Thursday 22 October 2009

BNP's Nick Griffin to Speak on BBC Question Time

Background articles:



Nick Griffin, leader of the British National Party, will be on the pannel of Question Time tonight. Here's a news report: . The programme will air at 10.35pm. I'll post a link to its BBCi entry when it comes up.

Personally I'm delighted that the BBC have seen sense over this issue. I'll always have to remind HPANWO-readers that I am not a BNP supporter. However I believe in free speech; please read the above articles for more information. Once the authorities start censoring what we can see and hear we're well-and-truly on the road to tyranny.

(Post-broadcast adendum:) Here's the programme on BBCi: . As I predicted, Nick Griffin was well and truly put in his place by the audience and other pannel members. It was not "giving fascists a platform" at all; this was a pillory! The BNP's reputation has been knocked for six. For some reason the BNP's website has gone down; it was there last night. It's been replaced with this:

Wednesday 14 October 2009

Gordon Brown told to Throw It?

Has Gordon Brown been told by "men in grey suits" to throw the General Election to let David Cameron take his preassigned place. Looks very much like it!

Three times now he has flunked interviews in ways which look very contrived, like this one: