 2009

Britons More Fearful than Ever

British people are more afraid than ever! Surveys done show that insecurity and dread of the future has risen sharply in the last few years (BBC News). Financial insecurity is top of the list of what worries us, with being a victim of crime and terrorism not far behind.

It’s easy to see that the media is the source of these fears for the most part because it is in the media where these things are being hyped. In some cases we’ve got reason for concern, but the world being portrayed by the media is way beyond that. According to them we can’t put our head outside our front door without being attacked by some bird-flu infected, asylum-seeking terrorist hoodie! But don’t believe the politicians when they claim to be sharing our concerns and want to help us. Fear is everything to them and their whole purpose is to generate it in the people. Without fear they lose their power over us. If it wasn’t for our fears, and the promise that politicians will protect us from them, we might start thinking we don’t need these overpaid, pampered bureaucrats taking all our tax money and lording it over us.

I can’t recommend enough this three-part documentary by Adam Curtis, The Power of Nightmares- the Rise of the Politics of Fear:

Wednesday 8 April 2009

Queen is the Biggest Landowner in the World!

And this is only some of the Queen's property! Her official income is dwarfed by her shady dealings and personal black budget. A researcher, Alex Christopher (, managed to find out that she owns the land on which the infamous Denver Airport was built. This airport is said by many to be the site of a secret underground Illuminati base and will become one of the control centres of the New World Order. It is covered in gargoyles, of all thing! As well as Masonic plaques and bizarre and frightening murals. She is actually the biggest landowner in Colorado and bought up her holdings under a false name.

Wednesday 1 April 2009

G20 Summit

The latest news on the G20 Summit:

The G20 Summit in London has attracted the attention of thousands of journalists, protestors and other interested parties. It’s a shame none of them realize that the G20 Summit is not the major decision-making process it is presented as being. It is merely a public-relations exercise, shop-window statesmanship.

The real power and the real policy-making process can be found at the Bilderberg Group. It is a meeting which is attended by the same senior politicians as G20, but it is held in complete secrecy at a different location every year. Unlike G20 it only attracts a handful of protestors. And I bet they have a good laugh at the thousands congregating at G20; because they are pursuing a decoy! Here’s a Bilderberg watchdog: