Tuesday 29 March 2011

1984 at Number 39

I was at the Nottingham branch of Waterstones yesterday picking up a copy of a book I’m going to review on HPANWO when I happened to glance at the best-selling shelf; this is the books which sell the best at that particular branch. I thought I was imagining things! At Number 39 was George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four! It was the only old book on the shelf! How come this classic 1950 novel, that was banned in 50 countries, is so popular today? Could it be that people are worried that the themes within are coming true? If so then this represents a huge awakening of public awareness. I’m glad!

Thursday 24 March 2011

Liz Taylor and Jose Arguelles Die.

Jose Arguelles
January 24th 1939- March 23rd 2011

Elizabeth Taylor
February 7th 1932- March 23rd 2011

Yesterday saw the death of two very famous NonConformist heroes, Jose Arguelles and Elizabeth Taylor. Jose was the man who first brought the idea of 2012 and the Mayan Calendar to public attention through his 1987 book The Mayan Factor. Without his input it’s possible we may never have understood what was really going on with this ancient knowledge, or at least we might be struck into a cold funk by unchallenged propaganda from the Hollywood nonsense of Roland Emmerich, see: http://hpanwo.blogspot.com/2010/03/2012-rumours-of-our-deaths-have-been.html Elizabeth Taylor was one of the world’s greatest actresses with a career that spanned over 60 years. She was plagued by ill health and relationship problems her whole life, but remained surprisingly down-to-Earth. Her most recent husband was her dustman! How many Hollywood and Broadway starlets would breach such a taboo!? Along with her marriages she also had a completely platonic but highly intimate friendship with Michael Jackson. Wherever she is now; I hope she and Michael are back together. Rest in peace, Elizabeth and Jose.

Wednesday 16 March 2011

Janet Street-Porter against the Census

For several years now, since I first saw her, I always assumed that Janet Street-Porter was just a woman with big teeth and a strange voice who conducted very eccentric interviews! But no! She's shown a very noble and down-to-Earth side of herself by publically stating that she intends to refuse to fill in the Census just like so many of us. See: http://hpanwo-tv.blogspot.com/2011/03/hpanwo-tv-guide-to-your-census-form.html . In the above article in the Daily Mail she mentions Big Brother issues and the links to Lockheed Martin. Well done, Janet!

Sunday 13 March 2011

UK Border Agency... Not Just Borders!

I saw something very strange today: I was on a coach which called at Manchester Coach Station and I saw some people in the concourse who I assumed were police officers at first, dressed in the standard uniform of luminous jacket and black trousers. Then I saw that on their backs were the words: "UK BORDER AGENCY" This is the new Orwellian name for what used to be Her Majesty's Customs and Excise. I'd expect to see them at airports and harbours, but not at an inland road traffic terminal. I asked the coach driver what was going on. Did we need a passport to visit Manchester? He replied: "They often do coach and railway stations too. It's because there are so many immigrants nowadays." I think this was my cue. I was meant to reply: "Yeah! Bloody foreigners! Round the bastards up and ship 'em back home!" But I didn't say that. I consider the current anti-immigration hysteria as the most dangerous example of what David Icke calls Problem-Reaction-Solution. In fact the very situation and the driver's statement is proof of that!

Tuesday 8 March 2011

Black Umbrella Day

See: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-merseyside-12668444

I wish I could have gone to this! This is what the black umbrellas were for. It was an attempt by the British Constitution and Lawful Rebellion Movement to take back the judiciary from the Illuminati-occupied post-Norman government. This, the second HPANWO Voice story of the day, fills me with hope.

Monday 7 March 2011

3 UFO Stories in 3 Days!

We've had another wave of UFO stories in the media; this is simliar to the one in mid 2008 when The Sun ran a whole series of articles (If you can call a story in The Sun that!) about the phenomenon that were acceptably sensible. They called in Nick Pope to write them rather than one of their own "journalists".

This new wave began with the BBC's story about Rendlesham Forest which I link to above; it includes an interview with Dr David Clarke. Also The Sun sent a reporter to the new UFO Congress in Arizona (Sadly the old Laughlin, Nevada conference has shut down). Then two days later a story appeared in the ex-Mirror Group, Robert Maxwell's Oxford Mail. It was about the Garsington crop circle incidents. There's a field there that has had 6 in the last 5 years and experts say they're genuine, not Planker-made. It inteviews Mike Soper, a local UFOlogist whom I spoke to myself when I had my sighting in 2008, see: http://hpanwo.blogspot.com/2008/12/my-ufo-sighting-281208.html

Why the new rush of UFO's in the press and on TV? Are these stories connected? We'll see. However, I've said many times and still maintain, that this is not a step to Disclosure; something else is afoot.