Sunday 17 November 2013

Man killed by David Icke "Obsession"

This article appeared in the Daily Mirror on Saturday, see:

Personally I think it’s pretty nasty to use somebody’s tragedy as an excuse for a smear campaign against David Icke. Anybody who knows the first thing about David’s ideas will understand immediately that wherever that unfortunate young man got the idea to do what he did, it can’t have been from David. The article admits that Luke had other books on his shelf besides David’s; this hardly constitutes an “obsession”. Add to that things David said and did over twenty-two years ago and you have a classic lying hit piece. David does bring up the subject of astral projection in his books sometimes, but it’s just one of thousands of other subjects he discusses. Although it’s true that people with hypothermia can suffer from spontaneous out-of-body experiences, no spiritual practitioner would ever suggest inducing it deliberately for that purpose; and David would definitely warn against it. There are plenty of other methods which are far safer. I'm frankly suspicious that this article, about something which happened six months ago, has come out so soon after The launch of The People's Voice.   

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