Wednesday 19 September 2018

Peter Robbins on The ADX Files

Peter Robbins has been interviewed on The ADX Files radio show with Alyson Dunlop, see: He repeated a lot of the same points he made in previous interviews, for example: However his discussion about Larry Warren was his longest yet and he and Alyson raise some additional points. The first part of the programme is about 9/11 of which we have just passed the seventeenth anniversary. Peter is a native New Yorker and so it has hurt him very badly. This is something he and Larry still share. Despite claims to the contrary, Larry did visit Ground Zero personally and I'll say more about that in the future. Peter then explains in a tone of great authority that Larry was given a place to stay when he was homeless by Sacha Christie and her family, and he abused their hospitality and kindness. This is what inspired Sacha to revise the material in Left at East Gate. However, Peter did not live with Sacha at the same time; he is merely relaying Sacha's family's side of the story. Larry describes the situation very differently. How can we judge? Of course Peter has experience of Larry through his own independent relationship with him, as he explains in intricate detail, and considerable extent, in his "War and Peace" statement, see: However, again Larry's side of the story is totally different and if we automatically believe Peter or Larry we are making a call on a personal interaction we are not a part of. It's impossible to do that correctly or fairly. Peter says that "(Larry) lied easily, convincingly, in written form and to your face; in spoken form etc. Larry is brilliant at what he does, which is confabulate, exaggerate, make things up, and I bought it." However all the actual evidence of Larry's supposed deception does not stand up to scrutiny, as I have detailed in my research project on the subject, see:; also see background links below. Peter also claims that Ronnie Dugdale has backed up Sacha's conclusion about Larry through his own research; however I have not seen this. The first I heard Dugdale even mention this subject was in the comments boxes of Sacha's blog.

After half an hour of the show, Peter then settles down into his list of objections. He complains about the fact that Larry Warren insisted on sending his manuscript for Left at East Gate in handwritten form when Peter asked him to type it double-spaced. I don't see why that is relevant to the authenticity of Larry's story, but it does inadvertently address a separate point. Larry has enormous trouble using a typewriter or a computer word processor application. He even needs instructions to log into his email. Yet despite this, his detractors are convinced that he is some kind of genius at producing faked photographs of himself with John Lennon and other rock stars. Tino has made a video with Larry countering the smears regarding Larry's relationship with the music industry, see: Alyson then compares people who support Larry to members of a religious cult, which is ironic seeing as the opposition to the attacks on Larry has been completely based in logic and reason; at least from the two principle investigators, Gary Heseltine and myself. Peter then brings up Capel Green, the upcoming documentary, and claims it will "contaminate" the Rendlesham Forest Incident. How does he know? He has never seen the film; nobody has. I think his statement counts as yet another precognitive review. Peter says that just because Larry knew where the landing site in the field it does not prove he was there. He mentions Adrian Bustinza and it is Sacha's assertion that Bustinza saw the UFO and Larry merely purloined his story. However, there are distinct differences between the accounts of the two airmen, especially when it comes to the debriefing. I think the two stories sound like separate accounts of two witnesses who experienced the same incident. The differences in how they were treated afterwards might be because of their difference in rank. See here for important details: Since that interview we now know that there is a new witness who supports Larry's testimony, Steve Longero, who spoke at the recent UFO Truth Magazine Conference, see here for the HPANWO TV reportage: (coming soon). Just before the halfway break, Alyson says that she thinks Gary Heseltine is proofreading Larry's social media contributions. I'm not sure exactly what point she is trying to make here. Is that a bad thing? Larry's writing, especially when he's using a keyboard, is full of mistakes in spelling, grammar and punctuation. It's possible he's asked somebody to correct them; maybe it's Gary or maybe somebody else. I don't think it's relevant unless the editor is changing the meaning of Larry's text and I've not heard him complain about that. The next topic of conversation is Larry's alleged hawking of counterfeit rock-and-roll memorabilia. We are still waiting for Larry to be arrested and questioned over that very serious alleged offence. Like all the other accusations of criminal activity made by his opponents, Larry has never been questioned, let alone prosecuted, for any of them. If even some of these allegations were true, Larry would be in jail by now. One new piece of information Peter tables is that one of the fake items Larry traded was an autograph of the punk-rock singer songwriter Helen Wheels. This is a personal affront because she is Peter's sister and she died in 2000 aged just fifty-one. Has Peter been to the police about this? If not, why not? Do people think Larry has some kind of immunity from prosecution as if he were a defecting spy? It's time to get real! Peter claims that auction houses cover up frauds like this because they're afraid of a scandal; they pay off the victims etc. I doubt that this is possible with fraud on this scale. These are surely criminal matters involving a huge amount of money. Peter reckons one deal netted Larry £19,000. The Crown Prosecution Service could never let Sotheby's or Christie's (an ironic name!) etc take the law into their own hands, any more than they could in the case of any other kind of fraud, such as banking embezzlement etc. How come Bernie Madoff didn't try that, simply using his vast fortune to reimburse the people he robbed and walk free? No way. I repeat: Larry would have been imprisoned years ago if one word of this is true. Something does not add up with what Peter and others are saying. As if often the case, there's a Newtonian-type reaction in social issues. Because Larry's story is being supported by further evidence, including new documents, a polygraph test and additional witnesses; the opposition undergoes a distillation process. They have shrunk in number over the last two years, but the remaining stalwarts have become more vocal and dedicated. Nothing can change this situation. The hardcore trolls will never change their position no matter what evidence is put before them. We can only present the rational truth to people willing to listen. I'm pleased to relate that this is happening; the current estimated release date for Capel Green in next spring. Peter ends the interview by talking about his new book, a UFO anthology of incidents other than Rendlesham Forest. He says he wants to move on and leave Rendlesham behind, but he is showing no signs of doing so at the moment.


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Well said Ben!

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Thanks, David :-)

Anonymous said...

Have you heard what Col Halt has to say about LW ? He is coming from a different angle altogether, one of actually being there & knowing those involved. Over the years Col Halt has made contact with various other people who were there at the time too, and they all agree on one thing about warren, he wasn't out there in the woods & fields ! He was in his barracks, which he shared with one of the guys who was actually out there & who told Warren about what he had seen, which is why when Warren told his mother about it he made no claim to have personally witnessed any of the events (as covered in that talk above). Which is why anything else Warren says (Capel Green) will be disinfo that pollutes the case.

D Harte