Saturday 30 November 2013

The Greatest MBA Speech in History!

I don't often use the term, but this is a must-see:

I am speechless, I am dumbfounded. My hands can hardly type these words because they're shaking so much with passion. Posted above is the most courageous, penetrating and perceptive declaration of MBA I've ever seen. I first nominated Sam Harris the Materialist Bravery Award a few years ago and he was decorated with the Bronze. Following this speech I have no hesitation in immediately recommending him for Silver! I can't believe Alister McGrath, the critic who took on Dawkins, Dennett and Hitchens, declines to discuss Sam Harris because he considers him an "intellectual lightweight"! See: How dare you, McGrath!? Below is Sam Harris' MBA commendation letter: 

Friday 29 November 2013

Comet ISON- Alive or Dead?

It was reported last night by the BBC that Comet ISON has been "destroyed" by the sun as it transited close to the surface through its corona. See: However other astronomers have stated: "ISON is alive!", see: And a few hours later the BBC raised hopes as well: However it has no doubt shrivelled badly as it was roasted by the 35 million degree temperatures of the solar corona. I've been covering the story of Comet ISON in my space weather reports on HPANWO Radio, see Links column. Comet C/2012/S1, known as "ISON", was discovered by two Belorussian astronomers on September the 21st last year. It's a rare type of comet, "sungrazing" comets, as they are known, which tend to shine very brightly. It was hoped that ISON would be the "Comet of the Century" by December, dominating the early morning skies and even temporarily outshining the full moon. Will this happen? We don't know yet. Some experts have sounded its death knell and others are celebrating its survival.

Comets are some of the most enigmatic objects in the universe, descending on the inner solar system from deep interstellar space, moving faster than any other natural object we know of. What they are made of is still hotly disputed and there are several theories. When they're deep out in space they're frozen solid but when they approach the sun they start to emit huge amounts of material that form the comet's "tail". These tails can be hundreds of millions of miles long and almost as wide. They're sometimes plainly visible in the night's sky; however comets' nuclei are usually only a few miles across. The most popular theory is that comets are "dirty snowballs", made of a mixture of rock and ice and that when the comet is heated up by the sun the ice melts and evaporates releasing vapour and dust. But is that true? It amazes me how such a small object can produce such a huge tail. The Earth even passes through the tails of comets and this causes a shower of tiny meteors. According to Prof. Chandra Wickramasinghe comets contain living organisms and are part of his theory of Panspermia, the extraordinary idea that organic matter can travel through space by natural means. Prof. Wickramasinghe spoke at the latest Exopolitics conference, see: He was also interviewed on Planet X, see: Apparently the Earth is due to pass through the tail of Comet ISON which means extraterrestrial living organisms could be dumped onto our planet. According to the professor this is what caused the "red rain" incident in Sri Lanka, see: Could the material being ejected from comets even be interdimensional? Could it be that comets are like black holes, according to the radical hypothesis of Dr Manjir Samanta-Laughton, see:

The recent events surrounding Comet ISON have affected me personally in a way I didn't expect. I was quite surprised how emotional I became when I was watching the news reports, waiting for ISON to emerge from the far side of the sun's disk. When I first posted about it on Facebook somebody commented on my post: "I'm willing her to survive." Her? Reading somebody referring to the comet with a living pronoun made me feel strangely passionate about its plight. I'm not a major enthusiast for astrology, but I do respect the notion and take it seriously. If everything in the universe has consciousness than can anything be truly described as inanimate? Even a comet? Am I just relapsing into a sentimental child-like animism? Maybe not. Many ancient pre-Illuminati cultures imparted spirits on rocks, rivers, lakes and heavenly bodies. The ancient Greeks saw living and potent gods and goddesses in the planets; Jupiter was Zeus, Saturn Chronos, Venus Aphrodite, Mercury Hermes, Mars Ares, etc. I did feel genuine relief when I read that ISON was "alive", and genuine sadness when the BBC reported that it had been destroyed; almost a sense of grief. The rollercoaster then did another loop at the third story this morning. Hopefully, this brave little comet has prevailed and will decorate the night's sky with her light soon.

Thursday 28 November 2013


Telescreens are here! In his famous book Nineteen Eighty-Four George Orwell wrote about how everybody in the Big Brother world had a device installed in their home called a Telescreen; it was a television set that contained a spy camera as well as a screen to show pictures. This meant you could watch it, but it could also watch you. And indeed it does; in one scene Winston is watching a home exercise programme and moving along to the instruction, but he is scolded by the presenter because he is not doing it correctly. Just a story, you might say, but it's been announced that very similar systems have been invented, Smart TV, see: This combined with the Digital Switchover makes for an uncomfortable combination, one in which watching TV is no longer just a casual and private pastime, see: One of the slogans of Edge Media TV used to be "They're watching you watching us watching them." How true that could be!

Wednesday 27 November 2013

Scottish Independence White Paper

Scotland is to have a referendum on the most crucial and contentious subject in its political history: Independence. Scotland has been officially part of the "Union" with England for over three hundred years when the Union with Scotland Act of 1706 was passed into law; this forms the modern United Kingdom. This in practice means that Scotland is ruled by England. However, Scotland has been a subject nation since long before then. Mel Gibson's highly-acclaimed film Braveheart is about one of the earliest Scottish wars against the English crown, told from the Scots' point of view, which took place almost five hundred years before the Act of Union. Now however, after spending so much time, energy and resources to place and maintain Scotland under the Doctor Marten of England, the David Cameron Government plc has, almost casually, announced that Scotland is to be offered, on a plate, complete independence from the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The referendum will take place in September 2014. The choices are a binary yes-no to the question: "Should Scotland be an independent country?" If the Scots choose yes then Scotland could be fully devolved as early as March of 2016.

The Scottish Government, under the First Minister and Bilderberg Group member Alex Salmond, has unveiled its white paper for independence. It's called Scotland's Future and can be downloaded here: It is over 700,000 words, longer that the longest Harry Potter novel. So far it seems to be only available in English, although Scotland has two other official languages, the Scots dialect and Scots Gaelic. I'm sure that the text of this document was not composed recently. Like all subject countries seeking independence, Scottish statesmen have been compiling provisional constitutions and governmental models for hundreds of years. Some of what's in it are a great improvement on what the Scots have to put up with now; for example, an independent Scotland would become a nuclear arms-free zone with the Trident base on the Firth of Clyde removed, see: It also describes how Scotland would organize its economy, defence, education and healthcare etc. A number of years ago I was a Welsh nationalist and would have cheered at the prospect of my fellow Celts casting off the yoke of the Anglo-Norman oppressor. I would hope that Wales would follow suit. If somebody had told me back then that I'd be advising the Scots to vote no in this referendum I'd have called them crazy... But I am doing just that.

The problem is that independence today means something very different to what it meant at the Battle of Stirling Bridge. Our rulers have changed their names and reorganized their empire. The Scottish relationship to the rest of the UK may transform, but its relationship to the European Union is an entirely separate matter. As you can see from this article:; the nation of Scotland is actually very much a Europhile, more so than Great Britain as a whole. The United Kingdom has been a major stumbling block to full European integration and the creation of the dictatorial European superstate. My concern is that the Eurocrats could be trying to overcome this problem by fragmenting the country into its constituent parts in order to absorb it more easily; a bit like a washer-up breaking a large lump of potato into smaller bits with their fingers to force it down a kitchen sink plughole. If Scotland leaves the Union then Wales will probably demand the same option, possibly with the same willingness to cooperate with the EU agenda. My own uncle is still a Welsh nationalist who describes himself today as a "federalist", who wants to see an "independent" Wales as an "active member state" the EU. This will leave only England and possibly Northern Ireland, a much more lightweight opponent than a united Euro-sceptic Britain. As Nigel Farage of UKIP says, if they vote yes then the Scots will be swapping their foreign rulers in London for others in Brussels. I'm not a UKIP supporter, or a patriot of the United Kingdom, but I think the reality of the situation behoves us not to play along with any games designed to break down a major force of anti-EU resistance, whether you feel personal loyalty to it or not.

Tuesday 26 November 2013

Sylvia Browne Dies

The celebrity medium, spiritual author and veteran psychic detective, Sylvia Browne, died last Wednesday, see: Her death, from a stroke at the age of 77, has been greeted with mixed feelings. The world of Spiritualism will be mourning the loss of one of their biggest superstars, for instance see: However the Skeptics of the world are not weeping. Their feelings are well summed up by the Skeptic radio show host Rebecca Watson, see: Sylvia Browne was born in Kansas City, Missouri, USA in 1936 and relates that she had paranormal visions from early childhood. Her grandmother was a psychic medium and helped her make sense of them. Her great-uncle was also supposedly interested in UFO's, and this must have been long before the modern popular era of UFO's began. She has written dozens of books on Spiritualism and the paranormal, and also one in 2007 that I've read about secret societies. She has many times been a guest on paranormal TV and radio shows, like Coast to Coat AM. However her media career has also penetrated the mainstream very deeply and she had a regular shot on Larry King Live and The Montel Williams Show. When appearing on these programmes she made several huge blunders; or thoughtless lies, depending on your point of view. Two were particularly disastrous and these related to the missing children Shawn Hornback and Amanda Berry. In both cases she told the youngsters' parents, who were sitting in the studio audience, that their children were dead. However Sean was found alive in 2007 and Amanda was in 2013. She and her husband were also convicted of fraud at once point.

I think the Skeptics' hatred of Sylvia Browne comes from their general view of psychics, that they are all charlatans who use cold reading techniques and deception to heartlessly exploit grieving families. No doubt they are sometimes correct, but not all the time, as they claim they are; what's more sometimes even the courts disprove the Skeptics, see: If Sylvia had lived the life of an ordinary medium, working the churches and occasionally appearing on specialist paranormal TV programmes then she would never have become the figure of loathing that she was. She would also have been a lot less rich... as well as expensive; several hundred dollars for a consultation. In this way she was a victim of her own success. If you agree with me, that some psychic mediums are real, then obviously they're still going to make mistakes and if Sylvia was really clairvoyant then she was no exception. The problem was that her fame and the level of publicity she'd achieved meant that her mistakes had far more terrible consequences. She was allowed access to some very high-profile mysteries that other mediums would not have been permitted to touch. She unfortunately lacked the professionalism that would make others hesitate to get involved. The media used her as much as she used them and the producers of Montel and Larry King should share the blame for the debacles that resulted. And of course the end result was that genuine paranormal investigation has been given a bad name. Of course, the next step in the Sylvia Browne story is to see if she pops back. I'll be curious to find out if any other mediums channel her soon. 

Monday 25 November 2013

"Clare's Law"- Feminist Snoopers' Charter

It's strange how similar stories emerge at the same time. Only yesterday it was revealed that a school was threatening to accuse eight year old children of being racists, see: Today we have yet another feminist attempt to vilify men, see: Given the schmaltzy nickname of "Clare's Law", this new legislation allows women to use state surveillance powers to monitor their male partners. It is named after Clare Wood, a woman who was strangled by her boyfriend in 2009. I'm guessing that the law doesn't work the other way round and therefore if a man is at risk of getting murdered by his girlfriend then it just tough excrement; he deserves it anyway for being born male. The Government has decided that in future "wimm-inn" should be protected from the naturally violent and homicidal nature of men... and as an aside the state gets to pilot its Big Brother schemes that encourage people to spy on their neighbours and denounce them to the relevant authorities.

I've covered the dangers of feminism before in more detail, see: It is essentially a psychological warfare attack on all of us, women and men. Its origins can be found in the cultural Marxist and psychoanalytic movements of the early 20th century. In 1920 Edward L Bernays, the nephew of Sigmund Freud famously made it cool for women to smoke through his use of psychological science in marketing and advertising, when it had previously been taboo for a woman to smoke; this excellent documentary covers the subject in detail, see: Red Ice Radio have also recently done a series of outstanding interviews on the subject, for example see: Of all the New World Order mind games in progress at the moment, feminism is probably the one that scares me the most. This is because it is presented to us as something good; is there really anybody who doesn't support rights for women? The delusive spell feminism casts over us is very difficult to break, in fact anybody who criticizes it, like me, will be immediately accused of being nothing more than a frustrated male chauvinist who wants to turn back the clock and send women "back to the kitchen where they belong!" Anybody who knows me will immediately see that this is a completely false accusation. Also I'm going to be accused of not caring about Clare Wood's murder. Again this is totally wrong. I do care, but I just wish to point out that Clare Wood is not a woman who was killed, she is a human being who was killed, and that's how the case should be treated. Actually I think it's pretty sick to exploit her memory the way it has been, as a dead poster-girl, a martyr for the New World Order. This website provides an excellent resource for anybody interested in the feminism scam, see: Also this book The War on Men by a female author, Suzanne Venker, see:

School calls 8-year olds "Racist"

A school headmistress has sent a letter to the parents of eight-year-old pupils warning them that they might be branded "racist", see:

The letter from Lynn Small, headmistress of Littleton Green Community School in Huntington, Staffordshire, gives advance notice to parents of an upcoming school trip, which the parents have to contribute $5 each towards, to an exhibition of Islamic religious artefacts. This is normal practice for a child's religious education and I attended a few like that when I was at school, quite a few years ago now. The terrible thing is where in the letter the teacher warns that a "Racial Discrimination Note" will be attached to the child's school report if they refuse to go along. Mrs Small has since apologized and withdrawn the letter, but my concern is that such a thing as a "Racial Discrimination Note" even exists! This was something that definitely was absent from my own days at school. I've written before about how there seems to be a psychological warfare attack, literally, against the population through the demonization of white people, heterosexuals and males, see: This originates from cultural Marxist think tanks like the Frankfurt School and the Fabian Society. Nowadays this includes Common Purpose; Mrs Small is not on the list of graduates, but it's possible she has had to go through a "teacher training course" with somebody who is, see: This is the first time I've heard of one of these psychological attacks being launched at those so young. It shouldn't surprise me; the focus of psy-ops has always been the young. This was certainly my own experience with my daughter at school, see: The prospective citizens of New World Order are today's youth. If they can be conditioned at an early age to feel guilty of Thoughtcrime then they will not need to be reeducated as adults with all those troublesome memories of happier times in the past. This was what gave Winston Smith in George Orwell's 1984 a foundation for his own free thought rebellion. It is essential we protect our children from this kind of nasty brainwashing and I'm glad the parents are making a stand. However a lot of this resistance has taken on the tone of the anti-immigration lobby and that is a mistake, see: When bursting our kids out of one prison cell, we must be careful to avoid leading them straight into another.

Saturday 23 November 2013

Woolwich "Killers"' Secret Trial

A few days ago the UK Government debated the introduction of secret trials into British law, see: The bill is currently passing through the House of Lords. However, a semi-secret trial has already begun, that of Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale. The pair are accused of murdering Lee Rigby on the streets of Woolwich in May of this year. The BBC, Sky News, The Daily Telegraph and The Independent- so-called, and The Guardian make no mention of it. It's not a total black-out though because The Metro has it, see: This means there has not been an official D-Notice. Presumably the BNP and EDL got their information on the trial date and location from... somebody. The BNP's own coverage not only pushes their particular brand of hysterical Islamophobia, it completely fails to even consider the very dubious elements of the Lee Rigby murder which abound throughout the case, see: In truth, there is good reason to be suspicious and wonder whether the incident was all that it appears to be.

Why is the media's coverage of this trial so thin? You'd think it would be on front pages everywhere. It may be because there's some question over the suspects which might emerge in court that is related to the very concerns I bring up. I'd ask anybody who does find out that the trial is in progress and wishes to protest, then don't fall into the same trap as the BNP. I have no doubt that Lee Rigby is sadly dead. My guess is he was executed in secret on a military base. We owe it to his wife, child and parents to get to the truth of what really happened to him. Also to expose those who perpetrated both his murder and the massive fraud connected with it. When they are in court, their trial will definitely not be secret.

Thursday 21 November 2013

China relaxes One Child Policy

China has relaxed its controversial One Child Policy. This was a piece of legislation introduced in the late 1970's when the government was very hardline Maoist, see: It was intended to try to curb the rapid growth of China's already huge population, almost a quarter of the entire world's. The policy has caused a lot of suffering, a whole generation of children for whom brothers and sisters are an alien concept. Having an unlicensed second child can result in a heavy fine and many couples perform late-term abortions and even infanticide in order to avoid a second child. Girls are killed more than boys because the Policy sometimes permits extra boys. This has resulted in a gender imbalance in that generation. BBC News interviewed an American human rights activist who is pleased at the Chinese Government's decision. The newsreader asked him: "But surely something must be done about China's population levels." He bravely responded: "The ends do not justify the means." The ends do not justify the means. It's very rare to hear those words nowadays. According to the Machiavellian social Darwinist mainstream there is no depravity we cannot stoop to if it is necessary for some end; and it doesn't need to be a particularly necessary end, just one the government tell us they want, like more oil fields. I bet Bill Gates is hopping mad at the news from China and David Attenborough is kicking his pet gorillas in temper. God knows what Mark Lynas and the other New Greens are doing to vent their rage. The world is not overpopulated, as I've said before, see: Local overpopulation does exist in some places and this is indeed a problem in some regions of China. But it's not caused by a lack of space; if you look at a population density chart of China you'll see that nearly all it's 1.5 plus billion people are squeezed into one corner of the country. There are other ways to solve that problem than killing babies.

Wednesday 20 November 2013

Linguicide in the Black Country

A school in Cradley Heath, West Midlands has imposed a ban on speaking the Black Country dialect in class, see:
Maybe it's because I'm a Welshman that I find this action so malevolent. My own ancestral Celtic language almost died out several times in the last few centuries; today Welsh is now happily thriving for the first time in over two hundred years with almost a million speakers, and booming art and cultural heritage media. However my great uncle and aunt in the Netherlands spoke an isolated Dutch-Platt dialect called Groesbeeks and they were among the last ever speakers of it; when they died, it died with them. Of all the tales of Illuminati infamy, linguistic genocide is not one you'll hear mentioned very often. Maybe it's because people see language as nothing more than a tool for communication, with one being very much like the other. All are interchangeable and disposable and wouldn't it be ideal if we all spoke just one, stop all this inconvenient messing about with translation? But a language is more than that, it's a unique landscape of human experience and thought. People who speak different languages literally think differently. This is why languages often borrow words from each other when they want to describe a concept that has no word itself that fits. German and Japanese in particular contain many words that have no English equivalent. The German Heimat means "home", "home country", "dream location" and "place of origin". The Japanese word Komorebi means what sunshine looks like when seen through the leaves of a tree. The Italian Lalochezia means "gaining emotional relief by using foul language". Only a native speaker of these languages can truly understand these ideas properly and when the last native speaker of a language dies then the idea is lost, forever, and we can never get it back no matter what we do.   

There are currently about seven thousand languages and distinct dialects spoken in the world today, but only three hundred years ago there were about twenty-two thousand. This means over two thirds of the languages in the world have died since then. Today over ninety-nine percent of the world's population speak only the top one hundred of the seven thousand remaining. We are facing a massive cull in human linguistics. Within a specific geographical language sphere, like England, we also see less and less variation in speech. The classic Yorkshire dialect is all but gone. I was in Yorkshire last weekend and heard nobody speaking it; and this is a pattern we see repeated across the country. This is totally in line with the New World Order agenda to impose uniformity on the people. They'll have us all speaking the same language which they'll then downgrade into a degenerate shadow of its natural self through engineering and political correctness; Orwell's Newspeak. What's more another story has come to my attention along the very same lines. A teacher in Berkshire with a Cumbrian twang has been told to tone it down, to "sound more southern": Why are all the languages of the world dying out? In some cases the people who speak it simple disappear; this is certainly the case with the American Indians and Australian Aborigines. However the killing of a language is often more subtle and insidious than that; people simply change their speaking habits over a long period of time. Generation by generation they bow to social pressures that make speaking one particular language, dialect or accent advantageous over another; this is how Welsh, Gaelic, Manx and other minority tongues in the British Isles declined. The solution is to expose those who create the social norms which cause people to make subconscious decisions like that. But also we have to understand that the decision is still our own. We can be aware of exactly what is being done to us and defy it. We can enjoy our uniqueness and our independence, relish our differences. Language is always evolving and changing naturally despite the attempts to cage it. Synchronistically, the same week the above news stories came out, the Oxford English Dictionary has just added a series of new words to its pages. A selfie is a photograph of you that you take yourself using an electronic device and share it on social networks. Schmeat is artificial meat substitute like Quorn and to twerk means to dance in a sexually provocative manner, see: The author K David Harrison has written a book and made a movie called The Last Speakers, where he travels the world meeting the last native speakers of languages and trying to record their speech, see: I wish him luck. Nijmegen University have also completed a dictionary and grammar of Groesbeeks, see: Maybe we can awaken to the urgency of this mission and save the remaining languages of this world before it's too late and we realize how "doubleplus ungood" things are without them. 

Monday 18 November 2013

Southampton Water Hum

People living near Southampton Water on the south coast of Hampshire, between the mainland and the Isle of Wight, have been complaining of being disturbed by a strange noise coming from the direction of the sea. This has been going on for several months now. The low frequency "droning" has no apparent source, but the Environment Agency says it's probably fish mating, see: Other theories are industrial processes, aircraft and power cables. It's difficult to know for sure because low frequency sound can travel a long way, especially through the oceans. The local council have tried to record the sound but have not been able to, although many people can hear it.

This sounds like another case of "The Hum", a phenomenon first noticed in the 1940's, but it became a major problem in the 70's. It's been found in many locations across the world; I first read about it in Janet and Colin Bord's Modern Mysteries of Britain. It is a low level, deep humming or warbling sound that is persistent, continuous and unvarying, here's a description from a sufferer: Some people find it very irritating and it can cause them to lose sleep or concentration. Despite the fact that it cannot be recorded onto tape or any other artificial medium many people maintain that they can hear it very distinctly. It seems to strike certain geographic locations at particular times. The theories proposed are: oceanic currents, very deep earthquakes, auditory hallucinations and tinnitus- a medical condition that causes ringing in the ears. Because it can only be detected by human ears, I think the Hum is more likely to be some kind of electromagnetic interference in the nervous system. In some instances radio waves directed to stimulate the auditory nerves can be interpreted as sound by the brain, in fact this mechanism forms the basis of the latest generation of hearing aids for the deaf, see: Some theorists have blamed power lines, in fact this was mentioned in the Bord's book. Could it also be a product of ELF- extremely low frequency radio? ELF transmitters have been used by governments for many decades to communicate with submarines. Also it may be related to HAARP, see: Something to look out for in the Southampton Water area is whales and dolphins beaching. This distressing occurrence often accompanies disturbances in the electromagnetic field of the Earth, whether from natural or man-made sources. Active sonar, sound waves broadcast underwater, can also have this deadly effect. Have there been any unusual activity in the region, like naval ships and aircraft carrying out frequent manoeuvres?

Sunday 17 November 2013

Man killed by David Icke "Obsession"

This article appeared in the Daily Mirror on Saturday, see:

Personally I think it’s pretty nasty to use somebody’s tragedy as an excuse for a smear campaign against David Icke. Anybody who knows the first thing about David’s ideas will understand immediately that wherever that unfortunate young man got the idea to do what he did, it can’t have been from David. The article admits that Luke had other books on his shelf besides David’s; this hardly constitutes an “obsession”. Add to that things David said and did over twenty-two years ago and you have a classic lying hit piece. David does bring up the subject of astral projection in his books sometimes, but it’s just one of thousands of other subjects he discusses. Although it’s true that people with hypothermia can suffer from spontaneous out-of-body experiences, no spiritual practitioner would ever suggest inducing it deliberately for that purpose; and David would definitely warn against it. There are plenty of other methods which are far safer. I'm frankly suspicious that this article, about something which happened six months ago, has come out so soon after The launch of The People's Voice.   

Thursday 14 November 2013

This Man

Have you ever dreamt of this man?

This story has been doing the rounds on the Net for a while now. In 2006 a New York psychologist reported that one of his patients was having recurring dreams about a man she had never met and assured she did not know in her normal waking life. Since then many other people involved in dream analysis workshops have been relating independently that they encounter this same man too. He is described as having a round face, thin lips, a high hairline and very bushy eyebrows; his dress style changes regularly. In 2009 this website was established, including an artist’s impression of the individual, see: He has been spotted by sleepers all around the world, from the USA, to Russia, to India to Thailand. The website contains a free download to print off, a kind of “wanted poster” in a dozen different languages; one that you can display in your local area in case other people have seen him too. I myself have never seen him in my dreams, but if I do I’ll let you know. The role This Man plays in people’s dreams is extremely varied; for one female dreamer he is very romantic and she fell in love with him, in another he helped somebody who is lost in a deserted shopping centre find their way out, in another he is dressed as Santa Claus! The most interesting case is one from Brazil in which he warns his dreamer of an impending nuclear disaster in the United States. He also claims to be the father of another dreamer. Informational exchanges on This Man have gone viral, see:

So who is This Man? There are several theories, including that he is the Devil, or an angel of God; or that he is simply an arbitrary form that many people have latched onto after an initial coincidental cluster. No doubt there has to be some truth in the last idea; for example, I just told you I’ve never dreamt of This Man myself before, but now I’ve heard about him and have written an article about him I may well dream of him simply because I’ve heard of him and written about him. Of course there will be many other people for whom the same happens and so it will therefore become increasingly difficult, if not impossible, to separate real This Man encounters from “copycat” ones. The Skeptics have naturally discredited the entire phenomenon as a hoax; they claim that This Man is simply a guerrilla marketing venture from Italy. It was launched for an upcoming film by the famous American director Bryan Bertino entitled This Man. The problem with Skeptics is that they often fall for what I call “CTCS- the Conveniently-Told Confession Story”. Whenever some kind of conspiratorial, paranormal or spiritual occurrence emerges you can bet somebody out there will simply turn in a circle, touch their nose three times and then hold their hand up and say: “It’s OK, guys! I faked it!”. When this happens Skeptics will tend to believe them without any further question or analysis. The cry will simply go out: “Case closed! Mystery solved!” and they will discuss it no further. Two recent examples are the Oliver’s Castle Crop Circle film, see:, and Bob Gimlin, see: I suspect that this website may well be nothing more than another Skeptic CTCS, see: This article was posted at least three years ago and provides a few sources for its information; a link to Bryan Bertino’s IMDB entry as well as the website for his studio, Ghost House Pictures. The problem is that This Man has been around for a very long time now, since at least 2009, yet Bryan Bertino’s film of that title has never been produced, in fact Bertino is best known for the 2008 horror film The Strangers and he is currently in post-production of a new movie called Mockingbird, see: I checked out the website of Ghost House Pictures, but it is simply an address card, see: This would not be the case if the studio was active and working. It’s possible that Bertino may have at one point begun scripting and production design for the film the Skeptics’ page said he did, but if so then the project must have been swiftly abandoned. In fact there is very little evidence indeed linking Bertino directly to This Man; here’s the only article I could find, which is dated 2010, see: In which case why is the This Man website still up? Why are people still talking about it?

Could This Man be real? In which case who is he? To answer that question we will have to explore the whole subject of dreams. Dreams are thoughts, emotions and images that people, as well as many other animals, experience while asleep. They are indicated by REM- Rapid Eye Movements, during periods of sleep which are accompanied by massive electrical activity in the brain. Dreams can be far more vivid and lucid than waking thoughts and are sometimes indistinguishable from normal awake conscious existence, hence phrases like: “pinch yourself to check and see if you’re dreaming”. Nobody knows for sure why dreams occur, but they seem to be essential for brain function. Deprive a person of REM sleep for a few nights and they’ll quickly become seriously ill. There are many theories of what dreams are. There are theories that they can predict future events, as with Moses in the Bible; also the author and researcher Anthony Peake has explored this theory, see: The father of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud, thought that they give clues to the subconscious thoughts and desires of the mind. His colleague Carl Jung thought that they were far more than just the inner workings of individual minds and saw them as connections to the “collective unconscious”, a mental process that links all minds together at a higher level. He called symbols in dreams “archetypes”; this is very interesting indeed because the website suggests that This Man is some kind of emergent Jungian archetype. Is it possible that the altered state of consciousness that occurs in our minds during dreaming contains psychic potential? I know many people who profess regular extra-sensory or precognitive dreams and this remain a legitimate field of research despite protests to the contrary, see: In light of this information, what is This Man? Could he be a manifestation of some kind of other dimensional intelligence which is normally beyond conscious perception? He may be trying to make contact with humanity by installing himself into the dreams of various people, the same way scientists are currently trying to communicate with dolphins and whales by lowering hydrophones, underwater loudspeakers and microphones, into the sea. If so what is This Man and what does he want? He seems to have a widely diverging set of motives. For some people he is benevolent and friendly, for others he is frightening and intimidating. This may be because our minds and his are not yet in tune; I often wonder what the dolphins make of our crude attempts to say “good morning”. One thing that seems to be certain is that he is a fairly recent arrival in the human dreamscape and it may take some time for us to understand what he wants and what he is saying to us.

Wednesday 13 November 2013

Energy Price Rises

I’ve been informed by my electricity provider that they are raising their prices by 8%. This will raise my personal cost of living by at least two pounds a week; and this is just one of the price increases for the basics of civilized life that have squeezed my income down to a point where I wonder whether I’ll cope, and I’m one of the lucky ones. I don’t have any dependent children and I have a regular self-employed job. Unbelievably, energy prices have doubled in the last twenty years. And the governemnts are bringing in fracking and pretending it’s a solution, see:

The letter was curt, professional and unapologetic. “We know this news will be unwelcome to you…” it said. The reasons it stated for this new instalment of the chronic robbery of the British people were threefold: Firstly, the cost of implementing Government policies designed to make the system more “energy efficient”, Carbon Tax and emission regulations in other words. Secondly, the National Grid requires major repair and upgrade, this includes smart meters. Thirdly, the price of energy remains “volatile in an increasing number of key markets”. These three points translate as a pointless and abusive fee for our own deception and imprisonment. Carbon Tax is based on a fraud intended to justify the New World Order, see: Carbon dioxide gas, or Carbon™ as it has been… and it’s no exaggeration to use this term, rebranded, is completely harmless. Smart meters are devices emitting dangerous radiation, and they will broadcast your private and personal energy usage habits to anybody with a decoder who can pick it up. They’re unnecessary, expensive and damaging. Energy prices are always volatile because they’re run by an outer echelon of greedy oil companies and an inner party of Illuminati controllers who want to build a global totalitarian state. With this objective in mind they have supressed and classified zero point energy sources that could free the world, end all poverty and environmental destruction, see: Ustane has had the very same letter, with her own name substituted for my landlord’s of course. To her credit she has phoned up the energy company and spoken to somebody, raising some of these issues. The person on the other end of the phone had an immediate response for her, which is curious; it suggests that many other people have been phoning the company to complain about the very same subjects. This is encouraging! There is also a backlash from some politicians and consumer groups against the price hike, see: We have reason to be hopeful, but any permanent solution to this state-sponsored theft has to take into account the issues I bring up in this article.

Monday 11 November 2013

Ben Emlyn-Jones on Enemy Within Radio 5

I have been interviewed again on Enemy Within Radio with Thomas Barnes, see:

I appear in the second half of the programme and subjects discussed include, the "Marine A" killing, the death of Osama bin Laden, Intel agents in the EDL and Muslim groups, and false flag terrorist attacks. See here for my previous appearance on Enemy Within Radio, see:

Sunday 10 November 2013

"Marine A"

A Royal Marine has been convicted of murdering a prisoner-of-war while fighting in Afghanistan. The man, known only as "Marine A" was sentenced to life imprisonment at a Court Martial after a recording of the event was found, see: This case gives me a lot of mixed feelings and I've changed my mind several times over it. Of course, as you'll expect, I originally challenged the Military Religious sentiments that emerged after his conviction, and any calls for leniency based on the simple fact that he happens to be in the armed forces; although there are those who have in fact made that special plea, see: His defenders suggest that he be imprisoned for five years instead of life. However I find it ironic that the originators of the War on Terror, the Western authorities like David Cameron's UK Government, are the prosecutors who have accused, charged, tried and convicted Marine A. What right do they have to such moral high ground? This incident has put me in a cynical mood. Perhaps Marine A should not have his jail sentence reduced to five years at all; in fact I'm thinking: should he be acquitted? If he were acquitted at least it would be a refreshing statement of honesty; we wouldn't be faced with this grotesque double standard. Why should Marine A be condemned for simply emulating official Crown policy under his own initiative? In fact I wonder if he would have taken a gun to an unarmed woman of child; I hope not. If so then this puts him ethically head and shoulders over the war-makers who would be willing to do so and do on numerous occasions. The Western Neocon governments have made a decision to wage war in Afghanistan, to kill people so that an oil company can drive a pipeline through their village. If you make that decision then it's hypocritical to shilly-shally about it; either wade in there guns blazing and slaughter every one of the subhuman motherfuckers you can train your sights on... or decide not to go to war at all. Choose! 

Saturday 9 November 2013

Rothamsted Update

The event ended relatively peacefully and the trials at the plant sciences laboratory are unfortunately continuing. Here's a debate on Newsnight about it, see: Yet the tide against GM food has not yet turned; it's still very unpopular with consumers. The reason there are so many attempts to allow GM food to be exempt from labelling is because the manufacturers know very well that if it is labelled "contains genetically modified organisms" it will just rot on the shelves. See here for original article: Strangely many voices of support for GM crops are from the hardline edge of the environmental movement, people like Mark Lynas, who has also come to support nuclear power, see: The "New Green" type character has become more and more common in recent years; it includes George Monbiot, Bill Gates, David Attenborough and the many others who want to reduce the world's population, see: Perhaps the agenda behind GMO's is to help with that! See: The apparent "reckless" behaviour of those conducting an experiment in which the human beings of the world are the guinea pigs may not be reckless at all; it may be completely cold and calculated, see:

Friday 8 November 2013

Banning the Burka

The issue of the burka has once again entered the news because a suspected Muslim terrorist has fled custody by disguising himself in a burka. Mohammed Ahmed Mohammed (now there's a sinister name for you!) was under a TPIM-Terrorism Prevention and Investigation Measure in which he was allowed to walk freely under certain conditions, such as wearing an electronic tag, reporting his whereabouts every day and being accompanied by police minders. Mohammed managed to abscond from his TPIM by cutting off his tag and leaving the mosque dressed in a burka, see: How he evaded CCTV in Acton, London after that has not been explained. This case actually sounds really funny to me; it reminds me of Billy Wilder's classic comedy film Some Like it Hot, see: Personally I doubt very much if Mohammed Evil al-Turban, or whatever his name is, even exists. If the British Intelligence services can fake the murder of a man on the streets of Woolwich, see: and:, then they can certainly fake a terrorist-on-the-loose scare. However, whether the story is true or false, the call has gone out again for the burka to be banned as a result, and that this has caused another upsurge of anti-Muslim and anti-immigration hysteria, for example see:

The burka, niqab, or burqa, is a long dress with full sleeves, a hood and veil that completely covers the body of the wearer except for their hands and eyes. It is traditionally worn by women in some Middle Eastern cultures and has become more popular in the UK in recent years, mostly among recent immigrants. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not a part of traditional Islam. It is not mentioned in the Holy Quran at all and was not worn by any Muslims for the first thousand years after Mohammed’s life. The anti-Muslim lobby should ask themselves how bellydance could have emerged in a part of the world in which women were forced to wear burkas since the 7th Century. The Quran talks about how God wants us all to dress modestly, but this probably means just something like long trousers, sleeves or skirts, not a whole body covering. What’s more this commandment applies equally to both genders and there are no exceptional provisions for women. The burka was actually invented in the 16th Century by the Caliphs of Baghdad and was designed to shield the bodies of his family from the envious and resentful eyes of their “social inferiors” on the city streets. Therefore, far from being a stigma, a brand of submission and humiliation, the burka is really a status-symbol of nobility. And also, believe it or not, it was intended to be worn by both men and women! The Caliph and his sons wore it as well as his wives and daughters. Therefore technically I could wear one if I wanted to. Do you think it would suit me?

A recent poll claimed that 80% of British people would like to see the burka banned in public places, what's more they're already banned in France. Women wearing burkas have reported being shouted at and sometimes even assaulted on the streets in Britain; news stories like the one above will no doubt contribute to these crimes. The justification for the ban is not only one of security; it's also the notion that the burka represents a form of imprisonment, like a shackle or pillory, designed to oppress women and keep them in their “proper place” as inferiors to men. In several countries ruled by Muslim theocracies, Saudi Arabia for instance, women are forced by law to wear them and can be publicly birched for flouting that law. I wonder therefore why the UK is so keen to assert women's rights here at home while treating Saudi Arabia as an ally and business partner when abroad. Most women outside Muslim theocracies wear the burka out of their own free choice and they took to the streets to protest when the ban was introduced in France. They didn’t take kindly to the government patronizing them; nor do I. Imposing any kind of dress code or uniform on a public highway is a very serious matter indeed, and I said this too during the attempt to restrict the wearing of hoodies in 2005. It's the thin end of a very dangerous wedge, as I describe in this HPANWO TV film, see: The right to wear whatever you like on public streets is a fundamental human right I think; I would even repeal the law against public nudity, although the British climate tends to make any enforcement academic anyway. Is the Government planning to make all us wear colour-coded uniforms like the people in Aldous Huxley's Brave New World? It wouldn't surprise me, but how would they manage to get public support for such an agenda?... Clearly if it could be promoted as necessary for security or protecting women's rights; Problem-Reaction-Solution. You might think that a ban on just one particular kind of dress is a long way from Alphas in red- Gammas in green etc, but the burka ban sets a legal precedent that could be built upon by those who do want Brave New World uniforms and that's worrying. It is important that we don't let ourselves be fooled into forging our own shackles.

Thursday 7 November 2013

Consciousness Beyond the Individual

"Extraordinary claims require extraordinary explanations." said Dr Stephen Law in his opening address; I've noticed that Skeptics like to reuse witticisms until long after they become cliches. Amazingly they still sometimes get a laugh off them. I was waiting for him to say: "It's good to be open-minded, but not so open-minded your brain falls out", but to his credit, Law resisted that temptation. Wherever Carl Sagan's daemon is in the Spiritworld, it's probably seeking a good copyright lawyer. I was in the audience at an event called Consciousness Beyond the Individual organized by the Journal of Wild Culture, see: The subject matter under discussion was whether our experience of self-awareness is limited to individual physical brain function, or is some other process involved?

This is not a new question, in fact it's one of the oldest in the world. It appears in some of the most ancient written records man has published and was most likely a common campfire conundrum in prehistoric times. Where does the sense of "I" come from? The notion that a person knows they exist and can sense their own presence in the universe. It raises paradoxical questions like: "Did you have any sense of self before you existed?"; this was actually posed to me by another audience member. We also have to ask what else has consciousness apart from a human? Do other animal species also have it? Do plants? Do very advanced computers? The event took place at the Swedenborg Hall in the West End of London, see: Emmanuel Swedenborg was a mystical philosopher and theologian; as his name suggests, he was Swedish, and the question of consciousness was one he addressed strongly in his work. The event was a debate between three Skeptics and three... what do I call them?... believers?... Already we're faced once more with this subroutine of working out exactly what a "Skeptic" is; I address this in detail here, see: For the convenience of this article let's define a Skeptic as simply somebody who thinks the answer to the question of consciousness is materialism, that it can be found in the function of the physical brain. It is produced by electrical brain activity and is dependent on it; it begins once the brain is developed enough to function and ends forever at the point of death when the brain stops functioning. The three Skeptics were Jane Aspell, a cognitive neuroscientist from Ruskin University (Not to be confused with Ruskin College, Oxford). The aforementioned Stephen Law is a philosophy lecturer and editor of the Philosophical journal Think; he has had dealings with HPANWO before, see: The third member in the Skeptic corner was Deborah Hyde who has also featured in a HPANWO report previously, see: On the "believers" side... again this is a term I'm using for expediency alone, was somebody HPANWO Radio-listeners will be very familiar with, Anthony Peake, see: He was accompanied by Raymond Tallis, a doctor, neuroscientist and poet, the perfect answer to any Skeptic who dares to suggest that the only people who disagree with materialism are not scientifically qualified to study the brain. The last in the line up was a man called Graham Nicholls who has experienced multiple out-of-body states; he has written about them and studied them extensively.

The debate began with a six-minute statement from each speaker. Jane Aspell explained from that start that she is a materialist; she is absolutely convinced that all mental states can be simply explained by the shuffling of electrochemicals in the neuropile. Deborah Hyde agreed, despite the fact that she herself has experienced many astral states, including an OBE where she saw her dead mother, and her many periods of sleep paralysis (I myself have experienced sleep paralysis and must write some more about that at another time). She thinks that these various altered states, including the Near-Death Experience, are connected and all related to different types of brain states. Raymond Tallis begged to differ and described himself as "more sceptic than the Skeptics". For him, one doesn't need to dig down to the esoterica of NDE's and OBE's to find amazing and incomprehensible facts; the very act of looking at and thinking about an object beyond oneself, like the glass on the table in front of him, should theoretically not be possible in the universe we live in. Anthony Peake agreed with Tallis, but he additionally pointed out some of the flaws in materialistic logic. Obviously when one person sees something and nobody else does that makes it easy to dismiss it as a "hallucination" for that reason, yet when two people see it the Skeptics dismiss it as a folie a deux- "madness shared by two"; when a group of people see it then it's called a "mass delusion". What Anthony was actually describing is a common fallacy, as well as method of distortion and suppression called "raising of the bar", and unfortunately many Skeptics use it, as I describe in the link above to my HPANWO Radio Skeptic special and also this HPANWO Forum thread, see: Graham Nicholls has had OBE's since the age of twelve, including ones when he's awake. He has recorded the details and done several experiments to find out if they can be verified by other people, in a similar vein to Robert Monroe, see:

The reason this subject has become more and more popular in recent years is because of the enormous progress neuroscience made has over the course of the 20th century, and so far in the 21st century too. The materialistic theory of consciousness may well date back to when a caveman first cracked open the skull of a dead body with a stone axe and looked at what lay within, yet in recent years this three-pound walnut-shaped blob of flesh inside our heads has been thoroughly examined and many of its workings identified. The original hope was that this campaign of research would eventually lead to the discovery of the "I-module" or the organ in the brain which has specifically evolved to produce consciousness. This organ has never been found, and Skeptics have had to take an entirely different course to uphold their theory. For example the Skeptic Daniel Dennett has even doubted the existence of consciousness at all and that it is merely an illusion; "in which case who writes his books?" quipped Anthony. See here for Dennett's hypothesis in his own words: The Skeptic end of the stage thought the way forward was simply to do better neuroscience of the conventional and established kind, however Anthony and his two comrades are proposing an entirely fresh approach to resolve this impasse caused by what Tallis called quite frankly the "limitations of neuroscience". The Skeptics are convinced that there is not enough evidence to justify any fresh approach, and even that such evidence is "non-existent" as Jane Aspell said. Stephen Law said that all reports of psi- psychic phenomena, are anecdotal; they're nothing more than an unsubstantiated fable that one person tells another. Graham Nicholls strongly disagreed; properly-controlled scientific experiments have been done and have yielded positive results. When the Q and A session began a man spoke from the audience who I later discovered directed this film: He's producing a new movie about the evidence for the afterlife. Anthony Peake has his own unique ideas about what the afterlife entails, as you'll hear if you listen to his interview above; oddly enough he shares a lot of the Skeptics' misgivings over NDE's. This has attracted a lot of flak from the more mainstream non-Skeptic NDE research community as well as the Skeptics themselves. As Anthony puts it himself, he's on a bridge being shot at from both sides. When my turn came to put my hand up I asked what effect a generally-accepted revelation of this information would have on human culture. None of the speakers answered me in detail; to be fair, it is a big subject. My own concern is that the various psychological think tanks which assess every new invention and discovery for its impact on society may well already know that the afterlife exists and could be perpetrating a cover-up; I'll have to speak about this in more detail in another article.

The debate lasted two hours, but it felt like half that time. I'm very grateful to all the organizers and to all the speakers for coming along, especially Anthony Peake. It was an interesting evening, but also a very strange one. I was supposed to meet my good friend and fellow researcher Heidi King earlier in the afternoon, but through a bizarre misunderstanding we went to two different places. We agreed to meet at a branch of Caffe Nero, but not the same one! After we both waited for ages in both wrong places, we headed for the venue independently, wondering if the other was coming after all. Luckily we met up there and explained. Maybe part of the problem is that there are too many Caffe Neros in the land, but could something more be going on? I'm not an enthusiast for astrology, but Ustane is and she made me aware a while ago that the planet Mercury was reversing its direction on the celestial sphere, it's called "retrograde Mercury". Astrologers say that the effects of a retrograde Mercury are problems with communication, arrangments and technical breakdowns, especially with electronics and telephones. I didn't take this seriously when Ustane first told me this, but since the Mercury retrograde began on the 21st of last month I have indeed had a number of difficulties in those areas. My latest film Notts Roswell wouldn't upload properly at Ustane's place and I had to wait until I get home to do it, see:, then a HPANWO Radio show crashed, see: When I did a test show on the station the following day to find out what went wrong the system completely messed up Ustane's computer, forcing me to carry out a system restore on it which took all morning. This has led to me permanently changing my HPANWO Radio schedule. Could this evening's mix-up with Heidi be a part of that same Mercury retrograde? If so then I'm glad to say it ends soon, on the tenth, see:

Monday 4 November 2013

The Mysterious Death of Elisa Lam

This tragic and disturbing case has come to my attention, see: Elisa Lam was a young student from Vancouver, Canada who in February 2013 decided to stay in the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles; there she died in mysterious circumstances. Apparently nobody knows for sure why she was in the city of Los Angeles in the first place, which seems very peculiar. This hotel was built in 1927 for the purposes of upmarket business accommodation, but after the decline of the "Downtown" area it became a budget hotel with many long-term residents. It has developed a dark reputation though because of the unusually high number of murders and suicides that have taken place there. It's also been the home of two serial killers, which is a massive statistical aberration. The hotel nevertheless sports a very glossy house website which gives no hint of its gruesome history, see: Elisa Lam was reported missing on the first of February and the hotel was searched thoroughly by police using sniffer dogs. Her body was found three weeks later in a water tank on the hotel roof; a maintenance man made the discovery after guests complained of plumbing malfunctions. It's nauseating to think that people were drinking and showering in the water surrounding her body for all that time. The coroner ruled that she died by drowning and her death is being treated as "suspicious", but that it was probably suicide; although she has no record of depression or mental illness. However it's quite a mystery how she had ended up in the tank because there is no opening big enough to admit a human body and the lid of the tank is extremely difficult to remove. Firemen recovering the body had to saw the tank open and drain it first. It's also a twelve foot climb just to get onto the top of the tank, that is even if you can open the roof doorway which is locked and alarmed.

Elisa was last seen on a CCTV recording made in the hotel lift; it makes my skin crawl to watch it because her behaviour is very unnerving, even unearthly. The four-minute video has since been posted to YouTube, see: At first all is normal; we see her enter the lift at an average pace and press the button for the destination floor. She then stands in the far corner and waits for the door to shut. After a few seconds she moves forward, briefly sticks her head out and then swiftly retracts it, as if she's hiding from somebody outside, or playing "Peekaboo!", although nothing in her initial actions suggests that. After that she steps out of the lift altogether and moves her feet very deliberately, as if unsure of her footing, and she stands outside in the corridor for a few moments. After that she reenters the lift and presses several of the other buttons, as people sometimes do if they think a lift is not working. Then, most eerily of all, she exists the lift again and seems to be trying to communicate with someone... or something... out in the corridor. However nobody is visible in the camera frame at any time apart from Elisa. Her hand gestures are not those of somebody talking normally; I don't know what to make of what she's doing at this point. She looks almost as if she's performing some kind of grotesque dance. She then stands still for a moment and walks off down the left hand passageway. Eventually the lift doors shut and the rest of the video just shows the doors opening and closing a few times, presumably on the floors Elisa pressed for. She was never seen alive again.

The time stamp is almost illegible on the footage for some reason and this video claims the speed of the playback has been tampered with and clips have been edited out; why? See: Whatever happened to this poor young woman, was it connected to the hotel's macabre repute? There's a theory in paranormal research that events leave behind an energetic scar or aftershock at the location they happen. Places where there are lots of suffering, pain, fear and death often end up being renowned as the most supernaturally active. Battlefields and murder scenes are good examples, but the absolute top of the list are hospitals; this I can well believe from my own experience, see: Was Elisa the victim of some demonic spirit that is occupying the place? This is reminiscent of Stanley Kubrick's classic horror movie The Shining, which tells the story of a hotel caretaker in a remote mountain location who is driven insane by the malevolent spiritual entities which inhabit the building, see: Or perhaps this was a ritual sacrifice of some kind, or a government mind control operation. This could explain the way the hotel was twice used as a safe-house for serial killers; Neil Sanders has reported how there is a link between serial killers and psychological warfare projects, see: The link at the top describes some strange coincidences and associations connected with this event. Whatever the answer to this puzzle, the Cecil Hotel has claimed yet another life; and I would definitely not recommend booking a room there under any circumstances.