Wednesday 30 July 2008

Beijing Olympics 2008 Logo

Is it just me or does the new Olympic logo look like a flying saucer descending onto a terrestrial landscape? That's very apt when you consider that the next summer Olympics, the 2012 Olympics in London has a logo that has the word "ZION" encoded into it! Ian Crane and many others (see links) have spoken about the possibility of staging the ultimate 9/11, the false flag operation to end all false flag operations: The fake alien invasion! Maybe this is why they keep putting out movies like Independence Day and Signs (Background: ).

The goal: To create the mythological New Jerusalem, what the Illuminati believe that London is destined to be in the New World Order. Maybe this is why they keep putting out movies like ID4 etc, to get us accustomed to the notion of bad-guy aliens out there so that our minds will be ripe for the picking when the prophesized End of Days arrives; in the Mayan calendar that falls on the 21st of December 2012. Ian Crane also mentions the very odd fact that the Red Arrows will not be performing over the Olympic Stadium during the opening ceremony. What!? The Red Arrows are the most famous aerobatic troupe in the world; they perform over every major British occasion! The official story is that some of the foreign visitors might mistake the display for a military attack… You what!? A squadron of bright red planes trailing day-glo crimson smoke means a military attack!? Or is the real reason that the airspace above the Olympic Stadium will need to be left clear for… something else!

What do you reckon to this!? It took place at the closing ceremony of the 1984 (appropriately Orwellian) Olympics in Los Angeles. A dress rehearsal?:

Monday 28 July 2008

4-Year Old McDonalds Burger!

Don't read this post if you're eating your dinner!

Good grief! And people call this "food"!? I feel uncomfortable even contemplating what shit they put in it to stop it decomposing! In fact using the word "shit" is an insult... to shit. At least shit is natural! And it probably does you less harm when you eat it!

Saturday 26 July 2008

Kennedy Did Not Die Alone

John F Kennedy
Aldous Huxley

CS Lewis

Everyone knows what happened on November the 22nd 1963. Everyone remembers where they were. The US president, John F Kennedy was assassinated in what was in all probability a conspiracy by agents within his own government. The extremely arrogant assault took place in front of thousands of spectators and the gruesome spectacle was captured for all to see by the amateur film maker Abraham Zapruder. The scene of the murder was a place with a reputation for major Masonic-occult activity and there were ancient symbols everywhere, right down to the street plan. But that day was even stranger and more fateful than most people are aware.

Kennedy was not the only famous person to die that day. Two other men lay on their deathbeds as the bullets slammed into the president’s body. Two men very similar to each other in many ways. Both of them were international celebrities, both were British, both were best-selling authors of science fiction and fantasy books, both were revolutionary and deep mystics and philosophers. They were Aldous Huxley and CS Lewis. Huxley is best known for writing Brave New World, a dystopian sci-fi technophobic future nightmare. He was also an early “psychonaut” who enthusiastically explored the hidden psychic realms revealed by taking LSD, inspiring many who came after him like Stanislav Grof, Timothy Leary and Terrence McKenna. Lewis was a maverick Oxford English professor, theologian and esoteric philosopher whose influence is still felt in Oxford and beyond. He wrote many books, most famously the Chronicles of Narnia, which I loved as a child but only as an adult truly understand. The second book of the Chronicles: Prince Caspian has just been released as a movie.

Is there any significance to these three deaths? No doubt most people will write it off, wheeling in that universal and addictive Western cop-out: “coincidence”. The more and more I go through life the less and less I tend to believe in coincidence. In fact recently I’ve begun to wonder if there is such a thing! I can sense a major occult meaning behind these events, linking the three men who died on that strange day. I’m not alone. The author Peter Kreeft wrote a book in 1982 called Between Heaven and Hell which features the three men meeting each other in some afterlife Purgatory. My own favourite author Robert Anton Wilson, along with Robert Shea, also refer to the three deaths in their outstanding book The Illuminatus! Trilogy.

Tuesday 22 July 2008

Slavery is not Gone!

I hear this crap all the time from my peers: “Damn scroungers! Cut their benefits, make the buggers work!” The practical and ethical problems with unpaid work schemes for the unemployed are so varied and vast that I hardly know where to begin!

In America under Reagan's "workfare" trial they took a group of about 10 long-term unemployed people and put them to work in their city's sanitation department cleaning the streets (So called "menial jobs", which are nothing of the sort, but that's another story! ). But the department had to give them work to do so they made 10 of their existing employed staff redundant to create vacancies for the Workfare slaves! As a result unemployment increased by ten! If this chain reaction had continued then unemployment would shoot through the roof in a negative feedback loop and an entire underclass of slave-workers would emerge. I'm all in favour of getting unemployed people back into work, but if we're going to do that then it has to be through giving them real jobs where they get a real wage, not just making them work for nothing on slave-labour schemes.

It's also worth bearing in mind that although there are lazy people around (like everybody’s neighbours it seems!) the vast majority of unemployed people would love to have a job! Few people actually enjoy having no work to do, even though it may seem like a nice prospect when you're getting up in the morning for an early start. I was off sick for two weeks last year and I couldn't wait to get back.

However right-wing politicians cannot give up the myth that mass-unemployment is simply caused by laziness. Every time a recession hits and millions of people are out of work they say "Oh, they're lazy!" But they never explain how when there is an economic boom, unemployment drops! It's a complete fantasy that some kind of whip-cracking negative incentive is necessary to make people work. In societies with very generous social security, that effectively gives an unemployed person a similar lifestyle to an employed person, unemployment is no higher. Nearly everyone wants to earn their own money; it's a natural human instinct!

Sunday 20 July 2008

Robert Newman's History of Oil

Robert Newman's History of Oil show:

Since the sad and premature demise of the wonderful Bill Hicks, the world needs a good satirical stand-up comedian, and I think if anyone can fill Hicks’ shoes it is Robert Newman. This hilarious and heartfelt show informs, inspires and amuses in perfect proportions. I love the exercise-bike powered lighting! Also the sketch about Archduke Ferdinand, "Nobody is that popular!" had me rolling on the floor! Newman practices what he preaches and is a man of action, not just words.

I differ with some of his views though. I’m as opposed to the fossil-fuel energy system as he is, but carbon emissions are a red herring; in fact carbon dioxide, the substance the environmental movement is currently obsessed with, is ironically the only harmless thing we do emit! It’s a dangerous distraction from much worse pollution and being used by the Elite to justify a whole array of Big Brother laws and, the far more destructive, nuclear power: (Background: )

I’m also very dubious over Peak Oil. I haven’t made up my mind 100% over the issue, but here’s an interesting debate between Ian Crane and Rob Hopkins; maybe by listening to this, you will:

Friday 18 July 2008

Swearing on the Bible in Court

Truth oath in British and Commonwealth Crown Courts:
I swear by Almighty God
That the evidence I give
Shall be the Truth
The Whole Truth
And Nothing but the Truth
So help me God

Once you’ve taken that oath you are legally obliged to be completely honest. If you’re caught out lying you can be charged with Perjury, Contempt-of-Court or even Perverting the Course of Justice and Conspiracy to Commit a crime! It’s a criminal or civil offence that can be punished with a fine or jail, depending on the severity of the circumstances.

I've often wondered why it is that if you swear on the Bible in court, and then go on to tell lies, you're charged with an offense by the State. Why? You’ve sworn an oath of truthfulness, yes, but you’ve sworn it to God, a supreme authority and creator, and God is no agent of any State nor its law that you’re being tried under. Why is perjury not just a religious sin? Especially in the countries that, unlike my own the UK, have a separation of Church and State. In those countries if you commit perjury you should receive no charge at all, but just a recommendation from the judge that you go to a priest for confession!

Thursday 17 July 2008

Prehistoric Henge Found in Oxford

I wonder who the people were who built it. I heard that few people lived in Oxford until the Middle Ages. The land where Oxford stands was all marshland before the Anglo Saxons drained it. I know that American Indians regard river confluences as holy places, so maybe the ancient Pagans who lived in Britain in those days were the same. Oxford of course is beside a major river confluence. When we were "civilized" by the church and state, all that ancient wonder was lost.

I'll have to take a stroll down to St Johns and see if they'll let me get a closer look. I'll try to get some photoes!

Dr Raymond Moody's Life After Life

An intriguing and moving film on the Near Death Experience.

I'd like to see Dr Persinger give people a trip like this from his little electric helmet!

Sunday 13 July 2008

BBC Horizon- God on the Brain

I was pleasantly surprised by this film, from the BBC's Horizon, which I've written about before... and slagged off no end. See here:

I was bracing myself for another misleading, biased propaganda broadcast. I was psyching myself up to write a critical attack on the programme like I have in the examples above; that was until I saw the last five minutes of it. At the very end of the film, they humbly admit that the work of Persinger and Newburg etc do not disprove the objective presence of the divine (Newberg has stated this personally in other interviews and in the movie What The Bleep... See my profile.). This is an astonishing confession. Have the disinformers and MBA-ers lost their stranglehold on BBC science programmes!?

Sunday 6 July 2008

"Britain's Closest Encounter" Part 1

Last Wednesday Channel 5 broadcast this film by Firefly TV on the Berwyn Mountain's Incident, which has been dubbed "The Welsh Roswell":

On the day before the scheduled broadcast I was contacted by Scott Felton, a member of the Conwy UFO research group in North Wales ( ). I spoke to him in detail about the background to the film and this is what he had to say:

Hi Ben,

Thanks for the email and kind words. I've been inundated with similar thoughts.

I know well of Nick Redfern's research over the years and I can't say too much, but I am just waiting for some info' from North Wales Police in order to conclude a chapter in a book for which I have been invited to write by a very well known researcher's latest book. NWP has dragged and dragged its heels and I've had to complain over its abuse of the FOIA. The force knows that I have documents which prove that decisions were taken to subvert Pat Evans' interest in assisting that night. What I've asked for will only reinforce this. Little wonder that ex assistant chief constable was filmed - remarkable.

Firefly Productions filming team got access to a tiny snippet of my overall information which was documentation showing that Andy Roberts' version of events which he has published on the Internet and in books, was fabricated.

Again remarkably, just two days before the airing, I received the results of a two year long battle with the British Geological Survey. I had been obstructed by Roger Musson who appeared on the programme and who is a personal friend of Roberts. That of course was not publicised, but Roberts based his debunking version on maps and other documents held by Musson. I discovered this and was forced to complain and appeal to the Director of the BGS. An internal investigation ensued.

The said maps give some of the info' Roberts quotes, but is mostly fabricated and or enhanced. He has relied heavily on the public not getting access to such documentation.

Firefly was shown evidence of collusion, conspiracy, lying you name it. The result was that just the day before, the Director of the filming team left me a voice message saying that me and my evidence had been axed by the Editor. It seems they filled the gap with the irrelevant gamekeeper sighting (three weeks later) and the year 2000 camcorder shots.

Clearly the company wanted a balanced programme 'in its way', and so did not want the final conclusive evidence that Andy Roberts was a liar. Even the Policeman lied and they edited out the testimony of Huw Lloyd and Ieuan and let the copper rant. I can assure you, that Huw Lloyd was filmed stating that at no time did any Police Officer leave his vehicle or use a torch on the open mountainside of Cader Bronwen. The film also omitted the fact that Pat Evans and her daughters were four miles away. Her object was on Cader Berwyn or more accurately a sub peak, Moel Sych and Roberts has persistently twisted this to suggest that everyone, farmers, Police, poachers were on this mountain.

Jenny Randles was apparently not appearing on the programme and Nick Pope too is a spook. Indeed, he, once visited Huw Lloyd with another man and gave a false name, Huw only realising this some months later when he saw him on TV.

I can't yet prove there was an alien craft on Cader Berwyn, but I can proof unreservedly that everyone on that programme against a UFO, last night lied and lied again.

Thanks again for your kind words. Please do keep in touch.

Scott L. Felton

Scott is in no doubt that serious and deliberate censorship was invloved in the making of this film; the producers were very biased towards presenting the theme that there was no ET aspect to anything that happened in the Berwyns on January the 23rd 1974. I'm frankly not surprised. I've found several examples, and some HPANWO-readers will be familiar with, of desperate attempts by authorities to cover up the presence of UFO's in our skies, and using the media to do it. When I watched it myself I felt very suspicious of it. Scott is asking people to distribute his testimony to as many of our contacts as possible. This film is just the first part of a six part series. What other dubious information is going to be presented to us in the following five sequels? The next one is being broadcast this Wednesday evening. Be forewarned and forearmed!
I lived in Lampeter in Dyfed at the time of this incident. I was only a small baby when it occurred, but when I got older I remember my parents talking about an "explosion" reported in the Cambrian News. This is the only time in my life I've lived close to a major UFO event. (Although I heard on a forum last night that there was a UFO flap in Dyfed and Pembrokeshire during the 70's when I was a child there. I remember a massive military presence in the region throughout my childhood; marching troops on the roads, jets flying low over head etc.)

Thursday 3 July 2008

"Mining is just mining!"

In case anyone is under any illusions about the claims made by the US government in The Secret Land, the official documentary about Operation Highjump (See here: ) "We just want to go to Antarctica to find untapped mineral wealth" it worth considering this: . This is the environment in which the miners would have to work. These are the kinds of conditions that would need to be tackled to get the ore out of the ground. Then the ore would need to be transported over hundreds of miles of land and then through the pack ice that caused the Highjump central fleet so many problems, almost sinking several of the ships! How many dollars would they need to spend to retrieve every dollar's worth of mineral from Antarctica?

The government were lying. Operation Highjump had a very different mission.

Modern scientific research stations in Antarctica are very costly and a good proportion of their budget is spent on simply keeping their personnel alive. Keeping them warm, hydrated and fed in an enviroment where humans are not meant to be.

Wednesday 2 July 2008

New Main Site Article

The story of Antarctica, the "Last place on Earth", and a man who saw its secrets.

Hope you like it.