Saturday 31 October 2015

X-Ray Vision- a Poem

A few weeks ago I spoke at the High Wycombe Paranormal group meeting about real zombies, see: In the audience was a young couple whom I had never met before, but they were big fans of my work. We had a lovely discussion and the woman, who does not wish to be named, handed me a scroll of a poem she'd written about HPANWO. I was so delighted that I made a video about it, see: Well, she's done it again! The "Porters' Poet" has produced a new poem all about paranormal investigation, just in time for Halloween. It is very intelligently written and amusing to read. She has got together with a graphic designer and they've published the poem as part of a brilliant illustration, the one you see below. I especially love the negative images of myself and Helen Duncan at the bottom and the porters' fist raised in the air as an X-ray image. There are numerous skits in the poem to various videos and articles I've previously made on the subject of the paranormal. Even I myself can't identify them all specifically. I really appreciate what she's done, together with the people who have helped her. I'm sharing the poem on HPANWO Voice with her permission.

Friday 30 October 2015

The Sheahans of Area 51

I have written about Area 51 many times. My previous thoughts about that secret military base in Nevada USA can be found in the background links at the bottom of this article. The base began as a testing ground for covert reconnaissance aircraft in 1955 and possibly for other classified projects as well; but before then the area around Groom Lake, a salt flat created when an ancient lake dried up, was the site of many mines, especially silver, an industry for which Nevada is world famous. Lead was also discovered there in the 19th century and in 1864 several companies bought development rights to the land, including Groom Lead Mines Ltd which gave its name to the dry lake bed. The Groom Lake mining business declined through the early 20th century and by the time the federal government acquired the land in order to build the secret experimental facility there were very few working pits. However there is one mine still there that belongs to the Sheahan family and has done since the 1870's. Even though the mine is no longer operational, the family still own the four hundred acres of land surrounding the mine and their homes and they all live there. Their land is completely surrounded by the Area 51 compound leaving the family on what they describe as an "island". There is a single access road leading to the 375 "Extraterrestrial" Highway near Rachel, but the government set up an illegal checkpoint on the road; they have searched and questioned family members as they come and go from their homes. Family members say the security guards, civilian contractor operatives known as "cammodudes", have pointed weapons at them and threatened them. Trouble for the Sheahans began when the first phase of construction began on the base in 1954. The mine had to be closed because the industrial plant there suffered an explosion. The family believes that the building was aerially bombed by the US Air Force. There have also been times when their home and land have been strafed by cannon fire from USAF aircraft. They have kept a collection of shell casings and discarded rounds as evidence. The mine has not reopened since then. The family have tried to get it working again, but prospective business partners and clients have been driven away by the authorities. They've been warned not to do business with the Sheahan mine because it will go bust and they'll lose all their money. The grandparents of the current owners went to court over the matter as long ago as the late 1950's but they came up against a brick wall of silence, like the Frost lawsuit did, and eventually ran out of money. The current managers of the mine, Joe Sheahan and Barbara Sheahan-Manning understand the need for high security at the base; they support the cause of their country's military research and commented: "We’re not saying that what they’re doing out there (at Area 51) is unimportant and doesn’t need to be protected; we get it. We’ve been alongside these people since 1955... The truth is you can get more of a view of what’s going on at that base through Google Earth and pictures that are out there all over the Internet." Source:
This is true. As you can see above, although the mine lies only about ten miles from the base, north of Groom Lake itself, it is situated in a steep valley. The view of the base would not be much better there than the one you can see perfectly legally from Tikaboo Peak on public land. The authorities have also put pressure on the family through the law. They are threatening to seize the land on the grounds of national security. They've offered to pay 5.2 million dollars US in compensation, but this is a paltry insult for what the mine is truly worth, including the remaining minerals that have never been extracted thanks to government sabotage. What's more the family feels passionate about their family's history and are proud of their great-great grandparents' legacy. They've bravely declined the deal. The Sheahans hope that by going public they will be able to gain support from the media, civil rights groups and their representatives. I wish them all the best and I'll help them any way I can. What we see here is a sadly common situation. Nation states which call themselves "free" think nothing of ordinary citizens and trample over them with unabashed contempt when they feel the need to, or even the will to. There was a similar situation in 1994 when a class action lawsuit against the US federal government was initiated by the widow of a man named Robert Frost and a number of his colleagues. These men had all worked for a defence contractor and had all been stationed at Area 51 for a few years. While serving on the base the men had fallen ill with skin irritation, breathing problems and eventually liver failure; all the men died soon afterwards. It turns out that they had been handling toxic chemicals while working at the base, but because of government secrecy regulations, which all the men had agreed to, the lawsuit failed. Like the Rendlesham Forest UFO witness John Burroughs, they couldn't even access all their medical records and the authorities refused to state what chemicals the men had been exposed to. The judge ruled to disallow the disclosure of classified documents or table the testimony of other witnesses because this would allegedly "expose classified information and threaten national security." Anybody who takes a job on Area 51 signs away their constitutional rights and risks their life. I would advise against it, no matter how much you get paid for it. This is what we, the people are up against. A state institution that will violate and kill us without a second thought. It is up to us to resist by supporting people like the Sheahan family and Robert Frost. It might not be in our backyard today, but it will be one day if we don't stop it. Who will stick up for us then?

Wednesday 28 October 2015

Osborne vs the Lords

George Osborne has earned the dubious honour of being featured on HPANWO Voice two days in a row. This time it's due to his latest diabolical scheme to cut working tax credits. These are a government benefit currently claimed by over three million people in employment and are delivered in accordance with a person's income and how many children they have. I myself claimed working tax credits for seven years. Our noble chancellor has targeted them for cuts as part of his Austerity™ package so that the state can pay back the non-existent money it owes the banking system. The average tax credit family with one or more adult in employment will be £1,300 worse a year. These include some of the poorest workers in the country. As Jeremy Corbyn has said: "You'd honestly think that it was excessive benefit claimants and disability living allowance that caused the crash of 2008!" The tax credit cuts have always been an understandably unpopular and controversial proposal, but now they've caused an unprecedented ruckus, not because of mass protests in Parliament Square but because they've been rejected by the House of Lords.

Many countries' government consists of a bicameral legislature. This is where there is more than one parliamentary assembly. Usually these countries are federations like Argentina, Brazil, Australia and the USA; but sometimes unitary states have them too, like Ireland and the United Kingdom. The "upper house" in the UK is the House of Lords and its role is to debate, amend and, in some cases, block bills passed by the House of Commons. Unlike the upper houses of most other bicameral states, the House of Lords can introduce its own legislation. However its powers are limited and the Commons can submit bills for royal assent without the Lords' approval and can also overrule the Lords on some issues, particularly monetary policy. This is what might happen now because the House of Lords has voted to delay the passing of Osborne's tax credit cuts bill. This is a major victory for justice and common sense in the face of runaway Austerity™ which has been ruining the lives of the most vulnerable people in society for years, see background links below for details. He says he's going to press on with his plans regardless, but with the scandal he's caused now I can't see that as realistic. Source: What I find most contemptuous about Osborne's reaction is that he has mixed his disapproval at the probable loss of his bill with a declaration of his support for the sentiments of the House of Lords reform campaign. To my knowledge he has never spoken out about this issue before. There is a movement in this country that for more than a century has pushed to transform the House of Lords. Today the Lords consist mostly of bishops appointed by the Church of England and life peers who are primarily people appointed to the House of Lords by the monarch, usually after a number of decades of being a member of the House of Commons. The rest are the few hereditary peers. Some members are made peers for other reasons. One of them is Doreen Baroness Lawrence of Clarendon OBE who accepted her peerage after her teenage son Stephen was murdered and the police bungled the investigation amidst much publicity (I don't wish to judge her, but I do wonder why she agreed to be a peer under those circumstances). The reformers want to make the House more democratic by having elected peers in the same way we have elected Commons MP's. This is the case in most other bicameral legislatures, for example Americans vote for their United States senators. I'm not sure what I think of that; in fact I've completely lost faith in democracy and did so a long time ago. It seems to consist of gutless, heartless, brainless lying cheats like George Osborne being continuously relayed into power by a raging mob of Jeremy Kyle victims... Sorry, there's no way to say that without sounding arrogant, but I think it's a fact. Perhaps a benevolent aristocracy of some kind with a bit of good old-fashioned noblesse oblige would be an improved form of government compared to what we have now; but I'll have to explore than in more detail in a dedicated post. However, whatever your opinion on Lords reform, you must surely see through George Osborne's crocodile tears. He doesn't give a damn about an unelected upper house; he's just saying it now because said house hasn't played ball with him on his pet project. It's a total sham every bit as much as his Trident contract, see:

Tuesday 27 October 2015

New Trident Contracts

For a while now, two political forces have been merging in Scotland, that of Britain's nuclear weapons programme and the Scottish nationalist cause. All of the United Kingdom's nuclear arsenal is currently stationed in Scotland at HMNB Clyde, the Royal Navy's Faslane base on the Firth of Clyde. The ruling Scottish Nationalist Party are intractably opposed to this, as are most of the Scottish public, seeing themselves as a "human shield" for any enemy nuclear attack on Great Britain. They have already come close to their goal of an independent Scotland in the recent referendum, see:, and it is likely there will be another devolution vote in the next few years which could easily go YES, especially since the SNP gained a virtual political monopoly north of the border at the last general election, see: At the same time the UK government is very keen to renew the Trident nuclear weapons system based at Faslane. This is very controversial. A submarine-launched ballistic missile nuclear deterrent system is extremely expensive and many people think it's an extravagance when at the same time so many old people live in poverty and NHS nurses are underpaid etc, and the government claim it has no money for them so they have to live under "Austerity". If Scotland goes independent then Trident will have to move from HMNB Clyde to a new facility in England or Wales which will increase the cost of replacement by a large proportion, and add to the dispute. And where will it move to? Your backyard? Scottish independence will basically make replacing Trident politically out of the question, see:

So why then has the chancellor George Osborne just announced a major refurbishment of the Faslane facilities? He is going to allocate half a billion pounds to constructing new jetties, a bigger dry dock and replacing the dockyard's sea wall. The work is due to begin in 2017. He says it's an "investment" that is all about "keeping Britain safe" in a "dangerous world". The country's Vanguard class ballistic missile submarines supposedly represent a huge "insurance policy" against any hostile foreign action. This will create over two thousand jobs, both naval and civilian, and upgrade the Royal Navy within the NATO ranking. Osborne has been attacked by Nicola Sturgeon, the Scottish first minister and leader of the SNP. She has called his plan "arrogant" because he has "pre-empted" Parliament's decision on the replacement of Trident. Ms Sturgeon has plans for Faslane as a non-nuclear naval base serving an independent Scottish navy. She criticized Osborne for his hypocrisy; as I said above, Westminster wants to flush billions of pounds away on a useless nuclear deterrent while pensioners are starving. She also brings up the irony that the UK government has initiated huge defence cuts during the period that it has been propping up Trident. There are not even any maritime patrol aircraft in the UK's inventory and we have to rely on NATO allies for that role. Source: I don't think Ms Sturgeon said everything she was thinking in her brief BBC sound-bite interview. What the Westminster government is actually doing is extremely devious. Osborne is hoping that the UK's new financial commitment to the Faslane infrastructure will place both moral and practical obstacles in the way of those in opposition to Trident renewal; also for those in favour of Scottish independence. As I said above, the two issues are intertwined. If the upgrades to Faslane are in progress, or complete, by the time a second independence referendum is announced it will be a useful card to play. It's a bit like living in a house with another person. You want to move out, but your housemate doesn't. So while you head off to the estate agents he calls in some builders to put a new extension on the back, paying them a lot of your money to do so, in order to try and put you off moving. George Osborne is a cunning and ruthless politician; no wonder he's done so well in Cameron's cabinet.

Monday 26 October 2015

Bases Conference MC

Back in August of this year I attended the Second International Bases Project Conference and Film Festival; see here for my full written report on the event: I originally went along as an ordinary delegate, but found myself as an acting master-of-ceremonies. The organizer, Miles Johnston, had originally booked Danielle la Verité to play that role. Danielle would have done a good job because she's elegant and witty; see here for my HPANWO Radio interview with Danielle: It is no secret that Danielle suffers from agoraphobia, a psychological disorder that means she feels very uncomfortable leaving home. She attempted to make the journey to Marlborough, but failed. I offered to step in and be MC instead and Miles agreed. Seeing as Danielle is a slim woman with lush, thick hair then it's amusing to think that her replacement was her physical opposite. The videos of the event are now all uploaded to the Bases Project YouTube channel and you can see my performance along with those of the speakers.
David Hodrien (Mirjam MC'ed this one):
Sarah Adams and Max Spiers:
Dollie Indigostar: (Not currently available)
Film Festival Awards Presentation:

Sunday 25 October 2015

Article by Ben Emlyn-Jones in The KTPF Magazine

I have written an article for The KTPF Magazine entitled: 9/11- What Really Happened? It is available on page 39 in Issue 6, October/November. The journal is free, see: I was invited to write this piece following my debate on 9/11 with Andy Mercer on the KTPF Community Talk Show, see: At the end of my article Andy responds to the points I make in it and also includes a list of questions for Dr Judy Wood. He's been reading her book and hopes to interview Dr Wood on the show. I'll look forward to that.

Friday 23 October 2015

Underground City discovered in Mexico

Puebla is the first city in Mexico to be founded by the Conquistadors following their destruction of the native Mexican empire in 1521. It is definitely a showcase city with grand Spanish architecture, traditional Spanish street layout, a huge cathedral and other trimmings to display the triumph of Illuminati-occupied civilization over barbarians (Boudica moment alert!). For all of its history, the people of the city have told tales of a hidden underworld of tunnels beneath Puebla's streets. Few experts took the idea seriously and the tunnels were relegated to the status of an urban legend. However they have now been discovered and proven to be real. A few weeks ago some builders digging in the city centre came across their entrance by accident and they're currently being explored by archaeologists. The tunnels are large and well-designed with brick-lined walls and supporting interior arches. Their dimensions vary from between ten and twenty-three feet in diameter and they are so far believed to extend for over six miles. The archaeologists estimate that the tunnel system dates back to the establishment of Puebla in 1531. I'm not sure if this is because of actual evidence or whether it's just an assumption. Building these tunnels must have been a huge undertaking and years of work with millions of man-hours required. Why would a group of colonists who already had the assignment of building a Spanish seat of power waste time creating this underground city too? Tunnels can be useful in wartime to protect people and resources from enemy attack and there's talk of some of them being used in 1862 during the Franco-Mexican wars. Some tunnels apparently helped Mexico successfully defend Puebla from the French army. In that case you'd think they wouldn't be so mysterious and indeed would have been proudly showed off by the people. They'd have made them into a museum or something. In any case Puebla joins many other locations around the world, including Alexandria, Derinkuyu, Nottingham and Melikgazi, as having a mysterious underground city beneath the surface one. See background links below for details. According to news reports, Puebla's tourist board had already announced that it plans to renovate the tunnels and turn them into a visitor attraction. Something tells me not all the tunnels will be opened to sightseers. When discoveries of previously unknown tunnels are made, one often finds the authorities stepping in because something is found down there which it is decided the general public should not know about. This happened when the Hypogeum was unearthed in Malta. It is today no longer a secret that hundreds of human skeletons were removed covertly by the university archaeologists and some painted markings were washed off the walls, see: To this day only two of the hundreds of caves and tunnels beneath Nottingham in England are open to the public, see background links below. As with most other of the world's ancient underground habitations, the tunnels of Puebla are enigmatic and mute. Nobody knows who built them, how they built them, when they built them or why. We only know that the city itself dates back only to 1531 so the tunnels couldn't be any older than that, could they? Perhaps they are. Perhaps they were actually constructed by an unknown, or unacknowledged, culture dating back into the days of pre-Columbian Mexico. They might have been a creation of the Aztec empire, or could they be even older than that? It's recently been discovered that a tunnel network was built in Europe dating back to Neolithic times, many thousands of years BC. These tunnels are as mysterious as all the others, but they're extraordinarily elaborate and extensive for a society that had apparently only just started farming and had yet to invent the lever or wheel, see: I think a lot of the history of our species has been hidden from us by the "masters of infinity" because of the effect the truth of our past would have on our culture and mass psychology. Out-of-place artefacts like the tunnels underneath Puebla give us a fascinating yet tantalizing glimpse of the truth behind the lies. Source:

Thursday 22 October 2015

CERN- Breaking Through the Veil

The Large Hadron Collider's current experiments, parochially named "Run 2", are about to reach their glorious apogee. I have been covering this subject for a long time; it's a long and complicated issue and if you're not familiar with it I recommend studying one or more of the background links at the bottom for more information. Since the spring of this year, the giant seventeen mile in circumference machine has been steadily building up its power. It is now colliding particles at thirteen TeV- tera electron-volts. This means that each of the miniscule nuclear protons, weighing just 10-700 of an ounce at rest, now has as much kinetic energy as a cargo ship. The universe has never experienced explosions this huge before. Even the Big Bang cannot match the environment in the heart of the LHC right now. Nobody knows what will happen as a result of this; those who pretend to are liars or fools. Next week Run 2 is set to enter a new phase in which the scientists hope to break through into a parallel universe. In the background links below I describe how potentially dangerous this is. They also say they wish to deliberately create what up till now they have described as merely a by-product: the dreaded mini black holes. These mini black holes will reveal to them whether, as the theory predicts, gravity in our universe is a part of our universe because it leaks in from another nearby in a higher spatial dimension. The current leader of the scientific team, Mir Faizal said: "We predict that gravity can leak into extra dimensions; and if it does, then miniature black holes can be produced at the LHC. Normally when people think of the multiverse, they think of the many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics, where every possibility is actualised. This cannot be tested and so it is philosophy and not science. This is not what we mean by parallel universes. What we mean is real universes in extra dimensions. As gravity can flow out of our universe into the extra dimensions, such a model can be tested by the detection of mini black holes at the LHC. We have calculated the energy at which we expect to detect these mini black holes in 'gravity's rainbow' which is a new hypothesis. If we do detect mini black holes at this energy, then we will know that both gravity's rainbow and extra dimensions are correct." According to one CERN-watcher, the LHC has perhaps already exposed parallel universes by creating a stargate which is visible in one of the photographs from inside the monster machine, reproduced above. This portal, if that's what it is, was spotted on September the 10th. In which case what will happen next week when the process is accelerated even more, see: Source:

Wednesday 21 October 2015

Zombie in the Sky

A couple of weeks ago I posted the video recording of my lecture at the High Wycombe Paranormal group entitled Real Zombies?, see: Zombies are animated undead corpses from African mythology that emerged in Western horror fiction in the Twentieth century, see link above. In the talk I describe almost unimaginable instances in which real people exhibit behaviour very similar to zombies, and details are also in the background links below. A new incident in this category has just occurred in one of the most dangerous situations possible- aboard an aircraft in flight. All was normal after Flight EL 485 took off from Lisbon airport for its journey to Dublin, but then one of the passengers began behaving strangely. John Kennedy Santos Gurjao became agitated and ill. He began shaking violently and started running around the cabin attacking people; in doing so he bit one of the passengers. He was restrained by the plane's crew and fell unconscious. The Aer Lingus Boeing 757 then diverted to Cork warning air traffic control that they were undergoing a medical emergency. Mr Gurjao suffered a seizure and cardiac arrest. There was a doctor on board who attempted to resuscitate him, but it didn't work and the man was declared dead on arrival at Cork airport, source: According to a later report Mr Gurjao, who came from Brazil, had been given a post mortem and over eighty pellets were found in his stomach believed to contain cocaine. It's thought that one of these pellets had ruptured leaking a vast amount of the drug into his body causing a fatal overdose. Such a demise is sadly not uncommon among "drug mules", source: (Thanks to Samantha Mansi for bringing this to my attention.) I'm not sure if the story that his death was caused by cocaine poisoning is the truth or just a cover-up, but even if it is the real story, we once again see biting as part of his rampage. Drug overdoses of all kinds are causing people to bite others in a cannibalistic manner. Maybe there's more to the fate of John Kennedy Santos Gurjao than we've been told here.

Tuesday 20 October 2015

Sky City in China

The residents of Foshan in China were astonished a few days ago to look up and see a strange sight in the sky. A city appeared thousands of feet above them. The row of skyscrapers loomed over the edge of a cloud floating over Foshan. Thousands of people witnessed it and, naturally nowadays, some filmed it. The apparition was only visible for a few minutes then it vanished. This is not the first time China has experienced this kind of mysterious vision. In 2011 an unknown urban landscape appeared in the mist-covered city of Huangshan on the river Xin'an, see: Scientists have commented that this is a fata morgana, an impressive form of mirage in which very distant objects can be seen in different places due to the refraction of light rays under certain atmospheric conditions, but is it? If so then this must be a real city somewhere a long way off; has anybody identified the skyscrapers in the image? There are other examples of weird country being seen in the sky that are specifically different from any known earth landscape. In fact one such incident was reported to the paranormal investigator Steve Mera. In 1943 a sailor on board a Royal Navy ship fighting in World War II saw something which is remarkably similar to what has been reported more recently in China. He and his shipmates were sailing near Malta when they saw a huge cityscape appear in bank of clouds which they watched for over three hours. He describes it as very beautiful, full of elegant buildings, roads, parkland and people moving about. The ship was a long way out at sea and no land was in sight; Steve believes that this was a fata morgana. However the witnesses did not recognize the place they were seeing and even describe it as old-fashioned, with a mixture of the familiar and the bizarre, see: Are these phenomena actually glimpses into physical domains beyond our own? Not extraterrestrial, but truly otherworldly? This topic forms a common theme in fiction, like Philip Pullman's enthralling His Dark Materials trilogy, see: Could there be some reality behind it? Even mainstream scientists are taking the idea of parallel universes seriously; perhaps these universes not only exist, but sometimes merge briefly with our own. I doubt that this was a test of Project Blue Beam, if such an enterprise exists. The experimenters would be foolish to project their practice image over a populated area where lots of people could see it and maybe work out what was going on. They'd try it out in a remote and uninhabited region of the world. Source: A report of a "flying city" has also come from an isolated area of Africa; in this case the experience has a distinct UFO-like element to it, see: Perhaps this is connected to the outbreaks of light spirals in the sky during recent years, like the Norwegian spiral. Maybe there's a connection with the recent new experiments with the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, see background links below.

Monday 19 October 2015

Ben Emlyn-Jones at Paraforce 2015 Convention

I will be speaking at the Paraforce 2015 Convention and Paranormal Fun Day on Saturday 14th of November. During the day there will be stalls, a raffle, a bouncy castle and other activities for adults and children; this is from 11 AM to 4 PM and entry is free. The speakers, including myself, will be in the evening from 4.30 PM until midnight and that will cost £10 in advance or £12 on the door. I'm one of the speakers along with Richard Felix, Jason Love and Merrick Alora. The venue is the Victory Club in Derby, same place as the Helen Duncan Convention, 85 Chellaston Road, Derby DE24-9AF. I'm not yet sure what the topic of my speech will be. See here for more information and to order tickets:, or phone Sandra Dunne on 07583 137 374.
This event is just a prelude to the big Paraforce conference in Nottingham next year where I'll be speaking again; details to follow soon.

Thursday 15 October 2015

Ben Emlyn-Jones at the BenX- Beyond the Fear Conference

I will be speaking at the BenX- Beyond the Fear Conference on Saturday the 21st of November at the Brockenhurst Village Community Hall at Brockenhurst, Hampshire. Tickets cost £15 and include a buffet lunch with tea and coffee served all day. The location is a charming town in the beauty spot of the New Forest. The organizers are the Truth activists Jackie Clarke and Ben Fellows. See here for details: My talk will be about the strange case of Helen Duncan. The 1944 "Witchcraft Trial" in which psychic medium Helen Duncan was imprisoned for nine months now took place seventy-one years ago, yet it still arouses controversy and is as relevant today as it's ever been.
(Edit 9/11/15) This event has been cancelled. See:

Tuesday 6 October 2015

Our Dying Oceans

A new report from World Wide Fund for nature makes for a sobering read. Living Blue Planet Report- Species, Habitats and Human Well-being is the culmination of a forty-five year research project to chart the changing environment of the Earth's seas. Almost three quarters of the planet are covered by the sea; life began there and the majority of life forms still live in it. However this majority is far smaller than it used to be. In fact the gross biomass of the oceans has declined by almost half since just 1970. This is shocking but sadly true. The scientists calculated this figure by observing certain key species of mammals, birds, amphibians, fish, reptiles and plankton that are regarded to be indicators of marine health in general because of their habitat and place in the food chain. This average figure of 49% vacillates worryingly over the halfway line in some families of creatures. The genus Scombridae, which includes tuna, bonitoes and mackerel, have been reduced by a chilling 74%; almost three quarters of them have vanished in forty-five years. The sea cucumber population of the Galapagos Islands have all but gone; just 2% remain of the numbers recorded in 1993; that's just twenty-two years. These megadeaths are partly caused by overfishing. Before 1993 nobody fished for sea cucumbers in the Galapagos. A similar extinction has taken place in the Red Sea too. Scombridae fish are some of the most commonly edible sea creatures of all. Attempts have begun to reform the fishing industry and make it sustainable, but these have been half-hearted, badly managed and destructive to people's livelihoods. Although many pretend otherwise, humans are a part of nature and three billion people, that's almost half the people in the world, are dependent on fish as their principle source of protein and their economy generally. Sixty percent of the population live within sixty-two miles of the coast. As Chief Seattle said over a hundred and fifty years ago: "What befalls the Earth befalls the children of the Earth.", see: One of the worst disasters effecting the oceans are the withering of coral reefs. These are the richest habitats of biodiversity beneath the waves; they're sometimes called the "rainforests of the seas." Twenty-five percent of all marine animal and plant species live in them. Because of poor water quality from pollution, along with the oceans warming up and becoming more acidic, three quarters of the world's coral reefs are threatened and by about 2050 it's projected that they will be gone unless they can be saved somehow. Coral reefs also protect coastlines from erosion; without them, storms and hurricanes would do far more damage to coasts than they currently do. Another treasure house of life are the coastal wetlands; mangrove swamps and saltwater marshes. Twenty percent of these have been lost since just 1980. Some have been sterilized by pollution, especially the Mississippi delta. This was caused mostly by the Deepwater Horizons disaster which totally devastated the area's four hundred year old sustainable fishing industry, see: and: The trail of blood reads on: Seventy-two percent of north Atlantic deep sea fish are gone, one in four shark and ray species are threatened, as are seventy percent of marine turtles. Sea-grass has declined by thirty percent etc. Source:

Why is this happening? Several culprits are nominated, including that universal scapegoat- climate change caused by man-made Carbon™ emissions, see here for more details: However other causes of this mass extinction are very real: wasteful fishing practices, chemical runoff from rivers and ships, coastal development, oil spills, gas drilling and rubbish dumping, including millions of tons of imperishable plastic bags. The sadness I feel at this news is mixed with anger. Like environmental destruction on land, all of this is preventable. There are many solutions. Some of them have already been tried on a small scale, such as tighter pollution control and organic fishing; I'm relieved to tell you that they have had some success and parts of the sea have recovered in recent years. However the real issue is, as always, energy, see background links below. With the declassification of free energy we would need no more oil or gas so all those filthy oil rigs could be closed down. The ability to desalinate seawater for irrigation at minimal cost would free up millions of acres of land for farming that are currently too barren, and so would reduce deforestation. Proper organic farming would help, see Graham Harvey's segment here:, but free energy is the key. Free energy could also allow the construction of huge fish farms that would provide all the piscine nutrients we need with negligible environmental impact. All this must come to pass soon in order to save the planet. Mass extinctions in the past began in the sea and spread to land, like the Permian Mass-Extinction that killed ninety-five percent of all life two hundred and fifty million years ago. The news in this article will be used by the depopulators unless we can break through their propaganda, see: The free energy issue is inextricably connected to that of UFO's, so UFOlogists and Disclosure advocates can help, see: So as depressing as this subject is, we must not give up. Mother Earth needs us!

Monday 5 October 2015

Ancient Virus Resurrected

A team of French scientists have discovered a frozen virus in Siberia, that vast wilderness of enigma that I've talked about before, see: This virus has never been seen before and is not thought to exist anywhere on the Earth's surface; it was found a hundred feet below the ground in the northern permafrost. It was assumed to be dead, but as soon as it was thawed out, it sprang back to life... so begins the plot of several horror movies! However this virus, called Pithovirus sibericum, only infects amoebas, single-celled organisms. It poses no threat to human life, or any other animals and plants. It is enormous for a virus, fifty-nine microinches long. That sounds tiny; it's less than a quarter of the width of the thinnest human hair, but in viral terms it's a giant. It was last active thirty thousand years ago and since 1970 the permafrost in which it was stored has shrunk releasing much else from its natural time capsule. The scientists are worried that other viruses might emerge that are harmful. This retreat of the permafrost coincides with the arrival of large numbers of people in the region, oil company workers drilling for oil and gas. If they bore into the melting permafrost they might bring up far more than hydrocarbons. An ancient strain of smallpox could be one of the nasties freed from their cryogenic prison, or maybe even something never imagined before. (Source:

One of the best horror films ever made, in my view, is The Thing directed by John Carpenter. It tells the story of a deadly extraterrestrial organism that was buried in the ice of Antarctica in the distant past. When scientists in the modern era melt the ice around it, the pathogen escapes and infects its human discoverers, with horrendous consequences. The scenario in The Thing in probably an extreme example of what might happen... I hope; nevertheless I agree with the French scientists that we should proceed cautiously. It's interesting how once again climate change caused by man-made Carbon™ emissions is crowbarred into the story; this is a tiresome inevitability nowadays, see here for more details: Zombies are once more at the forefront of my mind following my latest live performance of "Real Zombies" at the High Wycombe Paranormal Group last week; the recording of this is now online, see: In the lecture I speculate about whether the zombie meme is actually a metaphor for something real, like a virus. Although I didn't mention it this time in the speech, it has struck me that zombies have a lot in common with viruses, especially when it comes to reproduction. Viruses are a completely different form of life to any other. Most eukaryotes- animals, plants and fungi, reproduce through sex; a male and female will produce a unique offspring that mixes both their DNA. Viruses don't do that. Instead they reproduce asexually by infecting the cells of another organism, termed the "host", and creating a copy of itself through that infection. Zombies do the very same thing; they create new zombies by biting a human being which subsequently transforms into a copy of themselves, a new zombie. I think it's sensible to take care in Siberia as the French scientists suggest, but I'm not terribly concerned by this news. As I say in "Real Zombies", I think we have far more to fear disease-wise from the hidden laboratories of the shadow government than we do a dripping chunk of ice from the Russian tundra.

Sunday 4 October 2015

REAL Zombies?

The recording of my recent lecture at High Wycombe Paranormal is now available. My lecture is entitled REAL Zombies? Zombies are well-known figures of mythology and horror fiction, and their profile is steadily increasing in recent books and films. However more and more they have been appearing in the media and in official government publications portrayed as real or semi-real. What's going on? Includes recent updates. This lecture contains disturbing information and is not suitable for small children.

Friday 2 October 2015

My Trip to the BBC

It's amazing how lavishly resources are spent on those who serve the system. I happened to be in London attending a live lecture by Dr Steven Greer, see:, and I discovered that the venue is just across the road from the British Broadcasting Corporation's national headquarters. I arrived quite early in the area so I decided to take a look. I approached the location from the south along Langham Place. There's a strange church on the corner in front of it with a rotunda-shaped sanctuary, a Knights Templar church, and then Broadcasting House loomed ahead.
The original part of the building was opened in 1932 and was where BBC Radio was broadcast from when it moved from the older centre at Savoy Hill. It is in the Art Deco architectural style which was fashionable at the time. To me it looks very like Bruegel's Tower of Babel, in the same way as the European Union Parliament building, see: There are some statues and reliefs built into the facade that depict scenes from the Shakespeare plays, but there are some sinister elements to these that I'll talk more about in a minute. I wondered where within this Babylonian stockade was Room 101. This was where George Orwell's office was when he worked for the BBC and it inspired him to give that name to the torture chamber at the Ministry of Love in the book 1984 where the victim experiences a personalized horror, all tailor-made for them. Why did Orwell do that?
At the time Broadcasting House was first built there was no TV service and when BBC TV started it was based at Alexandra Palace before it was moved in 1960 to the purpose-built Television Centre at Wood Lane in White City. This was closed down in 2013 and all the BBC's TV stations were moved to Broadcasting House into a new extension that has been constructed at huge cost. This has become known as "new Broadcasting House" and it has more than doubled the size of the original building.  
I walked down the west side of Broadcasting House. The early 20th century Portland stone soon gave way to the modern glass and concrete flank of the extension. There was little to be seen here, just reflective tinted windows and open plan offices. I walked along Duchess Street to see the north and east side of Broadcasting House and everything changed. The street level windows there give a view of a huge interior chamber filled with offices, computer screens, wall displays and multicoloured lights. I recognized it immediately; it was the BBC Newsroom which you see on every national headlines broadcast, for example see: I had no idea this glossy high-tech journalistic throne room was visible from the street, but it is. I tried to take a photograph through the windows, but it wasn't easy, see below:
 The glass is very reflective and there are two layers. I don't mean double glazing; there is an outer pane of very thick glass, obviously intended to be armoured, and a space inside about three feet across before there's another pane of glass directly in front of the chamber. Security is extraordinarily tight. I have a friend who is a BBC newsreader on a regional TV station and she's never been to Broadcasting House, which surprised me; you'd think they'd take her there on an outing. She told me that her own studios are far less fortified.
I walked down Hallam Street along the east side of Broadcasting House until I reached a place where I could pass under the "John Peel Wing" as the south-eastern part of the newbuild is called and entered into the plaza which is set between the old Broadcasting House and the new. It is apparently designed to make the BBC more accessible to the public. This had some peculiar features, and very sinister ones too. The tiled ground is covered with embossed metallic inscriptions. Some of the words, as you can see below, are the names of rivers, "Zambezi", "Orinoco", "Thames" etc. Then there are the names of cities: "London", "Zurich", "Adelaide", etc. Then it gets a bit creepy; you get: "My Lai", "Treblinka", "Auschwitz", "Srebrenica", "Rwanda". These are the sites of famous massacres and genocides. Then there's "Atlantic", "Bulge", "Stalingrad", "Somme", "Verdun". These are all famous battles. But it got worse... oh, it got so much worse!

Take a look at the photo below. This is one of the bas-reliefs that decorate Broadcasting House. It was made by the famous sculptor Eric Gill, who interestingly was also a member of the cultural Marxist think tank the Fabian Society. This one illustrates a scene from William Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream, but can you see anything wrong with it?... Think about that as you read on. It is set above the doorway to the public cafeteria in the old building.
As I walked round back to the portico of old Broadcasting House on Langham Place I completed a whole circuit of the building. Again I looked up at Gill's best known BBC work the statue of Prospero and Ariel from Shakespeare's The Tempest, see below. In the story Ariel is a mystical fairy, but here she is depicted as a naked young girl. Unlike classical art which tended to desexualize human nudes, especially children, Gill has given Ariel a visible vulva. That is the last thing that ought to be displayed on any BBC premises! Now do you see what's wrong with the previous image? The two girls dancing on either side of Puck are lifting up their skirts! I'm sure very few people noticed this until the Jimmy Savile and Rolf Harris scandals; I wouldn't have. But surely today I am not the only one.

I was distressed by my trip to the BBC. What are the BBC secretly hinting at with carvings of sexualized young girls all over the front of their headquarters? Broadcasting House is grand, impressive and clearly intended to shock-and-awe visitors. All the phases of its design and construction must have been enormously expensive. It still baffles me... even though it shouldn't, that so much time, energy, thought and money can be exerted on creating an institution whose primary purpose is to disseminate falsehoods, deliberately confuse and suppress mental creativity. I still have much work to do. I wonder if you can take tours of the inside of Broadcasting House. If so, expect me to report back to you soon.

Thursday 1 October 2015

Assange and Snowden- latest Bombshells

The creator of Wikileaks Julian Assange has been living permanently at the Embassy of Ecuador in London for over three years at the time of writing. The only fresh air and sunlight he gets is from the balcony on the first floor offices of the embassy at 3 Hans Crescent in Knightbridge. He cannot leave otherwise he'll be arrested for the reasons I discuss in the background links below. His confinement has taken its toll on his health and in this recent interview on RT he appears to have aged far more than he should have during the last thirty-eight months, see: He has just published his new book The Wikileaks Files, see: He discusses several subjects during the half-hour interview. It was recorded just before the election of Jeremy Corbyn. Quite unexpectedly, he states how doubtful he is that Corbyn can resist inevitable attempts to remove him from his position. He also says: "If Corbyn cannot be kicked out through political destabilization..." he might face "something worse." meaning threats to his physical safety and life- assassination in other words. This is what I've always believed too, but I never thought somebody like Assange would say it on mainstream TV, see: However, should be trust Julian Assange? It's very naive to accept his word just because of his fugitive status. The way he has had access to fame with so little obstruction ought to ring alarm bells. There's even been a Hollywood movie made about him. Assange will not mention 9/11 as being anything other than what the official story says it is. Has Assange been compromised? If so presumably he's not been bribed; a three-year stay at the Ecuadorian Embassy is hardly an attractive incentive to betray one's cause. However he might have been threatened; his ex-wife and daughter apparently went into hiding a few years ago because of death threats. Has somebody found them?

At about the same time, that other renowned renegade Edward Snowden has made the news relating to the UFO cover-up. The Daily Express reports that "UFO chasers" are hopeful that Snowden is about to reveal the truth about the UFO conspiracy in order to trigger Disclosure with a capital D. This is because of a statement Snowden made on the StarTalk radio show hosted by the well-known skeptic Neil deGrasse Tyson. Snowden speculated on what would happen if aliens on other planets tried to make contact with us by sending us radio signals, see: He says that we would not be able to decode anything electronic they transmitted because it would be too unlike our own systems. This led researcher Corey Goode to suggest that documents on said aliens have been taken by Snowden, have been decrypted and will soon be released during one of the ex-NSA officer's massive document dumps. Scott Waring, editor of the website UFO Sightings Daily, said: "Finally we hear Snowden talking about UFOs and aliens; it's what we have all been waiting for. Snowden is a hero. I hope some of his documents will reveal some alien info soon." I think that's reading too much into Snowden's words and we should not hold our breath. Source: Unfortunately we've heard about Snowden's supposed UFO files before and it turned out to be an empty promise, see background links below. In the latest Richplanet TV programme presenter Richard D Hall states that he is absolutely certain that Julian Assange, Edward Snowden and their collaborator Chelsea Manning are all cointelpro. He says in the show that if we believe that those three are genuine whistleblowers then we'll "believe anything!" He talks about the trio of statues depicting Assange, Snowden and Manning recently unveiled in Berlin in homage to their supposed contribution to freedom. Richard says: "If you ever visit Berlin, take your dog with you so it can piss on these statues!", see: I'm not as convinced as Richard is that Assange and Snowden are just actors. He might be correct, but I'm only fifty-fifty over what he said on the above episode of Richplanet TV. Richard says that Russia is simply playing its part in the scripted deception; but in fact Russia is not currently behaving as an obedient client state to the New World Order; and there is a covert war being waged against it as we speak, see: Manning is still in prison, but I wonder if the other two have done a deal with their pursuers, Snowden in particular. If he has a cache of information that is so sensitive that they effectively act as covering fire for him, a "kill me and these files hit the internet!" situation; then they may well be UFO related. Whatever they are they are so explosive that they've allowed him to manoeuvre the US government into striking a reluctant deal, perhaps with the help of Vladimir Putin as part of his own wish to protect his country. We shall see.