Thursday 31 December 2015

Keep Rhodes Up

I have recently been covering a disturbing new trend of false historical revisionism, and the dictatorial and violent imposition of political ideals; and I've upset a few people in doing so. This trend is centred on the United States of America and has manifested in the attacks on the culture and history of the Deep South, the condemnation and removal of the Confederate Battle Flag and the defacement of Southern graves and monuments etc.
At the same time another controversy has broken out in Britain that is surprisingly similar, and it's taking place right here in the city where I live, Oxford. A campaign was begun a few months ago demanding that the statue of Cecil Rhodes be removed from the University. The ornate facade of Oriel College is one of the grandest and most prominent sights on the High Street leading eastwards through the city. In pride of place above the doorway is an alcove containing a statue of Cecil Rhodes, a British imperial expansionist and African colonial statesman from the Victorian age. Rhodes believed in the creation of a one-world government modelled on the British Empire; and when he died in 1902, he dedicated a large part of his estate towards funding Oxford scholarships for young people around the world whom he thought had "the right stuff". For the last century, Rhodes scholars have moved and shaped the Earth, see here for more details: The campaign to remove his statue from the Oriel entrance is because Rhodes was allegedly a "racist!" He was also one of the Empire's greatest enthusiasts. This makes him a bête noire of the political left. This political movement was started by a Keble College law student from South Africa called Ntokozo Qwabe. Ironically Mr Qwabe is himself a Rhodes scholar and he is only at Oxford at all because of the generosity of the Rhodes Mandela Trust... Talk about biting the hand that feeds you! This video outlines the case for taking down Rhodes' statue: The uploader runs an open comments box and as a resident of Oxford I felt I was entitled to give my opinion, so I posted a comment stating that I do not think Rhodes' statue should be removed, at least not in today's era. The reasons I gave were the ones I detail in the background links above and below. Within minutes somebody replied to me saying: "In other words you're a fucking fascist piece of shit!" Somebody else called me a "white supremacist!" As in the background material, I appeal to those who know me; is that an accurate and fair description?... It's clear that the campaigners are very binary and have no intention of taking part in any kind of intellectual debate on this matter. You can either support them or you are cast out as a demonized other; that's your only choice. As the presenter of the video says: "No one but than the most hardened grand wizard of the Ku Klux Klan would ever defend this man..."
The presenter describes Cecil Rhodes as an "all round evil man!" From what I've seen Rhodes was quite a complicated individual. He has made several quotes that contradict his historical image such as: "I could never accept the position that we should disqualify a human being on account of his colour", a distinctly anti-racist statement; even though he did go on to say that he did consider British people superior to others. He was also a homosexual and so would have been exiled to the periphery of Victorian society himself. The British Empire also did some good as well as bad. It introduced industry into regions that had previously missed out on it, and it was instrumental in the abolition of slavery. Despite what I've said, I think Rhodes was actually not somebody we should admire and some of the things in the video I agree with; but the video presenter has no idea who Rhodes really was and what his real agenda is. When Rhodes died, his supporters wanted him to be buried in Christchurch, Oxford's cathedral, or even Westminster Abbey; but he was instead interred in an outdoor tomb on the Matopo hills in Zimbabwe. This is a sacred site for the Ndebele people who were one of the most powerful cultures in pre-colonial southern Africa. Rhodes' place of rest means that he is making a distinct statement about his true mission. The famous interview with David Icke and Credo Mutwa gives more detail: There is no doubt that he was not the British imperialist that history portrays him as. Cecil Rhodes regarded the British Empire merely as a tool, as a means to an end. His will contains these words: "To and for the establishment, promotion and development of a secret society, the true aim and object whereof shall be for the extension of British rule throughout the world, the perfecting of a system of emigration from the United Kingdom, and of colonisation by British subjects of all lands where the means of livelihood are attainable by energy, labour and enterprise, and especially the occupation by British settlers of the entire Continent of Africa, the Holy Land, the Valley of the Euphrates, the Islands of Cyprus and Candia (Crete), the whole of South America, the Islands of the Pacific not heretofore possessed by Great Britain, the whole of the Malay Archipelago (Malaysia and Indonesia), the seaboard of China and Japan, the ultimate recovery of the United States of America as an integral part of the British Empire, the inauguration of a system of colonial representation in the imperial parliament which may tend to weld together the disjointed members of the Empire and, finally, the foundation of so great a Power as to render wars impossible, and promote the best interests of humanity." This is a single world government centred on Great Britain with London no doubt being the "New Jerusalem". This is no different to the goals of the other Illuminati fronts that have sought world control throughout the "Great Work of the Ages"; from Alexander the Great, to the Roman Empire, Zionism and Karl Marx. It's ironic that the video was produced by the CPGB (ML) The Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist-Leninist). The presenter of the video, "The 10,000 League", has no idea what he is talking about. He is effectively saying that the British Empire was bad and so the solution is Marxism: "I'm opposed to Illuminati Front-A because it's evil! Therefore the solution is Illuminati Front-B!" At a higher level, Cecil Rhodes would regard the presenter as an ally. However, I think we should not remove the statue of Cecil Rhodes from the Oriel doorway. The #RhodesMustFall movement is not just about the statue in Oxford; it has targeted images of Cecil Rhodes all over the world. In April 2015 they succeeded in persuading the University of Cape Town in South Africa to take down the statue of Rhodes at its entrance. This was described as "decolonization". I'm opposed to this, not because I'm a supporter or Rhodes or an unconditional apologist for British imperialism, but because I think it is really a part of the colonization of the human mind. All of us are targets, whether we're black or white, men or women, gay or straight. It's a move to poison our thoughts and feelings with cultural Marxism, just like it is with the debate (or lack of it) over the Confederate flag.

Tuesday 22 December 2015

Ben Emlyn-Jones on the Kev Baker Show 4

I have been interviewed on the Kev Baker Show (aka MrGlasgowTruther) on Truth Frequency Radio, see here for the podcasts: and:
See here for a fifteen minute intro clip on the original YouTube channel:
Subjects discussed include: Extra-warm winter weather. Where is Santa Claus? Mysterious star shows signs of life, and much much more.
See here for my previous appearance on the Kev Baker Show:

Monday 21 December 2015

Mysterious Star shows Signs of Life

Somebody recently wrote to me asking if SETI is cointelpro. SETI- the Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence, not to be confused with Dr Steven Greer's CSETI, is a collective name for a number of different projects, past and present, that hope to find intelligent life out in space by picking up their radio signals, see: Apart from on earth, nothing of the kind has been found in our solar system (that we've been told about) so SETI has turned its attention to other stars and exoplanets, planets which orbit stars other than the sun. There have only been two occasions when the scientists have really thought they'd found what they were looking for. The first was in 1967 when the radio-astronomer Susan Jocelyn Bell picked up a regular pattern of pulses from far out in the universe. She even called it "LGM- Little Green Men", but it turned out to be a natural object, a new kind of star called a pulsar. However ten years later another radio-astronomer, Jerry Ehman, captured a signal so atypical he thought it had to be artificial, and he even wrote the notation "Wow!" on the data sheet. Unlike the LGM's the "Wow!" signal has remained unsolved since its discovery in 1977. That's all that has been discovered so far (that has been publicly admitted). However one of the pioneers of SETI, Dr Frank Drake, has designed an equation which makes it theoretically very likely that the project will meet with success someday. SETI has been made famous by the novel Contact by Carl Sagan which was made into a film staring Jodie Foster who plays a radio-astronomer who detects a real intelligent signal from a distant star. One thing all SETI scientists and aficionados have in common is that they dismiss the UFO phenomenon. Carl Sagan used to be particularly scathing in his rebuffing of UFO's. This is understandable because belief in UFO's would make their project redundant, for obvious reasons. What's the point of scanning the sky for alien life forms if they're already down here with us? However, I don't think an interest in both subjects is completely incompatible. If so, why am I interested in both?

Is SETI a controlled response for the UFO cover-up? I'm not sure. In my view, it's probably more likely that SETI is an innocent institution. This is not to say that it would not be welcomed by the people behind the ET truth embargo, because it happens to be giving out the message to the public that they want. Maybe some of its funding comes from members of what Richard Dolan calls the breakaway civilization. Despite the claim that radio-astronomy has not achieved what it set out to, some intriguing evidence has emerged from the world of optical astronomy. The Kepler space telescope was designed to detect planets orbiting distant stars and it does this by analyzing the light coming off the stars to see if there are objects in orbit eclipsing them or altering their orbit and rotation. It has so far examined 150,000 stars and found a number of planets. However scientists working on the Kepler space telescope have announced that there's something very weird going on with a particular star on the cusp between the northern constellations of Lyra and Cygnus. This star is about 1400 light years away and cannot be seen by the naked eye and it's just a point of light through most telescopes, but Kepler can pick out details. The star is surrounded by a collection of multiple objects. This is common in young stars newly formed because the gas and dust orbiting them hasn't settled down into solid planets yet, however the star in question is a mature one whose planets should be fully formed by now. It is a unique profile that hasn't appeared in any of the other 150,000 stars they've studied. "We’ve never seen anything like this star... It was really weird. We thought it might be bad data or movement on the spacecraft, but everything checked out." said Tabetha Boyajian, one of the Kepler scientific team. She is one of a number of astronomers who have published a paper describing what they know so far, see: The only "rational explanation" she can come up with is that another star recently transited the solar system of the star in question dragging a cluster of comets behind it and these comets are the objects Kepler has detected. However, she admits this is extraordinarily unlikely. For a start, they can't seem to find the star that passed through; and it's an astronomical coincidence, literally and figuratively, either way. A journalist contacted Dr Boyajian and she said that she and her colleague Jason Wright were considering "other scenarios" that were not mentioned in the paper. Some SETI theorists have speculated over whether signs of an intelligent extraterrestrial life form could be seen from earth simply by examining their home solar system. If these life forms were very technologically advanced, far more so than modern humans, then they might be able to build artificial structures in space big enough to be seen from other worlds light years away. Maybe they would find a way to put huge solar panels in space to suck up energy from their sun. Therefore SETI explorers should look out for these features when examining distant stars. Dr Boyajian and Dr Wright say that the Kepler data on this star match this theorized feature. Dr Wright said: "Aliens should always be the very last hypothesis you consider, but this looked like something you would expect an alien civilization to build." I don't know why aliens should be the last hypothesis that should be considered. According to whose principle? If the data matches the theory, why be shy? Why did Dr Boyajian omit this possibility from her paper? It goes to show how culturally taboo the concept of ET life is. It's got nothing to do with science; it's to do with what is psychologically acceptable; for distinct political reasons I think. Anyway, work on this bizarre stellar anomaly is going to continue. SETI now have a proposal to point the VLA- Very Large Array radio-telescope at the star and see if it's giving off any alien radio transmissions. This study could begin as early as the New Year, but could take a number of months to complete. Source: Dr Boyajian's team goes on to say: "Until then we will have to content ourselves with longing looks at the sky, aimed between the swan and the lyre; where maybe, just maybe, someone is looking back, and seeing the sun dim ever so slightly, every 365 days." I wonder if they'll find anything. They may find nothing at all. But if they do, you'll be sure to hear about it first on HPANWO Voice; watch this space... Then again, what if they do find something and an unknown suited man steps into the control room and warns them to keep quiet about it, or else?

Sunday 20 December 2015

Secret Chamber behind King Tut's Tomb

Egyptologists have announced that there might be more to the famous tomb of the pharaoh Tutankhamen than meets the eye. When the archaeologist Howard Carter first discovered the underground mausoleum in 1922 he could hardly believe what he found inside. The body that lay in the sarcophagus was covered by a mask of solid gold and in adjoining room was a collection priceless jewellery. The pictures and hieroglyphic inscriptions on the wall announced that this was the final resting place of the pharaoh Tutankhamen, who had died in 1323 BC at the tender age of eighteen after a short life of ill health. The mummy's lineage was confirmed by DNA tests many years later; he was the son of the mummy thought to be his father, the pharaoh Akhenaton. (Strangely many of the members of Carter's team died of a mysterious disease a short time later; were they cursed by the spirit of the king? Some people do take seriously the spiritual influence of Ancient Egypt, see: One of the enduring mysteries in Egyptology is the location of Tutankhamen's stepmother Queen Nefertiti "the Queen of the Nile". A number of statues of her were found near the tomb of her husband Akhenaton, but no body. However, new tests carried out by the archaeologist Dr Nicholas Reeves indicate that there might be a previously undiscovered chamber in the tomb. He worked this out by scanning one of the walls of the burial chamber with radar. There is what appears to be an empty space covered over with the wall slab. This is quite common in Egyptian monuments; in fact some chambers and passageways of the pyramids were found behind apparently blank walls that had to be broken through. Dr Reeves has suggested using ground penetrating radar above the site to see if there are any spaces close to the known areas of the tomb. If the presence of another chamber is confirmed, will it be excavated? It's possible that the damage done to the wall of the burial chamber might not be considered worth it, especially if a hole has to be made that will destroy the beautiful mural. They might design a miniature robot and drill a hole for it to go through. I wonder if the operation will be on live TV again. However, as I say in the background links below, whatever is found will be vetted before being released to the public. How much will we be told about it, and will what we're told be the truth? It is early days yet, but I'll report back if there are any developments. Source:

Saturday 19 December 2015

Frederick Forsyth was a REAL Spy

One of the world's top thriller writers is the British novelist Frederick Forsyth. He's best known for the books The Day of the Jackal, The Odessa File and The Fourth Protocol. These have been made into many films. I've read a couple of his books and I've found that his style is very matter-of-fact and he is good at inventing interesting plots. The stories are event driven rather than focusing on characterization and that might not appeal to everybody. However if you're in the mood for a bit of good old "bloke-lit" then Forsyth is perfect. He was also famous for his daredevil lifestyle. In researching his stories he used to make contact with real gangsters, terrorists, mercenaries, black market arms traders etc. He put himself in danger and sometimes had to flee for his life. The literary critics call him a "real James Bond". They used to put that down to his adventurous personality, but new information has recently come to light, from the horse's mouth, that provide and alternative theory. In his autobiography, called The Outsider- my Life in Intrigue, see:, he reveals that he has worked for the British intelligence organization, MI6. This comes as no surprise to me. He is known to have many friends and contacts in the world of serious espionage and some of the details in the books have led many experts to express astonishment at how much he seems to know that he really shouldn't. Also there are precedents for the real and fictional intelligence worlds occasionally overlapping. Ian Fleming is world famous for creating the fictional spy James Bond, but he himself spied on the Moscow show trials and during the Spanish civil war; he was also head of British naval intelligence during World War II and was involved with the Helen Duncan affair, see: Forsyth was also an international journalist. He worked for Reuters and the BBC from 1961 to 1967 where he reported on the Nigerian civil war. When the BBC tried to take him off the case he resigned and went freelance. It's quite likely that it was during this period he was approached for recruitment by MI6. It makes me wonder how many more of the news reporters we see on our TV screens are moonlighting in such a way. The Channel 4 News presenter Jon Snow has aroused controversy several times; he refuses to wear a poppy on the air during Remembrance, which is highly unorthodox in the British media and some people find it offensive. In 1976, at the start of his career, he reports that he was approached by some people who offered to give him a large amount of money, in cash, tax free, much more than his journalists' salary, in exchange for private information on some of his colleagues and research subjects. There's no doubt the people who made him that offer were in the intelligence services. Snow, to his credit, turned them down. The question is, if Jon Snow said "no", how many others said "yes"? Jeremy Paxman? Huw Edwards? Gavin Esler? Fiona Bruce? We now know that Frederick Forsyth said "yes" and he was working for the BBC. Some of his books include disturbing themes, although I've only read a couple of them. The Fourth Protocol is especially interesting. The story is about a plot by the Soviet Union's intelligence service, the dreaded KGB, to smuggle a nuclear bomb into the UK in order to detonate it at RAF Woodbridge, in Rendlesham Forest, and destabilize an upcoming general election; this would allow one of their agents to become prime minister. (Interestingly Peter Wright, the renegade MI5 officer who wrote the book the government tried to ban, Spy Catcher; spoke of an attempt by the British intelligence services to commit electoral fraud in a UK general election. This may well have happened in Scotland last year, see: The attack is foiled in the end by British counter-espionage efforts, but there is a subtle hint in the story that the whole operation is really a false flag. How much does Forsyth really know? A lot less than he's willing to say openly, you can be sure. However dropping hints is a good way of letting secrets out without anybody finding out. Is Frederick Forsyth trying to do that?  

Friday 18 December 2015

People who think they're Zombies

The rising profile of zombies that I have documented in the background links, at the foot of this post, is continuing right up to the end of 2015, at least. However, one thing few zombie movies consider is what is it actually like to be a zombie? The concept of the zombie comes from western Africa and the word is derived from the Niger-Congo language family root nzumbe. This was a human corpse that had been animated into an undead state by a black magician. They were fundamentally mindless because the soul of the deceased was absent; often the sorcerer would keep the victim's soul in a bottle. The zombies of modern fiction are usually the same. What's interesting about the classic and definitive Dead series of films by George A Romero is that in some of the films the zombies exhibit a modicum of memory from their lives and traces of their former personalities; although they always maintain the obsessive urge to eat living human flesh. In Land of the Dead they even gain the awareness to plan and organize as a team. There is a real mental illness people can suffer from in which they sometimes describe themselves as zombies and psychiatric associations call it "life as a zombie". Cotard's syndrome was first identified in 1880 by the French neurologist Jules Cotard. A patient he was treating believed that she was dead, her personality didn't exist and that her body was actually decomposing. The fact that she was still breathing, walking and talking etc failed to register with her due to a breakdown in her logical thought processes. Sadly this patient died of starvation because she stopped eating. Cotard's syndrome can be associated with other psychotic disorders, depression, dementia and schizophrenia. A recent sufferer was the writer Esme Weijun Wang of San Francisco, USA. Her descent into the Cotard's delusion, in 2013, took a number of weeks. At first she started feeling deeply depressed and disorganized. Then she woke up one morning and told her husband that she was in fact dead. This wasn't bad news for her because she concluded that she was now in heaven and that her husband and other loved ones were there with her too. Mrs Wang's bliss did not last for long. Her melancholy returned and she decided she was really in some kind of purgatory or hell. She eventually recovered from her condition and got back to her normal life. However she has recurring mental illness; earlier in the year she had come down with a bipolar episode. Here's an article she wrote about her experience: (Thanks to Samantha Mansi for finding this). There are a number of related sicknesses such as Capgras syndrome in which the victim believes that somebody they know well has been replaced by an identical impostor. There is a philosophical school called solipsism which is based on the idea that the only consciousness in existence is ones own (Paradoxically solipsists do form groups and organize meetings etc). However believers in solipsism can become obsessed to the point of madness; and they fall into an inversion of Cotard's syndrome, in which they claim that everybody around them is dead and they are the only living person in the world.

There is a fascinating film called Jacob's Ladder in which the main character begins experiencing horrifying visions, see: Apart from that his life seems normal; he has a job, family and home in a city he's lived in his entire life. However, in the end he finds out that he actually died a number of years ago and that he's been living a false life, a completely immersive illusion. The film might give you an idea of what it's like to experience one of these mental illnesses, although in the story the protagonist's experiences are real. The direct cause of Capgras and Cotard's syndrome is unknown, but damage to the amygdale region of the brain is linked with it. This is plausible because the amygdale contains the mechanism that allows us to recognize individuals from sensory input; such as identifying faces. And malfunction of the amygdale can cause us to lose the awareness of individual identity, both our own and that of others. In fact one sufferer of Cotard's syndrome saw his reflection in a mirror and felt that it was actually the image of a stranger looking at him. For me the most worrying element is something else in the story of Esme Weijun Wang. She had undiagnosed Lyme disease. Along with her psychiatric problems she had presented symptoms of Lyme for a number of years before being finally treated in 2014. Although her doctor doesn't agree, Mrs Wang is convinced there's a link between her Lyme infection and her mental illnesses. Indeed Lyme disease can cause inflammation of the brain and spinal cord which can lead to serious chronic pain and delirium; but most neurologists deny that it can cause Cotard's. Lyme disease is a very mysterious condition that was only first identified in 1975. There was an outbreak in the town of Lyme, Connecticut USA. At first it was mistaken for syphilis because its symptoms are comparable and it is caused by a similar bacterium, known as a spirochete. It's usually caught from a tick bite, but it can be transmitted to others. If you catch it you'll be treated by a course of antibiotics; however some people continue to experience effects afterwards. This is known as "post-treatment Lyme disease syndrome", but a growing number of physicians now suspect that the illness lingers on; this has resulted in the chronic Lyme disease controversy. As I say in the background links, I suspect that Lyme disease may be the result of a government biological warfare experiment at the top secret "Building 257" facility on Plum Island, New York; just across a sea channel from Lyme, Connecticut. The reason there is a mindset of establishment denial when it comes to chronic Lyme disease could be because acceptance of its reality might lead to the true origins of the pathogen being revealed. I have made predictions about how the methods the government is using in their possible agenda to turn natural humans into zombie-like beings. If Lyme disease can really have that effect on people, the way it did on Esme Weijun Wang, then perhaps it is the basis for the proposed zombie plague. No doubt it will need to be recombined and mutated to make it more effective and contagious, but that work may well be in progress since Mrs Wang contracted her own infection. It is only by speaking out about this subject that we can put a stop to their scheme to make us all into walking corpses.

Thursday 17 December 2015

Season's Bleatings by the Porters' Poet

I met somebody recently who has been writing some brilliant poems about HPANWO, and today she has done a Christmas one. As before, she has made the poem into a decorated tableau. I'm really grateful, it was a lovely surprise Christmas present. I'll be reading this poem out on my HPANWO Radio Christmas special show next week; watch the HPANWO Radio blog for upcoming details, see links column. See background links below for previous works by the Porters' Poet. See here for the latest poem:

As it happens I've had a stroke of literary insight as well. I've written new lyrics to the classic festive song White Christmas by Bing Crosby. These are in line with recent postings I've made on the subject of climate change, for example see:
I'm dreaming of a wet Christmas
Just like the ones we've never known
Where aircraft spray
And temperatures stay
In double figures with no snow
COP 21 has finished
With a deal to deindustrialize
In case you don't care
We will create a scare
So you'll believe our carbon-conning lies
I'll perform this song on the show as well.
See here for previous works by the Porters' Poet:

Wednesday 16 December 2015

Blood Rain

Britain is about to be engulfed by what the newspapers are calling a "toxic fog" and a "deadly plume of pollution". Who needs meteorology when you've got The Daily Express? Their words are of course a sensationalized exaggeration, however during the next two days there will be an inrush of smog caused by fine sand blown all the way from the Sahara Desert. This could be dangerous for people suffering with asthma and some other respiratory ailments; and the Met Office has warned sufferers to stay indoors. We might also see the strange phenomenon of "blood rain". This is where rainwater is coloured, usually reddish-brown, from very dense levels of suspended atmospheric particulates, in this case the Sahara sand. This can sometimes be caused by other things, even mysterious extraterrestrial organisms, as Dr Chandra Wickramasinghe has discovered, see: In this case however, I don't doubt that it is just sand. Combined with this strange fog will be extremely mild temperatures. These are set to soar up to and incredible seventeen degrees centigrade, ten degrees above the December average; accompanied by yet more rain and high winds... as if they've ever been away. This is apparently caused by the warm air from Africa that is carrying the Sahara sand. Source: This is not really a surprise for me because I've predicted exactly this outcome in the last few weeks, see: and: It's looking increasingly likely we're going to have to endure another 2013-14 style anti-winter. Once again I must ask: Is this is natural?

In the background links below and above I explain the details of geoengineering and conclude that it could definitely be possible that the weather the British Isles has been experiencing for the last two months is artificial. In fact to engineer the weather here is easier than in most other regions because it is natually highly dynamic and changeable, and dependent on wind direction. Simply manipulating the normal airflows around the North Atlantic Ocean is enough to freeze, bake, blast or soak our little islands at will. There must be people in the Met Office who know this; perhaps even more who know it subconsciously and keep it quiet through tacit collusion or "groupthink". Since I've been studying the Met Office's publications in detail, I've been surprised about how they seem oblivious to the very blatant trends I point out in the links above and below; that of entrenched weather patterns. They have not commented on the fact that, despite the chaotic jet-streams of our nearby atmosphere, the weather has remained almost unchanged for over two months now. All they do is mention what is causing the weather as it is, and make shaky long-term predictions based on what it's like out there on the day. It's impossible to prove this, because weather sometimes does that kind of thing naturally. A skeptic will just pull the coincidence joker out of his sleeve; and that is a fallacy because it's an unfalsifiable premise, as I point out here: Either that or they'll just lower their voice and mutter portents about believing "climate change experts". Luckily the scepticism, with a c, towards anthropogenic climate change is growing. This piece of music by my friend the conspiratorial songwriter Chris Moffett is a good indicator, see: If the current and upcoming freak weather is a product of deliberate geoengineering then for what purpose is it? Perhaps, as I say in the links above and below, it is to manipulate people's beliefs. I suspect that the COP 21 conference has something to do with it. In order to make sure that the delegates do agree to the Paris Pact then they'd better be reminded that climate change is really happening, or be seen to be happening. For you and me, we'd better get used to dreaming of a wet Christmas, just like the ones we've never known. The question must be posed, and this is a big subject that will need its own article or HPANWO TV film, what if "climate change denial" burgeons too far? Does the technology exist to geoengineer the entire planet's average temperature to a higher level? Probably; and if so the government would definitely do it. This could cause the imaginary disasters that we're constantly warned about to become real disasters. This is why we must expose this conspiracy; for the sake of the Earth.

HPANWO Blog Comments

Recently the HPANWO blogs, especially HPANWO Voice, has been targeted by a spam campaign that is very irritating and disruptive. Therefore I am changing commenting policy. From now on comments will be held for admin approval before publication in the comments box. I apologize to all genuine regular commenters, like Laurence, Carl Truthseeker and Xylomet, for the inconvenience this will cause you; but there's no other way to control this plague of spam. Alternatively you could join the HPANWO Forum, see links column.

Tuesday 15 December 2015

Will Tim Peake see a UFO?

Today a Soyuz FG rocket blasted off from the Baikonur Cosmodrome space centre in Kazakhstan carrying a man called Maj. Tim Peake who has been called "Britain's first astronaut". This is not completely true, in the sense that he's not literally the first Briton in space; however the person who holds that honour, Helen Sharman, was a designated passenger only on the technicalities of space exploration. Unlike his compatriot predecessor, Tim Peake is trained as an active crew-member of a spacecraft. (However I'm sure there are many British people who've been into space secretly, before and since, but that's a story for another time). After years of training, "Major Tim" as he has been dubbed (Just wait for the inevitable cover version of David Bowie's Space Oddity to hit the charts) is now in space. His parents, along with his wife Rebecca and their two sons, watched the rocket ascend from the same launch pad that the first man in space (supposedly), Yuri Gagarin, did on April the 12th 1961. People all over the world have been cheering him on and there was a live screening of the launch at the London Science Museum where some of the children came dressed as astronauts. In Tim's hometown of Chichester, West Sussex, a big party is in full swing. The Soyuz TMA orbital stage has been heading up to the International Space Station where, at about 5.30 PM this afternoon, it docked in order to drop off Tim and his two crewmates for a six month mission on board the space station. I wish him all the best. Source:

When he comes back to Earth I'll have to get in touch with him and ask him a key question: Tim, did you see a UFO while you were up in space? This might seem a strange thing to do. Astronauts are highly-trained sober and rational professionals whose mental health is very carefully screened; why would they see UFO's? However this hypothetical question is made moot by a far simpler actual one: Do astronauts see UFO's up in space? The answer is yes. Some have spoken openly about it like Buzz Aldrin, Gennady Strekalov and Col. Gordon Cooper. Despite this, NASA, Roscosmos, the ESA and all other government space agencies' official position on UFO's is that there is no evidence they exist. As the Disclosure Petition II revealed, this is a lie, see: There are other reasons to suspect that the presence of UFO's in space is being deliberately suppressed. Occasionally strange objects are picked up by approved space footage and the commentary by the astronauts on the scene and mission control is curious. They carefully avoid mentioning the phenomenon and sometimes you'll hear mission control asking the astronauts to alter their radio settings and then they go quiet; occasionally the live feed will also suddenly "go down" due to "technical problems". Here's a good example: This indicates that the astronauts have a separate private communications channel, one that is probably encrypted, for discussing classified issues. So then they must be briefed in to the subject of UFO's and how to deal with them when they appear; including keeping them secret from the media and viewing public. UFO's probably have the status of an "open secret" within the space-faring community. There are a few instances when an astronaut exhibits behaviour that reveals they have not yet been initiated into this open secret. In November 2014 the Italian astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti was involved in a spacewalk outside the ISS when she experienced something that shocked her into gasping and yelling: "Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God!..." What's even more interesting is the response of the man assisting her on the EVA. Her Russian colleague does not react to the phenomenon and immediately orders her to be silent. Is he used to such things? Has he been warned beforehand that UFO's sometimes appear and that he should keep that to himself? When this incident occurred, Samantha Cristoforetti was new on the space station and clearly nobody had yet had the chance to take her to one side and have a quiet word: "Samantha... erm... there's a few things you need to know..." Tim Peake is a sane, expert and professional astronaut, but so is Samantha Cristoforetti and she was not included into the circle of those in the know... at least she wasn't at first; obviously she is now. Perhaps Tim Peake knows nothing about the UFO scene up there yet either. In which case, we should watch out for a similar exclamation for Tim as we had from Samantha, albeit perhaps a more masculine, British, stiff-upper-lipped: "Good Heavens above!"

Monday 14 December 2015

Ben Emlyn-Jones live at the Swansea UFO Network

I will be speaking at a meeting of the Swansea UFO Network on Tuesday the 26th of January 2016. The event starts at 8 PM and the venue is The Welcome Inn, Llangyfelach Road, Llangyfelach, Swansea, Wales. See here for more details; you might need to log into a Facebook account:
My lecture will be entitled Energy Politics and UFO's and will include updates. Energy is everything; it is the foundation and structure of civilization. What are the politics of energy? Something far deeper and more complicated than you might think, and believe it or not, it connects to UFO's. Why? The answers... and more questions, will be revealed.

Sunday 13 December 2015

New Climate Agreement

The COP 21 conference in Paris has ended in success. After an extra weekend of negotiations, the event has finally closed a deal christened, as I predicted, "The Paris Pact". This treaty has been called by US President Obama "The best chance we have to save the one planet we have.". All one hundred and ninety-five countries represented at the conference have signed up. This deal is different to previous ones because instead of specifying figures of Carbon™ emission reduction, it instead specifies a limit on global temperature rise; this must stay to below two degrees centigrade. How can anybody possibly predict temperature rises based on our action? It means there are no limits on how much Carbon™ nations can compel their people and industries to restrict. What if the Pact conditions demand that the only way to keep the heat below two degrees is to reduce Carbon™ emissions in China by 90 %? This could potentially be a mandate for forced mass deindustrialization, see here for more details: Also if we start getting up into the 1.8's and 1.9's the Paris Pact could be applied to justify overt geoengineering to stop it slipping over the two degree threshold. Frustratingly, in the wake of the announcement there have been protests by climate change pressure groups demanding even more action. One of them was in Paris, and strangely this is the only protest the French authorities have permitted since the terrorist attacks in the city last month. We now have an internationally imposed target to keep global temperatures from reaching more than two degrees above "pre-industrial levels"; presumably that doesn't mean the medieval warm period when the world's temperatures were naturally more than two degrees higher than today anyhow, or Roman times when there were vineyards in Cumbria. I'm curious to find out how the Oxford Martin School will react to this development, see links above. Source:

Friday 11 December 2015

Kubrick Moon Hoax Confession

A strange video emerged yesterday, Thursday the 10th of November, a supposed previously unreleased video interview with the famous film director Stanley Kubrick by somebody called T Patrick Murray. This is said to have been shot just days before Kubrick's death in 1999 and both he and Murray had to sign a fifteen year non-disclosure agreement before recording it. There are two separate versions of the interview which are both out-takes from a new documentary by Murray entitled Shooting Stanley Kubrick. What makes the interview remarkable is that the subject makes a confession, that he was employed by NASA to fake the Apollo missions to put men on the moon. Source: The veracity of the moon landings is something I've covered extensively on HPANWO, see background links below. Recently the author Carl James has written about Kubrick's remarkable legacy, see:, but does this include the Apollo moon landings? I'm doubtful for several reasons. The video is poorly lit and consists entirely of a close up of the subject's face. There is a rather amateurish steadycam effect, one remarkably like YouTube's house application. The subject is an elderly man with a thick white beard and hair; he's wearing steel-rimmed glasses. The conversation wanders all over the place. It is jocular and bawdy and even drifts into areas such as "elves fucking girls", whatever that means. The subject does not look at all like Stanley Kubrick and has a very different voice. His mannerisms and style of conversation don't resemble any Kubrick exhibited in previous interviews; and the filming style is one Kubrick has never taken part in, at least to my knowledge. I have been watching videos of him to gain a comparison. I have no doubt that this video is a hoax. It's probably intended to promote Murray's documentary. It might also be a piece of viral marketing for this upcoming feature release, see: The biggest reason I doubt Stanley Kubrick directed the fake moon landings is because he would frankly have done a much better job. He'd have avoided most of the mistakes that Mary Bennett and David Percy picked out in their book Dark Moon and here, see:

Thursday 10 December 2015

Free Energy in India and Shetland

The profile of the free energy issue has been raised to new heights in the last twelve months, and it's not entirely due to my Energy Politics and UFO's 2015 video, see background links at the bottom. It might be partly to do with the renewed drive towards UFO Disclosure, see:, and also the publication of the Keshe Foundation's "Magrav-Power" invention, see: In April an article appeared claiming that India is about to go public with free energy. It even states that India regards this act as a matter of "national pride". I've found no official Indian government documents on this matter, but the specific project the article mentions is real. It is led by an electrical engineer called Paramahamsa Tewari, a former designer in India's conventional nuclear power programme. He's worked on building nuclear power stations and has also been employed by other countries, including Canada. However, his work has taken him onto less well-trodden paths. He has developed the "Reactionless AC Synchronous Generator- RLG". Paramahamsa Tewari has years of experience, having graduated from the engineering college of Varanasi in 1958. He has always had an open mind when it comes to over-unity and confirmed the findings of Bruce DePalma and his N-Machine. DePalma was murdered in 1997 shortly after Dr Edgar Mitchell warned him not to pursue his free energy work, see: Tewari replicated DePalma's discovery and has produced his own device which he claims has an over unity factor of 250%. This means the energy output exceeds the input two and a half times. This is staggering; and most physicists say that this is impossible because it breaks fundamental cosmological laws, the conservation of energy, entropy, thermodynamics etc. However these results are real data and cannot be ignored simply because they breach previously held beliefs; they are either right or wrong. It's possible that inventions like Tewari's tap into the zero point field; an enormous underlying reservoir of energy built into the very structure of the universe. Conventional physicists deny that the zero point field can ever be reached by man-made endeavours, but the output meters keep rising and the energy has to be coming from somewhere. Free energy is not dependent on projects of high budget, breakthrough technology and heavy industrial methods either. Over-unity has been achieved in surprisingly simple systems, such as Viktor Schauberger's "trout turbine", see: "Cold fusion" can be created using a common-or-garden test tube and two electrodes; a schoolboy in a science class could do it, see: There is a conspiracy to suppress this fact which I describe in detail in the background links below. Those behind the suppression have typically used television to get their false message across, for example: For some reason, that smiling Simeon of the small screen, Prof. Brian Cox, has kept very quiet about free energy so far, but expect him to become more vocal in the next few months and years, see:

Paramahamsa Tewari's Reactionless AC Synchronous Generator looks intricate from the outside, but it is actually adapted from a simple electric motor, not unlike the original invention of it in 1832 by Michael Faraday. The machine consists of a metal shaft that acts as an electric conductor. This is placed inside a set of magnets whose flux causes the rod to rotate. This is nothing revolutionary; in fact it's the simplest electrical engine possible and is already in use almost everywhere, from sliding doors to railway locomotives. However Tewari has allegedly discovered a way of rearranging the magnets to produce an amazing property. The magnetic field stops producing torque on the conductor so it does not spin round; and instead generates an electric current that can exceed the one used to power the magnets. It is extremely simple to build and uses the same materials needed to make conventional electric motors. Another engineer, Toby Grotz, has visited Dr Tewari's laboratory and says he has independently verified it. The two of them took the blueprints to an electrical factory and the chief engineer of the company was so impressed that he immediately bought the rights and ordered a production line opened for them. Tewari and the company also assembled a team of designers to improve on the original model. A utility company in India is also interested and has arranged tours for Tewari and his team. This company has not been named in Tewari's sources, nor has the first electrical company the team came from. However they have released the name of a third organization, the Karnataka Power Corporation that has a contract to build wind farms to power the city of Bangalore, see: There is nothing on their house website under the search words "tewari" or "reactionless". There is only one entry for "synchronous" and it refers to a nine megawatt power station near Mallapur. If Karnataka are involved with Tewari's team, they're keeping it low. However, this newspaper article does name the electric company, see: Yet the Kirloskar Group also serves us no reference to Tewari's invention. Paramahamsa Tewari's mentor is Nikola Tesla and he has also been greatly inspired by the cultural and spiritual traditions of his own ancient country. He says: "The universal matter is created out of prana since prana is aakaash in motion, and aakaash is the primordial superfluid substratum of the universe." The Rig Veda, one of the oldest Hindu texts whose origins stretch back into prehistoric times, talks about flying vehicles called Vimanas which exhibit antigravity properties. It's possible that the remains of a working Vimana still exists in Trivandrum, Kerala, see: Dr Tewari's colleague Toby Grotz also says: "The second law of thermodynamics must be modified to account for the fact that space is not empty, as has been taught for the last hundred and fifty years. The RLG operates at what has been called 'over unity'. Many experienced electrical engineers engaged in the manufacture of AC generators have independently tested the RLG and confirmed the efficiency ratings that I have observed. It’s time for the physicists to get out of the way and modify their theories while the engineers go about the business of design and production." Source:
Grotz's article has the audacious subtitle: "INDIA WON’T SUPPRESS TEWARI’S FREE ENERGY GENERATOR". Is he sure about that? He doesn't describe the actual threats he mentions in the title from the Petrodollar countries, specifically the United States, United Kingdom and Saudi Arabia. Perhaps he anticipates these threats on theoretical grounds; and he's right to. See the background links where I go into detail about that. While Dr Tewari and his team are working on the project to introduce commercial RLG's, somebody else is working on a different kind of machine in a very different part of the world. Shetland is an archipelago of islands to the north of the British Isles. They are reputed to be the most northerly location in the UK, but in fact they are not really part of the United Kingdom at all, see the radio show below. This time the inventor is somebody I know, Stuart Hill. Here he is on HPANWO Radio talking about his campaign to assert Shetland's independence: He has designed what he claims is a free energy machine and has built a working prototype. The device consists of a set of wooden wheels on a driveshaft powered by a 0.12 kilowatt electric motor. Reduction gears between the motor and wheels cause the wheels to spin quite slowly, about 14 revolutions per minute. There is another wheel attached by chains to four other shafts that run through the edges of the main wheels, not the centres, and these have four weights attached, totalling 110.2 pounds. These are rotated by the off-centre shafts at the same time that the main wheels are spinning. This whole array then drives an electric generator. Stuart gauges his machine by observing the speed of rotation of the input motor and comparing it to the speed of the generator. This is not a specific measurement of input vs output energy, but it is still a significant indicator of a possible over-unity effect. He can even alter the load and see the weights turn differently on the perimeter shafts. I'll be interested to see any further developments; can he detect over-unity by more precise methods of measurement? The interference of two axes of rotation reminds me a bit of Eric Laithwaite's gyroscopes, even though Stuart's machine spins far slower, see: Stuart has done all this in his garage and used what looks like bicycle components to build the machine. That is not a criticism; there is a great tradition in this field for amateur home inventors. It's interesting to combine the radical political situation he has initiated on Shetland with his interest in free energy. It shows how closely the two so often go together. India today forms another breakaway tendency in the geopolitical world, which is why it is aligning itself with Russia. Some conspiratorial pundits have started calling this the "Axis of Freedom" and claim it is an essentially anti-New World Order coalition. I think that's unlikely; I think it's premature to consider Russia and India our allies, but it's pretty clear these countries are not doing what they're told by their geopolitical lords and masters at a very fundamental level, see: In the end, 2015 might not be the Year of Disclosure, but that doesn't mean no progress at all has been made. I'm excited to see what the upcoming year of 2016 brings us.

Wednesday 9 December 2015

Cultural Marxist cleared of Racism

Bahar Mustafa used to have a very Orwellian job title: "diversity officer" of Goldsmiths University of London, Prof. Chris French's old haunt. She recently aroused controversy by organizing a meeting at the student's union demanding that white heterosexual males stay away. She said: "...if you’ve been invited and you’re a man and/or white PLEASE DON’T COME just cos I invited a bunch of people and hope you will be responsible enough to respect this is a (non-white heterosexual male) Women and non-binary event only". This wouldn't bother me if it wasn't for the fact that any attempt to set up a similar meeting exclusively for WHM people in the same way would be unthinkable to the authorities. In fact somebody in the USA called Matthew Heimbach tried to do just that once and this was the reaction: What's more Ms Mustafa was also charged with Tweeting under the hashtag #KillAllWhiteMen. There is no justification for this double standard, but then in today's world none is needed. The response any WHM person will get when they make a comment of any kind relating to WHM rights or welfare issues is: "But that's nothing to what women/black/gay people have had to put up with! What about slavery/sexism/the Holocaust etc!?" Even if that is true, is it a reason to abuse WHM people now? There seems to be a common misconception in society that the only solution to any injustice is an attempt to cancel it out with another injustice. It doesn't work; all you get is a double-dose of injustice. I think there's a reason why this misconception is promoted and I'll come to that later. Another pitfall is that when you make war against an abstraction the only people you usually end up harming are those who are innocent as individuals; but we're told that doesn't matter, see here for more details: Another effort to negate this double standard was initiated by Suzanne Moore in response to the controversy. She said: "If (WHM people) are seriously fearing for their lives because of this hashtag, they can surely organise a safe space. Indeed, they have; it’s called 'most of the world'." Again, I couldn't agree less. No world in which we can be openly maligned as "rapists!" for no reason, kicked out of our jobs because of who we are, and slaughtered in our beds in South Africa while the world shrugs its shoulders and turns away, is a "safe space" for me and my fellow WHM people.
The charges against Mzzzzz Mustafa have been dropped. This is despite the fact that she has not definitively refuted the allegation that she Tweeted under #KillAllWhiteMen. Her response has been "I, an ethnic minority woman, cannot be racist or sexist towards white men, because racism and sexism describe structures of privilege based on race and gender. Therefore, women of colour and minority genders cannot be racist or sexist, since we do not stand to benefit from such a system." This means that she considers it wrong to mistreat women, black people, homosexuals etc (so do I), but that it's fine and dandy to mistreat WHM human beings in the very same way she would oppose non-WHM's being mistreated. Surely I am not alone in understanding the horrific unfairness and dangerous implications of that. Source: (Thanks to my friend and fellow researcher Victor Nevada for bringing this to my attention) Incidentally, I'm interested that Bahar Mustafa describes herself as being an ethnic minority when she looks as white a sheet to me. Her name leads me to suspect she has her family roots in Turkey. That is a country where a large proportion of the population are racially euro-Caucasoid. She clearly feels uncomfortable with that fact. This is something I noticed during my lost weekend as a trade unionist, thankfully not a long one. The people there used to rant on about the "privileged classes!" and how awful "economic inequality!" was. However those who were from a "non-privileged" background appeared to be very proud of their depravation and wore it on their sleeve like a badge of honour. They used to have competitive slanging matches over who had been born on the meanest, roughest, most squalid council estate and who had endured the most poverty as a child. This attitude is very perceptively parodied in Monty Python's Four Yorkshiremen, see: Conversely I knew people in the union who had led very rich middle class lives and were deeply ashamed of it; they would even hide it from the others by faking a working class accent and declaring invented false backgrounds. Possibly Ms Mustafa feels the same way; she wants to be non-white even though she isn't because being non-white gives her prestige. It is very paradoxical; in the leftists' eyes, being really "privileged!" is to be oppressed. Subjugation delivers status. People like Bahar Mustafa keep repeating over and over that WHM people are "privileged!" "privileged!" "privileged!" like a mantra. In their little minds there is no hypothetical scenario in which WHM's will stop being "privileged!" When the last white farmer in South Africa is impaled dead on a gatepost next to his raped wife? When the last manager, supervisor or political leader's job has been made off-limits to WHM's? When the last male TV presenter has been kicked and spat upon as he exits Broadcasting House for the last time? Even after all that WHM's will still be regarded as privileged. These policies have no sunset clause and no timetable or roadmap of specific objectives. They could go on indefinitely, and indeed the plan is that they will.
Another thing I find frustrating about feminists is that they fly off into a hysterical rage over trivial or even non-existent issues when ignoring the real women's rights violations in the world beyond. Why do feminists picket publishers that print books which contain the word "mankind" while walking past the Saudi embassy without so much as a blink? Saudi Arabia, one of the key allies of the globalist West, is a country in which women are banned from driving and can be flagellated in public for being raped, see links below for more detail. What's odd about Bahar Mustafa is that she seems to have hardened with age, and quite recent age too. When she was campaigning to be elected to her position in early 2014 she wrote about her activities in the student union's feminist society as: "I organised Feminist Society events, open to all genders, to cultivate a strong sense of politics and discuss issues affecting our daily experiences." (her emphasis), see: Her more recent behaviour is a contradiction. The majority of mainstream journalists have leaped to Bahar Mustafa's defence; in doing so they have offered the most mindless platitudes for her misconduct. The aforementioned Suzanne Moore does not try to deny that Ms Mustafa used the #KillAllWhiteMen Tweet, but instead thinks it should be put "into context". She actually supports the use of the hashtag and her sole justification for it is: "(Twitter is) the place where women are tweeted abusive crap day in, day out." Source: You see what I mean? Shame on you, Suzanne Moore! Charlie Brinkhurst-Cuff, another columnist on The Guardian, supports Bahar Mustafa, but takes a more moderate line: "Mustafa, as a feminist activist and campaigner, is active on social media, often expressing her outrage about racism, misogyny and homophobia. Her use of the hashtag also seems to have been an ironic reference to a #killallmuslims hashtag that was floating around at the time." Source: Ms Brinkhurst-Cuff also reveals that Bahar Mustafa has herself been threatened online since the media picked up on this story. She's had emails urging her to commit suicide as well as promises to gang-rape her and to murder her children. As loathsome as Mzzzzz Mustafa might be, I do not think she deserves that. I'm totally opposed to anybody being abused online. If I knew who had done this to her I would report them to the police without hesitation. No doubt the Mustafas and Moores of this world would reject my sentiments because I'm opposed to their feminism and anti-white racism (yes, that's what it is). They would spit at me and call me a "lying crypto-misogynist homophobic racist/rapist sympathizer". Well, they're wrong; and anybody who knows me will tell them so. Why is this happening? Do the governments of the world have a vendetta against white heterosexual males? Do they want to wipe out all WHM people and nobody else? Do they especially favour women, black people and homosexuals and want to put them into power? No, of course not. As far as the Illuminati, elite, or whatever you want to call them, are concerned we are all just another species of farm animal, no matter whether we're male or female, black or white, straight or gay. They would never let non-WHM people rule the world, any more than a cattle farmer would put his Friesians in charge of the pasture where the Jerseys lived. What I've described in this article and do again in the links below is what is known as cultural Marxism. It is a form of mind control; and it is one that worries me probably more than any other because it has been so successful. The question is no longer how many people have been effected by cultural Marxism, but how few have not. The objective of cultural Marxism is to break down the individual and mass psychology of humanity so that it is reduced to ruins and then can be rebuilt completely anew... In other words a New World Order. The inventors of cultural Marxism, those of the Frankfurt School, Fabian Society and many other organizations, speak quite openly about a "long march through the institutions" towards their sordid goal, for example see: Cultural Marxism has to be engaged and defeated if humans are to be free to move forward into the post-Illuminati era. To any HPANWO readers who are a woman, gay, brown or black I'd like to say: beware of anybody who tries to blame the problems of the world on white heterosexual males and encourages you to see us as enemies and objects of hate. This is wrong. At the highest level, we are all on the same side in this battle. To any HPANWO readers who are WHM I'd like to say: Firstly don't hate yourself and our own people. Don't feel guilty. We are not responsible for the evils of this world, past or present. Secondly, don't get angry towards innocent individuals. Don't turn against non-WHM's in the throes of your confusion and resentment. Non-WHM's are as much targets of the New World Order as we are. What I said about cancelling out injustice with another injustice when I was talking about Bahar Mustafa applies just as much to you. We can do it, we can be free and there is a way out of the cultural Marxist maze, no matter how difficult it currently seems.

Tuesday 8 December 2015

CERN- Friday the 13th

According to reports from a supposed whistleblower in CERN, there has been a major accident at the particle physics laboratory in Geneva, Switzerland. CERN, Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire- "European Organization for Nuclear Research". It has been described as a "nuclear meltdown", although I'm not sure if this is meant literally. According to data illicitly obtained by the whistleblower on the CERN's internal computer network of the Large Hadron Collider, one of the detectors experienced an explosion which caused a twelve foot wide hole in the CMS experiment. This allegedly caused the computer systems to crash and the control room was evacuated. At the same moment a large white UFO appeared over the nearby hills above the laboratory and a spontaneous waterspout appeared on Lake Geneva. These were both photographed. Some people have since claimed that the waterspout is a giant ornamental fountain called Jet d'Eau and it erupts every day on the lake. However this picture appears to show it in a different place to library shots of the fountain. My friend and fellow researcher Miles Johnston did an interview with Her Grace Karen MacDonald and Sgt Daniel Brad McBolen III about it: Everything appears normal on CERN's official media platforms, for example see: According to Dan, Her Grace and their colleagues Patty Brassard, their whistleblower says that the terrorist attacks in Paris, France facilitated the cover-up of the disaster at the Large Hadron Collider. "Draco ET's" have apparently been released into this universe as a result of the explosion. As bizarre and implausible as this report might sound, there may well be some truth behind it, for reasons I explain in detail in the background links below. I do suspect one of the real purposes for the LHC is to break through the spacetime walls of our cosmos in order to create a breach into other universes. This is not the first time that activities at CERN have possibility produced anomalous phenomena. A photographer in the Netherlands back in June took a shot of what they suspect is a wormhole caused by the LHC collisions, see: It could be just that. To me it looks like the Norway Spiral... that was definitely not a Buleva missile test. A similar object has been seen in China. There's nothing I can see that specifically links these aerial vortices to the LHC, but they would be what we'd expect to manifest. Maybe Olaf Thomas Raabe can calculate the temporal and spatial offset to link them to the LHC; see background links below for details.