Wednesday 27 February 2019

Ben Emlyn-Jones on Seeking the Truth 8

I have been interviewed again on the Seeking the Truth Show with Caroline Stephens, see:
Subjects discussed include: the delay of Brexit, common law challenges to the cancelling of Brexit, control and corruption with financial breakdown and much much more. My fellow panellists were Karen Macdonald and Shaun Morris. Seeking the Truth is part of the Wake Up UK alternative social network, see:
See here for my previous appearance on Seeking the Truth:

Sunday 24 February 2019

The Mind Set Podcast Programme 342

I have been featured on Programme 342 of the Mind Set Podcast.
Subjects discussed include: Snow falls on Los Angeles, calls to ban Waze navigation app, new flat earth documentary and much much more.
See here for my previous appearance on The Mind Set Podcast:

Saturday 23 February 2019

Stop Conspiracy Theorists!

The Guardian newspaper is becoming more and more toxic every day. I fear I might die from soy poisoning every time I even see its banner. Only yesterday it published an article about David Icke that in my view redefines fake news, see: It has followed up with an opinion piece by an Austrian journalist called Julia Ebner that criticizes conspiracy theory culture. She claims that there is an "organized network" of conspiracy theoretical social media users who are engaged in an all-out online information war against Western democracy. This results in so-called legitimate political debate and street protests being undermined and subverted. She specifically names the QAnon phenomenon; and I myself have covered that in the background links at the bottom. Apparently this suspected tin foil hat mafia changed the result of a German state election. The evidence for this is that people like us use conspiracist hashtags combined with those of trending topics. Also that we spend a lot of time on encrypted apps like Discord. God forbid, we've even invented our own blockchain cryptocurrency, Initiative Q. As an insider, I can assure you that the conspirasphere is not capable of any kind of unified organized action because it is not a singular political force. On the contrary, at the moment its principle focus is on infighting... and I've had to deal with far more of that than I would like, as regular HPANWO-readers will know, for example see: The strategic use of hashtags is perfectly common and acceptable practice on social media, and most skilled and experienced posters do it. This is not "undermining democracy", it is simply people the author doesn't agree with expressing an opinion. If that influences an election result then so be it. It simply means that a lot of people have comes across information that makes them think a certain way. That's what freedom of speech does. The reason we use encrypted apps is because with the massive censorship campaign against us it's the only place we'll be safe from banning and deplatforming, see: If the regular social media companies would stop persecuting us for our beliefs we would return to them immediately. Cryptocurrency is a vital way of preserving financial control of our lives in an increasingly centralized, monitored and regulated banking system that has generated terrible economic instability, see:

Mzzzzzzzzz Ebner riles against the fact that 60% of Britons believe in at least one conspiracy theory, but I think that's a good thing, see: Naturally the inevitable anti-Semitism card is played and I've explained already how idiotic that is, see: I myself am deeply concerned about the rising levels of immigration, but I always add the proviso that this does not justify hostility or prejudice to any individual or group of people. Immigration is a strategy being used by the globalists and people of all races, religions or nationalities are equally harmed by it. The solution is to expose that strategy, see: The author writes: "In QAnon forums, it is hard to overlook the holy mess of logical fallacies and contradictions... this virtual cosmos of absurd stories... Its adherents link MI6, Facebook and the Rothschilds to the Vatican, Hollywood, the Nazis, the Illuminati and aliens in order to explain that climate change is a hoax." That is a silly piece of rhetoric. She does not explain why we are wrong on any of these points. There is no discussion here; no argument. It's a very anti-intellectual thing to say. The most sinister part of Julia Ebner's article is where she writes: "The architecture of social media platforms plays into the hands of extreme fringe groups by pushing users towards sensationalist content. The tech firms' business models and algorithms are geared to maximise the time users spend on their platforms... But solutions to these problems need to be identified. Policies should require greater algorithmic transparency and accountability... it will be necessary to regulate against harmful infrastructures and malicious behaviours." What she means is that we need more censorship. Source: This is exactly what I predicted and what we should have expected. In a way we can now rejoice because it is proof that we are having an impact on the world. It also adds weight to the argument at Q is real because The Guarr-iddian would not respond so vehemently to a bit of larping on the Chans. Sooner or later the internet is going to split in two. There will be the "mainstream internet" which will include all the big social media platforms and they will consist solely of mainstream fake news. Independent content creators will not be permitted to post anything more controversial than a puppy playing in a paddling pool. Then there will be "Internet 2" which will consist of myriad independent blockchain and peer-to-peer systems together with websites on the dark net. This is where all the interesting stuff will be; the conspiracy revelations, the paranormal research, the UFOlogy, the radical politics. The authorities cannot win this war because the internet is virtually indestructible. You can ban a user or take down a website, but you cannot un-invent computers or the means to interface them into a network. It is very likely that at some point HPANWO will have to find a new home; and indeed I've already taken steps to ensure that normal service will be maintained should that happen. If for any reason you come to this Blogger page and find that I have been deleted, you will be able to catch up with me elsewhere, see:

Friday 22 February 2019

David Icke Banned from Australia

For several weeks now the government of Australia have considered banning David Icke from the country, but no decision was made. It looked like David was safe and the people planning to go and see his shows on his four-stop tour through Australia's major cities must have been relieved. And then, just hours before David was due to board a flight to Melbourne, the immigration minister David Coleman revoked his visa. Perhaps this was deliberate to disappoint David and the lecture-goers at the last minute, as well as cause David to spend money on a now useless air fare. Apparently David is a risk to the "health, safety and good order of the Australian people or a segment of the Australian people." God knows what that means. Here is the report from that filthy rag The Guardian. It repeats barefaced lies, like David saying that Hitler was funded by Jewish people, see: See here for David's report on the matter: It is a predictable pattern. The Canberra authorities were influenced by so-called "Jewish welfare" organizations; in other words they cucked out to them. In this case the shots were called by the Anti-Defamation Commission and the Executive Council of Australian Jewry. Their spokesman, Dvir Abramovich, congratulated Mr Coleman on his decision. He said that "anti-Semites and Holocaust deniers will never find a home in Australia". How many times are we going to have to run through this tedious routine? David Icke is not... repeat not... an anti-Semite. He explains very clearly that Jews are not the perpetrators of the New World Order. This stupidity has been going on now since the early 1990's. Will it ever end? I'm really sorry David's tour has been cancelled at the eleventh hour like this. I wish David all the best for his future endeavours. I'm going to the premiere of his new documentary, but I'll say more about that in a future post. Ironically today is the birthday of Steve Irwin who would have been fifty-seven if he had lived. He was a real Aussie bloke who used to wrestle crocodiles and play with poisonous snakes. Where has that traditional Australian vigour and resilience gone?

Thursday 21 February 2019

Peter Robbins on Paranormal Mysteries

In this article,, I made Peter Robbins a promise. I shall continue to keep it now. Peter has appeared on the show Paranormal Mysteries on Access North West radio presented by Sacha Christie, see: where he once again runs through his dispute with his former co-author Larry Warren. It is a response to this interview with Larry: Much of what is discussed are points Peter and Sacha have both made before and I have addressed before, see the background links below. Others have also been addressed in Larry's interview with Tino Megaro, see: I will focus on the new information and, as I expected, that accounts for only a small proportion of the two-hour interview. Peter describes the origins of the book he co-wrote and now denounces, Left at East Gate. His description can be summed up as: Peter good- Larry bad. Obviously there is another side to that story. He accuses Gary Heseltine and me of "drinking the Kool Aid" and he quotes Stanton Friedman's favourite phrase when parodying the skeptics: "Don't bother me with the facts, my mind's made up". However, in my view this applies to Peter and the others who have believed the trolls. I explain why in the background links. Then Peter says something very strange indeed. He claims that the anti-Semitic attack that I describe in the background links above and below took place on November the 9th last year; this is the day before his father passed away. However, in the "Robbinsic 12" document he states quite clearly that he was alerted to the attack on October the 13th. This was at least two days after it was posted because, as I explain in the background, the trolls wanted the anti-Semitic comment visible on my Facebook feed for as long as possible. Where does this discrepancy come from? Another mistake Peter and Sacha make is at around the 1 hour 18 minute mark where they address Larry's foreign school exchange and claim that the English children he stayed with would have been too young. Actually there often is an age difference in these kinds of exchanges. I went on two when I was aged fourteen and fifteen; and I was placed with two boys aged eighteen and twenty years old respectively. Apart from the above points the rest of the show was the same-old same-old.

Wednesday 20 February 2019

Ben Emlyn-Jones on Seeking the Truth 7

I have been interviewed again on the Seeking the Truth Show with Caroline Stephens, see:
Subjects discussed include: the Lisbon Treaty, Swindon car factory closure, secret military activity in the USA and much much more. My fellow panellist was Pattie Brassard. Seeking the Truth is part of the Wake Up UK alternative social network, see:
See here for my previous appearance on Seeking the Truth:

Tuesday 19 February 2019

Gang of Seven

The British Labour Party has split. Oddly enough this is not primarily due to Brexit, at least not overtly. Seven Labour members of the House of Commons have resigned from the party, three men and four women; or as they say in the Labour Party, "Women!" They are: Luciana Berger, Ann Coffey, Mike Gapes, Chris Leslie, Gavin Shuker, Angela Smith and Chuka Umunna. Only two of those names are of any distinction. Chuka Umunna was once tipped to be party leader before the election of Jeremy Corbyn; which might explain why he now has an axe to grind with Corbyn. Luciana Berger has always opposed Corbyn's leadership and vigorously supported both attempts to unseat him. She is herself a Jewess and has been subjected to online anti-Semitic abuse. She claims that Labour is now "institutionally anti-Semitic". A member of Corbyn's campaign management team denounced Ms Berger because she supposedly was backing the Israeli state "whose Nazi masters taught them well!" Ironically Ms Berger has also been accused by Zionists within the Jewish community of not doing enough to support Israel. Obviously these attacks from both sides are going to unnerve her, to say the least; but that does not excuse her pronouncements that brought her to the attention of HPANWO. Last year she launched an attack against Corbyn for his comments regarding a mural by the artist "Mear One" that she claimed was anti-Semitic. I thought that this was ridiculous and was as bad as the silly accusations that David Icke is anti-Semitic; therefore I said so in no uncertain terms, see: How can anybody accuse Jeremy Corbyn of being anti-Semitic when he has been active in left-wing causes his whole life? He is dedicated to the Palestine Solidarity Campaign; but, as I've said many times before, opposition to Israel does not equal hated of Jews. Also how fair is it to say that Labour is institutionally anti-Semitic? See the background links below for more details. If there is any anti-Semitism in Labour then it probably comes only from the radical Islamists. The seven MP's are calling themselves "the independent group", but this is just a temporary title. They have ruled out joining the Liberal Democrats and their objective is to form a brand new party. For the time being though they will probably have to tender their resignations and call by-elections in their constituencies. Their electorate might not like the idea of being governed by an independent Member of Parliament without any manifesto. No doubt Labour will put up official candidates in all their seats to challenge them. It was only a short time ago they were voted for as part of a Corbyn-ruled party and all of them increased their majorities. Source:

This is not the first time this has happened. In 1981 four Labour MP's, Roy Jenkins, David Owen, Bill Rodgers and Shirley Williams, quit the party and formed a new one, the Social Democratic Party. Known as the "gang of four", they quickly formed a left-of-centre alliance with the Liberal Party and stood in the election under a coalition banner. This arrangement soon became permanent when they merged together to become the Liberal Democrats which exists to this day. However the Lib-Dems almost totally crashed out of government in 2015 following their crooked coalition with the Tories. Those five years as a junior partner to power destroyed them. As is often the case, there was more than one motive for that split. The gang of four opposed the infiltration of Labour by the Marxist-Trotskyist group Militant which was famous for their handheld newspaper sellers who made a point of attending every Labour event (Ironically, one of their principle figures, Derek Hatton, has just been allowed back into Labour by Corbyn after his expulsion in 1986 by the man who is now the UK's EU commissioner, Lord Kinnock. How strange these twists of fate can be). However, the four were also "euroskeptics", a nostalgic term that meant a Brexiteer before Britain was completely in the European Union and so the aim was the easier one of keeping us out instead of getting us out, which is the task we have now. We are faced with an opposite situation with this new split because the "independent group" are all Remainers and are dedicated to a second EU referendum. I'm not sure what effect this eventuality will have, if any. As I've said before, Parliament and the mainstream political arena is now a virtual establishment monopoly when it comes to Brexit. There is literally nobody within its walls who is committed to the process at all. UKIP have revealed themselves to be grossly incompetent as best and totally controlled opposition at worst, see: At some point very soon Theresa May's nine lives will finally run out and there will be a general election. In my view, its outcome will matter little when it comes to increasing the possibility of Brexit. The only hope now lies with grassroots pressure from the great British public and independence movements in other EU member states. I am also still hopeful that political transformation in the United States of America and elsewhere will be a positive influence, see:

Monday 18 February 2019

The Mind Set Podcast Programme 341

I have been featured on Programme 341 of the Mind Set Podcast.
Subjects discussed include: new documentary about David Icke, Pope tackles church abusers, Instagram witches and much much more.
See here for my previous appearance on The Mind Set Podcast:

Sunday 17 February 2019

Trash Bag in Space

Astronomers who have the job of detecting natural objects which come close enough to the earth possibly to collide with it usually detect asteroids and comets, but they have been baffled recently by something that they have given the catchy little name A10bMLz. What makes A10bMLz unusual is that it is moving very near to the earth indeed, in fact within the orbit of the moon. Its own orbit is highly elliptical and its perigee, it closest point of approach to the earth is just 372 miles. It could be natural, which would make it earth's second natural satellite, but its consistency makes this unlikely. It has a high area-to-mass ratio which means that it is very tenuous like a rubbish bag, which is why it has been nicknamed the "trash bag in space". It is about ten feet across. It is probably part of an old spacecraft or satellite. This has reignited the debate about "space junk". The earth is surrounded by a cloud of fragments that are the debris of space exploration. Some are large, such as rocket stages or broken satellites, but some are tiny and undetectable like nuts or bolts. Some of this junk is in stable orbit and will remain circling the earth for a long time, possible for centuries, until the miniscule drag of the exosphere finally brings them down. Space junk is a major hazard for spacecraft. In fact the Space Shuttle's window was once cracked when it was struck by a tiny fleck of paint. At astronomical speeds of many miles per second, the fleck had the kinetic energy of a rifle bullet. Some people are even suggesting that space missions will have to be suspended until a solution to space junk is found. Source: Regular readers will probably guess what I'm going to suggest now; could the "trash bag in space" be artificial but not man-made? In other words, is it an artefact of an extraterrestrial intelligence? This is certainly possible and it is probably more likely seeing as we have been visited already recently by 'Oumuamua which I am sure is some kind of interstellar spacecraft, see: Prof. Avi Loeb has recently restated his courageous position that 'Oumuamua is artificial, see: We also have the strange case of the "black knight", see: If anything happens that reveals that any of these objects are truly made by aliens then it will be impossible for the authorities to cover it up, as I explain in the background links below. There can be no cover-ups in astronomy.

Friday 15 February 2019

Ben Emlyn-Jones live at the Swansea UFO Network 4

I will be speaking again at a meeting of the Swansea UFO Network on Tuesday the 30th of July 2019. The event starts at 8 PM and the venue is The New Lodge, Alexandra Road, Gorseinon, Swansea, SA4-4PE, Wales. See here for more details:
My lecture will be entitled: SETI and UFO's. "SETI", the "Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence", is a scientific project to find intelligent life beyond the earth. So is UFOlogy. Then why are the two so divided from each other? See here for details of my previous appearance at SUFON:

Thursday 14 February 2019

Ben Emlyn-Jones on Seeking the Truth 6

I have been interviewed again on the Seeking the Truth Show with Caroline Stephens, see:
Subjects discussed include: Donald Tusk's hell comment, the Lisbon Treaty, Natural law and much much more. My fellow panellists were Julian Brock, Karen Macdonald, Nathan Kirkden and Pattie Brassard. Seeking the Truth is part of the Wake Up UK alternative social network, see:
See here for my previous appearance on Seeking the Truth:

Tuesday 12 February 2019

Larry Warren and Gary Heseltine

Larry Warren has been interviewed again by Gary Heseltine, see:
In this interview Larry redresses the balance following statements made about him by many of his detractors and, most recently, his former co-author Peter Robbins. (I will have a few words to say about Mr Robbins myself in the near future.)

Sunday 10 February 2019

Ben Emlyn-Jones at UFO Denmark

The official recording of my talk at UFO Denmark is available here:
See here for background: Many thanks to Pia, Karsten and everybody else at UFO Denmark for a brilliant event. See:
See here for the HPANWO TV reportage of my trip to Denmark:

Saturday 9 February 2019


I was sad to hear about the death of the actor Albert Finney yesterday at the age of eighty-two, see: He is best known for playing Hercule Poirot and the main character in the famous drama Saturday Night and Sunday Morning. However my favourite of his films is a rather obscure and less critically acclaimed one called Looker, see: It is directed by Michael Creighton of Jurassic Park fame. Albert Finney stars in it as a Hollywood cosmetic surgeon called Dr Larry Roberts who does a lot of operations on young actresses, giving them conventionally perfect features for the television advert industry. A murder mystery ensues when these young women are all eliminated one after the other. As a prime suspect himself, Dr Roberts decides to investigate for himself and his inquiries quickly lead to a local electronics firm that is producing computer generated imagery. CGI is something we take for granted today, but this film was made in 1981 when the technology was experimental, even science fiction. In the film, the company plan to make real thespians obsolete by replacing them with CGI figures that are so realistic as to be indistinguishable from conventionally recorded humans. This possibility now exists for real, see: The firm is killing these girls to remove the competition and trying to frame Dr Roberts. Now that the company has digitally cloned them, the real people are no longer needed, and indeed are a liability because they might start demanding commissions or the reform of copyright law. However, Dr Roberts uncovers another and even more sinister conspiracy. The company have developed a way of hypnotizing people simply by shining a special light into their eyes. This can be used as a weapon to render people temporarily unconscious and catatonic or to make somebody else appear invisible to them. The murderer who killed these young actresses uses this weapon to carry out the crimes. A sinister industrialist called John Reston, played by James Coburn, has contracted the company to mesmerize the viewing public into voting for a certain politician by including this luminous mind control weapon into TV broadcasts. The film might be science fiction, but one half of its plot has come true. Has the other half? Looker can be watched on YouTube for a small fee:

Thursday 7 February 2019

Ben Emlyn-Jones on the Kev Baker Show 43

I have been interviewed again on the Kev Baker Show (aka MrGlasgowTruther) on Truth Frequency Radio, see here for the podcast:
And here for the illustrated YouTube version:
Subjects discussed include: a new giant collider at CERN, men in black, black-eyed children and much much more. This is the first time I've been featured on Kev's show in which he uses special video graphics.
See here for my previous appearance on the Kev Baker Show:

Tuesday 5 February 2019

Ben Emlyn-Jones on Seeking the Truth 5

I have been interviewed again on the Seeking the Truth Show with Caroline Stephens, see:
Subjects discussed include: the earth's geomagnetic pole shift, hidden objects in space, European travel health insurance much much more. My fellow panellists were Karen Macdonald and Pattie Brassard. Seeking the Truth is part of the Wake Up UK alternative social network, see:
See here for my previous appearance on Seeking the Truth: