Thursday 22 October 2009

BNP's Nick Griffin to Speak on BBC Question Time

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Nick Griffin, leader of the British National Party, will be on the pannel of Question Time tonight. Here's a news report: . The programme will air at 10.35pm. I'll post a link to its BBCi entry when it comes up.

Personally I'm delighted that the BBC have seen sense over this issue. I'll always have to remind HPANWO-readers that I am not a BNP supporter. However I believe in free speech; please read the above articles for more information. Once the authorities start censoring what we can see and hear we're well-and-truly on the road to tyranny.

(Post-broadcast adendum:) Here's the programme on BBCi: . As I predicted, Nick Griffin was well and truly put in his place by the audience and other pannel members. It was not "giving fascists a platform" at all; this was a pillory! The BNP's reputation has been knocked for six. For some reason the BNP's website has gone down; it was there last night. It's been replaced with this:

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